dacaro_gui is in trouble00:00
sexysaraDacaro... go to Edit -- > Profile Pregrense -- > Backround.... then uncheck all the boxes except for transparncey00:00
timmybobcat14ohzie-complicated? How so?00:00
dacaro_gui = error00:00
sexysaraprofile Prefrenese*00:00
tibmanHowdy, I have the new thinkpad x120e and I am having troubles installing ubuntu 10.10 x64. the installer crashes on the "preparing to install Ubuntu" screen.00:00
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ohzietimmybobcat14: five different versions of APT-based linux. I could see an RPM version, an APT version, and a pacman version, and a portage version, to get the feet wet in different ways00:00
dacaro_sexysara i did this00:01
ohzietimmybobcat14: but five of all the same version baffles me00:01
BoBo_i have 2 rounters one infront of the other when i forward port 80 one one to the other then to my windows pc it works great if i then switch it to my linux pc it wont load from the outside ip adress but it works from all the other adresses00:01
ohzietimmybobcat14: I just would like to understand, for the sake of curiosity00:01
dacaro_but dont00:01
sexysaraDarco, then must choose what color you want to use then it sould work00:01
sexysarago to colors00:01
jakei need help my computer cant find the ipod shuffle and also no program i have used found it00:01
sexysarago to colors and uncheck all the boxes in there too then choose ur color00:02
dacaro_sexysara i want active visual effects extra00:02
dacaro_in root i active normal00:02
sexysaraooooh, I thought yuo wanted transparent efect in terminal, my bad00:02
dacaro_in user i cant active00:02
sexysaraI myself use Compiz and Emerald, both are really good00:03
dacaro_my english is very bad00:03
sexysarawhat distro are you using Dacaro?00:03
dacaro_yes but i want active by ubuntu00:03
dacaro_without donwload separeted file00:03
tibmanjake, watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmtkr2J9PCs00:03
timmybobcat14ohzie- mmmm...I'm just wondering how you could see so much of my computer. ha ha ha. I'm not aware I have all those. I did have debian mint  and linux mint installed but removed the Debian mint. I then installed Ubunyu 8.04 and finally now ubuntu 10.04. Ubuntu 9.04 has been on here most of the time.00:03
dacaro_10.04  portuguese00:03
sexysarahmmm same here.... are you using Compiz and Emerald by chance?00:03
sexysaraoooh , not English huh haha, I gotcha00:04
tchqvolothis is my first time in irc00:04
ohzietimmybobcat14: when I asked you what the other partitions on your system were, I counted five different linux installs. Four ubuntu and one Mint00:04
tchqvolonice to see a lot of people in this tiçe00:04
[thor]tchqvolo: how can we help? please give us as many details as possible00:04
dacaro_I can not sleep if i dont resolve a error00:05
Note-bookohzie, Fixed :D00:05
ohzieNote-book: Grats!00:05
sexysaradumb question I'm sure... but have you tried Google Dacaro?00:05
timmybobcat14ohzie-not sure what the 4th ubuntu might be...?00:06
sexysarak, just making sure :)00:06
tchqvoloi have a little problem with ubuntu serveur00:06
tchqvolossh is ok but hoz can i configure rsync for windows clients to my server ubuntu00:07
BoBo_any one here that could help me solve a routing problem?00:07
ohzietchqvolo: There are some windows rsync clients. :/00:07
ohzietchqvolo: I've never had to use them.00:08
timmybobcat14ohzie-I was actually using the previous kernal of ubuntu 10.04 which you just so kindly helped me to fix but the latest kernel still has the problem.00:08
itiliouswhy does split4g still "copy files" even if there are no 4+GB files?00:08
ohzietimmybobcat14: oh if you're only getting that with that specific kernel then you need to switch to your old kernel00:08
tchqvolook but how configure rsync in ubuntu serveur00:08
ohzietimmybobcat14: and if you could file a bug report because a new kernel shouldn't do that at all00:09
bl4ckcombitilious, might be a bit-flip caused by Japan's radiation00:09
timmybobcat14So shall I copy and paste the steps you used here and if I can open the new kernel apply them there? No no I seemed to have the problem with both kernels but now not with this one only the latest one.00:09
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timmybobcat14ohzie-how do you file a bug report?00:10
ohzietimmybobcat14: I don't know, I don't file them00:10
ohzietimmybobcat14: I just use old stuff that has no or very few bugs00:10
bastidrazor!bug | timmybobcat1400:10
ubottutimmybobcat14: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots00:10
timmybobcat14ohzie-ha ha ha ha00:10
ohzietimmybobcat14: because I'm lazy00:10
itiliousbl4ckcomb, :p00:10
tchqvolook thx and have a good night00:10
[thor]timmybobcat14: http://bugs.launchpad.net/00:11
timmybobcat14ohzie-well thank you very much-I don't even know if  your a male or a female but thank you anyway - I feel like I should invite you in for a cup of tea or something ha ha ha00:11
ohzietimmybobcat14: Austin, TX? I'd have a beer with a bro, haha.00:11
timmybobcat14[thor]  Thanks mate.00:12
[thor]timmybobcat14: oh wait.. that's only for the individual projects. i'm not sure that ubuntu is there00:12
timmybobcat14ohzie-well one bro to another then thanks.00:13
[thor]timmybobcat14: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs00:13
[thor]timmybobcat14: that second link is the proper one00:13
timmybobcat14[thor] ok got it thanks.00:13
suicidoltachem, ctrl+alt+f1 apparently does NOT open the terminal....00:14
suicidolter...f2 or whatever00:14
ohzietimmybobcat14: np00:15
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s5fssuicidolt: alt+f2 pulls up run00:17
suicidoltyeah, not the terminal...00:17
suicidoltlocked me out of everything, my password wasn't even working00:17
s5fssuicidolt: yeah, you flipped to a virtual terminal00:18
suicidolts5fs: thanks.  Did you see my question to you earlier?00:18
s5fssuicidolt: ctrl+alt+f7 brings you back, i think. at least it does on my system.00:18
s5fssuicidolt: no, i went and made garlic knots, but i'm back for a couple min. get the multitouch working?00:19
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s5fssuicidolt: okay, so you probably need to create the directories first, as you said00:19
suicidoltno, there is no hal folder (is it called a folder) in /etc00:20
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suicidoltand is there a way to figure see a directory tree without being inside a progrem like gedit?00:20
s5fssuicidolt: okay, so from the console, run "sudo mkdir -p  /etc/hal/fdi/policy"00:20
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suicidoltis that a good idea? in the site it says "restart hal" to me it sounds like hal is something I should install first00:21
Note-bookhow do I open the Ubuntu service manager in KDE?00:21
s5fssuicidolt: try restarting it, if you get an error let us know00:21
Note-bookhow do you manager services in ubuntu under KDE?00:22
timmybobcat14ohzie- if it's not too much trouble can I ask you what were the first instuctions you asked me to in or should I have a copy of them somewhere on my terminal or something.00:22
Note-booknever mind, found00:23
zrutyHow can I tell I have an intel or smd video device?00:23
cyberndq: is it possible to enable upstart logging in 10.10? for example "start ssh" supresses warnings like "host key not found" while the old init.d one displays valuable feedback00:23
s5fssuicidolt: you can use "Places" to view directories, kinda like in Windows (but crappier). or you can use the shell.00:24
suicidolts5fs: command not found error00:24
s5fssuicidolt: okay, then yeah, probably need to install the hal. i haven't messed with the hal in linux before, much different than windows probably.00:25
suicidoltwhat is hal?00:25
s5fssuicidolt: "hardware abstraction layer"00:26
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Jordan_Usuicidolt: HAL is an obsolete system for managing hardware, it's been replaced by other projects like devicekit. I would *not* recommend installing it.00:26
suicidoltis the tutorial I'm reading out of date.  She gives a command to test it that also does not work00:26
s5fsJordan_U: good feedback, thanks.00:27
Jordan_Us5fs: You're welcome.00:27
Jordan_Usuicidolt: What are you trying to accomplish?00:27
s5fssuicidolt: Jordan_U is probably on the right track here. I'd dig around for a more recent article, I'm sorry I didn't check it sooner.00:27
suicidoltJordan_U: multitouch for my touchpad00:27
illmortaldoes anyone know what email client will connect to exchange server 2010? Or is it too early for that compatibility to exist right now?00:28
timmybobcat14ohzie- ok have to go. Speak to you again. Have a nice evein in Austin TX. Thanks again, bro.00:28
suicidoltdefinitely an old article Posted by ravi on Friday, March 27, 200900:28
p3rrorcannot open mixer: No such file or directory00:28
p3rrorwheni run alsamixer00:28
p3rrorwhat is it ?00:29
jonneI've got a question about delaying an init.d script00:33
jonnei can't figure out how to do it00:33
jonnecan anyone help me with that?00:34
pac1is there a way to get info on a package you do not have installed?00:34
bastidrazorpac1: apt-cache show packagename00:35
jonneanyone can help me with adding a delay in a init.d startup script?00:36
perkywarriorHello all.00:37
tcopelandHello. I would like to create a bootable USB drive with persistent volumes, so that applications I install will be retained at shut down. I would also like to use GRUB on the drive and want a way to easily manage operating systems on the drive. Can someone tell me how to properly partition the drive so that I may boot from it and also have a general storage partition (fat32) for the storage of documents, etc to be accessed from an00:37
tcopelandy environment? I feel that this is not a question for the ubuntu channel, so could someone point me to another channel or web site/page for specific knowledge on the subject?00:37
aeon-ltd!persistent | tcopeland00:38
aeon-ltd!usb | member:tcopeland00:39
ubottumember:tcopeland: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent00:39
suicidoltJordan_U: did I miss your response?00:39
Jordan_Usuicidolt: Try installing and using gpointing-device-settings.00:39
jonneanyone can help me with adding a delay in a init.d startup script?00:39
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nickmoeckDoes anyone know if there's a 2.6.38 kernel ppa for maverick ? I can't find anything00:40
Ben64jonne: delay for what?00:40
jonnei would like to delay an init.d script, for sabnzbd (download program) because my external USB driver mounts to slow00:41
orangeninjacan someone tell me the command to clean out old kernal?00:41
chrometigerwhat is the easiest way to update Docky from 2.013 to 2.1.1       sudo apt-get update only takes me to 2.01300:42
bastidrazororangeninja: in synaptic search for 'linux-image' then uninstall them00:42
BoBo_having trouble with ubuntu firewall any one able to help?00:42
bastidrazorchrometiger: find a PPA00:42
jonneso i want to delay the startup of the program, so my usb driver can mount first00:42
orangeninjathanks bastidrazor00:42
LittleRedjonne: couldn't you set that in the BIOS...00:42
bastidrazororangeninja: you're welcome.00:42
jonnehe can't see it in bios00:43
oven_what was that command again to check ubuntu version? I want to write it down heh00:43
J697What command can I do to restore the Gnome panels?00:43
oven_killall gnome-panel00:44
chrometigerbastidrazor:  haveing trouble finding anything but  for ver 2.01300:44
Ben64jonne: you should be able to make sabnzbd load last by making the symlink in rc.d S99*00:44
LittleRedjonne: so when you look at boot order in the advanced BIOS settings it's not there?00:44
jonneit doesn't see any USB drivers in bios00:44
bastidrazoroven_: lsb_release -a00:44
J697What command can I do to restore the Gnome panels?00:44
jonneand let me try that Ben00:44
bastidrazor!panels | J69700:45
ubottuJ697: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »00:45
J697ubottu, thanks ubottu00:45
J697lol, "Sorry, I don't know anything about thanks ubottu"00:46
oven_when I do lsb_release it tells me it's Ubuntu 10.10 maverick, but there was another command that showed the kernel too00:46
jonneBen64: sudo update-rc.d S99* [program name] default?00:46
Ben64jonne: O_O no not at all00:46
jonne*shoot me*00:47
Dankbuntuoven_ uname -a ?00:47
Ben64just rename it :D00:47
oven_ya that's it, thanks man00:47
Dankbuntulol that's like the only cmd i know00:47
jonnei rename the program.sh to rc.d S99.sh? o.O00:48
Ben64cd /etc/rc5.d/; mv *sabnzbd* S99sabnzbdplus00:48
suicidoltalmost everything says G or GL in front of it...what does that stand for?00:50
jonnethat it is in the other RC's doesn't matter?00:50
p3rrori have no sound in iceweasl00:50
Ben64jonne: you should be in runlevel 5 during a normal boot00:51
p3rrorwho can help00:51
LukasBIf I wanted to download Adobe Flash Player using the terminal, what would be the command to go?00:51
jonnealright :D00:51
nictrasaviosHmm, is there a channel for virtual box , or may i ask it here?00:51
jonnethank you Ben!00:51
Ben64jonne: np, hope it works for you00:51
jonnetime to reboot!00:51
Evan1When I run ubuntu from the live CD, and I play the game Armagetron Advanced, the fps is the same as it is on Windows, but when I install ubuntu, the fps on the game is too low for it to be played well.  Is there anybody who can help me?00:51
Evan1I have an integrated intel graphics card in a laptop if that helps00:53
nictrasaviosIll take the abundant silence as an "ask it here" , When i install windows 7 via virtual box, it stays on 0% for the "Expanding files" part, and will not leave 0%.00:53
[thor]Evan1: go to System > Preferences > Appearance [[ Visual Effects ]]00:54
Evan1do u think that they are slowing my system down?00:54
Ben64nictrasavios: this an ubuntu channel, not a windows one : /00:54
Ben64Evan1: it's possible00:54
nictrasaviosThe disk has stopped and nothings being read, so i assume its frozen. and i know, this is virtual box.00:54
Evan1Ill try, thanks for the help :)00:54
[thor]Evan1: it is worth trying.. set it to normal, or none, and try armagetron again00:55
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felixsullaAt one point I installed Jungledisk (Amazon's cloud backup), it was I believe from a dpkg or something, not through Synaptic, how do I get rid of it? The opening screen starts at every login?00:55
dabbishhow do I get what's on the top right of this screenshot? the system info and shortcuts: http://crunchbanglinux.org/wiki/_media/screenshots/9.04-terminator-terminal-transparency.png?cache=00:56
nictrasaviosBen64, i am using virtual box. this disk has worked time and time again outside of the box, so it is a VB problem, thus a supported linux application is having an issue, as such i am in full ability to ask it here, since when i asked no one reffered me to a specific channel for this information, it is assumed to be asked in general help.00:56
richardcavellI want to easily transfer files from my virtualized Ubuntu 10.10 to my Mac that is on the same LAN.  What's the best thing?  Dropbox?00:57
[thor]felixsulla: if that is the package name, you could use " dpkg -r jungledisk && dpkg -p jungledisk "00:57
nictrasaviosNow, intead of useless foreplay on what is and isnt supported, since if this wasnt i wouldnt ask. Dose anyone know why the disk refussed to work properly under the virtual box enviroment.00:57
Socky_Hey guys.  I just bought a asus eee 1215n and i installed a fresh copy of ubuntu 10.10  When x booted up i installed the nvidia restricted drivers.  I ran the nvidia-xconfig to create my new config.  my nvidia driver shows up in lsmod, but i get no screen found when i start x.  I did a nvidia-detector and it returned "none"  Any ideas whats going on?00:57
felixsulla[thor]: It doesn't show in my dpkg list though00:57
nictrasaviosOr can you reffer to me to somewhere i may get proper assistance with this issue.00:58
Mission_Controljust throwing it out there00:59
format120hey, my desktops wireless card finally died, what do you guys recomend as one with easy, PnP drivers?00:59
foowafflecan someone help me share the net from linux to windows???00:59
Mission_Controlfound it on empires might as well show it with you guys00:59
nictrasaviosIll take the abundant silence as an "ask it here" , When i install windows 7 via virtual box, it stays on 0% for the "Expanding files" part, and will not leave 0%.00:59
syrinx_!ot | Mission_Control00:59
ubottuMission_Control: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:59
iflema!patience | nictrasavios: try another disk... a linux one maybe...01:00
ubottunictrasavios: try another disk... a linux one maybe...: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/01:00
nictrasaviosThe disk has stopped and nothings being read, so i assume its frozen. and i know, this is virtual box.01:00
syrinx_funny stuff though01:00
nictrasaviosiflema, i am not able to run itunes or the Adobe CS5 master collection under linux. it is imperative that i get this in workin order.01:00
foowafflehow do i share the net over lan from linux to windows?01:01
syrinx_nictrasavios: WINE?01:01
format120nicktrasavios, try iseing wine?01:01
JediMasterI'm having a real headache with my nVidia Corporation MCP79 Ethernet adaptor, I'm getting 750Mbps + one way and 150kbps (yes, 0.15Mbps) the other. I've tested it with netperf and iperf, samba and ftp file transfers, and all show about the same. If I swap out from the inbuilt gigabit adaptor and try the 10/100 USB adaptor, it goes to 93.6Mbps both ways, any idea what's wrong with it? This is01:02
JediMasterusing CAT5e cable (tried different cables) directly from one machine to the other or through gigabit switches (tried two switches too)01:02
nictrasaviossyrinx_,  CS5 fails 100%, and no mobile device support for itunes.01:02
felixsullaAt one point I installed Jungledisk (Amazon's cloud backup), it was I believe from a dpkg or something, not through Synaptic, how do I get rid of it? The opening screen starts at every login?01:02
format120what wireliss nics do you guys recomend? PCI please01:02
syrinx_JediMaster: #networking can probably be of more assistance01:02
erik333I had trouble installing win7 on a desktop computer at one point. it wouldn't install until i installed it to the first hard drive (or was it the one set first in boot order in BIOS?)01:03
nictrasaviosI have exhasted all other options, if i had not, i would not be asking for any support. As my research entails, this is the only option for me and what the group requires from its software. Now, with all the backround out of the way... may we get to the root of this issue.01:03
AltrixHi all,01:03
erik333it might be that it is a win7 isntaller issues rather than a virtualbox issue01:03
AltrixHave an annoying problem with a clients PC01:03
z2442guys my package manager is bieng a pain in the ass01:03
felixsullaDoes anyone know how to remove a program that is not in Synaptic that starts up on bootup?01:04
nictrasaviosSomething in virtual box ose is stoping windows 7 , in all its versions, 32 and 64 bit from expanding their files and thus, continuing the installation of the system.01:04
AltrixThe client in question goes to update their ubuntu install say from 10.04 - 10.10..01:04
erik333had to search the web for half a day until i managed to install it after correctly tweaking BIOS settings and moving sta cables around01:04
Altrixand obviously it fails..01:04
nictrasaviosI am asking for the help of the masses, in solving this, are their any suggestions?01:04
format120nictrasavios, install wine, then install itunes in wine, no vbox needed, use #winehq for wine related questions.01:05
erik333try installing ubuntu to that vbox using the same vbox settings to verify the HD works then01:05
nictrasaviosformat120, if you tried it yourself, you would know that my iphone would not connect to itunes, since wine has no usb connections that are up to "non beta" quality, and i refuse to use beta technology for my buiness.01:05
erik333the win7 installer has been known to be rather buggy01:06
HabstinatHey, having problems with my Ubuntu installation on a Pavilion dm4. It installed fine, and it boots, but I get no output from the screen. I get sounds though, and by blindly typing in my password I'm able to log in and I hear the login sound, so the system is definitely running. Any ideas?01:06
nictrasaviosformat120, then i still require the entire CS5 collection to fully operate.01:06
format120had you "e\xhasted all other options," you would have found this, nictrasavios, http://www.mikesubuntu.com/2007/10/itunes-great-with-wine-yep-its-true/01:06
nictrasavioserik333, i have verified it with a debian install.01:06
Dankbuntusounds to me like the problem here, is you own an iphone ;)01:06
syrinx_Dankbuntu: yep.01:07
JediMasterdoes anyone know if there is an alternative to forcedeth driver for the nvidia gigabit built-in ethernet?01:07
nictrasaviosformat120, i tried that. minimal success.01:07
Dankbuntusounds right to me01:07
HabstinatI can boot from a liveUSB and chroot to make any changes to the OS by the way.01:07
nictrasaviosformat120, my iphone , and my colleges ipod touch would not, may i repeat, would 100% not connect or be regestered by the itunes operating within wine.01:07
AltrixAnyone know a stable user friendly O.S. that dosn't fail on it's updates???01:07
syrinx_Habstinat: display works with the liveusb?01:07
rreyeshi all... my laptop overheats with ubuntu 10.10... any ideas on what could it be? No overheat happens with with win701:08
Habstinatsyrinx_: Yes, and it worked during installation too.01:08
sexysaraRreyes, maybe update the bios01:08
format120I had simmaler issues with vbox, and usb, install guest additions in your vbox install01:08
KramBWhat program can I use to manage my iPod Tough 4G?  Effectively.01:08
Altrixrreyes clock you're CPU speed down..01:08
sexysaraI had same problem with my lappy and updated the bios and problem fixed01:08
Altrixor change you're graphics to a lower setting01:08
DankbuntuKramB, a 10lb sledge works great on all apple products ;)01:08
DankbuntuEffectively and all01:09
natrixnatrix89Dankbuntu: why do you hate apple so much?01:09
Dankbuntubecause i can01:09
KramBDankbuntu: How funny, but in all seriousness; any suggestions?  Or does anyone have one.01:09
rreyessexysara: interesting01:09
foowafflecan someone help me share the net from linux to windows?01:09
rreyeslet me see if there are any bios updates01:09
Dankbuntuidk anything about apple products because i hate everything steve jobs stands for, sorry01:09
nictrasaviosformat120, even decompiling the itunes exe, installing all of its parts one by one, everything installed fine. Exepect for the mobile device support. we are fully capabile of such an operation and as i have said, exausted all other options. I am seeking help since none of us know much about virtualization, but we have research being done at this very second.01:10
HabstinatKramB: http://lbimobiledevice.org01:10
natrixnatrix89foowaffle: what's the problem?01:10
sexysararreyes: yah I have an Acer Apsire 5315.... the thing would not ever boot right, just a thought01:10
natrixnatrix89foowaffle: sharing is very simple01:10
HabstinatKramB: Sorry, meant http:/​/​libimobiledevice.org01:10
foowafflei new to linux01:10
format120what program did you use to decompile the .exe?01:10
KramBHabstinat: It's okay, Chrome got it right for me.01:10
natrixnatrix89foowaffle: right click and click sharing options01:10
KramBHabstinat:  Thank you btw.01:11
edbianformat120, It is impossible to decompile because there is more than 1 way to write a given program :(01:11
nictrasaviosAha! i went into the auditing of windows 7, reconfigured a few options, then boosted the ram given to the installer from 4gb to 16gb , leavin only 18gb of ram for ubuntu, but that is enough.01:11
foowaffleclick where?01:11
nictrasaviosIt is workin now, the installer, as one of you said, is very buggy.01:11
AltrixSrlsly Ubuntu, this is stupid why have the Fing feature there if it only works 10% of the time!!!!?01:11
format120exactly, edbian01:11
HabstinatKramB: It should come preinstalled on Ubuntu 10.04 and up.01:11
format120nictrasavios, how much ram did you say was installed in your system?01:12
natrixnatrix89foowaffle:  on a folder you want to share01:12
BoBo_having trouble setting up a minecraft server on ubuntu01:12
sexysara<--- New to linux too, been using it on and off for some time now, but now stritly linux user, one book that has helped me is "Linux PhraseBook"... Highly remcomeded for new linux users01:12
KramBHabstinat: I have Xubuntu, so I do not think it is.01:12
BoBo_same problem i am having with apache01:12
Habstinatsyrinx_: Any thoughts?01:12
BoBo_i can conect to it localy and it is port forwarded properly but i cannot connect from outside my network01:13
nictrasaviosformat120, i never said any before that last statement, but we run a RAID array of 100TB, configured with 7 motherboards, and 34GB of ram for each system. bassicly, it is 7 computers wired into one, that feed of a central database.01:13
erik333holy mother of god :)01:14
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syrinx_Habstinat: I don't know much about Xubuntu01:14
userXis Tux magazine a good reference source even though it hasn't published since 2007?01:14
Habstinatsyrinx_: I'm not on Xubuntu?01:14
userXfor a newbie01:14
erik333that's one badass computer01:14
format120oh, a cluster, cool nictrasavios, but still, you said you decompiled the .exe, how?\01:14
Habstinatsyrinx_: Ubuntu 10.10.01:14
syrinx_sorry, read that wrong01:15
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syrinx_Habstinat: do the TTYs work at all?01:15
nictrasaviosformat120, We make software ourselves, i send it over to member #4 who is running windows 7  on his system, he has the full microsoft devel platform.01:15
nictrasaviosits not my job to know what his workings are. my job is the linux part, and since this computer is work, and personal, i needed my personal affects on it.01:16
Habstinatsyrinx_: Just got it to work. Guess second time's the charm. Thanks for your help anyways.01:17
format120ahh, ok nictrasavios01:17
natrixnatrix89Is there anything good about windows?01:17
erik333well hardware/software support... due to the near monopoly they have in some markets01:18
linuxNewbis there a way to setup my server so i dont have to do domainjoin-cli every time it reboots?01:18
nictrasaviosWe have 2 who work on linux, i am the head of this partnership. 2 who work on Unix, and 2 who work on DOS , our head works on a master system , a cluster within a cluster, he operates all 3 at once, his is not connected to our cluster, but his assistant is.01:19
natrixnatrix89nictrasavios: so why do you need to connect to an iphone so badly anyway?01:19
erik333music? :P01:20
format120anybody want to recomend a wireless nic for me? internal01:20
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format120and for a desktop01:20
erik333wireless is for lazy people :(01:20
erik333lazy and laggy :P'01:20
rekenberhello =)01:20
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nictrasaviosnatrixnatrix89, three reasons, 1) it is my personal phone, and this system is my personal system, we are to use them that way. 2) I enjoy developing for IOS in my spare time, and the thrid, we are currently exploiting it, we pass on exploits we find to the dev team know as "Chronic Dev Team"01:21
format120yep, like my dad, whos wireless card just died01:21
novahas anyone seen this error before? (Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/rtl_nic/rtl8168d-1.fw for module r8169) i cant seem to find any solution on google.01:21
Jordan_Uformat120: http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/catalog/category/NETWORK01:21
Jordan_Uformat120: You're welcome.01:21
nictrasaviosThe SHAtter exploit was found by us, but we leave our name out, giving credit to whoever wants the heat. The S, in shatter is Savios. The other 2 i am not at my liberty to say01:22
natrixnatrix89Is there finally some good video editing software on ubuntu?01:22
natrixnatrix89because previously all the ones I tried didn't work really well01:22
nictrasaviosWe are a group of white (hmm... maybe grey, but we call ourselves white) Hats. if you dont know what that is, you have no need in knowing.01:22
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Jordan_U!ot | nictrasavios01:23
ubottunictrasavios: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:23
gabe_hello, I have a problem that I cannot find an answer for. Please help me... I have a desktop that has a wlan0 interface (, which connects to my ISP's router and to the Internet. I also have an eth0 interface ( that connects to a Cisco Terminal Access Server (I have a small rack of routers and switches). The problem is that when I use the wired connection, even though the wireless connection does not go do01:23
gabe_wn, I'm not able to browse the Internet and I can't understand why01:23
nictrasaviosOh, sorry i forget myself. If anyone wishes further information , private message me. I shall be off now. but i shall remain online for those curious.01:23
natrixnatrix89gabe_: have you set the right gateway for cable connection?01:24
nictrasaviosOh and jordan, i am about to PM you.01:25
Jordan_Ugabe_: You can only (easily) have one default gateway. My guess is that someting on the ethernet network is advertising a default gateway (and wired networks are by default prefered over wireless).01:25
erik333you can chat in IRC but not browse?01:25
cntbwhta is your default gateway gabe_01:25
gabe_natrixnatrix89: thanks for responding,. The configuration on wlan0 is gw: and for eth0 is gw
natrixnatrix89and is that the address of your router?01:26
Jordan_Ugabe_: Setup a static connection for eth0 with no default gateway.01:26
gabe_when I plug my  terminal server to eth0, botwh wlan0 and eth0 show as up and I can even  ping the IPS's router at but I can't browse the Internet unless I unplug the wired one01:27
gabe_eth0 without gw?01:27
gabe_let me try that :)01:27
gabe_erik333: right now eth0 is down, otherwise I'll lose connection01:27
=== jsurfer_ is now known as jsurfer
gabe_if you see me getting disconnected, it's because eth0 is coming up... let me try what Jordan said though. I'll be back if I'm cut off01:28
novais anyone else having problems with linux-firmware 1.38.5?01:28
erik333it should work01:28
nictrasaviosJordan_U, you receved my messages?01:30
Jordan_Unictrasavios: Yes.01:30
illmortalanyone know a good application for ubuntu 10.10 to stress test my CPU?01:31
nsahooi can't connect to the transmission-daemon using a browser now, how should I troubleshoot?01:31
illmortali just O.C.ed it to 4.02 wanna see how stable it is on linux side01:31
nictrasaviosJordan_U, i am quite serious, if anything comes up, you have my loyal hand, my word, and my honor within your grasp. as dose the entire community.01:31
