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Dan9186what is that free work order tracking software RI?00:30
wrstcyberanger: may send a noob over here in a few nick is smp_00:48
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linuxman410wrst u here12:17
linuxman410anyone here12:34
cyberangerlinuxman410: yes12:39
linuxman410hey let me ask u a question12:39
linuxman410do u know vschune12:40
linuxman410maybe it is vychune12:40
cyberangerI'm aware of the nick12:41
cyberangernever met in person12:41
linuxman410i did not they live in  mephis12:41
linuxman410i sent them a computer for the person's mom12:43
cyberangerI was thinking Jackson, TN, but yeah, kinda far from us12:43
cyberangeridk why I was thinking Jackson12:44
linuxman410but it looks like ny their email they have a computer shop12:44
linuxman410i paid for the shipping and ship them one cause they ask me too'12:45
cyberangerfor what I'm aware, he's in college, class of 2012 computer specialist12:48
linuxman410cyberanger what i am trying to say is i hope they really needed computer12:48
cyberangernot an actual shop12:48
cyberangerwell, yeah, I would too12:48
cyberangerbetter to help those in need12:49
linuxman410because i try to give them to those in need only12:49
linuxman410i mean i help others too but i expect them to pay their own shipping12:51
cyberangeryeah, I understand12:53
linuxman410that is the very first time i have paid shipping to ship one to someone i pay it all the time to have them shipped to me12:55
cyberangerI'm not aware of anyone being outright dishonest here, and an email address is cheap enough, hard to judge on that12:57
cyberangerhope there is never a 1st13:04
linuxman410me either13:05
cyberangerof what I'm aware, he's a college student, and a fair bit of them work on the side (their bedroom being the "shop") or in a shop, but their wages only offset tution, books and so on13:06
cyberangerhence why I'd try not reading into a domain or email address too much13:07
linuxman410ok it sounds like it was alright then13:07
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cyberanger(some of my freelance work started out when I was in college, two years in 2008, some ways my networking and linux knowledge (outside classes) has paid off more than the degree so far)13:09
cyberanger(granted, the degree isn't finished, but the certifications seem to be worth more than the degree itself)13:10
linuxman410cyberanger i have never been to any tech school but i can fix just about any computer and figured out linux pretty good13:11
linuxman410and i have been a tech for over 20 years13:11
cyberangeryeah, and I like that better myself (more out of the box critical thinking it seems, compared to degrees and certs)13:12
cyberangerbut nowadays people want experince, education, and with the recession, they can afford to take their pick13:13
cyberangerso I can't blame someone for trying a degree too13:13
linuxman410the people who i work on their computers like me better and i have no degrees13:14
cyberangerpraise the loyal customers, I agree13:14
cyberangerlearn by doing13:14
cyberangermore my thing too13:15
linuxman410when i got my job at a computer long time ago before it shut down they choose me over the other guy who had degrees cause i knew more13:15
cyberangerand that's shifted some, when you've got to have work exp. for mcdonalds, it'll be hell13:16
cyberangerbut unfortunately, we're not too far away from that13:16
linuxman410i work in a thrift store13:16
cyberangerI'm just doing side jobs atm13:17
linuxman410the local computer store sends people to me cause they do not know linux or mac13:17
cyberangertrying to get something stable for a change13:18
cyberangerthat's nice13:18
cyberangerseems I didn't auto-id after that little netsplit13:19
linuxman410cyberanger it happens13:20
cyberangeroh of course, and I've got high spirits, never dealt with anyone I regret13:21
linuxman410i was talking about auto-id13:21
vychunelinuxman410: missed the package because my phone came the same day13:22
cyberangeroh, yeah, that too13:22
vychuneit should be here today13:22
linuxman410vychune they did not leave it13:22
vychunesaid they needed signed auth13:23
cyberangerit's up to the driver to leave it, unless it's signature-required, then they can't13:23
linuxman410i do not know why everything i order they leave on porch13:24
cyberangerand here they will not leave it anymore13:24
cyberangerlinuxman410: including items needing a signature?13:24
linuxman410they must sign it their selfs cause they leave it13:24
vychunethats what i said this is my first one13:24
cyberangerah, I chewed them out for leaving an item on my doorstep, from now on they leave it at the apartment office13:25
