slashtomgood morning10:47
* ebel and slashtom will be unable to make it to the IRC meeting tonight11:11
ebelWe're entertaining11:11
czajkowskihmmm no terran15:02
czajkowskidavem: poke terran15:03
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czajkowskiairurando: hi19:54
airurandohi ya czajkowski19:55
airurandoseems quiet in here19:55
airurandooh sorry moylan19:56
moylanevery body ready for the chaos that is paddy's day? :-)19:56
airurandoanyone here for the meeting?20:00
airurandowe'll wait till 20:10 to see if others turn up.20:03
imgarysmithyup, im here20:04
airurandoHi imgarysmith,  did you get my mail re natty CDs?20:06
imgarysmithye i got that, ive been swamped with stuff so i havent gotten a chance to reply, i was planning to reply tonight20:08
airurandono bother,  I was just wondering if I messed up sending the email. (used bcc for first time)20:09
airurandoMe thinks this will be a quick meeting.20:10
moylanhuh, you're the second person in the last week hinting at problems with bcc.  curious.20:10
airurandowe'll start and see who joins us.20:10
MootBotMeeting started at 15:11. The chair is airurando.20:11
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]20:11
airurandoWelcome all to this months team meeting.20:11
airurandoIf you are here for the monthly meeting please say “PRESENT”20:11
airurandoThe wiki page for this meeting is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-03-1620:12
airurando[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-03-1620:13
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-03-1620:13
airurandoOK. The first topic is20:13
airurando[TOPIC] Review of previous action items20:13
MootBotNew Topic:  Review of previous action items20:13
airurandoThere were a few actions handed out during the February IRC meeting.20:14
airurandoebel will chance up with canonical/ubuntu loco with how/if to change address20:14
airurandoI know ebel has looked into this.20:15
airurandoNot sure if he has completed the process20:15
airurandosecond action20:15
airurandoebel will give airurando the list of 10.10 recieptients, airurando will email them to solicit feedback20:15
airurandothis one is completed20:15
airurandoWe are awaiting feedback.20:16
airurandoWent to many comp socs and hackerspaces20:16
airurandowill report back on this again next month20:17
imgarysmith11.04 is a bad time for comp socs20:17
airurandoimgarysmith: that was one of the points raised in the e-mail20:17
czajkowskitis the end of April20:18
airurando[ACTION] airurando will report back next month on any feedback received from the natty distribution e-mail20:19
MootBotACTION received:  airurando will report back next month on any feedback received from the natty distribution e-mail20:19
imgarysmithairurando, as i said earlier i havent had a chance to read over the email, sorry for repeating the content20:19
airurandoimgarysmith no bother at all.20:19
airurandoczajkowski: the concern was receiving CDs mid May might not be the best time for Colleges.20:20
czajkowskiwell end of april in theory they should be out the first week in may20:20
airurandoYeah indeed, but we are looking for the views of the comp socs.  Totally up to them.20:22
airurandonext action to be reviewed20:22
airurandoairurando will take the CDs20:23
airurandono further comment necessary20:23
airurandonext one20:23
airurandolook for venues for jam20:23
airurandoneed others here to report on progress.20:24
airurandopossibility exists for a Dub and Limerick Jam20:24
airurandoinfoturtle is leading the charge in Limerick and tdr112 has submitted a request to TOG for use of their space20:25
airurandohopefully things will become clear soon20:25
czajkowskigreat stuff20:25
airurandoI'll generate the events as soon as they are confirmed (fingers crossed)20:26
airurando[ACTION] airurando to create UGJ events for the Irish LoCo when they are confirmed.20:27
MootBotACTION received:  airurando to create UGJ events for the Irish LoCo when they are confirmed.20:27
airurandonow on to the main agenda items.20:28
airurando[TOPIC] Ubuntu Global Jam20:28
MootBotNew Topic:  Ubuntu Global Jam20:28
airurandosame again here.20:28
airurandowaiting for venue and event confirmation.20:29
airurandowill move on.20:29
airurando[TOPIC] 11.04 Release Party?20:29
MootBotNew Topic:  11.04 Release Party?20:29
czajkowskioh where are ye off to this year20:30
czajkowskinothing natty related in bars is there20:30
czajkowskior a trip to the zoo :)20:30
airurandoI just wanted to start the discussion on this20:30
moylancorkscrew looks like a narwhal horn? :-)20:30
airurandoczajkowski you are spot on.20:30
airurandoI was thinking something nautical20:31
airurandomoylan, have you somewhere in mind?20:31
czajkowskihave a picni20:31
czajkowskior there is the cafe which is meerkat cafe but still a chance for family and a bit of fun20:32
czajkowskiaye could make it a geeknic20:32
moylanthat is weather dependent but if chosen carefully we could find a park with shelter if there is rain.20:32
airurandomust pop away for just a minute20:32
airurandoback soon20:32
czajkowskiis that a bank holiday weekend ?20:32
moylangeeknics are fun.  nerds in not their natural habitat.  away from wifi and power sources.20:33
czajkowskibut also means more people may be inclined to come20:33
czajkowskialso to note, if the weekend doesnt suit20:33
czajkowskiyou're not limited to that weekend......20:33
moylanapr 30, may 1st followed by bank holiday.20:35
airurandoaye geeknic is an idea20:36
airurandowe had planned geeknics for June and Aug this year20:36
czajkowskinot a great weekend if people are having a holiday or want to head away20:36
airurandoI think it is the easter break for achools also20:36
czajkowskiwell it be nice to know if ye put it out a weekend more people would turn up20:37
czajkowskinot sure it makes a massive difference20:37
airurandoneed some Dublinites to help out on this one20:37
moylanbut if you use a week night you can get people who are already in the city.20:37
