uvirtbotNew bug: #735830 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "package mysql-server-5.1 5.1.37-1ubuntu5.5 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73583000:12
twbI'm translating /etc/bind to /etc/nsd3.00:53
twbWhat's the nsd equivalent of "auth-nxdomain no"?  Do I even need it?00:53
twbIn this named snippet: http://paste.debian.net/110811/01:41
twbIs "notify yes" applying to the master, or the (presumably downstream) zonedit nameservers?01:42
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^MikeHow can I run SMART tests on a HDD?04:15
twbapt-get install smartmontools04:17
twbsmartctl <something to say "start a short test">04:17
twbsmartctl <something to say "show self-test results">04:18
twbRTFM; I can't remember what the options are04:18
Datzsomething like smartcl -A /dev/sda1 I thought04:19
twbIIRC -A reports all info04:19
twbsmartctl -l selftest /dev/sda04:20
twbsmartctl -t short # or long, if you have a couple hours04:20
Datz-A looks lit it reports all smart attributes04:21
twbYou may also need -d ata for SATA disks, if you're on an old system.04:21
twbDatz: right, but most of those are misleadingly scary04:21
Datzinaccurate I've noticed for some things04:21
Datzbut right, not tests04:22
^Mike"Device does not support SMART"04:26
^MikeWell, if you can make any sense of these logs, I'd appreciate the help: http://sprunge.us/bBGh?txt04:28
twb^Mike: maybe you're behind a RAID card04:30
uvirtbottwb: Error: "Mike:" is not a valid command.04:30
^MikeI doubt it, it's just a cheap external HDD connected to the machine by USB04:30
twb^Mike: "unable to read inode block" I reckon you've made the filesystem slightly larger than the partition -- did you dd it from one to another?04:30
uvirtbottwb: Error: "Mike:" is not a valid command.04:30
twbAlso your name is stupid :-/04:31
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twb\bMike\b: hmm, you're getting it for several partitions, so more likely is just that either the copy is hosed or the disk is dying04:31
\bMike\bno, but I could well have messed up the partition/filesystem sizes anyways04:31
twbOh, and you can't do SMART to a USB enclosure -- if you take the disk out and put it in a SATA slot, then SMART will work04:32
\bMike\boh, ok04:32
\bMike\bhuh, that disk also reports "Partition table entries are not in disk order"04:32
`3ShadesAnyone any good at configuring virutal networks? I am having problems remoting into my virtual machine. I can ssh but not remote in.04:50
`3ShadesI am running ubuntu server 10.10 and I have VM's set up and I would like to be able to remote into those as well from outside my network. I have a standard linksys wireless router.04:52
`3ShadesI have googled to no avail, or at least I'm not understanding what I'm doing wrong.04:53
twbWhat does "remote in" mean04:54
twbAre you running a VNC server in the VM?04:55
`3ShadesI was using remote desktop so...04:55
`3ShadesI set up remote desktop04:55
twb"remote desktop" often means RDP, not VNC.  Make sure you which you mean04:55
`3ShadesI installed gnome gui on the server then set up remote desktop04:55
`3ShadesI went into admin and clicked the allow remote desktop connections...04:55
twb`3Shades: last time I looked that will display a prompt on the VM's local display saying "accept connection? [Yes|no]"04:56
`3Shadesallow users to take control of this computer04:56
`3Shadesyes I clicked accpet connections04:56
`3Shadeswell first I"m just tring to get into the host04:56
twbI don't know04:57
`3ShadesSee it's weird, because i can ssh in.04:57
twbIf you were using a simple X VNC server, I could help.  I'm not familiar with this GNOME stuff04:57
`3Shadesmy dhcp table is set to have the mac address go to an ip address yet when I look up the address you should remote into it says some weird address, but either address I try I cannot remote in.04:58
`3ShadesI know it has something to do with the VM bridge and settings in my linkxys router, but I am lost.04:58
`3Shadeswhat do you recommend I install then04:59
`3Shadesjust vncserver04:59
twbxvncserver4 IIRC04:59
`3Shadescan I apt-get that04:59
twbOr just tunnel X over your ssh connection04:59
twbtightvncserver, on my system, appears to be a simple headless VNC X server05:00
twbWhat you have is probably exporting an existing display over VNC, which is more stupider05:00
`3Shadestightvncserver is already installed05:01
