wolfger43 more days...11:47
wolfger...until everybody starts asking "is it out yet?" every 5-10 minutes.11:48
wolfger43 more days of me asking "does my wifi work yet?" :-p11:55
wolfgerbecause after it launches, I know they'll never fix it.11:56
brouschit's a security feature12:02
tjagodaI am not so sure about this 6-month release cycle anymore12:02
tjagodaWhat do we get from it besides a lot of versions with minimal change and continually decreasing quality? =P12:03
brouschminimal change? Unity is coming12:04
tjagodaSpeaking over the last 3-4 releases though, I would say that the change between where we are right now and where I was at 7.04 is not really that large of a difference12:06
tjagodayears, not releases*12:06
tjagoda7.04 was actually the most flawlessly working Ubuntu I ever experienced12:06
tjagodaQuality all went downhill from that Feisty Fawn. =p12:06
brousch8.04 is my favorite12:08
tjagodaI hope I dont hate Unity12:09
tjagodaIt would suck to have to jump the ubuntu ship12:09
brouschXubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu12:09
tjagodaEven Wolfger wont use Kubuntu12:10
tjagodaI'm not going there! =p12:10
brouschplenty of stepchildren to hop onto so you can stay with the *buntu family12:10
tjagodaWonder if there's a fluxbunt?12:10
* tjagoda googles12:10
brouschi think so12:10
tjagodadied at 9.0412:11
brouschi think the little window manager people have hopped over to lubuntu12:11
wolfger9.04 was Jaunty, right? That was a prettty good release12:12
tjagoda9.04 was indeed jaunty12:13
wolfgerI think the quality scale goes: Feisty, Jaunty, everything else, Intrepid.12:16
wolfgerIf there's anyting worse than Intrepid, I never used it12:16
wolfgerso xubuntu 9.04 might be a good choice12:17
wolfgerer... fluxbuntu, I mean12:17
tjagodaI ask myself, what application updates since then do I actually like?12:17
tjagodaI am not able to produce an answer apart from "when GNOME-DO works"12:18
wolfgerimprovements to Gwibber12:18
tjagodaI do not use it12:18
wolfgerwell, then.... nothing :-)12:18
tjagodaAll my tweeting is done from Seesmic on my blackberry12:19
tjagodafuck you twitter12:19
tjagodapry my 3rd party clients out of my cold dead hands12:19
tjagodayour blackberry app sucks12:19
wolfgerBut Twitter has sucked ever since they changed default behavior to not show your friends' @-replies to people other than you.12:20
wolfgerIf I want a private conversation, I'll use DM's12:21
tjagodaPerhaps I should look at identi.ca12:22
wolfgerI can't remember the last time tjagoda and I agreed on so much. Judgement Day must be near12:24
tjagodaTruth, with wolfger and I agreeing, and a world full of natural disasters and revolutions, perhaps everything IS going to end in 2012 =P12:24
wolfger.oO(so this is what happens when I stop trolling...)12:24
tjagodaThat would be cool of HTPC12:25
tjagodatouchpad + qwerty keyboard12:25
tjagodaabout the size of a blackberry12:25
tjagodaUSB wireless12:25
tjagodaI think I may have Stockholm syndrome with respect to my blackberry12:30
tjagodadespite it being obviously behind the other smartphones in terms of features12:30
tjagodaI would still buy another one =(12:30
wolfgerHave you tried another phone?12:30
wolfgerI love my BlackBerry until I tried something else.12:31
wolfgerNever looked back12:31
wolfgerOne thing I do miss about the old BB is the ease of single-handed use. Very difficult to use a touch screen with just one hand12:32
wolfgerI was good at using that full qwerty keyboard with my thumb12:33
tjagodaI say there is no better hardware for pure messaging12:33
wolfgertjagoda: no better hardware, but Swype software makes up for a lot. I like a virtual keyboard with Swype over a BB keyboard12:44
tjagodaI also like not giving my entire life to google12:46
tjagodaIf they shut off my account one day my entire virtual presence would be so hosed12:46
brouschwho cares? if google shuts off it means the world is ending12:46