linuxman410vychune i did not sent it requring signature13:25
cyberangerthey tried to leave my T-Mobile G2 there, had the manager sign it, I was pissed13:26
cyberangera 400 dollar phone, and little keeping it there13:26
cyberangerlinuxman410: did you insure it? they'll require a sig. for insurance reasons13:26
linuxman410cyberanger it comes with insurance automaticly13:27
vychunemight be because its a comp13:27
cyberangerlinuxman410: and you didn't raise the value13:27
cyberangervychune: they shouldn't know that13:27
cyberangerbut a form mixup is possible13:28
cyberangerand the driver has discrection to raise service13:28
cyberangerand some do that to prevent leaving a package13:28
linuxman410well maybe the driver did not think it was safe to leave it is his call13:29
cyberangeryeah, and I've chewed UPS out for what I percived as a bad call13:29
cyberangersuch as a 400 dollar smartphone, the office isn't apt 2110 (not my real apt no.)13:30
cyberangerit required MY signature13:30
cyberangerso nowadays they've been doing a better job13:31
cyberangerand I know the drivers for my route, and they do agree13:31
cyberangerDHL got it worse, leaving a DSL modem just on the door, ignoring the signature requirement13:32
cyberangernot saying I don't trust the managers, or anyone else for that matter, just that some things shouldn't be tempted13:35
cyberangerand those examples were the worst, they violated their own policies13:36
Xpistoshas anyone been having flash issues lately?13:40
cyberangerXpistos: yes, I have many issues with flash13:40
cyberangermore than usual too13:40
cyberangerwhat are you having happen>13:41
wrstflash has been OK for me.. 32 or 64 bit?13:42
vychunei have on my mac13:43
cyberangerwrst: OK, or KO13:46
vychuneReceived a CTCP VERSION from frigg: whats this mean13:46
cyberangerfrigg is asking about your client13:47
cyberangerfrigg is a freenode bot13:47
cyberangerno harm13:47
cyberangerxchat 2.8.8 Linux 2.6.32-27-generic [i686/1.99GHz]13:47
cyberangerthat's all it sends13:48
cyberangerCTCP, Client to Client Protocall13:48
vychuneleran something everyday huh lol13:49
vychunehow do you do that?13:51
vychunenevermind ill google it13:51
cyberanger /ctcp vychune ping13:51
cyberanger /ctcp vychune version13:51
cyberanger /ctcp vychune time13:51
vychuneok cool13:52
vychunework time gotta jet lol13:52
vychunelata and thanks13:52
wrstcyberanger actually OK as long as not using the 32 bit wrapper for 64 bit13:55
Xpistosher flash is 64bit and it stops working13:57
XpistosIF i go in and reinstall flash it works13:57
wrstxpistos is it actually 64 or the packaged one in the wrapper?  I suspect its wrapped I would manually install from adobe13:59
XpistosI think it is the 6414:00
Xpistosbut I will check14:00
wrstI don't think even 10.10 has true 64 bit as it was beta when. released14:01
XpistosI think it is a beta but it has been there since last year14:04
wrstyeah they pulled it now its back I would still uninstall and manually install if haaving issues its simple to do14:05
cyberangerXpistos: also, I remove .macromedia and .adobe14:17
Xpistosworking on a joomla thing, but I will hollar at  you soon14:18
cyberangerseems to fix my current issue (on youtube mainly, but not all, I'll play a video fine, then any other video has a red tint)14:18
cyberangeroddly that doesn't seem to affect hulu14:18
cyberangeranyone here on AT&T, get ready to hate your ISP14:55
cyberangerUBB has left canada for the states, this isn't good14:55
chibihogoshinocyberanger: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/monitoring/netquakes/15:25
Xpistoshey wrst, what are you putting in to remove that stuff like flash* and Shockwave* ?15:51
Xpistosokay I uinstalled flashplugin-installer and flashplugin-nonfree and mint-flashplugin-x64 and then reinstall the mint-flashplugin-x64 and it appears to be working. we will see how long it lasts.15:53
wrstsounds like you had a lot of flash plugins xpistos16:03
XpistosI think I did it when i installed hulu desktop on her computer16:04
wrstyeah but if that doesn't get it a ma ual install should fix you up16:05
cyberangerXpistos: I'm the one removing $HOME/.macromedia/ and $HOME/.adobe16:11
cyberangerI use find $HOME/.macromedia/ -type f | xargs shred -fuvz16:12
cyberangerand find $HOME/.adobe/ -type f | xargs shred -fuvz16:12
cyberangerbut you don't need to shred the files16:13
cyberangerjust rm -Rf $HOME/.macromedia/ && rm -Rf $HOME/.adobe/16:13
cyberanger(I actually have a bash script I use for it, short 5 liner16:14
cyberangerstarts firefox, then waits, firefox closes, shreds all files, removes the directories)16:14
cyberangerI first did that for privacy reasons (I hate supercookies) but after realizing that it might be equally useful for my issue, gave it another try again16:16
