Bill_I have a problem00:17
DarkwingDuckBill_: What's the issue00:17
Bill_I just loaded ubuntu on my laptop and it won't recognize my USB flash drives.  These same flash drives work on my other ubuntu computer.00:17
Bill_It doesn't see them at all.00:18
DarkwingDuckNot even in fdisk?00:19
DarkwingDuckBill_: plug in the flashdrive and open terminal00:19
DarkwingDuckThen type : sudo fdisk -l00:20
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DarkwingDuckpastebin the output from that00:20
Bill_ how do i pastebin that?00:21
Bill_Disk /dev/sda: 250.1 GB, 250059350016 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 30401 cylinders Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes Disk identifier: 0x000d708f     Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System /dev/sda1               1       29637   238053376   83  Linux /dev/sda2           29637       3000:21
Bill_my main computer has a 250 g hard drive.  the flash drive is 4 g00:22
DarkwingDuckBill_: Use this http://paste.ubuntu.com/00:22
Bill_Disk /dev/sda: 250.1 GB, 250059350016 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 30401 cylinders Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes Disk identifier: 0x000d708f     Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System /dev/sda1               1       29637   238053376   83  Linux /dev/sda2           29637       3000:23
Bill_Disk /dev/sdb: 4012 MB, 4012900352 bytes 120 heads, 55 sectors/track, 1187 cylinders Units = cylinders of 6600 * 512 = 3379200 bytes Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes Disk identifier: 0x00000000     Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System /dev/sdb1               1        1188     3918832    b  W95 FAT3200:23
DarkwingDuckpaste it here http://paste.ubuntu.com/ then give me the URL for it00:23
DarkwingDuckPlease :)00:24
Bill_how do you copy the url for it?00:25
DarkwingDuckBill_: Nevermind... It looks like it not auto mounting00:25
DarkwingDuckSo, we shall mount it for you. First we need to build a mount point00:25
DarkwingDuckto do that type: sudo mkdir /media/external00:26
Bill_it didn't seem to do anything00:26
DarkwingDuckNow, we need to mount it. To do that type: sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sdb1 /media/external -o uid=1000,gid=100,utf8,dmask=027,fmask=13700:26
DarkwingDuckThen when you need to unmount the drive type: sudo umount /dev/sdb100:27
Bill_ok.  how did you know all of those numbers?00:27
DarkwingDuckThey are listed here for reference https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount/USB00:27
DarkwingDuckBut, I've done it enough....00:28
DarkwingDuckI'm a CLI kind of guy00:28
DarkwingDuckI use the terminal for most of my stuff00:28
Bill_ok i did that00:28
DarkwingDuckIt should be mounted and you shoulod be able to access it now00:28
Bill_it still doesn't show up in computer00:29
DarkwingDuckin terminal type: cd /media/external00:29
DarkwingDuckThen is there a readout for the command: ls00:30
Bill_it has a command it says bill@bill-Satellite-L455D:/media/external$00:30
DarkwingDuckIs there a readout when you type ls00:31
DarkwingDuckThat is strange. And this flashdrive has stuff on it?00:31
Bill_it just returns to the command prompt00:31
DarkwingDuckOr, is it empty?00:31
Bill_yes, the other ubuntu computer can see it.00:31
DarkwingDuckThat is strange... I'm not sure.00:32
Bill_Maybe I need to reinstall the ubuntu.00:32
DarkwingDuckI doubt that.00:32
Bill_what about a different distro?00:33
DarkwingDuckI don't think it's an issue with the distro00:34
DarkwingDucktake it back to the other computer00:34
DarkwingDuckmake sure you can read it there.00:34
DarkwingDuckeject the USB drive00:34
DarkwingDuckthen try it again.00:34
DarkwingDucksorry Bill_00:35
gnumeroususing ubuntu 10.4, first time after the time patch...my panel indicator doesn't show the time, its blank...i can copy and paste the time...is it a known thing?00:37
