pleia2elky: plan for NewWikiTheme?03:59
pleia2I'd like to get going on it this week if possible, are we changing the files before changing the default, or..?04:00
elkyI think we're going to have to push at least one edit for the styling. I'm finding the page styles quite... squished.04:03
elkyI'm actually at work now. I was asleep before. I'll take a look tonight.04:06
pleia2yeah sorry, my schedule is so opposite yours (it's 9PM now, it was 11AM earlier)04:06
elkyheh yeah, timezones suck. It'll be a bit better once I'm in nz and we'll only be 4hrs out instead of 6.04:08
elkywell, 20hrs rather than 18, really.04:09
elkyI'll be even moar in the future!04:09
pleia2yes, so you can tell me if godzilla is coming tomorrow04:11
Tm_Tpleia2: s/if/when/07:12
elkyTm_T, well sure, but it might not be *tomorrow*07:16
Tm_Tthat's why when07:22
* Tm_T tries to shake BÖC out of his mind now07:23
nigelbTm_T: did you see elky's tweet the other day?07:31
Tm_Tunfortunately no07:32
elkyapparently i wasn't the first to think of it either07:32
nigelbelky: heh07:32
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