duanedesignjono: going to be working on how the Beginners Team can improve the Dev Focus Group and increase development and packaging participation.03:03
duanedesignjono: going to catch daniel in the morning. Thought I would see if you had any thought on the subject as well :)03:04
jonoduanedesign, sounds awesome :-)04:23
nigelbgood morning04:40
duanedesignfinally found out why i have been having dual boot problems. Seems Adobe Flexnet is writing to the MBR04:45
* duanedesign wishes he did not have to have Adobe Creative Suite for work04:46
paultaghey nigelb, I wrote something for syn just for you04:47
nigelbpaultag: oh?04:47
paultagnigelb: yarp :)04:47
paultagnigelb: one second04:47
* nigelb looks at repo04:47
paultagnigelb: pasting it04:47
* nigelb reads paultag's commits and LOLs04:48
nigelb'doing some good stuff. seems to "work" '04:48
nigelb'never open the red door '04:48
paultagnigelb: let's be honest, no one else is hacking on this04:48
paultaghaha it crowd04:48
paultagnigelb: super alpha -- http://pastebin.com/yqyGTSBF04:49
paultagnigelb: the email thing is a known bug04:49
paultagand deps04:49
paultagbut other then that, it works fine04:49
paultagit installs and links OK04:49
paultagso that means that I can build up a debian chroot via syn without dpkg04:49
paultagnigelb: I should be able to get my server to crunch unstable pkgs into syns for me04:50
paultag(heh, sins)04:50
nigelbI'm sure you thought of that when you called in syns ;)04:51
paultagnigelb: I did it so I can call myself a `synner'04:51
nigelbI can think of T-shirts displaying that04:52
paultagheh :)04:53
paultagnigelb: did you see that python run?04:54
paultagit linked and unlinked the whole of python three is just about one second04:54
paultagiirc it was under04:55
paultagkk, night ti r for me04:56
paultagone love04:56
paultagtime for04:56
nigelbg'nite :)04:56
duanedesignmr nigelb doing well today?05:13
nigelbduanedesign: internet still down :(05:13
nigelbI've been wanting to hack on something with qt, but I have no internet :(05:14
duanedesignnigelb: me too!05:15
duanedesignnigelb: u have been helping a BT mentee with a project05:15
duanedesignit uses QT05:15
duanedesignand it has me interested05:15
duanedesignnigelb: mr holbach comes in pretty soon doesnt he?06:55
nigelbduanedesign: yeah07:11
duanedesignyaaa, finally got Gwibber working. been 128 days since I launched it last :\07:14
duanedesignthat was the rime of the last tweets and dents listed when it opened07:17
nigelbkde has this really cool thing on the desktop that does twitter07:22
nigelbI use that these days07:22
m4n1shnigelb: so completely converted to KDE?07:27
nigelbm4n1sh: yup, though I do use chromium and firefox instead of konqurer07:27
m4n1shanyway chromium and firefox were never gnome apps07:27
nigelbtrue, but they're not KDE either ;)07:28
duanedesignnigelb: yeah i was complaining about my gwibber not woking earlier and DarkwingDuck reminded me that his gwibber app on kde was working :P07:28
duanedesigni mean twitter app on kde07:29
nigelbduanedesign: hehe07:29
nigelbdpm: morning and sorry about the cal thing last night, my internet provider is being very unfriendly right now :\07:30
nigelbduanedesign: wow that blog post titled 'AWESOME' is really good.07:30
dpmhi nigelb, no worries, Pendulum took care of it :-)07:31
dpmgood morning all!07:31
nigelbdpm: Yeah, I owe her a hug :)07:31
m4n1shnigelb: which ISP?07:36
nigelbm4n1sh: airtel07:36
m4n1shoh shit hairtel07:36
nigelbyeah :\07:36
m4n1shsame here when it goes down07:36
m4n1sheither they fix in one day07:37
m4n1shor you need to scream to each and every person you can reach out at hairtel07:37
nigelbthey said, it would be fixed by "tomorrow 1:30" (which was yesterday)07:37
m4n1shthat's from the template07:37
m4n1sheverytime I also hear the same07:37
m4n1shexact 1:30PM on next working day07:38
m4n1shexcept that the technical never turns up07:38
m4n1shneither does he call and tell I am coming07:38
nigelbthat's what happened to me!07:38
m4n1shit happened to me 6 times07:38
nigelbhey ara :)07:38
duanedesignnigelb: there wa a good tweet i saw. something to the effect of Gnome vs. Unity endless discussion while 99% of the market moves on07:39
