GreenbeanHeya Zillah02:09
zillahwhatcha up to man?02:09
Greenbeanavoiding some programming for Dr. Zhang.02:09
zillahstill AMPT?02:10
GreenbeanIt's the same stuff you did I think. I just have a utility I wrote to make things go faster.02:10
zillahi was adding jpsi to all the ampt code02:10
GreenbeanOkay, then I'm not doing ANYTHING you were doing. The simulation is done in FORTRAN I think. I just take the data and make it pretty.02:11
zillahbut the ratio of part/collision wasn't coming out right, esp at n<1000 i think02:11
zillahyeah, i was modifying the fortran to add jpsi particles02:11
GreenbeanI think he's got the simulation down. We're pretty happy with it at the moment.02:12
zillahif there are comments in the code that start with cmc instead of cbz, that's me  lol02:12
GreenbeanA guy from China came in for a couple of weeks last summer to help him parallellize the code.02:12
zillahah cool02:12
GreenbeanNow I just get .res files that have to be concatanated and crunched.02:13
zillahfun stuff02:13
GreenbeanI wrote the tool in (now get this) awk.02:13
zillahawk rawks02:13
GreenbeanI've got about 10 files that are called sequentially from a bash shell. It makes pretty data that I take into gnuplot.02:14
GreenbeanAnd awk was written by someone insane.02:14
zillahi have a hardcopy manual for awk somewhere at my store02:14
zillahit's from the 70s i think02:14
GreenbeanWho the fuck calls a file from outside the main body of the program?02:15
GreenbeanWell, the three guys responsible for awk thought it was a good idea.02:15
zillahi miss working on that stuff02:15
zillahi'm considering a master's in computational physics at uni of memphis02:16
GreenbeanIt just strikes me as a workaround that never got fixed the right way.02:16
GreenbeanThere's such a thing?02:16
GreenbeanSo basically you'll be getting a masters in what I'm doing right now?02:17
GreenbeanOr do I not understand what computational physics is?02:17
zillahComputational Physics, thesis program (30 credit hours)02:17
zillah(Physics Program core requirement*: 9 credit hours, Concentration requirement: 6 credit hours, Thesis: 6 credit hours, Additional courses: 9 credit hours)02:17
GreenbeanJust 30? That's ... short!02:18
GreenbeanWhere do you hope to go with that degree?02:19
GreenbeanWhat the hell?02:20
zillah_i missed anything that was said after i pasted that link02:20
zillah_i have a bad battery and accidentally unplugged my laptop02:20
=== zillah_ is now known as zillah
GreenbeanI said that 30 credit hours seems short enough, and asked what you planned to do with a degree in comp phys.02:21
zillahoh, i guess just play with fortran all day lol02:21
GreenbeanZhang didn't let me see that code.02:21
GreenbeanHe'd rather I actually analyze data so we can publish.02:22
zillahi think i have all the ampt code somewhere02:22
zillahit's all online, but not in the form you are using it in now02:22
GreenbeanAnd really, the problem was that the analysis was a pain in the ass. You could do it by hand if you *really* wanted to, but I needed to write that tool.02:22
GreenbeanI've made it a black box. Data goes on your desktop, run the tool. Folder created and populated with data ready for gnuplot.02:24
GreenbeanOn a netbook with an atom processor.02:24
GreenbeanOr I can run it on my desktop, which would get bored with piddly shit like this.02:24
zillahi've been playing with monte carlo methods to calculate pi02:25
zillahmonte carlo is how most of the core of ampt work02:25
GreenbeanI thought that was straighforward.02:25
zillahwell it is02:25
zillahi'm starting simple02:26
GreenbeanNow is AMPT something that Zhang is using now?02:26
GreenbeanIt's only known to me as "the simulation"02:26
zillahi think i have the ampt paper if you wanna read it lol02:26
GreenbeanSun comes up, sun comes down, you can't explain that.02:26
zillahit's a collection of 5 other programs02:27
GreenbeanTide goes in, stain comes out. You can't explain that.02:27
zillahhijing, zpc, etc02:27
GreenbeanOkay, so this is just a massive toolchain.02:27
GreenbeanWe need one huMONgous bash wrapper.02:27
GreenbeanGetting chili02:28
zillahyou'll probably recognize some gnuplot graphs lol02:30