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chibihogoshinochris4585: http://imagebin.org/143409    do you remember how to fix this ?20:09
electricuswhy would you want to program in c# rather than c++ ?20:14
electricusanybody ever program with the .net framework using 'mono'?20:14
cyberangerelectricus: that sounds as fun as eating cardboard20:25
cyberangeridk about c# vs c++ however, developers preference perhaps20:26
electricusin laymans terminology (conceptually speaking) what is the mono project attempting to accomplish?20:27
electricusdraw m$ people to linux and still code in .net?20:28
electricusor allow open source folk to code in .net ?20:28
vychune346linuxman410: ping20:39
linuxman410hey how are ya20:40
vychune346not good20:40
linuxman410why is that20:40
vychune346do you have the tracking number for the package20:40
linuxman410it is in my wive's car20:40
linuxman410i can get tonite about 1120:41
vychune346dang lol20:41
vychune346they may have lost the package20:41
linuxman410well sometimes they deliver late they have run here as late as 6 o clock20:42
linuxman410vychune346 i called them one time and they said they delivered up to 7 pm20:43
vychune346the infonotice i left is gone they came20:43
linuxman410i can drive to my wifes work and get tracking number take about 5 minutes be right back20:44
vychune346oh ok wow um thanks20:44
vychune346youre really cool dude20:45
cyberangerelectricus: both20:52
cyberangermy understanding is mono is serving both of those goals at least20:52
electricusi wonder how many developers are actually developing anything with mono.  i went on the website and there is virtually no documnentation .. just placeholders for future docs20:56
linuxman410vychune346 ups website says out for delivery by end of day20:57
electricusi ran the mono ide.. it looks pretty nice.. and pasted some c# code into it and it highlighted it pretty nice.. that's my extent20:57
vychune346oh ok20:57
linuxman410i can email you tracking number if u want it20:58
electricusi don't personally wouldn't invest much energy into any ms languages20:58
vychune346could u please?20:58
vychune346i think postal service hate me lol20:59
linuxman410vychune346 tracking number i just emailed it to you it said yesterday they tried delivery at 2:56 pm21:02
vychune346already got it21:02
vychune346your the worlds greatest21:02
linuxman410tracking number or package21:02
vychune346both they just left it21:04
vychune346brb going to get it21:04
linuxman410ok cool21:04
vychune346manager's doing a retun gotta wait(his sleezy a**)21:10
vychune346500 for a tax return21:11
linuxman410vychune346 hope u like it it was one of my nicer boxes21:11
vychune346he out his mind21:11
vychune346i hope i do to lol21:12
linuxman410vychune346 that is how much he charges to do taxes21:12
vychune346he charged someone that. along with 100021:13
vychune346out his mind21:13
linuxman410wow that is high21:13
vychune346brb he has a stun gun and he crazy21:14
linuxman410vychune346 u back yet21:21
linuxman410cyberanger u here21:31
linuxman410wrst u here21:31
linuxman410hey i got a question for you whatever happen to exodus_ms21:32
linuxman410i mean he just vanished in thin air used to come in here all the time21:33
linuxman410vychune346 still not back21:34
* vychune346 turns on comp *dusty cloud* 21:39
vychune346linuxman410: its not turning on the monitor21:41
linuxman410it should i tested it before it left21:42
wrstlinuxman410 he has had some life issues does drop by on occassion21:42
vychune346rephase that plz lol21:43
linuxman410vychune346 is the video cable connected good21:43
vychune346yes sir21:44
vychune346im sure im find the prolem21:44
vychune346or sue ups :D21:45
linuxman410does it have onboard video or a video card in slot21:45
linuxman410vychune346 i would open it up and see if anything got knocked loose21:46
vychune346the ram got knocked loose and so did the hotsync fan21:46
linuxman410maybe the memory got jarred out of socket alittle21:46
vychune346it fell out lol21:47
linuxman410vychune346 put the ram back in and it will probably boot up21:47
vychune346its booting up21:48
vychune346its not activating the screen21:48
linuxman410ok cool ups is ruff on a pc21:48
vychune346everything else is looking goooooooooooooooood21:48
netritiousvychune346: do you hear a beep when the computer turns on?21:48
vychune346no beep code21:49
linuxman410vychune346 it was working fine when it left21:49
vychune346im sure somethings just loose21:49
vychune346im do something when i get home im not worried21:50
linuxman410what about switch on back that says 110 and 240 how is it set21:50
linuxman410on the power supply21:50