aramorning nigelb07:39
nigelbduanedesign: Yeah.07:40
nigelbduanedesign: we should just move on07:40
m4n1shduanedesign: nigelb which tweet?07:43
duanedesignm4n1sh: we were talking about http://www.shermann.name/2011/03/awesome.html07:44
duanedesignand it reminded me of a tweet i saw a couple days ago07:44
dholbachgood morning07:45
m4n1shduanedesign: true07:46
duanedesignhello dholbach07:47
dholbachhi duanedesign07:49
duanedesigndholbach: going to be spending some time today working on how the Beginners Team Development Focus Group can help to increase packaging and development contributions07:49
duanedesigndholbach: was wanting to hear any thoughts you might have, and I think I have a couple questions07:50
dholbachduanedesign, sure, just ask07:54
dpmmorning dholbach07:54
dholbachhola dpm07:54
dpmhey m4n1sh, ara and nigelb07:54
dpmand duanedesign :)07:55
m4n1shhi dpm07:55
dholbachduanedesign, that sounds great - what kind of stuff are you planning to do?07:56
duanedesigndholbach: our focus this cycle has been better community integration. Getting the people we introduce into the community better integrated with the teams that make up that area of the community the contributor is interested in08:06
duanedesigndholbach: we have made some good headway with the Bug Squad. Working on cooperation between the Bug Focus Group and Bug Squad  Mentor program08:07
dholbachthat's awesome - I'm glad you're working so hard getting new contributors up to speed - what was the feedback like? was it hard for them to learn the ropes?08:08
duanedesigngetting those two teams cooperating and better integrated with one another08:08
duanedesigndholbach: the problem, if you want to call it that, we have been having is that a  lot of developers interested in contributing end up goin to work on upstream projects08:10
dholbachI wouldn't call that a problem :)08:10
duanedesigndholbach: right :) lask of a better term08:10
dholbachit'd be a problem if they said "getting stuff done in Ubuntu is too hard, I'll go to XYZ instead"08:10
* duanedesign nods08:11
dholbachbut if they enjoy working upstream we all benefit from it :)08:11
dholbachespecially if they, additionally, know how to do stuff in Ubuntu, like getting a new version in, when to patch stuff, and so on08:11
dpmhey kim008:13
kim0dpm: hey man08:13
kim0dholbach: morning o/08:14
dholbachhey kim008:14
kim0where's nigelb08:14
duanedesigndholbach: i agree. HOwever I think the beginners team needs to do a better job at getting people involved in Ubuntu who want to get involved.08:14
dholbachthanks a bunch for working on this! :)08:14
duanedesigndholbach: so i am looking over some of the information on the wiki08:15
* dholbach nods08:15
duanedesigndholbach: i am familiar more with MOTU and per-package uploaders. Some of the others I was wondering about08:16
duanedesigndholbach: specifically looking at this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers08:16
duanedesigndholbach: so if someone was more interested in coding then packaging, Ubuntu Prospective Developers would be their first step?08:17
dholbachthe UbuntuDevelopers page is merely about upload rights08:17
dholbachthat's something that people should not primarily think of in the beginning anyway08:17
dholbachthey should just focus on fixing stuff and do stuff they enjoy doing08:18
dholbachonce they worked with a bunch of reviewers and sponsors they will quickly figure out what kind of upload rights they could go after to make their lives easier08:18
duanedesigndholbach: that makes sense.08:20
dholbachok good :)08:20
dholbachyou might find http://daniel.holba.ch/temp/guide useful - it's what the new packaging guide is going to be... one day :)08:20
dholbach(it's not the new definite home yet)08:20
nigelbdholbach: hey, were you able to talk to jcastro about a classroom event right before UGJ?08:21
nigelbdholbach: My internet at hoeme is down, so I end up being not able to catch him :(08:21
dholbachnigelb, no, sorry08:21
nigelbdholbach: I'll mail :)08:21
dholbachgood thinking :)08:22
duanedesigni dont often find myself saying, 'I wish Launchpad had X'. However I wish Launchpad had a way to search by programming language08:23
nigelbwishlist bug time!08:23
