nnonixWell there are certainly more people in here since I visited last.05:02
seidoshi Guest6587 :)06:02
seidosgreetings ubuntu brethren.  I'm visiting from California, i hope that's okay.06:03
tonyyarussoI suppose we can put up with you for a while :P06:04
seidosi was talking to Guest6587 in #ubuntu-beginners.  he's in Minneapolis.  he's having an issue with a livecd that's blank.  Nvidia 6150LE integrated graphics.06:05
seidosi thought it would be cool to hook him up with you guys or a LUG or something06:05
tonyyarussoand by this you mean his screen is blank after booting it, not that the CD itself is blank?06:06
seidosindeed, screen is blank.06:06
seidossorry, i should be reading what i type out loud06:07
tonyyarussoTried the "Safe Graphics" mode?06:07
seidosi didn't know there was a safe graphics mode from a livecd06:07
tonyyarussoIndeed there is.06:08
tonyyarussoI think it's one of the function keys on the first screen.06:08
seidosnever used it.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCD doesn't have anything on a "safe graphics mode"06:08
seidosGuest6587: did you catch that?  apparently there's a safe graphics mode from a livecd/liveusb you can try06:09
Guest6587I think I heard something about holding the left shift key06:09
seidosGuest6587: i think it's F406:10
tonyyarussoGuest6587: That's for picking a kernel in grub on an installed system - I don't think it applies to anything on the LiveCD.06:10
seidosthanks tonyyarusso06:10
Guest6587Hmm... the menu doesn't look like in the screenshots when I boot up and F4 doesn't do anything06:13
tonyyarussoIf you have just the blank screen with the tiny icons of a keyboard and a person, press enter once.06:15
seidosGuest6587: what version?  10.04 64bit?06:16
Guest6587 10.04 32bit06:17
seidosi'm installing virtualbox so i can try it out06:17
seidosah, i better start downloading that iso.  i only have 32bit 10.1006:17
Guest6587I get a menu like in the screenshots, but it doesn't have the Fn options on the bottom and the logo is different06:18
seidosi'll download 10.04.2 32bit desktop and see what it looks like in virtualbox06:18
* tonyyarusso downloads too06:20
seidos11 min on torrents here06:21
Guest6587trying 10.10 64bit next06:21
tonyyarussoAh, it does just start booting right away.  Interesting.06:21
seidosdang, what kind of connections do you guys have out in MN o_o06:22
tonyyarussoseidos: Local mirror.06:22
tonyyarussoSo, gigabit.06:22
Guest6587I just got a shiny new modem too06:22
seidosprofane rouge :|06:23
tonyyarussoGuest6587: Okay, actually the holding the shift key advice was correct as it turns out.  Then you'll select your language.  Now I just have to find where they moved this option to.06:24
Guest6587oh crap, this guy told me to do exactly this stuff in #ubuntu-installer but that was before I performed a voodoo ritual and got the screen to keep working in the menu and not immediately go blank06:27
Guest6587and then I logged out and lost the chat06:28
tonyyarussoGuest6587: Found it.  Press F6 ("Other options") and select "nomodeset".  Then Esc to get out of that menu, and Enter to boot.06:29
Guest6587ah, yes that was it06:29
Guest6587geez, creating the install USB is taking forever06:36
seidosthanks tonyyarusso, this was cool.  i should see about hooking up beginners to their ubuntu user group's more often06:45
tonyyarussoIndeed :)06:45
seidostonyyarusso: are you in the ubuntu beginners team?  i know i've seen your name around.  perhaps in #ubuntu-offtopic?06:46
tonyyarussoseidos: mostly -ot.  I've done some stuff with -beginners, but not lately.06:46
seidostonyyarusso: right on06:47
seidoswell i gotta' go to bed guys.  hopefully i'll see you around06:47
Guest6587Whelp, the menu I get looks like this: http://www.thomasvjames.com/blog/uploads/20100609004.jpg06:50
Guest6587...except where it says netbook06:51
tonyyarussoGuest6587: are you sure that's 10.04?06:52
Guest6587supposed to be 10.10 64bit06:52
tonyyarussowhat's under the advanced options stuff?06:55
Guest6587just an option to go back06:55
Guest6587there is a terminal like thing with some menus I can bring up by selecting Help, but it automatically boots just a second after I do06:58
Guest6587I think it's from when I mistakenly used the alternate install .iso: the same menu came up then, but I just redid the USB with the regular download so I don't see how it's carrying over07:05
tonyyarussooh, that could be07:08
tonyyarussoMight be that your flashing just didn't work or something.07:09
tonyyarussoAnyway, I have to go to bed, so I'm afraid we'll have to follow up some other day.07:09
Guest6587good night and thanks for your help07:10
damianIs there a way to get a usb's serial number and its block device in /dev? "lsusb -v" is unreliable (it says the connection is timing out), the files in /proc/scsi/usb-storage/ don't mention the device and the numbers don't seem to mean anything.18:08
damianhdparm doesn't work on usbs18:09
damianI have three usbs that look exactly and I can have them connected all at once I want some way to identify each of them. Naming partitions worked until I started playing too much18:12
damianDoes anyone know how disk utility gets the serial number?18:14
damianI want to setup a server in the future for an installfest and frankly, its a hell of a lot easier to use a gui. Can I set everything up in a graphical session, do CTRL+ALT+F1 (switch to TTY1), then use "kill -s STOP $(pidof Xorg)"?21:06
damiankilling Xorg outright kills the session and everything spawned from it.21:07

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