magn3tsuh oh... looks like upgrades borked natty00:36
magn3tsmaybe not00:36
Fluttershy<Daekdroom> Does it bother anyone else that the unity panel window icons look extremly bad with anything that isn't ambiance or radiance?00:36
Fluttershyeven radiance looks pretty bad00:37
DaekdroomDamn kernel oops.00:40
DaekdroomFluttershy, but atleast it uses the icons00:40
DaekdroomAny other theme can't, and will stick to some ugly symbols that can't change their colors either00:41
MaMaGoodyanyone know a deb package for gcc-4.6 pre?00:48
yofeldoes't seem like we have one, there's only one in debian/experimental00:50
MaMaGoodyyofel: thanks.00:50
yofelthere's gcc-snapshot, but I don't know what that contains exactly00:50
Daekdroom!info gcc-snapshot00:51
ubottugcc-snapshot (source: gcc-snapshot): A SNAPSHOT of the GNU Compiler Collection. In component universe, is extra. Version 20110308-1 (natty), package size 88098 kB, installed size 279312 kB00:51
DaekdroomIt looks recent. 7 days ago.00:51
MaMaGoodyah, thanks!00:51
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=== Dink is now known as Dink[a]
LLStarksah. natty booting just got hosed.02:17
LLStarksx won't load anymore.02:17
DaekdroomLLStarks, got that too. I have to start it by hand.02:18
LLStarkswhat command?02:18
LLStarksand what package did this?02:18
DaekdroomNot sure bout the package. I start it by using sudo service gdm start02:18
LLStarksi can't even get a tty02:18
DaekdroomThe latest package updates that I think that might have caused this are gdm and upstart.02:19
LLStarksupstart update came after breakage02:19
LLStarksmight be gdm02:19
LLStarksis seb on top of this?02:20
OmegaOh man, oh man.02:21
OmegaI gotta downgrade now.02:21
OmegaExcept I don't know how to ):02:23
Daekdroomupstart update came before gdm, LLStarks02:23
LLStarksi'm doing a root xchat in a chroot just to talk to you guys02:23
LLStarksdaekdroom, not for me.02:23
OmegaPackage -> Force Version doesn't show up.02:23
LLStarksgdm came first, upstart upgraded after i chrooted.02:23
etzerdwhere can I download a copy of the alpha version?02:23
LLStarksneed 64-bit?02:24
OmegaIs that the latest?02:24
LLStarksno, second latest02:24
LLStarksthe last working one02:24
OmegaOK, I'm on that version, let me lock it.02:24
LLStarkslock with all of your strength02:24
LLStarksbrb. time to test gdm.02:24
OmegaAnd upstart?02:24
DaekdroomOmega, wait, you haven't had the issue yet?02:24
OmegaDaekdroom: I haven't updated gdm apparantly02:25
LLStarksomega, i'm about to isolate gdm.02:25
LLStarkswith upstart 0.9.302:25
DaekdroomOdd. Upstart was updated but I haven't updated it.02:25
DaekdroomI think it was held back02:25
OmegaI'm on 0.9.3-102:26
DaekdroomIt's the 2nd latest.02:27
LLStarksgdm is sole culprit02:27
DaekdroomLLStarks, 2nd latest upstart has the issue too02:27
LLStarkswell, i have newest upstart02:28
DaekdroomSomehow I don't.02:28
Daekdroom(yes, it is the 2nd latest)02:28
LLStarkstime to warn the forum02:28
Daekdroomand the upstart update is finally offered to me02:28
DaekdroomBad KMS :(02:35
LLStarkskms good. you crazy.02:35
DaekdroomIt keeps giving me GPU lockups.02:35
LLStarksnomodeset isn't?02:36
DaekdroomNot sure.02:36
Daekdroomcompiz is the process that locks it up.02:36
Daekdroomand it happens over and over and over. Right after it recovers, it happens again.02:37
LLStarkshow do i restore tty from a blinking cursor?03:02
LLStarksi can boot fine, but no tty.03:02
enliAnybody's emerald work? Mine crashes with segfault.03:46
ubottuemerald is an obsolete window decorator for compiz. It's unsupported and unmaintained, making issues with it very hard to diagnose and fix. There are no known, supported alternatives.03:46
rwwor in short, "good luck with that" :\03:47
enlioh well, that was informative.. thanks ;)03:47
MTecknology!info nginx04:52
ubottunginx (source: nginx): small, but very powerful and efficient web server and mail proxy. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.53-2 (natty), package size 327 kB, installed size 900 kB04:52
