InHisNameis ubuntu-us-pa closed ?  totally silent for 16 hours now.07:50
andrewbrain fart this morning, logged in just fine to my computer, now trying to apply updates and completely forgot my password12:50
andrewno, it's a complex one that I typically know by feel12:50
jedijfbad piano humor....i am sorry12:51
andrewexcellent, found my hidden cheatsheet12:52
andrewproblem is, I had already glanced at it, and dismissed it as a password to something else (cheatsheets don't get labeled) because it looked different enough to not be it12:53
InHisNameSlow goings this morn,   Try virtual $$ site $25 to sign up and $20/day.  $10/click thru links http://www.virtapay.com/r/inhisname    Probably only when you've logged in that day.  Its in beta so their $ have no meaning yet.  Hoping to be a paypal alternative.  If so then having credit positive with them could be useful.14:40
PennBotTitle: Redirect (at www.virtapay.com)14:40
InHisNameI'm off to school to prepare for Cisco exam some more.14:41
MutantTurkeyInHisName: good luck15:06
MutantTurkeyit's quiet. too quiet.15:27
teddy-dbeargobble gobble15:32
ChinnoDogom nom turkey15:37
andrewom nom bear15:38
ChinnoDogI have the fortune of being undesirable as a meal15:39
ssweenydepends on the culture15:40
andrewMay I suggest avoiding these areas: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dog_meat#By_region15:42
PennBotTitle: Dog meat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at en.wikipedia.org)15:42
andrewBTW, that lists includes Canada15:43
ChinnoDogCanadians eat dog?15:46
ssweenyhard to say, but i might hesitate to vacation in niagra falls if i were you15:48
teddy-dbear Under Canada's Wildlife Act,  it is illegal to sell meat from any wild species, but there is no law  against selling and serving canine meat, including dogs, if it is killed  and gutted in front of federal inspectors15:48
teddy-dbearadvantage to being a teddy bear15:49
ChinnoDogandrew: the pic on the bottom of that wikipedia article is totally gross15:52
MutantTurkeyhonnlr honnlr15:52
MutantTurkeywell, that was not the gobble gobble i expected, but one key shifted over.15:52
ChinnoDogI think I might have nightmares15:52
ssweenythat is pretty nasty16:03
ssweenywhy do they include the head? ever?16:04
ssweenyi don't ever want to see the head of something i'm eating16:04
ChinnoDogI saw someone on TV eat the crispy roast head of a bird once. That was pretty bad too.16:05
ssweenyi've eaten shrimp heads at a sushi place16:05
ssweenythat was mildly gross but i was trying to impress my wife's family so i went for broke16:06
ChinnoDogWere they impressed?16:06
ssweenythey were at least not disappointed16:06
ChinnoDogIts only a matter of time now before they invite you over and serve you shrimp heads for dinner16:07
MutantTurkeyI would avoid the in-laws at all costs if they were trying to force feed me shrimp heads16:08
ssweenyi should learn to juggle. make it worth their while16:08
ssweenyjuggle the shrimp heads and eat them from mid-air one at a time16:08
ChinnoDogThere is no force feeding, MutantTurkey. He demonstrated he eats them.16:08
waltmanshrimp heads are surprisingly tasty, considering how disgusting they look17:56
waltmanOnce you get past the OMGWTF TENTACLES! part, they taste like anything else that's been deep-fried17:57
ChinnoDogI'd prefer to not eat things with eye stalks17:58
ChinnoDogoh wait, wrong crustacean. Shrimps don't have eye stalks17:59
waltmanI was served them on 3 different occasions before I got up the nerve to try them.17:59
waltmanthey just taste like crunchy fried shrimp18:00
waltmanbut they admitedly look scary18:12
MutantTurkeywaltman: it's actually the whole "wtf tentacles" part that stops me18:13
MutantTurkeyfrom eating it.18:13
waltmanMutantTurkey: I totally understand.  Just remember that the main purpose of the tentacles is to make it extra crunchy!18:14