`3ShadesIt seems stuck at security type requested05:05
twbOh yeah, IIRC the vinagre/vino stuff in GNOME implements some non-standard encryption option05:06
twbSo if you checked "encrypt connection" or whatever, then you can't connect to it except from the GNOME VNC client05:07
twbAnd your client will probably just hang showing a black screen05:07
`3Shadesvnc works thanks..05:15
`3Shadesstill need to figure out how to route these VM's to a port though05:16
`3ShadesI'll wait to ask until I have another 10 hours on it lol05:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #735950 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "LOCK TABLE <table> WRITE; does not obtain an exclusive table lock " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73595008:06
xperia_hello to all. i have a strange problem with memcached. it give me allways this error here => DataMemCache Error, Purge Old File from Cache Dir08:27
xperia_where is this Cache Dir of MemCached ? i have searched it but could not find it08:28
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twbxperia_: caches usually go in /var/cache, occasionally /var/lib08:39
whoaskihello all08:40
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whoaskiI just installed ubuntu server w/ apache2, mysql, and rails. tring to configure a developmentserver to bounce code off of08:42
whoaskiI'm new to this and I want to know where i can get information navigating the command line08:43
whoaskiI have the ubuntu server guide08:44
whoaskiit's all installed I just don't know enough to get into it to configure it08:44
xperia_twb okay thanks will just look at it. /var/cache i checked allready but could not find anything related to memcached08:45
xperia_twb hmm strange even in /var/lib i can not find memcached ! any other help08:49
twbxperia_: read the config file?08:51
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xperia_not till yet i will look at it just right now08:51
fakhirI seem to have a IO bottleneck issue but i dont quite understand what it is telling me.  -> http://pastebin.com/Vz1btnbn09:00
_rubenfakhir: i assume sdb is a single sata disk?09:20
fakhir_ruben, yes09:21
fakhirwhat i am seeing is high load average but low CPU usage on a MySQL server.09:21
_rubenthen having ~40 random IOs per second is pretty consistent with the 50% utilization09:22
_rubena sata disk can do about 100 of 'em per second09:22
_rubenand a (busy) (my)sql server tends to do a fair bit random IOs09:22
fakhirany idea why i might be seeing what i am seeing if io is fine?09:25
_rubenhow high is the load average?09:31
fakhir_ruben,  always above 1 typically ~1.5 . CPU percentage is nearly always 0.09:33
_rubeniowait is only 6% btw .. or does it go up a lot?09:44
_rubenand a load of 1 on a 8way system isn't really that much of problem09:45
_ruben1 core is "occupied" while the other 7 are idle (on average)09:45
fakhirohh i see09:46
Davieytwb, Interesting that you prefer to maintain your own netfilter rules.09:56
DavieyWhy is that?09:56
twbDaviey: you mean with respect to blacklisting?09:57
twbIt's a static ruleset09:57
twbhttp://paste.debian.net/110844/ is the active ingredient09:57
Davieytwb, I have a call now, but in an hour or so - i'd like to talk to you further about it.09:58
twbIt'll have to be tomorrow, or trentbuck@gmail.com -- I'm going home shortly09:58
sorentwb: I've never worked out what the difference is between --state and --ctstate.09:59
sorenI guess I never tried to work it out either. :-/09:59
twbsoren: ctstate is "better"09:59
Davieytwb, ok, thanks!09:59
twbI *strongly* recommend anyone writing netfilter rules read http://jengelh.medozas.de/documents/Perfect_Ruleset.pdf10:00
twb...which is cited by #netfilter10:00
sorentwb: Yeah, the good mr. Engelhardt knows what he's talking about.10:07
sorentwb: The only thing in that doc that I didn't know was the ctstate thing. I wonder why the --state thing isn't just replaced entirely by --ctstate.10:07
twbProbably hysteria10:08
sorenYeah, there's a lot of that going around.10:08
* soren is excited about ipset being included in 2.6.39, by the way.10:09
twbEh, DKMS xtables makes that a non-issue10:10
twbI need xtables for something else anyway, I forget what10:11
twbMaybe just -j CHAOS10:11
sorentwb: There's a dkms variant?10:12
twbIt's new in Debian10:13
sorentwb: Or are you thinking of the module-assistant thing?10:13