susundbergduring some latest updates my key-shortcuts stopped working07:08
susundbergeffect is similar as https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-system-tools/+bug/339828 but thats 200907:09
ubottuUbuntu bug 339828 in gnome-system-tools (Ubuntu) "Alt+<any of the keys> shortcuts not working" [Undecided,New]07:09
susundbergI am able to set shortcut trigger properly but when pressing the combination (using alt + q) nothing hapens07:10
susundberg(it should run 'konsole')07:10
susundbergcommand seems to be working and ctrl+alt+t works when running 'konsole'07:11
susundbergany suggestions where to debug?07:11
susundbergOh, alt+p binded to print screen does launch the action07:12
susundbergbut the launch konsole does not :/07:26
SeverianI am not saying it is time for this decision yet.  But, if Unity does not get get crashy, is there a fallback to ship gnome as the default for Natty?07:32
SeverianOops, a type may have made that confusing.  I meant to ask -  I am not saying it is time for this decision yet.  But, if Unity does not get less crashy, is there a fallback to ship gnome as the default for Natty?08:49
duanedesignthread on the forums warning about the latest GDM  update for those on Natty09:04
duanedesignbug 73580509:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 735805 in gdm (Ubuntu) "GDM fails to start" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73580509:04
iceroothi, what is the "bugzilla" adress to fill bugs for natty?10:08
icerootand how to get the exact name of my wifi-card?10:09
SeverianWell, what do you want to call it, iceroot?  YOu can name it.  It is your machine, after all.10:10
icerootSeverian: chipset...10:10
icerootbroadcom xxxx10:10
SeverianIs the card built into the motherboard, or connected by USB?  Choose.10:11
icerootSeverian: onboard wifi-card from broadcom, i just need the exact chipset name10:11
icerootlspci | grep broadcom or grep bcm is showing nothing, so maybe there is another command10:12
Severiando an lspci and see what that tells you.  You could also probably find it by doing  dmesg10:12
icerootdmesg | grep bcm10:13
iceroot[   15.526873] brcm80211: fail to load firmware brcm/bcm43xx-0.fw10:13
SeverianI am booting my netbook and I'll check it.10:13
icerootand i need the xx10:13
icerootSeverian: ah ok, found it, bcm4313  i should have used grep -i bcm :)10:14
icerootgrep should use -i by default... :)10:15
SeverianIf you really think that, then setup an alias with the -i option.  I like it the way it is.10:16
icerootSeverian: default != setting an alias :)10:16
icerootbut ok, i have the informations i needed and will fill a bug10:16
SeverianIt would then be the default for you.  Good luck.10:17
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greyhatsalafii have a complaint this natty narwhal alpha should be called unstable ursula12:52
MarconMgreyhatsalafi, do you use ubuntu 11.04 alpha12:53
greyhatsalafiMarconM of course12:53
MarconMi want to know how a active my compiz12:53
MarconMcube effect, etc..12:53
MarconMcoz i think it changed guide effect12:53
MarconMi dont find12:53
susundbergsettings->desktop effects12:54
Picigreyhatsalafi: Whats your issue?12:56
greyhatsalafiafter latest update...2.6.38-6 won't give me login screen12:58
greyhatsalafiand 2.6.38-5 only boots with classic desktop12:58
Picigreyhatsalafi: I remember seeing something in the kernel team's meeting minutes that there were some problems with the latest kernel version.12:58
PiciHave you filed any bugs regarding your issues?12:59
greyhatsalaficurrently filing12:59
kklimondait's already been reported13:00
kklimondagreyhatsalafi:  bug 73580513:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 735805 in gdm (Ubuntu) "GDM fails to start" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73580513:00
kklimondaactually no, it's no the same13:00
kklimondageez, I shouldn't really do all this stuff at the same time13:01
coz_good day all13:13
greyhatsalafikklimonda why is it not the same?  it seems the same to me13:15