brouschyou'll have bigger problems to deal with at that point12:46
tjagodaNot total google meltdown12:49
tjagodalike TOS switchoffs or whatever their EULA I didn't read allows them to do =P12:50
brouschwell you're already hosed there too. upon receipt of your first email in gmail you pledged to enslave yourself to the Google Hivemind Supercomputer come 202312:59
tjagodaThe matrix?12:59
brouschbut run by Google employees instead of evil machines13:00
tjagodaIs there a difference?13:00
wolfgerremind me to take the red pill13:00
brouschand they don't give a shit about your power output, just using your brain to calculate targeted ads to the superrich13:00
snap-lI absolutely hated the Blackberry13:11
snap-lthough I have to say the keyboard was a mixed bag13:11
snap-lgood for touch typing, but a pain for finding symbols and crap13:11
snap-lalt for som, sym for others, and num did something that I can't remember what. :)13:12
wolfgerthere goes snap-l, with his incorrect opinions again. :-)13:16
snap-lwolfger: I think the Blackberry would be an excellent device to skip across a lake.13:19
wolfgerYou're probably right.13:19
wolfgerAt least, as long as the EPA doesn't find out13:19
tjagodaThere is no more num button13:19
wolfgerI'm sure you'd get fines and/or jail time13:20
snap-lOn mine there was, but it didn't do anything useful13:20
snap-lhad to use Alt to get numbers13:20
snap-lwhich was pretty stupid13:20
tjagodanot stupid in that it auto gets numbers when you're in phone mode13:20
snap-ltjagoda: Oh please, do argue this one. ;)13:20
tjagodaIf you hit call and then just type they are automatically numbers13:21
tjagodaAlt gets you the alt character13:21
tjagodasym gets you anything not on the keybaord13:21
snap-lRight, and it transformed from a decently sized qwerty keyboard into the worlds smallest numberpad13:21
tjagodaseems simple to me =P13:21
snap-ltjagoda: I stand by my assertion that the Blackberry is the Lotus Notes of cellphones13:22
tjagodaoh wow13:22
tjagodaSymbian is13:22
tjagodaBlackberry is good for business people still13:23
snap-lSymbian is the HP Calculator of Cellphones.13:23
tjagodaand it's got the reputation/status going for it13:23
snap-land Lotus Notes is still good for business.13:23
tjagodaOS6 catches them up to the competition noticeably as well which is nice13:24
snap-lHey, you can bend Lotus Notes into just about anything13:24
snap-lexcept the interface is shit no matter how you polish it.13:24
tjagodaI disagree with your incorrect opinion =P13:24
snap-lYeah, I used OS4, which was pretty clunky13:24
snap-lHAven't played with any of the later phones13:24
snap-lbut hey, Lotus Notes 8 was pretty spiffy looking too. ;)13:25
tjagodaNow you're just trolling =P13:25
snap-lha ha, only serious.13:25
tjagodaI don't think iPhone/Android have anything to replace BBerry enterprise server though, do they?13:26
snap-ltjagoda: iPhone has exchange support, but that's about it13:26
tjagodaCan't do any of the security policy stuff though13:26
snap-lYeah, it's not quite the same13:27
tjagodaI'd say they're definitely winning in the "manage huge quantities of phones with minimal pain" arena13:27
snap-lThough, to be fair, $lastjob didn't make me use the BB for email13:27
snap-land when my password changed, I didn't pursue getting it synced up with the server13:27
snap-ltjagoda: Agreed, just like Lotus Notes. :)13:27
snap-lhttp://ubuntuone.com/p/hxZ/ <- Dude, this guy is totally styling.13:28
snap-lHe's saying "Yeah, man, Lotus Notes is cool too"13:29
snap-l"All the chicks dig my Domino Server"13:29
binbrainsnap-l that guys WAY to hip for corporate enterprise, very bad ass13:30
tjagodaI like blackberry hardware, anyway13:30
tjagodathe form factor of the phone fits in the hand nicely13:30
tjagodavery easy to 1-hand use13:30
snap-lbinbrain: It's the yellow glasses and the soul patch that say "I'm the COOL guy in IT"13:31