MutantTurkeyactually i don't eat any sea related foods, not since i was a kid and i choked on octopus leg or something ridiculous. since then i eat only land animals18:15
waltmanspeaking of tentacles...18:34
waltmangrilled octopus is SO GOOD18:34
teddy-dbearI'll stay with cookies and chocolate :-D18:53
MutantTurkeyI am with teddy18:53
waltmanMore yummy grilled octopus for the rest of us!  YAY!18:54
pleia2now I want sushi for lunch18:55
waltmanNow I want to go to Dmitri's.18:55
teddy-dbearmore chocolate chip cookies for me :-[18:56
MutantTurkeyNow i would like to go to Rey Azteca18:56
MutantTurkeyhaven't been there in a month or so, I have the munchies for mexican food18:56
jedijfchipotle > azteca18:58
* jedijf was not impressed with the azteca joint18:58
jedijfthat's like across from winter sport right?18:59
ChinnoDogIts 3pm. Why is everyone talking about food?18:59
pleia2because we're americans18:59
jedijfits puddin' time18:59
jedijf1/2 chocolate 1/2 rice FTW18:59
ChinnoDogpleia2: is this the cause or the effect?18:59
pleia2ChinnoDog: both, probably19:00
MutantTurkeyjedijf: that is not19:00
waltmanwhere's rey azteca?19:00
MutantTurkeyjedijf: that is tortillas19:00
MutantTurkeywaltman: up past hatboro,19:00
jedijfadonde eres rey's?19:00
MutantTurkeychipotle i had for dinenr last night.19:00
jedijfMutantTurkey: ahh, the old or near pizza hut area?19:01
* jedijf googles19:01
MutantTurkeyjedijf: hmmm? let me get the card i have it.19:01
jedijfthat's it ... got it19:01
MutantTurkey80. N York Road Warminster PA 215 443 043719:01
jedijfwaltman: refresh my memory about the food truck you were raving about, i need to record it for when i am in the city19:03
waltmanhuh, that's almost right across the street from my brother's place.19:03
jedijfhobby shop?19:03
waltmanrey azteca19:04
waltmanjedijf: Tyson Bees.  It's on the corner of 33rd and Spruce, in a small parking lot next to Franklin Field.19:04
PennBotTitle: Tyson Bees | Gourmet Korean BBQ Food Truck (at www.tysonbees.com)19:05
jedijfwaltman: ty - kum sa hamidah (sic)19:06
jedijfi did moe's (millville, nj) yesterday....not impressed19:11
MutantTurkeythere was a bbq place called Abners in Jenkintown that was solid19:13
jedijfMutantTurkey: moe's southwest grill.....abners changed ownership....lorraines of something now...and a bbq joint in roslyn next to beer world19:16
MutantTurkeyabners is roses now19:17
MutantTurkeyi think19:17
MutantTurkeyhaven't been there in ages19:18
MutantTurkeyI don't like the name roses as much, I will say it frankly, Abner just  me the impression of a nice southernly older black man cooking my food for me. Roses reminds me of a bunch of dumb white people, who can't be trusted with proper southern cookin'19:19
jedijfshe's a black lady19:30
MutantTurkeyi don't think so. a bunch of white guys working in the back now.19:30
jedijfthe one is roslyn is named after the black cook, with this awesomely deep voice19:30
jedijfcan't remember the name though.....the voice resonates19:30
MutantTurkeyokay you've convinced me :p19:30
MutantTurkeylike cook from southpark?19:30
jedijfno, not isaac hayes19:30
MutantTurkeyrelevant: http://scrapetv.com/News/News%20Pages/Entertainment/Images/south-park-chef.jpg19:31
waltmanFat Jack's BBQ on County Line Rd. in Huntingdon Valley's really good.19:31
MutantTurkeywhere on County Line?19:35
waltmanOh, in one of those shopping centers.19:41
waltmanGoogle maps says it's near where 232 intersects.19:43
MutantTurkeyah okay19:43
waltmanBut I'm not sure it's putting it in the right spot.19:44
MutantTurkeyi am sick of talking of food, i think it is time for a trip to the pizzeria19:45
waltmanIt might be in Justa Farm19:46
jedijfjusta farm has the calloways20:08
jedijfben and irvs20:09
MutantTurkeyben and irvs <320:10

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