kklimondagreyhatsalafi: interesting, you mentioning two kernels have lead me to believe that it's some sort of kernel issue - as I said I should be focusing on a single task :)13:17
greyhatsalafikklimonda no problem :)  i'll just get the fix in the next update :)  i read in the bug report a workaround anyway13:18
MarconMsusundberg, humm,m ... ok .. i go see13:22
MarconMwhem you ll be the new realease stable ubuntu 11.0413:22
charlie-tcaHad to start GDM manually today to login to Xubuntu Natty13:52
kklimondacharlie-tca: known bug14:05
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jrrany one else playing with multitouch?14:09
jrrthe qt4 demos are fun ( http://voices.canonical.com/chase.douglas/2011/03/15/multitouch-in-ubuntu-11-04/ )14:09
jrrbut it seems you can't really do anything useful on the desktop yet14:09
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yofel_well, I have double finger scroll on my thinkpad now in Kubuntu which is cool, but not more than 2 fingers and the scroll values seem to jump sometimes which is annoying a bit14:15
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jrrI have one of those big apple trackpads14:16
jrreven when you max out the mouse sensitivity it's still way too low for the size of this thing14:17
jrrof course the notebook's built-in trackpad is unusably fast14:17
jrryou really need to be able to adjust that per-mouse14:17
smoserusing unity... mumble is running, but i can't find the window. its not in the list on the menu you get when you push the windows key15:58
smoser(i think thats the launcher,  but might be wrong on the terminology)15:58
scarleoMy Natty install just refused to start properly today. I had to go to recovery and launch gdm manually, now it seems to be runnning fine. Any known issue causing this?15:59
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scarleotried to restart again and still same issue, it gets stuck at: * Checking battery state16:03
yofelmaybe you have bug 73580516:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 735805 in gdm (Ubuntu) "GDM fails to start" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73580516:04
charlie-tcaTry going to a tty and logging in, then run "sudo gdm"16:05
charlie-tcadidn't read enough16:05
scarleothanks yofel that seems to be it16:07
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e01how can i make unity using mutter instants of compiz in natty, and to using the current theme17:14
=== cmagina-lunch is now known as cmagina-afk
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scarleoe01 have you tried mutter --replace? Not sure if it works...17:33
zniavre_i tried the unity support test and i get  this > http://paste.ubuntu-fr-secours.org/src-98807 < why unity does not start please ?17:47
th1hi, I just updated to 11.04 but now my menu is gone and some weird launcher panel is on the left side of the screen, which I can't get rid of and it doesn't have entries for settings etc.. what do I do to get rid of that so I can access the menu e.g. preferences?18:53
charlie-tcaThat is unity in Natty, the future of Ubuntu18:55
charlie-tcathat is what the actual release will be, th118:55
th1charlie-tca, well how do I access preferences and such from it?18:56
charlie-tcawith difficulty18:56
charlie-tcaclick the symbol in the top left, it opens a launcher thingy18:56
charlie-tcathen search for the one you want, or click through those find apps things to find it18:57
th1it doesn't show, just stuff like skype and wine apps I once launched a long time ago18:57
th1there's no preferences18:57
th1is there any way to disable this and get back to the old menu? at least until it works properly ...18:57
th1even my desktop switcher has gone18:57
charlie-tcalog out18:58
charlie-tcaselect "classic-gnome" session at the bottom of the login screen after selecting the user name18:58
th1trying .. :)18:58
charlie-tcaIt is not at all easy anymore, is it?18:59
* genii-around hugs his KDE18:59
th1charlie-tca, thanks all better :) :)19:00
th1I hope they only switch it on by default if they get it to work better19:00
charlie-tcaYou are welcome19:00