nictrasaviosillmortal, try the disk utility. Its within the system > Administration . it will benchmark your system01:33
illmortaldisk utility?..01:33
illmortalthat's just for HDD, isn't it?01:34
nellieeI went from ubuntu 10.10 to 10.04 and I always unplug my spair hard drive before I do so to prevent data loss and now I cant see my storage drive in ubuntu but it shows up in bios as plugged in. do I need to re mount it or regain permission or what?01:34
illmortalI wanna measure out my CPU's performance and make sure it's stable01:34
nictrasaviosillmortal, yes it is, if your looking for ram speed and so on then i would push it, try some video editing software ;) they tend to put your CPU into overdrive.01:35
nictrasaviosillmortal, but i am sure there is a proper benchmarking utility, as i have never had need, i have never looked, but i shall now for you.01:35
rww!info cpuburn01:36
ubottucpuburn (source: cpuburn): a collection of programs to put heavy load on CPU. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.4-40 (maverick), package size 15 kB, installed size 112 kB (Only available for amd64 i386 hurd-i386 kfreebsd-i386 kfreebsd-amd64)01:36
gabe_Jordan_U: it worked... thank you so much, I would have never thought about that01:36
gabe_but why? I don't understand why omitting the gw for eth001:36
nictrasaviosillmortal, go to the software center, and search "benchmark" , there are 4 utilties that appear, the first is what you want, but i shall try it myself and make sure01:36
Jordan_Ugabe_: You're welcome.01:36
nellieecan some one help me find a storage drive in ubuntu on a fresh install? not seeing it under places or computer01:36
illmortalok, i'll check01:37
Jordan_Ugabe_: Do you understand what a default gateway is?01:37
edbiannelliee, Look in computer01:37
gabe_I sure do, but I'm thinking each interface belongs to a different network ( and
gabe_so each one has their own gw right?01:37
nellieeedbian, i cant find it in computer or in places01:38
gabe_at least that's what I thought01:38
Jordan_Ugabe_: Routing tables are per host, not per interface.01:38
nictrasaviosillmortal, yes this is what you want, it provides all the information you could ever want :)01:38
edbiannelliee, What is it?  HDD via USB?01:38
illmortalok ^^01:38
gabe_oh I see... that's why. Thanks for the explanation :)01:38
Jordan_Ugabe_: If an application tries to access ip address the OS needs to know which interface to send the packet to.01:39
nictrasavioshaha..... 35697mb , 1645 used.... ram overkill.01:39
nellieeedbian,  it is ide and I unpluged to reinstall ubuntu and then pluged it back in and turned pc on . it shows back up in bios and post but not in fresh ubuntu install now01:39
nictrasavioshmm... that cannot be right...01:39
edbiannelliee, Does it show up in sudo fdisk -l ?01:39
banker247anyone use dosbox01:39
nellieeedbian, ill check01:40
nictrasaviosbrand new ram chips, should be either 36000mb or 36864mb ....01:40
KramBHow can I change the size of Docky?  Instead of being like all across one side, like in the middle of it.01:40
nictrasaviosbah.. that will bug my ocd, i know why... just... bah.01:40
gabe_goodbye everyone and thanks a lot Jordan_U and all those who responded to my issue :)01:41
nellieeedbian,  yes it show my 120 gig for os and my 250 gig of storage01:41
Jordan_Ugabe_: You're welcome.01:41
edbiannelliee, What devices are they?  /dev/...  ?01:42
samdhi, im excecuting a script as root (automaticly executing when i insert a usb) my script works perfectly fine but i cant run any X application from inside the script,  can anyone help me?01:42
Habstina1syrinx_: Just rebooted and now I'm having the same problem. Odd. Ctrl-Alt-F1 does nothing.01:42
nellieeedbian, http://pastebin.com/RijHnwKM01:43
edbiannelliee, reading...01:43
nellieeedbian,  it is the 250 gig drive01:43
AltrixAnyone know how to prevent against failed updates?01:44
Habstina1edbian: Weren't you the one that helped me when I had to add nomodeset via chroot?01:44
edbianHabstina1, perhaps01:44
Habstina1edbian: I posted a video on YouTube of my problem? I say this because I happen to have a very similar problem with a different computer today.01:45
edbiannelliee, sudo mkdir /mnt/storage/ && sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/storage01:45
edbianHabstina1, I don't think I was the one that helped you.  Can you link the video?01:45
nictrasaviosAh, hallelujah. one or two little bumps since, but windows installed in record time.01:46
nictrasaviosI am now able to operate my personal affects, and now A. is looking into doing the same for the other 7 computers, allowing the to virtualise the other 2 OS they do not run. More compadability. Thank you all01:47
Habstina1edbian: Except, this time it's on a Pavilion dm4, and the LiveUSB installation worked fine, but when I try to boot I get no screen output and Ctrl-Alt-F1 does nothing (that I can see). The OS is still running though; I can hear the startup sounds and when I blindly type in my password to log in after a few seconds I hear the login sound. The display on my LiveUSB works fine and we can use it to make changes.01:47
nictrasaviosI owe you all a good debt, if you ever need anything, and i do mean anything, from legit to shady, i am here for you all. Thank you and have a great day.01:47
nictrasaviosI will be sure to provide ubuntu,virtual box, xchat and gnome with a sizeable donation.01:48
edbianHabstina1, Does the laptop have an nvidia graphics card?01:48
nictrasaviosGood day.01:48
nellieeedbian, do I need to reboot to see it cause It still is not showing up yet01:48
edbianHabstina1, How early does the screen go black?01:49
edbiannelliee, Go to /mnt/storage using nautilus01:49
edbiannelliee, nautlis /mnt/storage01:49
abbyello people01:50
nellieeedbian, thanks I can now see my stuff there.  will it show up in computer or places after reboot though01:50
Habstina1edbian: I don't think it had a nvidia grapgics card, and the screen goes black very early in the boot process, before any Ubuntu-related text is outputted on the screen.01:51
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edbiannelliee, I should.  I don't know why it didn't.  All I did was mount in manually.  If it doesn't start showing up after reboot come back in here and pastebin /etc/fstab01:51
edbianHabstina1, Before grub?01:51
edbianHabstina1, Press shift a whole bunch while the machine is booting, right after BIOS post01:52
nellieeedbian,   thanks so much for your help . ill reboot and see01:52
edbiannelliee, No problem01:52
Habstina1edbian: I'd say so considering I tried bashing both Control keys during boot and I didn't see anything.01:52
edbianHabstina1, you press shift key to get the grub menu.  Mash on those during boot.  The grub menu should work regardless of this problem.  We just have to get it to show up.01:53
Habstina1edbian: Here's the card: 512MB ATI Mobility Radeon(TM) HD 5450 switchable graphics [HDMI, VGA]01:53
edbianHabstina1, Then you can add 'nomodeset' at the grub menu and boot and fix normally01:53
edbianHabstina1, That's strange usually ati cards don't have this problem...01:53
edbianHabstina1, Try booting while mashing the shift key01:54
Habstina1edbian: Alright.01:54
digirakis there an issue normally with ubuntu like sluggish behavior if we have not shut down the sytem for like a couple of days?01:54
giikerdigirak: nop01:55
edbiandigirak, shouldn't.  Check the output of top01:55
digirakedbian: top?01:55
Habstina1edbian: Just got into GRUB.01:56
format120open xterm, enter top01:56
edbiandigirak, It's a command.  Run it in the terminal.  It's like a cli task manager01:56
Habstina1I'll try adding nomodeset01:56
edbianHabstina1, aweosme01:56
rekenberIs there an update that removes all Ubuntu Branding?01:56
edbianrekenber, Nope01:56
digirakedbian: is there something I should look for on this01:57
digirakit says one zombie process01:57
hiexpoit will show you all the processes running digirak01:57
Habstina1edbian: Added nomodeset to the very end of my first boot sequence and it didn't seem to change anything.01:57
digirakhiexpo: yes i see that01:57
edbiandigirak, kill that process01:58
edbianHabstina1, Mmm, hang on I'll research01:58
nellieeedbian, after reboot I still have to /mnt/storage to see and now it dose not show the files inside the folder.  no errors or nothing just blank01:58
edbianHabstina1, Did you install the proprietary fglrx driver?  (Try booting into recovery mode, it's an option in grub)01:59
edbiannelliee, Does the drive show up in computer or places?01:59
nellieeedbian,  no02:00
edbiannelliee, lemme see /etc/fstab in a www.pastebin.com02:00
Habstina1edbian: I installed a propietary driver right before I started having the problem.02:00
Habstina1edbian: Good idea. Trying recovery mode02:00
edbianHabstina1, We need to get that out of there.  Boot into recovery mode.  When you get to the option choose 'drop to a root shell'02:00
magizianIf you want instructions for setting up any of this stuff on ubuntu, msg me.. stuff -> magizian.hopto.org02:01
Habstina1edbian: Wait02:01
Habstina1edbian: I see something02:01
nellieeedbian,  http://pastebin.com/8XdvLnUA02:01
Habstina1edbian: Seems like only the backlight of my screen is on.02:02
digirakedbian: how do i find the zombie process using ps?02:02
rwwmagizian: Don't advertise in here, please.02:02
magizianps -a -A |more02:02
Habstina1edbian: In recovery mode, that is. I see some sort of list where the option changes when I press my arrow keys. I can't read it.02:02
Habstina1edbian: The brightness is very low.02:02
magizianrww, maybe you should see the stuff first rww.02:02
magizianit's not in the repositories.. ;-)02:03
Habstina1edbian: (This is all after I've booted into recovery)02:03
rwwmagizian: I clicked your link before saying that.02:03
magizianname a service I have.02:03
shcherbakmagizian: You need new webmaster, yours sucks02:04
Habstina1edbian: Very odd.02:04
magiziandid you even enter the site?02:04
shcherbakmagizian:Yes, too many screenshots02:05
Habstina1edbian: I was able to increase the brightness in recovery mode by using hardware buttons.02:05
magizianfn f11 ;-)02:05
edbianHabstina1, not that strange.  Recovery mode is on a different video driver.  Run this sudo apt-get purge fglrx02:05
edbiandigirak, You find the zombie process is marked <defunct> in ps02:06
nellieeedbian,  sorry did you mean this one   http://pastebin.com/pTaqPjM502:06
edbiannelliee, reading...  (that's the correct one)02:06
magiziananyone know where the source code to npkg is?02:06
Habstina1edbian: Alright. That command finished.02:06
edbiannelliee, Very odd.  I don't see anything about the drive in /etc/fstab.  I don't know why it's not being mounted.  ADd this to the end of that file:  '/dev/sdb1    /mnt/storage    ntfs-3g    default,user    0     002:07
edbiannelliee, Re-pastebin when it's entered so I can check if it's right02:07
edbianHabstina1, Did it remove anything or did it say 'no package found'  ?02:08
digirakedbian: found it but using the system monitor02:08
edbianmagizian, apt-get source npkg02:08
digiraki killed the process at terminal02:08
edbiandigirak, Then kill it using that02:08
edbiandigirak, Did killing it fix the problem?02:08
digirakbut the process still shows up on the list of process in system manager02:08
magizianty edbian.. where will apt-get put it?02:09
edbiandigirak, do this: kill -9 <processID>02:09
digirakactually the problem came up when downloading a file to a disk02:09
edbianmagizian, In the current working directory)02:09
edbiandigirak, use kill -902:09
edbianmagizian, Glad I could help!02:09
Habstina1edbian: It removed the package, but after rebooting I'm getting the same problem.02:09
digirakedbian: yes i did that02:09
illmortaland another reason to use Linux. I just overclocked my CPU (E8400) to 4.0Ghz and it's running stable thus far.. in fact processor is @ 26 Celcius. While on Windows 7, as soon as I tried to log in.. my computer crashed.02:10
illmortalMicrosoft for the loss.02:10
Habstina1edbian: I think my boot command still has nomodeset in it, would that matter?02:10
edbianHabstina1, It wouldn't have saved the changes and it shouldn't matter02:10
digirakedbian: still shows up02:10
magizianillmortal, WMHT..02:10
edbiandigirak, Look at this: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/killing-zombie-process.html02:10
edbianHabstina1, boot into recovery mode again02:11
Skywalk3rHow does chrome 64bit work in ubuntu? is the flash player working in it?02:11
edbianHabstina1, I'm looking something up02:11
nellieeedbian,  it would not let me save02:11
ubottuYou can get testing builds for Chromium at https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa02:12
edbiannelliee, You needed to open it with gksudo... e.g. gksudo gedit /etc/fstab02:12
magizianz64 might come out this year.02:12
Skywalk3rchromium is to recomend?02:13
edbianHabstina1, what version of Ubuntu is this?02:13
digirakedbian: it says that kill -9 does not guarantee kill of the zombie process02:13
magiziantop, k, pid, 502:14
magizianwill kill anything.02:14
Habstina1edbian: 10.10. Downloaded it today.02:14
edbiandigirak, Yes.  I thought it would go into more detail but it apparently does not.  Hang on02:14
[thor]digirak: if the process is associated with another process, you need to kill the parent02:15
digirakedbian: u sure the zombie processes are the issue02:15
[thor]digirak: a zombie, that is02:15
digirak[thor]: yes i dont think they have the parents its some random shell process02:15
magizianwhenever I kill the parent in nix, the children stay open and vise versa..02:15
edbiandigirak, Not entirely but you shouldn't have them anyway.  To kill the zombie you have to kill the parent.  What is the name of the zombie process?02:15
digirakedbian: sh02:15
edbiandigirak, More directly your machine is slow because of some process taking up a lot of CPU time.  You can see what is taking up the most time using top02:15
edbiandigirak, killall sh02:16
edbiandigirak, (that might kill your terminal)02:16
nellieeedbian,  im useing gedit and its not letting me save after pasting it in02:16
digirakedbian: yes02:16
digirakhold lemme try that02:16
edbiannelliee, did you gksudo gedit ?02:16
digirakedbian: na doesnt work02:16
magizianI was a bit suprised to find the threadded processes stay open when I kill the screens.02:17
edbianHabstina1, Run this: sudo apt-get purge fglrx02:17
etzerdwhere can I download the ubuntu beta version02:18
edbianHabstina1, (just to make sure) then run this:  sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-radeon02:18
magiziansudo get me a girlfriend02:18
edbiandigirak, The best way to kill the process is to restart ;)02:18
rwwetzerd: /join #ubuntu+1, read the channel /topic.02:18
edbiandigirak, Guaranteed to work02:18
digirakedbian: yeah i thought as much02:18
ledbettjmagizian: is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.02:18
Goochhey everyone, New question... are there any preferred guides for ubuntu server 10.10?  A little gem that you found very useful floating on the net?02:18
Habstina1edbian: I already ran that. I'll run the other command now.02:18
digirakhwo do i query a process?02:18
edbianHabstina1, yeah I know you ran the first one once already02:19
edbianHabstina1, Run it again ;)02:19
l1ghtn1ngI just installed Ubuntu, and everything seems to work fine. The only problem is the volume control. It is as if the very first 1/20 of the volume control actually adjusts the volume....once i get past the forst part of the volume control, the sound never gets louder. it is as if 95% of my volume bar does nothing...the entire volume is controlled by the first 5% of the bar02:19
edbianlighta, Add pcm to your volume thingy and adjust that as well02:19
etzerdrww: I have an new Sony VIAO i7 when I install the 10.10 it crash, there's no driver for video and the wireless card. the video card is a Nvidia 425 1GB of memory02:19
edbianlighta, (or use alsamixer in the terminal)02:20
van7humay I ask question about irc bot here?02:20
magizianwhich wireless card?02:20
rwwvan7hu: which one?02:20
lightai'm using pulseaudio02:20
nellieeedbian, http://pastebin.com/Sjud5tQN02:20
Habstina1edbian: "package fglrx is not installed, so not removed"02:20
edbianlighta, run this in the terminal:  alsamixer   adjust those sliders there are more of them.02:20
etzerdyes magizian02:20
edbianHabstina1, good...02:20
van7hurww: I just want to ask about schongo02:20
magizianwhich wireless car etzerd?02:21
l1ghtn1ngedbian, what do you mean add PCM? The volume control works fine. I can mute and turn up volume like I want, but the problem is that the first 5 or 10% of the volume bar is the entire spectrum of raising and lowering the volume02:21
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Habstina1edbian: The latter is already the newest version02:21
edbianlighta, sorry your name auto-completed from l1ghtn1ng and I didn't notice02:21
van7hurww:how could I use it?02:21
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edbianHabstina1, I'm not sure what the issue is then... :(02:22
edbianHabstina1, I'll research more...02:22
lightaah ok I found that quite  weird02:22
almoxarifel1ghtn1ng: do you have an amp attached? something external that would account for it?02:22
edbianl1ghtn1ng, try running alsamixer in the terminal and adjust those sliders.  You'll see that more than one of them changes the volume02:22
Bopruzalguem aqui fala portugues?02:22
edbianlighta, haaha, sory02:22
rww!pt | Bopruz02:22
ubottuBopruz: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.02:22
Magizian.. /encrypt #ubuntu kjfhuw9ehifeojiwe9002:22
rwwvan7hu: Try asking the developer or something. It's rather unlikely that #ubuntu would know.02:22
Habstina1edbian: FYI, now I'm not even hearing any sounds.02:23
l1ghtn1ngedbian, when i open alsamixer, when i move the first 5% of my volume control, it maxes at 100 or goes down to nothing. How do I make my volume abr the entire spectrum of PCM volume?02:23
edbianHabstina1, Well your at a cli right?  What did you expect to hear?02:23
Habstina1edbian: This is when I'm booting up. The machine is humming, but I'm not sure what it's doing.02:23
Bing0Hi.  Ubuntu 10.10.  I have an ubuntu box setup to only access the web(firefox) and only want two sites accessible.  What is the route to accomplish this?  Thanks!02:23
edbianl1ghtn1ng, Which volume control are you talking about?  master or pcm?02:23
felixsullaI downloaded Avant Windows Navigator, how do I turn it on?02:23
edbianHabstina1, oh really.... no more login noises?02:23
Habstina1edbian: Before I was hearing the startup sound.02:23
Magizianbut if your not ssh connected to the server and irc from there (or ssh tunnel using same server) /encrypt is worthless.02:24
nellieeedbian,  lol do we all have you multi tasking or what02:24
l1ghtn1ngalmoxarife, no i do not. I have my PC outputting to a receiver, but in windows there is no issue.02:24
edbianHabstina1, mhmm, progess... sort of02:24
Habstina1edbian: Yup.02:24
Bing0felixsulla, prefs, awn.. its right there02:24
edbiannelliee, I'm doing alot.  What cause your errors from this pastebin?  http://pastebin.com/Sjud5tQN02:24
edbianHabstina1, boot into recovery mode.  and pastebin the output of this: dmesg02:24
Magizianand you'll want to run private encryption over the SSH + SSH cipher.02:24
l1ghtn1ngedbian, Indicator applet on my start bar uptop is what i use. The first 10% of that indicator volume bar controls 0-100% of PCM02:24
edbianHabstina1, Then run sudo gdm in recovery mode02:24
felixsullaBing0: Do I have to reboot after?02:24
Bing0felixsulla, no. logout and log back in02:25
edbianl1ghtn1ng, open alsamixer and adjust those sliders.02:25
Bing0felixsulla, you rarely need reboots with linux02:25
nellieeedbian,  I saved the file after copying the stuff you said and saved02:25
edbianl1ghtn1ng, alsamixer in a terminal that is02:25
alice|wlhi, I dont have a /proc/asound/card0/pcm0p/oss and need it to play quake3. Anybody knows howto getit?02:25
felixsullaBing0: Another stupid question, how do I logout?02:25
* Magizian at magizian.hopto.org vanishes.02:25
edbiannelliee, the file is being saved, it's freaking out about the entry we added I think...02:25
Bing0felixsulla, click the power button in the corner02:25
edbiantake the word 'user' out of there02:25
alice|wlalsa-oss is already the newest version02:26
felixsullaBing0: Do you know how to disable the normal Ubuntu tray after activating Avant?02:26
l1ghtn1ngedbian, yes when i have alsamixer open, and adjust the volume bar on the indicator applet, it moves the alsamixer PCM bar up and down like I want. the problem is that only once I reach 10% of the indicator applet volume, it maxes the PCM @ 100%....i want them to be even. if i have volume at 50% on the indicator applet, i want 50% PCM02:26
Bing0felixsulla, not offhand02:26
Bing0been to long02:27
edbianl1ghtn1ng, Change the sliders in alsamixer using the up and down arrows.  (I'm aware of the volumen increasing too fast, you don't have to keep typing that)  I believe this is the route to fix the problem.  :)02:27
edbianHabstina1, How's it going?02:27
edbiannelliee, How's it going?02:27
nellieeedbian,  http://pastebin.com/NWZWSLcJ02:28
Bing0Hi.  Ubuntu 10.10.  I have an ubuntu box setup to only access the web(firefox) and only want two sites accessible.  What is the route to accomplish this?  Thanks!02:28
edbiannelliee, get rid of the comma after default and make it 'defaults'  with an s02:28
edbiannelliee, Then try to save02:29
l1ghtn1ngedbian, i have adjusted the volume in terminal up and down and it does nothing :( the PCM still maxes out at 10% of my volume bar in the applet :(02:29
edbianl1ghtn1ng, So moving the pcm slider moves the master super fast?  I'm confused... How many sliders do you have in alsamixer?  Just one labeled PCM?02:30
nellieeedbian,  still the same02:30
Bopruzyour card is probably too old like mine02:30
l1ghtn1ngedbian, It has 'master', 'pcm', 'front', 'surround', 'center'02:30
edbiannelliee, delete the whole line and save...02:30
l1ghtn1ngedbian, the applet only effects PCM and Master02:31
abikutes heloo everybody02:31
edbianl1ghtn1ng, can you move master and pcm independently in alsamixer?02:31
sacarlsonBing0: you coould make all /bin and /usr/bin files set to not execute with chmod -x /bin/* ; chmod -x /usr/bin/*  for the only two site you could setup iptables filter02:31
nellieeedbian,  ok done02:31
Bing0sacarlson, i fail to see how that can control what websites i want to access?02:32
edbiannelliee, all that line would have done is auto-mount the partition.  I have no idea why it thinks an unpriviliged user was trying to mount.  The file is run as root at boot time.02:32
l1ghtn1ngedbian, yes, btu no matter how i manually adjust in alsamixer, when i move the applet volume the first 5-10% maxes PCM volume, then master volume starts adjusting...the problem is master volume doesnt change anything, only PCM does02:32
sacarlsonBing0: iptables02:32
Bing0sacarlson, or you mean config iptables to only allow that? oh ok02:32
edbiannelliee, You could write a simple bash script that mounts the partition.  or just remember the command as a workaround02:32
Bing0sacarlson, so far i found firestarter(firewall) that might deny all but approved hosts.02:32
edbianl1ghtn1ng, I can't figure out how to get it to automount right now.  (I also don't know why it isn't automounting)02:32
l1ghtn1ngedbian, moving my master volume up and down does not effect my volume at all02:33
nellieeedbian,  well it now dose not show any files in it when I go to it in nautilus02:33
sacarlsonBing0: I just create iptables scripts but firestarter might work also02:33
l1ghtn1ngedbian, moving my master volume up and down does not effect my volume at all02:33
Bing0sacarlson, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=843510   <--- just found this too :)02:33
edbianl1ghtn1ng, I see.  Perhaps there is a setting in the volume applet up top for what it controls?  Dig around it's settings for me.  (I'm not on an Ubuntu machine)02:33
edbiannelliee, You have to run 'mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/storage'  then it will02:33
edbiannelliee, Get your terminal out of /mnt/storage/ if it's in there02:34
l1ghtn1ngedbian, if master volume is at 0% or 100%, doesnt matter ebcause it doesnt effect my volume :) only PCM effects the volume....02:34
edbianl1ghtn1ng, The slider should change master.  Obviously master should be master.  PCM is usually never changed02:34
edbianl1ghtn1ng, Yeah, I know.  Try messing with the GUI of the audio applet to make it control master (that might given Ubuntu a hint)02:35
l1ghtn1ngedbian, well then the problem then is that master volume does nothing on my machine  :)02:35
edbianl1ghtn1ng, Yes.  That's a much deeper problem02:35
l1ghtn1ngedbian, if manually setting the master volume does nothing, why would i want to link my applet to it? i just want my applet bar to match the PCM volume :)02:36
dustinanyone got time to maybe walk me through a small problem im haveing "i wanna in gnome extract a file to a folder that contains "openarena" but it says i dont have the right file permissions" how do i go about getting them and could ya help me with the extracting see the trouble is i need sudo but i dunno know how to extract/unzip through the terminal. anyone help ?02:36
sacarlsonBing0: that sounds like they just want to take out a few sites you want to take out all but two,  seems like there would be an easier way for you02:36
nellieeedbian,  cool that lets me browse the files on that drive so I just got to figure out how to get ubuntu to mount it auto mount it at boot ?02:36
Bing0sacarlson, all i want is two websites(gmail is one of them) accessible, the rest are denied.02:37
edbianl1ghtn1ng, Perhaps matching the applet to master will give Ubuntu a clue02:37
Bing0sacarlson, if you think iptables is the route to go based on my needs then let me know a recipe :)02:37
sacarlsonBing0: they all use iptables just a different user interface02:37
edbiannelliee, BAsically.  and /etc/fstab is how to automount.  ntfs partitions are tricky though.  REad this:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab02:38
Bing0sacarlson, such GUIs, yeah i assumed so.02:38
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asteroth666anyone know if there's a cb0t chat client for ubuntu?02:38
dustinneed root while in gnome any ideas ?02:38
Habstinatedbian: Sorry, have to go. This is a bad time for that, I know >.< Hopefully we can continue this later when I'm free, probably two days from now. Thanks for all your help.02:38
almoxarifedustin: I like gui also, consider adding to nautilus a plugin that allows you to open admin folders with admin rights02:38
nellieeedbian,  thanks02:38
edbianHabstinat, good luck!  :)02:38
edbiannelliee, no problem02:38
[thor]dustin: use "sudo <command>"02:38
plb1Weird question, for a weird scenario... I have a Maildir inbox with 19000 messages in it. I need to spam filter it as I know it has spam in it.02:39
cryptodira2 questions: what back-up solution is typically preferred ..... and .... what is the preferred 'flash' solution ?   10.04.2 amd/6402:39
plb1Any ideas how?02:39
[thor]dustin: password required is _your_ user password02:39
sacarlsonBing0: try a few of them see if they do what you want.  problem with gmail is that it might change it's ip so maybe you need to look at bind9 to make sure that the name goes to where you want02:39
dustinhmm how i use sudo thou see im very new to it and dont know alot of the commands02:39
dustinsee i get the whole sudo ?but what command to unzip to a specific folder?02:39
Bing0sacarlson, ok thanks.  im thinking if i add hostnames(versus IP addys) that issue might not appear :)02:39
matt_Hello, I have a Myth setup on Ubuntu, I am using a HD-PVR with DirecTV, The HD-PVR seems to be configured because I can record video using "cat /dev/video0 > test.ts"  the problem I am having is getting the live TV to show up in Myth, When I click on Watch TV, it hangs for a few seconds and drops right back to the main menu.....any help would be greatly appreciated02:40
edbiandustin, Ready for some permission fun?  I can explain them too you02:40
plb1cryptodira: I am partial to dirvish for backups. Amanda is powerful but complex, bacula is great for backing up many machines.02:40
sacarlsonBing0: I'm not sure how often google changes things and they also have about 10 backup sites02:40
=== Eddie is now known as Guest33119
dustini guess i hope the damn patch is worth it lol02:40
ssbplshello, i am using the ubuntu 9.10. But when i installed it ,i chosed to encry my home directory . now i am still using the system ,how to cancel the encryption? Because the encryption has taken so much space . My home have spare room to store things~~02:40
edbiandustin, patch?02:40
sacarlsonBing0: well with firestarter the name is used when it starts to run but just converts to ip until you restart the computer or the software02:41
wetstoneNobody can speak Chinese?02:41
dustinya for openarena02:41
Jordan_U!cn | wetstone02:41
ubottuwetstone: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk02:41
cryptodiraplb1,  thanks!02:41
edbiandustin, Is that what is it?  Ok whatever.  open a terminal.  type ls -la   it will list all the files in the current working directory and their file permissions02:41
sacarlsonBing0: you might also note that google does alot of redirects02:41
Bing0sacarlson, ok thanks for the insights... ill give the gui method a rip. then if that fails might end up here :)02:41
ssbplsyou can go to the chinese irc,here is for english communication02:43
triathim trying to get my webcam logitech c270 to work. It is supported in the UVC list of supported devices. It works just fine on my laptop (Ubuntu 10.04 netbook) but i just get black screen on my desktop (Ubuntu 10.10). Any ideas what might be different that i can change?02:44
ssbpls hello, i am using the ubuntu 9.10. But when i installed it ,i chosed to encry my home directory . now i am still using the system ,how to cancel the encryption? Because the encryption has taken so much space . My home have spare room to store things~~02:44
dustink edbian02:44
dustini know where the folder is 1min need a restart for the nautilus packages brb02:44
edbiandustin, it lists drwxrwxrwx for every file.  The first bit (d) is directory and not directory -    make sense?02:44
Skywalk3ranyone know a good font for irssi?02:45
Bing0ssbpls, you'll have to backup the data elsewhere, remove the volume and re-create a non-encrypted volume i would think02:46
_Tristanrecently whenever a two-inch wide column on my screen is just the right shade of blue-green, it gets distorted.02:47
Bing0triath, are you on 10.10?  did you see the cam in terminal with lsusb ?02:47
_Tristanany ideas as to what that is?02:47
sacarlsonssbpls: I guess you might create a new user and login to your encrypted user and copy all the files to the new unencrypted user. later you can delete you old user and rename the new one to your old name02:47
