akkI'd love to see how those are created. I like 'em a lot too.00:01
seidosleonard nimoy does a voice on "transformers the movie" from 1986?00:32
seidosthis might actually be cooler than i thought00:32
m4gnusWait until you find out they cuss in the movie00:34
erichammondI forgot to mention that when they broke into my car, they stole an Ubuntu 10.10 CD.  I made sure to include it in the police report.00:56
erichammondthough the officer kept asking its real value when I said "free".00:56
seidoswell, i guess that's the brightside01:15
iheartubuntugo la galaxy02:14
iheartubuntuare there any apps out there for handling business cards?03:32
pleia2aha, my problem wasn't init, it was the stop script for the firewall leaving it in a funky state after reboot04:12
* pleia2 shakefist04:12
pleia2(no, I haven't been working on it all this time, I took a long break to clear my head :) )04:13
akkWhew, I'm glad for that.04:14
pleia2guess this explains why we never had a stop portion of that04:15
* akk got syslogd working and is now writing a tutorial on it for her blog04:15
pleia2I thought I was fixing something by adding one :) oops04:15
pleia2oh great!04:15
seidosi saw that movie "zombieland"04:44
seidostwinkies and bill murray.  hilarious.04:44
seidosthey even showed the scene from ghostbusters re: the 600 lb twinkie04:45
seidosi was pleasantly surprised04:45
akkYikes, my little tutorial came out 160 lines, that's a bit more than I intended.05:56
akk(though compared to the 822 lines in the man page, maybe that's not so bad since a lot of it is examples)05:56
seidoshey iheartubuntu15:29
iheartubuntuwhats up!15:29
seidosi was just going to tell folks on this thread about the ubuntu hour in pasadena15:29
iheartubuntuthe next one is in april15:30
seidosbut there was nothing @ this link:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/UbuntuHours15:30
seidoswhat's the info, and i'll add it15:30
iheartubuntueverything is here: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/778/detail/15:31
iheartubuntua whopping one person attending so far (me)15:31
iheartubuntualthough you dont have to register on the site to go!15:31
iheartubuntui need to shoot this over to the SGVLUG mailing list as well. Are you on their list?15:32
seidosall right, cool15:33
seidosiheartubuntu: https://launchpad.net/~mrandrzejak is a dead link.  do i have it right?15:37
iheartubuntuits dead. my link is https://launchpad.net/~iheartubuntu15:37
seidosgot it15:37
iheartubuntufor some reason my openid is logging in as my old nick15:37
iheartubuntuhave no clue or time on how to fix it15:38
seidosi'm thinking i should do an Ubuntu hour in downey now15:38
seidosi dunno, maybe it's an issue with launchpad15:38
iheartubuntuI just got word from my brother finally.15:39
seidosthe one in japan?15:40
iheartubuntuHe said the US embassy in Tokyo is sending out continual notices that Japan has everything under control and theres no need to worry.15:40
iheartubuntuHe said he doesnt believe it and it all feels like a bad nightmare15:41
seidosi heard 10 thousand people are reported dead15:41
iheartubuntuhis 102 yr old mother in law broke her hip in the earthquake15:41
seidossounds hellish to me15:41
iheartubuntuthats what ive heard too15:41
seidosdrowning sucks15:41
seidosdying sucks15:42
iheartubuntuhe said one of the biggest concerns people have now is the volcanos going off15:42
seidoshmmm, there was volcanic activity in hawaii15:42
seidosi'm not sure about the geological science in japan15:42
seidosprobably doesn't make sense to worry, just prepare for the shit15:43
seidosi'm sure more disasters are to come15:43
seidosnot sure how california would handle an 9.015:43
seidosprobably not all that well15:43
iheartubuntuhe said one problem he notices is that people are not watching the news because its truly devastating and pertinent info and updates are not getting out timely enough15:44
seidosthe news is a waste of time15:44
seidosit is too sensationalistic15:44
seidosi hate to say it, but people probably could get more timely updates on twitter15:44
seidosassuming they find someone good to follow15:44
