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ppisatiericm|ubuntu: ping08:57
ppisatiericm|ubuntu: ping09:37
ppisatiericm|ubuntu: still no sound after fiddling with alsamixer&c, can you confirm me that you've never heard any sound out of this board? (it's an A0 BTW) did you use another board previously for audio related stuff?12:14
ericm|ubuntuppisati, never tried on that board12:19
ericm|ubuntuppisati, X0 was OK12:19
ppisatiericm|ubuntu: ok, thanks12:19
ppisatiericm|ubuntu: i'll ask grue and ncomm when they wake up12:20
ppisatiericm|ubuntu: do you know if they have A0?12:20
ericm|ubuntuppisati, 'k12:20
ericm|ubuntuppisati, they should12:20
ppisatiericm|ubuntu: k12:20
ppisatiGrueMaster: ping12:23
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lil_petehi guys. i've got my cross-compiled kernel running with a rootstock-filesystem. now i'd like to cross-comile some applications, but im struggling with dependencies since i get use apt-get build-dep... is somebody out there who could help me out a lil? =)13:08
lil_pete**can't use apt-get build-dep.. :-/13:09
ogra_do native builds or use xdeb, but it doesnt work with all packages afaik13:09
lil_peteogra_: so you mean natively build every package im depending on?13:10
ogra_no, native vs cross13:10
lil_petethen I'd have to install the full build-essentials on the device?13:11
ogra_you can either do that on the real HW or in a chroot on the machine you used rootstock on13:11
lil_petehhmmm i was hoping i could avoid that13:11
lil_pete? chroot between platforms? i thought thats impossible13:12
ogra_create a dir (call it chroot or so) and untar the rootstock tarball to it13:12
lil_peteyeah i got that dir13:12
ogra_sudo cp /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static </usr/bin in your chroot>13:12
lil_petei did a chroot do add / remove users, but executing arm binaries on a x64 machin?! *confused*13:12
ogra_then you can just chroot13:12
lil_peteuh that sounds good... let me try it, brb. =)13:13
ogra_qemu-arm-static then wraps arm syscalls around every binary and translates them to x86 while you work inside the chroot13:13
ogra_its slower than a real cross build, but prevents you from having to build on your HW13:14
ogra_and you might hit syscalls that arent implemented, for 90% of the stuff it works fine though13:15
lil_peteduuuuuude... im just apt-get updating my arm system on my x64 laptop... *lol*13:16
lil_petenow let me try install gcc13:16
lil_petehmmm Unsupported ioctl: cmd=0xffffffffc020660b13:17
ogra_janimo, whats the magic kernel cmdline i have to use for my panda to not have it constantly change its IP ?13:17
lil_peteits still running though13:17
ogra_lil_pete, just ignore that13:17
ogra_there might also be unsupported syscall messages too13:17
loollil_pete: Use some newer qemu; the ~linaro-maintainers/tools PPA has a quite up-to-date one, I'd be surprized if you still got ioctl warnings with it13:19
* ogra_ must admit he hasnt tried the linaro qemu yet but i'm sure lool is right here13:20
lil_petelool: sorry, you lost me at "~linaro-maintainers/tools PPA"... ?13:20
lil_pete<-- pretty noobish student :)13:21
* lil_pete will be installing. :)13:21
loollil_pete: add-apt-repository ppa:linaro-maintainers/tools13:21
loolInstall qemu-user-static from this PPA, and you should get freshest qemu-linaro which fixes a bunch of missing support for some ioctls or syscalls13:22
lil_pete oh yeah that sounds good...13:22
lil_petehhmmm apt cant resolve the ppa:launchpad hostname? did i miss something?13:35
janimoogra_, I don;t think there is a kernel cmd option. I just set static IP in /e/n/i13:36
ogra_well, iirc there was a way to give it a fixed MAC13:36
janimoogra_, no idea about that13:37
ogra_currently my mac changes all the time which makes the board change its IP (i would like to go on using dhcp here)13:37
janimoogra_, rsalveti may know.13:38
ogra_hmm, i'll resort to /e/n/i somehow for now13:38
rsalvetiogra_: there was a cmdline argument that you could specify the mac address13:39
rsalvetiand you could also put it at network interfaces13:39
janimoftbfs status list seems to be updated less often13:39
ogra_rsalveti, yeah, thats what i remember, i was to lazy to dig in the bugs :)13:39
ogra_janimo, should be twice a day13:40
ogra_probably it was dropped to once a day because it took to long to get all the data13:40
ogra_persia would know if he had some way to think about such stuff atm i guess13:40
rsalvetiogra_: bug 67350413:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 673504 in linux-ti-omap4 "Pandaboard chooses a new IP address on each boot" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67350413:43
ogra_hmm, it actually doesnt do that on each boot but while i'm connected via ssh13:44
ogra_and checking even more, i just see it doesnt actually change the MAC at all13:45
ogra_i wonder if there is something wrong with PM that powers off the NIC regulary13:45
ogra_dmesg is quiet though13:45
ppisatiNCommander: ping13:50
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GrueMasterppisati: pong.  On the dove boards, we used X0 for Lucid and A0 for Maverick.  Both have different audio codec chips.14:14
GrueMasterNo audio on Maverick.14:15
ppisatiGrueMaster: that means we need a new update BSP from Marvell to get the audio for A0?14:21
GrueMasterYes, but I wouldn't worry about it unless oem has a project that needs it.  We were only doing maverick to enable OEM.14:22
ogranobody uses the dove maveric kernel14:23
ppisatiactually i can't even find a maverick image for dove14:23