th1otherwise a lot of people are going to be rather disappointed I think19:00
charlie-tcaI use xubuntu, myself. It is much easier for me19:01
aVirulencehm. my 11.04 installation does not recognize my software-RAID disks. The LiveCD doesn't find them either. However, the 9.04 LIveCD does recognize the disks (after installing mdadm). Tried to do that on the Natty LiveCD as well, but mdadm cannot find my disk... any suggestions?19:01
zniavrei tried the unity support test and i get  this > http://paste.ubuntu-fr-secours.org/src-98807 < why unity does not start please ?19:19
lotuspsychjedid you logout zniavre19:19
zniavremany times ...19:20
lotuspsychjei mean loging in on ubuntu netbook edition19:20
zniavreim  not sure to understand ?19:20
zniavrewhen i tried to log into unity the desktop is empty19:21
lotuspsychjehmmm strange19:23
lotuspsychjeu can login on ubuntu but not on netbook edition?19:23
zniavreunity-2d is working well and gnome-classic can use compiz19:24
zniavrejust unity is wrong19:24
th1just unity there is no access to the menus19:24
th1seems like its a cool thing but its just not finished19:24
Picilotuspsychje: unity is used for the desktop environment in desktop.19:24
th1no right click action to configure it etc.. :/19:24
th1how is Unity supposed to be configured?19:25
PiciIn fact, there is no Netbook Edition anymore.19:25
th1how do I get the Help up?19:25
zniavredconf-editor + ccsm for unity setup19:25
lotuspsychjeim still on 10.10 and i can choose netbook edition from login menu19:25
th1do you mean gconf-editor? I know ccsm but gconf-editor is very hard to use if you don't know exactly what you are looking for19:26
zniavreth1 no i mean dconf-editor19:26
charlie-tcalotuspsychje: then you are in the wrong channel. This is for natty only, and it is very different from maverick19:26
zniavrewith a 'd'19:26
th1zniavre, it's not found on my pc19:26
th1if I try to run it with alt-f2 or from command line19:27
th1heh the config applet for the unity, is not installed by default :)19:27
zniavrelaunch it from terminal it will suggest you to install dconftools19:27
zniavreit's not an applet19:27
zniavrethere is not so many thing to setup at this moment19:28
jpdsth1: What do you mean no menus?19:29
jpdsth1: The menus for the running application should be at the top of the screen.19:29
th1like Preferences and Administration19:29
th1jpds, I already saw that19:29
th1which I didn't want to comment on because although I didn't like it, I'm ok with giving it a chance19:29
th1but that launcher bar instead of hte menu, I can't find the stuffs I need .. so that's a different thing19:30
th1ok more or less back to usable after fiddling the settings and using Gnome Classic19:35
th1althouhgI have gfx errors now19:35
th1scares me a bit that there is only a month to go before release of this :)19:40
vividth1, the Preferences and Administration menus can be found easily by clicking the Power Icon at the top right (indicator-session applet i believe) and selecting System Settings19:40
vividare there any options other than nouveau for older nvidia cards?  nouveau looks aweful when drawing menus19:44
lcbtry adding to Applications | Themes & Tweaks | Startup Applications and add -gnome-panel until natty interface is better and things are not working as desired / besides being a smooth transition from previous interface19:45
lcbth1, that was for you19:45
bjsnidervivid, nvidia-173 and nvidia-96 will be available after nvidia updates them, typically just before a new ubuntu release (in other words, not now)19:45
vividyea thats great for then, but where is the old nv driver19:46
bjsnideryou could try vesa19:47
tensorpuddingi've run into a doozy of a unity bug19:47
tensorpuddingi'd check lp to find it but i can't click on hyperlinks anymore19:47
tensorpuddingor alt-tab19:47
lcbth1,  gnome-panel . not the ifen at the beginning, as i wrote19:47
vividbjsnider, is the old nv driver not available for xorg 1.10?19:48
bjsnidernv hasn't been touched in a long time, nvidia obfuscated it. so i would guess not.19:49
