BobJonkman1Yes, sadly I will be returning to regular hours in April.  So someone will have to take over...00:00
dscasselBobJonkman1: There's always the monthly Waterloo hour. :)00:00
dscasselWhelp, it's 8.  if anybody needs help getting LoCo directory events set up or getting access to the website (maybe), we'll be online for a bit.00:01
dscasselAsk away.00:02
komputesIf anyone here is testing Natty and has bugs they would like to discuss, feel free to send Bug URLs my way on a private message.00:03
txwikingernext meeting will be sometime before the release parties maybe about 10-14 days before that00:03
staticsafeheh, can't wait till Natty comes out.00:04
dscasselThanks, komputes.00:05
dscasselI'll be upgrading my netbook in the next couple days.00:05
* txwikinger has already one natty server running00:05
komputesstaticsafe: Remember Beta is March 31st00:05
dscassel(I can live without it if it falls over. :)00:05
staticsafeI wanna give Ubuntu another go on my Macbook Pro00:06
staticsafeso I'm waiting till Natty00:06
komputesstaticsafe: MBP 7,1 ?00:06
staticsafekomputes: 5,500:06
staticsafelate 2009 model00:06
staticsafei have installed lucid and maverick on it before, just waiting till natty comes out to install Ubuntu on it00:07
komputesstaticsafe: oh. have a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro5-5/Maverick and write up diffs for https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro5-5/Natty if you can.00:07
staticsafewill do00:08
komputesstaticsafe: feel free to ping me if you need help00:08
BobJonkman1Things have gone quiet.  Is the meeting over?00:13
dscasselBobJonkman1: Yup.  but people are still around.00:13
BobJonkman1OK...  Among other laptop miseries, yesterday I tried out "indicator-network" as recommened by http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/03/indicator-network-is-looking-good-in-natty/00:15
BobJonkman1It's not as slick in Meekrat as it will be in Narwhal, so I removed it.00:15
BobJonkman1But now my Bluetooth is missing; and I miss my BT Mouse.00:16
BobJonkman1Any hints on how to restore BT?  The "System, Preferences, Bluetooth" tool doesn't show any Bluetooth devices on my laptop.00:17
BobJonkman1The "System, Preferences, Bluetooth Manager" tool shows previously used BT devices, but gives the error message "Connection Failed: Host is down (112)"00:19
BobJonkman1O HO!  Just went through the setup and pairing process again, and now my BT Mouse is restored.00:21
dscasselBluetooth mice always seem to get shafted.01:33
Amgineargh. I was out having dinner and missed the meting.02:26
willwh<< me too02:35
willwhI just got back in the door :(02:35
dscasselAmgine, willwh anything you want to add?  :)02:38
AmgineUnfortunately I'm being pinged to death and haven't had a chance to read the backscroll... but likely not.02:38
willwhdscassel: nor me likely, actually not running ubuntu on any of my boxes02:39
willwhall servers are debian squeeze now :o02:39
willwhlaptop is running arch02:39
dscassel*shrug*, we've got a few Debian people in our Ubuntu Waterloo group.02:39
willwhyah :]02:39
dscasselI'm not offended. :)02:39
willwhs'why I'm still ere02:39
willwhjust likely don't have too much to contrib tonight02:40
willwhanyone here use drupal?02:40
willwhI am looking for some tips on my debugging environment02:40
willwhtrying to learn php02:40
dscasseltxwikinger is a drupal guy.  BobJonkman1 does some as well.02:40
dscassel(I try not to touch it. :)02:40
Amgine<mediawiki person>02:41
dscasselwillwh: Are you trying to debug a module? Or Drupal itself?02:43
willwha module :]02:43
dscassel(not that I have too many suggestions...)02:43
willwhyeah - well - I have my lamp box under teh floor (server)02:44
willwhso have xdebug, eclipse etc02:44
willwhand - I guess this module is in a state of flux02:44
AmgineI know a wonderful drupal person, but I don't think she's cheap.02:46
Amginehttps://identi.ca/notice/67070502 <- Majnoona is Evan's SO, http://www.majink.org02:48
whoaskican anybody help me w/ my server?09:04
whoaskii just installed ubuntu 10.10 server on a computer with apache2,mysql, and rails09:07
whoaskibut I don't know how to configure it from the command line09:08
whoaskianybody know any resources or links to learn the command line for ubuntu?09:08