tjagodaI might buy a playbook when they come out13:31
snap-l"The one that'll be taking Suzie from Accounting home once she gets a load of my Domino Server"13:31
tjagodajust to have more to argue with snap-l about13:31
tjagodaEverybody hates IBM these days, don't they.13:32
tjagodaDB2 gets no love13:32
tjagodaLotus gets no love13:32
snap-ltjagoda: DB2 gets the love it deserves13:32
tjagodaHardware gets some love13:32
snap-lUDB is a festring piece of crap13:33
tjagodaGod damn crabby old men ;)13:34
snap-lHave you USED UDB?13:35
* greg-g waves13:36
snap-l1982 called and wanted it's database back13:36
jrwrenwtf is UDB?13:38
snap-lUnix version of DB213:41
snap-lThey managed to make it worse than real DB2 (which I actually liked with my limited dealings with it)13:41
snap-lfor some reason we were stuck with a version that gave us 13 character table names13:42
snap-land column names13:42
brousch13 characters is enough for anyone13:43
snap-land Chrysler had this really stupid hungarian-style notation for the column that took up a good chunk of that13:43
snap-lso instead of having an integer field for the number of times accessed called "num_of_times_accessed" (or something equivalent), you'd get i_numtimesacc13:44
snap-lor something even worse than that13:46
tjagodaBlackberry playbook may be out on april 1013:46
* tjagoda squees13:46
snap-ltjagoda: better camp out now13:46
snap-lbe the first in line13:46
tjagodaMore portable than iPad13:46
brouschi'm more interested in the webos tablet13:46
tjagodagreater battery life13:47
tjagodaAnd distinctly more Canadian. =P13:47
brouschthe android compatibility might save t13:47
snap-labler to leap taller buildings with a singler bound13:47
rick_h_morning, phew last full day of hacking13:47
snap-lrick_h_: When are you coming back from candyland?13:47
rick_h_tomorrow afternoon13:48
snap-lAhh, cool13:48
rick_h_today is interview day, one guy went home, but working on getting the three today13:49
snap-lI know what I'll be doing tomorrow night. ;)13:50
rick_h_snap-l: http://twitter.com/#!/mpirnat/status/4787464444695347313:50
rick_h_and http://twitter.com/#!/mpirnat/status/4787125623363993613:50
snap-lrick_h_: HAH! I KNEW IT!13:51
jrwrensnap-l: the naming conventions you mention is standard on every enterprise DB I've ever seen.13:53
snap-ljrwren: ye gads, they suck13:53
jrwrenits mostly becuase all this stuff came out of the 70s and 80s and systems were very memory constrained13:53
snap-lRight, and if we were using a database from the 1980s, I'd completely understand. :)13:54
snap-lBut 1980-2008 had some remarkable advances in memory technology. ;)13:55
jrwrenbut many enterprise systems did not.13:55
jrwrenthey grew, but they didn't migrate or fully rewrite13:55
jrwrenmany ERP systems still have cobol components13:56
snap-lcoming to find out that Chrysler was not the innovator of many of the backward concepts that I've seen. ;)13:56
snap-ljrwren: Yeah, but this was a new system, running on newer hardware.13:56
jrwrennew to them? newly purchased? or newly developed?13:57
snap-lnew development13:57
jrwrenwell then they should fail.13:57
snap-las in we were making the column names in conjunction with the DBA13:57
jrwrenthere is no excuse for that kind of development these days.13:57
snap-lI agree.13:57
jrwrenoh, that was the first mistake, working with a DBA ;)13:57
snap-ljrwren: Was part of the process13:58
snap-lwhich was another bucket of fail13:58
jrwrenthat is another mistake, making that the process13:58
jrwrensnap-l: who developed this?13:58
snap-ljrwren: It was like they created an assembly line for releasing code13:58
snap-linternal development, along with outsourcing13:58
wolfgersnap-l: does Chrysler innovate any ideas, good or bad? I mean, other than the minivan...13:59
jrwrenthe "software factories" approach?13:59
jrwrensnap-l: internal to whom?13:59
snap-lNot sure how to best explain this13:59