seidosgnumerous: did you check launchpad?00:43
seidosi'm not familiar with the bug00:43
gnumerousseidos: i think i jumped the gun some...after reconsidering the missing time, i removed and re added the applet...00:44
gnumerousi wasn't sure how to ask a search engine how to fix it.00:45
seidospersistently is the only way i know how to ask a search engine anything00:45
seidosglad it works now gnumerous :)00:48
gnumerousseidos: thanks, its nice to have a working panel00:49
gnumeroussweeter now that i solved my own problem, i feel empowered00:49
Guest57327Ok, running 10.04 now, in the menu at startup when I select boot it says: "Could not find kernel image: /casper/vmlinuz"01:35
duanedesignhello Guest5732701:43
duanedesignGuest57327: is this when running the LiveCD?01:52
Guest57327on a USB drive, yes01:53
duanedesignGuest57327: Make sure that the syslinux.cfg file exists on the USB flash drive02:00
duanedesignGuest57327: also when boot: comes up, instead of hitting enter type 'vmlinuz initrd=initrd.img' w/out the quotes and hit enter02:07
Guest57327"Could not find kernel image: vmlinuz"02:21
Guest57327duanedesign: and syslinux.cfg exists02:43
duanedesignGis there a line that looks like:02:49
duanedesignappend boot=casper initrd=initrd.gz vga=788 quiet02:49
duanedesignGuest57327: ^02:49
duanedesignif so maybe try change that line and the one above:02:50
duanedesign  kernel /casper/vmlinuz02:50
duanedesign  append boot=casper initrd=/casper/initrd.gz vga=788 quiet02:50
byrdiblackI have this forum post outlining a wifi problem, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10564703#post10564703   and I was wondering if anyone here can clarify some of the advice I got before I ruin my ubuntu on accident! :)02:55
holsteinbyrdiblack: im looking02:56
byrdiblackthanks holstein!02:56
holsteinsometimes you can get by testing a lot of that kind of thing on a live CD02:56
byrdiblackI already made the huge mistake of installing completely and deleting windows on my first time!02:56
byrdiblackI shouldve tested through the installation cd for a while first but I didnt expect to come across so many problems:(02:57
holsteinwell, now you know02:58
byrdiblackfor sure.02:58
holsteinbyrdiblack: id try that driver02:58
holsteinwhatever updated one02:58
holsteincant hurt :)02:58
byrdiblackEven though my driver doesnt match up with the one those people were talking about?02:59
holsteinbyrdiblack: try and read up on the docs02:59
holsteinsometimes the vendors are expecting a certain kernel verion02:59
holsteinbyrdiblack: well, i would look at the site for an updated driver for your device02:59
byrdiblackI'm still a little uncertain on where to find kernals and how to edit them : /02:59
holsteinbyrdiblack: in a terminal03:00
holsteinuname -a03:00
byrdiblackok i'll check it out (sorry, ive been working on this for 4 days now ready to pull my hair out!)03:00
holstein^^ that will tell you what kernel you are booted into03:00
holsteinand IF the docs say you need something different, we can get into that :)03:01
holsteinbyrdiblack: i hear you03:01
byrdiblacki've got 2.6.35-27-generic-pae03:01
holsteindriver support can be frustrating03:01
byrdiblackso the doc, like on lenovo's website you mean?03:01
holsteinbyrdiblack: i was thinking realtek03:01
holsteintry lenovo too though03:01
holsteinbyrdiblack: it would be easy for you also...03:02
holsteinto go and download the next verion of ubuntu03:02
holstein*try it live :)03:02
holsteinsee if the support is better03:02
holsteinits not *that* long till 11.04 is final03:02
holsteinSO for a new user, that might be the path of least resistance03:02
byrdiblacki didn't even think about that03:03
holsteinbyrdiblack: its a shot in the dark really03:03
byrdiblackyou think it will be more complete for my system?03:03
holsteinbyrdiblack: i have an EEE i got used03:03
holsteini installed 10.04 on it03:03
holsteinseveral things were not working03:03
holsteinsound, wifi03:03
