G_UnitHi, has anyone have any experiance on using Ubuntu 10 for a central syslog server using MySQL to log to?06:06
superflyG_Unit: nope, not specifically, but I don't imagine it to be too hard, I'm sure Google can help you out07:03
G_Unitthat is where I need help with, if someone can point me in a direction to go look or a diff channel, it would be great07:06
superflyMaaz: google for Ubuntu syslog server07:07
Maazsuperfly: "Setting Up A Central Syslog Server - Softpedia" http://news.softpedia.com/news/Setting-Up-a-Central-Syslog-Server-44063.shtml :: "How to setup syslog server in UBuntu - Techie Corner" http://www.techiecorner.com/1479/how-to-setup-syslog-server-in-ubuntu/ :: "[ubuntu] How to set up ubuntu syslog server for nexus1kv? - Ubuntu ..." http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1459762 :: "Bacon and Tech » Blog Archive » Quick Guide: Ub07:07
superflyThose look promising, how about trying to Google some more?07:07
nlsthznMaaz is the awesome07:08
superflySo is Google07:09
nlsthznsuperfly: Google is the new evil (MS has lost the crown :p)07:11
superflynlsthzn: why is that?07:12
superfly(I would actually say that Apple is the Evil, and has always been)07:12
Vhatasuperfly: why is that?07:13
* Vhata is intrigued by both claims07:13
nlsthznsuperfly: You know the saying that power corrupts right and what they say about absolute power...07:13
superflyVhata: they specialise in vendor lock-in07:13
linuxboysuperfly: and other companies don't?07:13
superflylinuxboy: less so07:13
superflynot saying no one else is doing it... just that Apple does it particularly well ;-)07:14
Vhatasuperfly: they have enabled the independent software developer like no other entity in the world07:14
superflyVhata: you mean Windows has no independent developers?07:14
Vhatasuperfly: it does, but it's ridiculously hard for them to distribute their software, or receive payment for it07:15
Vhatain addition, Apple is singlehandedly responsible for ridding the world of DRM'd music07:15
superflyVhata: the shareware world has been going strong for many years07:15
Vhatasuperfly: what does 'the shareware world' have to do with ease-of-distribution and ease-of-taking-payment?07:15
superflyVhata: eh, I'm not entirely convinced about that one... though I won't discount that they had a hand in it07:16
superflyVhata: apparently some people say that Windows has the easiest distribution method - just download the installer and run it07:17
Vhatadownload it from where?07:18
Vhata(anybody who says that has never clicked "install" on the mac store/iphone app store)  (or installed anything on linux for that matter)07:18
linuxboyI had to give apple my credit card details before I could quickly and easily click "install" on a free app07:19
superflyVhata: download it from the gazillions of shareware sites out there07:19
linuxboythat sort of sucked07:19
Vhatasuperfly: but which one?  how do I find the app?  where do I look?  which app do I install, since there are gazillions of shareware sites and I have no real way of knowing which one to go to or which apps are good?07:20
Vhatasuperfly: that's exactly the point - it's impossible to get your app out there unless you go and upload it to all gazillion shareware sites or whatever, and even then, there's no real discoverability for users07:21
Vhataanyway, that aside, how do you take payment now?   ask the user to mail you a cheque?  sign up for paypal (won't work in SA)?07:21
superflyVhata: do you have to pay to put an app in Apple's App Store?07:22
superflyand what if I don't want to use ObjectiveC? I don't have a choice07:22
VhataI don't know, but I suspect you have to buy a license for the developer SDK or whatever.07:22
Vhatayou do have a choice, you can write in a bunch of languages as far as I know07:22
superflyAs far as I am aware, the license details were updated recently to say you can only use ObjectiveC07:23
superflyor something like that... it seriously cut down the number of options available07:23
Vhatamaybe so07:23
Vhataanyway, I was saying that Apple had enabled the independent software developer like no other entity in the world07:24
Vhatapointing out flaws does not invalidate that07:24
superflyI don't need to buy some developer license to develop Windows apps07:24
Vhatano, you don't, but good luck getting anybody to use your app, or pay you for it.07:24
superflyI have personal experience of both07:25
superfly*shrug* just because there are flaws in the shareware model doesn't invalidate it07:25
VhataI can't think of any "14 year old kid becomes rich from shareware game" stories07:26
superflywhat does that have to do with anything?07:26
Vhatathere are dozens of stories of people getting rich from making iphone apps07:27
superflyI'm sure I can pull out various success stories from shareware too07:27
VhataI'm not sure you can07:27
superflyshareware is also a lot older than apple's app store, and thus these days is extremely diluted07:28
