jprobeHi, I was wanting to provide a laptop test for Natty 11.04.  Is this the correct forum for asking a question about that?05:38
kidsodatelessjprobe, yes your in the right channel.05:39
jprobeSo, I've looked through the laptop reports and have not found any for my model.  I made a wiki and was just about to create one for my model.  I was just wondering if I needed to ask anyone before just jumping in.05:41
jprobeHi, kidsodateless, btw05:41
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jprobeHas anyone on this forum had any experience testing the 64bit version of 11.04 A3?21:35
charlie-tcaI run natty 64bit, Xubuntu, here21:36
jprobeI'm trying to do test my laptop's compatibility, but I am having a difficult time getting my machine to run my iso.  I would like to make a report for Launchpad, but I'm afraid it may be more of a hassle than it's worth.21:40
jprobeI would try testing an x86 version, but since my machine's 64bit I figure they would  want me to try that option.21:41
jprobeAny suggestions on who I should contact about this?21:41
sbeattiejprobe: you may wish to grab a daily image over the a3 image, available from http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/daily/current/21:42
jprobeThat's actually where I got my current image.  Downloaded it this morning.21:43
charlie-tcacurrent images should be working tomorrow21:43
charlie-tcathey are broke today.21:44
jprobeThat happens?21:44
charlie-tcaat least, desktop images are broken21:44
charlie-tcayes, it happens. It is development, and small changes can break things21:44
jprobeWell, thanks for the heads up.  I've been fooling around with this for a couple hours on and off, just getting frustrated.  Wow.21:45
charlie-tcaI test both 32bit and 64bit, myself. I happen to have a couple of extra machines, and also use Virtualbox21:45
jprobeWhere would you reccommend I look to keep abreast of these 'breakages'?21:46
charlie-tcaUsually, #ubuntu+1 will know if it works each day21:46
charlie-tcabut sometimes it is hard to find out. We have been trying everyday this week to get it fixed, and each time the devs think they have it, something else breaks21:47
charlie-tcaI also monitor #ubuntu-installer, for any failures21:47
jprobeRight on.  Do you make two reports for LP, or how do you go about testing both?21:49
charlie-tcaNo, if both images fail for the same thing, it is only one bug21:49
charlie-tcaI just note in the bug report that both arches failed21:49
charlie-tcaI also test ubuntu and xubuntu, so it gets a bit involved sometime4s21:50
charlie-tcathe good side is that I can verify the bug actually exists, if it is in both 32 and 64, or Ubuntu and Xubuntu21:51
charlie-tcaSometimes running all the images, we can narrow a bug down real fast, too.21:55
jprobeThat is pretty involved.  This is really my first time running a test on a3.  I've done system tests in 10.10, but I was just wondering if you run through the list of tests on the testcases site, or how you perform all of your tests.21:56
charlie-tcaAs much as possible, stick to the testcases21:57
charlie-tcaI can't possible test all the applications, but I can test the installations, and I reboot every one of them to make sure they restart after running updates.21:58
charlie-tcaI do a different partitioning method each day, rather than try to cover everything every day21:59
jprobeJust have the whole hard drive to work with?  Groovy.  I'm working beside two other operating systems.  It feels kinda' cramped.22:01
charlie-tcaYou do what you can, every test is appreciated!22:02
charlie-tcaof course, sometimes, I go through all the tests, just to find out the bug is already fixed, too.22:03
jprobeHey charlie-tca and sbeattie thanks for the support, the channels, the pointers, and the heads-up.  I'll be sure to be prepared for these breaks.  I've gotta head out, but for reference, is this the spot to ask these types of questions?22:06
charlie-tcathis is a good place to ask them, yes22:07
jprobeRight on, thanks again.  Cheers!22:07

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