holsteinbyrdiblack: i updated03:03
holsteingot a new kernel03:04
holsteinand BOOM :)03:04
holsteineverything was working03:04
byrdiblackso 10.10 is good for you?03:04
holsteinbyrdiblack: the kernel team is constantly doing all they can03:04
holsteinall the vendors help them do anyways03:04
holsteinbyrdiblack: i use 10.04 mostly03:04
holsteini have a 10.10 and 11.04 testing installs03:04
holsteini have 10.10 and 11.04 testing installs *03:05
byrdiblackcan you clarify something about kernals? I'm still unsure how they work really. Like if I were to update to 11.04 for instance..i would also have to get a kernal somehow? or is that part of the update?03:05
holsteinbyrdiblack: yes03:05
holsteinbyrdiblack: AND03:05
holsteinyou can try the newer kernels03:05
holstein'mainline' kernel03:05
byrdiblacki see?03:06
holsteinyou'll see that in the bug reports sometimes03:06
holsteinBUT, for you03:06
holsteinid just burn a CD03:06
holsteinand try it live03:06
holsteinTHEN, you can decide what you want to hassle with03:06
byrdiblackDo you think it would be better for me to go down a level instead of up to 11.04? like maybe 10.04 is most updated now?03:06
holsteinbyrdiblack: it really depends on that device03:06
holsteinthe one thats giving you trouble03:06
holsteinbyrdiblack: in theory, we *should* be able to make it work in whatever version03:07
holsteinassuming realtek is co-opporative03:07
byrdiblackeverytime i feel like i'm getting a grip on this, my whole world is shattered with new information. ha03:08
holsteinbyrdiblack: wait a minute...03:08
holsteinim finding something helpful, i think03:08
holsteinbyrdiblack: eh, kinda03:09
holsteinlooks like, in a terminal03:09
holsteinsudo rmmod r8192se_pci && sleep 2 && sudo modprobe r8192se_pci03:09
holsteinwill reset the device03:09
holsteinso you dont have to reboot03:09
holsteinbyrdiblack: this is relavant03:10
ubot2Launchpad bug 695824 in linux "Qosmio x505-892 RTL8191SEvB Wireless LAN Controller disconnects (dup-of: 687692)" [Undecided,New]03:10
ubot2Launchpad bug 687692 in linux "Realtek 8191SEvB wireless card drops connections and can't reconnect without reboot" [Undecided,Confirmed]03:10
holsteinbyrdiblack: i know the last guy there03:10
holsteinyou gonna be around?03:11
byrdiblackwow, it's just right there03:11
holsteini'll ask him whats up with it...03:11
byrdiblackthank you so much, i'll be here03:11
holsteinnah, he's not on :/03:11
holsteinstill, that'll get you somewhere further03:11
byrdiblacksorry, i'm feeling goofy and sleep deprived about it.03:11
holsteinbyrdiblack: go to03:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 695824 in linux "Qosmio x505-892 RTL8191SEvB Wireless LAN Controller disconnects (dup-of: 687692)" [Undecided,New]03:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 687692 in linux "Realtek 8191SEvB wireless card drops connections and can't reconnect without reboot" [Undecided,Confirmed]03:12
holsteinand add yourself03:12
holsteinyou'll get emails about it :)03:12
holsteinstill worth trying 11.04 live though i think03:12
holsteinthats an easy-ish way for you to try a totally different kernel03:12
byrdiblackwhere do I add on that bug report?03:13
holsteinif theres not a 'this also effects me'03:14
holsteini guess thats it03:14
ddecator"also affects me" won't cause you to get emails i don't think03:15
Guest57327duanedesign: The line says "append boot=casper initrd=/casper/initrd.lz splash" I tried to change it to what you said, but nothing03:15
holsteinyeah, i think ddecator is right03:15
holsteinyou need to do both03:15
holsteinassuming you want emails *03:15
holsteini like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/687692 better03:16
ubot2Launchpad bug 687692 in linux "Realtek 8191SEvB wireless card drops connections and can't reconnect without reboot" [Undecided,Confirmed]03:16
holsteinmore info03:16
byrdiblackok i'll add both03:18
byrdiblackthanks so much03:18
holsteinbyrdiblack: good luck :)03:18