netritioushey linuxman410 don't give away that secret!21:50
netritiousnone of the youngins' know about that ;)21:51
vychune346idk im tell you when i get back home i came back to work21:51
vychune346shut up netritious21:51
linuxman410ok if everything else fails reset the bios21:51
vychune346k now you lost me lol21:51
netritiousno vychune346 I will never do that lol21:52
linuxman410and make sure big stick of ram is it first slot21:52
vychune346i put the 128 in first21:52
linuxman410256 needs to go first i have run into that alot21:53
netritiouslinuxman410: SDARAM?21:53
linuxman410and make sure it snaps good21:53
linuxman410yeah ddr21:54
vychune346how much can it take/21:54
* vychune346 pulls out tb card21:54
linuxman410with ddr sometimes it feels like in snaps in when it is backwards so check that21:55
linuxman410i think it will hold a gig 2 512 sticks21:55
vychune346it has 4 slots but thats it?21:56
vychune346cool though ok going home brb21:57
linuxman410oh it may hold more i was thinking about another board if it has 4 slots21:57
vychune346ok brbv21:57
vychune346ok brb21:57
vychunestill not working right22:22
linuxman410vychune it still will not post to monitor22:22
vychuneeverything else comes on22:23
linuxman410vychune are u near the computer22:23
linuxman410turn it off22:23
vychuneits off22:23
linuxman410there is a little jumper near the battery you se it22:24
linuxman410yes move it to last 2 pins22:24
vychunelost me22:25
linuxman410there is only 3 pins22:25
vychunei see it says 11522:25
vychunethat right?22:26
linuxman410right next to silver battery ther is a jumper maybe black or red22:26
linuxman410move it to last 2 pins22:26
vychunethe cmos?22:27
linuxman410that is the cmos jumper22:28
linuxman410when u move it to last 2 pins hit power button nothing should come on at all22:29
vychuneim lost22:30
linuxman410just trust me ok22:30
vychunei do22:30
vychunecant find it22:30
linuxman410do you see silver battery22:30
linuxman410it is right beside it toward the inside22:31
vychunethere are to spaces22:31
linuxman410ok was memory in right22:32
linuxman410are ide cables in board and in drives good22:33
linuxman410and the 256 is first22:34
linuxman410first slot in front of processor22:34
vychuneclosest to the hotsync?22:37
linuxman410closest to processor fan22:37
linuxman410did you check the red switch on back22:38
vychunefound the prolem22:39
linuxman410vychune what is problem22:39
vychuneyou know the litte nut that screws in for the screw on VGA cables22:39
vychuneits loose22:39
vychunei knew it was somethng simple22:40
linuxman410so vga not getting good connection is the vga going all they way in22:40
vychuneit sure felt like it22:41
vychunehad this happen before so i got it22:41
linuxman410let me know what happens22:41
vychunegive me just a min22:42
vychunedont worry your baby is safe with me22:42
* vychune revs a chiansaw22:42
vychunenot funny?22:44
linuxman410vychune what not funny22:45
vychuneno cigar22:47
linuxman410do me a favor turn off computer and take out stick of 12822:47
vychuneit out22:48
linuxman410now try it22:48
linuxman410vychune did  it power up22:53
linuxman410flaky piece of memory22:53
vychuneno screen still22:53
linuxman410still no screen22:54
linuxman410does it show a startup screen22:54
vychunesame as before everythings fine i just cant see22:54
linuxman410vychune turn off computer and move 256 to other slot22:55
linuxman410it has to be something simple22:55
linuxman410i mean it is usually memory not seated good22:57
linuxman410and usually when you resit it it should work22:57
vychunenothing yet22:58
vychunestill nothing22:59
vychuneshuting off22:59
linuxman410vychune i know this is silly question but when u hooked up did you bend a pin in your monitor cord22:59
vychunenot probelm23:00
vychunem using the same cord for this comp23:00
linuxman410so no beeps and fans run but nothing on screen23:01
linuxman410vychune when i had it i t would not boot on cont of memory in wrong once but you said it is in right now23:02
vychunecont of memory?23:02
linuxman410vychune the notch below the memory is lined up under both sticks23:03
linuxman410and still nothing i do not get it did you wiggle vga cable when hooked up to see if vga connection on board has short23:05
linuxman410vychune did you say something else was loose when you opened it up23:06
linuxman410processor fan23:07
linuxman410did we fire it up before we found out that23:08
linuxman410ok that is good is processor fan on good now23:08
vychunesnug as a bug23:09
linuxman410vychune what model compaq is that23:09
vychuneCompaq Presario SR1703WM Desktop PC23:10
vychuneputting in a video card23:16
linuxman410i looked on line for a picture of mainboard could not find one23:17
linuxman410do you have a pci video card23:18
