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lostsonhome again home again01:29
* nickmoeck is preparing to make the leap to Natty01:43
lostsonbeen there done that unity was a bust for me01:45
lostsonnot impressive at all01:45
lostsontiling window manager that is shiny and has fancy effects01:46
lostsoninteresting concept though01:46
nickmoeckI won't be using Unity. I'm a KDE guy01:51
mikeputnami'm very happy with Lucid. in fact the happiest i've been so far with desktop Linuxen01:53
mikeputnamonly a Fedora 12 install from a few years back comes in a close second01:54
mikeputnami really want to love OpenBSD but i can't yet01:54
mikeputnami'm too impatient01:54
mikeputnamthere are many things OpenBSD does better than any other01:55
mikeputnamyet there are things that they severely lack in as well01:55
mikeputnami wish i was a c savant so i could contribute01:55
twopoint718mikeputnam: yes, I want to help on those kinds of projects but it seems kinda daunting02:21
mikeputnammy experience has been: it seems attractive, get all revved up about helping, file a bug report or two, help some newbs out with a few easy questions, but after a while that just isn't enough to keep me revved up.02:23
mikeputnami'm not vested enough02:23
twopoint718I need to develop the skill of diving into an existing codebase.  It can be really tough.02:23
lostsoni love C its my favorite to work with hence the new mimic project im working on but that is a mix of C and Lua02:25
twopoint718I was also going to say (about what loston was saying before) that I'm giving a lightning talk at the next MadLUG meeting on tiling window managers.02:25
twopoint718yes, dwm and xmonad02:25
lostsonboth excellent tiling window managers02:26
twopoint718I've only got 10 min or so, but I think I can show (really briefly) how to tweak their configurations02:26
lostsondwm shouldnt be a problem but xmonad i think you will be pressed for time seeing as its haskell02:27
twopoint718I'll start with an existing config file and just change something like a basic keybinding, just to give a flavor of it.02:27
twopoint718and say something like "oh and there's xmobar for if you want a status bar and trayer if you want a systray"02:28
twopoint718...would there be anything that even a 10min talk on tiling window managers *must* include?02:31
mikeputnam(more openbsd <3)02:34
* h00k is here02:38
h00kI saw a guy at one of the release parties use xmonad02:39
twopoint718h00k: I like it very much.02:39
h00ktwopoint718: I tried to set it up once.02:39
h00kI got scared and gave up.02:39
twopoint718It really helps to start with a config file that someone else set up. Or start with no config file and use the defaults.  The tutorial is a *must*02:40
h00krails s -d02:41
h00kwrong terminal.02:41
lostsonyou wait h00k when mimic is done you will like that : )02:46
h00klostson: what is this?02:47
lostsonits my continuation of the ion3 work but its called mimic02:47
lostsonanother tiling wm02:47
h00kI knew you couldn't leave for the Windows forever.02:47
h00kheroku db:pull02:49
h00kbah, stop it!02:49
lostsonnah i cant stand windows too damn slow02:49
h00kone bug down02:50
h00kI'm working on wedding-rsvp again02:52
h00kAnd how did I miss this Ratatat album?02:55
mikeputnamtoday i made this pointless exercise of node.js + express + mongodb + mongoose orm on a free server from joyent  http://dhmn.no.de/02:57
mikeputnami ran apache bench against this and an equally pointless app i cobbled on google app engine and node.js won02:57
mikeputnamscientific proof!02:58
mikeputnamthat i write pointless apps   :/02:58
h00kis that the one with Web Scale?02:58
mikeputnamdoesn't sound familiar02:58
h00kAhahaha, there was this dumb video...hang on02:59
mikeputnammongodb is a nosql, json based db02:59
h00ker, some language apparently is NSFW03:01
* h00k facepalms03:02
mikeputnamomg lol03:02
twopoint718so what is this "webscale" meme?03:05
