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smosererichammond, i had pinged amazon offline regarding https://forums.aws.amazon.com/thread.jspa?threadID=5823200:05
smoserbenh there said he'd forward it on00:05
erichammondsmoser: ok.  just trying to help.00:06
smoseri submitted another patch for ec2-ami-tools about 18 montsh ago i think00:06
smoserwhich has not seen the light of day00:06
flaccidyeah, those tools don't return non zero exit codes in a lot of places too which is a fai.00:07
erichammondI'm sitting on a couple patches I should really include in software I maintain, so I'm not going to point fingers.00:07
flaccidyeah but you ack them are will actually commit them :)00:08
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 439788 in ec2-ami-tools "ec2-bundle-image and ec2-unbundle-image use single, static named fifo in /tmp" [Medium,Fix released]00:09
smoserwe carry that patch, which is actually moderate security issue if you were concerned about 2 users using bundle-vol on the same system00:09
flaccidbut getting it upstream is a different story right?00:09
smoserwe had to carry that one, as 2 bundle-vol commands run at the same time (even by a different user) wreak havok00:11
smoserbundle-image doesn't even require root00:11
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trondaCan the write-mime-multipart command be run on Windows?08:56
trondaIf not - is there any alternative tools to use on Windows?08:56
kim0tronda: it's python, so might run on windows .. or u can run it in an ubuntu VM09:30
trondakim0: thanks for the feedback. I will try it. Would like it to be cross platform so that developers can run it on from their dev computer regardsless of the environment09:31
kim0ah ok09:34
trondakim0: Trying to navigate the lp source browser, but can't seem to find the tool. Do you know where it is located?09:56
kim0I think ?09:56
trondakim0: Thought it would be here: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cloud-init-dev/cloud-init/trunk/files/head:/tools/09:57
kim0branch that then "find . -name '*mime*'09:57
kim0no it's not there09:58
kim0tronda: try loooking here http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-on-ec2/ubuntu-on-ec2/cloud-utils/files09:59
trondakim0: Thanks10:00
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kim0Howdy everyone o/18:00
kim0Just in case anyone here hasn't heard yet, we're hosting Ubuntu Cloud Days in exactly a week18:01
kim0Find more info at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuCloudDays18:01
kim0Edulix: semiosis I'll enjoy your sessions :)18:01
kim0If anyone would like to hold a session, it's definitely still possible18:02
kim0Please get a hold of me18:02
kim0or directly edit the wiki page and ping me later18:03
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semiosiskim0: thanks, i must have missed that the first time around18:37
kim0semiosis: no problemo18:38
kim0I'm writing a confirmation email now to send to everyone with a session18:38
kim0smoser Hi .. Getting a question on cloud portal "Will you release a Cluster Compute Instance for lucid lynx?"18:40
* kim0 nods18:41
smoserit would possibly be doable, and i dont think it would be terribly difficult.18:42
smoserbut i have no plans to do so18:42
kim0smoser: can I say, "It's doable, but there are no current plans. If you want to make it happen, we'll help" ?18:43
kim0and by we I mean mostly you :D18:43
kim0nvm, saying "If you want to make it happen, get on the mailing list, ask for it, and help make it happen. I'll help you in any way I can"18:45
smoserso... yeah, we could do it if there were demand, and i would definitely understand someone's interest in lucid rather than natty18:48
smoserand it would not be significantly more to build one than just flipping a value in one of the publishing scripts18:49
smoser(i dont think)18:49
smoserbut its a matter of testing and such that might make it a  bigger pain.  and i think there might be an issue with lucid kernels . have to see.18:51
kim0yeah makes sense18:51
kim0btw any idea why AWS and Rackspace use Xen and not KVM :) Is it that not-ready18:52
smoserkim0, so to get a test... http://paste.ubuntu.com/581253/18:54
smoseri'm sure there are lots of reasons18:55
smoserand i'm sure a xen fan would give you some18:55
smoserbut largely i would expect that they use it because they used it in the past18:55
kim0hmm ok18:55
smoserand have large amounts of code (and customer code and customer images) that prevent them from dropping it18:55
smoserkim0, ok. i enabled the build of a lucid daily for hvm19:15
kim0hehe awesome :)19:15
kim0were you too tempted19:16
smoserdont knwo if it will fail or not. lucid server builds friday 06:00 UTC19:19
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