twbMaybe you suckers don't have it yet10:13
sorentwb: Oh, shiny.10:13
* soren files sync request10:14
sorentwb: Thanks for the hint.10:15
* soren smells an openstack patch brewing10:15
twbMeanwhile flipping nsd3 definitely *will not* DTRT WRT upstart10:16
sorentwb: I didn't fully understand your problem with that.10:16
twbone moment10:18
twbsoren: http://paste.debian.net/110845/10:23
sorentwb: It gets a new PID when you HUP it? That sounds *incredibly* broken.10:25
twbsoren: it *is* smart enough to update its own pidfile10:26
twbBut even so10:26
twbIf you don't specify an allow-transfers {} list, does bind9 default to allowing AXFRs from 0/0 (i.e. everyone)?10:47
twbIt sure looks like it, which explains a lot10:49
twbFuck, I missed tea-time11:03
twbLooks like I'm having ramen for supper again11:03
sorenAh, noodle stuff.11:05
whoaskigood morning11:08
ikoniatwb: easy on the language please11:10
azizLIGHTShow do i run dropbox as a service? this guide is outdated because start-stop-daemon doesnot exist on 10.04? http://wiki.dropbox.com/TipsAndTricks/TextBasedLinuxInstall/UbuntuStartup11:16
azizLIGHTS/etc/init.d/dropbox: 60: start-stop-daemon: not found11:17
joschiazizLIGHTS: it does. it's part of the 'dpkg' package11:21
joschiazizLIGHTS: you just need either a proper $PATH variable set or use the absolute path to the binary11:21
azizLIGHTSoh hm11:22
azizLIGHTSdo i have to undo step 2 listed in the guide to edit /etc/init.d/dropbox ?11:22
azizLIGHTSspecifically this line: sudo update-rc.d dropbox defaults11:22
joschiazizLIGHTS: why would you?11:23
joschiazizLIGHTS: the "init script" is also lacking a proper shebang11:23
azizLIGHTSi dont know im new to linux?11:23
azizLIGHTSwhat is that11:23
azizLIGHTSwhat is the proper shebang i mean11:24
joschiazizLIGHTS: the first line of a script should contain a pointer to the interpreter which will run the script, e. g. #!/bin/sh to use /bin/sh11:24
joschiazizLIGHTS: you could also easily use the upstart-script from the dropbox wiki11:24
azizLIGHTSso this is wrong?11:25
azizLIGHTSjoschi: ok well putting full path /sbin/start-stop-daemon, and adding #!/bin/sh to first line, now the script works with service dropbox start, confirmed it with ./dropbox.py status11:30
Wise_I'm trying to create a disk image of my ubuntu install, with clonezilla... but it's telling me that the partitiont able in the disk is illegal/invalid, not supported by parted, with the error "can't have overlapping partitions", anyone know how I deal with this?11:32
Wise_err, partition table* -_-11:32
azizLIGHTSok i edited the dropbox wiki for it, ty for input joschi11:37
MarkAngHow can I see and change the port used by my Ubuntu server to access the internet?12:15
MarkAngWe're planning on using it to create and distribute images to computers using PXE.12:16
MarkAngBut it isn't able to reach the ubuntu archives, like the ones specified in the sources.list file.12:17
joschiMarkAng: that'll be on destination port 80/tcp (http). the source port is random12:18
MarkAngThe reason I'm asking is that we're operating under a company-wide network that has restrictions on certain ports. For instance, the port used by uTorrent is blocked. Is it possible to instruct my server to use or not use a certain port?12:19
_rubenif they're blocking based on source port, hit 'em with a cluebat, a lot12:22
_rubenif they're blocking port 80, you should probably use the proxy they provide12:22
MarkAngThey're not blocking port 80, as I'm able to access web pages. \12:23
shaunodo you have a specific error from trying to reach the archives?12:24
_rubenwhat does your sources.list look like then? those tend to list http urls12:24
MarkAngThey do. But whenever we issue a command that should use the repositories inside to update and/or install programs (in this case, a GUI for the text-based server)12:25
MarkAngt says it cannot reach the destination files.12:26
MarkAngCannot reach/cannot find.12:26
pmatulis"a GUI for the text-based server"?12:26
MarkAngYes. It's command-line as you know, and we know there are GUI skins available.12:27
MarkAngWe try to install one to make life a little easier for us, but so far no good.12:28
* Pici scratches his head12:28
PiciWhich package are you trying to install?12:28
MarkAngHang on, let me check12:28
pmatulisMarkAng: you most probably need to configure a proxy for apt-get12:28