dustinokies back02:47
cryptodirawhat is the preferred 'flash' solution (watching, NOT creating)  10.04.2 amd/64  ?02:47
edbian_Tristan, Sounds like the monitor is dying02:47
Bing0cryptodira, you mean as in, hassle-free flash?02:47
_Tristanedbian: but why only blue-green?02:47
triathBing0: yea im on 10.10 lsusb shows Bus 008 Device 002: ID 046d:0825 Logitech, Inc.  it corresponds with the supported device02:47
edbian_Tristan, Physics?  I have no idea02:48
almoxarifecryptodira: I use the adobe 64bit beta with no issues02:48
edbianalmoxarife,  cryptodira There is a new 0 day flaw in flash as of late so watch out!02:48
Bing0triath, as a stretch, another usb port?  also, you certain this cam works(try it on another pc)?02:48
triathBing0: yes this cam works when i plug it in my laptop with 10.04 netbook02:49
almoxarifeedbian: thus far no issues02:49
triathBing0: ill try another usb port, who knows02:49
ssbplssacarlson:that is a good method02:49
ssbplssacarlson:when i create a new user,the new user's home is not encryed?02:50
cryptodiraBing0, that would be nice, tho not required02:51
sacarlsonssbpls: as long as you specify when you create it to not be encrypted yes,  if you have a full disk encrypted system then no02:51
cryptodiraalmoxarife, are you using 'square' or something newer?02:52
Bing0cryptodira, i found making a file called /etc/adobe/mms.cfg and adding this to it -->  OverrideGPUValidation=true02:52
Bing0cryptodira, that helped the stutter for me on a few computers02:52
cryptodiraedbian, thanks for the heads up...02:52
jeppyIt's my first day on linux and I need help finding a driver for my Cyber Acoustics AC-201 analog headset.02:52
jeppyubuntu 10.1002:52
mickster04jeppy: how do you need a driver for a headset?02:53
jeppyor maybe i need a codec or something to make my mic work02:53
mickster04jjust check sound preferences that it's not muted?02:53
ssbplssacarlson:i don't understand what you means~02:53
jeppymickster04, it's not muted02:54
almoxarifecryptodira: version 10.3 d16202:54
sacarlsonssbpls: I assume from what you know that you don't have a full disk encrypted system so when you create a new user just make sure the encrypt box in make new user is not checked02:55
jeppywait a sec, i think i have it. it was microphone 2 :D02:55
jeppythanks anyways02:55
porjoHow can I manually mount an sshfs entry from fstab? When I go 'mount mypath' I get an error 'mount: can't find mypath in /etc/fstab' even though mypath is defined in fstab!?02:55
edbianjeppy, :)02:55
edbianporjo, can you sshfs user@host:/some/folder /some/local/folder  ?02:56
jeppyIt's only been a couple of hours but I'm already feeling dumb for not trying a Linux OS sooner... So much potential!02:56
edbianjeppy, You have no idea :)02:57
porjoedbian, yes that works02:57
edbianporjo, What's in /etc/fstab ?02:57
jeppyI am familiar with FreeBSD though :)02:57
edbianjeppy, You're used BSD BEFORE you used linux?  That's a first02:57
cryptodiraalmoxarife, thanks, checking it out now.02:57
* WinstonSmith is listening to: Not playing02:57
jeppywe used BSD a lot in college02:57
porjoedbian, sshfs#host:/remotepath /mypath fuse defaults,idmap=user,noauto 0 002:57
ssbplssacarlson:yes, i don't have a full disk encrypted system. i have tow partisions, one to store the linux system, the other one to store my home.but how to create a new user just make sure the encrypt box in make new user is not checked02:58
almoxarifecryptodira: just checked, that is what its called on the website, square02:58
edbianporjo, That's all correct.  Can you do this?  mount /mypath   ?02:58
dustinokay so anyone play openarena aka AO?02:59
porjoedbian, no - that's when I get the error ''ount: can't find mypath in /etc/fstab'02:59
edbianporjo, IDK!  :P  Everything looks fine02:59
jeppyWe used FreeBSD for programming and web servers. But often used Putty on Windows to telnet/ssh in.02:59
mjshi all....anyone really good with joining domain and active directory in maverick?02:59
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cryptodiraalmoxarife,  ok, i see that libflashplayer.so is the only content of the .gz........ where does it want to live?03:00
sacarlsonssbpls: from control panel  System>administration>User & Groups03:00
kaspotsuper duper03:00
Swerve__a lil help03:00
almoxarifecryptodira: wait one03:00
edbianSwerve__, With what?03:00
mjsgetting kinda desperate...03:00
safeWayanyone knows why I can't watch videos online in fullscreen?03:01
safeWaysome guy told me to write command in terminl and after i wrote this happened03:01
sacarlsonporjo: this link has a good example http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=43031203:01
edbiansafeWay, Cause flash on linux sucks03:01
edbianmjs, with what?03:01
mjssafeWay, what kinda video?03:01
safeWayevery flash03:01
safeWayhow to enable it again03:01
safeWayi had white flashes when fullscreen now after that command i can't watch videos in fullscreen at all03:02
mjsedbian, with joining to windows domain and active directory..03:02
safeWaythat guy told me that will disable some microsoft thing or windows03:02
edbianmjs, Sorry, can't help :(03:02
mermathats gsick03:02
LLStarkshow do i repair a broken tty?03:02
LLStarksi only get blinking cursor03:02
safeWaymerm to me?03:02
mermawrong channel03:02
sacarlsonsafeWay:  I had that problem with flash until I installed my nvidia propriatary drivers03:02
safeWaymerma: to me?03:02
mjsedbian, kinda a newb...thought i knew what was going on, but only working with windows has masked my ignorance, apparently...03:02
almoxarifecryptodira: /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/libflashplayer.so <-- there, there is an easier install, get the ppa for adobe flash 64, that's what I used, and it stays current03:03
Swerve__i need a program on ubuntu that will download a file at a specified time03:03
safeWayhow to enable fullscreen video gain03:03
ssbplssacarlson:from there to create a new user not encrypted?03:03
mjsedbian, no worries, appreciate the effort...03:03
porjosacarlson, thanks03:03
sacarlsonssbpls: yes that's what you want isn't it?  NOT encrypted03:03
mjsedbian, and honesty...no one likes a bum steer...03:03
edbianSwerve__, You're gonna have to write the script yourself and use cron but it is not too hard03:03
Swerve__i dont know how to that...03:04
=== brian is now known as Guest63152
Swerve__not yet03:04
edbianSwerve__, Well here is how you download a file in a bash shell:  wget http://www.google.com/path/to/some/file03:04
coidoes gnome/linux have a nice calendar program?03:04
The_ThingAnyone here know how to configure LIRC for Mythbuntu? When I turned it on in the MCC, it asked for my remote control, and I found my homebrew IR receiver in the list in the initial setup dialog. But when I go to test it with irw, it picks up nothing.03:05
syrinx_coi: evolution is ok03:05
=== OerHeks is now known as Oer
coisyrinx_, hmm i was thinking something like mac's calendar03:05
Guest63152I have ubuntu 10.10 and i am trying to download linux mint over it because it is an older computer and can not keep up with ubuntu 10.10  i have tried boating from the cd drive and for some reason that is not working03:06
black404. That’s an error.03:06
blackThe requested URL /path/to/some/file was not found on this server. That’s all we know.03:06
ssbplssacarlson:but there does not have the options the chose to create a new user not encrypted .does it means that the user there created is bound to not be encrypted?03:06
=== black is now known as Swerve__
syrinx_coi: Kontact is pretty neat, too03:06
edbianGuest63152, Linux mint is not a good distro.  It is based on Ubuntu (it is not lighter)03:06
Swerve__sorry edbian03:06
mermai use mint, im happy03:06
edbianSwerve__, sorry for what?03:07
userXedbian, why not a good distro>03:07
jeppySo, after installing Ubuntu, how can I check which third party drivers I still need? Or is that not a valid question?03:07
mickster04!MINT | merma03:07
PlainMushroomQuestion: I know in WIndows, I can close my laptop that is hooked up to my computer, yet still have the desktop showing on my tv, is there a setting withing Ubuntu that does that?03:07
ubottumerma: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org03:07
edbianGuest63152, Let me re-phrase.  Linux mint is a great distro.  It is not great for what you're looking for.  It is not lighter than Ubuntu03:07
edbianMint is a great distro!  :)03:07
rwwcould've fooled me03:08
Guest63152I have linux mint on my laptop and it works great and i have only but problems with ubuntu 10. 10 like under wine it says the browse c drive is not found03:08
indrajeetwant to know about backtrack plz help me03:08
cryptodiraalmoxarife, should that actually be in /usr/lib64 instead of /usr/lib  ?03:08
rwwindrajeet: ask #backtrack-linux03:08
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mjsall: so failing that, anybody have a good suggestion for where i can go to find a reliable starting point...?...at a loss, i'll be the first to admit03:08
safeWayanyone know how to enable fullscreen videos again?03:08
edbianGuest63152, If you wanna install mint ask how in the mint channel03:08
Guest63152What would cause my wine c browse file not to be found?03:10
almoxarifecryptodira: lib64 is a link to lib03:10
PlainMushroomQuestion: I know in WIndows, I can close my laptop that is hooked up to my computer, yet still have the desktop showing on my tv, is there a setting withing Ubuntu that does that?03:10
edbianSwerve__: Try this: wget http://www.huddletogether.com/projects/lightbox2/images/image-2.jpg03:11
almoxarifePlainMushroom: yes, power settings, 'do nothing when lid closes'03:11
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cryptodiraalmoxarife, Thanks.   live and learn  :)03:11
almoxarifecryptodira: I would suggest the package method via the ppa for adobe flash 6403:12
sacarlsonssbpls: this is what I see when I create a user http://imagebin.org/14328403:12
edbianSwerve__,  Try this: wget http://www.huddletogether.com/projects/lightbox2/images/image-2.jpg03:12
Swerve__a pic wont help me03:12
edbianSwerve__, yeah yeah, but that's how you download a file from the internet in a bash shell.  which is what you need to do right?03:12
ssbplssacarlson:thanks , i will have a try~03:13
nit-witPlainMushroom, power section has a closing the lid control. You need to mess with gconf-editor to get a do nothing, line hybenate or sleep03:13
roolywhere do i go to report a broken package?03:13
indrajeetwant file binding software in ubuntu03:14
PlainMushroomI do not see that option in power settings03:14
indrajeetwant file binding software in ubuntu03:14
Guest63152my computer keeps saying wlan_cfg acces violation at address 000000000. read address 00000000. any one have any clue what this means03:14
indrajeetwant file binding software in ubuntu03:15
roolyGuest63152, it means your wifi card's driver is trying to access invalid memory.03:15
edbianGuest63152, The wireless card driver is trying to access the very first memory address which is owned by the kernel.03:15
nit-witPlainMushroom, is it the power management in the menu it is on the first tab; when laptop lid is closed03:15
almoxarifePlainMushroom: system > prefs > pwr manage > what to do about lid03:15
indrajeetwant file binding software in ubuntu03:16
roolygood for you indrajeet03:16
Guest63152thats weird because this computer does'nt have awifi card03:16
sacarlsonindrajeet: what is file binding software?  like tar  ?03:16
roolyGuest63152, that could very easily be why03:16
edbianGuest63152, rooly Explains why it's doing something so strange03:16
cryptodiraamoxarife, giving the ppa method a try now...03:17
ddilingeri know this sounds incredibly lazy ... but anyone know of a downloadable .vdi for virtualbox with ubuntu pre-installed?03:17
Guest63152what is rooly?03:17
pingupinguis there a guide to setup tomcat6 on ubuntu 10.04 working with eclipse03:17
indrajeetbinding to different files like .jpg and .exe03:17
roolyGuest63152, the kernel might be seeing wifi hardware for some reason (possibly a bad configuration of a network hardware interface)03:17
almoxarifeddilinger: you right, its lazy :)03:17
roolyGuest63152, and then it tries to make the wirless daemon use that invalid hardware, causing the access violation03:18
ddilingeralmoxarife: its not for me, its for a co-worker that cant get apache/php/etc to work under windows.  If he installs an ubuntu vm i can ssh in, setup a server to connect to his machine by samba, and be done with it :)03:18
Guest63152do you know of anyway to find out what is configured wrong03:18
PlainMushroomblank screen sleep hibernate shutdown03:18
speedrunnerG55_what is the equivelent to dos edit in ubbuntu?03:19
almoxarifeddilinger: I have looked in the past, just as lazy, didn't see it03:19
raidopingupingu: check howtoforge03:19
speedrunnerG55_or whats the equivelent to copy con in ubuntu03:19
sacarlsonddilinger: I see xubuntu in this list http://virtualboximages.com/Free.VirtualBox.VDI.Downloads03:19
roolyGuest63152, unfortunately, no. my linux-fu is rather weak compared to most of my peers03:19
pingupinguraido, I will check03:19
Guest63152lol nice03:19
almoxarifeddilinger: hamachi on both ends would do the same?03:20
indrajeetsacarlson:binding to different files like .jpg and .exe03:20
roolyspeedrunnerG55_, what does "copy con" do?03:20
yofelspeedrunnerG55_: the equivalent to DOS would be the terminal, edit would be nano by default03:21
cryptodiraamoxarife, maybe a reboot is needed?  you tube says to upgrade the flash player.... every other bit of s/w i have installed just worked  on installation.03:21
yofel!cli > speedrunnerG55_03:21
ubottuspeedrunnerG55_, please see my private message03:21
speedrunnerG55_copies the text in the console to a file03:21
sacarlsonindrajeet: I guess you mean in nautilus?03:21
roolyindrajeet, do you mean specifying which program loads a specific file, or binding your program through some sort of os-provided registry?03:21
Guest63152  rooley do you know of any reason why my wine browse c is not found03:21
yofelindrajeet: binding *what* to different files?03:21
=== Guest73671 is now known as DarkDevil
almoxarifecryptodira: I installed 'it' via package, I would suggest doing the same03:22
safeWayanyone know how to enable fullscreen videos again?03:22
roolyGuest63152, not without any details regarding your setup, no03:22
sacarlsonindrajeet: on the command line it's just a mater of the first line  #!03:22
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest39901
roolysafeWay, possibly try f11. that's the general default 'fullscreen' shortcut03:22
Guest63152ok man thanks any way03:23
safeWayafter i wrote some command in terminal some guy told me it disabled fullscreen flash03:23
safeWayvideo is freezing in fullscreen03:23
indrajeetsacarlson:when u bind .exe file with the .jpg.then just open the .jpg and .exe will run automatically03:23
=== black is now known as Swerve__
indrajeetsacarlson:it works like a  virus03:24
roolyindrajeet, nautilus (the file browser) provides an 'open with' menu on right-click.03:24
speedrunnerG55_i know what cli is, im learning cmd at the moment but i just want to learn the linux eqivelents in terminal03:24
pingupinguraido, there is only tomcat and apache installations, I do not see any eclipse integration installation03:24
edbianspeedrunnerG55_, be more specific.  What command do you want to translate03:24
roolyso like i saide before, would anyone happen to know where i should go to report a broken package?03:24
speedrunnerG55_copy con03:25
Swerve__a lil help03:25
PlainMushroomTHere is no setting that I am looking for, just blank screen, sleep, hibernate and shut down03:25
roolyspeedrunnerG55_, what does "copy con" do?03:25
sacarlsonindrajeet: well maybe that's a wine thing,  I just use nautilus double click and it binds and opens my jpg files or avi files or txt files in the default application setup in nautilus03:25
speedrunnerG55_it copies the consol to a file so lets say i said copy con blah.txt03:25
speedrunnerG55_thaen i would type stuff to write in that text file03:26
roolyscript i think03:26
roolylemme go check03:26
speedrunnerG55_then hit enter and it would make the file03:26
edbianspeedrunnerG55_, nano file.txt03:26
Swerve__any way to start a download at a specified time on ubuntu?03:26
yofeledbian: no, he means copy the current terminal contents to a file I think03:26
roolyspeedrunnerG55_, start with script, then when you finish, hit ctrl+d03:26
almoxarifePlainMushroom: the option you want is 'blank screen'03:27
yofelscript should do that, or screen/byobu can do that too I think03:27
roolySwerve__, you can set up a cron job03:27
visual1ceim having trouble installing grub2 in alternate 10.10 installation - im installing to a raid 0 array03:27
jribSwerve__: sure, use the "at" command together with wget.  Or if you prefer just do: sleep time-to-wait-here; wget-command-here03:27
visual1ce(stripe array)03:27
roolyspeedrunnerG55_, it is the default keybind to 'exit'03:27
raidoSwerve__: where is the file03:27
speedrunnerG55_oh ok03:27
speedrunnerG55_isnt there an "exit " command03:28
PlainMushroomalmoxarife , that doesn't work. I get a black screen when I close the laptop03:28
visual1cei keep getting an installation step failed03:28
roolyspeedrunnerG55_, yeah, its called exit03:28
roolybut there are keyboard shortcuts to it03:28
Swerve__actually there and here03:28
visual1cei don't think it is installing to the right device... i tried entering the correct name but still no go03:28
Swerve__for vm03:28
jrib!bugs | rooly03:28
ubotturooly: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots03:28
raidoSwerve__: Ok, you want "at" and "wget". Both tools are easy, just see the man pages for both03:28
almoxarifePlainMushroom: you have two monitors?03:28
roolythanks jrib03:28
PlainMushroomI am using my tv as my monitor, I would like to keep the laptop closed03:29
Swerve__main page of the forum?03:29
PlainMushroomI can do this in Windows, but can't figure it out in Ubuntu03:29
raidoSwerve__: no, "man at" on your command line03:29
visual1cewhat about keyboard?03:29
Swerve__Linux Programmer's Manual03:30
Swerve__thats what i got03:30
sinduhrellaCan I give my tray clock a new font?03:32
almoxarifePlainMushroom: you may need to set up 'dual monitor', I don't know how that works03:32
visual1ceso i cant have grub 2 on a raid 0 partition?03:33
roolysinduhrella, you can provide your entire system a new font easily. specifically your clock, not without modifying the running program03:33
visual1ceanybody? can i install grub2 on a raid0 array?03:34
visual1ceyes no?03:34
sinduhrellarooly: recompiling, or editting config files?03:34
cesuraseanHelp! Windows blew away my grub! How do I boot back into Ubuntu live usb stick and reinstall grub2 onto my desktop?03:34
backtrackCan anyone help me fix my refresh rate?03:35
soreaubacktrack: what's wrong with it?03:35
backtrackI've installed nvidia drivers and I use gtf + xrandr to set it manually, but it won't successfully change. Automatically goes back to 50, I need 60. Text is blurry.03:35
soreau! grub2 | visual1ce cesurasean03:35
ubottuvisual1ce cesurasean: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub203:35
yofel!grub2 | cesurasean: you'll find instructions heree03:35
ubottucesurasean: you'll find instructions heree: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub203:35
soreauyofel: win ;)03:36
visual1cethx soreau03:36
visual1ceand yofel03:36
=== Yomic is now known as Yomic|awaysleepo
indrajeethow to install virtual box using terminal?03:36
sacarlsoncesurasean: here's the onliner: sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt; sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda # change sda1 and sda to your choice03:36
backtrackI've tried 59 and 60hz, too.03:36
=== Yomic|awaysleepo is now known as Yomic|sleep
soreau! vbox | indrajeet03:36
ubottuindrajeet: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox03:36
soreau! who | backtrack03:37
ubottubacktrack: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:37
edbianindrajeet, sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose03:37
backtracksoreau, I've tried 59 and 60hz too.03:37
cesuraseansacarlson, how do i know which sda my drive is?03:37
soreaubacktrack: nvidia proprietary drivers still do not support the randr 1.2 protocol. Try nvidia-settings03:37
backtracksoreau, I did. They will only let me use 50, 51, and 77.03:37
sacarlsoncesurasean: more details http://paste.ubuntu.com/562593/03:37
soreaubacktrack: Then that's all the driver is capable of. Try a different version or use nouveau03:38
sacarlsoncesurasean: the only time it wouldn't be sda is if you changed your bios settings03:38
backtracksoreau, Moment, I'll try nouveau.03:38
indrajeetedbian:thank u03:38
cesuraseansacarlson, how do i list my partitions?03:38
backtracksoreau,  Nouveau command not found... Where can I find different driver versions?03:38
cesuraseani have windows on this system as well, don't want to fubar it...03:38
sacarlsoncesurasean: sudo fdisk -l03:38
soreaubacktrack: I don't think nouveau can work properly while the proprietary driver remains installed03:38
soreaubacktrack: After removing the nvidia driver, it will use nouveau by default03:39
cesuraseansacarlson, do i need to mount the ntfs which has the boot partition on it, or just mount my linux OS?03:39
sacarlsoncesurasean: oh if you installed with the windows installed wubi this won't work03:40
soreaubacktrack: or you can check the versions available in sys>admin>Additional Drivers03:40
backtracksoreau,  Are you willing to help a complete noob? :) I don't know how to uninstall03:40
soreaubacktrack: How did you install the driver?03:41
sacarlsoncesurasean: if your install is on ntfs then you must have used wubi to install and I don't support that03:41
backtracksoreau,  apt-get install03:41
syrinx_sacarlson: me either!03:42
=== root is now known as Guest69325
DavidJHeinrich1why does the "lscpu" command report that my Intel Q9550 CPU is only 2GHz, not 2.8 GHz?03:45
rwwDavidJHeinrich1: probably because CPU frequency scaling is active and your system isn't under heavy load.03:45
cesuraseanwhich partition is the mbr usually located on?03:47
roolygeeze lekhonee better be worth the 63.4MB download03:47
A|i3NHey guys trying to figure out if something is possible. Got ubuntu installed on a second computer. I want the same packages installed on it that are on my other computer. Is there any way to move the package files over via CD to prevent having to download a buncha stuff again? I already tried moving what was in /var/cache/apt/archives but i'm guessing there's more somewhere03:47
DavidJHeinrich1rww: desktop CPUs as old as the Intel Q9550 have scaling? (and if I stressed the system, it'd show them faster?)?03:47
roolycesurasean, the mbr is in the first sector of the hdd03:48
sacarlsoncesurasean: sda unless you change it in bios03:48
roolyA|i3N, yeah there is. let me go look up the package03:48
roolyA|i3N, check out aptoncd03:48
A|i3Naww man need a package to move packages eh? ;) that'll work. hehe03:49
sacarlsoncesurasean: mbr is normaly not installed on a partition it is put at the first 512 bytes of the device03:49
rwwDavidJHeinrich1: The Q9550's only about three years old... and yes, it does scaling ;)03:49
A|i3Naptoncd... by the name, it sounds like it might work. lol. Ill check it out on my other computer (i'm guessing I'll need to install this on the "host")03:49
cesuraseansacarlson, ok im confused. which sdb do i use??03:50
rwwDavidJHeinrich1: if you get CPU usage up to 100%, it should show 2.8GHz, yes.03:50
cesuraseanwhere do i specify root directory? my linux partition? or the extended partition, or what?03:50
DavidJHeinrich1rww: ahhh, ok, good to know...thanks!03:50
cesuraseani tried using sdb5, but it says that's not the mbr, and i need to use the mbr03:50
Skywalk3rHow do i change so the status things "user joins" "user quits" dooesnt show in Irssi?03:50
sacarlsoncesurasean: for mbr?  sdb  or sda  or sdX   NOT sda1 or sdb2 or ....03:51
backtracksoreau, I found the command and uninstalled the drivers. However, after that no display was found and I couldn't startx.03:51
roolyA|i3N, yes. it creates an apt-readable database. when you put the burned disc into the destination computer, it should automatically pop up with an 'available packages' dialogue03:51
DavidJHeinrich1rww: that makes me think twice about my purchase of an Opteron 6128...I thought it was on-par speedwise with my Q9550! ... but its slower! (I purchased it for 32GB RAM) Maybe I'll sell and wait for LGA201103:51
A|i3Nawesome just what I need. Thanks rooly :)03:51
rww!quietirssi | Skywalk3r03:51
ubottuSkywalk3r: To ignore joins, parts, quits in irssi:  /ignore #ubuntu +JOINS +PARTS +QUITS03:51
yofelbacktrack: you did delete xorg.conf after removing the driver? (if you didn't use jockey to remove it)03:51
sacarlsoncesurasean: you do understand that trying to repair a wubi install with a livecd with this method will NOT work?03:52
backtrackyofel, I did not... I'm a noob, how do I use jockey to remove it?03:52
cesuraseanits saying to specify the filesystem type when i do sdb03:52
rwwugh wubi03:52
cesuraseansacarlson, i have fixed it before.03:52
Skywalk3rubotto: Thank you!03:52
yofelbacktrack: jockey is the additional drivers application03:52
backtrackyofel, Okay.. I'm a noob to linux, what do I need to do? ;)03:53
backtrackyofel, apt-get jockey?03:53
yofelbacktrack: erm, open it, select the installed driver, and press remove03:53
cesuraseansacarlson, what makes you think it won't work?03:53
backtrackyofel, Oh, is that something included with ubuntu? :( I'm on backtrack.03:53
cesuraseani have seen it work!03:53
yofelor open jockey-text in a terminal03:53
rwwbacktrack: #ubuntu is for Ubuntu and supported derivatives. Backtrack Linux support is in #backtrack-linux only.03:54
sacarlsoncesurasean: I will work fine if it's NOT a wubi install03:54
cesuraseanwhat do you mean by wubi?03:54
backtrackrww, Hey, cool rww! Thanks.03:54
sacarlson!wubi | cesurasean03:54
ubottucesurasean: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Maverick/10.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/maverick/wubi.exe03:54
Ioniz3Danyone using tmux here ?03:55
cesuraseanI never used wubi...03:55
roolysorry, not i, Ioniz3D03:55
mjs_Ioniz3D, nope, sorry, put figured even a neg response is better than none at all...03:56
sacarlsoncesurasean: ok very good03:56
cesuraseanwho said anything about using wubi???03:56
cesuraseanit's just a normal ubuntu install alongside a windows partition03:56
cesuraseanuninstalled mcaffee on windows, and it blew away my mbr03:56
cesuraseanHow do I fix my MBR????03:56
sacarlsoncesurasean: you said that your partiion was on ntfs so that's the only way that could hapen03:56
cesuraseanI'm dual booting, and have 2 NTFS partitions03:56
cesuraseanand 1 linux03:57
ScuniziHow do I get into the settings for Firefox?  about:????  .. but not plugins..03:57
mickster04Scunizi: about:config?03:57
Scunizimickster04: thanks.. I think that's it.. I just couldn't remember03:57
daweefolkdoes anybody know of a MUD that uses a map system similar to nethack?03:57
sacarlsoncesurasean:  ok then pastebin the results of sudo fdisk -l03:57
cesuraseani can't pastebin it03:58
cesuraseani can03:58
FloodBot3cesurasean: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:58
mickster04!enter | cesurasean03:58
ubottucesurasean: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:58
cesuraseansacarlson, http://pastebin.com/9sH8y2cs04:02
cesuraseansacarlson, can you tell me the EXACT code I need to use in order to fix this?04:03
sacarlsoncesurasean: sudo mount /dev/sdb5 /mnt; sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda04:03
sacarlsoncesurasean: from a livecd boot as detailed as I have shown you before http://paste.ubuntu.com/562593/04:04
cesuraseansacarlson, which /dev do i use in that command line?04:05
sacarlsoncesurasean: exactly as I typed them04:05
sacarlsoncesurasean: /dev/sdb5  and /dev/sda04:06
cesuraseansacarlson, THANK YOU! YOU THE MAN!04:07
alopez920buenas noches04:08
alopez920someone speak spanish here???04:08
cesuraseani speak spanglish. does that count?04:09
rwwalopez920: try #ubuntu-es04:09
alopez920yes maybe jajaja04:09
Scunizi!es | alopez92004:09
ubottualopez920: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.04:09
alopez920ok ok thanks xd!!04:09
gentoo_fun2question, for some reason i cant make my resolution go higher than 1360x76804:09
Scunizigentoo_fun2: you hooked to a tv?04:09
gentoo_fun2the native resolution for this monitor is much higher, so it looks quite bad04:09
alopez920ok gracias ubotuu04:09
gentoo_fun2its a stupid all in one sony thing04:09
Scunizi!xrandr | gentoo_fun204:10
ubottugentoo_fun2: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1204:10
jrbrown1991Hey, sorry.. What was the # channel for backtrack, again?04:10
Scunizigentoo_fun2: not just dual screens but there's help there for resoution too.04:10
gentoo_fun2is the program come default04:10
edbiangentoo_fun2, yep04:11
=== jrbrown1991 is now known as icor1031
mykalhi all. looking through ubuntu repos for a good converter from mp4 to, well, aything else really. there are a few, suggestions??04:11
gentoo_fun2for some reaosn it says mirror screens on monitor preferences04:11
roolydoes anyone know of a good working blogging tool04:12
roolyor do i need to build python packages04:12
gentoo_fun2oh hmm04:12
gentoo_fun2its the highest it goes on "vga connected"04:12
gentoo_fun2it also says "LVDS1 connected"04:13
edbianmykal, I like sound converter.  What format are you gonna change too out of curiosity?04:13
gentoo_fun2idk wat the hell04:14
paq7512yay it looks like someone fixed writing to flash drives!04:14
mykaledbian, anything that will play on XBOX. have a ushare server on my ubuntu box04:15
jrbrown1991Hey, backtrack channel banned me for asking about my refresh rate. :( Anyone here willing to try to help me, even though I'm not on ubuntu? lol :(04:15
mykaledbian, XBOX disagrees with MP404:15
edbianmykal, Good luck with that!  xbox360 disagrees with everything.  It's really annoying.04:15
mykaledbian, lol, yup, but the generic avi and divx seem to work well enough04:16
mykaledbian, would prefer it all be ogg though04:16
edbianmykal, :)  I love ogg04:16
mykaledbian, me too. first time i came across it i was like "wtf is VLC player". do some research and realise that hollywood not only wants me to pay for their DVD, but then expects the people that make my DVD player to pay them too. F!$# that, been a fan of open everything since then04:18
gentoo_fun2Scunizi: oic my error, i disabled the DVI or w/e internal output by clicking "mirror images"04:18
gentoo_fun2i re enabled it with xrandr04:19
Scunizigentoo_fun2: working now?04:19
jrbrown1991Scunizi, could you help me?04:19
gentoo_fun2Scunizi: yes, thanks04:20
gentoo_fun2looks nice and crisp now04:20
Scunizijrbrown1991: with backtrack? Don't know anything about it.04:20