tensorpuddingwait, it seems to have suddenly resolved itself19:49
bjsniderwell, obfuscated and abandoned i should say.19:50
vividbad idea.19:52
vividactually its still there, just moved to the universe repo, which is probably why it got removed from my system19:56
th1lcb, thanks I'll just stick with Gnone-Classic session for now it works reasonably ok19:59
tensorpuddingi like unity except for the bugs20:00
coz_hey all20:02
GayspyIs the 11.04 at all usable as an everyday system?20:11
trismprogress, my wireless works again with the vanilla 2.6.38 kernel in natty, now the question is why is the ubuntu kernel breaking the p54usb driver. the odd part is that the kernel from the mainline ppa doesn't work either...20:11
arandGayspy: Yes for some, but do not rely on it to be.20:13
charlie-tcaGayspy: some of us do run it daily, but little things have to be worked around, like this morning.20:15
charlie-tcaWhen I turned my computer, it wouldn't actually go to the login screen20:15
charlie-tcaIt only took me 15 minutes or so to figure out how to get the login screen, but it can be frustrating sometimes20:16
tensorpuddingthat happens to me also20:17
tensorpuddingi assume gdm is hanging or something20:17
yofelbug 73580520:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 735805 in gdm (Ubuntu) "GDM fails to start" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73580520:17
Gayspyi know about frustrating. My netbook doesn't wake up from suspend on recent kernels. The LTS kernel works but doesnt recongnize mt touchpad right.20:17
charlie-tcaWell, then. It isn't too bad, but it is not suggested for anything you must have working all the time20:20
Gayspyi give it a shot. Is there notable stability difference between the classic desktop and unity?20:21
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edgyHi, /etc/init.d/apache status shows only is running but in my rhel it shows lots of details like uptime and requests per second, how can I enable this?20:27
vega__edgy_: why do you assume this same functionality is in debian/ubuntu?20:35
tensorpuddingit's not strange to assume that the apache folk wrote their own initscripts is it?20:37
edgy_vega__: tensorpudding: something inside me telling me it's an option in apache20:38
tensorpuddingedgy_: what does apachectl fullstatus give you?20:39
tensorpuddingyou need to have mod_status enabled for it to work20:40
edgy_tensorpudding: /usr/sbin/apache2ctl: 148: www-browser: not found20:45
edgy_'www-browser -dump http://localhost:80/server-status' failed.20:45
edgy_tensorpudding: I now installed lynx and it works! thanks for the hint ;)20:47
genii-aroundedgy_: Why don't you just run apache2ctl fullstatus           instead?20:50
sandrawi would like to rebuild xserver-xorg-input-tslib on my machine how do i do this?20:58
sandraw E: Ignore unavailable target release 'maverick' of package 'xserver-xorg-input-tslib'20:59
sandrawi get that error :/20:59
ubottuUbuntu bug 735908 in nux (Ubuntu) "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in nux::GpuRenderStates::SubmitChangeStates()" [Medium,New]20:59
zniavreooops sorry20:59
sandraw  xserver-xorg-input-tslib: Depends: xorg-input-abi-11.0 which is a virtual package.20:59
sandrawwhen it ry to install the package i get that error20:59
sandrawits because xorg-input-abi is version 1221:00
sandrawbut tslib is looking for the older version, which is why i want to rebuild it.21:00
sandrawso my problem is basically why am i getting: E: Ignore unavailable target release 'maverick' of package 'xserver-xorg-input-tslib'21:00
sandrawwhen i am running natty21:00
sandrawand nothing in /etc/apt/ mentions maverick21:00
guntbertsandraw: did you look into /etc/apt/sources.list.d too?21:04
guntbertthats where your ppas are stored21:04
sandrawguntbert: yes i did21:05
guntbertsandraw: then I don't know, sorry21:05
sandrawAPT::Default-Release "natty";21:05
yofelwhat does apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-input-tslib say?21:05
sandrawi found it21:05
