aetherianit works00:01
Newknow i've lost even more keys due to setxkbmap :( help!!00:11
EricR2427Does "setxkbmap us00:14
EricR2427Set it back to normal?00:14
Newki've got netherlands map so i'll try setxkbmap nl00:15
Newkboth nl or us do not give me my cursorkeys back...00:17
Newki have a 105 keys hewlett packard internet keyboard model no. 530200:18
EricR2427What is the output of "setxkbmap -print"?00:24
Newkxkb_keymap {00:25
Newkxkb_keycodes  { include "xfree86+aliases(qwerty)"};00:25
Newkxkb_types     { include "complete"};00:25
Newkxkb_compat    { include "complete"};00:25
Newkxkb_symbols   { include "pc+nl+inet(pc105)"};00:25
Newkxkb_geometry  { include "pc(pc105)"};00:25
Newkbut then whith proper indention00:26
Newki didnt wanted to risk flood warning00:26
EricR2427Try "setxkbmap -model evdev"00:26
Newkphew.. at least i'm back to just 2 deaf keys00:28
Newkthats a relief00:28
Newkso whats evdev... some file that configures my keys?00:28
Newkweird... my /etc/X11/xkb is empty00:30
Newkah.. but my /usr/share/X11/xkb not00:32
Newkno evdev there00:40
Newkit's a kernel thing?00:40
EricR2427Hmm...mine has base, evdev, xfree86 and xorg00:42
Newkat /etc/ or/usr/ ?00:43
EricR2427at /usr00:44
EricR2427Although comparison of all the .lst files in /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules shows no differences00:44
EricR2427So I'm not quite sure why that worked :)00:45
Newkah! got evdev there too00:45
Newk(why did pcman's search not work??)00:45
Newkah didnt got to thank him :O00:49
aetherianI must say, I prefer lxde to gnome, so far.01:04
Newkgood day/night people02:04
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juanantonioI got a little problem, I cannot print with an all-in-one printer04:32
juanantoniofrom kubuntu I coud with no problem04:32
juanantonioAny idea?04:37
aetherianwith all the plentiful and exact useful information you gave us, we should have an answer in no time.04:39
juanantonioYes, sorry04:39
juanantonioI added psc 1110 printer to New Printer04:39
juanantoniolubuntu sees it, it says to me that it is plugged, but it prints nothing04:40
juanantonioeven if it tells me Rendering completed04:40
juanantonioand job finished, but nothing is printed04:40
juanantonioI have deleted it to see if we try other way04:41
juanantonioLet's see if I am wrong. I wanted to print, so I have created the printer in Manage Print Jobs, is that ok?04:43
juanantonioNo driver found in HP for that exact model, so I have tried the newst04:45
juanantoniobut I think it's not necessary to install a Proprietary driver04:46
Unit193!print | juanantonio04:47
ubot5juanantonio: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows04:47
juanantonioI am having a look one by one04:48
Unit193I don't think you need the last one04:49
juanantonioOk, thanks ;)04:50
juanantonioMmm, I see. Surely lubuntu comes with no HPlib installed04:56
juanantonioUnit> Is that the reason? Have I to install from Synaptic hplip?05:06
Unit193Worth a shot, don't you think?05:07
juanantonioYes, I'm trying05:09
juanantonioMaybehplip already came with Ubuntu and Kubuntu and not with lubuntu, isn't that correct?05:15
Unit193I wouldn't know that...05:16
juanantonioOk, I am installing. Tnanks, I will tell you about my success tomorrow05:16
Unit193Ping my name so I see it!05:17
juanantonioOk, I will05:18
head_victimjmarsden & UndiFineD I feel like an idiot, I have a feeling there is something wrong with the KVM I use regarding the input lag. I had "tested" for this by unplugging the keyboard and mouse from the KVM but never actually removed the USB lead that goes to the KVM. I'm testing it out better now so I'll let you know how it goes. I feel stupid.07:23
head_victimIf that's the problem there's something in the KVM blocking the input or something even when no input devices are connected.07:24
cofadaè questa la chat di supporto in italiano per lubuntu?10:28
cofadathis is the Italian chat support?10:31
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kaipanoigood morning! what's the best way to configure keyboard shortcuts in lubuntu?13:01
head_victimkaipanoi: I think there's a package called lxkeymap that should help out with that, I'm just installing it to confirm for oyu13:16
head_victimkaipanoi: nope was wrong sorry, I'll keep digging13:17
head_victimkaipanoi: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1422861 is a good place to start, shows you were to edit the information13:18
head_victimSorry for the run around :)13:18
Spessihi guys.. i have to setup a netbook and i'm looking for a low-maintenance linux... do you think lubuntu is a good choose?13:25
head_victimSpessi: Lubuntu is a good low resource choice, it requires no more maintenance than normal Ubuntu in my experience.13:26
Spessihead_victim, well.. i´m sure the owner won´t look after any updates, etc. do you think lubuntu will work for a long time in this hard conditions? ;)13:30