Scunizigentoo_fun2: glad to hear it :)04:20
jrbrown1991Scunizi, know anywhere I can go for help? They banned me, I'm guessing because my question was too n00b for them.04:20
rwwjrbrown1991: your IRC client's ident is set to "root". They ban that, for some unfathomable reason.04:21
mykalquestion while im here. i want to write some simple bash scripts to reset some servers etc. i dont want my housemate to have to learn the command line. how hard would it be to write a simple GUI that will run a bash script, all i needis a giant button04:22
jrbrown1991rww, Oh, I see.04:22
jrbrown1991rww, Thanks, I'll go change that.04:22
=== Guest39901 is now known as DarkDevil
edbianmykal, Not very hard.  check out zenity04:22
roolymykal, there's a means of writing gtk 'applications' from bash04:22
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest44564
mykaledbian, ok, zenity, is that what rooly is talking about?04:23
edbianmykal, I have no idea if rooly talked about it.04:24
edbianrooly, Is that what you mean?  Using zenity?04:24
matt_I have a NVidia gt210 hdmi card and cant get the sound working in alsa, can someone help me please?04:24
mykaledbian, what about making them run in the notification area as a service, doable???04:24
roolyedbian, mykal yes, i do believe it is one and the same04:24
edbianmykal, You can use libnotify for that.04:24
mykalrooly, thanks mate04:24
mykaledbian, rooly, thanks, will read04:25
edbianmykal, sorry, not libnotify.  I ment notify-send04:25
mykaledbian, no stress, that why they have manuals, ill find it, thanks04:26
mykalps. arista just crashedm try the next to convert04:26
edbianHave a good night Ubuntu-land04:27
andruhaHey guys, can anyone recommend me something like notepad++ for linux? I primarily need macros in the editor04:30
eekTheCatso my damn mouse slid and I performed some kind of file operation in nautilus.04:30
eekTheCatnot sure what, the hard drive is thrashing04:30
eekTheCatis there an undo operation in the ubuntu file manager?04:30
randomuserandruha, i dont know about macros, but i find bluefish enjoyable for coding04:30
randomuserthere are a lot of features i don't use, so maybe its in there04:31
eekTheCatthere doesn't seem to be04:32
eekTheCatto hell with guis04:32
andruharandomuser, k, i'll try that04:32
eekTheCatat least on the shell i could have seen what i did04:32
matt_I have a NVidia gt210 hdmi card and cant get the sound working in alsa, can someone help me please?04:32
randomuserandruha, there's always emacs04:33
andruharandomuser, what emacs? (im new to linux)04:33
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code04:33
andruhais that like an emulator?04:34
ruanterminal based text editor04:34
Da|Mummywhy cant my wife on ubuntu hold a steady connection?04:34
andruhabluefish doesn't have macros :(04:35
Da|Mummyweird spelling error....04:35
eekTheCatDa|Mummy, divorce is the solution04:35
Da|Mummyi shouldve expected that one....04:35
randomuserandruha, what kind of macros are you using?04:35
SenixI have a G-Pen 609 and want to be able to use with with ubuntu 10.10, when i plugged it in everything worked fine, things were recognized so i thought it would work. I started GIMP to see if i could draw a few test lines but gimp ignores the pressure signals from my device, is there a way to fix this?04:36
ruanDa|Mummy: signal strength?04:36
Da|Mummybut anyway, how do i figure out whats wrong with my wifi04:36
Da|Mummy80% signal04:36
andruharandomuser, i just need the editor to repeat a step a couple of hundred times (like removing a tag from the code or something)04:36
andruhaDa|Mummy, make sure drivers are up to date04:36
randomuserlike, find and replace?04:36
Da|Mummyim using a netopia wifi usb adapter04:36
Da|Mummyive no idea where to start with the drivers...04:37
ruanDa|Mummy: have you tried Wicd network manager?04:37
Da|Mummyno i have not, tell me more04:37
ruan!info wicd-gtk04:37
Da|Mummyi have a feeling its a driver problem, but ive no idea where to get said drivers for ubutu04:37
andruharandomuser, not exactly, its more like go up 2 lines and delete the first few characters and do it again04:37
ubottuwicd-gtk (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager - GTK+ client. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.0+ds1-5 (maverick), package size 143 kB, installed size 776 kB04:37
=== akashmanohar is now known as greenm0nk
clementno one say something04:38
=== clement is now known as Guest66684
randomuserandruha, sounds crufty.04:39
Da|Mummyso how do i go about finding the right drivers for my netopia usb wifi adapter for ubuntu?04:39
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:39
cjae!info nvidia04:40
ubottuPackage nvidia does not exist in maverick04:40
andruharandomuser, how is that crufty?04:40
cjaewhat is the current version of the nvidia driver in 10.1004:40
firedehello every one04:41
Da|Mummyruan, how will wicd help me?04:41
gusgI'd like to very quickly (temporarily) host a file securely such that it can be downloaded by ssh/scp. How could I do this?04:41
cjaeI have a fairly new gpu and would like to see if it is supported04:41
randomuserandruha, the text of the code itself doesn't match a pattern, other than its line and column?04:41
Da|Mummyim able to connect to my wifi, im on it right now, but it seems like its dropping connections and speak wont stay steady04:41
twitch!info nvidia-current | cjae04:41
ubottucjae: nvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library. In component restricted, is optional. Version 260.19.06-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 25690 kB, installed size 76364 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)04:41
cjaetwitch: thanks04:42
andruharandomuser, lol don't worry about the code.. i just need an editor that has macros builtin04:42
cjaetwitch: is that like a meta package that tracks new releases of driver?04:43
randomuserandruha, i'm just trying to get a feel for what you're trying to do so that i might be able to help.  Linux tools like awk and sed are commonly used for what i think you're doing, but i've never tried to automate actual keystrokes to edit code04:44
StuckMojohi. my boot splash screen isn't working, despite haveing "quiet splash" in my grub. any ideas? this install has been in-place upgraded starting from Jaunty, if that matters...04:45
roolyrandomuser, one can use 'yes' to automate piping some value to stdin04:45
andruharandomuser, thanks for your suggestions, im trying emacs right now and will see what awk is all about04:46
StuckMojohmmm..actually google might have the answer... (as usual ;)04:46
randomuserrooly, what are you on about?04:47
dustinanyone play openarena thats on right now?04:47
roolyrandomuser, oh, just saw your reply to andruha when i looked up. figured i'd inform you of yes if you didn't know about it04:47
twitchcjae: yeha if dev's compile and new stable release of the driver, when you do regular system updates it will update to the newest stable driver04:47
Jordan_U!ot | dustin04:48
ubottudustin: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:48
randomuserrooly, i haven't had occasion to use it, i'm not sure I know how. It doesn't seem relevant here.04:48
jsoftwWhats a good news-reader?04:48
jsoftwnewsgroup I should say04:48
dustinuhh i got the game with ubuntu thou jordan04:48
dustinbut if u got a specific channel for asking the questions id be happy to move over there thou :)04:49
dustinquestions about games and linux etc04:49
roolyrandomuser, it was a question about keystrokes, and i think yes may be able to simulate keystrokes if passed correctly04:49
Jordan_Udustin: Do you have a support question or are you looking for people to play with. If you have a support question then just ask your actual question.04:49
dustinsupport really04:49
dustinim attempting a install but not sure how to go about doing it :(04:50
StuckMojoaha, well it has to do with the swap partition uuid changing04:50
StuckMojocontents of /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume04:50
Jordan_Udustin: It's available in Applications > Ubuntu Software Center.04:50
dustinokay i downloaded a patch for my OA "open arena" liniux and i attempted to load a patch for it but it needs to be extracted to the main folder04:51
dustintrouble is i cant do it from gnome so i need some self taught unziping methods useing sudo-04:51
ruanwhy cant you do it from gnome?04:51
ruangksudo nautilus04:51
dustinit keeps telling me i need root04:52
matt_I have a NVidia gt210 hdmi card and cant get the sound working in alsa, can someone help me please?04:52
ruandustin: use gksudo nautilus04:52
dustinnot sure i got it ruan :( lemme see04:52
panfisti'm using nomachine to connect to maverick and window title bars are not appearing at all04:53
=== ExplodingPiglets is now known as Cahl-hith
dustinwhere i get it ?04:53
=== Cahl-hith is now known as Barack_Obomba
ruandustin: you have it already04:54
xjhelp !How to find my MAC?04:54
ruanxj: mac address?04:54
dustinwell how ya use it then ?04:54
ruandustin: type it in a terminal04:54
dustink 1min04:54
waldirhelp! I installed grub2 and used unetbootin to add an iso to my grub menu, and now I get kernel not found errors on every grub entry!04:55
waldirhere are the instructions I followed: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/02/how-to-boot-iso-with-grub2-easy-way.html04:55
rzx237xj: ifconfig04:56
ruanbeat me to it.. HWaddr seems to be the mac04:56
dustinhmm how ya find the file ya dled then? downloads ruan?04:56
ruandustin: yeah in home or downloads04:56
rzx237ruan: yes it is :)04:57
xjand then ?04:57
StuckMojowell lets see if that fixed it04:57
ruanxj: ifconfig in a terminal, and look at the HWaddr04:57
dustinokay i put my files in the folder04:58
dustinand it says child failed or something wtf is that ruan?04:58
Jordan_Uwaldir: Could you pastebin your /boot/grub/grub.cfg?04:58
waldirJordan_U: I'm using a live cd but it is an older version and doesnt support ext4 so i can't access my grub file :(04:59
xjsorry,I can`t find anything as"HWaddr"04:59
ruanxj: are you sure? mine appears as eth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr:05:00
ruanxj: top line05:00
randomuserxj, assume the string that looks like a MAC address.... is.05:00
xj以太网  硬件地址 00:23:5a:dd:2d:6e05:00
xj this?05:00
waldirJordan_U: what can I do?05:01
bmcgahananyone know what the most processing power I can get in a single server solution05:02
bmcgahanI have a video render app that doesn't support clustering05:02
dTx@bmcgahan, shouldn't you be asking in Dell support or something?05:02
=== jh is now known as Guest32979
Brando1995hey, i just moved to linux and need help. How do drivers work on ubuntu?05:03
bmcgahanyeah, but you guys are first on the /list05:03
randomuserbmcgahan, supermicro.com05:03
ruanBrando1995: most of them come out of the box05:04
mix22891Good morning!05:04
Jordan_Uwaldir: Is there any way that you can get another LiveCD / LiveUSB?05:04
Brando1995ruan well Im on win7 right now and i have ubuntu installed with dual boot. I use a linksys wireless external adapter for internet. How can I get it to work on linux? the cd didnt work05:05
dustinuhh ruan05:05
ruandustin: yea?05:05
Brando1995jordan_U yes, burn a new one05:05
dustini put 2 files into the oa folder and now they disppeared?05:06
xjI want to make some friends ,anyone of you can tell me any other way?I`m new~05:06
mix22891My Hebrew reverse some of the programs, Please help05:06
mix22891My Hebrew reverse some of the programs, Please help05:06
ruanremove or reverse?05:06
jrmcmI need help setting up a vm running at least windows xp. What is my first step?05:06
oven_what's the syntax for compiz if I don't want SMPlayer to be used with the application switcher, at the end of "Toolbar | Utility | Dialog | Normal | Unknown "05:06
randomuserruan, hebrew is read right to left05:07
mix22891right to left05:07
oven_I thought I remembered it just being & !SMPlayer or something like that05:07
mix22891and now its left to right05:07
mix22891in some of the programs05:08
=== carlos is now known as Guest23157
mix22891like google talk05:08
fujinanyone help me with some basic ubuntu info? beyond what i was able to find with google and forums?05:08
mix22891plaese Help me05:08
dustinit keeps giveing me some error child -05:08
dustinwhats that ?05:08
Brando1995can anybody tell me how to get a linksys wireless adapter to work on ubuntu?05:08
fujinwhich one?05:09
ChogyDanBrando1995: what model is it?05:09
jrmcmBrando: have you looked through the forums?05:09
jrbrown1991msg nickserv identify abcabc12305:09
Brando1995wusb600n the top of the line one. and yes ive been googling away05:09
RyanTBDMWhere is su?05:09
RyanTBDMI'm a noob and can't find the su account05:09
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo05:10
ChogyDanjrbrown1991: that just happened.  You should setup your client to auto-authenticate05:10
oven_for Compiz, what do I type in the dialog box to have SMPlayer NOT show up in the static app switcher?05:10
arejay<-- noob05:10
alopez920anybody here knows how to unificate many boards????? i want to create a supermachine like that with many boards....05:10
fujinso with the forums, I was able to get my minecraft server and x11vnc to run at startup, but now I can't figure out how to bring up the terminals for them05:10
randomuserubottu, it's "realize"05:10
fujinubuntu 10.1005:10
randomuseralopez920, google kerrighed05:11
fujinanyone tell me what the best search term would be for figuring out how to view the terminals that are running in the background?05:12
alopez920randomuser: ?????05:12
papagoosehi all, i have several image files that I would like to print on 1 page (eg. 4 files, printed as though they were 4 pages in 1 file with 4 pages per sheet)05:12
ruanfujin: view background terminals?05:12
alopez920i can't get information about that procedure....05:12
randomuserfujun, try 'ps -aux' or 'w' or 'users' etc05:12
fujinyeah background terminals05:13
randomuserwell, background processes05:13
papagooseany ideas on a quick way to do this? I keep making different images to print so whatever solution needs to be easily reusable05:13
jrmcmI need help setting up a vm running at least windows xp. What is my first step?05:14
RubenAlonzoGreetings Everyone.05:14
=== RyanTBDM is now known as RyanTBDM|AFK|Stu
=== RyanTBDM|AFK|Stu is now known as RyanTBDM|AFK
ruanjrmcm: get a vm application(virtualbox,vmware) then get an iso or a cd of windows xp05:14
RubenAlonzoDoes anyone know what the version after Maverick Meerkat will be called?05:15
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.05:15
=== RyanTBDM|AFK is now known as RyanTBDM
=== jh_ is now known as Guest78841
ubottuUbuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/101005:15
jrmcmruan: thx i was having trouble finding a vm app05:16
dustinany ideas ruan ?05:16
mix22891My Hebrew reverse some of the programs, Please help05:16
littlebirdis ubuntu a real person05:16
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com05:17
jrmcmlittlebird: its uBOTTu :)05:17
littlebirdi see05:17
mikeruI'm having HUGE tearing issues on my MacBook05:17
mikeruIt has an Nvidia 9400M05:18
* arejay updates to natty05:18
mikeruI'm using the proprietary drivers05:18
mikeruI can't even watch a DVD quality video without getting nauseous05:19
mrcreativityi need some help please. i cant seem to run a .py file05:19
RubenAlonzodoes anyone know if there is a suitable and stable product based on Gnome that closely resembles current 10.10 release? reason I ask is i had installed 10.10 netbook remix and was very pleased that everything worked out of the box, but really disliked the constant Unity Tabs on the left side of my tiny 10.1 inch screen. so i moved to other software for the moment but was really getting to like the terminal for learning how to do 05:19
ChogyDanmikeru: have you googled for the issue?  I don't know, but I can point you in the direction of getting updated drivers...05:20
RubenAlonzoi read that the next version of ubuntu will have the ablity to hide the unity05:20
mikeruChogyDan: I have the latest drivers05:20
mikeru270 something05:20
ChogyDanmikeru: did you get them from the xorg-edgers ppa?05:21
mikeruChogyDan: Yup05:21
mrcreativitycan someone please suggest a solution05:21
mikeruruan: Thats in ubuntu's repos05:22
mikeruThis is from edgers ppa05:22
=== Guest44564 is now known as DarkDevil
fujinthis ubuntu isnt as easy as i thought it would be05:23
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest24043
fujinanyone here run a minecraft server?>05:24
fujinor has done it before?05:24
jrmcmBrando:  I believe that every kernel after 2.6.19 included this driver.  The chipset is the rt2870 and it is detected to use the rt2800usb driver under Ubuntu 10.10.05:24
mikeruAny ideas?05:24
sacarlsonmrcreativity:  I thought python was installed by default,  maybe you need a different version of python?05:25
randomuserfujin: i have05:25
RubenAlonzofujin: hi there, i recently installed 10.10 coming froma completely all windows experience and found it quite easy, but it all depends on your comfort level with perhaps having to type in commands on the terminal. i kinda liked it though.05:26
fujincool!  well i got it to run..  but then i wanted it to run at startup as well.. and i got that to work.  but now i dont see a terminal but users can still connect05:26
fujini lov ehow lightweight it is05:26
fujinand the repos remind me of cydia and iphones05:27
fujinive only given myself a week to mess with ubuntu, but i so badly want to get this minecraft server up and running so i can start tweaking and learning05:27
RubenAlonzoi liked the fact that it's relatively a virus free environment.05:28
oven_what do I type into compiz to make the ring switcher leave SMPlayer alone05:28
mikeruI have tearing05:28
mikerueven with metacity05:28
RubenAlonzofujin: have you tried asking your question on the official ubuntu forums?05:28
* mikeru echoes metacity...05:28
fujinno but i searched them along with google05:29
ChogyDanmikeru: what about the 260 drivers?05:29
soreaumikeru: What graphics driver are you using?05:29
fujinive been working on this all night and i wanted to get it done before bed lol05:29
mikeruChogyDan: :( let me install them05:29
mikerusoreau: Nvidia05:29
RubenAlonzothere is a specific forums for it, lemme go grab you the link, brb05:30
ChogyDanmikeru: you may need to use the ppa purge script05:30
soreaumikeru: Did you enable vsync in nvidia-settings05:30
dustinwell i had to just reinstall the thing :(05:30
dustinthanks alot folks for your help05:30
mikerusoreau: Yew, both opengl and xvideo05:30
rsyringany suggestions for asserting in a bash script that the contents of two files are equal05:30
RubenAlonzofujin: http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=32605:31
mikerursyring: Diff05:31
RubenAlonzoi bet if anyone knows, thats a good place to get info fujin05:31
rsyringmikeru: yes, but I am not sure how to make the script exit when the diff comes back empty?05:32
rsyringmikeru: sorry, exit with an error code05:32
ubottuOther !Linux distributions besides !Ubuntu include: Debian, Mepis (using !APT); RedHat, Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva (using !RPM); Gentoo, Slackware (using other packaging systems)05:32
fujinthanks Ruben05:32
mikerursyring: if diff a b; then exit errorcodeifbotharethesame; else05:33
rsyringmikeru: k, i'll try that05:33
RubenAlonzofujin: hope it helps, in any case there is also a tab for general help, either way im certain you will get steered in the  right direction.05:33
Egbert9e9how do i keep the encrypted home directory open?05:34
Egbert9e9while i'm gone05:34
mikeruChogyDan: Nvm appareantly i was using the nvidia 270 from ubuntu-x-swat ppa05:35
RubenAlonzoi am still a total noob on ubuntu, but ii did learn alot from searching forums and coming here.05:35
Egbert9e9i'm using screen over ssh05:35
ChogyDanmikeru: I forget what the difference is05:35
RubenAlonzobe back ina bit y'all05:35
alopez920thanksss!!!!!!!!!! men05:36
alopez920this is a great start!!!!05:36
mikeruChogyDan: Uhmm just read the description. It says upstream stable X blahblah for even more bleeding edge try xorg-edgers05:36
alopez920yes randomuser05:37
alopez920kerrighed is something like i want to do really????05:37
mikeruShit, my x crashed during the downgrade process!05:38
mikeruWait i think its a kernel panic05:39
ChogyDanmikeru: did the default driver not work?05:39
mikeruChogyDan: I was just installing it right now05:39
mikeruNevermind seems xorg crashed05:39
mikeruI mean its deadlocked or whatever05:40
mikeruI logged in with ssh from my iPad05:40
randomuseralopez920, beowulf.org05:40
mikerutop says its using 100% CPU05:40
fujindang.. still no response to my question ont he forum..05:42
mikerufunny i just killed x and chromium-browser is still open...05:42
mikeruSays top05:43
mikeruUhmm x is t working anymore05:43
MONSTA_UBUNTUanyone here familiar with ubuntu 10.10 or is everyone still on 9.10?05:43
syn-ackwhy would everyone still be on 9.10 and why not just ask a question?05:44
alopez920randomuser: thank youuuu men!!!! this is great!!!!you just do something great today xD!!!!! yo do my dream comes true!!! the dream of an insane man jajajajaja05:44
Jordan_U!anyone | MONSTA_UBUNTU05:44
ubottuMONSTA_UBUNTU: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.05:44
mikeruXorg.0.log: (EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module05:44
MONSTA_UBUNTUi wanna play direct x games smoothly in it05:44
MONSTA_UBUNTU9.10 was better for it05:44
MONSTA_UBUNTUbut im on 10.1005:44
MONSTA_UBUNTUGTA SA wont run under wine or crossover games05:45
MONSTA_UBUNTUanyone know how to make it?05:45
Jordan_UMONSTA_UBUNTU: If it's only a problem with Windows applications ask in #winehq05:45
MONSTA_UBUNTUoh, sorry for inconvieniencing anyone, thanks for that tip05:46
Jordan_UMONSTA_UBUNTU: You're welcome.05:47
alex__hrm. xlib is apparently empty05:47
alex__anyone know how to change the focus of a window to some other window in xlib c++?05:49
alex__the api docs are really kind of useless05:50
alex__i'm sure there are 20 other lines of code that are missing before you actually set the focus to a window05:50
mikeruChogyDan: Still tearing.05:50
alex__but no. they just tell u the function signature and that's it05:51
ChogyDanmikeru: I suggest you try the defaults first, before testing the later drivers05:51
mikeruChogyDan: And thats what im testing05:51
ChogyDanmikeru: did you downgrade xorg also?  But yeah, I have no answer for you  :(   maybe test out natty05:52
mikeruChogyDan: Yup05:52
mikeruChogyDan: Isnt it uhmm... Rather unstable?05:52
mix22891My Hebrew reverse some of the programs, Please help05:53
mix22891My Hebrew reverse some of the programs, Please help05:53
mix22891My Hebrew reverse some of the programs, Please help05:53
FloodBot3mix22891: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:53
ChogyDanmikeru: yeah.  Also, file a bug report.  You might get better info that way05:53
JediMobiusyo peeps. anyone know what i can do about my boot problem? "Gave up waiting" after grub initializes. Sometimes it boots first try, sometimes 10nth...05:55
alopez920bye randomuser and thank you again!!!05:55
mikeruChogyDan: I just cant try natty. I already have mac os x lion installed, dont wanna ruin my stable OS05:55
Jordan_UJediMobius: Try adding the kernel parameter "rootwait".05:55
=== Axlin is now known as Axlin|AFK
gusgi just installed openssh-server and now I'd like to stop the sshd daemon, but the service keeps restarting.05:57
JediMobius@Jordan_U cool! as soon as I figure out how to do that.05:58
JediMobius(it's been so long since i got on irc, i forget how to reply..)05:58
Jordan_UJediMobius: Add it to GRUB_LINUX_CMDLINE_DEFAULT in /etc/default/grub then run "sudo update-grub".05:59
Ben64gusg: have you tried "sudo /etc/init.d ssh stop"06:00
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
gusgBen64: exactly06:00
gusg"/etc/init.d/ssh status" reports "* sshd is running"06:00
=== jh is now known as Guest54331
Ben64gusg: why would you want to stop it anyway06:01
gusgWell actually I don't want it running at startup at all. But first I'd like to stop it right now.06:02
JediMobiushmmm, no grub directory in /etc/default06:02
gusgBecause I don't anticipate accepting any ssh connections06:02
Ben64but ssh is good :O06:02
=== yhk is now known as yhk_1
=== yhk_1 is now known as RIcky_yhk
mjensenHi guys. I am trying to change my domain name in ubuntu 10.04. All documentation I find says to change it in the resolv.conf file... but that file is being autogenerated by the network manager or something like that.... so my question is... where do I then change it? I cannot find any documentation that explains this part... it ought to be simple... can any of you help please?06:03
Ben64gusg: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=953124906:03
Ben64mjensen: check /etc/hostname06:04
mjensenin my hostname file I just have my pc name: like mjensen-pc206:04
mjensennothing else06:04
Ben64thats where to change it06:04
Jaguar163lfhjdf )tcnm heccrbt06:05
Jaguar163есть русские??06:05
=== jh_ is now known as Guest32072
gusgBen64: Thanks for the link. Do you have a clue what might be restarting the service?06:05
bazhang!ru | Jaguar16306:05
ubottuJaguar163: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke06:05
Ben64gusg: its the init script they talk about in that thread06:06
Jordan_Ugusg: sudo service ssh stop06:06
mjensenok thanks Ben64 i will try that. When I installed it, it asked me for domain name, so it added it somewhere. but i need to change it now, and was surprised that there wasnt anyplace to see it to change it.06:06
gusgJordan_U: thanks!06:07
Jordan_Ugusg: You're welcome.06:07
mjensenThe manpages state though... that the /etc/hostname should only contain the hostname and not the full fqdn06:08
G_UnitHi, has anybody used an MySQL on Ubuntu 10 for a central syslog server?06:10
sacarlsonmjensen:  I think if you are going to use dhcp then you will need to modify the dhcp server that assigns the domain when you use dhclient to obtain an address06:10
sacarlsonI really need to learn to type faster06:12
JediMobiusJordan_U: think i got it now... helps to upgrade to grub206:12
=== root is now known as Guest21977
Jordan_UJediMobius: You're welcome.06:12
JediMobiusJordan_U: Live long and prosper!06:13
SoftdroidGod morning06:15
steve____hello all06:15
steve____anybody know how to change the name in irssi06:15
SoftdroidIs it possible to move the items on the program list to own directories/categories?06:15
Softdroidin Ubuntu06:16
steve____yeah, softdroid, go to system>prefs>main menu or something like that06:16
SoftdroidI have been there, but don't know how to move them to my submenus06:16
Jordan_Usteve____: /nick newnick06:17
SoftdroidFor example i can make a new submenu and call it Softdroid06:17
Softdroidbut how can I move items from Internet to Softdroid submenu?06:18
overcluckerSoftdroid: you can drag and drop menu items into differen menus/submenus06:18
flax^_i really digg win7's tiling where one can drag windows to the left and right and they size to half the screen. Any easy way to do that in buntu?06:19
Softdroidoverclucker: Thanks alot, it worked. I didn't think that its possible06:19
SoftdroidUbuntu forever06:19
alex__I need to set focus to a window from c++06:19
flax^_or are there any better more awesome tiling I should learn? :P06:19
alex__how would I do this? i'm getting screwed by all this nice documentation for xlib x11 xorg and other XXX stuff that doesn't seem organized at all06:19
alex__so Ubuntu uses Xorg06:21
sacarlsonalex__: I have seen a cli program that does that and have used it in ruby06:21
alex__and not x11?06:21
alex__heh c++ != ruby06:21
jsoftwalex__: I thought ruby was just an interpreted c++!06:21
sacarlsonalex__: look at wmctrl06:22
alex__that must mean everything is quantum vibration06:22
sacarlsonalex__: no I used the C program in ruby and ruby is writen in C06:22
jsoftwsacarlson: what is the point you are making?06:23
alex__that library seems too specific06:23
alex__once i'm done doing something as simple (in concept) as focusing a window06:24
fisixbooks are for libraries06:24
=== Guest24043 is now known as DarkDevil
alex__i need to read the pixels off it, and send mouse events to it06:24
alex__and this window is a virtual machine..06:24
Jamba7Can someone help me with dual booting06:24
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest19015
sacarlsonjsoftw:  alex__: wants to set focus on a window and that's what the C program wmctrl does so look at it's code06:24
jsoftwJamba7: install windows, install ubuntu06:24
jsoftwOh I see.06:24
Jamba7Do I have to wipe everything off my windows?06:24
sacarlsonalex__: or just system() run it06:24
jsoftwJamba7: no06:25
jsoftwJamba7: do you have windows already installed I assume?06:25
Jaguar163шпрехен по-русски?06:25
Jamba7Well in that case I did that and the install failed06:25
alex__ugh.. i have to read someone else's code06:25
alex__i hope there's not a lot06:25
jsoftwJamba7: you could just resize the windows partition (from within windows) and then you should have room for ubuntu.06:25
alex__because i have a life06:25
Jamba7I did that. I had like sixty extra gigs for ubuntu06:26
xiambaxhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlHEJtflcmo :D06:26
jsoftwJamba7: and so what did it moan about?06:26
sacarlsonalex__: no you can just run it,  can't you run a command line program from C ?06:26
[thor]!ru | Jaguar16306:26
ubottuJaguar163: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke06:26
Jamba7That there was something wrong with the partition. I'm not exactly positive.06:26
xiambaxalex__, If your lazy and like to complain. Linux probably isn't for you.06:27
Jamba7I even made the partition bigger in ubuntu when it gives you the option to slide the divider06:28
banker247why doesn't furius iso come up under default mount prograsms when i try to mount an ISO?  it doens't even come up on the dropdown i have to manually run the prog06:29
alex__xiambax, i'm pretty sure most developers disagree.06:29
alex__and agree laziness is a good thing but anyways06:29
alex__http://spiralofhope.wordpress.com/2010/02/03/wmctrl-user-documentation/ seems to not correspond to anything the wmctrl commands prints out06:30
alex__anyone got a better doc?06:30
alex__i'm seeing a bunch of -1's and no asterisks and other weird things06:31
digim0nkmy ubuntu 10.04 resolution is larger than my screen resolution .. no xorg.conf exists .. text console is larger than the screen as well ..  any tips .. thanks06:32
cmdbbqi am having this problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=6107702&postcount=34 but with 10.10 and there is no menu.lst in /boot/grub only a grubenv. should i create menu.lst or can i change rootdelay by some other method involving grubenv?06:32
alex__ok. this guy's information is wrong06:33
bazhangJaguar163, #ubuntu-ru06:34
Jaguar163соси хуй06:34
bazhangJaguar163, you  have been told many times06:34