byrdiblackI'm going to try 11.04 on a disc and see if it is resolved through there.03:21
byrdiblackif not, i guess ubuntu and my computer might not be a match yet:/03:21
holsteineh, if its not, come back though03:21
byrdiblackI definitely will.03:21
holsteinand we'll try some more aggressive tactics :)03:21
byrdiblackbtw- where is 11.04?03:21
byrdiblackevery list i find is missing it03:22
holsteini would get03:22
holsteinif you dont mind burning a DVD03:23
holsteinlooks like ^^ will fit on a CD03:24
ddecatorheh, from what i've heard, ubuntu natty is still fairly unstable..03:25
holsteinddecator: it better be shaping up soon ;)03:25
byrdiblackthink i should go backwards in that case? uhhhg03:26
byrdiblackubuntu yer killin me!03:26
ddecatorholstein: i switched to kubuntu, so i'm not worried ;)03:26
byrdiblackis that a better option still?03:26
holsteinddecator: hehe :)03:26
holsteinbyrdiblack: any 11.04 release of whatever buntu03:26
holsteinshould get you a different kernel to try03:26
byrdiblackhere's hoping.03:27
byrdiblackhow come new releases come out so quickly when older versions are not running smoothly for folks?03:27
holsteinbyrdiblack: well, lets take your device for example03:28
holsteinIF realtek is not releasing information about it03:28
holsteinTHEN, theres really nothing to be done03:28
holsteinbyrdiblack: but, that is a good question03:29
holsteinwhy not really focus on 10.04 or whatever03:29
holsteinbyrdiblack: do a rolling release03:29
holsteinthe argument i heard that really makes sense is03:29
holsteinit gets folks working03:29
holsteinmeeting deadlines03:29
byrdiblackthat makes sense03:29
holsteinthere are good things about both really03:30
holsteinthats what is great about linux though03:30
holsteinchoice :)03:30
byrdiblackit's true. I know I definitely want it to work for me. I'm a big proponant of open source/ free culture otherwise!03:31
holsteinyeah, its challenging when you have certain hardware03:31
holsteinif you can plan ahead03:31
holsteintake a live CD with you03:31
holstein*which wouldnt really have helped you in this case03:31
holsteinor by from a linux shop03:31
holsteinlike system7603:31
byrdiblacki was going by cory doctorow's advice03:32
byrdiblacki thought that buying lenovo from the store was the right option for ubuntu!03:32
holsteinits not a bad option03:32
holsteinyou just got a fiddly device03:32
byrdiblackhe's this ubuntu supporter writer03:32
holsteinintel is the way to go03:33
holsteinfor ease03:33
byrdiblackok, i'm trying this link now, because the wifi is shotty on the lenovo, im downloading the iso on my mac and burning to cd: Desktop CD for PC (Intel x86)03:34
byrdiblackis that the right one?03:34
holsteinbyrdiblack: should be03:34
holsteinyou might have a 64bit box03:34
holsteinyou can try that if you want03:34
byrdiblackhow do i find out?03:35
holsteinthe the 32bit one is fine :)03:35
byrdiblackit is intel03:35
holsteinyeah, do 32bit03:35
holsteinunless you have some reason to do otherwise03:35
byrdiblackha, well if its super fast and i can handle it03:36
byrdiblackit would be cool03:36
holsteinits not really faster in anyway you would immediately notice03:36
holsteinand 64bit can be more of a pain in some ways03:36
byrdiblackholstein: not sure if you are still around, just finally got the 11.04 iso burnt to disc, but when i restart my computer with it in the drive, it won't boot from that cd. I tried to inteupt the boot and choose the DVD drive to boot from, but it still went directly to my 10.10 desktop. Does it have to run from a startup or can I just select the cd icon on my desktop and run there?04:35
byrdiblack(probably a dumb question, but i want to eliminate as much user-error as possibility in setting this up!)04:35
holsteinbyrdiblack: hmmm04:35
holsteinthats interesting04:35
holsteinim not sure whats going on04:35
holsteinbut, yeah, you'll need to just get it from the start04:36
holsteinnot clicking the icon04:36