seidosperhaps there is a government agency on there one could follow15:45
seidosif not...well, i guess subscribe to the local paper's rss feeds15:45
seidoshmmm, i should do that, actually15:45
seidoswell, google news has local news all the way at the bottom15:45
seidosi dunno15:46
seidosfood, water, shelter15:46
seidosnot sure if news addresses that15:46
Eurekawiki: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/UbuntuHours edited15:46
iheartubuntuthanks seidos15:47
iheartubuntui had edited another wiki with the info, but did not know this one existed15:48
seidosuh oh15:48
seidosthere's more than one?15:48
iheartubuntuthe main one15:48
seidoshmmm, interesting15:49
seidoshey...sao paulo, i wonder if my friend in brazil could go to that one15:50
iheartubuntui have several people tell me they went to drug stores around los angeles and were told they needed prescriptions for iodide. this is BS by the way. its over the counter.15:50
seidosiodide?  is that the same as iodine?15:50
seidosperhaps they are rationing it now15:51
seidosfor disinfection, alcohol should work fine15:51
iheartubuntui dont know the specifics, i think iodide is a safer form of iodine?15:51
akkiodide is an ion of iodine15:52
akklike chloride in sodium chloride (the element is chlorine)15:53
seidoswhat's the solution for disinfecting wounds called, iodine, right?15:53
akkThey used to sell iodine (I don't know if it was pure) for painting on wounds, but I wouldn't assume it was safe to ingest something like that.15:54
iheartubuntuyou can get iodine naturally in foods, you dont need to drop $500 for a couple of pills on ebay15:54
seidosi'm not familiar with iodine the element, really15:54
seidossalt is typically iodinized15:54
* iheartubuntu dad used to draw bunny rabbit faces on my skinned knees :)15:54
akkYou can also get little bottles of some iodine compound in camping stores, for disinfecting water.15:54
seidosi have a "darth maul" bandaid on my knee right now15:54
* akk still doesn't think it's worth worrying about, hasn't gone to the local camp store15:55
seidoshuh, iodine for disinfecting water, that's interesting15:55
seidosi've heard of chlorine tablets, but never iodine15:55
seidosmaybe people are getting iodine to try and treat a thyroid problem15:56
akkI don't think I've seen chlorine sold for camping purposes, just iodine.15:56
seidoshmmm, maybe they don't sell it15:56
akkTastes nasty but apparently it kills Giardia.15:56
seidosor maybe what i read was a misnomer15:56
seidoswhen you're thirsty enough, doesn't matter what it tastes like15:56
iheartubuntuthe CPM in San Fran is now at "30", yesterday it was in the 20s, and before that the teens. there is also a report that radiation has now reached Alaska but has not reached dangerous levels http://bit.ly/hdsm0X15:57
seidosnot familiar with acronym "CPM"15:57
seidosgreatest advice ever in a novel may be in Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy:  "don't panic"15:58
akkI remember CPM -- it was the hot OS before MS-DOS.15:58
seidosthough, i suspect a lot of people don't take it literally :|15:58
iheartubuntuChrome officially gets a new logo... http://bit.ly/hUWFjn15:59
seidosnever used CPM, i've heard elders refer to it though15:59
seidoslooks the same to me15:59
seidosfirefox works fine for me.  i'll switch to chrome when ubuntu officially does15:59
akkI tried CP/M-86 briefly (on a PC compatible). The machine also had a Z-80 and was supposed to run real CP/M but they never released the specs for how to do that.16:00
seidosi was wasting too much time on the web anyway16:00
akkIt was pretty similar to DOS, really.16:00
seidoshehe, that's funny16:00
seidosnot d-oh-s16:00
seidosi prefer d-oh-s16:01
seidoslike the number 2 in spanish16:01
seidoschromium's logo is a bit different.  the logo still looks like a creepy HAL allusion to me16:01
seidosi know this sounds silly, but all this natural disaster stuff reminds me of "zombieland"16:07
seidosEisenberg's character had these rules for surviving the zombie apocalypse16:07
seidosit seems like they were practical, whether there's a zombie apocalypse or not16:08