MarkAngWe use either of the following commands, but neither one works:12:28
MarkAngsudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop12:28
MarkAngsudo aptitude  install --no-install-recommends ubuntu-desktop12:29
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MarkAngBoth commands should fetch a desktop-like environment and overlay it over the command-line.12:31
MarkAngBut like said before, they don't work.12:31
pmatulisMarkAng: well.  is your company using a proxy or not?12:34
MarkAngI think they are, yes. Im an IT intern, so I'm not sure what it is.12:34
Caribouyou would need a statement like "Acquire::http::proxy "{proxy URL}"; in /etc/apt/apt.conf file12:37
MarkAngIt's a large organisation, spanning multiple cities and with hundreds of schools. The only persons that could tell me what the proxy is are out of reach.12:44
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* _ruben puts a sticker MarkAng's server: Warranty void if desktop packages are installed12:46
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CaribouMarkAng: don't you have a web browser somewhere that would be configured with the same proxy ?12:52
MarkAngI just asked an admin that returned to the office, and we have no proxy.12:59
pmatulisMarkAng: confirm that your server can reach the internet in general?13:00
Caribouyou might want to try 'wget http://www.google.com' to see if you can hit the Internet13:01
pmatulisCaribou: are you dumming down my comments or do you not see what i'm writing?13:03
Piciw3m is installed by default I believe.13:04
Caribouno, I'm just adding a suggestion to your comment : he could confirm that he can reach the internet by doing that. Sorry if it seems rude13:04
pmatulisCaribou: alright13:05
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RoAkSoAxmorning all13:28
SpamapSRoAkSoAx: howdy13:30
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RoAkSoAxSpamapS: how's it going man, up early today huh?13:31
RapidTrafficWebmasters, you interested in some HQ, 24h ip unique, content and geotargeted traffic?13:37
SpamapSRoAkSoAx: always.. the baby knows just when to wake me up so I can't go back to sleep :p13:39
RoAkSoAxSpamapS: look the bright side.. you can now say you wake up earlier than everybody else her ein the US >P13:43
RoAkSoAx(everybody else on the team)13:43
zulSpamapS: its genetic ;)13:50
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medberryCaribou, howdy14:04
* Caribou waves back14:05
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yann2hello! what is the most appropriate package to provide the command "mail" - mailutils?14:39
yann2there is also bsd-mailx...14:41
hallyni think i usually install mailutils14:41
hallyndunno why.  works, though.14:42
sorenI used to use mailx.14:42
genii-aroundyann2: It used to be something like bsd-mailutils but I think just the mailutils now14:42
sorenIn acient times, at least.14:42
sorenFor the last decade, I've used mutt, though.14:42
soren..but if I needed "mail", I'd use mailx. No particular reason.14:42
yann2soren, so used I, but http://pastealacon.com/2700114:42
sorenyann2: bsd-mailx == mailx, IIRC.14:43
patdk-wkwell, mailx == rh mail, and most other peoples mail command14:43
yann2ok, I ll go for that14:44
uvirtbotNew bug: #736149 in bind9 (main) "Ubuntu 10.10 host command ignores all conf files" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73614914:51
bricasI set up some logrotate config files for my web server logs (monthly rotation), it's been running well over the last 6 months -- except for some reason it decided to rotate things yesterday (15th). Anyone else experience this? Any hints as to how I might diagnose why?15:05
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Davieybricas, Depends on the rotate rule.... Did it rotate on filesize, rather than date?15:18
bricasDaviey: http://nopaste.snit.ch/37851 # changed real domain to example.com for the paste, but everything else is straight copy+paste.15:20
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Davieybricas, how odd... Nothing obvious is jumping out at me.15:24
bricasDaviey: yeah, i didn't think my config was off -- like i said, it's been running well for the last 6 months. on the 1st of each month, it seems to fire.15:25
bricasDaviey: there's no obvious place that would log something like "logrotate running .. rotating log $foo because of $bar" ?15:25
Davieynot really..15:26