byrdiblackok, i'm restarting again, maybe i should enter bios?04:37
holsteinmaybe its the DVD?04:37
holsteinbyrdiblack: its a long shot anyways04:37
holsteini wouldnt get on a new vedetta about it ;)04:37
holsteinactually, i *would*04:38
holsteinbut you shouldnt04:38
holsteinvendetta * :)04:39
byrdiblackok, tried with a burnt dvd now...04:39
byrdiblackno dice, it went straight to 10.1004:39
holsteini mean, you can try that CD one04:39
holsteinthe older alpha04:39
holsteinIF you know the system likes to boot CD's04:39
byrdiblackok i'm in startup interrupt04:39
byrdiblackdo you think i should use the option to choose a temp startup device?04:40
holsteinwho knows04:40
holsteinbyrdiblack: also, that mainline kernel link04:40
holsteinin that bug04:40
byrdiblacki tried a cd it didnt boot04:40
byrdiblackand now im trying a dvd..04:40
byrdiblackdidnt boot auto04:40
holsteinbyrdiblack: OH04:40
holsteinlook in the bios then04:40
holsteinand make sure04:40
holsteini thought this was a machine that had already booted discs easily04:40
byrdiblacksorry, no, it seems to be a problem in booting04:41
byrdiblackit reads discs, like music discs when inserted04:41
byrdiblackbut not when started up with them04:41
holsteinyeah, check the bios04:41
byrdiblackso in bios, i assume i go to startup?04:41
holsteinits machine specific04:41
holsteinwhen the machine is starting up04:42
holsteinF2 or something04:42
byrdiblackyea im in there now04:42
byrdiblacki have a couple options, one is boot priority oder04:42
holsteinyeah, that should be it04:42
holsteinsee where the optical drive is04:42
holsteinin the list04:43
byrdiblackok im moving it to the top of the priority list04:43
byrdiblackhope this works, uhhhg04:43
xAndromedahey um, my wireless stopped working today, :O04:43
holsteinxAndromeda: drag :/04:44
holsteindid you update?04:44
holsteincan you boot into an older kernel to test?04:44
xAndromedai think so04:44
holsteinif you dont see a list of kernels in grub at boot04:44
holsteini think its shift you push04:44
holsteinat boot04:44
holsteinto show them04:44
xAndromedakk ill try that04:44
holsteinjust choose an older one and see :)04:44
byrdiblackok didnt work again, EXCEPT when ubuntu 10.10 loaded, i had an error that said "the panel encounteed a prolem while loading "OAFIID:GNOME_Panel_TrashApplet" is this related?04:46
holsteinbyrdiblack: i saw that04:46
byrdiblackwell its saying, do i want to delete the applet04:46
holsteinand i updated and fixed it04:46
holsteinbyrdiblack: just log out04:46
holsteinand back in04:46
holsteinshould be fine04:47
byrdiblackok trying to restart again and get this dvd to run! I dont know why i cant boot from dvd drive!04:47
holsteinyeah, sometimes its tricky04:48
holsteinxAndromeda: hmmm04:49
xAndromedastill dosnt work :*(04:49
xAndromedait was working 2 days ago O.o04:49
holsteinxAndromeda: can you confirm its not hardware?04:49
xAndromedahow do i do that?04:49
holsteinis there another OS on the machine?04:49
holsteinyou can try some live media if not04:49
xAndromedaoh right it worked on windows04:49
xAndromedait just says wireless disabled04:50
holsteinxAndromeda: can you enable it?04:50
xAndromedaor idk how04:50
xAndromedanot on the pannel icon anyways04:50
holsteindouble check any function keys or switches04:51
holsteinand tell me what device it is04:51
xAndromedahpg60 538ca theres a wireless button but it dosnt work, it only changes colours if wireless is in action04:52
holsteinseems like you've disabled it in the menu somehow right?04:54
holsteinanyways, i gotta crash... good luck folks :)04:55
xAndromedaawwws :P04:55
xAndromedaanybody else here?04:58
byrdiblackok i reordered the boot order and tried several times and could not figure it out because the dvd was making noise...wanna laugh?04:59
byrdiblackI had the disc in upside down04:59
byrdiblacki'm trying to imagine what it's like to help people like me all day long, with luck you rarely encounter this level05:01