GreenbeanI think he wanted me to read this, actually.02:31
zillahthat's ampt in a nutshell02:31
GreenbeanYep.  That's them. Kind of ugly though.02:31
zillahhijing is the monte-carlo generator02:32
Greenbeanwait... tamu.edu? Was this his graduate work?02:32
zillahyeah i think so02:32
GreenbeanWell, at least his English has improved.02:32
zillahnow dr. li is at tamu02:33
Greenbeanwhere is that?02:33
zillahtexas a&m02:33
zillahthey've both been working on that, but zhang uses it for particle accelerator collisions and li uses it to study stars02:33
zillahi think02:33
GreenbeanWell it's fundamentally the same thing.02:34
GreenbeanExcept that no star can fuse Au.02:34
zillahlol, well it could if you could get the au to it probably  :P02:34
GreenbeanNothing short of a supernova is going to do that. Most likely going to fuse Fe into superheavies and Au, Pb, and everything else would be a decay product.02:35
GreenbeanI say that like you don't know this already, right?02:36
zillahmy astronomy is poor, i'm not even sure what classifies a supernova02:36
zillahi'm in zhangs world...accelerators02:36
zillahactually i have problems with non-newtonian physics02:37
zillahi should have been an engineer :P02:37
GreenbeanA star runs out of Oxygen to fuse at its core and only iron is left. Fusing iron is exothermic, and fusion can't continue. The core collapses under its own weight because there is no more outward pressure. The iron rebounds from this and the resulting shock wave rips the star apart.02:38
zillahsee...i though stars just made deuterium and helium from fusing hydrogen02:39
zillahi'm dumb  :(02:39
GreenbeanThey do.  That's the first stage. Then they fuse Helium (iff they're big enough, and our sun is). Then they fuse the He into carbon *our sun isn't big enough)02:40
GreenbeanThen carbon to O2, O2 to Fe. Fe to asplosion.02:40
zillahah, so i'm not so dumb then02:41
GreenbeanNope. You're pretty bright.02:41
zillahbut not as bright as a supernova02:42
GreenbeanNot much is.02:42
GreenbeanBut I can see how a radiative transport model could be used to study stellar fusion.02:42
Greenbean*Very* simple case.02:42
GreenbeanI got to give a rather comprehensive talk at the ASU symposium last spring on this.02:43
zillahah cool02:44
GreenbeanIt was great.02:44
GreenbeanThere was a girl there from the math department. Nobody followed a word she said. Even the other PhDs02:44
zillahnot even dr. paulsen?02:44
GreenbeanWasn't there.02:44
GreenbeanIt was Dr. Choi's student I think.02:45
GreenbeanI had no idea what to ask during Q&A.02:45
GreenbeanNobody did.02:45
Greenbean"Did you have to use fractions?"02:45
zillahare you still a physics major?02:46
zillahso when's graduation?02:46
GreenbeanBut I'll probably finish my philosophy degree first.02:47
GreenbeanNot sure. I got scrammed in cal 2 again. I missed the midterm and can't make it up.02:47
GreenbeanShit happens.02:47
zillahi took it during the summer with paulsen and did great02:48
zillahi had cal 3 with abernathy and barely passed though02:48
GreenbeanI'm going 1/2 time next fall. I've got too much on my plate. I'd like to do it during the summer, but I'm not sure how I'll pay for it.02:48
zillahwhich killed me later in math phys and e&m on the vector calculus02:48
GreenbeanThing is, I KNOW this shit. I know I know it. I just don't have time to practice.02:49
zillahyou're doing better than i did then...i had no clue what was going on most of the time02:50
GreenbeanSo you didn't do the same kinds of problems over and over again like in other physics courses?02:50
zillahnot really, we usually only had time to pick problems here and there it seemed...not much repetition02:50
GreenbeanSo far, the math in my physics courses vs. the math in my calculus courses is nothing alike.02:50
zillahlol, get used to that  :P02:51
GreenbeanI can generally rape-stomp physics mathematics.02:51
GreenbeanBecause it makes sense.02:51
GreenbeanPhysics is to math what sex is to masturbation.02:51
zillahlol jennifer didn't seem impressed with that idea...but she was a math major  lol02:52
GreenbeanSo am I and she can be wrong if she wants.02:52
zillahi missed out on my math minor02:53
GreenbeanWhat did you lack?02:53