seidoslike, keep your cardio up, don't be a hero, and wear your seatbelt :)16:08
iheartubuntuFrom RussiaToday: Damaged reactors at Fukushima out of control, catastrophic events may occur in hours - EU Energy Commissioner16:09
seidoshmmm, mierda16:10
seidosi better look up the word hell in spanish16:11
iheartubuntuso I heard Fukushima had been storing 600,000 spent rods (40 yrs worth) and that was part of the explosions. that cant be good.16:11
seidosoh right, infierno16:11
seidosbut, that presupposes there isn't a cold hell :|16:11
seidosmy nuclear chemistry isn't good enough to understand why storing spent rods causes explosions16:12
seidosi guess the rods need to be cooled?16:12
iheartubuntui believe so16:12
iheartubuntuotherwise they would catch on fire or something16:12
seidosi wonder when these reactors were built16:13
iheartubuntui would think 10+ years ago?16:13
seidosmakes me wonder what plants should be demo'ed now to build better ones16:13
seidosmy guess is the 70s16:13
seidospretty sure people aren't building nuclear anymore16:14
seidosi can't say i blame them, now that i think of it, it must be much more complex to operate16:14
iheartubuntuchinas new 5 year plan was to build 10 new nuclear plants. i wonder if they will change their 5 year plan now?16:14
seidosicy hell?  inhielo maybe16:16
seidosi don't know.  they are pretty arrogant.16:16
seidosthey might go through with it just to try and prove they are better than the Japanese16:16
seidosof course, nuclear physicists probably aren't the ones making those decisions i would think16:17
seidosthey aren't the ones making the decisions here, so they probably aren't the ones making the decisions in Japan, or China16:17
seidosi can't query in empathy :|16:18
seidosoh wait, yeah i can16:18
seidosit's just 3 steps instead of one16:18
seidosmore people are downloading i386 ubuntu than 64bit from me16:19
seidosgotta' use the latest and greatest stuff, that's how tech works :|16:20
nhainesI have a bottle of iodine tabs for camping.16:36
nhainesIt has a complementary bottle of tabs that make the water not taste like iodine.  :16:37
akkI've used those -- it does help, water still doesn't taste good but it's a little better than the pure iodine taste.16:40
seidoswhat tastes worse, hard alcohol or water purified with iodine?16:41
* nhaines enjoys hard alcohol.16:43
nhainesakk: it is better.  And a lot quicker than boiling it.16:43
seidosone can enjoy something despite it tasting like poison16:44
nhainesThe sweetener of the future.  Tastes like sugar because it's made from sugar.  Alcohol or Splenda?  You decide!16:45
seidosnever tried sugar alochol, which alcohol is this?16:46
seidosalcohol is serious business16:46
seidoscha ching16:46
akkrum is made from sugar, isn't it?16:47
seidosyou must have a little captain in ya16:47
iheartubuntuakk yes16:48
seidosbacardi 151 does not taste sweet16:48
seidosit still tastes like poison to me16:48
iheartubuntui saw a PBS special about alcohol making. it covered rum and tequila i think16:48
seidosoh right, it is fermented (read, rotten) sugar16:48
akkDark rum tastes a bit sweet.16:48
seidosmalibu rum is not hard alcohol16:49
seidosnot that i'm advocating the consumption of hard alcohol16:49
* akk doesn't like the taste of alcohol, though16:49
iheartubuntui think even george washington made rum16:49
seidosme neither, that didn't stop me from drinking it when i was dumberer16:49
seidospoor george16:49
seidoshe's dead16:49
iheartubuntuseidos is on a "dead" vibe right now16:50
* seidos poors some rum on the curb for General Washington16:50
akkyeah, seidos, I drank plenty of it too in my time.16:50
* iheartubuntu drinks some for george washington :)16:50
seidosoh great, i didn't even know there was a "dead vibe"16:50
iheartubuntuits a new pontiac vehicle16:51
seidosi am not proud of it akk16:51
iheartubuntui wouldnt want one though16:51
seidosit's the discontinued model16:51
iheartubuntuim guessing it only came in black16:51
seidoswith black or red leather interior16:52
seidos"en vino veritas" has not been verified via a double blind placebo controlled study :'(16:53