sandrawok i can get the source now, i was just stupid21:06
sandrawanyhow somebody should rebuild tslib21:06
sandrawafter editing the control file and changing the version from 11 to 1221:07
yofelhm, a simple rebuild should be enough for that21:07
yofelwe'll get xserver 1.10 final soon, see if there's a bug filed so they don't forget it21:08
sandrawi thought you where changing to wayland21:09
sandrawcrap build failed21:10
yofelchanging? not for a long time21:10
sandrawyofel: ok21:11
yofelno idea about the build failure, ask in #ubuntu-x21:12
sandrawwhat is -x ?21:12
yofelwell, -x for X11, it's the ubuntu X team channel21:12
sandrawah ok :)21:12
sandrawwont they get angry cos im on natty?21:12
th1why has my default browser gone back from Chrome to Firefox after the upgrade and how do I change it back?21:15
ChrisBuchholzHello guys. I wanna try out gnome-shell on natty alpha 2, does there exist a ppa for it?21:16
yofelsandraw: shouldn't be the case, after all it is a bug (probably)21:16
yofelChrisBuchholz: there was one, sec21:17
ChrisBuchholz...i dont wanna use whats in the official ppa's since i hear they are quite outdated21:17
yofelChrisBuchholz: https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 is the only one I know of21:18
kklimondait doesn't really work though21:18
sandrawyofel: i guess. i think it is a bug, are you able to install the package: xserver-xorg-input-tslib ?21:18
ChrisBuchholzkklimonda: the gnome3-team ppa?21:18
yofelsandraw: no21:18
kklimondaChrisBuchholz: yeah, when I last tried it gnome-shell was missing some rather important stuff21:19
kklimonda(like the theme)21:19
sandrawyofel: then i guess its  b0rked21:19
ChrisBuchholzkklimonda: oh, i see. Outdate stuff. I dont get why there arent an all-up-to-date ppa for gnome-shell for ubuntu21:19
ChrisBuchholzthere really should be21:19
sandrawyofel: probably has something to do with xorg-input-abi/xserver-xorg-core21:19
kklimondaChrisBuchholz: because it's a lot of work21:19
ChrisBuchholzjust because i want gnome shell, doesnt mean i want another distro...21:19
ChrisBuchholzkklimonda: sure21:20
sandrawits not building against the new version21:20
yofelsandraw: it obviously is, it wasn't built against xserver 1.10 RC2 which provides the -12 ABI21:20
sandrawatleast not on my machine21:20
sandrawah i see21:20
kklimondaChrisBuchholz: also by enabling gnome3 and installing gnome-shell (And upgrading the rest of packages) you will most likely loose Unity21:21
kklimondaand the old good gnome21:21
ChrisBuchholzkklimonda: i dont really care for it in my testing environment though :)21:22
ChrisBuchholzbut yes21:22
yofelsandraw: known issue - bug 71435321:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 714353 in xf86-input-tslib (Ubuntu) "Does not support Input ABI 12: FTBFS against Xserver 1.10" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71435321:23
* sandraw palmface21:23
sandrawsorry :(21:24
yofelsandraw: click on the 'does this bug affect you link'21:24
sandrawyofel: where?21:25
sandrawguess i need to register21:25
yofelah, probably not worth it, unless you want to track the bug or want to file other bugs yourself21:27
sandrawno its ok21:28
sandrawhow long do you think it will take for this to get resolved ? its unassigned21:28
yofelno idea since it's not targeted to a milestone either, someone in -x will have to answer that21:30
th1every time I click a link in a terminal or whatever, it tries to open it with firefox even though chrome is my default browser..21:33
th1it worked in 10.10 how do I fix this?21:33
yofelth1: they changed the URL handling in gnome and some applications don't honor that, there was a bug about that I think, let me look21:34
th1yofel, thanks21:35
th1another serious nuisance, when using tab completion after "ls" it stops at the first directory instead of adding a slash and letting me type more to find what I was actually looking for :(21:36
yofelbug 67012821:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 670128 in xdg-utils (Ubuntu) "gnome-open uses firefox while it's not the preferred browser" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67012821:37