ograthere was one, completely untested iirc but i know we built it14:24
ppisatiogra: i think i'll my own, just for testing14:27
ppisatiogra: cool, thanks! :)14:31
lil_peteogra: xcuse my being so rude, i was so xcited about that chroot-ability. just wanted to say thanks man, you made my day. :)14:39
ograheh, you werent rude :)14:39
ograand lool helped too :)14:39
lil_petewell i just left, if this were a real room that would have been more than rude.14:40
lil_petelool: thank you too, of course. dont wanna leave nobody out... :D14:40
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GrueMasterlooking at the kde ftbfs packages, it looks like they all fail due to differences in GL header typedefs.15:29
rsalveticould be that it's compiling with gl support, but using the libqt4-opengl with gles15:37
rsalvetiI know there are still some packages to port and fix15:37
ppisatiNCommander: i can't reproduce this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/61848915:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 618489 in casper "[dove] casper fails to boot if SATA HDD is attached" [High,Fix released]15:38
ppisatiNCommander: A0 board, sata hd attached15:38
GrueMasterppisati: Fix released15:38
ppisatiGrueMaster: in kernel too?15:38
ppisatiGrueMaster: in casper he has workarounded it15:39
ppisatiGrueMaster: in is_nice_device(), but if i take out that modification, my board still boot15:39
ppisatiGrueMaster: it refuses to fail! :)15:39
GrueMasterSo it was fixed in the kernel and the bug wasn't updated.  Happens.15:39
ppisatiGrueMaster: ok15:40
GrueMasterI remarked it.15:40
ppisatiGrueMaster: let me just double check with Michael, then i close it15:40
GrueMasterHe lives here, and hasn't worked on Dove since Maverick release.15:41
ppisatiah o15:41
ppisatithen i close it15:41
GrueMasterBut I have mine set up and can do all the testing.15:41
ppisatiGrueMaster: no, it's ok15:41
GrueMasterJust fyi, I am the QA guy for the canonical-arm team.15:41
ppisatiGrueMaster: if you tell me that the fix was already committed, i'm fine with it15:42
GrueMasterLike I said, a lot of older bugs were fixed without updating LP.15:42
ppisatiGrueMaster: ok15:42
GrueMasterMain test is if it can be reproduced with a released image or updates.15:42
ppisatiGrueMaster: i used this one http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/ports/releases/maverick/release/ubuntu-netbook-10.10-netbook-armel+dove.img15:43
ppisatiGrueMaster: opened squash, took out the casper workaround in is_nice_device() and repacked15:43
ppisatiGrueMaster: and it worked15:43
GrueMasterYep, that was the maverick released image.  If a bug is based on that image, but prior to release and can't be reproduced on that image, it is usually been fixed.15:44
GrueMasterI have been trying to retest and close out older bugs recently.15:44
ograppisati, repacking the squash is a no-op15:45
ograyou need to re-roll the initrd *from* the unpacked squashfs15:45
ograits quite complex15:45
ppisatiGrueMaster: to close a LP bug don't i need the sha? or i can just write "cannot reproduce it anymore, Tobin confirm it has already been fixed" and move it to "Fix released"?15:45
ogracasper in the squashfs does nothing15:45
ppisatiogra: ok15:45
ppisatiogra: you are right, i'll do that15:45
GrueMasterOr you could mark it as invalid as not reproducible.15:46
GrueMasterppisati: What type of marvell systems do you have?15:47
ppisatiGrueMaster: mvl-dove A015:50
GrueMasterI want to make sure we have similar systems so I can help as needed.15:50
ppisatiogra: rerolled uInitrd and it works15:57
ograusing update-initramfs -u inside the squashfs ?15:57
ppisatiogra: i'll tell you all the steps i took15:57
ppisaticopied /casper/filesystem.squashfs from the my usb stick (where i previously i dd-ed the maverick mvl-dove img) to my box15:59
ppisatiunsquashed it15:59
ograwell, its essentially: unpack squashfs, mount proc and bindmount /dev, chroot into it ...15:59
ppisaticopied qemu-arm-static to squash/usr/bin15:59
ppisatichrooted in it15:59
ogramake your code change, run update-initramfs -u etc etc15:59
ograsounds like you took the right steps15:59
ppisatimodified usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/casper16:00
ppisatiand revrted the mvld-ve workaround16:00
ppisatiupdate-initramfs -u -k 2.6.32-410-dove16:00
ppisatimkimage -A arm -O linux -T ramdisk -C none -a 0 -e 0 -n initramfs -d /boot/initrd.img-2.6.32-410-dove /boot/uInitrd16:01
ograright, sounds ok16:01
ppisatiand finally copied uInitrd back to usb:/casper16:01
ppisatithen i mark that bug as Invalid so we can close it16:01
ograi think tobin already marked it fixed16:01
ppisatiogra: the casper part, mvl-dove kernel was still pending16:02
ppisatiand i'm trying to clean up as much as possible16:02
ograah, k16:02
ppisati"This bug is not reproducible anymore in linux-mvl-dove, and after a bit of testing on IRC with Tobin and Oliver we concluded it has already been fixed. Closing it."16:04
ograsounds fine16:05
ppisatik, done16:05
ppisatiok, so now i have the 2 sound bugs and the rebase/-proposed pending16:05
ographew ... finally16:28
ograso teleporter-glib should be installable again... and thus empathy16:29
ograGrueMaster, you should have images tomorrow again16:29
GrueMasterYea, saw the update for telepathy.16:30
ograwell, i wasnt sure it would build :)16:30
ograjust finished fine16:30
NCommanderppisati: thebug itself was worked around in casper, but we had a task on thekernel due to change in name of the device17:26
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