h00kno clue03:05
mikeputnamthat is the awesomest03:05
mikeputnami'm guilty of becoming enamored with such things03:06
mikeputnamthey're the android/iPad/3dTV/$shinynewthing of web app dev03:07
mikeputnami hadn't realized that mongo doesn't actually store writes immediately03:08
* mikeputnam learns from pop humor videos03:08
* h00k unplugs server before commit03:08
mikeputnamfor most stupid crap (or pointless apps) on the internet this is acceptable03:09
h00kDougipad: wat03:09
h00kDougipad: no03:09
* h00k disbeliefs03:09
DougipadH00k you can add another I'd03:09
h00kDougipad: I see that.03:10
h00kDougipad: here, check out this sweet flash video.03:10
mikeputnambut! i'd bet as these things come and go, relational db's will eventually adopt some of the fly-by-night things03:10
h00koh, just kidding :(03:10
h00kmikeputnam: probably, yeah.03:10
DougipadThis interface is unusable. Can't see typing and chat at sa,03:10
DougipadMe time. Peace03:10
mikeputnamthere have to be some neat ideas in there somewhere03:10
douglasawhh00k: I didn't see your responses...BECAUSE I COULDN'T SEE THE TEXT03:15
douglasawhthere was an IRC app, but I never know what to put which is why I use quassel because it always has freenode defaulted in03:15
twopoint718Okay, yeah that xtranormal video gives me a headache03:15
douglasawhirc999 I believe it is called03:15
h00kdouglasawh: no prob :D03:16
h00kdouglasawh: my future in-laws have one too, but it's for work related things/research03:17
h00kWorst. Video. And. Or. Song. Ever. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD2LRROpph003:18
nickmoeckRebecca Black ?03:18
h00knickmoeck: yes.03:18
douglasawhyou [not coc approved] caused me to miss the goal in the Galaxy game03:18
h00kdouglasawh: ! I bet there exists a replay somewhere03:19
nickmoeckfrom what I understand, daddy paid for someone to write the song for her to sing, etc03:19
douglasawhh00k: yeah, I saw it on the TV right after it.03:21
h00kdouglasawh: see, I'm not terrible03:21
h00knickmoeck: they *paid* someone for those lyrics03:21
douglasawhbut this brings up an intesting point.  If I were to want to discuss a fatherless child or a female canine, how would I go about doing that?03:22
h00k"tomorrow is saturday, and sunday comes afterwords"03:22
h00kdouglasawh: a bastard or a bitch?03:22
h00kdouglasawh: in context, sure03:22
nickmoeckOr, you could, you know, just say "female canine" or "fatherless child"03:22
h00kthat too, sure03:22
douglasawhubuntulog2 you saw what h00k said, right?03:22
h00klocobot_2: what03:23
douglasawha bastard or a bitch. shame.  He's supposed to be our moral compass03:23
douglasawhubuntulo1 seems to be missing a 'g'03:23
mikeputnamGeorge Carlin was our moral compass03:23
h00kGeorge Carlin. Oh my.03:24
douglasawhIRC needs a way to fav posts, because that would be one.03:24
douglasawhubuntulo1 better find that 'g' before he needs to pay up or he might be missing more than that03:24
h00kwe could start a quotebook or something03:25
douglasawhthe coc should have like afterhours rules for LoCos03:27
douglasawhwouldn't work in a global channel for obvious reasons03:27
h00kApparently she is 13.03:29
douglasawhwho is 13?03:33
mikeputnamh00k: are you using the wrong window again?03:34
h00kmikeputnam: no...er...sorry, that girl in the video I linked03:36
h00kthe terrible Friday song03:36
douglasawhgonna do updates which usually means I lose connection on natty...we shall see03:52
h00kdouglasawh: good luck03:53
h00kI found a funny bug03:53
h00kdouglasawh: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/73486503:54
lubotu1Launchpad bug 734865 in linux (Ubuntu) "[STAGING] RT2860 Wireless will not authenticate and connect when on battery power." [Undecided,New]03:54
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h00kguests are deleting themselves again23:37
h00kfrom wedding-rsvp23:37

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