zillahturns out the statistics class i took didn't count towards the minor, so i was three hours short02:53
kwadrokeanyone still around?02:54
zillahhi kwadroke02:54
kwadrokehello zillah02:54
GreenbeanThat sucks zillah02:55
zillahhow are you tonight?02:55
GreenbeanI suppose you could GET those three hours, but meh...02:55
kwadrokedoing ok02:56
zillahyeah, i think a physics major implies a math minor anyhow02:56
GreenbeanFrom Dr. Gunther: "If you can do physics, everybody already knows you can do math."02:57
zillahlol exactly02:57
GreenbeanDamn fractions.02:58
DoubleBNow why can't they talk about cool stuff like this on the news? http://www.space.com/11127-nasa-space-station-robot-unpack-robonaut2.html03:00
GreenbeanBecause it has nothing to do with either Paris Hilton or Charlie Sheen.03:00
kwadrokegood or cool news doesn't get good ratings03:00
kwadrokethat's why we have the internet03:01
GreenbeanFox News to the rescue.03:01
zillahhe looks awesome! i want one!03:01
GreenbeanBut seriously, regarding Glenn Beck, how bat-shit crazy do you have to be to make Bill O'Reilly look well adjusted?03:02
kwadrokenow how does that robot look like r2d2?03:03
zillahdude...robonaut uses powerpc processors03:03
kwadrokebesides it's white?03:03
DoubleBGreenbean, do you have a bug out bag and a year's worth of can goods?03:03
GreenbeanI was just looking at that. Guess it runs Amiga OS.03:03
DoubleByeah I saw that zillah ibm must have helped GM03:04
kwadrokeDebian runs on PPC03:04
Greenbean... WHO SENT YOU!?!?03:04
GreenbeanI have an Ubuntu disk around here somewhere that runs on my old G3 blue and white.03:05
zillahhaha, i have a blue g3 too, but the power supply and/or logic board died03:05
GreenbeanWonder why they went with POWER?03:05
kwadrokeyeah. there used to be a PPC version of Ubuntu03:05
DoubleBthe PPC Ubuntu is not well supported these days03:06
GreenbeanNeither is the platform to my understanding.03:06
kwadrokeIBM likes PPC03:06
kwadrokePOWER is their processor, if I remember correctly03:07
zillahPerformance Optimization With Enhanced RISC03:07
zillah= POWER03:07
GreenbeanWouldn't ARM be a better efficiency choice?03:08
zillahi would think so03:08
kwadrokeI was thinking the same03:09
GreenbeanI'm just jealous because I don't have my own space droid.03:09
zillahnasa probably has tons of PPC programmers though and nobody writing arm code yet03:09
GreenbeanPossibly this thing hit the drawing board long before ARM was a thing. I've been hearing about it for at least the last two years.03:09
kwadrokemost tech nasa uses is typically 5 years or more out of date03:10
GreenbeanI've got first-hand experience of those NDA lock-in deals.03:10
DoubleBso when are the sexbots coming out?03:10
GreenbeanWay ahead of you, buddy.03:11
kwadrokeAmerica is not the leader in that. Look to Japan for those03:11
DoubleBJapan has some kickass robots03:11
zillahand i think ppc is suited well for parallel processing, not sure about arm03:11
GreenbeanYeah zillah, but 38 processors?03:12
kwadrokeppc is pretty mature03:12
GreenbeanI might just buy that argument if they were using, say, one.03:12
zillahummm...why would you need parallel processing with only one processor?03:13
kwadrokemight be lower power ppcs so they needed to have several03:13
GreenbeanOh to hell with it. Let's make our own.03:13
zillahi still want to make a computer for the weather balloon stuff using a PIC micro03:13
Greenbean@zillah: They didn't say a total of 38 cores, they said physical cpu's.03:13
GreenbeanNow is this thing some sort of telo-operator?03:14
GreenbeanI seem to remember reading that it was.03:15
zillahis what thing?03:15
DoubleBthey called it a waiter in one paragraph03:15
GreenbeanWhat I'm attempting to get at is that this robot couldn't possibly interact with its environment autonomously. The state of robotics isn't there. However telo-operators are old news. I could see R2 being remotely controlled and mimicking 1:1 movements from a technician somewhere.03:17
kwadroke"imagine a beowulf cluster of these"03:17
zillahlol kwadroke03:18
kwadrokeI'm sure someone on the ISS will be controlling it03:18
GreenbeanWell, if it's in LEO, it could be controlled from the ground.03:19
