patdk-lapdid something happen?00:43
patdk-lapI'm only getting 404's for ppa:mythbuntu/0.2400:43
patdk-laphmm, it's back00:50
The_ThingAnyone have experience with installing and configuring Lirc with a homebrew serial port receiver?02:00
The_Thing...in Mythbuntu02:01
qwebirc84176Hello, I have setup MythTV on Ubuntu, I have a HD-PVR, the drivers are configured, I can record video by making a test.ts file. The problem I have is I don't get any video in MythTV when I click on Watch Live TV, any ideas?02:23
The_Thing!helo lirc02:43
ZinnSorry I don't know about helo lirc02:43
The_Thing!help lirc02:44
Zinn!help lirc For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].02:44
The_ThingWhere is the setup script for Lirc?02:44
The_ThingAnyone here know how to configure LIRC for Mythbuntu?02:53
The_ThingWhen I turned it on in the MCC, it asked for my remote control, and I found my homebrew IR receiver in the list in the initial setup dialog. But when I go to test it with irw, it picks up nothing.02:54
The_ThingIt's been tested in WinLIRC, and it does work in there...02:55
radicalbiscuitHi all. I installed mythbuntu as a backend+frontend. I'd like to stop X from running and run it headless but without uninstalling anything so I can run the frontend on demand if I want, but without inittab or sane init levels, I'm not sure how to go about this, especially since mythbuntu's ui setup differs from ubuntu's so much. Any ideas?05:26
_antanthey guys.16:30
_antantI'm having a problem with installing mythbuntu16:30
_antantI've created a live usb and it won't go past...16:31
_antant'SYSLINUX 3.82 2009-06-09 CBIOS ....etc'16:31
_antantAny hints?16:31
qwebirc57594I have a Hauppauge hvr 2250. its' the version with the NON USB reciever.  I decided to buy a cheap usb receiver to make the remote work.  The remote that came with the receiver works. the hauppauge one refuses to operate. I thought all MCE usb receivers worked with all MCE remotes. what gives?18:02
qwebirc57594yeah, it's a random name from the webchat, okay? :)18:13
chilukthe problem is that lirc is detect the ir sensor as whatever remote it came with.18:13
chilukyou would have to edit and recompile lirc to detect your usb sensor to be one that can receive codes from your hauppauge remote.18:13
chilukI haven't ever done this, but I've thought about doing it.18:13
chilukI don't know how straightforward it would be.18:14
chilukIf I were you I'd stick with the MCE usb remote.18:14
qwebirc57594seems like that will be needed, since the reciever on the cable is not supported. what'sa frustratign is the card used to come with a USB receiver, adn that worked.18:14
chilukI don't think the hauppauge remote uses the mce driver... I could be wrong though.18:15
qwebirc57594it's got a windows button on it. it's shown on the wiki.18:15
chilukyeah.. I have an hvr-225018:15
chilukand i got a generic mce usb remote...18:15
qwebirc57594if i had the hauppauge usb receiver it woudl be working.18:15
chilukand then programmed my harmony to talk that.18:15
chilukthat is true.18:15
qwebirc57594it IS a MCE remote, so says Happauge.18:15
chilukyou might want to check irw to see if any remote codes are being captured.18:16
qwebirc57594irw shows nothing.18:16
qwebirc57594could it be that i have a version 1 receiver?18:16
chilukmce remote could mean a ton of things ... especially to a marketting group.18:17
chilukyou are at the extent of my experience..18:17
qwebirc57594i know there are two revisions of MCE remote version 1 and version 2.18:17
chilukI have never attempted to get a remote to work with a receiver that wasn't it's own.18:17
chilukbut it should theoretically be possible.18:17
chilukthat sounds feasible.18:18
chilukyou might want to grep the lirc remote profiles form hauppauge18:18
chilukand see what driver they are using with it.18:18
qwebirc57594is ther a way to tell which version a remote is using?18:18
chilukI do not know of a way.18:19
chilukwhat I would do is grep for hauppauge in the lirc sources18:19
qwebirc57594thanks anyway.18:19
qwebirc57594this remote that does work says PCRemote on it.18:20
chilukand add your usb receiver to the list of detected devices for that driver.18:20
chilukwhat is lsmod telling you.18:20
qwebirc57594lsusb does show the receiver. let me go look again.18:20
qwebirc57594Chaplet Systems Incorporated. and strangely enough irw shows nothing when usign it. do i have to kill lircd befroe running irw?18:21
chiluk it should watch lircd by default so I assume you need it up.18:22
chiluksudo irw?18:22
qwebirc57594okay i think i get it.18:24
qwebirc57594irw is not looking for the tv keys because the remote that came with the reciever doesn't have them.18:24
qwebirc57594but i have lircd configured for MCE remotes, and it works. is that proof that the tv-key less remote is a MCE one? i assumed it was because it has a windows logo key.18:25