iheartubuntumy wife was watching a video of some russians in tokyo disneyland who were videotaping when the quake hit. the ground was separating and moving 6+ inches back and forth... everyone thought it was "part of the show" they were watching. only when the light posts started falling on people did they realize what was going on.17:20
pleia2jdeslip: great slides from the talk last night :) (peanut gallery: android dev talk, http://dl.dropbox.com/u/172219/JDeslippe-BALUG.pdf)18:49
DarkwingDuckpleia2: Just sent an email about an opensource thingie up there18:56
DarkwingDuckNASA is hosting18:56
pleia2DarkwingDuck: yeah, invite only, and we don't have invites18:56
pleia2there is remote participation though18:56
DarkwingDuckRemote participation is free18:57
DarkwingDuckAnyway. I spammed a few emails address' with the info18:57
pleia2I wish we could actually attend in person18:58
iheartubuntuinteresting thanks pleia2 and jdeslip18:58
DarkwingDuckYeah, but, I will be there in remote18:58
pleia2plus I suppose my boss wants me to work during the day18:58
akkI'd love to see a summary of that NASA thing afterward.18:59
akkWhat their policies will be.18:59
iheartubuntuim surprised i dont here more open source info come out of JPL19:00
DarkwingDuckI do know that they have good open source stuff19:00
DarkwingDuckI also know that they use open stack for data19:00
pleia2yeah, they use a lot of open source19:00
pleia2have been using redhat-y things for ages19:00
akkSomeone told me a long time ago that software produced for gov't agencies like NASA had to be public domain, but that's clearly not true (and also ignores issues like classified info)19:02
akkand I've been really curious what the real rules are on open code and open data.19:02
pleia2akk: oh! you are my hero today for http://www.shallowsky.com/linux/networkSchemes.html#hotpluggable19:03
DarkwingDuckThere is a difference between open source software and classified information19:03
akkSome projects choose to make their data open (very few open their source code) but a lot of people don't share either one.19:03
pleia2allow-hotplug truly is mysterious19:03
akkpleia2: It is! I've actually wondered whether it was still relevant. Is it?19:03
pleia2it is, and debian defaults to it rather than auto in most configuratios now :(19:04
DarkwingDuckopen information and FOSS is a large gap19:04
pleia2and using allow-hotplug on servers is not awesome, I had a race condition in networking because udev hadn't got it's head together fast enough for allow-hotplug before other things related to networking loaded19:06
DarkwingDuckThen again... we know all about open information and open source diffrences19:06
DarkwingDuckat least in here...19:06
akkpleia2: Wow, interesting, I didn't know it made that much difference in the boot sequence.19:07
akkI've never been clear what program is interpreting those lines and what they do with them.19:07
pleia2akk: I think usually it doesn't, but on VMs they boot so fast that you can have a case where udev hasn't finished starting before other things come up19:07
pleia2I am only having this race condition with VMs19:08
akkI need to update that network schemes page with the real WPA lines and my new beefed-up python scripts.19:09
DarkwingDuckIs twitter down for anyone else?19:37
akkworking here (the web UI)19:38
pleia2DarkwingDuck: it's been flakey for me all morning19:39
pleia2keep getting "Something is technically wrong."19:39
akktwitter being flaky is just normal19:39
pleia2clients seem to be working fine though19:39
DarkwingDuckThis is flakier then normal19:39
iheartubuntugwibber works19:40
iheartubuntuNASA (25 seconds ago)19:40
DarkwingDuckI sent from my phone.19:44
iheartubuntuhi guest22:09
jtatumhi iheartubuntu22:21
=== Guest28722 is now known as seidos
iheartubuntuhi jtatum22:31
Guest28722i told the sales lady at bestbuy about SCaLE23:19
=== Guest28722 is now known as seidos
iheartubuntuwhat did she say?23:22
seidosshe tried to say that knott's berry farm is better23:25
seidosi mean, not specifically23:25
seidosi tried to sell SCaLE's laser tag23:26
seidosand she said Knott's has laser tag23:26
