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maxolasersquadOh nose, I'm using Windows and SVN!12:50
chayniemhall119: Is Panera sufficiently kid friendly?13:57
DammitJimyes... especially the one in WP13:58
chaynieDammitJim: We were thinking the one off Lake Buena Vista.13:58
mhall119chaynie: yeah14:01
chayniemhall119: Let's shoot for that then.14:01
chayniepak33m: Do you have the number for the Panera in LBV?14:02
pak33mchaynie: not on me but i can find out and add to the loco dir page, if you like14:18
chayniepak33m: That's ok.14:18
chaynieI'll can get it myself, I just wanted to see if you had it handy.14:19
chaynieSo everyone is ok for Apr.30th from 1pm to 5pm, or do you think that's too long?14:20
chaynieMaybe 1 to 4?14:20
pak33mchaynie: thats good for me as i will be kidless that weekend14:21
chayniepak33m, mhall119: 8600 Vineland Avenue  Orlando, FL 32821 (407) 842-130 .... For Your Refernce. 14:25
chaynieerrr reference.14:25
chaynie(407) 842-130014:25
chayniecopy paste fail.14:25
pak33mchaynie: did you call to hold the room there. methinks they require that14:25
chayniepak33m: About to go do that now.14:26
pak33mchaynie is all over it14:26
pak33mchaynie: thats not the panera with the glass room that dantalizing liked so much14:26
chayniepak33m: That's the one we had the other release party at.14:29
chaynieAnyways, I just called them and we're set.14:29
pak33myeah that was fun cos we were exposed to the entire place14:30
mhall119chaynie: did you update the event in LD?14:32
chayniemhall119: That's next on my list.14:44
MichelleQchaynie: I've got the address - what's the location?14:45
chaynieMichelleQ: It's a Panera Bread, if that's what you're asking.14:46
MichelleQnever mind, finished reading the scrollback14:46
* MichelleQ adds to calendar.14:46
chayniemhall119: Location Updated in Loco Directory.14:47
chayniemhall119, cjohnston: Also, loco-directory is quite slick. Keep up the good work!14:47
mhall119thanks chaynie 14:51
ayansorry.  wrong window.15:35
Nalyd_Relwof|CBI have a dual boot system that will not boot Ubuntu 10.10, but still boots windows.  It is unable to mount /dev, /sys, and /proc at start.16:32
Nalyd_Relwof|CBHow would I fix that?16:32
chaynieNalyd_Relwof|CB: Which OS did you install last, Windows or Ubuntu?16:36
mhall119how much space did you give the Ubuntu install?16:36
mhall119did you use a partition or WUBI?16:37
Nalyd_Relwof|CB100GB, using the partition method.16:37
mhall119what version of Ubuntu?16:38
mhall119and how much of that 100GB is free?16:38
Nalyd_Relwof|CBUbuntu 10.10, 97.27GB Home, 1.86 /, 8.95 Swap.16:42
Nalyd_Relwof|CBI don't know how much of the home or / partitions are used.16:42
zoopsterinteresting...1.5+g might be a bit too small, huh16:46
zoopsterI'm using 4g myself16:47
mhall119yeah, 1.5 seems small for root partition17:17
jck77hello 17:23
maxolasersquadSome good advice: http://unarmed.shlomifish.org/909.html20:36
maxolasersquad... on dealing with trolls.20:37
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RoAkSoAxitnet7_: ping22:33

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