* airurando likes the idea of the zoo20:38
moylanabout how many people turned out for the last launch parties.  it might help as a frame of reference.20:38
czajkowskimoylan: see the pics we've gone for dinner/drinks combo20:38
czajkowskiwoeked out well20:38
czajkowskiwe;ve gotten 14-24 people it depends really20:39
airurandoyeah Saturday worked out well last time20:40
airurandonot enough folks here to decide anything tonight I fear.20:40
airurandoI'll e-mail the list looking for input20:41
moylanwould more people come to an event on sunday.  for many saturday is a day to get things done while shops are open.20:41
moylanor sport events20:41
czajkowskilack of feedback on the ML is annoying at times20:42
airurandobut must keep trying20:42
imgarysmithto be honest i think the ML is a bad way of doing it20:42
czajkowskiwonder would a joint mail to python and ILUG saying we're doing an event20:43
czajkowskiwant to come along ?20:43
czajkowskiimgarysmith: how do we contact the loco people so ?20:43
czajkowskiimgarysmith: the Ubutu ie loco has a ML and many dont  use irc20:43
imgarysmitha blog i think would be better, i know people have to go to the blog but feedback would be visually easier20:44
airurandoimgarysmith: could you do a section on the release party during the next podcast?20:44
czajkowskiimgarysmith: ok a blog is good, but how do you get them to read the blog post?20:44
czajkowskiwe do blog and put to the ML also20:44
airurandodoesn't the website incorporate a blog?20:45
imgarysmithairurando, ye sure, im not sure what is happening with the podcast this month since quinne (infoturtle) has no internet connection20:45
airurandoif duplicating an e-mail on a blog to facilitate feedback is considered a good idea I'm all for it.20:46
imgarysmithlaura, i just feel reading replies in the ML is difficult. reading blog comments would be much easier20:46
airurandoczajkowski what do you think?20:46
czajkowskiimgarysmith: it's 50/50 tbh but the more places to get feedback the better20:46
airurandoimgarysmith: I'd love that problem.  Unfirtunately we don't get much feedback on the mailing list20:47
imgarysmithtrue but i think we might get more feedback in blog posts20:47
czajkowskiso lets blog and ML and explain we do need feedback20:47
imgarysmithye sounds good20:47
airurandomight try this for the release party posting on the Ubuntu-ie.org blog20:48
airurandogreat stuff20:48
imgarysmithairurando, ill mention it in the podcast for people to go to the blog, and explain its a test to see if we want to replace the ML or use both side by side20:49
czajkowski#i'd never say replace the ML20:49
czajkowskianother tool perhaps20:50
airurando[ACTION] airurando to mail list re release party. blogs to be used to ask for feedback.20:50
MootBotACTION received:  airurando to mail list re release party. blogs to be used to ask for feedback.20:50
imgarysmithnot fully replace it, use it for info only, no feedback on it20:50
czajkowskiairurando: next up ?20:51
airurando[TOPIC] LoCo Directory for meetings20:51
MootBotNew Topic:  LoCo Directory for meetings20:51
airurandoover to you czajkowski20:52
czajkowskiso we have the LD20:52
czajkowskiand we use it for events20:52
czajkowskisome teams want to have more information on there like meetings20:52
czajkowskiso the developers have developed that feature20:52
czajkowski[link] https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/loco-contacts/2011-February/005226.html20:52
MootBotLINK received:  https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/loco-contacts/2011-February/005226.html20:52
czajkowskijust wondering would the team consider using it and if they like it contrinue and if not, perhaps give some feedback20:53
czajkowski[link] http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/20:53
MootBotLINK received:  http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/20:53
czajkowskiyou can see all the teams using the feature now20:53
airurandoczajkowski, I've used it for the last two meetings20:53
czajkowskithat's all really20:54
czajkowskijust wanted to highlight it20:54
airurandoI like it but have some feature requests20:54
czajkowskiand if folks had any issues thoughts to bring it up to the DEV20:54
imgarysmithseems good20:54
czajkowskiairurando: sure you can talk in #ubuntu-locoteams20:54
czajkowskiand talk to the developers20:54
czajkowskior file bugs20:54
czajkowskibugs may or may not get developed on20:54
airurandotried once but they must have all been sleeping20:54
czajkowskiwell after this if you want I'll go in and intriduce you20:54
airurandowill try the #ubuntu-locoteams channel again20:55
czajkowskiokie dokie20:55
czajkowskithats me done20:55
airurandono need you introducced me before20:55
airurandoright oh20:55
airurando[TOPIC] AOB20:55
MootBotNew Topic:  AOB20:55
czajkowskinope all good20:56
imgarysmithye i have something20:56
airurandoshoot imgarysmith20:56
imgarysmithsince im the only representitive of the podcast here, im not sure if the other hosts can do the show20:57
imgarysmithwould either of you like to step in as a cohost?20:57
czajkowskiI'm over in the UK so cant20:57
czajkowskibut thans20:57
imgarysmithno prob20:57
imgarysmithlaura, its on skype anyway20:58
airurandoI wouldn't have the guts.20:58
airurandonot yet anyway ;)20:58
imgarysmithi might be on my tod then20:58
airurandothat sound awful20:59
airurandoWe'll see20:59
airurandoIs that everything21:00
imgarysmiththats all folks21:00
moylantry the mailing list to see if anybody has a topic they want to discuss on a podcast.21:00
airurandonext meeting 20 Apr 1121:00
airurandothanks all for participating21:00
MootBotMeeting finished at 16:01.21:01
czajkowskiimgarysmith: moylan ye can join #ubuntu-locoteams also21:01
czajkowskifriendly international channel21:01
imgarysmithsure, thank for that21:02
moylanczajkowski:will do21:02
czajkowskiUUPC from last night where I'm on it22:25

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