dpmgood morning all07:31
gtriderxcHi I found a bug in translation and want to correct it but need Your help. I'd like to know where can I find the strings of a manager that we can see when we hit CTRL+ALT+DEL I mean the strings: shut down, reboot, hibernate, suspend etc.?07:55
dpmgtriderxc, the ctrl+alt+del functionality was disabled a couple of cycles ago IIRC, but I think these strings come either from gnome-power-manager or from gnome-session/session-indicator08:04
gtriderxcmy ctrl+alt_del still works:)08:07
gtriderxcthe problem is: shu_t down AND reboo_t  >>> _t keyboard shortcut08:09
gtriderxchowever I'll try to fix it for people using 10.0408:10
gtriderxctheir ctrl+alt+del should still work08:10
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