yofelth1: and when you press tab twice? (just curious)21:37
th1yofel, it starts a new tab completion21:38
th1eg. I type "ls /et<TAB>" and I'd expect it to put "ls /etc/" and leave the                                             cursor after the tab for me to type more, that's how it's always worked21:39
yofelno idea then, bash completion works fine here21:39
th1but instead now I type "ls /et<TAB>" and it puts "ls /etc " (note hte space after the etc)21:39
th1this happened when I upgraded, no idea why21:40
yofelmaybe it's a gnome-terminal issue, tried another termial?21:40
th1yeah I tried the VC text mode console, same thing121:40
th1I think it's a bash config issue21:40
yofelhm... no idea if some of the defaults changed, here's my bashrc (as a refrerence) http://paste.ubuntu.com/581317/21:42
th1yofel, thanks for the bug number of the firefox thing, I got it working with the xdg commands from there21:44
th1no more firefox spawning all over21:45
yofelbittin: what desktop env is that?21:45
bittinyofel: pekwm21:45
* yofel never heard of that one yet..21:45
bittinthink its a fluxbox fork21:46
th1yofel, interestingly it's only for ls ...21:46
th1if I type "adfgh /et" it puts "asdfgh /etc/" as expected21:46
yofelth1: doesn't happen here though, ls /et<tab> gives me ls /etc/21:46
bittinwhat thinks should you have on your Linux installation?21:49
th1yofel, did you upgrade yours from 10.10 or a fresh install?21:50
yofelth1: mine was an upgrade, but I did that as soon as the toolchain opened (pre-alpha)21:51
yofelmaybe purge bash-completion21:51
yofeland reinstall it21:51
th1yofel, thanks but that didn't help21:53
th1I even copied the standard .bashrc from /etc/skel to my homedir that also doesn't help21:56
th1funny is that it's *only* for ls, not for "l" or "ll" or any of the other aliases21:56
th1"complete -d ls" fixed it21:57
th1but I can't figure out what set it in the first place21:59
th1now I've added that to my .bashrc21:59
th1anyway now its sorta solved :)22:01
DaekdroomIs anyone in here affected by bug 729392?22:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 729392 in unity (Ubuntu) "[unity] minimizing an application doesn't make it lose window focus" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72939222:11
tensorpuddingit seems i am22:13
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tensorpuddingi don't notice it because i don't minimize things though22:13
BerserkurAnyone using the natty spice repository?22:13
Daekdroomtensorpudding, I don't minimize things because appmenu will lose their menus and I'll have to kill unity-panel-service everytime =/22:15
tensorpuddinghmm, not unity isn't working again22:21
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alex_mayorgaX won't work here unless I go to recovery console first, ideas?23:03
charlie-tcabug 67012823:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 670128 in xdg-utils (Ubuntu) "gnome-open uses firefox while it's not the preferred browser" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67012823:04
charlie-tcanope, more like bug 73580523:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 735805 in gdm (Ubuntu) "GDM fails to start" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73580523:04
aljosai'm looking at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ and can't figure out what "64-bit Mac (AMD64) desktop CD" means. i have an imac mid-2010, will i have any advantages if i download this image?23:16
charlie-tcaChoose this to take full advantage of computers based on the AMD64 or EM64T architecture (e.g., Athlon64, Opteron, EM64T Xeon). If you have a non-64-bit processor made by AMD, or if you need full support for 32-bit code, use the Intel x86 images instead. This image is adjusted to work properly on Mac systems.23:17
charlie-tcasounds like it would be the best image for a 64bit mac with a chip specified23:18
aljosacharlie-tca: thanks, i'll try it on imac23:18

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