zillahlol yeah but the lag would be like playing WoW on satellite modem03:19
GreenbeanWhen you're tightening bolts, that's acceptable.03:19
GreenbeanThe delay would be around 1/10th second round trip.03:20
GreenbeanIf abortion is murder, then are blowjobs cannibalism? Discuss.03:23
DoubleBno jacking of is murder03:23
DoubleBI think Palin would think so.03:24
GreenbeanWell, little Sarah is a special case.03:25
GreenbeanCan you imagine how much worse she would be talked about if she wasn't hot?03:26
DoubleBI heard her army hero son was put in the army for being a little dick.03:27
GreenbeanThat's a good place to get that fixed.03:27
DoubleByou know to teach him a thang or two03:27
GreenbeanHey, I've been through some of that myself. It's a good place to get your attitude adjusted.03:28
kwadrokeanyone tried the new Red Eclipse 1.0 yet?03:31
GreenbeanWhat is it?03:31
kwadrokeFirst Person Shooter03:31
kwadrokeuses the Cube 2/Sauerbraten engine03:31
GreenbeanYou know, I almost reflexively asked if it had a Linux client.03:31
DoubleBI am not criticizing it. I support the military.03:32
GreenbeanDownloading it now.03:33
zillahi'll be back in a min03:33
kwadrokeGreenbean: yes, it has a Linux client :)03:33
kwadrokealthough I'm on a Windows box right now :(03:33
GreenbeanI've got a nice multi-box at the moment.03:34
GreenbeanWhich just barely booted this morning. It wouldn't post.03:34
GreenbeanFound the problem. Get this. I left some of the PCI slot covers off my machine, right? A mouse crawled inside and TOOK A SHIT ON MY GRAPHICS CARD.03:35
GreenbeanI know, right?03:35
DoubleBzillah, had a mouse jump out at him on the bench. :D03:36
DoubleBas soon as he opened the customer's computer case03:36
GreenbeanWow. I'm surprised it stayed still that long.03:39
zillahthe netbook full of roaches was pretty neat03:40
GreenbeanDon't you just love those?03:41
zillahas soon as it started getting hot they came running out by the dozens03:41
GreenbeanWhy don't more people use the Cube2 engine?03:41
DoubleBI love chain smoker's computers03:42
kwadrokeno idea. I like the engine03:42
DoubleBsmell gook03:42
GreenbeanI understand the Unigine is nice, but it's going to take more than a couple of benchmarks to sell me.03:43
GreenbeanI stopped working on other people's computers.03:43
GreenbeanI fixed one thing for a guy, and every problem he had from then on was my fault.03:44
GreenbeanFuck these people. If they can't deal with misbehaving software, it's their own god damned fault I say.03:44
zillahfixing computers for people would be a lot more fun sometimes if it weren't for the people03:46
GreenbeanMy favorite phrase "Well, cain't ya just look at it?"03:46
DoubleBI had a Superintendent ask me what his email password was. during an iPad training` Like I know that shit.03:46
GreenbeanIt. Is. Not. A. Car.03:46
GreenbeanProbably "password"03:47
zillahlol DoubleB03:47
DoubleByeah really03:47
zillahsuperintendent huh?...was his passwd "God"?03:47
DoubleBno that super is very tech savy03:47
DoubleBhe did not need any assistance03:48
DoubleBsurprised zillah ?03:48
zillahthat a superintendent would be tech savvy?03:48
zillahin our area, yes that surprises me03:49
DoubleBhe has an iPhone03:50
Greenbean"Well, I have a friend who's good with computers and he looked at it before I brought it to you."03:50
DoubleBMy fav03:50
zillahlol i love that one03:51
DoubleBzillah, had an old lady that said her grandson that was in the navy could not fix it so it could not be fixed. He REALLY FUCKED IT UP.03:51
Greenbean"Sure thing. Wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows. That'll be $100.03:51
GreenbeanThere comes a point that your data is no longer important to me.03:52
DoubleBremember that one zillah?03:52
GreenbeanWhat all did he do? Delete all those viruses in the System32 folder?03:53
GreenbeanYou can tell they're viruses if they've been named *.dll03:53
DoubleBYou can reinstall my pirated copy of office and PS right?03:53
zillahyeah, i still want to punch her in the head03:53
zillahand her son too03:53
GreenbeanYes I can!  And I won't!03:53
GreenbeanBut there are shady shops that do.03:54
DoubleBGreenbean, no he installed the wrong wirless driver like 50 times03:54