vychunewont fit23:18
linuxman410too big23:18
linuxman410why would a pci be too big for the slot23:18
vychunenotches dont fit23:19
netritiousso a PCI-Express video card not PCI?23:20
linuxman410so it only has one slot on the board23:21
vychuneone black one yes23:21
linuxman410vychune what color r the rest of them23:22
vychuneoff white23:22
linuxman410those are pci23:22
linuxman410vychune the off white slots are pci23:24
linuxman410vychune see if the card fits one of them23:24
linuxman410vychune are u sure that is a pci or a agp card how many notches23:28
netritiousif the computer doesn't beep then the computer is not going to boot, it's really that simple. It may power up, but it won't boot if it doesn't pass Power On Self Test (POST). POST requires working cpu, mobo, memory, power *and* video in order to pass. If there was a loose heatsink and fan inside the case while in transit it probably beat the internal components to hell and back.23:29
vychunelinux: 323:29
netritiousnot linuxman410's fault of course, just saying you may be wasting your time23:30
vychunebut every thing looks fine23:30
linuxman410ups may have dropped it cause it was working perfect when it left23:30
netritiousI had a guy come into my shop once with a pc to fix that was shipped via UPS...is the only reason I know about it23:31
vychunei think so23:31
vychunehey is that jumper blue linuxman?23:32
linuxman410i figured with the bubblewrap would have protected it23:33
vychunethink you used enogh packing peanuts lol23:33
linuxman410does it have 3 pins and it is on 2 of them23:33
linuxman410the jumper i am talking about is usually next to silver battery on pins 2 and 323:34
vychunebrb mom call23:35
linuxman410there is 3 pins ina row23:35
netritiousvychune: I know it may look fine but component damage is not always visible to the naked eye23:38
linuxman410vychune found it there are 2 blue jumper toghter near the ide or floppy connector23:38
netritiousI hope it works out though23:38
linuxman410vychune before you replaced processor fan did you make sure it was seated good23:42
linuxman410processor was seated good23:43
chris4585chibihogoshino, I remember that error.. there is a filesystem.size file that should be on the CD but I completely forgot how to generate it..23:47
chris4585btw I like the song you were listening to Johnny Guitar23:47
chibihogoshinoits one of the songs they play on a radio station in fallout new vegas23:48
chris4585chibihogoshino, are you using an outdated version of magiclive?23:48
chris4585if so then that might be why you're getting that23:48
chibihogoshinoi found a old one on a usb stick23:48
chris4585chibihogoshino, yeah I have the soundtrack for new vegas :)23:48
chibihogoshinoit has some great music23:48
chris4585indeed it does23:48
linuxman410netritious everytime i file a claim with ups they say my packing was not good which is not true i bubblewrapped and put in foam peanuts23:49
chris4585chibihogoshino, I might be able to find the code to fix that issue, should be rather easy...23:49
chibihogoshinothe new magiclive wont generate properly23:49
chibihogoshinoim trying the latest one to see if it will work..23:49
chris4585chibihogoshino, its probably better to try another method tbh23:50
chibihogoshinoto make a cd ?23:50
chibihogoshinoer.. iso ?23:50
chris4585the whole shebang, I don't think I'll get to magiclive again for a while23:51
chibihogoshinoit worked fine till the mounting switched to the new way or what ever that was23:52
chris4585I'd like to go back to that if it worked23:53
chris4585I'd have to have the old code though23:53
chibihogoshinolike .. right after you fixed the filesystem error23:53
chris4585well I don't think that was hard to fix23:54
chibihogoshinoi remember it was a script but i dont remember what it was23:54
chris4585chibihogoshino, I already found the code23:54
chris4585it should be working in the new magiclive or testing.. whatever the latest is23:55
linuxman410vychune hollow at me when u get back23:55
chibihogoshinoyeah that parts does but the last time i tried it i got a bunch of bed errors23:56
chris4585chibihogoshino, do you know bash well enough to fix it for yourself in the old magiclive?23:57
chibihogoshinoill take a look23:57
chibihogoshinoheh i didnt even think about that, i was trying to fix it after i booted the iso23:58
linuxman410is magic live a linux distro23:58
chris4585linuxman410, no its a script to make a livecd23:58
linuxman410ok did not know that23:59
chris4585chibihogoshino, the very top part of the makeiso function (I believe its named differently in the old script) you will see..23:59
chris4585its a bit hardcoded with variables23:59

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