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Guest6587Ok, I'm booting off the live CD but after the initial boot menu and some startup text the screen is completely blank - the backlight is even turning off.  I'm shure it's staring up, it makes the 'welcome' sound after a few seconds05:17
seidosGuest6587: 10.04?05:27
Guest6587seidos: 10.10, I'm in the process of changing the USB to 10.0405:28
seidosGuest6587: is it a laptop?  netbook?  what video card?05:29
seidoslet me check launchpad05:30
Guest6587Desktop: Compaq Presario SR1917CL05:30
seidoshow much time did you give the livecd to come up Guest6587?05:33
Cheri703Guest6587: it may be your video card...I had that happen with mine05:34
Guest6587seidos: about 15 minutes, it's the built-in card05:34
seidoshmmm, built in nvidia graphics05:36
seidosGuest6587: 64bit?05:37
seidosapparently GeForce 6150LE05:38
Guest6587seidos: I'm using the 32bit download05:38
seidosGuest6587: you might consider trying the 64bit version of meerkat05:38
seidosGuest6587: basically, we need to see if we can find someone with hardware similar to your own, that is working fine.  let me check the forums.05:40
seidosGuest6587: i see issues with screen resolution, but not a blank screen.  keep me posted on your progress, i'm going to get another coke :)05:42
seidosGuest6587: another idea!  where are you located?  there may be a Linux User Group or a Ubuntu User Group in your area that can help you out in person :)05:42
Guest6587seidos: Just tried 10.04 32bit: same results, I'm in Minneapolis05:45
Guest6587seidos: ~20min left on the 64bit download05:48
seidosGuest6587: are you using bit torrent to download the isos?  it is usually quite a bit faster.05:49
seidosGuest6587: i am speculating, but 6150 chipset might be too new, and didn't get support in the newest kernel05:50
seidoswell, it should still default to vesa driver i would think05:52
seidosi don't know05:52
Guest6587seidos: good point, ~6min with bittorrent05:55
seidospeople have had issues with the 6150LE, but i can't find anything on a blankscreen on livecd05:55
seidoswell, if you can, try 32/64 10.04, 64 10.10.  if none of those works, i could walk you through filing a bug.05:56
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seidosoh yeah!  let me see what i can find on Minneapolis UUG.05:57
seidosGuest6587: there's a LUG here:  http://www.mn-linux.org/ perhaps it's in your area?05:58
seidosGuest6587: here's a forum thread on MN ubuntu users:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=933872&page=206:00
seidosGuest6587: there is a #ubuntu-us-mn channel06:00
duanedesignhello seidos06:20
seidoshello duanedesign06:20
seidosthat worked out pretty good.  introduced a new user to their ubuntu user group06:48
seidosgotta' go to bed though06:48
bioterrorcouple of years and he's using something more leet06:56
andrew_46bioterror: new version of slackware will actually be leet :)07:23
newbie_001using synaptic i uninstalled ruby 1.8 and installed ruby 1.9.1 - when i tried to run ruby i got permission denied - i changed ownership of ruby 1.9 to user same deal - used apt-get install ruby and it reinstalled ruby1.8.7 - used apt-get install ruby1.9.1 which told me was already latest version - how to i get 'cli ruby' to use ruby1.9.1 instead of ruby1.8.708:18
bioterrornewbie_001, say "ruby --version"08:19
newbie_001will that make it default version so that in future just ruby will activate 1.908:20
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duanedesigns-fox: hello hello12:21
s-foxHello duanedesign .12:21
s-foxHow are you?12:21
s-foxIt is really busy here ;)12:22
duanedesigns-fox: working on my PHP game12:23
s-foxWell, my offer remains intact.12:23
duanedesigns-fox: i might take you up on that12:23
duanedesigns-fox: if i leave a field blank i get an error12:24
whoaskihello room12:33
whoaskiI need help with the command line12:34
s-foxWhat do you wish to know?12:35
whoaskisorry I was away, I'm tring to set up a development server for ruby on rails12:38
