bhearsummagandang umaga sa lahat. pupunta kami sa pilipinas in a few weeks and gusto ko ng temporary phone+data plan. may HTC Desire (android) ako, does anyone know a provider i could use?00:12
Terminusbhearsum: if you're staying in makati, you'll mostly have decent connections with the local telcos. outside of makati, no idea how good it will be. you'll probably max out at 384kbps upstream and downstream. i use a smart prepaid sim and it's around 1 USD for a day, 7 USD for a week, and 28 USD for a month.01:46
Terminusbhearsum: other android users swear by sun as their provider but i haven't really had the chance to test it. gf uses globe and it's mostly ok, although i don't know how data on their prepaid sim works.01:47
YourTubepano ko ibalik yung ubuntu after ko install ibang linux... nawala sa grub... pede ba magtagalog? :)04:20
YourTubeor... pag ginawa ko yung sudo mkdir /media/sda2 and so on.. mawawala ba yung isang linux ko sa grub?04:22
YourTubelooks like people here is busy/05:02
rEnr3nhi yourtube05:38
rEnr3nanung linux ang na-install mo after ubuntu?05:38
epalaw, h4cker? hehehe06:13
YourTubetry ko lang :)06:14
YourTubemkdir /media/sda2 <--pde ko ba run yan sa backtrack at maayos yung grub? 06:15
epalgrub2 sya? hehe06:15
YourTubenewbie lang ako kaya d ko sure...06:16
YourTubeo kelangan yung ubuntu cd talaga?06:16
YourTubethen pag nag-install pa ako ng isang pang linux masisira ba ulit grub?06:17
epalsayang d ni-detect nung installer ng backtrack ung ubuntu?06:17
YourTubekase backtrack base in ubuntu 8.10... kaya parang downgrade06:18
epalhm, dunno.. :D beginner lang din ako hehehe06:18
YourTubegood :)06:18
YourTubetry ko ulit search o try ko insert yung ubuntu cd then repair grub.. kung d mawawala yung backtrack06:19
kidsodatelessall, Magandang Tanghali!06:22
YourTubehapon na dito :)06:24
YourTube>grub  <-?06:45
YourTubepano kung 2 yung linux nakainstall... ano lalagay ko sda1,sda2?06:49
YourTubenow its shows "grub>"   06:55
YourTubei forgot some... i saw this before06:56
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bhearsumTerminus: thanks16:00

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