Jaguar163соси сука06:34
alex__bazhang, i think that if he is speaking another language06:35
alex__he's not going to understand you.06:35
alex__if you speak a different language from him06:35
Jaguar163соси алекс06:35
maxillusionistJaguar 163 how can i learn russian so that i could understand what you say :-P06:35
PoshepocketSlapped by bazhang.06:35
bazhangalex__, he got the #ru factoid in Russian many times.06:35
alesanhi what if I want to use the latest kernel?06:36
alesanisn't there a way to run 2.6.38?06:36
cmdbbqi am having this problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=6107702&postcount=34 but with 10.10 and there is no menu.lst in /boot/grub only a grubenv. should i create menu.lst or can i change rootdelay by some other method involving grubenv?06:36
maxillusionistis there a *nix called foxbuntu06:36
bazhang!grub2 | cmdbbq please have a look06:37
ubottucmdbbq please have a look: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub206:37
bazhangmaxillusionist, if there is its unsupported and offtopic here06:37
maxillusionist actually i saw an alias like that LOL06:38
bazhangcmdbbq, you can change the timeout in grub2, just hold shift at boot06:38
SoftdroidWhat is Astk in the Science menu, nothing happens when I run it06:38
maxillusionistgrub is bootloader for ubuntu like LiLo etc06:38
dancekalesan, if you need to ask, you shouldn't (i.e. it's easy to compile a kernel)06:39
alesandancek, do not make assumptions.06:39
threexkDoes Ubuntu have a magnification tool built in?  My laptop screen is dead so i'm plugged into a tv via s-video and I can't read anything06:39
alesandancek, is there a "PPA" or something that updates to the latest kernel automatically?06:40
bazhangalesan, check the ppa search page, its completely unsupported and at your own risk however06:40
bazhangalesan, its at launchpad06:41
maxillusionistthreexk do you use your tv as a montor06:42
dancekalesan, imo you shouldn't use unofficial kernels compiled by someone else because that's just really unsecure06:42
threexkmaxillusionist; not normally, it's a standard-definition tV06:42
cmdbbqbazhang: ok, i seem to be booting now, but i didn't get a menu or a dialogue to change rootdelay. could you tell me more about what i just did? has the root delay changed permenantly or will i need to hold shift at every boot?06:43
bazhangcmdbbq, its a fairly well documented wiki if you take a look there first06:43
bazhangcmdbbq, once you change it properly it will stick06:43
alesandancek, what can I do, the kernel shipped with ubuntu just stinks :( it will always crash my laptop in suspend/resume, and besides that, I would like to use the new features found in 2.6.3806:44
ActionParsnipCmdbbq: look into the /etc/default/grub file ;-)06:44
Moc2.6.38 is amazing on 10.10 !06:44
alesanMoc, did you simply download the git and compiled yourself?06:45
dancekalesan, you can compile your own easily06:45
Mocalesan: got 11.04 deb06:45
MocI'm too lazy to compile at this time of night06:45
alesanMoc, can you explain?06:45
MocI can watch 1080p video on youtube perfectly now !06:45
exobuzzlaunchpad build servers are having a laugh.. Build score:2505 - Start in 10 hours06:45
cmdbbqbazhang: frankly i have no confidence in the wiki as the first thing i looked up in it was a lie. I have no grub.cfg and i searched the wiki to no avail for grubenv06:46
ActionParsnipAlesan: then hang a month or so and install natty, or use it now in alpha but things maybe broken for you06:46
alesanMoc, what do you mean you can watch youtube at 1080?06:46
alesanActionParsnip, so next Ubuntu release will have 2.6.38?06:46
Mocalesan: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.38-natty/06:46
MocelFidel: yes06:46
ActionParsnipAlesan: yes, it does (i use natty)06:47
v_чуваки шпрехен по-русски06:47
Mocalesan: install the 2 deb file for your platform and the one for both06:47
ActionParsnipMoc: natty uses the 38 branch already06:47
Moconce you sure the 3 deb are installed, just reboot and it should do it06:47
speedy|2hello all whats up06:48
MocActionParsnip: no intention to upgrade to natty for the moment06:48
bazhangv_, #ubuntu-ru as you know well06:48
ActionParsnipMoc:with the 38 kernel, you essentially have it06:49
MocActionParsnip: kernel is just a very small part06:50
ActionParsnipHi speedy|206:50
jason_in_coloradhow are you doing tonight speedy06:50
Mocyou know, all linux distro use the linux kernel ;)06:50
ActionParsnipMoc: its the very heart of the OS. Not small in any way06:50
Plutudebian uses the freebsd kernel06:51
Mocit can now also use the freebsd kernel, doesn't need to use it06:51
Plutuscrew you06:52
ActionParsnipMoc: You are running natty in essence, the apps you are running on it are just not the ones available to the later release06:52
dancekPlutu, you seem to have no idea, but please at least be polite to others06:52
Mocreally, sched autogroup does wonder !06:53
Jordan_UActionParsnip: I would disagree rather strongly. In my experience upgrading to a newer kernel rarely results in regressions while upgrading all other apps (i.e. to a development release) almost always adds a considerable number.06:53
Plutuhow come i have no idea ?06:53
Mocdisabled it in real time and flash video in full screen actually stop working well (1080p)06:54
Plutui hate drugs no need for iDEA06:54
bazhang!ot | Plutu06:54
ubottuPlutu: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:54
Mocmy issues with 11.04 is the new UI..06:54
ActionParsnipMoc: other distributions may be using 38 and ubuntu isn't due to ubuntu not being a rolling release as well as other factors like its versioning and stuff like that06:55
Plutuban telepac thei are cmpetition anyays06:55
ActionParsnipMoc: You can use the original desktop in Natty too...06:56
MocActionParsnip: yea, just worried it wont work as well... I'll give it a try for sure06:56
MocI do every 6 month hehe06:56
bazhangv_ stop that06:57
Moc10.04 was one of the bad release (sadly it even a long term support !)06:57
Plutuwere do the ubuntu names come from are they afrikans names ?06:57
joetodayis there a way to untar a file in a directory and have it overwrite the files currently there that match up to the ones in the tarball?06:57
[thor]Plutu: it's Adjective Animal06:57
alesanPlutu, yes it sounds african06:57
Firefishearen't they from Toy Story?06:58
ActionParsnipPlutu: there is a wiki you can suggest them on :-)06:58
rwwFirefishe: no, that's Debian.06:58
alesanbazhang, he's simply greeting06:58
rwwalesan: in Russian, which they've been told not to use in #ubuntu. Repeatedly.06:58
Firefisherww:  Egads!  Please!  Smite me!06:58
bazhangalesan, its jaguar163, who knows where to go06:58
rwwFirefishe: I would have better standing to do this if I didn't use squeeze ;)06:59
MocLike the remplacement of the audio player with a .net software... I got little bit of problem with that06:59
Firefisherww:  gotcha06:59
YourTubehi am new!.... my grub lost... and i follow the instruction... and it gives me only this " grub> "06:59
cmdbbqi have two netbooks running 10.10, one a fresh install the other upgraded from 10.04. the latter gives me the option of booting into a "2D Netbook edition" while the former does not. I would like the option on the fresh install, as it is for a friend and it is what she is accustomed to. anyone able to help me out with that?06:59
Plutucan i sujest Wild boar ?06:59
alesanmy problem with ubuntu is that I have installed it to my mom06:59
bazhangPlutu, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic06:59
Mocalesan: I couldn't switch them sadly !07:00
Firefishealesan: Your mom must run very efficiently now.07:00
FirefisheI'm sorry07:00
alesanand she is not so quick to learn how to use things, and ubuntu every single time has something useless new like different colors, different positions of the window buttons etc07:00
ActionParsnipPlutu: sure the wiki stretches to202007:00
alesanand as I am 6000miles away from her PC, what can I do? I think I will have to keep 10.04 until it is not supported anymore and then what?07:01
ActionParsnipAlesan: different buttons how?07:01
Mocalesan: once 10.04 is not supported, and you didn't visit her, I would say shame on you ! :)07:02
YourTubei install another linux and my ubuntu lost in grub... now what i did is follow the instruction and did it.. but when i restart it show only this...  grub>07:02
alesanMoc, that is not the problem: I do not want to update and have a new (stupid) graphical interface that she has to re-learn07:02
=== jh is now known as Guest10510
Jordan_Ualesan: You're going to have a problem with pretty much any OS (or application for that matter) then.07:03
jsoftwSo what y'all up to then? What nerdy things be ye doing?07:03
alesanwhat can I do?07:03
Mocalesan: it not really different in term of learning I think07:03
Mocalesan: it just less efficient in my view07:03
Jordan_Ualesan: If you stick to LTS releases I doubt it will be much of an issue.07:03
alesanJordan_U, well a window xp installed in 2001 is still the same now07:03
Mocfirst thing I do is disable compiz07:03
jsoftwWhats all this ?07:03
Mocsadly, compiz is just too slow (especially alt-tab)07:04
alesanJordan_U, but then with LTS I stay with obsolete software all the time (firefox - openoffice - etc)07:04
jsoftwIt doesnt do anything productive anyhow07:04
Firefishejsoftw: avast, ye scurvy it'er, if ye be here, then ye be in the midst of the uproariest, baddest of the bad, scurvy-rickety type of nerd-bein', web-surfin' seadogs this side of the Cape O' Abandon All Hope!07:04
Jordan_Ualesan: While this is veering into offtopic, XP was supposed to be EOLd years ago.07:04
Firefisheokay, I'm done07:04
FirefisheI need a break..too much caffeine07:04
jason_in_coloradmore caffeine!07:04
Jordan_Ualesan: Firefox's interface changes as well.07:05
* jsoftw is busy mincing around with common lisp + sdl07:05
jsoftwNext task is to make a wee graph that shows random number distrobution07:05
alesanJordan_U, my question is simply: why Ubuntu continues to change UI. It swould be so much better to stick with one and simply update it07:05
rwwjsoftw: #ubuntu is the technical support channel for Ubuntu Linux. You may prefer #ubuntu-offtopic :)07:05
alesanso my question is: is there a way to update ubuntu, but keep the interface clean and stable, I think the best color scheme was 7.10?07:06
Jordan_Ualesan: Because progress requires change.07:06
Mocalesan: ish07:07
alesanJordan_U, is that progress, or ego?07:07
alesanI really see no progress in moving the window buttons to the left07:07
alesanor change how gdm asks for password07:07
jason_in_coloradhello fight07:08
Mocalesan: One thing that bug me is the file/edit... going to the top..07:08
iiicygalesan, do not think. Let Canonical think instaed of you.07:08
Jordan_Ualesan: That's offtopic for this channel. Sticking to your support question, no there isn't any way that I can think of to keep the interface the same between upgrades automatically.07:08
MocI hate mac especially for this07:08
alesanmaybe, there is a package "old-desktop" where people not interested in "progress" can stay07:08
silverySomebody, please tell me is it an error:"Grub 2 is installed in the MBR of /dev/sda and looks on the same drive in partition #2 for (,msdos2)/boot/grub." (entry in results.txt of Boot Info Script on Ubuntu 10.10)07:08
iiicygalesan, ok, make this package.07:09
Jordan_Usilvery: I'd need to see the rest of the output to be able to know. Are you having a particular problem?07:09
alesaniiicyg, how?07:09
alesaniiicyg, are you saying it's possible to port the 7.10 ubuntu-desktop to later versions?07:10
Mocwell, whatever ubuntu you run, kernel 2.6.38 is a must upgrade07:10
iiicygalesan, course. All is possible in Linux07:10
alesanMoc, I can't wait to try the hugeTBL feature07:10
alesaniiicyg, ho do I do that?07:10
jason_in_coloradalesan, try looking at gnome-look07:11
iiicygFor example07:11
silveryJordan_U: I have an acer laptop that stuns with GRUB, clinking _ and beep, just havent pasebinning...07:11
iiicygupgrade to 10.10, add repositories with 7.10, remove 10.10 reps, reinstall gnome-desktop07:11
iiicygubuntu-desktop, soory07:12
Jordan_Ualesan: Some have said that XFCE is going to start differentiating itself by keeping a more "conservative" Desktop Environment rather than trying new paradigms like KDE and GNOME are currently doing. It's hard to say if that will still be true 5 years from now but it might be something to look at.07:12
Mocfrom a video I watch of alpha 3, there seem to be lot of issues left07:13
jason_in_coloradi enjoy xfce07:13
iiicygMoc, yeah07:13
alesanJordan_U, that is a very good advice07:14
Jordan_Usilvery: Please do pastebin the complete RESULTS.txt.07:14
=== jh_ is now known as Guest66152
alesanoh another thing07:15
alesanI setup my mom's computer to run an operation out of rc.local07:15
alesanit is basically an rsync command that downloads stuff from a wireless connected camera07:16
Potatohello how do I get apache on my repository07:16
alesanuntil the command hasn't finised, she cannot shutdown the computer according to a "system policy"07:16
alesanany idea how to override this?07:16
overcluckerI just run a script that changes my theme, background, and moves the buttons from left to right with gconftool07:17
silveryJordan_U: ok, I'll let you (or someone) know07:17
MocI really liked the old login screen... Had a nicer look (though probably not as flexible07:18
Mocthe square box login is alittle bit boring07:18
Potatohow do I get apache on my repository I don't see it there07:18
safeWaywhat is the difference between ubutu server and ubuntu desktop? I want to use apache server on ubuntu07:19
iiicygserver without X07:19
safeWayhow you mean without x?07:20
Mocha crap, 11.04 use win3.11 app access like Mac does !07:21
iiicygwithout X windows system, I mean07:21
iiicygI think so07:21
safeWayum I am not sure ordinary ubuntu server07:21
iiicygI do not know exactly07:21
safeWayiiicyg: this one http://www.ubuntu.com/business/server/overview07:22
gnu-dioI'm running 6 Ubuntu workstations (primarily running oo.o ) at a business. They have 30 users each. I just finished upgrading from 8.04 to 10.04, and all my users are pissed off about the window buttons in the upper left.  I can easily fix an individual account, but I need to login as that user to do it. Anyone got an idea of a way I can just force all accounts to take the gconf change needed?07:23
=== Guest19015 is now known as DarkDevil
iiicygsafeWay, http://www.canonical.com/sites/default/files/active/Top_10_ServerQA_Eng_WP_AW_0.pdf07:24
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest67630
safeWayiiicyg: ok thanks07:25
safeWayi am wondering what could be the difference07:25
safeWayi thinnk there is .. thanks07:25
Potatoiiicyg, can i use  the above solution for my desktop ubuntu07:26
YourTubewhere do i start recovering the grub when lost... i have win7/ubuntu. so which is the first to reintalling to see the grub all other OS07:26
bsod1can anyone advise me a good way to convert markdown to pdf in ubuntu 10.10?07:26
iiicygPotato, this is Linux. You can do all you want :-)07:26
overcluckergnu-dio: gconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string menu:minimize,maximize,close07:26
YourTubeafter reinstalling grub and restart... it shows this... " grub> "07:27
YourTubeand cursor blinking07:27
gnu-diooverclucker: That's a case of not even reading what you responded to :P07:27
Potatobye ! thanks for your help07:28
bsod1can anyone advise me a good way to convert markdown to pdf in ubuntu 10.10?07:28
overcluckergnu-dio: oh, ha07:28
overcluckergnu-dio: you could try running that with sudo -u07:29
kriumehow can i check my computer specs in ubuntu??07:33
elFidelkriume: system monitor offers some basics07:35
elFidelapart from that consider using the terminal07:35
llutz_kriume: lshw07:35
YourTubeafter reinstalling grub and restart... it shows this... " grub> " and the cursor only blinking07:36
kriumesystem monitor shows only ram...?07:36
kriumellutz_ : WARNING: you should run this program as super-user.          ?07:37
kriumeelFidel: system monitor shows only ram...?07:37
elFidelkriume: then use sudo07:37
elFidelkriume: and CPU07:37
gnu-diooverclucker: That was the idea I needed. "sudo -u [user] gconf-tool [options]" worked like a champ. Now I just need to script it for all the accounts and we're off. thanks for the idea.07:37
elFidelwhat else are you looking for? your question wasnt that detailed07:37
llutz_YourTube: what partition holds your ubuntu?07:38
kriumeelFidel: after i type lshw it shows only resultate "PCI (sysfs)"07:38
elFidelkriume: give it some time07:38
kriumeit came now:P07:38
silveryJordan_U: finally got it http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/580962/07:39
Still_LearningGuys I had chance to try Ubuntu 10.10 Live CD (on my friends computer) and its great ,my question is will it run on my PC (Ati radeon 9550,Intel Celeron 2.6, 2 GB RAM)07:39
elFidelsilvery: yes07:39
elFidelerm Still_Learning: yes07:39
Still_LearningBut I googled a bit and my graphic card isnt supported anymore with drivers...07:40
Still_LearningWould that make any diffrence for ubuntu?07:41
elFidelhow about just trying the livd-cd on YOUR computer?07:41
kedyStill_Learning: maybe a little less eye candy07:41
ohzieStill_Learning: what graphics card do you have07:41
Still_LearningATi Radeon 955007:41
ohzieStill_Learning: oh wow07:41
Still_Learningold I know :/07:42
ohzieStill_Learning: okay so i've got good news and bad news07:42
YourTubellutz its in sda207:42
ohzieStill_Learning: the good news is that old ati card function with the default vga drivers a lot better than nvidia cards07:42
whelpmorning! im noob in ubuntu, can someone tell me how to make a multiboot system with windows truecrypted partition on /dev/sdb and ubuntu on /dev/sdc ?07:42
llutz_YourTube: type "set prefix=(hd0,2)/boot/grub"07:42
ohzieStill_Learning: the bad news is that entire series of graphics card had some serious issues with linux drivers that I don't think ever got really resolved..07:43
llutz_YourTube: without quotes07:43
ohzieStill_Learning: but kedy is right and it should work07:43
YourTubei did this sudo mkdir /media/sda2  and sudo mount /dev/sda2 /media/sda2  also sudo grub-install --root-directory=/media/sda2 /dev/sda07:43
ohzieStill_Learning: just without pretty stuff07:43
axscodehi guys, can someone point me to a tutorial that uses an function button of "extended monitor" to display dulam monitor twinview, im using nvidia current07:43
Still_LearningI know I remember when i had ubuntu 8.0407:43
Still_Learningi almost smashed my pc when configured my xorg07:43
Still_Learningoh well maybe its time to buy new Gcard...but its waste of money bcs whole PC is old ...and 1 gb AGP card wont make much difference right?07:44
llutz_YourTube: "insmod (hd0,2)/boot/grub/linux.mod"07:45
YourTubellutz do i need to type the first command you say?07:46
silveryAcer laptop with just stuns, returning GRUB, blinking cursor and a beep. Got results.txt of Boot Info Script 0.55 http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/580962/ any suggestions?07:47
llutz_YourTube: sure, on grub> prompt07:47
YourTubeok... let me do it again07:47
YourTubellutz "insmode" unknown command in the grub>  prompt07:53
llutz_YourTube: read/type carefully07:54
YourTubegot it07:54
llutz_YourTube: "set root=(hd0,2)"07:54
llutz_YourTube: 3 to follow, wait07:54
llutz_YourTube: "linux /vmlinuz-2.6.35-27-generic"07:55
Jordan_Usilvery: Change the boot order in the BIOS. Right now it's booting from sdb.07:56
llutz_YourTube: "initrd /initrd.img-2.6.35-27-generic"07:56
Jordan_Usilvery: (Which doesn't have a working bootloader)07:56
llutz_YourTube: "linux /vmlinuz-2.6.35-27-generic root=/dev/sda2"             sorry missed somthing07:57
llutz_YourTube: "boot"             and hope it boots07:57
ptlhow do I install groink video server in ubuntu?07:57
Jordan_Ullutz_: Linux needs to come first.07:57
YourTubelinux /vmlinuz-2.6.35-27-generic  <--file not found07:57
silveryJordan_U: I booted same HDD via USB to generate this log07:57
llutz_YourTube: "linux /vmlinuz-    and press <tab> to complete07:58
llutz_YourTube: "linux /vmlinuz-2.6.35-27-generic root=/dev/sda2"         <<-  make complete line read like this07:58
llutz_YourTube: with your kernel-version07:58
Jordan_Usilvery: I'm saying that I think the problem is that when booting is failing it's because you're not booting from the drive that has Ubuntu and GRUB on it.07:59
YourTubenot showing anything after  i press TAB07:59
llutz_YourTube: what ubuntu-version were you running=08:00
Jordan_UYourTube: Boot a liveCD and follow this guide to re-install grub properly: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide08:00
YourTubeJordan_U i followed this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=101470808:01
YourTubebut let me look that also08:01
llutz_YourTube: either follow Jordan_Us hint or try "linux /vmlinuz-2.6.35-25 root=/dev/sda2"08:01
Jordan_UYourTube: That thread is more prone to user error.08:01
YourTubetrying that llutz wait08:01
Jordan_UYourTube: Make sure that you have a 64 bit liveCD if you're trying to rescue a 64 bit install though.08:02
YourTubeyea.. i'm using the live cd that i used to install my ubuntu08:02
llutz_YourTube: better use the live-cd, no fun to estimate your kernel-version (wonder why tab-completion doesn't work)08:03
researcher1can I obtain source code of Ubuntu OS so that I can add my personal JPG logo every time it installs?08:03
llutz_!remaster | researcher108:03
ubotturesearcher1: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility08:03
Jordan_Ullutz_: My guess is that tab completion isn't working because the path should be /boot/vmlin<tab> not /vmlin<tab> (but it's still probably easier to just work from the liveCD).08:04
llutz_Jordan_U: argh, you're right, my bad08:04
YourTubei used the live cd and followed the instruction from ubuntuforums thread... and it shows that thing " grub> "08:04
llutz_Jordan_U: different when using boot-partition08:04
sacarlsonresearcher1: you don't need the source code to do that, there are links to customize installs08:04
YourTubeam booting to my livecd08:05
Jordan_UYourTube: Like I said, that thread's instructions are easier to get wrong accidentily than the instructions @ http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide08:05
researcher1sacarlson: but I want typical repositories to be available by default in my OS08:05
YourTubeok Jordan_U... let me try that :)08:05
sacarlsonresearcher1: yes you can setup your own sites in your own repositories too http://uck.sourceforge.net/08:06
sacarlsonresearcher1: or just keep them the same if you wish08:06
dragonkeeperI seem have a issue with my login screen.   i cant use a usb keyboard (doesnt load untill logged in) and have to login using on screen keyboard08:06
researcher1sacarlson: can it be made available on the CD itself rather than the need to connect to internet?08:07
sacarlsonresearcher1: yes you can add as much as can fit onto the media you plan to use as your distrubution08:07
researcher1sacarlson: oh.thanks.does it need much expertise? im newbie08:09
researcher1sacarlson: do i have to get it done by launchpad?08:09
=== root is now known as Guest87864
sacarlsonresearcher1: depends on you talent,  there is also remastersys http://www.geekconnection.org/remastersys/ubuntu.html  and other tools08:10
ohziedragonkeeper: that is usually a hardware issue08:10
ohziedragonkeeper: what kind of system do you have?08:10
researcher1sacarlson: thanks08:10
sacarlsonresearcher1: I don't think it's a good place for a newbie08:10
dragonkeeperubuntu 10.10   6 core 3.2    crosshair IV formula motherboard  4gb   1gb gfx   usb mouse n keyboard   ohzie08:11
ohziedragonkeeper: get a usb to ps/2 adapter for the keyboard and see if you have the same problem08:12
researcher1sacarlson: ok08:12
dragonkeepermy motherboard doesnt use ps/2    it is to new    ohzie08:12
elektroidAre there any advantages or real reason to use an AMD 64 dual-core without SMP enabled?08:12
YourTubeJordan_U  now i did... but now its goes to package configuration08:13
YourTubei just leave it blank and enter08:13
ohziedragonkeeper: well that's just comical. :(08:13
ohziedragonkeeper: do you have the mouse and keyboard ont he same usb controller?08:13
ohzieon the**08:13
llutz_elektroid: why should one do that?08:14
dragonkeeperohzie no08:14
elektroidjust curious, if it changed the way the system worked in a useful way08:14
ohziedragonkeeper: Try a different usb slot08:14
ohziedragonkeeper: it seems like a stupid solution but I'm completely serious08:14
ohziedragonkeeper: if I could count how many times "different usb slot" has solved a usb issue, I would be a legit mathmetician08:15
YourTubeJordan_U the 8th step won;t work... it says grub-mkconfig  command not found08:15
dragonkeeperohzie ok will do when i restart next ty08:15
ohziedragonkeeper: in the meantime, thank you for trying linux08:15
ohziedragonkeeper: and once you figure out what's causing it, please file a bug report08:15
dragonkeeperohzie been using linux for a while   just never had this problem08:16
ohziedragonkeeper: It's people like you who keep using linux even when you run into frustrations, that keep the project moving forward. <308:16
Jordan_UYourTube: Can you pastebin the ouptu of "apt-cache policy grub-pc"?08:16
elektroidllutz_: I was just wondering how it actually effected system handling08:16
asdfashow to connect to another server?08:16
johanharHi. Where do I found "mounts". I mounted a network server thingy, and cant find the files to that server from vim, just from the the desktop / gnome. THanks08:17
ohzieYou know, guys, I tried to switch to a mac. I got a nice mac mini with 4g of ram and a nice dual monitor setup(matching monitors, 1080p, very nice, very jazz) and I tried to use them for a week, and what it came down to is that everything I could do on the mac I could do in linux more easily and with less frustration08:17
llutz_elektroid: i just uses only 1 core of the cpu, so it will make the system a bit slower08:17
asdfascan anyone tell me syntax of /server command?08:17
Jordan_Ujohanhar: ~/.gvfs08:17
ohzieAlso osx-terminal, somehow, is less functional than xterm but way way prettier, because apparently that's the priority.08:18
Jordan_Ujohanhar: You're welcome.08:18
elektroidllutz_: oh, so it wont treat it as one large uniprocessor08:18
ohziethat made no sense to me at all/.08:18
Still_LearningGuys can you recommend me some cheaper AGP graphic card for my pc conf (Intel Celeron 2.6 .2 GB RAM,motherboard : MICRO-STAR INC.Product Name: MS-6788)08:18
Still_Learningunder 100 €08:19
asdfasyou fuker08:20
asdfasass hole08:20
asdfasfk you admins08:20
elFideloh ;)08:20
loltoadhow do i determine my distro08:20
llutz_loltoad: lsb_release -a08:21
YourTube-got dc08:22
=== YourTube- is now known as YourTube
gemunuim from srilank and looking for a mysql php help08:22
=== tetsuya is now known as javanoob
loltoadcool, so im running karmic... should I upgrade to a natty dev release, or just go with maverick? what are the major considerations08:22
=== javanoob is now known as javanoob12
=== ghisen is now known as ghis|work
deepuhi i had a small problem with my php code. it is at http://paste.ubuntu.com/580956/ is there any error in my code08:25
=== Guest67630 is now known as DarkDevil
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest66857
elFideldeepu: #php ?08:26
ShaydStill_Learning heres a list of nvidia APG cards http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007709%20600007850%20600030348&IsNodeId=1&name=NVIDIA08:26
Still_Learningshayd ,do you recommend any of them for my old pc ?08:27
Still_LearningI can pay for it 150 $08:28
ISTAhello! jst wondering if anyone can help me. i accidently deleted my winxp partitions. created (stupidly) another partition and deleted that 1 too. now I have an unpartioned hdd and want to get some pictures of it. My hdd is failing.08:29
ShaydStill_Learning what do you plan on doing with it?08:29
NiglopWhenever I try to delete/move/rename anything in a certain folder on my External harddrive, I get a 'Input/output error.' message08:29
ISTAi want to dd and create an image of it but just want some assistntt/advise08:29
Still_LearningWell tbh I quit playing games ,so I want faster Gcard for rending apps and quicker in general08:30
Jordan_UISTA: Use GNU ddrescue (*not* dd_rescue which is a different though similar program).08:30
YourTubegot to go! thanks.. i'll be back... my problem not yet resolved.08:30
deepuelFidel yes its in php08:31
Jordan_UYourTube: Can you pastebin the ouptu of "apt-cache policy grub-pc"?08:31
YourTubeJordan_U http://paste.ubuntu.com/580973/08:31
ISTAthanks Jordan. I check it out now. brb if any question mate. cheers.08:31
Jordan_UYourTube: What version of Ubuntu are you using? That's an acient version of GRUB2 that you definitely don't want to use.08:32
YourTubeJordan_U i install the backtrack that's why it overwrite the newer grub08:33
Jordan_UYourTube: Can you pastebin the output of "lsb_release -a"?08:33
ShaydStill_Learning I'd hit the nearest computer shop (not frys, best buy etc.) for general computing you'll probably also want to upgrade the ram.08:34
YourTubeJordan_U http://paste.ubuntu.com/580974/08:34
Jordan_UYourTube: First run "apt-get install grub" in that chroot to restore grub legacy, then chroot into Ubuntu (right now you must be chrooted into backtrack since that's definitely not the version of grub in Ubuntu 10.10).08:34
Still_LearningSo Linux doesnt have low RAM limitations like XP?08:35
Jordan_UYourTube: I meant run "lsb_release" in the chroot as well.08:35
ShaydUbuntu's has pretty low system requirements, however things will run faster with better hardware :P08:36
ShaydStill_Learning https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements08:37
Still_Learningyea I want that too.08:38
Still_LearningJust to run it faster08:38
Still_Learningcuz this Gcard is killing my system08:38
Younderchecking for GLIB - version >= 2.27.90... no How can I get it?08:38
YourTubeJordan_U  lsb_release in chroot  No LSB modules are available08:39
fuzzybunny69yHey guys! Is anyone really good at troubleshooting! I am having an issue on my laptop where it keeps crashing back to the login screen(gdm I think) and sometimes it does this thing where all the colors on the screen slowly fade into white(I actually thought my display was fried the first time it happend) and it keeps doing it randomly. Does anyone know how I would go about tracking down what is causing it? I can't seem to f08:39
fuzzybunny69yind anything in the logs or anything08:39
Jordan_UYourTube: Sorry, "lsb_release -a"08:39
YourTubeJordan_U http://paste.ubuntu.com/580976/08:40
Jordan_UYourTube: That is an ancient verison of Ubuntu that hasn't been supported for years. Again, run "apt-get install grub" then "exit" to get out of the chroot and make sure that you chroot into your Ubuntu 10.10 install this time.08:41
