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coz_good day all13:13
matthewmainhi all13:59
coz_matthewmain,  hey guy13:59
matthewmainhows tricks14:00
coz_matthewmain,  same old same old  I guess :)14:04
matthewmainfair enough well im new to ubuntu so please forgive me, but i was reading the community pages and discovered about making artwork for the community and projects, im no master graphic designer but i do have a passion to learn, im currently teaching myself XHTML and CSS i also use Coreldraw x5 on windows 7, but i really want to make a leap forward into ubuntu and get more into graphic design and web design, the best way for me to learn14:09
matthewmain is to do, and for that helping with projects for ubuntu is a good reason.14:09
coz_matthewmain,  well...applications on linux for graphics are mainly   Inkscape for vector drawing  better than Illustrator,,  gimp for bitmap ... agave for color choosing...mypaint for natural media  similar to corel Painter14:11
coz_matthewmain,  there is also Pencil which is a minor flash equivelent of  adobe flash14:12
coz_and  Pinta   a sort of clone for  paint.net14:12
coz_matthewmain,  do you have examples of some of your work?14:13
coz_matthewmain,  they dont have to be OS related14:13
matthewmainmy work is nothing amazing, mainly photography based and as i said im learning xhtml and css, but i would in some shape or form be able to help on a project14:14
coz_matthewmain,  that's cool...14:15
matthewmaini have a lot to learn, and to have a goal to reach will push me to learn, rather than just making silly stuff that will never be used or work14:15
coz_matthewmain,  if you look at the links in the Topic it will get you started with areas of possible contribution options I believe14:17
coz_although I believe most of the wallpapers have been chosen,,, although there may still be time for that14:17
matthewmainok cool i will check those out while a do a full install of 10.10 on my laptop14:18
matthewmainwhat areas do you work on14:18
coz_matthewmain,  what you should probably do is stick around on this channel and ask others like vish  aka eveilvish... thorwil    kwwii14:19
coz_matthewmain,  not much for me...  we really dont have "power" over content,,, occasionally a call for graphics is sent out,,, as in the wallpaper contest..but dont let that discourage you14:20
coz_matthewmain,  here is some of my  OS unrelated work  although there is one wallpaper on there     http://www.flickr.com/photos/coz_14:20
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coz_matthewmain,  I realize my stuff is not that great but I never claimed to be "king of art"  :)14:24
matthewmaincoz_, are they all ahnd drawn?14:25
coz_matthewmain,  yes except for the ones marked as  "digital"14:25
coz_matthewmain,  and even those are essentially hand drawn on a computer14:26
matthewmaincoz_, you have more talent than me, i mainly look at photography and digital art14:26
coz_matthewmain,  no no no14:27
coz_matthewmain,  dont confuse the ability to draw  as art14:27
coz_matthewmain,  drawing has nothing to do with art.. it is simply draftmenship14:27
coz_matthewmain,  the key is in composing the final work be it photography,,, abstract  etc etc14:27
matthewmainwell i can;t draw full stop lol14:27
coz_matthewmain,  a keen sense of desing,, line...colour... values.. are the keys to fine art14:28
coz_matthewmain,  no biggie,,, draftsmanship is way over rated :)14:28
matthewmaini will see if i can find some examples of what i would like to be able to do14:29
coz_matthewmain,   absolutely,, just remember that your design sense your compositional sense is the key,, how you place the objects in the photograph  etc etc :)14:30
coz_matthewmain,  you will have a unique personal sense at to where you place things withing the photograph,, that's what needs to be honed,,14:32
coz_as to14:32
matthewmaini know, but with out the knowledge to use the software to get the desired effects there is no point in having an idea14:33
coz_matthewmain,  thats the least you will have to concentrate on14:33
coz_matthewmain,  the "vocabulary"  of an application...meanning how it works ,,,where things are...how to use them... is not going to take a long time14:34
coz_matthewmain,  your ideas are within your mind already... getting used to application control is the easy part :)14:34
coz_matthewmain,  there you go14:35