bricasof course not :)15:27
* patdk-wk teachs bricas to use symlinks :)15:48
bricaspatdk-wk: ...? rather than a copy of the log, perhaps? :)15:50
patdk-wkya :)15:50
bricaspatdk-wk: i only did a copy because i was afraid someone was going to mess that file up, honestly. paranoid am i. :)15:51
hallynDaviey: if you'd like to chat sometime about https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ubuntutheproject-community-n-server, please ping me.15:58
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RoAkSoAxhallyn: hallyn include me on your conversation ^^16:00
Davieyhallyn / RoAkSoAx: Yes!  That would be wonderful.. I'm so pleased you are both enthusiastic about that one. :)16:04
RoAkSoAxDaviey: :)16:09
uvirtbotNew bug: #736205 in squid (main) "package squid 2.7.STABLE7-1ubuntu12.2 failed to install/upgrade: подпроцесс установлен сценарий post-installation возвратил код ошибки 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73620516:16
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patdk-wk1.7sec page load time :(17:40
jiboumanssoren, ttx, are you guys likely to head the celery way for messaging? http://wiki.openstack.org/UseCeleryAsQueueManager17:43
* RoAkSoAx goes out for lunch17:52
SpamapSpatdk-wk: no surprise when your mysql db is on a t1.micro ;)18:17
patdk-wkSpamapS, actually, it's more of an issue of only using 1 dns name for the server :)18:25
patdk-wk500ms per request, and they are getting delayed :)18:25
SpamapSso its not 1 dns name, but that you didn't have the dns name cached18:30
SpamapSmy resolver responds in 50 - 100 ms once its cached..18:31
SpamapSyour browser shouldn't be requesting it multiple times18:31
_rubenhm, a dig +trace wiki.spamaps.org doesn't go beyond the .org servers18:35
zuljiboumans: probably not but check on #openstack18:39
jiboumanszul: will do18:39
hallynkirkland: around ?18:48
hallynkirkland: the vgabios package's links file is still sending links to /usr/share/kvm.  is tehre a reason for that?  or can i fix that to /usr/share/qemu?18:49
hallynkirkland: bc otherwise if you isntall vgabios first and then qemu-kvm, then qemu-kvm doesn't find vgabios18:49
kirklandhallyn: howdy18:50
kirklandhallyn: please put it in /usr/share/qemu18:51
orudiewhat is the minimum ram required for ubuntu server 64 bit ?19:05
genii-aroundorudie: I have a box here with 192Mb it runs on19:06
cloakableI've seen a minimal install use 32Mb19:07
orudieso 64 bit is recommended ?19:07
genii-aroundif your cpu is 64 bit19:08
_ruben128MB seems to be the documented minimum19:08
kirklandhallyn: you've been on a bug triaging tear :-)19:51
kirklandhallyn: my bug-mail inbox is *full*  :-)19:51
kirklandhallyn: also, i see the vgabios merge proposal ... don't you have upload rights to vgabios?19:53
kirklandhallyn: or do you just want a sanity check?19:53
geekbriquestion, is there something lightweight that can be installed if i only want to do outgoing mail from my server and dont care about incoming mail?19:58
SpamapSgeekbri: smail might be what you're looking for20:02
geekbriSpamapS: thanks20:05
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jsemarI need to set up an smtp server to act as a relay for my ec2 instances, can one of you guys point me to a decent tutorial for that?20:16
cloakableapt-get install postfix20:18
cloakableFollow directions.20:18
jsemarthanks cloakable20:19
jsemarthats awesome20:19
cloakablejsemar: ubuntu is pretty easy to use :)20:19
jsemaryeah i know, but your answer is useless, obviously i can install postfix, but i need for the ec2 instance to have its postfix .cnf file send mail to my postfix installation on probably linode20:20
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jsemarso theres authentication, and all sorts of things besides 'sudo apt-get install postfix'20:21
cloakableBy default ubuntu postfix uses system accounts. You want smarthosting.20:22
_rubenwell, you didn't mention authentication in the first place20:22
cloakableAlso, does your linode have a static ip? Use that for authentication.20:23
_rubenno experience with ec2, but if the ips are static, you can just use those as restrictions20:23
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jsemaryou wouldnt recommend using sasl/smpt auth20:29
_rubendepends on the scenario20:32
