chiltssnail: do you do work for one or more libraries?00:21
chiltsah, I'm not sure I figured your nick out ... are you the Stuart I know?00:23
chilts(that would be embarrassing) :)00:23
snailchilts: I work up at the VUW library00:38
snailand I believe that I'm the Stuart you know00:39
snailtechnically we're a library system, since we have multiple libraries00:40
* chilts is now thinking Star Wars in reverse00:40
chilts"They're not the people you're looking for" :)00:40
ibeardsleewho am I looking for?01:18
ibeardsleewhat am I looking for?01:18
ibeardsleewho am i?01:18
ibeardsleewho is using my keyboard?01:18
ibeardsleewho has been drinking my coffee?01:19
chiltsit's not your keyboard, if you're an impostor, it's ibeardslee's!01:19
ibeardsleeit alright sorted, my name is on the keyboard .. Microsoft01:24
ojwbhi mike01:24
mwhudsonibeardslee: i have some products from "that keyboard and mouse company" too01:25
chiltsyeah, Mike Row wasn't it01:25
mwhudsoni suppose you can add games console to that list too01:25
chiltsin that case, my name is Dell - which is also a Mike01:26
mwhudsonhadn't heard of that :)01:28
ojwbhe should have found a girl with the surname Soft to marry...01:30
snailthat's what we need, domain names in IPA ...01:43
ojwbmmm ... IPA01:51
mwhudsonpreferably tuatara ipa01:51
mwhudsonargh, where can i buy cheap clip frames in this country?05:17
mwhudsonthis sort of thing: http://www.fastframes.co.uk/acatalog/Individual_Plastic_Glass_Clipframes.html05:18
ojwbi've not tried to buy them here, but maybe at the warehouse?05:26
mwhudsonnope, tried that last night05:27
mwhudsoni've found a few online but the A2 ones (which i want) are like $7005:28
mwhudsonwhich seems at least 2x too much05:28
mwhudson(and they're not really the same, they have frames)05:29
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