nigelbI'm fairly sure the data is there08:24
nigelbthere just needs to be a UI  + api to deal with it.08:24
dholbachthere's a bug open for harvest08:24
dholbachthat requests something similar08:24
nigelbso we can actually log a bug for lp linking the harvest bug08:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 705481 in harvest "Sort by project development language" [Wishlist,Confirmed]08:25
duanedesignn i c e08:25
dholbachbut nobody's working on it yet08:25
dholbachI really want the "figure out what kind of programming language it is" functionality to be external, so Harvest does not become a gigantic crazy thing that tries to know and deal with everything08:26
nigelbomg, appdev week has been taken over by QT!08:26
dholbachI think that looking at the build-depends of a package could be a good indicator, etc08:26
duanedesignthanks dholbach for your help this morning08:29
dholbachno worries - thanks for YOUR help :)08:30
duanedesignthread on the forums warning about the latest GDM  update for those on Natty09:02
duanedesignbug 73580509:04
ubot2Launchpad bug 735805 in gdm "GDM fails to start" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73580509:04
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popeyquiet in here today12:21
* popey tickles dholbach 12:21
dholbachso I'm the entertainer in here?12:22
dholbachara, ^12:22
nigelbpopey: I'd just poke you for entertainment :p12:22
popey( )12:22
popey| |12:23
akgranerMoving Day!  Yay! :-)13:35
akgranerczajkowski, can you send me the link for Sunday's AW?  I missed it and since our TV isn't hooked up at the new house I'll get caught up tonight :-)13:36
czajkowskiakgraner: wil do13:45
akgranerthank you!13:45
czajkowskihave to do it later on as it's on home pc13:45
czajkowskiit's pretty amazing....13:45
jcastrodholbach: hey, a unity bugfix from dylan mccall!14:00
jcastro(finally!) :)14:00
PiciThat reminded me of this: http://spamusement.com/index.php/comics/view/4114:06
jcastrothat reminded me of south park14:06
jcastroCartman: No, really, Kyle, I'm, I'm seriously. Here, talk to my robot dog.14:07
jcastroK-10: Bark bark. Hello, Kyle. Bark bark.14:07
dholbachdpm, thanks again for the feedback - I think I can send it to the design for a second look now :)14:50
dpmcool :)14:51
jcastro6 minutes?14:54
* popey is reminded of Doug E Fresh14:57
* popey is showing his age14:57
jcastroman, nate dogg died14:57
* jcastro plays around with dholbach before the call15:03
jonodholbach, jcastro, dpm, kim0 all set?15:03
* dholbach is15:03
dholbachjono, dpm said he was busy leading the revolution in Catalunya15:03
dpmdholbach, yeah, doing it from Stuttgart this week15:04
jcastrodeath to king ferdinand!15:04
jonokim0, ring ring15:05
kim0skype is mad15:05
kim0killing it15:05
kim0 jono call me15:06
jcastrodpm: https://launchpad.net/~unity-bitesizers15:34
jcastroI knew this team would be useful!15:34
dpmok, awesome, thanks jcastro!15:35
m4n1shjcastro: you forgot jamal15:49
jcastroI think I invited him already, I don't really just put people in the team15:53
czajkowski*yawns* 40 more mins and then out of here for 6 days!15:54
czajkowskiroll on15:54
jcastrowhere you headed?15:54
jcastrom4n1sh: since I have you here15:55
czajkowski4 day weekend mates are over here from ireland so we're going on a wee bit of a session15:55
jcastrodpm's looking for people to do appdeveloper week15:55
czajkowskithen heading to ireland for a meeting on monday but going by ferry which means travelling through the night on the way back15:55
m4n1shjcastro: yeah15:55
jcastroit'd be sweet to do a "how to make your application rock with zeitgeist"15:55
m4n1shjcastro: I was the first to add mys session :)15:56
m4n1shcheck it15:56
czajkowskijcastro: tis Paddys day tomorrow so refuse to work on that day15:56
jcastroczajkowski: heh15:56
m4n1shjcastro: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Timetable15:56
jcastrooh cool, a touchegg session too, nice nice15:56
m4n1shjcastro: and I asked Jason to do a GStreamer session too :)15:57
jcastroczajkowski: I totally forgot it's paddys15:57
m4n1shtwo multi-touch sessions15:57
m4n1sh5 Qt sessions..15:57
jcastroczajkowski: I have like 3 irish bars within walking distance of my place.15:58