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* genii-around makes coffee14:24
dscasselMorning, BluesKaj, genii-around14:33
BluesKaj'Morning , genii-around, dscassel14:34
* genii-around passes around the breakfast bagels14:34
* BluesKaj watches the snow melt....kinda boring14:52
BluesKaj'Morning, wmat14:52
* BluesKaj wonders what going on with this german guy sipherdee, joining and flooding15:13
cyphermoxBluesKaj, I think sipherdee actually isn't there but his bouncer has issues15:38
BluesKajcyphermox, right , he's probly got an malfunctioning autojoin in his irc client15:40
dscasselI ignore joins parts and quits.  That's probably why I'm not seeing any shenanigans.15:40
dscasselIf it's a problem, I can see if I can do something about it.15:41
cyphermoxdscassel, wise move15:41
dscasselBut I'm pretty ignorant about IRC stuff, still15:41
cyphermoxdscassel, dunno. I banned him on #ubuntu-qc after sending him a memo to tell him to ping me when his stuff is fixed today, and I'll clean up the ban later regardless15:42
cyphermoxit's not overly disruptive anyway15:42
* BluesKaj prefers to see who joins and quits , guess it's just my curious nature15:44
dscasselIt's kind of annoying when someone you go to talk to has already left and you don't know about it.15:44
dscasselBut otherwise, it's just too much noise.15:45
dscasselI kinda wish sometimes I had one of those new-fangled "GUI" IRC clients that just showed you who was there.15:46
dscasselBut I <3 screen + irssi.  I could never leave it.15:47
komputesdscassel: hey there16:16
cyphermoxdscassel, gotta agree there that irssi + screen is great, but I find it falls apart when you follow more than about 10 channels16:20
willwhcyphermox: really? I'm in 27 across 3 servers16:21
willwhand it's just fine here :]16:22
willwhI guess depends on how you display channels etc16:22
wmatcyphermox: falls apart how?  Similar to willwh, I'm in 18 channels across 4 servers and love irssi + screen.16:24
willwhhttp://quadpoint.org/articles/irssi <- this puppy gets so much traction16:25
willwhit really is a nice way to set it all up though :]16:25
cyphermoxreally, then my setup must be crap16:26
willwhI'd say so :)16:26
willwhwithout seeing it16:26
willwhone sec I'll show you a screenshot of mine16:26
cyphermoxheh, looks like the guide pretty much already lists what I had set up16:27
cyphermoxmaybe I'm just lazy, I like the 0-9 shortcuts but at some point you got too many channels for that no?16:28
willwhyeah it goes onward to letters16:28
wmatcyphermox: 11->19 == q->o16:29
willwh20+ = a bit craxzy16:29
willwhenough ways to window switch though16:29
willwhand split windows / etc16:29
willwhargh phone16:29
cyphermoxwillwh, yeah, I got the 11-19, but I have more windows open when you count the 4 networks and some 30 channels :/16:30
cyphermoxbut I get what you mean, the names can be typed too16:30
cyphermoxthe annoying thing with xchat and all is that you can't stay connected ^.^16:31
willwhyou should check out quassel then :]16:33
willwhit's like screen & irssi functionality16:33
willwhwith an xchat style QT interface16:34
willwhi.e. server / client16:34
willwhI used it for a while16:34
willwhbut I <3 irssi too much16:34
genii-aroundthe quassel package with current Natty crashes on me too much. I had to pull don the git version. But that seems to be stable for now.16:40
genii-aroundWeird. So that one just crashed on me now after not misbehaving for 4-5 days16:44
BluesKajkonversation is stable as a rock on natty16:44
willwh< gnome user :)16:50
willwhon the laptop anyway16:50
willwhmy desktop rig is running (gasp!) Windows 716:50
BluesKajrig ? , must be an audio geek too, willwh16:51
willwhnae, just heard the term a lot16:52
willwhand it works :>16:52
BluesKajwell, for audio I aleays thought it was a silly word ,made it sound industrial. like firing up my krell amp ...exaggerating the power and size of the system16:53
BluesKajaudio geek BS in other words :)16:54
* dscassel is back from lunch.17:22
staticsafewb dscassel17:22
dscasselHey, komputes17:22
staticsafeIrssi 0.8.14 (20090728) - http://irssi.org/17:22
komputesHey dscassel , just read your response to the Unity thread.17:22
komputesdscassel: I was just wondering, where did you see that Xubuntu was an officially supported derivative?17:23