snap-linternal to chrysler.13:59
jrwrenoh, it is chrysler? lolz.13:59
snap-ljrwren: I should tell you what the process was as I understood it next time we meet up. It was absolute hell14:01
snap-lIt was designed more to keep code out than let folks fix things.14:02
wolfgerwell, code can be dangerous14:03
wolfgerso of course we want to keep it out, ne?14:03
snap-lWell, and it was all because someone managed to bust DealerConnect to the point that Dieter Zetsche had to get involved.14:05
snap-lSo, I kinda understand, but still, FieldConnect was nowhere near the Dealerships, yet it was treated with the same kid gloves.14:05
snap-lIt was a fucked up process, regardless14:06
snap-lContained all of the worst bits of waterfall development with hour-long meetings where everyone played the parts of amateur designer and English teacher14:07
snap-lI swear we had a 20 minute discussion over a fucking semicolon once.14:08
wolfgerSemi-colons are important; people should use them correctly.14:11
brouschwhat was the semicolon fucking?14:11
snap-lbrousch: Apparently all that was good and holy with the world for the person who pressed the issue.14:13
waldo323great first line to see when entering a channel, heh14:13
wolfgerAnybody going to Indy Linux Fest?14:37
brouscha couple of friends from the west side, but not me14:41
snap-lI'm not planning on it right now14:47
wolfgerHey, does this page look like utter crap to anybody else? http://www.indianalinux.org/cms/schedule201115:00
snap-lIt looks like an 8-bit inspired artwork of the backslash15:01
snap-lBut otherwise looks OK over here.15:01
snap-lLooks like any other crappy drupal site.15:01
brouschlooks messy15:03
wolfgersnap-l: I'm seeing a QR-code and the associated text right over the top of two of the schedule tables15:03
wolfgerobliterating a chunk of schedule15:03
brouschthat looks fine on mine15:05
brouschget a real browser15:05
snap-lSame here, though I'm using Chrome15:05
snap-lsame here as in it looks OK15:06
brouschthey don't care how it looks in ie15:06
wolfgerbrousch: I don't care how it looks in IE either15:10
wolfgerFF 3.6.13 here15:10
wolfgerMaybe ABP was interfering?15:11
wolfgerNope, that's not it15:12
wolfgerThere we go... Maximized the window.15:12
wolfgerQR code box appears to be anchored to the right side of the browser window15:13
wolfgerAnd the sucky thing is, I keep my browser at roughly full-size for a non-widescreen monitor15:14
wolfgerthey've designed a webpage for widescreen only.15:14
snap-lJust subscribed to the pycon miro feed. Ye gads, that's a lot of video.15:16
snap-lAnd this is why I love me some miro15:18
wolfgergonna take the free-licensed content and slap together a "best of Pycon" LoCoCast?15:21
snap-lwolfger: You've not been listening to lococast lately, have you? :)15:23
wolfgerNot since Rick's "Day 1" episode15:24
wolfgerwhich I suspect I didn't even hear all of15:24
snap-lThere's two more on there15:28
greg-gwhat, the, hell, that is the stupidest way to make that schedule15:36
tjagodaNo more Ontario Linux Fest15:37
jrwrenwhy not?15:37
tjagodaSeems the organizer doesn't want to do it15:37
jrwrenwell, that is a good reason.15:42
jrwrensomeone else should step up... or let it die.15:42
* wolfger looks at tjgoda, who professes to be Canadian these days...15:44
wolfgerI know you know how to run a con, sir.15:44
snap-lYeah, that happened last year15:52
snap-lNot sure if that still means that this year is still off15:53
tjagodaIf I actually lived in ontario  I would do so15:53
tjagodaI, however, do not15:53
brouschso ontario shuts down and indianapolis starts up15:57
wolfgerThat's right. Support it, bitches. Don't let another con go down the tubes. :-)16:10
rick_h_snap-l: http://uploads.mitechie.com/lococast_pycon.png seems like pycon's been good to us :)16:42
rick_h_jcastro: never ran into evan, tried to get amber to intro us so I could deliver your message16:44