czajkowskijcastro: have a pint tomorrow in at least one of them15:58
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dpmjcastro, yeah, I spoke to the touchegg guy just today16:01
dpmm4n1sh, thanks!16:01
m4n1shdpm: welcome16:02
m4n1shI see no one is ready to take up 20UTC slots on any day16:02
dpmm4n1sh, yeah, people tend to prefer the early sessions, especially those in Europe, but the reason why the 20:00 UTC slots are empty is because we've still looking for sessions16:05
m4n1shdpm: then the situation would be even bad for people on eastern side of the globe16:05
m4n1shfor me 20UTC sessions finish at 21UTC = 2:30AM night16:05
dpmwe can arrange for extra slots on both sides of the timetable16:06
m4n1shThere is still time, if I can come up with one more good topic, then I can try with a 20UTC sessions16:08
dpmm4n1sh, that'd be awesome16:41
dpmbut if that's too late for you, we can try to swap sessions with someone else16:42
dholbachok my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow! HUGS16:45
dpmsame here, see you all tomorrow!16:53
nigelbjcastro: thanks, :)17:05
nigelbjcastro: I'll put in the work to organize17:05
jonoanyone want to take part in a fun project?17:37
jcastroyeah so I was going to make a video17:53
jcastrobut it's more of a "here's how I use Unity" and go into feature stuff, etc.17:53
jcastrojono: have you blogged about it yet?17:53
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kim0Hey folks, can I get RTs on https://twitter.com/#!/ubuntucloud/status/4808534387392921618:46
m4n1shkim0: done18:49
kim0thanks :)18:49
jcastroon it!18:57
* popey wonders if jcastro can confirm (or deny) bug 73636319:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 736363 in compiz "New Windows on an empty desktop appear over launcher" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73636319:52
popey(assuming you have two screens on nvidia) :D19:52
* jcastro looks19:52
popeywhats the package that drives the notify on screen popups?19:53
popeyif i want to file bugs about those19:53
jcastrolet me guess19:53
jcastronotifications on the 2nd screen19:53
jcastronot the main one19:53
jcastroit's filed19:55
jcastroI confirmed it a while ago19:55
jcastrolet me find it19:55
popeybug 33684819:55
jcastropopey: do you know the bug that launches firefox even though it might not be set as your default browser?19:55
popeyconfirmed, low19:55
ubot2popey: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/336848)19:55
popeybug 33136919:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 331369 in notify-osd "regression vs. notification-daemon: positioning when multiple screens are available" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33136919:56
* popey subscribes19:57
jcastropopey: also, see devel-discuss, there's a call for nvidia testing19:57
popeyyeah, i saw19:57
popeyy'know what19:57
jcastroalso, do this19:57
jcastroin ccsm19:57
popeyget the developers to stfu saying "use intel" and I'd be more inclined to help19:57
jcastroset hide animation to "Slide only" to remove that crap fading launcher ghost thing19:58
jcastropopey: luckily I never have problems with my intel video .... OH WAIT.19:58
popeyuhm, where is that?19:59
popeyin ccsm19:59
jcastroexperimental tab19:59
jcastroalso, launcher at 32pixels is SO nice ...19:59
popeyno tabs19:59
jcastroclick on Unity19:59
jcastrothen you have 2 tabs, behavior and experimental20:00
popeyubuntu unity plugin?20:00
popeygot it20:00
jcastrook here is magic20:00
jcastroset backlight to Toggles20:00
jcastrootherwise it looks like Las Vegas in the launcher20:01
popeyanother fave of mine :)20:01
jcastrolaunch to pulse until runnning, urgent to Wiggle, panel to around .75, launcher icon size to 32, Hide to Slide only, and Blur to static blur20:01
popeymaximise something on both screens20:01
jcastrothat's how you roll20:01
popeymake the focus the thing on the second screen20:01
jcastrowhat do you mean20:02
popeynow, if you want to unmaximise the thing on the first screen, you have to click it first before grabbing the top bar to unminimize20:02
jcastroah right20:02
jcastrothat's brutal20:02
jcastroneil told me last week it'd be fixed this week20:02