Spessi(he only needs to work with firefox and openoffice)13:30
head_victimSpessi: as long as it's working it's set up no reason it won't work forever.13:31
Spessihow can i create a desktop icon (link) to the /home/documents folder?13:54
head_victimSpessi: not sure it's EXACTLY what you want but I'd start with http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161281513:55
kosaidpo|Spessi: i guess symblic link wud do that but not sue abt the icon part13:56
kaipanoithanks head_victim13:56
head_victimkaipanoi: hope it worked for you13:56
kosaidpo|head_victim: hello , i changed my dns with the google ones but evry boot to go back to the original13:56
Spessihead_victim, thanks, i think it is exactly what i want. (i can't express my questions perfectly because my englisch isn't really good.. sorry)13:57
head_victimSpessi: no problems13:59
head_victimkosaidpo|: looking for a solution13:59
kosaidpo|infact i followed this google but when i reboot it goes back to wht it was  http://code.google.com/intl/fr-FR/speed/public-dns/docs/using.html13:59
kosaidpo|ill show you my file okies13:59
head_victimkosaidpo|: sorry i don't know the information off the top of my head I'm trying to find some links to help out14:00
kosaidpo|head_victim: okies cus i guess google wont have sumthin not correct  dont you think so i jst want to make it easy  AND TANKS14:02
kosaidpo|http://pastebin.com/vxU3sPnW here you go my  /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf14:02
head_victimkosaidpo|: shouldn't it be in /etc/resolv.conf ?14:03
head_victimkosaidpo|: I'd look at http://zipizap.wordpress.com/2010/09/04/configure-ubuntu-to-use-opendns-as-the-primary-dns-server/14:04
kosaidpo|head_victim: yes i edited that but in order to not let it re-gernerate cus i have dhcp thing i shud do some edition in that file14:05
kosaidpo|in the google link i sent theres evythin cus icant really explain it14:05
head_victimkosaidpo|: maybe needs a space before the line? Looks like it should work to me according to what I've read14:11
kaipanoiit turned out to be ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml14:14
head_victimkosaidpo|: ah there you go then, glad you found a solution and I'll try to remember it myself14:14
kaipanoithanks for pointing me in the right direction14:22
LXCC-Vincenzohi all , i've installed Lubunto 10.10 on my eeepc 4g and now i'm tryng to use mumble but i cannot setup the microfone (in alsamixer work well). suggestions?14:31
pe_fi am installing lubuntu on eeePC 70115:15
pe_fis it running from scratch ?15:15
pe_fmay I follow a tutorial ?15:15
LXCC-Vincenzope_f: do you use internal SSD or external SD?16:24
pe_fLXCC-Vincenzo:  internal ssd16:25
pe_fbut the installation fail16:25
LXCC-Vincenzoso there is no problems generally. do you have 4GB?16:26
LXCC-Vincenzossd 4GB?16:26
LXCC-Vincenzope_f: have you turn off all graphic effects?16:28
pe_fLXCC-Vincenzo: no i'm gona try16:28
LXCC-Vincenzope_f: let use ext2 fs and let choose ti install the updates AFTER the installation (maybe the problem is too low SSD space)16:30
pe_fLXCC-Vincenzo: I see... thanks !16:32
pe_f(i've got 4Go space)16:32
LXCC-Vincenzope_f: no use swap then16:33
UndiFineDhead_victim: did you find out17:28
esing123would you recommend me using samba17:44
esing123or should i just use an windows folder which I can take for up and downloads?17:44
bioterrorsamba is my choice17:46
kristian-aalborggood whatever18:36
kristian-aalborgis there a difference in the Lubuntu 10.4 and Ubuntu 10.4 kernel?18:36
kristian-aalborgmy wifi is flaky with ubuntu on the same machine as I have lubuntu on... weird18:37
syrinx_kristian-aalborg: wifi can get tricky with ubuntu18:38
syrinx_had some problems on my netbook for awhile, and had to use NDIS on my desktop18:39
kristian-aalborgyes, but it should be the same for lubuntu and ubuntu as it is not desktop stuff.... or?18:40
ferbissmay i have a question18:40
kristian-aalborgferbiss: sure18:40
ferbisshow can i set a sound on lubunu 10.04, if alsamixer doetn's works18:41
ferbissi've already instaled an aumix18:42
ferbissbut terminal said me that there is no files named lke this18:42
kristian-aalborgin terminal, you type alsamixer and nothing happens?18:43
ferbissit openes alsamixer but there doesn't works any keys18:44
ferbissonly from laptop loudspeakers18:44
ferbissbut i need from 5.1 surround18:45
ferbissi wanted to put louder s/pdif18:45
ferbissbut it doesn't works18:46
ferbissany ideas?18:46
philipp__how do I turn wake on lan in lubuntu on ? :)20:25
philipp__Bios is np but how do I do it in the os20:25
kosaidpo|hello guys anynoe can  help me to solve this google dns thigy when i change it and unplug my 3g modem the resolve file go back as it was21:12
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esing123bioterror here? :(***22:44
bioterrorim fixing my phone22:59
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