[01:17] elky: ping, just wondering how the planet works? I thought it might have been run off the main page in the drupal configuration but upon investigation this doesn't seem to be the case. [01:18] head_victim, no, it's canonical managed. Contact needs to submit a request at rt@ubuntu.c with the rss url, blog url, name and a photo if so desired. [01:23] elky: cheers, ikt has volunteered their blog as well. [01:39] we are catching up on getting thru the RTs, we're in a much better space than we were a while back :) [01:40] bradm: good to hear, I know they had a photo but never sent it to me yet so it should be sent off in the next day or two [01:42] has anybody noticed some website are no working like facebook.com ? [01:44] tom_a_sparks: http://www.isup.me/facebook.com says its just you. [01:45] anybody on the bigpond network [01:46] having issues? [01:50] tom_a_sparks, one sec, ill check [01:50] No problems here [01:50] no problems here either [01:52] bigpond cable is having connection/timeout issues http://servicestatus.bigpond.com/servicestatus/Cable/current.do [01:53] ah, that would explain it, im not on cable see :) [01:54] we got a phone call saying it was a virus (must be Bull sh***) [01:55] I'm on cable and it's ok here in Brisbane [01:56] I don't think I am on cable at work [01:57] I know I got ADSL at home [01:57] tom_a_sparks: if you look at those outages they're just generic upgrade outages, nothing out of the ordinary for maintenance. [01:58] Mind you I've never had outages even when they say I "might". [02:00] it just seams to unlikely that facebook twitter hotmail are all out of action [02:00] It's possibly a dns issue? [02:00] bye my work time is up [02:01] i'm going home [02:01] Ah your workplace could also be blocking such services. [02:05] Anyon know how to prevent failed updates? [02:08] i at home now [02:10] check facebook and hotmail with my home internet connection, they are working [02:11] must be work's internet connection [02:15] OMFG! [02:15] *commits suicide* [02:16] tom_a_sparks: yeah my workplace blocks them by default [02:17] my work is an internet cafe [02:17] Ah, that's a little odd. [02:19] as far as I know we dont block any thing [02:20] unless the ISP (bigpond) dose [02:20] Could be a partial dns outage, I know when a route through one part of the US was down for a couple of hours once we lost connection to just the eastern seaboard of the US as far as DNS goes. [02:22] I did a trace route to l.yahoo.com (yahoo image/CSS server) with no reply at about 10 hops away [02:25] I get a bunch of no replies but only after it hits a yahoo.com address [02:27] hopefully it well repair itself, i cant bug report it any more as i am at home with a working internet [08:07] is anyone noticing slow internet speeds at all? [08:07] against international sites === iflema_ is now known as iflema === iflema is now known as Guest11085 === Guest11085 is now known as iflema