YourTubeJordan_U apt-get install grub  done....08:44
YourTubeJordan_U whats next?08:45
Jordan_UYourTube: Good. Now it might be easiest to just reboot the LiveCD and start the Guide from the beginning again, making sure that you mount your Ubuntu 10.10 partition to /mnt/ and not the ancient 8.10 partition.08:45
YourTubeok restarting08:46
erdaltaskesenI have a problem with my usb mouse (A4tech Wop-49). I cannot use scroolling08:47
YourTubeJordan_U ok i restarted to livecd and run the command08:53
Jordan_UYourTube: Ran which command?08:54
YourTubegrub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg  command not found08:54
FrazerHello, is it possible when restarting network (init.d/networking) to provide a custom /etc/network/interfaces file located elsewhere?08:55
FrazerI want to create my own network profiles08:55
_Rixanyone know how i could go to the location of the current file being played in movie player08:55
Younderchecking for GLIB - version >= 2.27.90... no How can I get it?08:56
llutz_Frazer: see examples in /usr/share/doc/ifupdown/examples08:56
axscodehi guys, can someone point me to a tutorial that uses an function button of "extended monitor" to display dulam monitor twinview, im using nvidia current08:57
Frazerllutz_: thx08:57
_Rixanyone know how i could go to the location of the current file being played in (the ubuntu) movie player08:58
YourTubeJordan_U when i ran the ls_release -a  its shows the same output  Ubuntu 8.1008:58
Jordan_UYourTube: Then you mounted the wrong partition to /mnt/08:59
YourTubeits correct.. but it shows 2 linux in there08:59
jjp__Rix: no idea, but if the file is on a mounted FS, you should be able to find it with lsof, find, updatedb and locate...08:59
Jordan_UYourTube: Then mount the other linux parition to /mnt/09:00
YourTubeJordan_U http://paste.ubuntu.com/580987/  <--here's the fdisk -l09:01
YourTubeJordan_U ok i'll do that :)09:01
dean[w]I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 x64 with latest (stable) version of wine and spotify performance is slow as shit. It's so bad that it takes seconds to register mouse movements and clicks after a while. The performance seems to degrade more over time also. Is this just me or does anyone else have this issue?09:02
Jordan_UYourTube: You'll need to run "exit" to get out of the chroot and then run "sudo umount -a" to unmount everything (or reboot again if that doesn't work).09:03
YourTubelooks like it works09:03
jiltdilhow to manual configure ip?09:05
Jordan_Ujiltdil: System > Preferences > Network Connections09:05
llutz_jiltdil: ifconfig / ip09:05
jiltdilllutz,jordan_u: my mean to say in which file i have to go09:06
Jordan_Ujiltdil: /etc/network/interfaces09:07
jiltdiljordan_u: for gatawy09:07
Frazerllutz_: in the example i don't see how to configure several profiles in different (or in the same) file :s09:08
jiltdilFrazer: will you  plz repeat question?09:09
llutz_Frazer: see those mapping examples from ../network-interfaces.gz09:10
llutz_Frazer: its usally done all in one file /e/n/interfaces09:10
FrazerYep indeed but I want to have several different profiles for the same interface eth0 for example09:11
FrazerAnd switch easily between them09:11
llutz_Frazer: thats how that works, they just use different aliases to switch09:12
FrazerHaaaa using aliases seems to be the great solution09:12
Camaratadean[w], curious, have you checked with WINE folks?09:14
llutz_!info guessnet| Frazer09:14
Camaratai only say that because i have no idea on my end :)09:14
ubottu'Frazer' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, jaunty, jaunty-backports, jaunty-proposed, karmic, karmic-backports, karmic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, partner, stable, testing, unstable09:14
llutz_!info guessnet09:14
ubottuguessnet (source: guessnet): Guess which LAN a network device is connected to. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.53-1 (maverick), package size 190 kB, installed size 504 kB09:14
dean[w]Camarata, nope. Should I :)?09:14
llutz_Frazer: ^^ that could be helpfull09:14
Camaratadean[w], someone may help you in here but if ites with WINE you could check winehq.com forums or their channel while you wait for someone here to respond09:14
kneauxIs Flash suddenly crashing anybody else's computers?09:15
dean[w]okay Camarata09:15
[deXter]Hi all, does anyone know of a way to make gnomenu helper work with docky in maverick?09:15
dean[w]What's their channel?09:15
Camaratakneaux, try disabling hardware accelaration in flash settings09:15
SwedeMikekneaux: http://myitforum.com/cs2/blogs/cmosby/archive/2011/03/14/adobe-flash-0-day-being-used-in-targeted-attacks-sans-internet-storm-center.aspx perhaps?09:15
Camaratadean[w], #wine09:15
kneauxCamarata, actually I downgraded to the previous available version, works now. Gosh.09:15
dean[w]When i join there it kicks me Camarata09:16
dean[w]I take it back, it work snow09:16
Camarata!register | dean[w]09:16
ubottudean[w]: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode09:16
kneauxSwedeMike, doesn't sound like it, if they're targeted attacks, unless they're targetedly attacking through all yt videos09:17
kneauxOh, that's the other thing. A second ago I was watching a video from another service, didn't crash my computer. But YT (with the newest version of flashplugin-installer) was locking up my whole system a second into videos. Y'know where the audio buffer just keeps looping, like a jerk.09:18
YourTubeJordan_U its WORKS!  THANKS a LOT!!!09:18
[deXter]Is there a "remove-apt-repository" type command ?09:19
kneaux(thank you, Adobe, for producing such top-notch software, and keeping that software under lock and key so we never forget how top-notch it is.)09:19
YourTubethe 3 OS's boot09:19
Jordan_UYourTube: You're welcome.09:19
YourTubegtg... go back tommorow! to learn more!09:20
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navin__i insatall a pakage with dpkg -i file.bin,where is this  install?09:21
llutz_navin__: file.bin? i doubt dpkg installed it at all09:24
=== Guest66857 is now known as DarkDevil
ericy[deXter]: Can't you just edit your sources list and then do: apt-get update ?09:26
navin__llutz_:sorry file.deb09:26
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest8117
llutz_navin__: dpkg -L file.deb          shows you what it installed09:26
llutz_and where09:26
[deXter]ericy: That's the point, the ppa's I add using the add-apt-repository command do not show up in my sources.list09:27
=== guy is now known as Guest11660
ericy[deXter]: Do they show up in the gui (in Synaptic Package Manager)?09:29
Krycekeh, is maverick a unstable version?09:29
[deXter]ericy: Yep, that's how I've been removing them so far.09:29
Krycekeh, is maverick a unstable version? anyone else using it??09:29
DJonesKrycek: Maverick is the current stable release09:30
Kryceki hit the command apt-get update and its ignoring so many rep or whatevah, ppl said that its my maverick ruin it09:30
ericy[deXter]: I see.. but it must be a paint to have to leave console and load up the big, slow gui program.09:30
[deXter]ericy: Yep, considering that everything else can be done from the CLI.. it's an odd behavior indeed. Perhaps ppa's are listed in a different file..09:31
ubottuUbuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/101009:31
ericy[deXter]: .09:32
ericy[deXter]: Nothing.09:32
Krycekso, how do i fix a messed up rep for the command update? tried too search for the problem BUT theres nada out there, could it be that I have messed it up or is it possible that a second party or a third party could messed it up?09:33
ericy[deXter]: Bye.09:34
KrycekSynaptic Package Manager isnt helping me much..09:34
foodooI'd like to install Opera. I've added the opera.com package source and when I mark opera for installation, synaptic wants to install flashplugin-nonfree as well. Looking at the properties of the opera-packages flashplugin-nonfree is only /recommended/ not required. How do I tell synaptic to not install flashplugin?09:36
Syphilluswhy dont you want flash09:36
foodooIt's insecure09:36
Krycekjust make it worse, i need my update dudes, guys anyone, i hit apt-get update and now it tell me E: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)09:36
KrycekE: Unable to lock directory /var/lib/apt/lists/09:36
speciesthere isnt really a usable open source flash player so... you're probably stuck with flashplugin-nonfree09:36
Syphillusi get that now and then i just reboot09:37
Syphillususually solves it09:37
speciesKrycek: do you have synaptic open?09:37
foodoospecies: My problem is not having no flashplayer but not wanting to install flashplugin-nonfree09:37
Krycekspecies: nope09:37
foodoospecies: I don't miss flash on the internet09:37
speciesfoodoo: its not going to hurt you09:37
speciesfoodoo: even if you are a die hard "everything must be foss" person, there IS no usable open source flash player, so you arent losing anything09:38
Krycekso, maybe a reboot will do, bah09:38
SyphillusI do all that kinda surfing in a VM.09:38
speciesif you think adobe will open source flash just because a few people dont use it on ubuntu your head is in the clouds09:38
SyphillusNo flash on my actual box09:38
foodoospecies: I don't want Flash at all. It's a waste of resources and there are different ways of viewing YT videos if I really need to watch one09:38
speciesfair enough09:39
speciespersonally I would install it but then disable it in specific browsers09:39
foodooAnd the weird thing is: It's only a recommendation for the opera package. Not a requirement09:39
specieswell, its a third party plugin09:39
overcluckeror install the whole deal then uninstall flashplugin-nonfree09:39
foodoooverclucker, yeah, that would be the dirty approach^^09:40
speciesyou could have installed it all by now if you didnt care so much09:42
speciesthere is a difference between not *needing* something, and needing to *not have* something.09:42
llutz_foodoo: use aptitude -R    or apt-get --no-install-recommends09:42
foodoollutz: thanks :)09:42
llutz_foodoo: both can be configured not to install recommends automatically. not sure about synaptics, i never used it09:43
=== Asstyx is now known as AStyx
odixanyone ever seen a program that emulates a dvd/cd drive on boot and can choose an iso from a media storage device for os boot installations09:48
odixvia no cd drive and no usb boot09:49
odixis it possible ??09:49
sacarlson odix yes09:49
odixwell i need it09:49
odixi assume it writes a boot sector partition with that emulation software on it09:50
lesshaste_what do I need to install to get the KDE help center?09:50
odixmy dvd drive is burning coasteres09:50
odixand i have no option to boot from usb, via my problem09:50
odixand i want a nix flavor09:50
sacarlsonodix: you can use this method, I've used it to boot from my sdb hard disk http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128860409:50
sacarlsonodix: I just add an entry in my grub to boot the iso09:51
odixwell im in windows09:51
kriumelinux its an illegal operative system used by hackers, if you dident know09:51
lesshaste_ I am apparently missing the Application manuals for KDE. How do I get them?09:52
sacarlsonodix: oh this only works if you have a bootable grub2 harddisk with any linux on it09:52
=== Guest46374 is now known as LULLING
odixya see ;\09:52
odixtheres my problem09:52
sacarlsonodix: but you can use a usbflash as that also points out09:53
llutz_odix: look at grub4-dos, should work with windows too09:53
odixthis comp doest boot usb09:53
odixits junk09:53
odixfdd hdd lan and cdrom09:53
odixllutz thank you09:53
odixbut if i added a boot sector str8 to an iso it would launch ?09:54
kriumecan i hack someone if i know their IP?09:54
lesshaste_how do I get kde_application_manuals ?09:54
odixdoesn't an os technically have to be reading the iso first ?09:54
kriumecan i hack someone if i know their IP?09:54
odixiso isnt asm right09:54
sacarlsonllutz_ that might work I guess odix: maybe that's worth a try grub4-dos with an entry like what's seen in link above09:54
odixkriume yes bro09:54
odixrm -rf *thereip*09:54
odixwhich will do nothing09:54
odixcause im nice09:55
odixok well worth a shot thanks guys09:55
llutz_kriume: try it, use and hack as you can but take your offtopic things out of here, use #ubuntu-offtopic09:55
odixkriume you can try ping to death to09:55
Frazerllutz_: I'm gonna try to set some aliases eth0:0 eth0:1 with the IP depending on the network and after I just down eth0:0 and up eth0:1 to switch between them ; is it the good solution?09:56
odixoh wait09:56
llutz_Frazer: whatever works for you. i'd prefer "speaking" aliases, but it won't matter09:57
odixllutz, or carlson, i just point grub to the iso on the fat32 partition? or how would i go about oding that09:57
odixcreate a new one ?09:57
=== io_ is now known as io
odixput dos cd emulation software on a fat32 with the iso ?09:57
odixif they even make that09:57
llutz_odix: grub4dos.sf.net   should have documentation09:58
odixif it works im kissing you09:58
odixno homo09:58
odixcan i say that ?09:58
odixdoes no homo negate everything homoish09:58
iff_hello there, can anyone give me an advice?09:59
overcluckerno it just hilights your phobia09:59
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!09:59
odixjizzass huh10:00
odixno homom10:00
sagaciDo you have a question10:00
iff_does anyone knows good OS for netbook? it must be fast, functional and with good customization. tried jelios (holy shit) and kubuntu 10.10 (too hard for my silly brain)10:00
odixNETBOOK edition10:01
llutz_netbook, fast ...? DOS10:01
jattchrome os10:01
FrazerAnyway thx for your help llutz_ .10:01
iff_odix: thought of it, but there is one question about customization. does it have "plasma"? hope not10:02
odixplasma ?10:02
odixwhats that kde eye candy?10:02
odixim sure it doesnt10:02
llutz_Frazer: youd google for ifplugd/guessnet/ifupdown  that was my working solution for years to change between networks10:02
odixlook it up its on the site, its made for netbooks10:02
overcluckeri preffer ubuntu desktop + maximus over netbook edition on my eeepc10:03
odixwhat do you want out of your netbook10:04
odixand what are its specs10:04
iff_odix: all i want from it, just browsing, listening music, watching videos, some work with documents, nothing special. it is eeepc 901. i had ubuntu on it, but she ate all free space. i have 14gb hard drive, and after a year, there is only 1gb left10:06
jattchrome os10:06
iff_jatt: i like google, but chrome os is pretty new, and i'm a little afraid of it. the best choice i see, it's ubuntu netbook edition, yet10:07
zvacetiff_:  for listening music and watch movies put those files on other device10:08
FrazerYep llutz_ you're right but the switch must be controlled by the user (by clicking on an icon reprensenting a network or another) that's why I think I don't need ifplugd or guessnet !10:08
llutz_Frazer: oh ok, in that case: can't networkmanager do that?10:08
FrazerNeed to do a script, no graphical mode :p10:08
odixhmm or should i create partition, install linux via CD emulation thne edit boot sectors10:09
iff_zvacet: yeah, that will help a lot, he-he10:09
llutz_Frazer: non graphical icon click? anyways, hope your solution works10:09
Frazerllutz_: user are not friendly with the configuration, I have to provide some icons and when they click on, it calls a script that does the job :p10:10
zvacetiff_: it is really small hd what else I can tell you10:10
sacarlsonodix: maybe install with wubi and use wubi install to install onto a real ext4 partitions10:11
zvacetiff_: it is not about any linux distro it is about hd you have and things you want to do10:11
sacarlsonodix: one of the problems I did have installing from a harddisk was that I couldn't partition from the same disk I was running from so make sure it creates a root partition in ramdisk whatever you do10:13
zvacetiff_ : if you really want small linux distro you can try http://puppylinux.org/main/Overview%20and%20Getting%20Started.htm10:14
MarkAngHello everyone, trying to install Ubuntu server on an old Dell PowerEdge server, but since we don't have a DVD we are trying to use a USB stick. We can get into the menu, but when we select the option "Install" and hit enter, the menu just skips, as if you would use F5 on a file folder, but remains the same. Any help?10:14
ActionParsnipzvacet: xpud is smaller and boots a tonne faster :D10:14
overcluckerI'm running ubuntu desktop on my eeepc, and only 7G is used on /10:14
zvacetActionParsnip:  tnx for tip I will check that10:14
MarkAngDon't wanna sound naggy, but it's kind of important.10:15
MarkAngHang on, my colleagues appear to have it working....10:16
odixcarlson, i sorta understand that last one10:16
odixxpis fat32no ?10:16
odixcant i just resize while in windows10:16
odixthen create etx 4 and swap, cd emul, install to ext 4/10:17
odixi dunno...10:17
sacarlsonodix: I think they have tools for that like partitionmagic so I guess yes10:17
odixif i could just boot from usb or cd10:18
FloodBot1odix: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:18
MarkAngOkay, new question: does anybody know of any good imaging software that works on the Ubuntu server (latest distro)? We need to make an image off of an existing pc, and then distribute that image to all the other pc's we're trying to image.10:18
MarkAngThe image to be made is of an ubuntu pc, too.10:19
MarkAngjatt I mean image as in system image, not image file lol.10:19
ravenhow to export mails from evolution10:19
sacarlsonodix: you don't have a usb flash to boot from?  they do have windows programs to load them bootable10:20
ActionParsnipMarkAng: partimage is pretty sweet, you'll need the partition offline (unmounted) to image10:20
researcher1while installing I get "The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources." How to do away with it10:20
ericyllutz_: You say you never used/use synaptic: How do you do searches for packages and how do you read brief details about packages.10:20
ActionParsnipraviepic3: http://www.stchman.com/export_evolution.html10:21
MarkAngActionParsnip: does the program offer the option to unmount the partitions?10:21
ActionParsnipresearcher1: can you give a pastebin of the output of: sudo apt-get update; lsb_release -a    Thanks10:21
llutz_ericy: aptitude, apt-cache, apt-file10:21
odixsacarlson: the comp wont boot from flash10:22
odixits no in the bios10:22
odixonly FDD HDD LAN CD10:22
phoenixsamprashow to install ie9 on ubuntu?10:22
MarkAngThe PC's we're trying to image are freshly set up, the server still needs to be installed and it also needs to be configured.10:22
ActionParsnipMarkAng: no you do that yourself, use it in a livecd as the partition will be mounted and in use if youo do it from the OS installed on the same partition10:22
ericyllutz_: (I personally also prefer working in cli, but only need/use synaptic for research.)10:22
ActionParsnipphoenixsampras: possibly wine10:22
researcher1ActionParsnip: ok. soon10:22
ActionParsnipphoenixsampras: virtualbox will make it more reliable10:22
llutz_ericy: look at those 3, no need for synaptic at all (imo)10:23
MarkAngOn that note, not all of the pcs have cd drives. Old Dell All-in-One's, some have a drawer instead of a drive.10:23
phoenixsamprasActionParsnip: what about jack daniels?10:23
ActionParsnipphoenixsampras: possibly, might short the wifis though :)10:24
sacarlsonodix: there is a program call plop boot manager that runs in windows that will make any computer boot a usb10:24
odixcause i already have ubuntu on the usb10:24
odixrunning and everything10:24
phoenixsamprasActionParsnip: well, from a cowboy , to cowboy salut!10:24
odixworks on my netbook10:24
sacarlsonodix: see http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager.html10:24
kriumeis having my SSH config file the port 23, instead of 22, a bad idea??10:24
raviepic3ActionParsnip, wow, i had this question long time back. howd you remember it ! ?10:24
ActionParsnipraviepic3: huh?10:25
researcher1ActionParsnip: the error is gone10:26
=== xepera is now known as remanifest
llutz_kriume: security by obscurity won't work but if port 23 makes you happier10:26
raviepic3<ActionParsnip> raviepic3: http://www.stchman.com/export_evolution.html10:26
raviepic3ActionParsnip, ^10:26
=== Guest8117 is now known as DarkDevil
kriumellutz: but the other people the network owner i am on can he see what i am doing in his internet, or am i secured when i have ssh-agent running ?10:27
zvacet!cn |  xj10:27
ubottuxj: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk10:27
researcher1ActionParsnip: here it is http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/581016/10:27
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest45446
kriumellutz_ would it be better if i changed it to 2829179037 for example?10:27
llutz_kriume: you can change it to whatever you want, it doesn't matter10:27
ericyllutz_: You say you never used/use synaptic: How do you do searches for packages and how do you read brief details about packages.10:27
ericyllutz_: (I personally also prefer working in cli, but only need/use synaptic for research.)10:28
llutz_ericy: apt-cache search pattern10:28
llutz_ericy: aptitude show package10:28
kriumellutz_ what do u mean by security by obscurity anyway?10:28
llutz_kriume: changing ssh-port wonÄt increase security as its easy to find the new port (nmap -sV), but commonly used10:29
MarkAngActionParsnip: we are going to try to use a Ubuntu server boot cd. can you describe the process of unmounting a partition with the livecd and imaging it?10:29
overcluckerkriume: ports only go up to 6553510:29
ericyllutz_: But how do (where do you) you read properties and descriptions of packages?10:29
llutz_ericy: aptitude show package10:30
ActionParsnipresearcher1: you missed the first half. If you copy all the command as one it's better. Can you give the output of: sudo apt-get update10:30
xjjoin #ubuntu-tw10:30
kriumeok but if i am connected on someone else's wireless network can they see what goes over the ssh link when i have ssh-agent running?10:30
llutz_kriume: read how ssh works and answer yourself10:30
ActionParsnipkriume: the session is encrypted, so no10:31
ericyllutz_: OK, I will try: aptitude show package10:31
llutz_ericy: package = to be replaced by a valid packagename of course10:31
zvacetericy: see https://cs2.swfc.edu.cn/cgi-bin/dwww/usr/share/doc/Debian/apt-howto/apt-howto.en.html10:31
kf_i have installed the ubuntu 11.04  but i think is so diffrent from the 10.1010:31
kriumellutz_:i have readen ofcourse, but the setup of ssh was looking so simple.. so i am just wondering10:31
ericyllutz_: OK.10:32
ericyzvacet: OK.10:32
MarkAngCan anyone walk me through the process of unmounting a partition with a LiveCD and making an image of the unmounted partition?10:33
a-oneHello vvsem10:34
nishantI think you have to make an iso of the disc and then mount the partition using the FS for livecd10:34
=== zink is now known as ZiNk
MarkAngI want to UNmount a partition, not mount.10:34
nishantare you in LiveC now ?10:35
odixcarlson: looks a bit over my head, but im going to try10:35
nishantI think tar would be a good option for you10:35
MarkAngNo, I'm not. I want to write it down so we can do it when we're done with installing the server.10:35
ActionParsnipMarkAng: if you boot the livecd the system partition will be unmounted but the swap may get used. You can use umount to unmount the partitions you want unmounted#10:35
MarkAngCommand line?10:36
llutz_MarkAng: "sudo umount /media/*" "sudo swapoff -a"  to be on the safe side10:36
ActionParsnipMarkAng: its no different to an installed system, if you run:  mount   you will see the mounted file systems. You will need a storage (NFS, Samba, FTP, USB/Firewire) mounted writable to recieve the data10:36
nishantActionParsnip, the hdd doesnt get mounted by default ?10:37
nicofs_My xubuntu doesn't start anymore - i get as far as the splash screen (console says "Checking battery state... [ok]") - and then it stalls...10:37
nishantdo you need to take back up of a partition10:37
MarkAngBut the installed system is Windows, so we can't use commands.10:37
MarkAngI mean we can't check it like you described10:38
nishantyou are on a LiveCD , and you want to umount what ?10:38
nishantwhat does mount show , does it display the NTFS Windows ?10:38
MarkAngI am not on a livecd right now, but will be soon.10:38
odixHarddisk install using the Windows boot menu (2K, XP, VISTA, Win7)10:38
odixi assme\\ume thats what i want to do10:38
ActionParsnipnishant: you can't mount drives10:38
MarkAngI apparently need to unmount a partition to image it using partimage.10:39
nishantActionParsnip, you cant mount drives in a LiveVD session ?10:39
ActionParsnipnishant: the partitions in the drive don't get mounted automatically when you boot livecd. The swap space may be in use though10:39
ActionParsnipnishant: you can't mount drives ever, you mount partitions10:39
llutz_you mount _filesystems_ not partitions10:39
ActionParsnipnishant: even if a drive has 1 partition taking 100% of the space, you stil mount the partition10:39
nishantRight , but does it allow mounting , I think it should . Yes I mean that10:40
ActionParsnipnishant: theres a difference10:40
ericyMarkAng: I would use: umount -vn /media/*   and then use "pcopy" to copy a partition.10:40
ActionParsnipnishant: yes the places menu will list the partitions accessible10:40
nishantI see10:40
ActionParsnipllutz_: "The most common thing to be mounted is a hard drive partition"  source: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount10:41
MarkAngAre there any programs similar to ZENworks imaging system?10:41
llutz_ActionParsnip: man mount10:41
nishantBasically you partition a HDD and the install OS in one of the partitions which is the primary parition .10:41
MarkAngI'm not too sure about using commands <_<"10:41
llutz_ActionParsnip: take LVM spread over several drives, take a drive not holding a single partition. then you see, you're wrong10:41
llutz_ActionParsnip: its a common mistake to speak about "mounting partitions"10:42
ActionParsnipllutz_: I guess its more generic to include NFS, Samba etc10:42
ericyMarkAng: OK, everyone, MarkAng prefers a GUI method.10:42
llutz_ActionParsnip: you always mount filesystem, whatever contains them10:42
ActionParsniplittle lesson for us all :)10:43
llutz_ActionParsnip: "whatis mount" makes it clear, authors should know what their tool does ;)10:44
cdavisHow does on get a list of the nicks on a channel? I cannot remember the command to do so.10:44
ActionParsnipnishant: windows incorrectly calls them drives, and newcomers to the OS call stuff drives incorrectly, due to C drive and other such stuff10:44
raviepic3ActionParsnip, thank you10:44
nishantyou format a partition or several partition together as a filesystem and you mount them toe the / directory . is that right?10:44
odixyou mount your filesystem to /10:45
nishantyes ActionParsnip , drives are a misnomer10:45
ericyMarkAng: You could (in GUI) unmount (and get a graphic view of all partitions) via Disk Utility (or GParted).10:45
odixim just going to say yes10:45
odixyes your right ;]10:45
nishantTechnically the wording should be mount the paritions you have formated with so and so filesystem to the / - Fine ?10:46
llutz_nishant: no10:46
ericycdavis: /names10:46
llutz_nishant: a filesystem can be spread over more than 1 partition, thats why you can't "mount partitions" then10:46
nishantparition if it is not using LVM atleast llutz10:46
llutz_nishant: network-filesystem also don't use a partition10:47
llutz_nishant: "you mount filesystems" is always valid10:47
nishantI see10:47
cdavisericy: Thanks10:48
llutz_nishant: type "whatis mount" in a terminal an read. thats what the authors claim their tool does10:48
nishantFine will do that10:48
MarkAngThanks guys, will use Gparted. MarkAng out.10:50
bubblegummybearhi there, I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.10 (the CD from October 10), installed all the latest updates, however, I keep having the same issue like I previously had: Notify-OSD bubbles place one place too low10:51
a-oneWhere did you guys?10:52
Nevyn1word 2.0!10:55
stianhjbubblegummybear, what do you mean one place too low?10:56
stianhjbubblegummybear, they're not supposed to be all the way up at the panel..10:56
bubblegummybearstianhj: the sound bubble comes right under the top panel, but something else like an internet connection comes under that bubble, now you might be thinking "well duh, because the sound bubble is on top of it", but it's not10:56
stianhjbubblegummybear, it's the way it's supposed to be10:57
bubblegummybearstianhj: why is it supposed to be that way?10:57
Syphilluslol isnt it usually whatever proccess was running first on top10:57
stianhjbubblegummybear, i have no idea, but it is10:58
bubblegummybearstianhj: shouldn't a bubble always be right under the top panel? and where there are multiple bubbles, then put them under each other?10:58
Syphillusdoes it matter10:58
bubblegummybearSyphillus: actually yeah10:58
bubblegummybear*the "where" in my previous IM should be "when"10:59
vhgfjcwhy am i not using ubuntu?10:59
stianhjbubblegummybear, I used to be annoyed with it as well.. have gotten used to the fact that it's the way it is10:59
vietredvhgfjc: if like gaming :))10:59
ericyvhgfjc: Perhaps you forgot to install it!10:59
bubblegummybearstianhj: so I'm not the only one apparently, however my friend has it the way "it's supposed to be", and he didn't customize anything11:00
SyphillusMeh Ubuntu is the goods for gaming11:00
ActionParsnipericy: +111:00
nicofs_Can anyone help me with my system startup? Mine stalls after "checking battery state... [ok]" - the problem is somewhere in /etc/init.d - but i need to find out, what script is loaded after the battery check to find out what stalls... please help me...11:00
stianhjbubblegummybear, they don't even stack anymore.. getting multiple notifications will just queue them11:00
vietredsyhillus: like what game?11:00
odixcheck your logs11:00
ActionParsnipvietred: grab the penumbra demos, or urban terror :)11:00
nicofs_odix, how?11:00
vhgfjcwhere are the daemons located?11:00
stianhjbubblegummybear, which version is he running?11:00
ActionParsnipvietred: playdeb.net has some pretty sweet games11:00
bubblegummybearstianhj: is there some sort of specification online?11:00
SyphillusI play black ops on ubuntu11:00
vietredactionparsnip: I will try that :D11:00
bubblegummybearstianhj: he's using 10.10 with all the latest updates, just like me11:01
b45hhow is wow on ubuntu11:01
AdvoWorkanyone know why i get the error when using iconv: cannot open input file `dump.sql': Value too large for defined data type ? im doing:   iconv -c -f utf-8 -t utf-8 dump.sql >dump2.sql11:01
stianhjbubblegummybear, that's weird.. i'm pretty sure the way i have it is the standard.. i could be wrong11:01
Syphillusb45h: fine but you need an opengl compatible gfx card11:01
b45hi use a laptop11:01