geekbridamnit, is there anyway to find out why another mail server is refusing your connection... I know i must be missing something that is causing it to make me marked as spam and refusing my connection but they just say error 550 connection refused20:40
=== med_brb is now known as medberry
_rubencontact its postmaster20:41
Patrickdkheh, ip's for ec2 are static per instance20:46
Patrickdkso if you use ebs fs's, and stop/start, ip will change20:47
Patrickdkkind of like a cable modem :)20:48
Patrickdkas long as it doesn't go down, your likely to have the same ip forever20:48
Patrickdkbut no guarrentee :)20:48
geekbriwell yeah that i know20:54
geekbribut i have an elastic IP assigned to the instnace20:54
SpamapSjsemar: given that your instances will be ephemeral, you'll probably want to use sasl+tls20:56
SpamapSjsemar: Its similar to the config I use for my laptop to relay through a smart host.20:57
RoyKnatty installation was quite nice, btw, at least on the desktop - it starts installing in the background before asking stupid questions like username/timezone etc :)20:57
SpamapSgeekbri: EC2 ips, even the elastic IPs, are pretty much banned by now20:57
SpamapStoo much abuse out there.20:57
SpamapSRoyK: I think Maverick did that too..20:58
geekbrii guess that makes sense... its just unfortunate when you want to send automated emails to yourself :)20:58
SpamapSdoes.. shouldn't refer to the stable release in the past tense.. ;)20:58
RoyKSpamapS: oh - dunno - haven't installed a maverick desktop yet - only upgraded to it...20:58
geekbriyou know whats nice?21:01
geekbriubuntu on ec2, i haven't found a server distro with as much support as it yet.21:01
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ccmHi there21:23
hallynkirkland: I don't yet have the upload rights22:03
hallyn(I test with a vmbuilder push that I want to do every morning :)22:03
=== MTeck is now known as MTecknology
kirklandhallyn: still around?22:39
hallynkirkland: what's up?22:41
kirklandhallyn: just sent you the kvm auto install magic22:41
hallynah, thanks.22:41
kirklandhallyn: essentially, it's:22:41
kirklandboot an ubuntu server ISO and append "priority=critical locale=en_US url=http://bit.ly/ubuntu-nqa" to the kernel  command line22:41
kirklandhallyn: noting that we might need to tweak the preseed file which is pointed to by url=http://bit.ly/ubuntu-nqa"22:42
kirklandnqa is my acronym for "no questions asked"22:42
hallynand so i should test it and send it on to the kvm-autotest folks?22:42
* hallyn is watching grub compile and his memory is failing him22:43
kirklandhallyn: right22:45
kirklandhallyn: what i've never quite been clear on22:46
kirklandhallyn: is what/how they want to call this22:46
kirklandhallyn: note that the preseed pointed to by that bit.ly link should probably go into kvm-autotest's source control22:46
kirklandhallyn: and it'll need to be web-retrievable from somewhere, perhaps a raw git print22:46
kirklandhallyn: and you can shorten that with bit.ly or the like22:46
kirklandhallyn: does that make sense?22:47
hallynare bit.ly links permanent?22:47
oraqolhey yall, quick question, what exactly is Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud?  Is it a virtualization platform?  I've got a quadcore amd 6 gig rig, is that enough to support it?22:47
hallyn(that is, until .ly goes down :)22:47
kirklandhallyn: yeah22:48
kirklandhallyn: sure22:48
kirklandhallyn: full urls are fine too in there22:48
kirklandhallyn: and if it's called by a script, there's no need to obfuscate it behind a url shortener22:48
hallynkirkland: ok, i'll take a look at that next week.  (i'm out rest of this week).  thanks22:49
kirklandhallyn: if you're typing it in by hand (which i do often do to quickly get a vm installed, hands off)22:49
kirklandhallyn: it's nice to have a bit.ly link :-)22:49
kirklandhallyn: sure22:49
hallynyou control your dns don't you  so you could shorten p.c.c/~kirkland/preseed.cfg22:49
kirklandhallyn: heh22:49
kirklandhallyn: i reckon i could22:49
kirklandhallyn: i'm at austin java, at the moment though22:50
kirklandhallyn: and i haven't pwned their dns....yet.... :-)22:50
hallynah   been back to thunderbird?22:50
kirklandhallyn: i haven't, actually22:50
kirklandhallyn: i just finished the bag of beans i bought there, though, so i was thinking about it yesterday22:50
kirklandhallyn: i didn't pick you to be one for march madness22:50
hallynyou'd have been right22:51
kirkland*robbiew is taking the rest of the week off to watch basketball :-P22:51