matthewmaini hope so, i can us photoshop but have been struggling with corel draw, things just dont seem to flow right14:35
coz_matthewmain,  no corel draw is ,, in my opinion...way outdated14:35
matthewmainthats the sort of thing i want to be able to do14:35
coz_matthewmain,  cool14:35
coz_matthewmain,  that can be done in inkscape as well  which is vector14:35
coz_matthewmain,  inkscape may take a while to understand the "geography" or "vocabulary" of the application14:36
matthewmaintheres another look14:36
coz_matthewmain,  very cool14:36
matthewmainwhat i need to do is learn how to turn a simple idea into something that amazing14:37
coz_matthewmain,  well that is going to be a combination of learning the application of course... but more importantly understanding and listening to your personal  "artist"s eye"14:37
matthewmaini can see ideas that i want to do, but when it come to mouse to screen it nevers goes right, i dont seem to be able to break down the idea in the right way or software control never happens14:38
coz_matthewmain,  that is partly inexperience with the application ...14:38
coz_matthewmain,  dont let it discourage future attempts14:38
coz_matthewmain,  digital art is complex only because the application itself adds another "learning curve"  to the project14:39
matthewmainanother thing i find hard is that there are tones of tuts for photoshop, but hardly any for corel14:39
coz_matthewmain,  well there are millions of tons of tutorials and video tutorials for inkscape  and gimp14:40
matthewmainyeh im gonna start learning, im just gonna find it diffrent from what i was bought up on i.e photoshop14:40
coz_if you prefer vector art ,,,  which is rescalable withouth loss  the inkscape is the way to go... if you like the bitmap ...jpeg,,,png then gimp14:40
coz_matthewmain,  which version of photoshop  are you running?14:41
matthewmaini dont run it anymore, i can;t afford the software, but back when i was in school, i may have borrowed a copy of the first cs from the web sum where14:41
coz_matthewmain,  ok if you get the chance to have another cd  ,,,most versions of photoshop can be installed onto ubuntu after installing an application named "wine"14:42
coz_as are many other windows appliations14:42
matthewmainyup i have wine, just let down that the coreldraw install crash's and wont complete14:43
coz_or just dual boot windows and linux14:43
coz_or virtual box install of windows14:43
matthewmainwell thats what im doing at the moment but i want to lose the fat slob and stick with streamlined and slick interface14:43
coz_matthewmain,  well as you already know..linux can be set to look any way you want ;)14:44
matthewmaini just fined win 7 to be a very slow peice of crap14:45
coz_matthewmain,  ah yes I have experience win7   although it's appearance was actually taken from kde4's interface14:45
coz_matthewmain, kde4 of course is a linux desktop environment14:45
matthewmaini much prefer the look and feel to ubuntu14:46
coz_matthewmain,    yes but you can make it look like win7  or mac if you want :)14:46
matthewmainwould a osx version of cs work on ubuntu?14:46
matthewmainwhy ruin the unqiue look of a good os?14:47
coz_matthewmain,  not that I am aware of .. i dont know of any mac emulators ...although mac is unix based,, and the applications..theoretically should work on linux  ,,,apple prevents that14:47
matthewmainyeh its just that i own a mac and if i was to by cs then it would be the mac conterpart14:48
coz_matthewmain,  excellent question... i still dont know why people make linux look like mac  :(14:48
coz_matthewmain,  well you could dual boot macos  with ubuntu on the same machine14:49
coz_or use macs virtual machine to install ubuntu14:49
matthewmainbut thats hassle i would prefer it to be streamlined lol14:49
matthewmaini guess they change the look of an os to help with transition between diffrent os's14:50
coz_matthewmain,  understood..although because of apple's unique systems integration ,, which is why it costs so much,,,ubuntu would run very well14:50
matthewmaini may look in to it,14:50
coz_matthewmain,  whichever configuration you choose,,, the applications are what are going to be the key14:51
matthewmainit all depends on what i decide to do i guess14:51
coz_matthewmain,  yes there are several options in your case for system config..14:52
matthewmainyup, well i have to play and see how i progress14:52
coz_matthewmain,  for sure.. and please go to #ubuntu for specific help with issues concerning ubuntu...most helpful in that channel :)14:52