seidosthen i said i have a pass to disneyland23:26
seidosbut i only go when my gf goes23:27
seidosand then she said she hasn't gone in awhile23:27
seidosthen i said SCaLE is better23:27
iheartubuntuso you won basically23:36
seidosonly if she goes >_<23:37
akkScale isn't that great for linux first-timers, though.23:38
iheartubuntuwhat would you recommend akk23:41
iheartubuntuim interested in other linux events in california23:42
nhainesHow about making appropriate recommendations?23:42
iheartubuntuive got my first taste and want more. i am effectively drunk now on ubuntu ;)23:42
iheartubuntu(and linux in general)23:43
akkiheartubuntu: In SoCal I don't know what groups would be good for a beginner -- some LUGs are but many aren't.23:45
jtatumdon't burn out! :)23:45
akkSome place that has interactive installfest-type sessions to help someone get started.23:45
iheartubuntua jam?23:45
nhainesThat's not a jam.23:46
akkUbuntu Global Jams seem very focused on specific things, like writing docs or making deb packages. Are there other types of jams?23:46
iheartubuntunhaines did something last year at his nearby university... i wanted to attend but did not make it.23:47
iheartubuntuit was a fest of some sort if i recall23:47
iheartubuntu(not oktoberfest)23:47
seidoswas it at Chapman?23:47
seidosi might have been there23:47
iheartubuntui think so23:47
pleia2at the berkeley one I'm bringing daily build xubuntu isos so people can do livecd testing (not exactly a fun activity for non-geeks, but the instructions for testing are simple and anyone can do it)23:47
iheartubuntuhe may have done more than one23:47
pleia2berkeley one == berkeley jam23:47
akkA party/picnic, like Picnix or geeknics, would be fun for first timers, or an installfest if it's run well.23:48
akk(I was disappointed with the couple of SVLUG installfests I went to)23:48
akkLiveCD testing could be fun for anyone, if you let them just play rather than following a specific testing script.23:49
akk"Here, see if you can follow the UI, find games, see if stuff generally works"23:49
pleia2good point, I'll be sure to encourage people to play beyond the script23:50
nhainesakk:  what could have been better at those installfests?23:50
pleia2I think our installfest last spring at noisebridge went pretty well, except for the scheduling snafu (same day as the Carnaval in the Mission, apparently the biggest festival of the year, oops)23:50
pleia2I mean, it can be difficult to avoid festivals in the spring in san francisco, but that mistake was pretty egregious23:51
iheartubuntuwhen is the generally accepted time to post Ubuntu Hour info the mailing list? one week or two weeks in advance?23:52
iheartubuntuor a month and then again a week before?23:52
pleia2the SF ones are monthly and I tend to post about a week before23:53
pleia2so I don't have a monthly reminder, everyone knows it's monthly, I just remind them a week before :)23:53
iheartubuntusame for the forum UH page too i would assume23:53
pleia2you can update the UH page whenever you want23:53
pleia2I usually update the forums at the same time as I make the announcement23:53
pleia2on the mailing list23:53
iheartubuntusounds good ty23:53
pleia2maybe I'll add these guidelines to our Hour page :)23:54
pleia2they will help me remember too23:54
iheartubuntuim thinking there might be many on the mailing list who arent active in IRC or forums so for a first time event, a month notice and then again a week before might be helpful.23:54
pleia2nothing wrong with that23:54
iheartubuntuim trying to sign up to the local LUG mailing list as well and post there23:55
pleia2fwiw I asked permission of the local lugs before posting23:56
pleia2I've never had a problem personally, but I know some locos have gotten off on a bad foot with local lugs for posting about their events on lug lists for whatever reason23:57
nhainesI posted and then talked to the OCLUG president later about being conscious of spamming.  He said that was silly and anything to promote Linux was great.23:59
nhainesBut I felt better having talked to him about it.23:59

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