staticsafedscassel: got some responses from TLUG about the Ubuntu Hour17:23
dscasselkomputes: Isn't it one of the official *buntus?17:25
dscasselstaticsafe: Anything positive? :)17:25
dscasselI could be wrong.  It happens sometimes...17:25
staticsafedscassel: a guys named Sammy said he has been talking to you17:26
dscasselOh yeah, the Free Geek Toronto guy!17:26
dscasselYeah, cool.17:26
komputesdscassel: I believe that other than Ubuntu, derivatives are community-supported. I was just wondering if what you mentioned is published anywhere.17:27
komputesif not, thats ok17:27
dscasselThe last Ubuntu-uk podcast had the list of official *buntus as a trivia question...17:28
dscasselOf course, the distinction between "official" and "supported" is probably more important and better understood by the people actually providing said support.. :)17:29
genii-aroundWeird. I was just over at FreeGeek on Sunday working on a small clustering project.17:38
staticsafedamn, the FreeGeek place seems to be a little far from here in Scarborough17:39
genii-aroundstaticsafe: Yeah it's near Dundas and Steeles17:39
cyphermoxkomputes, you're kind of right but at the same time Xubuntu and Kubuntu are special (like ubuntustudio, ubuntu-server, mythbuntu...), in the way that they have official daily builds, and milestone testing... whereas other spins do not (e.g. lubuntu doesn't have dailies yet, gobuntu no longer does...)18:56
cyphermox^ and they all have the same plumbing layer, or almost the same, which means the core OS is supported, even if part of the UI isn't18:56
komputescyphermox: good point, I could see how dailies would make people perceive that they are fully supported19:11
cyphermoxfurthermore, I'm under the impression that most of these things are under main19:15
cyphermoxwhat's in main is Canonical supported, no?19:15
cyphermoxI know edubuntu is a special case because it does not, but xubuntu would mostly like in main, I think19:16
cyphermoxand I find myself being totally wrong19:16
cyphermoxhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/581262/ -- thunar, the default file manager in xubuntu, is in universe. so is xubuntu-default-settings19:18
genii-aroundHm. I wonder if I can scoop the decorative penguin here at work without someone noticing19:20
willwhgenii-around: pixx pls19:32
genii-aroundI'll have to use my laptop cam, the phone one is busted19:33
genii-aroundwillwh: http://imagebin.org/14340219:48
hypatiathat is a serious penguin19:49
genii-aroundHehe, yes19:50
dscasselcyphermox, komputes: is ubuntu-qc doing anything for global jam?19:50
genii-aroundhypatia: There are some others around, but not with feathers like this one. They use em here for Christmas decorations19:51
komputesdscassel: we discussed it and it will probably take place at SupInfo, a private tech school near McGill19:52
willwhgenii-around: haha - I am not quite sure what to say19:53
willwhI love penguins, don't get me wrong19:53
willwhbut that one, is a little creepy :)19:53
willwhcreepy, yet, the more I look at it, the more awesome it is19:54
willwhhaha :)19:54
genii-aroundHangon. I'll get the two other "cute" ones :)19:54
cyphermoxdscassel, yup, just waiting for the confirmation from the supinfo people that we're okay for the rooms, and I'll announce it19:57
cyphermoxthis time I haven't made a call for people who were interested in helping organize this because I don't have time :/19:57
cyphermoxbut hopefully we'll have enough interest for some good bug finding -> bug fixing -> upload process going on19:58
genii-aroundOK, got em. http://imagebin.org/143405  and http://imagebin.org/14340719:59
genii-aroundThey're pretty dusty from being down here in the basement :(20:00
genii-aroundwillwh: I do like the feathery one best20:10
dscasselcyphermox: Cool, drop a note here when you make the announcment.20:12
dscasselI want to get something up on the ubuntu-ca.org site about it soon.20:12
cyphermoxdscassel, yup, good plan. I'd probably need to fetch whomever updates the ubuntu-qc.org site too ;)20:15
capmtrippshey all23:01
staticsafehey capmtripps23:02
capmtrippsso, whats new with ubuntu?23:12
capmtrippsi got 10.10 and didnt really find much difference with 10.04 (my first intall23:12

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