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thafreakMorning Ohio14:40
thafreakthinking of "lemon wiping" this hard drive before I give it away...14:42
thafreaksomething I heard about on the security justice podcast14:43
gilbertthafreak: what is lemon wiping?18:07
* Cheri703 has vague fears related to lemonparty18:07
Cheri703*it may be related18:08
gilberthmm, never heard of that either, probably not something i need to find out about18:09
Cheri703people send others to lemonparty.org and it's 3 old men....having a party...without clothes...18:09
* Cheri703 has never watched but has heard enough about it18:09
gilbertyeah, definately not looking that up18:10
Cheri703that's why lemon wiping caused fear18:11
gilbertwell, a google search just comes up with pledge lemon wipes18:12
Cheri703or at least hesitance to look it up :)18:12
Cheri703well, that's good then :)18:12
gilbertand i don't think those r too evil18:12
gilbertmaybe it has to do with wiping "lemon party" from your hd if you were unfortunate enough to visit that site???18:13
gilbertor maybe it means filling the hd with "lemon party" with the intent to disturbe the new owner18:14
Unit193It's using somthing like killdisk or dban on the HDD18:19
* Unit193 thinks so anyway18:19
canthus13Prolly writing lemon party to the drive, then formatting it before selling it. anyone nosey enough to do a recovery gets a nasty surprise.19:06
* canthus13 has found all sorts of interesting things on second-hand drives.... :P19:12
canthus13Some people don't bother to even wipe the drive.19:13
Cheri703I don't even want to know...19:13
thafreakgilbert: haha, it was in reference to lemon party...I've never seen it myself, but heard about it21:03
Cheri703ha, I figured it was :)21:03
thafreakyou basically repeatedly write lemon party photos to the hard drive21:03
thafreakso if anyone tries to recover data from it...well, all they get is a "nice surprise"21:03
canthus13Unit193: Lemonparty.22:05
canthus13Unit193: check out lemonparty.org22:05
Unit193No, I was saying you could do that one too (or both)22:05
canthus13Unit193: Oh. :)22:07

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