vhgfjcwhere are the daemons located in ubuntu?11:02
Shaydwow runs fine in wine.11:02
bubblegummybearstianhj: I'm starting to think he's wrong since we both haven't customized it and have it the "wrong way"11:02
vhgfjcplz help me11:02
odixthats a google question for sure11:02
vietredvhgfjc: /etc/init.d11:02
odix"where are startup system logs linux located"11:02
b45hcan someone reccomend a good private wow server11:03
odixprob in /var11:03
Syphillus"wow runs fine in wine" - aslong as you dont have shoddy integrated gfx11:03
stianhjbubblegummybear, there was a design document somewhere.. can't find it11:03
bubblegummybearstianhj: k, I'll google around a bit11:03
vhgfjchow do i add programs to init.d?11:03
ericyodix: /var/log11:04
vhgfjcplz help11:04
Syphillusvhgfc: after a couple of OS reinstalls i stay away from init.d11:05
bubblegummybeara-one is spamming btw11:05
juk!upstart | vhgfjc11:05
ubottuvhgfjc: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/11:05
a-onebubblegummybear: do not drive11:06
vhgfjcimma install gentoo instead11:06
vhgfjceasier etc11:06
ActionParsnipvhgfjc: you'll learn a lot with it :)11:06
vhgfjcyeah its much more fun to use11:07
vhgfjcubuntu is not linux11:07
bubblegummybearstianhj: just to be clear: you get this same behavior right? http://i.imgur.com/QJx1C.png11:07
stianhjbubblegummybear, correct11:08
bubblegummybearok stianhj11:08
* a-one * Ñëóøàåò RAMMSTAIN - Adios | Âðåìÿ ïåñíè : 03:50 | Ñåé÷àñ èãðàåò 01:4911:08
jussia-one: please dont use those scripts here11:08
a-onejussi: ok11:09
b45hhe thinks he is 133711:10
b45hoh he left11:10
ikoniadon't need to comment on it11:10
jsoftwI dont get why people need to tell other irc peoples what music they are listening to.11:12
jsoftwSeems mighty odd to me.11:12
bubblegummybearstianhj: it is supposed to be the way we have it :D https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NotifyOSD and http://askubuntu.com/questions/3326/why-are-notifications-so-low11:12
vhgfjccan i ssh into someones machine plz?11:13
ravenevolution - how to save/export the inbox to eml files?11:13
nishantdepends on how the network is conigured and if you have ssh access11:13
llutz_vhgfjc: use root@
azizLIGHTSthere is no start-stop-daemon? what replaces it in 10.04?11:14
vhgfjcgive me your ip and login11:14
vhgfjcso i can ssh11:14
azizLIGHTShow do i run dropbox as a service? this guide is outdated because start-stop-daemon doesnot exist on 10.04? http://wiki.dropbox.com/TipsAndTricks/TextBasedLinuxInstall/UbuntuStartup11:14
vhgfjceducational purpose11:15
stianhjbubblegummybear, yeah.. that's the page i was looking for..11:15
nishantsshd she be running11:15
vhgfjcgimme ip plz11:15
bubblegummybearstianhj: so no worries, it's perfect the way it is :)11:15
nishantdude this is secure comp here11:15
llutz_vhgfjc: stop that kiddish thing11:16
vhgfjcgimme u ip11:16
R1ckhi. anybody know bitlbee? when a add a buddy to an msn account (add 0 rick@shellz.nl), the buddy doesnt get an authorization request, so I never see that buddy online... am I doing something wrong?11:16
ravenevolution - how to save/export the inbox to eml files?11:16
stianhjR1ck, have you tried bitlbees channel?11:17
R1ckstianhj: yeah :|11:19
azizLIGHTSwhat replaces start-stop-daemon in 10.0411:19
AdvoWorkanyone know why i get the error when using iconv: cannot open input file `dump.sql': Value too large for defined data type ? im doing:   iconv -c -f utf-8 -t utf-8 dump.sql >dump2.sql11:19
llutz_azizLIGHTS: start-stop-daemon is part of dpkg-package11:20
R1ckAdvoWork: I'm guessing either the file is too big or it contains characters that it can't convert.. tried --verbose?11:21
wmorrivadim: hello11:25
ravenevolution - how to save/export the inbox to eml files?11:25
vadim_do you work here wmorri ?11:25
peter_felchingHi. I my 10.10 is running on gnome + compiz. How can I prevent applications from 'sliding' under the bottom of the screen?11:25
wmorrivadim_:no i don't work here, but I pop in when I have time. Do you have a question?11:26
AdvoWorkR1ck, will try that, but if it is too big(9.2GB) what can i do?11:26
Ben64peter_felching: sliding?11:26
vadim_wmorri, is it possible to get a job on ubuntu or in canonical ?11:27
=== Guest45446 is now known as DarkDevil
bazhangvadim_, thats offtopic here, contact canonical11:27
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest21989
peter_felchingBen64, For example: when I start terminal the bottom of it is "under" the bottom panel (invisible). I can drag it even further down. I want to disable this behaviour.11:28
Ben64theres some options in compiz for window placement, check them out. i don't use compiz so i can't really be more specifi11:29
=== Tensibai is now known as Tensibai[AFK]
checccohi everybody11:30
Wise_I'm trying to create a disk image of my ubuntu install, with clonezilla... but it's telling me that the partitiont able in the disk is illegal/invalid, not supported by parted, with the error "can't have overlapping partitions", anyone know how I deal with this?11:30
Wise_partition table*11:30
checccodoes anybody knows how to dump display routing info (dig, uniphy)11:30
birthdayboywhy dont you have a job?11:31
bazhangbirthdayboy, got an ubuntu support question?11:31
birthdayboyyou seem liike a neckbeard11:32
Pumpkin-checcco: routing information. As in the IP routing table for the box ? (I'm confused by the dig and uniphy at the end).11:32
jsoftwWhat is a neckbear11:32
bazhangbirthdayboy, thats not called for; chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic11:32
Wise_turbonerd, jsoftw11:32
bazhangjsoftw, a term of derision, lets move on11:32
solidus-riverhow do i install a package when its set to manual install?11:33
Wise_it's not the beard on the outside that counts, it's the beard on the inside.11:33
psycho_oreossolidus-river, maybe use dpkg, I think aptitude might also be able to do it... also you might need sudo in front of those either commands11:33
a931bwwhat will happen if i connect ubuntu repositories in debian?11:34
jsoftwSome kind of explosion11:34
a931bwLithuanian mirror broken in debian :(11:34
bazhanga931bw, not advisable, nor supported11:34
psycho_oreosand generally will break your debian setup11:34
bazhanga931bw, check #debian for mirror help11:35
a931bwits inactive11:35
a931bwi am there already11:35
bazhanga931bw, no matter, its offtopic here; be patient11:35
jpdsa931bw: #debian-mirrors on irc.oftc.net .11:35
=== nancy is now known as Guest18786
SimonPHOENIXhow to make list of partitions like sda2 sda5 etc in terminal?11:35
psycho_oreosSimonPHOENIX, fdisk -l?11:36
FrazerSimonPHOENIX: cat /proc/partitions11:40
scarleoSimonPHOENIX: df -h11:41
ethanolI installed ubuntu using wubi, and now I get 2 bootloaders. the default one from windows, and after that grub shows up (which in turn also lists windows again). could I remove the first one? if so, how?11:42
=== julie is now known as antoine[zen]
SimonPHOENIXthank you very much11:45
skiphuffmanI seem to have done something incorrectly.  I am trying to upgrade my ubuntu 10.10's python from 2.6. to 2.711:46
skiphuffmanI seem to have left a number of packages behind.  Other than pypath, what does ubuntu use to find packages?11:46
checccodoes anybody knows how to dump display routing info (dig, uniphy)11:47
ajahgrub2 complains about missing devices after i update-grub still show me this message11:48
ajahany help11:48
Bruce_WayneHey guys, Is there any gmail notifier which also checks in gmail filters ?11:48
v4nelleanybogy with floola on 10.10?11:48
CooKieMonsterhow to select or highlight single item in ubuntu ? in windows you use ctrl key11:54
bazhangCooKieMonster, same11:54
CooKieMonsterno it wont work11:54
researcher1how to correct this error http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/581056/ ?11:54
bazhangsure it does11:54
robbit10My package manager is broken. It tried to install libdesktop-agnostic0 and crashed. From there, I had to forcefully remove it using dpkg.. Then I deleted the Firefox 4.0 beta from my system, and removed firefox because I needed to reinstall it to get the branding back. Then it crashed on installing Firefox 3.6. And now, when I try to install firefox 3.6, it says The package firefox needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive11:55
robbit10 for it.11:55
sacarlson  ajah: does it still boot?  what device is missing?  it might need initramfs updated11:55
=== nathan__ is now known as koopapit
solidus-riverthanks all11:56
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk11:56
bazhanglittlebird, #ubuntu-cn11:57
robbit10So can anyone help me with my broken apt-get?11:57
bazhangwetstone, you too #ubuntu-cn11:57
ericyericy: Wise_: Are you pefer to use GUI only, or would you like to inspect your partition table with command: sfdisk -lrn11:57
ericyWise_: Are you pefer to use GUI only, or would you like to inspect your partition table with command: sfdisk -lrn11:58
bazhanggfs, not here #ubuntu-cn11:58
iiicygПиздуйте, блять, на свои желтопузые каналы, заебали суки.11:58
ravenevolution - how to save mails to eml files?11:59
bazhang!cn | wetstone gfs11:59
gromheya, can someone help me with mounting the ntfs partitions?11:59
ubottuwetstone gfs: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk11:59
iiicygиди на хуй, дерьмо12:00
FloodBot1iiicyg: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:00
wetstone!cn 这样?12:00
bazhangiiicyg, #ubuntu-ru for russian, here is English, you know that12:00
robbit10Okay, i'll simplify my question then. How do you force reinstall a packakge?12:00
sacarlsongrom: at boot?  It should auto mount from Places>disk name12:00
iiicygbazhang, че надо тебе, бля?12:00
studentco tam??12:00
ravenevolution - how to save mails to eml files?12:01
iiicygbazhang, завались и помалкивай, когда белые люди говорят.12:01
gromi tried using both mount command and editing /etc/fstab12:01
bazhangiiicyg, english here12:01
juk!ru | iiicyg12:01
bazhang!ru | iiicyg12:01
ubottuiiicyg: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke12:01
iiicygbazhang, да в жопу себе вставь свой инглишь, еблан вислоухий.12:01
gromi dont think i got the mount syntax right, as for fstab, i get the message at boot, that it could not mount12:01
psycho_oreos!cn | wetstone12:01
ubottuwetstone: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk12:01
iiicygjuk, а тебе чё надо?12:01
gromhere is the lines i added to fstab:12:02
juk!cn | wetstone12:02
iiicygмудила с нижнего тагила12:02
sacarlsongrom: show us the line for your mount command.  did you use sudo?12:02
ActionParsniprobbit10: sudo apt-get --reinstall install packagename12:02
gfsDon't understand your means.12:02
gromi used " sudo mount ntfs /windows /dev/sda12:02
robbit10ActionParsnip: gives me the same error.12:02
ravenevolution - how to save mails to eml files?12:02
gfswa...  try : mount -t ntfs12:03
sacarlsongrom try sudo mount /dev/sda /mnt12:03
sacarlsongrom: opps that won't work12:03
gromi get the error that the device does not exist12:04
sacarlsongrom: /dev/sda is not a partition you need to find where your ntfs partition is,  like sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt12:04
gromi did try sda1 and sda2 as well12:04
digger3Are upgrades to ubuntu 11.4 supposed to hang at the bootup screen when upgrading from 10.10 in Virtualbox?12:04
gfswindows exsit?12:04
gromi did make /windows yes12:04
sacarlsongrom: lets see what's on the disk then pastebinit | fdisk -l12:04
wetstone打字 /join #ubuntu12:04
wetstone打字 /join #ubuntu-cn12:05
CooKieMonsterhow to select or highlight single item in ubuntu ? in windows you use ctrl key12:05
ajahgrub2 show me message : syntax error incorrect command file not found12:05
CooKieMonsterhw to select multiple item12:05
gromill just write what fdisk -l says, i dont have pastebinit installed12:05
gfswetstone---》    /join #ubuntu-cn12:05
grom  Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System12:06
grom/dev/sda1   *        1531       31930   244188000    7  HPFS/NTFS12:06
grom/dev/sda2           31931       60801   231906307+   f  W95 Ext'd (LBA)12:06
grom/dev/sda5           31931       60801   231906276    7  HPFS/NTFS12:06
erUSULCooKieMonster: the same way. crtl or shift ( for ranges )12:06
FloodBot1grom: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:06
gfsgrom ,what are you doing?12:06
sacarlsongrom: seems you must have a wubi install so I can't support that12:07
gromi did install ubuntu via wubi yes..12:07
CooKieMonstererusul , it wont work in my ubuntu12:07
gromgfs: i am trying to mount ntfs partitions, preferably at startup, but i need to figure mounting it manually as well12:08
erUSULCooKieMonster: in nautilus works this way. what are you using?12:08
ravenevolution - how to save mails to eml files?12:08
wetstonei am already join to #ubuntu-cn,嘿嘿12:09
sacarlsongrom: we should see one more thing pastebinit | mount12:09
CooKieMonsteri dont knopw12:10
MonkeyDustraven: try Export12:10
wetstonewhat you say?12:10
ravenMonkeyDust, where12:10
stianhjraven, why do you need eml files?12:10
ravenstianhj, i want to save the mails on their own12:11
gfstry mount it to another folder ?12:11
stianhjraven, just export to mbox.. it's all text i think12:11
MonkeyDustraven: try backup settings12:12
ravenstianhj, there is no point called export12:12
david5345I am having memory leak problems with firefox, is there a way to get enough debugging info on this to open a bug report with mozilla without compromising my passwords and such ?12:12
gromsacarlson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/581062/12:12
erUSULdavid5345: collect all the info with a newly created user just for that purpose?12:13
david5345That's a good idea12:13
david5345Should I be using valgrind ?12:13
Younderchecking for GLIB - version >= 2.27.90... no How can I get it?12:15
shane4ubuntuI have a windows partition on my install, is it possible to expand that partition and give windows a little more room?12:15
shane4ubuntuor is that asking for trouble?12:16
gromin case it matters, this is my /etc/fstab, where i added the last 3 lines12:16
ikoniashane4ubuntu: not a problem, I suggest doing it from a liveCD so your uubntu partition is not in use12:16
erUSUL!debug | david534512:16
ubottudavid5345: For help debugging your program, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProcedures12:16
wmorrishane4ubuntu: you can change the size of partitions with GParted12:16
AdvoWorkanyone know how to use iconv?12:17
shane4ubuntuikonia: ahh, good point, I was thinking from the ubuntu side, but that is good idea12:17
shane4ubuntuwmorri: thanks12:17
MK`I want to shrink my Windows parition heh12:17
wmorrishane4ubuntu: your welcome12:17
erUSULAdvoWork: iconv -f ascii -t utf-8 file > newfile12:17
ulziibuyananyone know how to configure evolution to use ssh?12:17
erUSULAdvoWork: see iconv man page for details12:17
wmorriMK': you can just use GParted to shrink your windows partiton12:18
erUSULulziibuyan: use ssh to do what ? it is a mail client...12:18
ulziibuyanerUSUL: to tunnel.12:19
AdvoWorkerUSUL, my file was 9,2 GB so it didnt work, so i had to do < files > outfile  it didnt seem to do anything, it took up a lot of processor but didnt make the outfile, (it wasnt changing file size) and ive just looked and it said "Killed" as if its killed itself?12:19
ericygrom: Could you tell me again the link to your pastebin (about your fstab).12:19
juk!proxy | ulziibuyan12:19
ubottuulziibuyan: Several Ubuntu channels prohibit access from open proxies and other anonymous connections due to a high level of abuse. The supported ways to hide your IP address on freenode are to use !Tor or get a !cloak12:19
erUSULulziibuyan: i think you should set up the tunnel outside evolution...12:19
gromericy: http://paste.ubuntu.com/581064/12:19
erUSULAdvoWork: 9,2 GiB!!!! well maybe you are hitting a limit somewhere.... it is 64 bits ubuntu ?12:20
gromi get the error at boot, that it could now load /windows, altho i did make that dir12:20
ulziibuyanerUSUL: do you mean like ssh -L 1025:mail.example.com:143?12:20
MK`[08:17:15] <wmorri> MK': you can just use GParted to shrink your windows partiton12:21
MK`Can I merge the new space into my Ubuntu partition? Or do I just need to format it as a separate one?12:21
wmorriMK': Yes i believe that you can do that12:22
AdvoWorkerUSUL, no, not 64 bit, dunno what else to try12:22
wmorriMK': I would recommend that you do that from a livecd, or liveusb though12:22
CooKieMonsterhow to reset my gnemo12:25
dejan_hi, can I download whole website for offline reading with wget and how? If i write wget example.com I get only it's index.html page12:25
ulziibuyan!evolution | ulziibuyan12:25
shane4ubuntudiskutility won't let you resize a partition?12:25
jribdejan_: you can, yes.  You'll have to use the recursive flag.  « man wget » has some examples.  There's also httrack12:26
wmorrishane4ubuntu: what is it saying?12:26
shane4ubuntuwmorri: ahh, that was the disk utility I didn't see an easy way, installed gparted.12:27
wmorrishane4ubuntu: I was pretty sure that disk util is different from gparted12:27
ericygrom: OK. (I was temporarily offline; Did you solve your mount problem?12:27
=== Guest21989 is now known as DarkDevil
dejan_jrib: how exacly :S12:28
gromericy: im afraid i didnt no12:28
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest99155
shane4ubuntuwmorri: yeah, it is the default, I'm just too used to gparted.12:28
jribdejan_: -r makes wget recursive.  But you should read through « man wget » to view some examples and to be more familiar with the other wget options12:28
gromim stuck without the clue where to look next12:28
wmorrishane4ubuntu: i agree12:28
shane4ubuntuok, shrinkiing swap and increasing windows partition, hope that all goes well!12:29
=== rbniknej is now known as squishy
wmorrishane4ubuntu: what size is your swap partition going to be? and how much ram do you have?12:29
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit12:30
shane4ubuntuwmorri: I have 4 gb of ram, and swap was 5GB now down to 4GB, windows vista was eating up every stitch of the 31GB I left it, and I have about Nothing extra installed.12:30
=== exoa is now known as ex0a
=== Sh4wn- is now known as Sh4wn
=== Mohammad- is now known as MohammadAG
wmorrishane: you can probably take your swap down to 2GB if you want12:31
EmanonI was wondering if there was any program that I could use to generate a dependency tree for things other than packages (like input any list of things with dependencies listed and have it make a visual diagram of that data)12:31
shane4ubuntuwmorri: I have an extra partition that I can really delete and use as swap if need be, probably should have just got rid of swap all together and fixed it later.12:31
dejan_jrib: ok12:31
Emanonalso is there any way to make empathy STOP telling me when people enter and leave the channel? it's REALLY annoying12:32
wmorrishane: I would recommend not getting rid of swap altogether12:32
Emanonalso might consider a swap file instead of a swap partition, it's easier to fiddle with.12:32
fairuzHi, I connect to a computer with SSH, but even the terminal size is 155x60, I can just write something to about 100 before it wraps. It just happens in SSH sessions12:32
fairuznormal terminal works well12:33
dejan_how to access wget man page?12:33
shane4ubuntuwmorri: no, I would replace it later with my extra partition, no worries, I know that swap should be there.12:33
shane4ubuntuwmorri: hit tab to complete my name12:33
Emanondejan_: man wget12:33
shane4ubuntuwmorri: or any nick for that matter after a few letters.12:33
jribdejan_: you can type « man wget » in a terminal.  To search the page for the word FOOBAR, you do: /FOOBAR<enter>12:33
wmorrishane4ubuntu, thanks for the tip12:33
ericygrom: I just looked at http://paste.ubuntu.com/581064/ and it has 2 problems: Remove lines 12 and 13!12:34
gromericy: here is the pastbin with fstab, fdisk -l and mount12:34
CooKieMonsteranyone know how to reset gnome setting12:34
juk!man | dejan_12:34
ubottudejan_: The "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/12:34
Cropphey, I need help12:34
CooKieMonsteranyone know how to reset gnome setting12:34
dejan_ok thanks im new to linux12:34
jukdejan_: you welcome!12:34
Emanonand thanks for that search function jrib i will get a lot of use out of it12:34
dejan_im sry12:35
jribEmanon: n and N to cycle through results12:35
dejan_how to break from man page :S12:35
axscodeemanon of bacolod?12:35
jribdejan_: q12:35
Emanonbrb switching to pidgin, empathy irc just sucks too much12:35
CroppI got a second LCD for my laptop, I tried to configure xinerama, but the thing is after I restarted my laptop the second screen is black and I can only see the mouse pointer on the left side of the screen. I have intel 945GM graphics12:35
Emanonand no axscode12:35
zvacet!ask | Cropp12:35
ubottuCropp: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:35
gromericy: rremoved... altho i dont understand why, i thought that i have to have entry for each partition12:35
Emanon1Ahh much better12:37
jsoftwWhat is better12:37
Emanon1ok so my question was "is there a way to generate dependencies for any list of items (as in NOT packages)?"12:38
peter_felchingHi. I've got problem with content of ~/ shown all over desktop. I've checked and 'use desktop as home folder' is set to off.12:38
Emanon1I switched over to pidgin jsoftw12:38
jsoftwSome instant messanger gizmo?12:38
Emanon1yes jsoftw12:38
Emanon1more of a doodad though12:39
Emanon1maybe even a whatchamacallit12:39
=== mkaay_ is now known as mkaay
bilal03hi guyz i have a problem, i am going to reinstall ubuntu, how can i keep the applications that i installed in ubuntu12:39
jrib!clone | bilal0312:40
ubottubilal03: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate12:40
Emanon1or save your /usr and /home folders12:40
=== shane4ubuntu is now known as shanester
Emanon1but jrib's was better12:40
Emanon1way better12:40
ericygrom: The problem is that you have specified the same mount point for 3 different partitions...12:41
bilal03if i use another drive just for home folder, after reinstalling what should i do12:41
Emanon1just point the installer at the /home directory as /home and tell it not to reformat12:41
dejan_in wget -r is for ignoring robots instructions? ^^12:41
bilal03i have another problem12:41
AdvoWorkhow come im doing vim <tab> for a file, it sees it, it exists(its 9GB) but when i do vim thefile it states new file?12:42
joe_9There is something wrong with my Ubuntu installation. Randomly all the icons will disappear and my system will partially hang.12:42
jribdejan_: http://wget.addictivecode.org/FrequentlyAskedQuestions?action=show&redirect=Faq#How_can_I_make_Wget_ignore_the_robots.txt_file.2BAC8-no-follow_attribute.3F12:42
joe_9How can I troubleshoot my system?12:42
bilal03if power failed then ubuntu start disk checking, but after disk checking, it reboots the system another time,, why??12:42
ericygrom: Try just adding one at a time. First just add the line for sda1, and test it.12:43
gromwill do, brb :)12:43
Emanon1AdvoWork: when you open it with vim you have to specify the whole path12:43
Emanon1or be in the last directory12:43
phoenixsamprasjoe_9:  do you have a bar?12:43
joe_9phoenixsampras, what do you mean a bar?12:44
Emanon1the interface bars top and bottom (or top and left in 11.04) joe_912:44
AdvoWorkEmanon1, i am though, else the tab wouldnt have found the file name?12:45
joe_9Yes, I have bars.12:45
boba_i have problem with setting up the driver for my quadro fx 4500 graphics card12:45
ericygrom: And (the last line) /dev/sda is not a partition (thats the device). Partitions are /dev/sda1, /dev/sda2, /dev/sda3, ... /dev/sda# .12:45
jribAdvoWork: pastebin the vim command you ran12:45
Emanon1unless the search functions on the whole system and the open only on the current or specified directory AdvoWork12:45
AdvoWorkjrib, ive tried "vim sql_dump.sql" like i would with any other file12:45
joe_9I am using this bar called Avant Window Navigator. All the icons on it turn black/red, and all the icons on my desktop turn into an icon that seems to represents "a missing icon"12:46
AdvoWorkEmanon1, ive also tried "vim /home/user/Desktop/sql_dump.sql" same problem12:46
jribAdvoWork: and "ls sql_dump.sql" returns?12:46
Emanon1!hi > Abhijit12:46
AdvoWorkjrib, it returns sql_dump.sql12:46
joe_9phoenixsampras, I guess the answer would be yes.12:46
* Abhijit laughs12:46
Emanon1bah foiled again12:47
NorrlanningHello! anyone that knows how to restore manpages if /usr/share/man is deleted? it doesn't work just to reinstall the manpages :-/12:47
* Emanon1 disappears in the flutter of a cape and mustache12:47
AbhijitNorrlanning, copy paste from live cd?12:47
fairuzis there any function like atoi but converts hexas in string to integer?12:47
Emanon1IDK then AdvoWork. Hope someone else does.12:47
dejan_omg linux is power no? :)12:48
Emanon1Norrlanning: try purging the man pages then reinstalling?12:48
joe_9Also sometimes when I start my PC my login's favicon is missing. How can I check for errors my system might be having?12:48
jribAdvoWork: should work.  Note a 9gb file will probably take a while to load if you have things like syntax highlighting enabled.  You may want to try #vim to troubleshoot inside vim12:48
NorrlanningAbhijit: Ok, so there´s no better way? I mean one should think that you could reinstall them someway?12:48
NorrlanningEmanon1: Already tried that12:48
AbhijitNorrlanning, there may be but i dont know12:48
Emanon1Actual purge? not just remove? hmm not sure12:48
NorrlanningAbhijit: Ok, well thanks alot though. I guess that's the way I have to go then. Thanks for your help though12:49
AbhijitNorrlanning, welcome12:49
Emanon1you know there are online man pages as well12:49
joe_9is the comnmand "dmesg | more", is this what I should type when I experience this problem in the future?12:50
NorrlanningEmanon1: Yeah I know, thanks for the tip though :-) I'm making a custom distro and we stripped the system of manpages. However now we're thinking of reinstall them.12:51
oohow can i not be reminded by the system messages?12:51
Emanon1ouch Norrlanning good luck.12:51
PiciEmanon1: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/ would be more reflective of packages and versions that are in Ubuntu.12:52
CooKieMonsterhello brothers and sisters .........do any of you know how to reset gnemo setting ?12:52
Emanon1you're right Pici thank you12:52
birthdayboygood morning12:52
boba_i have problem with setting up the driver for my quadro fx 4500 graphics card12:52
Pici!pl | depeche7712:53
ubottudepeche77: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.12:53
ActionParsnipboba_: what issue are you having?12:53
ActionParsnipboba_: and which release?12:53
Emanon1Norrlanning: if you don't mind is it just for personal use or will it be a public release?12:53
lolsiesheya is this the support channel?12:53
Emanon1lolsies:  yes12:53
ActionParsniplolsies: for ubuntu, yes12:53
lolsiesim using pinguy OS...can i get help here?12:54
birthdayboyboba_, apt-get drivers?12:54
CooKieMonsterpinguy os ? what's that12:54
boba_ActionParsnip: first of all i want to appologize that i am using this channel, and on the other hand i am testing the program on suse12:54
boba_birthdayboy: yes linux12:54
lolsiesim using pinguy OS...can i get help here?12:54
boba_birthdayboy: i asked on suse channel but we could not find a solution12:55
NorrlanningEmanon1: I'm studying and now I'm at this company that offers free support for Linux and home-users. Their though is that because they're offering free support and stuff they'll install this dist on the users machines.12:55
birthdayboyhow do i change -c flags in ubuntu?12:55
boba_birthdayboy: maybe i can paste bin the var/log/nvidia-installerinfo12:55
boba_ActionParsnip: maybe i can paste bin the var/log/nvidia-installerinfo12:55
NorrlanningEmanon1: So I'm "practicing work" or whatever you'll call it12:55
greyhatsalafii have a complaint this natty narwhal alpha should be called unstable ursula12:55
=== incidenc1 is now known as incidence
Emanon1pinguy os is a ubuntu derivative12:56
[TK]D-Fenderlolsies: No support here for any other derivative distros12:56
Emanon1Cool Norrlanning good luck.12:56
birthdayboytry to reinstall12:56
lolsieswhich channel can i go to12:56
Emanon1sec lolsies finding that out12:57
lolsiesthank you12:57
NorrlanningEmanon1: Thanks :-) it's really just the official 10.10 and just customized with bootscreen, loginscreen and default wallpaper. Oh, and custom install-slides.12:57
[TK]D-Fenderlolsies: Go lok on their project page to see if they even HAVE a channel.  They may not12:57
lolsiesokay thank you, could i ask about the error here? it might be universal?12:57
Emanon1PinguyOS irc is on freenode. #pinguyos12:57
lolsiesit is ubuntu based12:57
[TK]D-Fenderlolsies: Ask quick12:57
needlezhey real quick question. I have a script that I wrote to run at startup, however I also want this script to run everytime the user logs in. For example if the computer goes into sleep and then the user types in the password and logs into the machine I want the script to run after the login process. How can I achieve this?12:58
lolsiesDetails: Failed to fork (Cannot allocate memory),12:58
[TK]D-Fenderlolsies: Kubuntu is a lot more "Ubuntu based" and even it isn't supported here.12:58
birthdayboywindows is better for games12:58
boba_ActionParsnip: maybe i can paste bin the var/log/nvidia-installerinfo12:58
boba_birthdayboy: maybe i can paste bin the var/log/nvidia-installerinfo12:58
lolsiesDetails: Failed to fork (Cannot allocate memory) okie ill look somewhere else thank you12:58
birthdayboyno it wont work12:58
Emanon1put it in their startup programs needlez System>Preferences>Startup Applications12:58
zvacetlolsies: why don't you visit irc on http://pinguy-os.sourceforge.net/  ;)12:58
lolsiesthank you zvacet12:59
[TK]D-Fendergreyhatsalafi: Alpha = Unstable.  Always.  Even if you're lucky :)12:59
Emanon1lolsies: http://webchat.freenode.net/?randomnick=1&channels=pinguyos&uio=Mj10cnVlJjQ9dHJ1ZSY5PXRydWUmMTA9dHJ1ZSYxMj10cnVl7e12:59
ActionParsnipboba_: suse isn't supported here dude12:59
Emanon1theres the webchat varient12:59
needlezEmanon1: already done that, not what I want I want it to also run the script if the user's screen goes to screensaver and then has to unlock the screen. or if the computer goes to sleep and the user logs back into the machine, from resume/ suspend.12:59
boba_ActionParsnip: I know but i find it as a general linux related issue, and since at the suse channel they could not help me i tried here13:00
[TK]D-Fenderboba_: the ask in ##linux13:00
Emanon1needlez: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=159563413:01
needlezEmanon1: yea little trickier then just startup script. Its a script to log the attempts of invalid passwords for logins. Thats why I want it to work after the screen locks itself13:01
gedaSHello. I have problem with Update manager13:02
gedaSCan someone help??13:02
Incarus6gedaS, whats the exact problem?13:02