rick_h_not sure if he's still down here16:44
rick_h_hopefully getting an interview with Michael Food a bit later so I'll ask him16:45
jcastroI've chatted with him since then16:45
jcastrothanks though16:45
rick_h_ah, gotcha16:45
wolfgerrick_h_: Looking for an appointment with food?16:46
rick_h_sorry, foord16:46
rick_h_I'm approaching dead here, typing and 'making sense' will suffer :)16:46
snap-lVery cool!16:47
rick_h_yea, still not over 200 feed subscribers, but getting close16:47
rick_h_but a lot of downloads/traffic recently to the feed16:47
wolfgerI have no idea if I'm a subscriber or not.16:48
wolfgerEvery time I open up Google Listen, I have to click on the Subscribe button again, and then open the menu and click Refresh to get new episodes.16:48
wolfgerListen is a cool concept, but I don't think it actually works very well.16:49
rick_h_someone else was having feed problems16:49
rick_h_try to delete /readd if you get some time16:49
jrwrenMichael Foord is a MSFT luver. be sure to wash your hands. :p16:49
rick_h_wonder if it had a bump16:49
rick_h_jrwren: heh, as he uses his mac16:49
rick_h_but yea, big ironpython guy16:49
rick_h_will be interesting to chat16:50
rick_h_gah, upload faster, been saying 1hr left for last 50min16:50
binbrainI feel like there has to be a single cmd for this but can't find, want to gen new uuid and have fstab automatically updated to reflect, anybody?16:53
snap-lno idea17:01
jrwrenbut doesn't the FS already have a  uuid?17:20
jrwrenyou can use uuidgen+tune2fs+sed to fix up your fstab with a new uuidgen, but I don't know of a built in17:21
jrwrenoh, and maybe findfs so you know it worked correctly17:22
binbrainjrwren: that's the combo I was guessing I was going to have to, just seemed like an obvious thing, if I tune2fs with a new uuid, I want to have fstab updated17:24
jrwreni've done it manually a few times.17:26
jrwrenonly every time I add a disk17:26
jrwrenand since I'm not a sysadmin, that has been about 5 times ;)17:27
snap-lsqueekyhoho: @CnkoymAinjad277: OMG, I just told a spammer to go fuck a barbecue while dousing themselves with gasoline. What a coincidence! |01:26 PM Mar 16, 201117:28
snap-lNice... apparently there's a network of them that will spout shit if you post to them17:32
BlazeixI'm just catching up on the recent lococasts. One of my friends has been trying to run qtile for about year on ubuntu - he's never successfully set it up :(17:50
brouschit will take me 2 months to catch up on all the new lococasts17:53
snap-lMan, so much great content on the web.18:02
snap-lGoing to need another hard drive soon for all of the pycon videos, and a game development youtube channel I found18:03
binbrainjwren: have a bootable hd that will be dd'd to mass produce other hds, need to be able to dd and then tell the new hd it needs to use a diff uuid, thanks for the help, uuidgen+tune2fs+sed is my answer18:46
jrwrenwhy the different uuid?18:52
jrwrenthe disks will never be in the same server, so it doesn't matter.18:53
rick_h_jcastro: got a hold of Evan, cool guy19:35
rick_h_had a great discussion on Unity, he says I should get a hold of Neil Patel for an interview on unity/issues, sound right?19:36
rick_h_and poor guy is a penguins fan who's not heard any recent news of them or Crosby's status19:36
jcastrobut neil is super busy19:38
jcastroyou might not get any unity folks for an interview, maybe DBO would be the best bet19:39
jcastrocall in a favor from the old days19:39
rick_h_cool, I'll check in with you when I get back19:45
rick_h_twitter down/giving strange error for anyone else?19:46
_stink_working here19:47
rick_h_looks like not just me then19:49
rick_h_oh, whoops19:52
rick_h_well that too19:52
rick_h_funny, I told google to only pull results from the last 24 hrs19:53
rick_h_and that still came up, wtf19:53
binbrainjrwren: good point but there are times during the validation of the process that they will have same disks hooked up at the same time19:59
