* rww gives cookies to whichever staffer is dealing with the aol.com silliness01:23
marienzrww: much appreciated, I've passed them on to everyone involved :)01:28
ubottuldunn called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (velope)06:47
rwwWell, looks like #ubuntu-offtopic is full of odd people again. Perfect time to go to sleep, methinks.06:49
bazhangvelope had some questionable commentary06:50
rwwvelope, and big_t, and I'm not too fond of the rubbing... ban them all!06:50
hypatiai was just pondering sleep too , drat06:51
hypatiamy 3am reminder just went off :)06:51
bazhangnice. v_ , aka jaguar163 is trolling #ubuntu and -ru06:51
bazhangplutu appears to be the .pt problem ban dodger06:52
Jordan_UI read that as "don badger" three times. I think I *need* to get some sleep :)06:55
Jordan_UYou mean Don Badger isn't Zoro's rodent sidekick?06:58
topylimr. badger needs to upload a picture there07:02
bazhangv_ just got banned in -ru , so if he continues in #ubuntu (he was told !ru many times as jaguar163) a +q seems in order07:03
Jordan_UGrr, /aq failed me again.08:21
* Jordan_U makes sure he has the latest autobleh08:21
Jordan_UThat was it, apparently it was a bug in revision 28 that's been fixed in the latest version.08:28
ubottujatt called the ops in #ubuntu ()09:59
cdbsExams over, marking the end of my 4 month long study leave10:10
cdbsjussi: pong10:10
cdbsDid I break the world record of the latest pong ever?10:11
cdbsAnyone has any idea why jussi pinged me? is it urgent?10:31
ikoniaAn_Ony_moose appears (not confirmed) to have been robinetd in #ubuntu-offtopic11:08
jussiIf someone feels like /msg ing a-one and letting him know how to find the access lists - Im needing to go now.11:11
ikoniawhy does he need it ?11:11
jussiI dont know, he just asked.11:12
jussiIM off11:12
ikoniaa-one: hello11:12
ikoniacan we help ?11:12
a-oneI want to also be an assistant11:13
ikoniayes, we saw you ask in #freenode and you where given instructions of what to do in a URL11:13
ikoniaa-one: if you have no more questions, this channel has a no idle policy, so we ask that you leave the channel and return if you have any additional issues related only to the #ubuntu irc channels11:19
ikoniadoes the username uvidesh mean anything to anyone ?11:40
bazhangikonia, got an ident@host for that?11:41
ikonianope, just a user11:42
ikonia(well I think a user)11:42
bazhangjust that nick alone, not really11:42
bazhangdont see him on /wii or /whowas11:42
ikoniathe user a-one messaged me just before he quit saying make me an assistant and I'll behave as uvidesh11:42
jpdsikonia: uvidesh / увидишь - you see in Russian.12:06
jpdsActually, it's probably closer to 'you will see' but ...12:13
ubottuActionParsnip called the ops in #ubuntu (RapidTraffic spam)13:19
SpamapSin #ubuntu-server we have a spammer13:44
SpamapS06:37 < RapidTraffic> Webmasters, you interested in some HQ, 24h ip unique, content and geotargeted  traffic?13:44
SpamapS(I'm in PDT, so thats just 7 minutes ago)13:44
PiciSpamapS: Thanks.  I had spoken to him earlier than that and he said he wouldn't do it again.13:45
Pici:( rather13:45
SpamapS>:| was the one I used13:46
SpamapSPici: thanks for dealing w/ that. :)13:47
ubottukomputes called the ops in #ubuntu ()16:38
ikoniaonce again AcePreshaw is straight back in being a pain20:46
ikoniaI lifted the ban and his first comments where about porn and random, now rebanned and ip banned after he ban dodged by removing his cloak20:47
AcePreshawI'm vaned form ubuntu20:52
AcePreshawI'm baned I fink you ned to grow up ikonia20:54
AcePreshawI'm neding help and you ban me20:54
AcePreshaw_I reporting you ikonia to the ops20:56
AcePreshaw_I like to20:58
AcePreshaw_Make an report agens ikonia plz20:58
AcePreshaw_Some one20:58
Tm_TAcePreshaw_: do you know why you were banned?20:58
h00koh, that was like...3 hours ago23:00
h00kignore me23:00
Picialready done23:00
* h00k isn't surprised :(23:00
h00kA little late to warn Nera about language23:05
KB1JWQIs there a Ubuntu packaging channel?  I've been tasked with making some packages for Lucid for internal use.23:49
PiciKB1JWQ: Theres #ubuntu-packaging23:49
KB1JWQPici: Thanks.  One of these days I should track down a list.23:49
PiciKB1JWQ: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList23:50
KB1JWQPici: Thank you.23:53
hypatiaoh nifty23:54

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