matthewmainbut one thing for sure is i will prob be designing on linux and osx14:53
coz_matthewmain,  both are excellent choices :)14:53
matthewmainwhat systems and apps do you use from day to day14:53
coz_matthewmain,   I use mainly ubuntu,, I dual boot with windows  when I need specific things...window for music composition and linux mainly for graphics14:54
coz_matthewmain,  but I am generally on ubuntu most of the day14:54
matthewmainfair enough14:54
coz_matthewmain,  I havent been composing lately so windows sits idle :)14:55
matthewmainwhy windows for music composition14:55
coz_matthewmain,  well ,, I started out with windows and music and have specific applications I have become accustomed to... I have macs  but I find windows a better platform  than mac for this14:56
coz_matthewmain,   I know that is against most  opinions on the topic :)14:57
coz_matthewmain,  I havent used a mac in years14:57
coz_matthewmain,  and I started with an SE/30  which is sitting across the room right now ...14:57
coz_black and white monitor  lol14:58
matthewmainok, i just found the kernal in windows to be shit lol, found tones of latency problems, some i may have been able to help but was not viable at the time14:58
coz_matthewmain,  ah on win7  that is the case14:59
coz_matthewmain,  manny complaints about latency issues on win714:59
matthewmaini had a fair number with xp as well14:59
coz_matthewmain,   xp does the job for me ,,15:00
coz_matthewmain,  for music anyway15:00
coz_matthewmain, although there are exceptinal digital workstations for linux   "ardour"  and a lowlatency kernel as well15:00
coz_matthewmain,  however the learning curve for ardour is too much for me at this point...15:01
matthewmainfair enough, i was using cubase sx and reason back in the day, but i fell out of love for the technical side for music and got very bored, but i have recenlty started playing again15:03
coz_matthewmain,  very cool... I try to keep it simple ... I use a little app  ntrack studio along with  wavelab by steinberg... and a roland xv-88 keyboard15:04
coz_matthewmain,  well...it works for me :)15:06
matthewmainmine was simple too, audidgy plat + maudio controller and then software15:06
coz_matthewmain,  yep... I find the simpler the number of applications the more can be done15:06
coz_matthewmain,  there are too many out there that can only confuse and waste time,,, in my opinion15:07
matthewmainyes very agreed15:07
matthewmainmy dam laptop is playing around lol15:08
matthewmainit never likes freshly burned disc, i always have to rub them on something before the laptop will play them right15:09
coz_matthewmain,  do you smoke?15:09
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matthewmainbut i dont smoke in the house15:13
coz_matthewmain,  ah ok because cigarette smoke will eventually destroy a cdplayer15:14
coz_it stains the lazer lens... I have not found a way to remove stains from a lens15:15
matthewmainisopropa alcohol should do it15:15
coz_matthewmain,  not sure15:16
coz_matthewmain,  my nephew smokes cigars.. and has already destroyed  5 cdroms15:16
coz_matthewmain,  he bought me a new one  and I keep that in a box and only attacth it via usb when I need it15:17
coz_and of course I make  him smoke outside now :)15:17
matthewmainwell as soon as the laptop has a fresh copy of ubuntu on it im gonna start looking for these tuts and look towards learning a few new programs15:18
coz_matthewmain,  excellent!  start with inkscape and gimp :)15:18
matthewmainyup will do, im running ubuntu on this machine but this is dual boxed so im gonna see how ubuntu squares up on my lap top15:19
coz_matthewmain,  cool  the next release of ubunt is at the end of April this year...15:20
matthewmaini heard it sometimes better to leave it a month before updating15:20
coz_matthewmain,  well  if you mean updating to a new version..then I generally tell people to simply back up what they need to save and then clean install the new version...this eliminates and upgrading issues that more often than not occur,,, however some people do just fine with it :)15:22
matthewmainok will bare that in mind15:23
matthewmainso where do i find the current projects that are needing work15:24
coz_matthewmain,  check the links in the topic for this channel15:25
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matthewmainthank you15:28