whoaskiI have a fresh install ubuntu 10.04 server, apache2,mysql,and rails12:39
whoaskii'm just having problems navigating w/ the termminal12:40
whoaskiI think I have found a guide @ http://mywiki.wooledge.org/FullBashGuide12:41
whoaskithanks fox, do you think the link I posted is good too, I have limited time online and the one I posted has a pdf, is it the same?12:44
whoaskii found it at tha bottom of the link you posted12:45
whoaskigotta go have a good morning everybody12:52
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mazis there anyone who can give me some help?17:22
mazi installed ubunti netbook edition today, and i got hold of a book for beginners using ubuntu, and it makes reference to the menu bar17:23
mazwhere is this menu bar17:24
charlie-tcamenu bar is that thing that says "file edit view " when you open anything17:25
charlie-tcanot every app will have one, though17:25
mazok how do i change system settings?17:26
charlie-tcayou installed netbook edition, with the thing on the left?17:26
mazyes the vertical bar on the left17:26
charlie-tcaYou might have that file menu across the top of the screen17:26
charlie-tcaeverything changed for that edition17:26
mazso when i go to the desktop, there is nothing acros the top of the screen, only the vertical bar along the side, is this supposed to be the case?17:27
charlie-tcasystem settings are broken down, I think. You might be able to click the symbol in the top left to see a menu17:27
charlie-tcacompletely different from anything else done to date17:28
mazyeah the button in the very top left, when i click this i get 8 icons,  web, music, photos, games, email, office, files and apps17:28
mazno system settings?17:28
charlie-tcais there a "search"?17:28
mazwhat should i search for?17:29
charlie-tcatype in "system settings" and see what happens17:29
charlie-tcaIt should be intuitive searching, so as you type, it changes those icons below it17:30
mazi get 3 icons17:30
charlie-tcaany names ?17:30
maz it just freezes and switches back to this window before i can read the names17:31
mazone second ill try again17:31
charlie-tcaYou might want to install the desktop edition instead of that netbook edition17:32
charlie-tcaIt is more like your book17:32
mazdo i just download it and mount it on a usb the same way?17:32
mazok, thanks very much for your help17:32
charlie-tcayw, good luck with that one17:33
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kristian-aalborghi all18:53
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kristian-aalborgis the Netinstall (mini.iso) smaller than the Server Edition?19:00
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jland5090need help... I get an error when trying to move files from home directory to a removable usb device... is it simply a problem with permissions?20:59
aveilleuxjland5090: What error?21:02
jland5090it gives an error while copying, error opening, permission denied21:05
aveilleuxjland5090: This is from YOUR home directory?21:06
jland5090actually, nevermind! i was concerned with changing the permissions of the usb device, rather than the actual files themselves...21:07
jland5090i'm still trying to figure out linux... thanks for the help21:07
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kristian-aalborgwhat is the clever way to move an OS from a usb pen to an sd card?22:16
kristian-aalborgcan I rsync it?22:17
* kristian-aalborg googles22:20
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aveilleuxkristian-aalborg: You can use dd I guess22:27
* kristian-aalborg fears dd22:30
aveilleuxkristian-aalborg: Just be careful and you'll be fine22:30
geirhaIf you rsync it you need to edit certain files afterwards to change all occurances of the UUID(s) of the old filesystem(s) to the new filesystem UUID(s).22:31
kristian-aalborgI'm giving gparted a shot, it should be possible22:32
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