Vhataif we're trying to see which software channel enables the developer more, we look for which channel has produced more success stories, and it seems quite clear that it's the apple channel07:28
linuxboyDuke Nukem Forevers failure was due to the success of shareware software07:28
superflyVhata: it depends on your perspective... if you're measuring developer enablement (is that a word?) by success stories, then sure... I'm sure you can measure it other ways as well07:29
Vhataanyway, I'm just countering your vendor-lockin=evil argument07:30
superflyyou could say that shareware wins because there are more windows shareware apps than currently in the app store07:30
VhataI'd love to hear why nlsthzn thinks Google is the new evil07:30
nlsthznVhata: I did answer higher up :p (Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely)... Google is currently like a bulldozer... does what it wants, when it wants... This normally doesn't end well...07:31
Vhataso, Canonical/Ubuntu is evil?07:32
nlsthznVhata: lol, Canonical is powerfull... absolute... I don't see it (but ask many others in FOSS and they might say they are :p)07:33
Vhatanlsthzn: your only argument for why Google is evil is "it has power, which corrupts".  Thus, anything with power must be evil.  Thus, Canonical is evil.07:33
Vhatabut "you don't see it", so you must actually have some other criterion for saying whether something is evil07:34
Vhatawhat is it?07:34
linuxboyCanonical just tossed out gnome-shell. They did what they want, when they want. By nlsthzn's logic they are as evil as google.07:34
Vhatalinuxboy: that's what I'm saying07:34
nlsthznI don't think doing what you want = to power which doesn't directly = "evil" ... but the more "powerful" you become the more you feel that "the rules" don't apply to you...07:36
linuxboynlsthzn: have you read the google story?07:36
nlsthznlinuxboy: no07:37
linuxboynlsthzn: do it07:37
Vhatanlsthzn: you're still saying that they're evil just because they have a lot of sway07:39
Vhatanlsthzn: yet we have cases of them using their sway like this:  http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2006/jan/19/20060119-105801-2649r/07:39
Vhataor using it to make sure that that band of wifi was left unlicenced07:39
nlsthznsorry (natty went a bit wonky)07:40
VhataI blame evil Canonical for that07:40
nlsthznI think it is the revenge of RMS but hey, that's just me...07:41
nlsthzn(in this case it is more an issue with Empathy and typing more than one line of text for IRC actually)07:41
nlsthznVhata: Seems that my comment hit a nerve (or pet peeve) of yours, sorry about that... but I mostly say that in jest, I am very much dependent on Google for a lot of the excellent services they have freely07:46
Vhatawhy would you apologise for having an opinion?07:46
Vhatayou didn't hit a nerve at all, I was just asking you to give evidence for your statement (just as I asked superfly to)07:47
VhataI would've asked you the same if you'd said UNICEF was the new evil07:47
nlsthznVhata: k, cool...07:48
linuxboynlsthzn: have you ever seen the work that google are putting into: faster internet, ipv6, web standards... the list goes on07:48
nlsthznlinuxboy: sure Google is doing great and awesome things... but when one entity gets to big and powerful and nothing can touch them things tend to go iffy07:49
linuxboynlsthzn: are you basing this on Science?07:50
linuxboynlsthzn: can you show me history that says that this will happen?07:50
Vhatalinuxboy: nlsthzn is saying Google is the new evil because one day they are going to start doing evil things07:50
Vhataor, they probably are.07:51
Vhatawe should have smothered them at birth to stop their future (probable) misdeeds!07:51
* nlsthzn dons his prophetic robe: "Mark my words... !!"07:53
nlsthznVhata: I get your point... and can't argue against it (well, with anything sensible)... Let us hope what I say is just silly rambling and Google stays awesome and shows the world how it should be done08:03
Vhatasuperfly: http://kevinrose.com/blogg/2011/3/14/apples-role-in-japan-during-the-tohoku-earthquake.html  ;-)10:17
superflyVhata: golly, that just totally makes Apple cool and unevil :-P10:24
VhataI think defeating DRM and putting software and music publishing in the hands of the independent artist/developer is what does that, but helping people in the earthquake is cool too :P10:26
drubinVhata: wow.12:07
* Symmetria stares at www.myadsl.co.za and shakes his head in disbelief13:39
Symmetrialet me state, eduroam is in a pilot, it is not live, it is not an operational service, and that article is extremely misleading 13:40
queerymaaz, coffee on13:55
* Maaz puts the kettle on13:55
MaazCoffee's ready for queery!13:59
queerythank you maaz14:06
queerymaaz, thank you14:06
Maazqueery: Sure14:06
* Symmetria seethes14:20
SymmetriaI swear, microsoft needs to release windows ME for cisco routers, they will be more stable running that :P14:20
* Symmetria hates14:20
* inetpro wonders why many youtube videos have turned red these days19:51

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