chrisccoulsonfta - this is a reproducer for the chromium/breakpad issue btw - http://paste.ubuntu.com/580859/00:11
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micahgfta: chromium seems to work fine on natty02:51
LLStarkschrisccoulson, is the search popover supposed to cover the status popover?03:04
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ftamicahg, [03:51] <micahg> fta: chromium seems to work fine on natty <= uh? did you expect it not to? I need more context..15:14
ftaasac, ping15:14
asacfta: hoh15:24
ftahow are you?15:24
ftaany update on the arm board(s)?15:24
asacsorry, that dropped off my busy schedule ... /me hits himself15:26
asaclet me add that to next week tech lead agenda15:26
asacmonday i will know more15:26
asacwill not be forgotten15:27
ftabug 73587715:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 735877 in chromium-browser "Illegal instruction in chromium on startup on armel" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73587715:36
ftaasac, ^^15:36
asaci had folks staring on this today15:39
asacfta: is that a patch of mine?15:39
asacotherwise he is probably right ... vfpv3-d1615:40
ftanope, it's from upstream15:40
ftano idea what that vfpv3-d16 is, and how i should know about it. is it documented somewhere?15:40
davidgilukfta: Hi15:45
asacfta: meet davidgiluk15:45
asache wants to help you discuss upstream if needed ;)15:45
asacso i guess question is if we want to make the point upstream to use -d16 for maximum compatibility15:46
asacor if we just want to set this for ubuntu15:46
asacthis is still the default set of flags that we expect15:46
asacwas decided to be maximum compatible while getting most benefit of most armv715:46
davidgilukfta: So my understanding is that there are 2 semi-separate chip features; Neon, and the number of vector registers;   some chips have no neon, and have only 16 vector registers - and that's what we default to15:47
asacso in ubuntu - unless there is runtime detection for things like neon - -mfpu=vfpv3-d16  is the default we have to use15:47
ftadavidgiluk, that particular changeset is not the real change, it just moved the flag from a hardcoded value to a variable, which i can change in my package15:48
davidgilukfta: Hmm true15:49
ftaso it seems i need to pass arm_fpu=vfpv3-d16 too now15:49
davidgilukfta: Yes15:49
davidgilukfta: What concerns me is why has this changed - or has it always been brokwn?15:49
ftai will discuss with upstream. they mostly want arm for chrome-os, not sure what h/w they target15:49
davidgilukfta: The Tegra2 chip is the case it broke for Ramana which is non-neon and as I understand it d1615:50
ftait didn't change in a while, but i used to have a bogus test in my packaging, leading to armv7=015:50
ftai fixed it in ch1015:50
davidgilukfta: IMHO it would be best not to pass any flag at all and leave it to the compiler defaults15:50
ftano, the chromium build system overrides most system defaults15:51
ramanafta: well then in that case we (or they) have to be building for the lowest common denominator which is vfpv3-d1615:51
ramanaI believe that's the reason why we ended defaulting to vfpv3-d1615:52
asacthats why we do that in ubuntu15:52
asacsimilar to overriding the neon=1 default hat chromium has15:52
davidgilukbut has this ever worked on the ac100?15:52
asacits interesting ... seems noone cared even though we got bashed that our qt crashed on ac100 ;)15:52
ftamost probably, it's just that i'm not well aware of those arm specificities. ubuntu  vs debian vs chrome-os, all have different targets in mind15:53
asacand we had to backout NEON15:53
ramanadavidgiluk: well michaelh1 recommended I tried chromium-browser on my ac100 over firefox.15:53
asacfta: right ... just add vfpv3-d16 for now. then all is fine15:53
ramanaso I gave that a shot and that's how it showed up15:53
asacwe are working on runtime detecting neon for chromium/skia15:53
ramanaso I think he's got it working .15:53
asacupstream is not responsive though :(15:53
davidgilukramana: OK15:54
ftaok, i'm fine with arm_fpu=vfpv3-d1615:54
asacfta: thanks!!15:54
ftawill land that in the next stable update15:54
ramanawith an older package ofcourse.15:54
ramanafta: Thanks.15:54
davidgilukfta: Can you take bug 735877 then?15:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 735877 in chromium-browser "Illegal instruction in chromium on startup on armel" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73587715:56
ftaso by default, i'll have: arm_thumb=1 arm_neon=0 arm_fpu=vfpv3-d16.  and armv7=1 only for maverick onward15:56
ftais that correct?15:56
davidgilukyeh I think so - I don't know the pre-maverick world15:57
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ftadavidgiluk, ramana, asac: here is when the vfpv3 value 1st appeared: http://codereview.chromium.org/66006716:14
davidgilukfta: Looking at ffmpeg it has a configure flag you can pass that would cause it to pass a -mfpu=vfpv3 but it doesn't look like the default16:18
fta(it's an old patch)16:19
micahgdid i connect twice or once?18:17
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ftamicahg, would you be able to help with the chromium bugs? because i'm really bad with this due to lack of time. most should go upstream anyway19:51
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micahgfta, sure, stuff related to regressions I can definitely help with idr if I have an upstream account19:55
micahgfta, where's the upstream tracker again?19:56
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micahgfta, is #chromium a good place for me to idle/ask questions as well?20:05
ftamicahg, sure, but it's purely a dev channel, so they hate end user questions, which should go to the support channels, cf /topic20:07
micahgfta, ok20:07
chrisccoulsonheh, this looks a bit like the chrome release schedule: http://people.mozilla.com/~sayrer/2011/temp/process.html20:21
chrisccoulson"This proposal makes security updates occur along with Firefox releases, meaning we'll no longer be maintaining old branches."20:21
chrisccoulsonoh, fudge20:21
chrisccoulsoni guess we're screwed with all browsers now ;)20:22
* micahg needs to talk to upstream20:22
chrisccoulsonfta - you have a separate nightly PPA for each channel of chromium don't you?20:23
chrisccoulsonand you don't make them parallel installable?20:23
chrisccoulsonfta - i'm wondering whether that might be a better approach for firefox too, given the proposals for the release process20:24
ftai should not have used "daily" in the name20:24
chrisccoulsonas there's going to what looks like 4 active channels20:24
ftachrisccoulson, looking at chromium, most users will end up using either the stable builds or the dailies, not much users in between20:30
ftajcastro, is the scroll wheel supposed to work in the dash now?20:41
ftai had it working a few days ago at work, but never at home20:41
ftasimilar setups20:41
jcastroI am not sure20:41
jcastroah yeah20:41
jcastroit works for me20:41
jcastrofta: new compiz upload, see if this one helps20:44
ftajcastro, also is it possible to filter out the "Recents" in the dash? mine is filled with stuff i don't need in there, like mp3.. i have rhythmbox playing all day long20:44
jcastrofta: there's a blacklist thing you can do in zeitgeist20:44
ftawhere? how?20:45
jcastrohowever I've not looked into it, I think you want to search for blacklisting, zeitgeist, and gnome-activity-journal20:45
jcastroseiflofty on #ayatana can sort you out probably20:45
ftajcastro, any update for the ch webapps since yesterday?20:55
jcastrofta: trevino's going to look at it on friday, he's on holiday right now20:55
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