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DavieyHello friendly release team!  Would someone be able to look at the FFe for bug #727342.  Essentially, a new upstream snapshot which is ahead of Debian Sid because the current version works with Debian kernel, but not ours.  The version string is still less than Sid (due to version scheme change), so we won't have problems syncing when Debian catch up.08:56
ubot4`Launchpad bug 727342 in open-vm-tools (Ubuntu) "FFE: open-vm-tools kernel module failed to build (affects: 25) (dups: 32) (heat: 352)" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72734208:56
DavieySerge has tried to cherry pick a patch, but it was taking a long time, seemed large (concerns of instability, with a large diff)08:57
DavieyI'm also concerned launchpad is going to run out of bug numbers, based on the incoming dupes. :)08:58
ScottKSo is the plan for touch related packages and FFe's "Meh, whatever" this cycle?  They seem to be a bit late to the party with a lot of stuff.11:12
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slangaseklamont: what's wrong with errno.h on allspice? http://launchpadlibrarian.net/66510432/buildlog_ubuntu-natty-amd64.e2fsprogs_1.41.14-1ubuntu2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz16:43
stgraberskaet: when you have a minute, can you look at: bug 736227 ?16:44
ubot4`Launchpad bug 736227 in software-center (Ubuntu) "Feature Freeze Exception for weblive support in software-center (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73622716:44
* skaet looking16:45
dokoslangasek: are there any processor specific optimizations? allspice is newer hardware16:48
slangasekdoko: it's simply failing to find the errno definition... I don't know why that would be processor-specific16:48
lamontslangasek: because it's now a function, not an extern int.16:48
lamontI wonder if it builds on osageorange?16:49
lamontwhich should be same-class hardware as allspice16:49
slangaseklamont: e2fsprogs is /trying/ to include errno.h; it has worked in all my local builds, worked in ppa - but I did see this same failure on one of the metallic ppa buildds (osmium?  thorium?), cleared up when I retried and it got built on a different machine16:50
lamontslangasek: so I'd expect it to reproduce on osageorange in the natty dchroot.  if not, holler and I'll dig into it on allspice.  ok??16:51
* lamont is neck deep in some other stuff atm16:51
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GrueMasterpitti: I just finished testing the new imx51 kernel for bug 605042.  Works fine.  It can be released at your earliest convenience.17:00
ubot4`Launchpad bug 605042 in eglibc (Debian) (and 14 other projects) "[armel] java fails to start with eglibc-2.12-0ubuntu4 (affects: 2) (heat: 22)" [Unknown,Unknown] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60504217:00
pittiGrueMaster: thanks, can you please mark v-done?17:01
GrueMasterThere was no v-needed tag, but sure.17:02
pittiuh, process fail then17:02
GrueMasterWhy fail?  Kernel works.17:03
slangaseklamont: ah, didn't recognize osageorange as a porter box name, I don't think I've ever used the x86_64 porterbox :)  right, will dig into it, thanks17:03
pittiGrueMaster: I mean, it should have gotten a v-needed tag together with the "plz test me" comment17:03
pittiGrueMaster: (nevermind)17:04
GrueMasterah.  :P17:04
GrueMasterWell, added v-done for scripting purposes.17:05
lamontslangasek: osageorange is the new ronne17:05
dokoGrueMaster: re-openened the eglibc task17:11
dokoGrueMaster: because the back-out of the eglibc checkin should be reverted17:17
slangaseklamont: not reproduced on osageorange17:19
GrueMasterAh.  Now I see it in the changelog.17:19
DavieyIs anyone from the release team able to look at the FFe posted waaaaay above?17:35
skaetDaviey,  looked at it earlier this morning, and felt a bit intimidated by the scope of changes, so was hoping that one of the other members of the release team who may have more familiarity with the open-vm-tools could comment.   It looked to me like there were some API changes, and am wondering about the testing with it so far.   Have added comments to that effect into the bug directly.17:59
Davieyskaet, I appreciate it!18:00
Davieyhallyn, ^^18:01
lamontslangasek: sigh18:16