GreenbeanOkay, that's a mess. But how did it bork the computer?03:54
GreenbeanI would imagine Windows would just ignore them.03:54
GreenbeanOr was it *almost* the right driver?03:55
zillahwell i think he did some other crazy stuff when installing the wrong driver 10 different way didn't work03:55
DoubleBwell I think he messed with some of windows networking files03:55
zillahi just remember that one being REALLY weird03:55
GreenbeanSo did you fix this or did you wipe?03:55
DoubleBWe fixed it but I don't remeber what we did03:56
GreenbeanWe all know Greenbean's Windows Fixit Suite.03:56
DoubleBno formats03:56
GreenbeanMy method is guaranteed to work.03:56
zillahjennifer got onto me last night about the "no formats"03:57
zillahsays i'm spending too much time on some machines03:57
zillahand she's right, to an extent03:57
GreenbeanWell, don't get me wrong. I understand that you should try to actually fix the problems. Formats are the nuclear option.03:57
GreenbeanAnd some of the stuff you've been describing tonight puts my hand on the shiny red button.03:58
zillahmy problem is that i usually get it almost done...but there's one small problem left, like a rootkit blocking windows updates or something03:58
Greenbean"I fucked the registry with a corncob. Can you fix it? My cat peed in there too."03:58
DoubleBI still don't see how people can fuck up computers so badly. I used windows for years and never had problems like they do.03:59
GreenbeanYou don't DoubleB? Click here to find out how!03:59
DoubleBheh :D04:00
kwadrokethe thing is we learn from our mistakes and fix them. most people don't04:00
GreenbeanWe care.04:00
kwadrokethat too04:00
GreenbeanWe're curious. We like solving problems. At least I know zillah and I do.04:00
DoubleBYou have won a prize! CLICK HERE YOU STUPID BASTARD!04:01
zillahi usually do04:01
zillahi'm kinda tired of problems at the moment though04:02
DoubleBI like the ones that have 6 different virus/spyware removal software installed. And ask why is it so slow?04:02
kwadrokeand they still have spyware04:02
GreenbeanThat's one of my main gripes with Windows. You need a malware scrubber, an anti-virus suite, and a firewall. That's over 33% of your processing power right there.04:03
DoubleBI am tired of being Powerpoint Bitch for our director. :(04:03
zillahor 133% if you use norton internet security04:03
GreenbeanThat's so accurate I can't even laugh.04:03
GreenbeanI want to. It just hurts.04:04
DoubleBAnd she calls a least one of the tech staff at night to help her with her blackberry04:04
GreenbeanI'm going to regret asking this, but how long has she had it?04:05
GreenbeanAnd is it always the same problem?04:05
DoubleBoh a month I guess04:05
DoubleBshe gets deep into a menu and can't get out of it04:05
DoubleBThey need to make a jitterbug that checks email04:05
GreenbeanI think there was just such a device for desktops at one point.04:06
zillahthe blackberry confuses me too04:07
DoubleBshe will hear about some app on the radio on her way in to work and she will want me to install it on her iPad04:07
zillahbut i've only spent 3 minutes total on one04:07
DoubleBAnd she can never remember the name of it just what it does04:08
DoubleBI hate iPads :(04:08
GreenbeanWell I'll give her marks for being interested in technology.04:08
GreenbeanThey're an electric Etch-a-Sketch, yes.04:08
zillahi'm going to have you install software on my andoid tablet  :P04:09
GreenbeanBut in all honesty, I would accept an iPad if you gave me one. I'm just not dropping 500 clams on one.04:09
zillahsame here04:11
DoubleBit is always games usually she wants04:13
DoubleBand they must be free. 100k salary and she will not spring for an .99 app.04:14
DoubleBMan I must really not like this woman 0.004:14
GreenbeanWe weren't picking up on that at all.04:16
DoubleBwell i guess she is not all bad. just annoying04:16
DoubleBas hell04:16
GreenbeanI know a lady like that.04:17
DoubleBbut I like my job so yeah04:17
zillahoh no, someone ate spaghetti in the shower again04:17
GreenbeanThe things you do to make that kind of money put you in situations fairly well removed from ordinary reality.04:17