chilukirw is dumb and will print out every command that lirc understands18:26
qwebirc57594this is what i bought because it was cheap. http://www.amazon.com/Center-Remote-Control-Infrared-Receiver/dp/B001HBOJRQ18:27
chilukso your new and old remote both work only some of the buttons on the hauppauge remote don't work.18:27
qwebirc57594the receivers remote some of the buttons show stuff, others show nothing.18:27
qwebirc57594NOTHING shows for the hauppauge.18:28
qwebirc57594the ouse rocker moves the mouse and shows nothing in irw.18:28
chilukit's probably because lirc doesn't have ir codes that your remote is sending.18:28
chiluksounds like your ir remote may be loading it's own hid driver?18:30
qwebirc57594and showig up as a keyboard and mouse?18:31
qwebirc57594dammit. :)18:31
_antant_Hi guys, I'm having a problem.18:32
_antant_I can't get any video out of my Radeon 5450 on HDMI with a fresh install18:33
qwebirc57594are their actual sub 20$ cmce usb receivers.18:33
qwebirc57594time to post an unflattering review on amazon.18:38
chilukI wouldn't post an unflattering review18:43
chilukyou are using it not as it was intended.18:43
chilukyou might want to leave no answer to the stars, and a long comment on what you couldn't get it to do.18:43
chilukor perhaps 2 or 3 stars and mention that the linux drivers aren't there yet.18:44
qwebirc57594I said 2 stars, and entitled it as NOT a media center remote at all.18:45
chiluk_antant_ are you able to get any video on any output with a normal monitor?18:45
_antant_dunno. haven't got one18:45
qwebirc57594and said that i bough tit to use with my actual MCE remote, and it didn't work.18:45
qwebirc57594and it gets 2 stars because it actually does function.18:45
chilukI don't think you correctly understand how all the parts interoperate.18:46
chilukall mce remotes don't work with all receivers out of the box.18:46
qwebirc57594it's definitely a keyboard/mouse.18:46
chilukis that what you are seeing in lspci?18:47
chilukor lsusb?18:47
chiluk_antant_ you might need the latest radeon drivers to driver the new card.18:48
chiluki gave up on ati a few years back... and I really can't help you any more about anything with their stuff.18:48
chilukok back to work with me.18:48
Zinn_antant_: Please watch your language.18:49
qwebirc57594i killed lircd and it still works.18:51
qwebirc57594i think that's proof right there.18:51
_antant_ok, now got video but also a purple line down the left of my screen. joy18:52
_antant_progress though18:52
qwebirc57594yeah. nvidia just works better in linux at the moment i think.18:53
chiluk_antant_ ... my suggestion would be to plug in a second monitor18:54
qwebirc57594yes it would be nice if there was an open source driver with full acceleration, but there's actually a very good reason for closed source drivers, from a software developers standpoint.18:54
chilukin order to set the proper res/refresh in the ati drivers for your hdmi output.18:54
chilukthere's a good chance your tv doesn't like what your vid card is tossing at it18:54
qwebirc57594(they are a lot harder to hack to cheat in online games)18:54
_antant_argh. May be a very quick foray into mythbuntu and then back to win718:54
chilukDon't do it!  the old evil empire is still evil...18:55
_antant_It worked though18:55
chiluki actually switched to myth after using beyondtv for 2 yrs and then media center for 2 months...18:56
chilukI've been on Mythtv for about 3 yrs now....18:57
_antant_Well hopefully it'll work after I've updated everything and restarted18:59
chilukhave you installed ati's restricted drivers yet?19:06
_antant_in the process of updating and restarting19:07
chilukupdating is one thing19:08
chilukbut you have to actively tell ubuntu to use ati's restricted drivers instead of the open source ones.19:08
chilukbecause ati is a bi ----tch like that.19:08
_antant_Yeah, I have done19:08
_antant_Zinn! Zinn! Look what he did!19:09
ZinnHi _antant_, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.19:09
_antant_Just applying the ~200Mb of updates19:10
_antant_and then restarting and we'll see what happens19:10
_antant_Don't know of an SAB script that does well renaming movies do you?19:12
_antant_Would really rather never having to exit MythTV19:13
_antant_never have to.19:13
_antant_What the heel is up with my English today?19:13
chilukI do not know a script off hand..19:16
chilukbut there are tons of renaming scripts.19:16
_antant_yeah, hoping I can find one that does it well19:19
_antant_Ok, anyone know where there's a compatibility list for TV tuners for mythtv?21:14
_antant_Ok, there doesn't seem to be much information on any PCIe cards21:19
_antant_Does anyone here have experience setting up a TV tuner in mythtv?21:19
_antantanyone come across the problem of having 2 pictures shown with a tuner card, one above the other?22:41
_antantPlease let there be someone around23:08

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