coz_matthewmain,  no problem15:28
matthewmainwill have a look see what they need doing and start working i guess, are you always around/ what time frame are you on?15:29
coz_matthewmain,  generall here everyday... and as I said also speak with vish aka evilvish  :)  thorwill  and kwwii15:30
coz_ok I need to break here,,, be back later15:35
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coz_hey all20:02
zniavrehey alone20:03
zniavredo you hav any script to say "hey all" in all room you entered  coz_  ?20:04
coz_zniavre,  no I use  /amsg thenwhat ever I want to say example    /amsg  hey guys20:05
coz_zniavre,  it will then say "hey guys" on all channels and servers I have set20:05
coz_zniavre,  of course many  channels dont like it so I dont do it that often because it lights up all the channels people are on20:06
coz_zniavre,  I am on xchat so if I type /amsg and the message that's what happens..sorry I should have explained that better20:13
zniavreit's ok thank you20:19
darkmatterfreezing. rain. gah.20:51
* darkmatter sighs20:52
darkmattergood day to y'all anyway20:52
coz_darkmatter,  oo freezing rain is always  bad20:56
darkmattercoz_: guess I'm stayng in for the rest of the week :P20:58
coz_darkmatter,  its' suppose to last all week?20:58
coz_Weather for: Pittsburgh, PA Updated: Wed, 16 March 2011 20:51:00 GMT Conditions are: Overcast Current temperature: 44°F/7°C Humidity: 82% Wind: From the West → at 8 MPH20:59
darkmattercoz_: no. it's just cold ish here in a day or two. = ice more slippery than an oil slick20:59
coz_for sure about the ice20:59
darkmatterbrb. empathy is pretending it's intelligent again...21:05
darkmattercoz_: figured out a lot more crap last night. still a long way to go, but getting there ;)21:16
coz_darkmatter,  I do not doubt you :)21:18
coz_if anyone is in terested ,, this site    www.ted.com   has videos of remarkabale people with sometimes quite remarkable ideas... there is comedy there also21:19
darkmattercoz_: I've had ted in my podcasts for like... years. awesome stuff21:19
coz_darkmatter,  cool   its a new discovery for me  and I am very very impressed :)21:20
coz_very inspriing at times21:21
darkmatteryes. now if only ted could inspire my "panel" revisions. hehe21:22
darkmattercoz_: I can't decide though. but I'm thinking global menu (ala amiga, not "macish") for the sake of consistency. I'd just leave them in app, but meh. theres consistency issues, the fact I don't like menubars, and the fact that menu buttons are just as bad in some ways :P21:29
coz_darkmatter,  yeah I guess you have to use the lest of the evil ...yes?21:29
darkmattercoz_: but regardless, still the same influences. the best from amiga, beos, classic nix: reimagined and brought > to a new way of doing stuff (as in, not nostalgic, but as in "that was an awesome feature, why did it have to die?"). all about efficient, friendly, humanized computing. not about "feeling old" :P21:31
coz_darkmatter,  it dies because either  no one remembers them...or they think they can do better and ineveitably break the origianl concept21:32
darkmattercoz_: yeah. and the amiga approach was nice for another reason: space reusage. it was an autohide thing (basically uby copied it, but not as well in many ways). but basically, you could fill the panel with all kinds of useful crap (granted most third party, and horriblr manual configuration and stuff, but this is the 80's were referencing ;)), then key combo, right click would change the panel mode to menu. of course will do it diffe21:35
darkmatterrently (and without "omg! need options!" crap, but yeah...21:35
darkmatterbut you almost "never" needed to access a menu anyway :P21:36
darkmattercoz_: yup. they like killing stuff randomly. I mean, the "bad" parts, sure. but if you look at all the "good" that got killed with it. I mean, drag-to-install (the amiga version of it) was pure love. tracker in beos, I don't care how much more robust things have become, current file managers (not just on *nix, but mac/win as well) can barely touch it. or be's find. lol. we have semantic searches that "just barely" do what that did, e21:44
coz_ok I have to break here beback in a bit21:45
darkmattercoz_: that's the things I miss. not the "my ui looks like it was built in lego!", but some of the conceppts/ideas that got trashed in favor of "our way is better, because we think we're cool!" ;P21:45

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