jcastrooh, and the one other thing is to remove indicator-appmenu, it's very much not-ideal in twinview20:03
jcastropopey: neil's been hitting monitor stuff hard for 2 weeks in a row, just waiting for the final bits and we should be good20:05
jcastrothough design never sorted how to do appmenus in this mode20:06
jcastrofor example, there should be a panel on the 2nd monitor20:06
jcastrowith whatever menu of the app that is there20:06
jcastroso when you maximize it the widgets are on that monitor20:06
popeythis was highlighted on day one20:06
jcastroinstead of the close buttons for it all the way over there.20:07
popeydont get me wrong, I like unity20:07
popeyit looks scarily like my default OSX desktop!20:07
popeylooks familiar :)20:08
* popey sets his dock to auto hide for the full unity experience :)20:09
jcastrothat's been life for me all cycle ^20:09
jcastrobut other than that20:10
jcastroit's feature parity with GNOME 2.x on twinview; crap. :)20:10
jcastrobut neil told me to wait until thursday, who knows, maybe I'll get lucky20:10
popeygwibber seems broken for me for some days20:15
popeydoesnt update20:15
czajkowskisigh one day I'll actually get to meet dave neary my fellow irish oss person21:34
jcastrothe first day I met Neary I had to drag him home that night.21:40
czajkowskiwe've actually been at the same events just missed one another each time21:41
czajkowskihe's in the irish lug channel so we're having a wee banter about the emails/tweet/dents gone by21:41
czajkowskiso much easier on irc at times21:41
czajkowskijono: any idea where I'd find a definitive answer on the following21:56
czajkowskiI get asked it a lot21:56
czajkowskiand well honestly I do not know the asnwer or where to point them21:56
czajkowski21:50 < balor> czajkowsk: my greatest bugbear with Unity is that I've never  seen an explanation of the new user experience.  I'd love to  know *why* things were done in a certain way.  One advantage of  gnome-shell (from the POV of a crusty old academic) is that all  the design docs are in the public arena.21:56
AlanBellhalf the design team don't know where the design docs are it seems22:02
czajkowskimpt mail today was actualy amusing to read, so they have a bug, but told not to disucs it on the bug but take it to the ML22:14
czajkowski*boggles* they all sit near one another22:14
* czajkowski passes over the cough syrup to popey 22:23
* Pendulum beats her head on the wall22:24
jcastroOMG Lauras is in this one22:24
* jcastro downloads22:24
Pendulumjcastro: they didn't even have to edit her out for swearing :P22:24
czajkowskithis may cut down the UUPC listerns in half this time22:24
Pendulumczajkowski: nonesense! it'll increase listeners22:24
Pendulumczajkowski: have you poked the Irish LoCo about it yet? ;)22:25
jcastropopey: oh dude this popup listening thing is nice22:25
czajkowskiPendulum: they listened in last night22:25
Pendulumczajkowski: I doubt all of them did22:25
czajkowskijust poked on irc22:25
AlanBellI thought it was very well done live22:25
Pendulumit was22:25
PendulumI like the live shows22:25
Pendulumbecause I stopped listening to podcasts when I stopped commuting22:26
Pendulumbut if I schedule in a listen to the live show, I actually manage to listen22:26
jcastroooh that sounds good22:26
AlanBellI used to listen on the train22:26
jcastroyeah I find myself not listening to many podcasts lately22:26
AlanBellthe sound of popey's voice just sent me off to sleep nicely22:26
czajkowskiAlanBell: is that code for soothing!22:26
jcastroI don't even really listen, I just like the accents22:27
* czajkowski hugs jcastro 22:27
AlanBellnot sure czajkowski's voice is quite so soporific22:27
jcastrolol @ 6 minutes in stallman22:30
popeyyeah :)22:32
jcastroyou guys have been talking about RMS for 15 minutes22:39
jcastrowhen can I ffwd?22:39
czajkowskijcastro: 20:4222:41
jcastro20 minutes22:41
jcastroI don't know how I feel about this new chromium icon22:50
popeytoo angular?22:50
jcastrotoo flat maybe?22:51
jcastrocan you guys make czajkowski a permanent host?22:58
popeyshe may be on again next time :)22:59
pleia2yeah, too flat23:04
czajkowskiwhat logo ?23:04
jcastrothis is a real great episode23:12

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