GreenbeanSpeaking of reality, what the fuck, zillah?04:17
DoubleBI am having sex in the vase right now!04:18
DoubleBinside joke04:18
DoubleBneed to find the link for Greenbean04:20
GreenbeanI have been brought up to speed on the dick on the shower thing.04:21
GreenbeanMy life is complete.04:21
DoubleBHave you ever watched the videos at thewebsiteisdown.com?04:22
GreenbeanI'm not sure if I have.04:22
DoubleBvery funny04:22
GreenbeanWow.  Apparently Glenn Beck said some stupid shit about the situation in Japan.04:23
GreenbeanWho would have thought?04:23
DoubleBoh God now what?04:24
GreenbeanWell, he's not saying that the whole mess was divine punishment, but he's not *not* saying that, either.04:24
DoubleBI doesn't work that way04:25
Greenbean“I’m not saying God is, you know, causing earthquakes,” the conservative pundit said on Monday’s show. But Beck added that he’s “not not saying that, either.”   “Whether you call it Gaia, or whether you call it Jesus, there’s a message being sent and that is, ‘Hey, you know that stuff we’re doing?  Not really working out real well.’ Maybe we should stop doing some of it.”04:26
GreenbeanBeck later referenced the Ten Commandments, and sugested that following them is an antidote to global chaos.04:26
DoubleBIs he Pat Roberts mini me?04:26
GreenbeanYou'd be forgiven for confusing the two.04:27
GreenbeanIf this is the kind of stuff his god is prone to doing, I say we kill the evil bastard before he hurts anybody else.04:28
DoubleBWhat are the Japs doing that is so bad? being respectful? being somewhat environmentally responsible?04:30
DoubleBIf you noticed they do not loot each other in these times04:30
GreenbeanWell obviously they're doing something God doesn't like because he poured his wrath out on them.04:30
DoubleBbut they are not awesome like us god fearing americans04:30
GreenbeanThey're god fearing now.04:31
GreenbeanYou see, DoubleB, His ways are not our ways. He has a Higher Reason for what he allowed to happen to the Godless Japanese.04:31
GreenbeanIt's to bring us all closer to Him. Duh!04:32
DoubleByeah right maybe radiation fearing04:32
GreenbeanI feel dirty.04:32
DoubleBI don't know why people hate so much in the name of the Lord04:33
DoubleBdangerous is you ask me.04:34
GreenbeanIt's because the things he's done in the past aren't exactly nice.04:34
DoubleBIf God worked like that he may have already struck Glenn and Pat down.04:34
GreenbeanFamines, plagues, droughts, diseases, mass murders, executions, torture, and the ice-capades.04:34
DoubleBand Katrina happened to punish the poor black folks right?04:36
GreenbeanWe can only hope. But let's not call a spade a hand operated excavation implement. Beck, Robertson, Falwell, and co. are hate mongering idiots. Simple minds have simple ways. No room for grey or reality. Everything must be black and white to these people.04:36
GreenbeanNo, Katrina happened because of all the Voodoo and gambling and Mardi Gras stuff.04:37
DoubleBOh right04:37
GreenbeanThat or a low pressure supercell hit a vulnerable seawall in morbid need of repair and it gave way. I can never remember which.04:38
DoubleBEveryone goes to church on ash wednesday for forgiveness so what is the problem?04:38
GreenbeanThey believe God is real and that praying actually fixes stuff.04:39
DoubleBFuck it lets have some king cake04:39
GreenbeanNo thanks, I'm on one of them there special diets.04:39
DoubleBDuct tape fixes stuff04:39
GreenbeanBailing wire goes a long way, too.04:39
GreenbeanBut you only need two things in your toolbox: duct tape and wd 40.04:40
GreenbeanOne is for stuff that moves that shouldn't and the other is for stuff that doesn't move that should.04:40
GreenbeanOh, and a big fuggin hammer.04:41
DoubleBWhat is the old term? "If you can't Duct it Fuck it!"04:41
GreenbeanWho are all these people logged in that are quiet?04:42
zillahi'm heading to bed guys04:43
GreenbeanI've got class in the AM. I'm out before too much longer. Just going to try red eclipse first.04:44
zillahhave fun  :)04:44
GreenbeanHope I don't have to build it.04:45
GreenbeanWell, my dick's on fire. I'll be back some other day.04:58

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