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hallynskaet: Daviey: AIUI it provides both the server and client so api changes shouldn't matter.  A few commenters on the bug have tested it.  I don't have/use vmware so haven't yet...  i can try installing it next week, but note that 'regression' can't apply to the merge since it's unusable now.18:20
hallynskaet: thanks for taking a look :)18:20
slangaseklamont: when you have a moment, could you tell me what crabapple's hw specs and kernel version are?  Trying to diagnose another unreproducible build failure18:23
lamontbbg3 for starters18:23
skaethallyn,  before we pull it in, would like to know its not going to cause issues with current kernel we're using.18:24
lamontProcessor       : ARMv7 Processor rev 5 (v7l)18:24
lamontHardware        : Freescale MX51 Babbage Board18:24
lamontLinux crabapple 2.6.31-608-imx51 #22-Ubuntu Fri Feb 4 20:50:41 UTC 2011 armv7l GNU/Linux18:24
lamontslangasek: going to lunch shortly, btw18:25
slangaseklamont: ok, thanks18:25
hallynskaet: oh, i could run ltp on a host with the modules built in.18:25
slangaseklamont: have a good lunch :)18:25
hallynskaet: though i'm off after today, so afraid again that's working into next week :(18:26
pittiGrueMaster: copied to -updates18:27
GrueMasterCool, thanks.18:27
lamontslangasek: kakadu == crabapple, fwiw18:27
slangaseklamont: righty-o18:27
skaethallyn,  makes me feel a bit better that ltp on a host can run.  :)18:28
lamontthe arm buildds are currently {*aceae,amelanchier}:beaglexm, else bbg318:28
slangaseklamont: still, that means I can't pass the bug off to a Linaro assignee who doesn't have kakadu access, AIUI18:28
lamontslangasek: building a chroot on allspice now, will try e2fsprogs in it after lunch18:28
skaethallyn,  on the other hand, pulling it in now, and you not being around for a few days if things go south, doesn't sound like a great idea ;)18:28
GrueMasterlamont: New kernel for the bb3 pool.  Should help with some issues, namely openjdk.18:29
slangasekah, so if the kernel's being updated anyway, perhaps that makes my question go away18:29
lamontGrueMaster: is that built in -proposed or so?18:30
lamontdammit... lunch.  afk18:30
lamontI have a meeting that I need to be back for18:31
hallynskaet: yeah, today might not be the best day.  Mind you I don't really have any knowledge on vm-tools anyway, I just attacked it bc it looked like kernel module build fixup work18:32
hallynskaet: if we wait until next week, that not necessarily too late?18:32
hallynif so, then i'll aim to install vmware so i'm ready for more testing18:32
skaethallyn,  its definitely a balancing act.   no easy answers.18:36
hallynskaet: ok, well it definately seems too late for this week.  I'll try for monday then.  thanks18:39
hallynDaviey: thanks18:39
DavieyWell, could things with that package go any further south?18:40
DavieyAm i mistaken that this is stuff for use within a virtual machine?18:40
DavieyCurrently, it's totally non-functional.  Worst case scenario is renders a natty vmware virtual machine non-functional, surely.18:41
hallynDaviey: partially.18:41
hallynDaviey: the kernel modules go on teh host.  the userspace package sits int he guest and talks to the host18:41
DavieyAh, that changes things.18:41
DavieyI can see the concern now.18:41
hallynDaviey: still, the kernel modules would only affect users who install the modules of course18:41
hallynyeah so ltp seems a worthwhile check18:42
hallynbut 'couldn't go any further south' still seems right18:42
Davieyhallyn, I assume you have installed the package, not just had others test it?18:51
hallynDaviey: yes, i've installed it on my machine.  I have not however ran vmware to test the guests19:15
hallynDaviey: note that i'm in no way emotionally attached or invested in the bug or the merge, so anyone who wants to test, change, merge something different, or make changes to mine and propose, should feel free :)19:16
Davieyheh, it's just the bug count that is frustrating my inbox :)19:17
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slangasekskaet: multiarch lib uploads progressing; the biggest problem we've seen is that cmake doesn't like having libraries moved outside the search path it knows about, so koffice now FTBFS because /usr/lib/libc.so is gone (no bug report filed yet AFAICS)23:14

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