rick_h_http://blip.tv/file/4884733 8:30 in there _stink_ Blazeix widox_20:03
* snap-l checks to see if there isn't some secret tiling foo in there.20:06
_stink_video choppy for anyone else?20:07
binbrainmy new MacBook Pro just came in the mail, can't wait to get Linux on this bad boy20:08
snap-lI can't seek in the video at all20:09
brouschwhy would you pay big bucks for a MBP only to put linux on it?20:09
snap-ldual boot?20:09
_stink_rick_h_: haha, this is great20:10
brouschputting linux on apple hardware always has some missing/crappy drivers20:10
_stink_OH MAN i can hear rick_h_ laughing!20:10
gamerchick02personally, if i had a MBP, i'd dual boot.20:11
gamerchick02i do now with windows 7 (don't hate me, please)20:12
snap-lAh, I already downloaded this20:12
snap-lgamerchick02: I'd use a VM with a Macbook20:12
gamerchick02and the new MBP 13" looks beautiful20:12
gamerchick02why, snap-l? works better?20:12
* gamerchick02 is curious, not confrontational.20:13
rick_h_dual boot you tend to live in one other other20:13
rick_h_I dual boot Win7 as well, but only go in to record20:13
rick_h_so I'm not getting better/learning any new features20:13
snap-lgamerchick02: becuase Linux can handle VMs better. ;)20:13
rick_h_whereas with a VM, especially in transparent mode, I might run apps/tools from both OS's at the same time20:13
brouschi can run osx, winxp, and linux at the same time20:16
snap-lHelp qtile grow exponentially, we only need two of you. :)20:16
snap-lIf I could get away with it, I'd put Windows in a VM on all of the machines that need it20:17
snap-lso then I could just pop into Windows when needed, and then do real work when it's not needed.20:17
gamerchick02brilliant, snap-l.20:17
snap-land when my parents fuck up their Windows partition even more, I could just reload Windows from the last known good snapshot20:17
gamerchick02that's... slick. :)20:18
snap-lMan, rick_h_ projects. :)20:18
snap-lpro-jects into all of the microphones20:18
rick_h_voice on those not good?20:18
snap-lNo, they're great20:18
rick_h_damn, I gave them the good mic today20:18
snap-lbut you're too big for one mic. ;)20:18
rick_h_and kept the cheap one for me20:18
rick_h_hoping it would help20:19
snap-lIt's not bad, but there's bleed through20:19
snap-lon the pyramid one at least20:19
rick_h_damn, which one is this?20:19
rick_h_ugh, /me goes back to mic shopping20:19
snap-lAnd that's partially because Chris talks like a southerner.20:20
rick_h_yea, he's a kind of quiet guy20:20
snap-land rick_h_ talks like a NORTHERNER20:21
rick_h_fight that southern heritage!20:21
gamerchick02uhm, i talk like a Northerner. i think. i'm not from the "south"20:22
gamerchick02middle, really20:22
snap-lI'm using Autoduck an awful lot. ;)20:27
rick_h_was really hoping wouldn't be needed20:28
rick_h_it sounds awful as the tracks jump in/out20:28
snap-lno worries20:28
* rick_h_ hangs head in shame20:28
snap-lIt's not as bad as you might think20:29
snap-lI lower the volume a bit.20:29
jcastrosnap-l: what was the name of that rush documentary?21:31
snap-lBeyond the Lighted Stage21:42
snap-ljcastro: ^21:42
rick_h_https://github.com/bitprophet/fabric/compare/b2cd73cf77...0950b50bb6  woot21:43
binbrainawesome rick_h_ whatcha do for fabric?21:56
rick_h_sprinted with them21:56
rick_h_created 6 branches of tickets stuff for it21:56
rick_h_so looks like a couple got merged in so far21:56
rick_h_couple were just creating branches from people's patches, couple were bug fixes I submitted, and one was a big change to the way the tests ran21:56
rick_h_wrote a new decoarator that helped mock out part of the system for tests21:57
snap-lrick_h_: Holy shit that's awesome!21:57
rick_h_https://github.com/mitechie/fabric/commit/76f7f86a72af4681bc653c9ea56ed6bb62685238 was the biggest one21:59

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