RoAkSoAxkirkland: maybe magic can be put into cobbler to install images with koan using that presseed22:51
hallynoh :)22:51
kirklandRoAkSoAx: either there, or in orchestra22:51
hallynunrelated :)22:51
kirklandhallyn: i know, i was kidding22:51
kirklandhallyn: i assume you care none whatsoever for NCAA basketball :-)22:52
hallynright, but apparently our esteemed prez does22:52
oraqolno love?22:53
hallynso i found 'conboy' for the n900 today.  it does tomboy format, and syncs to ubuntu one!  yay22:53
hallynoraqol: kirkland could answer you best i think :)22:53
RoAkSoAxkirkland: definitely in orchestra. But with koan we can easily install KVM images using it on the host, but right now the use of koan to install Ubuntu images is broken :)22:53
kirklandoraqol: what's your question?22:53
hallyn(just hit up-arrow twice i think)22:54
oraqolis it a virtualization platform?22:54
kirklandoraqol: UEC = Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud22:54
kirklandoraqol: i suppose you could call it a virtualization platform; your hardware is enough to support it, yes22:55
hallynoraqol: it's intended for making clusters.  what is your intended use?22:55
kirklandoraqol: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/CDInstall#STEP%201:%20Prerequisites22:55
oraqolright now im running two vms on vanilla ubuntu server, one of which is a pbx, should i just be using uec as the host os?22:55
kirklandhallyn: i'll commit/upload vgabios now, if you like22:56
kirklandoraqol: do you often need to spin new vm's up and down?22:56
oraqolno, they tend to be always running22:57
hallynkirkland: please do, thanks22:57
kirklandoraqol: probably not necessary in your case22:57
kirklandoraqol: kvm + libvirt is probably enough22:57
oraqolok cool, thanks guys, much more responsive than the #ubuntu chan22:57
hallynall right one more attempt at building grub2 in my vm.  then i give22:58
kirklandhallyn: oh22:58
kirklandhallyn: actually, we need one more thing to make this vgabios work22:58
kirkland$ dpkg -S /usr/share/qemu/vgabios.bin22:59
kirklandqemu-common: /usr/share/qemu/vgabios.bin22:59
kirklandhallyn: qemu-common puts symlinks in that particular path22:59
kirklandhallyn: so we'll have dpkg conflicts22:59
hallynhold on - maybe not (checking)22:59
hallynso why does qemu-common create that link?  if it doesn't provide the file?23:00
kirklandhallyn: so actually, i think we just need to remove vgabios/debian/links entirely23:00
kirklandhallyn: okay, here's the logic ...23:00
hallynwell then qemu-common needs to add a bunch more23:00
hallyn(vgabios.qxl.bin, etc)23:00
kirklandhallyn: vgabios puts its bios files in a path that it "owns", /usr/share/vgabios/*23:00
kirklandhallyn: qemu-common depends on vgabios to be functional23:01
kirklandhallyn: and qemu, itself, expects those vgabios files to be in /usr/share/qemu/*23:01
kirklandhallyn: so it should be up to qemu to put symlinks in its owned path to the data it needs23:01
kirklandhallyn: and if qemu needs to add more links, then so be it23:02
kirklandhallyn: but it should be up to qemu package to do that23:02
kirklandhallyn: makes sense?23:02
hallynit does make sense23:02
hallynso scratch that merge request :)23:03
kirklandhallyn: okay, i'm going to fix that in the branch and upload23:03
hallynwhich branch?23:03
hallynboth should be done at once, probably, so if you wanted to wait until monday...23:03
hallyni.e. you can't remove the links from vgabios without fixing qemu-common, without biting some people, right?23:04
kirklandhallyn: hmm, no, i don't think that's a problem23:05
kirklandhallyn: what extra links are needed in qemu-common?23:05
kirklandhallyn: vgabios uploaded23:06
kirklandhallyn: i'm looking at qemu now23:06
hallynWell, vgabios has all those oterh bios names now...23:08
kirklandhallyn: ah, yes, i see23:09
kirklandhallyn: i'll get those fixed now23:09
hallynkirkland: thanks!23:10
kirklandhallyn: gotta run now, but i'll get it uploaded tonight23:15
kirklandhallyn: bzr is really slow over public wifi :-(23:15
hallynkirkland: s/over.$//23:17
hallynoh no did i say that?23:18
hallynkirkland: thanks, ttyl23:18
hallynkirkland: btw, it helps to preseed (if you will) your laptop...  I have one shared bzr repo which makes subsequent re-fetches of a tree pretty fast no matter what23:19

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