[TK]D-FendergedaS: Prodive details for your problem and perhaps someone can13:02
gedaSI can't update one package13:02
gedaSI'm getting this: "Requires installation of untrusted packages13:02
gedaSThe action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources."13:02
=== Dannyd is now known as mithran
ActionParsnipbobslaede: this is ubuntu support only13:02
gedaSHow to make source authenticated?13:03
Emanon1smiimondher: alo what language?13:03
mbrochhhi all: i can remember that once upon a time i used a tool that showed me nice diagrams about the biggest folders on my file system13:03
ActionParsnipgedaS: can you give the output of: sudo apt-get update; lsb_release -a      Thanks13:03
zvacetgedaS: is that package from third party repo13:03
ActionParsnipgedaS: use a pastebin so you don't scroll the channel13:03
mbrochhdoes anybody know which tool is best for this? like i want to find out what is eating the most space on my machine?13:03
ActionParsnipmbrochh: disk usage analyser13:03
ActionParsnipmbrochh: its not the best as there is no best app for any job13:04
mbrochhwhat is the command for that tool?13:04
ActionParsnipmbrochh: not sure, search in software centre and it should show its face13:04
jribmbrochh: baobab was its old name at least13:05
jribmbrochh: (duh) :P13:05
mbrochhjrib, thanks that was what i was searching for13:05
Incarus6ActionParsnip, thank you for the information. mrbrochh: http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/baobab13:05
ericymbrochh: Do: man du13:06
Emanon1Is there a dependency generation program that works on lists of items other than packages? or one i can fool into thinking i'm using packages?13:06
joe_9The problem on my computer just happened again. I think it is a problem with the hard drive. I was in a terminal and when I used the ls command it said that there were no files found13:07
ericymbrochh: du - disk usage (command line tool).13:07
kandinskirunning Maverick, how do I restart the sound server?13:07
xjwhat is the mean of the red line?13:07
jribjoe_9: I guess you could just use graphviz?13:08
ActionParsnipkandinski: killall pulseaudio     it will restart on its own13:08
gedaSActionParsnip: what part you need to see???13:09
needlezEmanon1: I think that link is only for the synaptics driver resume on suspend, not the same as running a script that has nothing to do with synaptic mouse. I'm already using that one btw, but I'll double check it13:09
joe_9jrib, what exactly would that do?13:09
jribjoe_9: http://www.graphviz.org/13:09
Emanon1oh pardon I just searched "ubuntu run on resume" in google and gave the ubuntu link that looked right needlez13:09
jribjoe_9: erm, wrong person...13:10
ActionParsnipgedaS: all, just make a pastebin and provide the link please :)13:10
Emanon1figured it would just take some small alterations13:10
jribEmanon1: I guess you could just use graphviz13:10
ericymbrochh: Can you use command line tools (in a terminal window)? Command is: du13:10
Incarus6xj, in Quassel IRC? it shows the last thing you could red after you changed the chatroom13:10
joe_9jrib, lol okay np but that was confusing.13:10
Emanon1thanks jrib il check it out13:10
jribjoe_9: yes, I imagine it was :)13:10
soreauxj: The aim of the bar is to know where you were when you changed tab or switched app.13:10
needlezEmanon1: its ok, asking bash and they said sounds like I'll have to modify the /etc/pam.d/gdm file13:11
needlez" fun"13:11
gedaSActionParsnip: look here http://pastebin.com/eFik2ZLa13:11
xjIncarus6, thank you!sorry ,I`m new~13:11
=== ehw_ is now known as ehw
Emanon1don't apologize for that xj: we all were at some point.13:12
coz_good day all13:13
PiciEmanon1: I missed part of this, but if you're looking for something that will graph out package dependencies, the apt-redepends package can output in .dot files. I wrote a small wrapper script that lets me do that, output here: http://files.nullcortex.com/rdepends.png13:13
ActionParsnipgedaS: sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 40976EAF437D05B5; sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 16126D3A3E5C1192; sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com A28BE6E4EF0A4C4413:13
Emanon1nope Pici trying to map dependencies for things that are NOT packages13:13
Emanon1like college classes13:14
gedaSActionParsnip: and this will be?13:14
PiciEmanon1: OH. Yeah, graphviz will do that.13:14
xjanother question: how can you show me the red words?13:14
Emanon1Just want to enter title (maybe description) and pre-req's for tons of classes and have it build me a tree13:15
ActionParsnipgedaS: you have added some PPAs but not imported the key, so it is untrusted13:15
ActionParsnipgedaS: the command imports the 3 keys you are lacking13:15
Emanon1xj red words are probably any message that has your name in it13:15
gedaSActionParsnip: Okey, but I get the same error13:15
xjEmanon1,got it!13:16
ActionParsnipgedaS: does the command show the keys being imported?13:16
Emanon1xj that's the goal13:16
gedaSActionParsnip: Here http://pastebin.com/byRZLmmG13:16
=== Emanon1 is now known as Emanon_
=== Emanon_ is now known as Emanon
=== Akuma0n3 is now known as Akuma
xjEmanon1,can I ask you a question?13:17
RapidTrafficAnyone interested in HQ, 24h unique, content and geotargeted traffic? All visitors got Alexa Toolbar installed.13:18
ActionParsnipgedaS: so you get the same output as the first pastebin?13:18
ActionParsnip!ops RapidTraffic spam13:19
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:19
ActionParsnip!ops | RapidTraffic spam13:19
ubottuRapidTraffic spam: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!13:19
soreau! ot | RapidTraffic13:19
ubottuRapidTraffic: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:19
gedaSActionParsnip: I'm getting error by the "shared libraries for terminal handling (wide character support)(30-bit)"13:19
EmanonThanks ActionParsnip13:19
xjthere are so many "order" that I need to remember to work with Ubuntu ?13:19
soreauxj: Order of what?13:20
Emanoni'm not sure i understand, do you mean commands xj?13:20
Emanonor just some basic principles?13:20
xjEmanon yes !13:20
Abhijitwhen we select 'install side by side' how much space will be taken by ubuntu automatically? and which partition of windows got selected by ubuntu to be resized?13:21
Incarus6xj, you can do everything (you need) without commands, some people just like the command-line-way13:21
Emanonubuntu seeks to be as graphical as possible but there are some basic commands that i find useful sometimes.13:21
ActionParsnipgedaS: now that I have no idea of. Does the web say anything?13:21
Emanontry this http://www.quicklycode.com/wp-content/files/ubuntucommands.png13:21
Emanonthat is a picture (wallpaper actually) that lists useful commands for ubuntu13:22
Emanonoops sorry, didn't address those last two they were for xj13:22
gedaSActionParsnip: Searching. Maiby I find something :)13:23
ActionParsnipEmanon: not bad, although the desktop package mention isn't hugely useful, otherwise nice!13:23
Emanoni LOVE those wallpapers13:23
coz_also ctrl+alt+backspace13:24
coz_not useful13:24
Emanonthey have them for several distros and generic linux13:24
wthpr0i'm doing a new install of ubuntu-server with netboot but when i get to choice the linux-core i don't have the option of linux-server ?13:24
wthpr0what should i cchoose13:26
xjEmanon, for example,how can i start a software without "commend"?13:26
ActionParsnipwthpr0: linux server is real small, you can then install the services you want13:26
dejan_I am downloading only php files from a website with wget command but form some files I get this error why?13:26
Emanonusually it will be present in the applications menu (at the top left) if not, try alt+F2 to open a run command dialogue13:26
dejan_2011-03-16 14:23:26 (12.7 MB/s) - `www.tocka.com.mk/xml.php?ID=3' saved [298]13:26
dejan_Removing www.tocka.com.mk/xml.php?ID=3 since it should be rejected.13:26
FloodBot3dejan_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:26
Emanonhello | ghost13:27
ghostcan i get some help with decryting a fill13:27
Emanonforgot the exclamation point13:27
=== ghost is now known as Guest64133
Guest64133oh snap13:27
dejan_it saves the files then deletes it immeadetly why?13:27
Guest64133emanon can u help me13:27
jribdejan_: because you asked wget not to save those types of files presumably13:28
AbhijitGuest64133, ask13:28
Emanonnot sure please be really specific about your problem, i'm not a guru lol13:28
dejan_i asked to save php13:28
jribdejan_: how?13:28
Guest64133i need help decryting a .pgp file13:28
=== Guest99155 is now known as DarkDevil
Guest64133im using the app in the accesories13:28
Emanonahh sec Guest6413313:28
dejan_wget -A php -r -l 3 http://www.tocka.com.mk13:29
KamiKaZejoin #ubuntu-fr13:29
dejan_with this command13:29
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest4977
jribdejan_: yes that will only save files that end in "php"13:29
dejan_how to save php*13:29
jribdejan_: *.php*13:29
dejan_php?id=random number13:29
dejan_ok thanks alot :)13:29
jribdejan_: make sure you escape that: -A '*.php*'13:29
Emanona pgp encrypted file Guest64133 not a signature or message right?13:29
dejan_jrn_: ok13:29
Guest64133its a filename13:30
Guest64133im guessing13:30
wthpr0ActionParsnip: yes but what linux-core should i choose13:30
andyHi, first post here: My motherboard's blown, if I replace it with a different type of m/b, will ubuntu detect and install new hardware drivers etc?13:30
xjEmanon got it ,thanks!13:30
Emanongood xj13:30
Guest64133im using passwords and encrytion keys, the app in the accessories13:31
craigbass1976I'm home, but I want to dork with thunderbird at work.  Because it's running all the filters on my IMAP, I need it to be running there.  Thunderbird won't detect any new folders though that I make from here.  How do I start thunderbird remotely; not to see, just to have running?13:31
Guest64133to decryt it, i just learn how to encrypt files13:31
Guest64133and i just need to decryt this file13:31
waldirhelp! I tried to setup grub2 to boot an .iso through unetbootin, and now I can't boot even the main system in the hard disk :(13:32
dryicebombandy, it should, in my experience it has worked fine.13:32
Cryp71cIt would appear my ubuntu installation's "Monospace" system font is missing some UTF characters, somehow...is there anyway to fix this? Reinstall the entire monospace font, perhaps? Does Monospace even support UTF-8 ?13:33
Emanonhave you tried gnupg or gpa Guest64133?13:33
Emanonthose are pgp front end interfaces for gnome13:33
yffbravehi, all13:34
yffbravewhen will ubuntu 11.04 be released?13:34
ericymbrochh: Can you use command line tools (in a terminal window)? Command is: du13:34
ericymbrochh:  Try this, du -h --max-depth=1 --total  Start-Dir13:34
Guest64133im gone use pgp on the terminal13:34
Guest64133whats the command to decryt the file13:35
Emanonsec checking13:35
JTS000IDI have a bash file by the name temp.sh. I need to pass parameters to this file. These parameters will then be used by file's logic.13:35
Guest64133when i type pgp on the terminal it says filname for decrytion needed13:35
Guest64133so what should  exactly be typing13:35
Emanonthe filename of the file you are decrypting i assume13:36
Guest64133and when i do that it says13:36
Guest64133cant find the right public key-- cant check signature integrity13:36
Emanondid you generate a key before you encrypted the file you encrypted?13:37
keyzscan anybody give the correct install instructions on a alfa awus036h on ubuntu 10.10? ubuntuforums or other?13:37
Abhijitis there something wrong with youtube these days? cant download any video with youtube-dl nor with minitube?13:37
Guest64133i didnt encypt it13:37
Emanonthen it shouldn't be encrypted13:37
Guest64133it is13:38
Guest64133there is a passphares to it13:38
coz_Abhijit,  not that I am aware of although I use   video downloadhelper  plugin for firefox13:38
Guest64133i know that13:38
Emanonunless you downloaded an encrypted file from somewhere else (like wikileaks)13:38
Guest64133i need to unlock it13:38
Abhijitcoz_, ok13:38
Guest64133its from megaupload13:38
Emanonahhh PM me13:38
waldirhello... I need help restoring my grub menu. It says no kernel can be found. can anyone help?13:39
Abhijit!fixgrub | waldir13:39
ubottuwaldir: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.13:39
waldirAbhijit: thanks. it wasn't because of windows, but that should be helpful nevertheness :)13:40
Abhijitwaldir, cause is not important. result is importnat. and result is your grub is damaged. look into that link and see if it helps13:40
waldirAbhijit: I already am, I/ll let you know how it goes :)13:41
ActionParsnipkeyzs: can you pastebin the output of: lsusb    thanks13:41
andydryicebomb, thanks, I'll give it ago. Windows seemed to suffer once from a change of hardware, but I always had problems if I had to change twice.13:42
=== shanester is now known as shane4ubuntu
d1gitalVery strange problem here, room.  I log in (via ssh) to my server, and get root with 'sudo su'.  I am given the #, but as soon as I press a key, 'exit' appears, and the shell exits.  There is nothing out-of-the-ordinary in /root/.bashrc .  I am very confused.  Has this been seen before?13:42
ActionParsnipd1gital: use:   sudo -i   instead13:43
d1gitalActionParsnip:  That worked, thanks.  Why does this happen?13:43
ActionParsnipd1gital: one is righ, sudo su is wrong13:44
ActionParsnipd1gital: sudo -i   gives an (i)nteractive sudo13:44
happyaronhow to enable a wireless card when it's disabled in Windows?13:46
ActionParsniphappyaron: windows isn't of any interest. If you run: sudo lshw -C network    you will see the wireless chip13:47
ericyhappyaron: Explain more..13:47
OchoZero9how can i check how much video memory I have?13:48
soreauOchoZero9: lspci -vvv13:48
BarryBwhat does this do? sudo rm -rf /13:49
happyaronwhen I disabled wireless card in Windows, then reboot to Linux, the wireless network won't work13:49
Incarus6BarryB, nothing13:49
happyaronericy: ^13:49
BarryBya right13:49
d1gitalBarryB:  really, it won't anymore.  it used to ipe your fs13:49
BarryBhahaha good luck13:49
Incarus6BarryB, man rm -> "--no-preserve-root"13:50
=== denny_ is now known as denny
pinoyoragonCan someone here recommend a stable and good media server?13:50
xjEmanon , can I make a friend with you?13:51
d1gitalpinoyoragon:  Explain what you mean by "media server".  What do you want to do with it exactly?13:51
JeffJasskyHey, guys. I'm rather new to command line stuff. Is there any problem with using special characters like #$%, etc, as an argument of a command?13:51
Emanonxj feel free13:51
JeffJasskydo they need to be wrapped in quotes or anything?13:51
dr0idjust wondering, wuts the difference between info and man ?13:51
JeffJasskyspecifically # and $13:51
xjBut , how?13:52
Incarus6Jeff Jassky, things after # are ignored. # is the symbol for comments13:52
pete_hi all13:52
jukJeffJassky: #bash13:52
pinoyoragond1gital: i want to setup a server in our university where users (wire/wireless) can easily watch, listen to movies and audio13:52
JeffJasskyMakes sense. Would they need to be wrapped in quotes?13:52
pete_i have a somekinda big problem13:52
Incarus6Jeff Jassky, yes13:53
xjEmanon , how ?13:53
Emanoni'm in a PM with you xj13:53
ichiltonanyone familiar with syslog?13:53
pete_ubuntu desktop stops loadin "checking battery state" or something like that13:53
Emanoncheck the tabs for your client13:53
jrrmultitouch on natty: the qt demos described here are fun http://voices.canonical.com/chase.douglas/2011/03/15/multitouch-in-ubuntu-11-04/13:53
ichiltonI want to stop local5.* going into *.* (and filling up /var/log/syslog) - can anyone help?13:53
jrrbut is there a way to do anything useful with the rest of the desktop environment?13:54
Incarus6ichilton, whats the problem?13:54
ichiltonIncarus6: see above :)13:54
Incarus6ichilton, nevermind.13:54
Emanonwhere the name of the server and or channel are xj it should have one for me, click that so we dont bug the channel with our personal conversation13:54
Emanonor doubleclick my name i suppose13:54
ks07Hey guys, I'm running screen with multiuser mode, and I can connect to the other users screen session fine and run commands13:54
ks07But if I add -X to send a command, I get permission denied13:55
=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
=== kenny is now known as Guest13904
ks07Is there any way to fix this?13:55
Abhijitcoz_, is it something to do with my firewall settings?13:55
Abhijitcoz_, youtube-dl tells ERROR: format not available for video13:56
happyaronokay, just ifconfig wlan0 up13:56
soreauks07: Maybe a user groups issue? Is the problem user part of the video group or have the same as the working user?13:56
coz_Abhijit,   o0  were you able to download videos before?  and what changed since then?13:56
pete_i really hope theres a way to spit this battery ckeck since im usin table computer13:56
dr0idjust wondering, wuts the difference between info and man ?13:56
ks07The users are in different groups13:57
Abhijitcoz_, nothing chaned this is new install. also i dont understand why they disabled saving of youtube video in /tmp. that was so easy. update - just now i checked /tmp agin and this video is there downloaded by minitube but in minitube it dotn tell me that it had downloded it13:57
ks07Specifically, one is my personal user, the other is www-data13:57
jukwtf info13:57
coz_Abhijit,  mm let me check here with the plugin i use  see if anything has changed  hold on13:57
jukinfo: info (5)             - readable online documentation13:57
jukinfo (1)             - read Info documents13:57
waldirAbhijit: I'm following the instructions, but on this part https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows?action=show&redirect=RestoreGrub#Overwriting%20the%20Master%20Boot%20Record the command they recommend gives me the following warning:13:58
jukwtf man13:58
jukman: man (7)              - macros to format man pages13:58
jukman (1)              - an interface to the on-line reference manuals13:58
jukdr0id: ^13:58
ks07The problem is, the folder it complains about is set to 700, and if you change it to anything else then screen complains13:58
Abhijitwaldir, use pastebin13:58
soreaujuk: Please use a pastebin service for more than a few lines13:58
pete_Happyaron is mad xD13:58
Abhijitcoz_, ok13:58
waldirAbhijit: http://pastebin.com/tfDCTC4C13:58
coz_Abhijit,  I am downloading one now...do you have link for one that wouldnt download or gave that error13:59
juksoreau: it's like 3?13:59
pete_hey can someone took and look my problem here?13:59
Abhijitwaldir, you are supposed to be inside live cd to restoore grub and not in your main ubuntu install13:59
Abhijitcoz_, yes wait13:59
pete_was happily using nattu13:59
Abhijitcoz_, this is link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6INOamqU7xs13:59
waldirAbhijit: I am using a USB stick13:59
pete_since last reboot it just stuck on somekinda "battery check"14:00
ericycoz_: You should check your version via, youtube-dl --version , and then udate to latest version via, youtube-dl --update .14:00
waldirin fact, I am unable to enter into my main ubuntu install right now14:00
soreaupete_: Have you tried booting an older kernel?14:00
sipiorpete_: natty is still in beta. try using supported software.14:00
pete_i have no older..14:00
Abhijitwaldir, i dont know about that error. but as suggested in error you can try using --force. though i am not sure if it will cause any problem or not14:00
soreaupete_: Does recovery mode work?14:01
coz_Abhijit,  mm that on is not downloading hold on14:01
waldirAbhijit: well, I doubt it can get worse than it already is :P14:01
pete_i am in recovery mode at this mome nt14:01
Abhijitcoz_, yeah14:01
Abhijitwaldir, ok then use --force14:01
coz_Abhijit,   not sure but  a   sudo apt-get install youtube-dl   and a refresh seemed to do the trick14:01
Abhijitwaldir, make sure to select proper /dev/sda what ever it is otherwise you may get such errror14:01
Picipete_: Natty support/discussion is in #ubuntu+1 only.  #ubuntu is only for stable/released versions of Ubuntu.14:02
=== Leman_Russ_ is now known as Leman_Russ
Abhijitcoz_, amm thats not helping here14:02
karanhey i got a question but it is a little off topic...14:02
pete_yeah i know natty isnt stable14:02
coz_Abhijit,  are you using the plugin I mentioned?14:02
soreauPici: How did you know he was on natty?14:02
karanCan I install windows 7 in virtal box in a 5gb partiiton14:02
Abhijitkaran, in #ubuntu-offtopic ask14:02
waldirAbhijit: yes, I used what the commands returned. anyway, it says installation finished, I'll try rebooting now. brb14:02
Picisoreau: He keeps talking about it. I'm assume hes on natty.14:02
coz_Abhijit,  it is named   " video downloadhelper"   downloadhelper is one word by the way for firefox addons14:02
Abhijitcoz_, no i dont want any plugin for my firefox14:02
coz_Abhijit,  ah ok14:03
Picipete_: If you aren't running Natty, please state what release of Ubuntu that you are on.14:03
Abhijitcoz_, tried reinstalling youtube dl but no luck14:03
d1gitalpinoyoragon: sorry for the delay.  You have a few options here, but since you're going to have a wide range of different clients that need access to this, I would suggest a simple apache setup, that can be accessed from the browser.  See here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/httpd.html14:03
coz_Abhijit,  mm  then I am puzzled,,,14:03
Abhijitkaran, ask in ##windows14:03
pete_i am using natty14:03
dryicebombKaran, thats a bit too small for windows 7, you'll want 20gb14:03
Abhijitcoz_, nvm thanks for your time though14:03
soreau! 11.04 | pete_14:04
ubottupete_: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.14:04
pinoyoragond1gital: thanks, reading...14:04
ericyAbhijit: You should check your version via, youtube-dl --version , and then udate to latest version via, youtube-dl --update .14:05
=== tm_ is now known as tm
ks07Whats the feelings about unity around here? Im unsure what to think xD14:05
soreau! poll | ks0714:05
ubottuks07: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.14:05
coz_ks07,  you are more likely to get inof on #ubuntu+114:05
ks07Not using it/looking for support, just wondering what opinions were :p14:06
sipiorks07: this channel isn't generally a place for soliciting opinions. better to try in #ubuntu-offtopic, for example.14:06
coz_ks07, welll this channel has probably very few if any using 11.04 at this time so #ubuntu+1  would be the best place for that :)14:06
ks07kk ty :)14:06
AdvoWorkhow can i install a module - IsUTF8 ? i cant find anything about how to do so14:08
=== mute is now known as cardamon
siminmCan anyone help me learn Julius by VoxForge?14:09
ericyfrederic: Hello.14:09
ActionParsnipks07: justtry it a few weeks, see what you think. Much easier14:09
frederici can't read #ubuntu-gr's topic14:09
fredericthe locales are set to utf-814:10
ks07I think I will14:10
waldirAbhijit: didn't work :(14:10
cardamonTrying to figure out why Empathy isn't logging into facebook chat.14:10
Incarus6frederic, works in Quassel IRC, what are you using?14:10
Abhijitwaldir, is there any error?14:10
ericyfrederic: What IRC client do you use?14:11
fredericIncarus6: irssi (lenny 5.0)14:11
waldirthe grub menu appears, but when I try to boot the main system, i get the errors "file not found" and "you need to load the kernel first"14:11
=== concon_ is now known as concon
Incarus6frederic, http://packages.debian.org/lenny-backports/quassel14:12
Abhijitwaldir, waldir http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=131953014:12
=== Dink[a] is now known as Dink
fredericIncarus6: i don't want to use this irc client. I only want to use irssi14:13
newb001Hi guys, well i don't know if this is appropriate for asking question i have, but.. let me try..14:13
fredericIncarus6: If i use irssi in lxterminal, there is no problems14:13
newb001i have installed centos on my old d610 to try it out, but im stuck with wirless issue.14:13
newb001Any help?14:13
fredericthere are problems when i use $term .linux14:14
Incarus6frederic, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=19844914:14
soreaunewb001: Ask in centos channel. This is #ubuntu14:14
dr0idjuk: so basically theres no diff ? o.O14:14
newb001soreau i did, lol they referred me here.14:14
soreaunewb001: Whoever did, did so wrongfully14:14
newb001ye, can gather that i guess lol14:15
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
Incarus6i think i have to monitor the centos room a litle bit14:17
=== krabbe is now known as Krabbe
sc30317If I have an  /opt directory and I want to find all the instances where the word "foo" comes up within the directory (searching all of the text files within the directory),  how would I go about doing so?14:19
sc30317 I know I use grep14:19
soreausc30317: find /opt -name "*foo*"14:21
sc30317soreau, that didn't work14:22
sc30317I just tested it on my machine14:22
sc30317and made a single file (test.c) in my /opt folder14:22
sc30317and it didn't show anything14:23
Tristan1I made a user, then I ran ecryptfs-migrate-home on it, then I moved a bunch of files into that folder and rebooted, and now they're gone.14:23
sipiorsc30317: have a look at the recursive "-r" switch to grep.14:23
sc30317sipior, thats what I thought it would be14:24
Incarus6Tristan1, cant help you with the files, but im using that and it works perfectly for me: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory14:24
sc30317sipior would it be like cd /opt && grep -r 'foo'14:25
soreausc30317: Repeat what you want to do. You cant find foo and expect it to math test.c14:25
sipiorsc30317: cd /opt && grep -r 'foo' . , for example (mind the dot)14:26
sc30317soreau, I want to find all instances of the word 'foo' in each of the files14:26
soreausc30317: Then you want grep -R foo /opt14:27
soreausc30317: grep -Rn foo /opt to make it show the line number within the file14:27
soreausc30317: But its different if you are talking about the filename vs the content of the files14:28
sc30317soreau, thanks14:29
progre55hi guys. on a terminal, I have several lines of data, and the third column is in a data format. How is it possible to sort the rows by some specific column?14:29
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brverganyone please help me with my network connection... it's extremely slow these days...14:29
sipiorprogre55: yes. "man sort"14:29
progre55sipior: thanks +)14:29
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felipe__ #el14:30
=== Tensibai[AFK] is now known as Tensibai
seedofcIn the past, I've seen where you can send certain parameters to an "apt-get install <app>" to include the compilation of extended functionality into that app (i.e. VIM with python support).  How do you determine what parameters are available for an application?14:34
ruandepends on the application.14:36
ravenwhat is an alternative tool like after effects for ubuntu?14:36
ericyseedofc: Perhaps via info at http://packages.ubuntu.com14:36
ruanraven: what is after effects?14:36
AdvoWorkis there a way i can split a massive 9.2gb file into smaller files, do some work on them and then join them backtogether again?14:37
terryraven: huh?14:37
ruanAdvoWork: i dont know if you could do some work on them without joining them14:37
sipiorAdvoWork: depends a fair bit on what the file format is, and what you want to do to it.14:37
ruanAdvoWork: what do you mean 'do some work on them' though?14:38
AdvoWorkits basically a sql dump, i need to run it through iconv14:38
AdvoWorkbut cant with the massive file, it just dies14:38
seedofcseedofc: any suggestions on how to do it via command line. Or, is there a way that apt-get can display the various parameters and their respective descriptions?14:38
mafanyone know what APT tools are used for ?14:38
sipiorAdvoWork: if it's just text, have a look at "split".14:38
ruanAdvoWork: hmm... is a dump a text file?14:38
seedofc^^ that was meant for ericy, not myself14:38
terrymaf: package management14:38
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)14:38
ruanit's !info package14:39
dr0idwhy cant i use ths bot ?14:39
ruandr0id: what do you want to do?14:39
jwandborg!info apt14:39
ubottuapt (source: apt): Advanced front-end for dpkg. In component main, is important. Version 0.8.3ubuntu7 (maverick), package size 2027 kB, installed size 5968 kB14:39
dr0idnothing, any diff between info and man ? :P14:39
cdezeI'm working on  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization , with ubuntu-Server 10.04.2 LTS iso, it works fine, BUT I want to remove some unused  packages in my custom iso  to add my own  files , Is there any  howto ?14:39
ruanman isn't a valid option, so yea14:39
mafdavanced front end for dpkg14:39
jwandborgdr0id: Yes, huge difference.14:39
mafI see14:39
dr0idjwandborg: could you explain pls14:40
dr0idi see the result exactly same14:40
mafwhat might be a typical use of ATP ?14:40
ruandr0id: man pages are extremely detailed14:40
AdvoWorkcan split split by %, or gigs or something?14:40
mafer APT ?14:40
ruanmaf: to manage packages.....?14:40
maflol- ok14:40
dr0idruan: and info are not14:40
Pici!apt | maf14:40
ubottumaf: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)14:40
jwandborgdr0id: oh, are you thinking about the linux command info, or the IRC command for ubottu?14:40
ruandr0id: info is a basic summary, man is an extremely detailed page14:40
ruanthat is the difference14:41
dr0idtalking about the linux command14:41
terrynaf: atp-get apt-cache  etc.14:41
dr0idi thought !info and !man would make ubottu give me some diff between them :)14:41
ruan!info info14:41
ubottuinfo (source: texinfo): Standalone GNU Info documentation browser. In component main, is standard. Version 4.13a.dfsg.1-5ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 206 kB, installed size 396 kB14:41
ruan!info man14:41
ubottuPackage man does not exist in maverick14:41
ubottuThe "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/14:41
FloodBot3ruan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:41
dr0id!info man14:41
terrymaf: apt-get apt-cache etc.14:42
ruanman and info are different tools14:42
jwandborg!info manpage14:42
ubottuPackage manpage does not exist in maverick14:42
jwandborg!info manpages14:42
ubottumanpages (source: manpages): Manual pages about using a GNU/Linux system. In component main, is standard. Version 3.24-1ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 704 kB, installed size 1108 kB14:42
jwandborg!info infopages14:42
ubottuPackage infopages does not exist in maverick14:42
jwandborg!info infopage14:42
ubottuPackage infopage does not exist in maverick14:42
ruan!info info14:42
ubottuinfo (source: texinfo): Standalone GNU Info documentation browser. In component main, is standard. Version 4.13a.dfsg.1-5ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 206 kB, installed size 396 kB14:42
jwandborg!info inf14:42
ubottuPackage inf does not exist in maverick14:42
ravenwhy mobile network traffic is not shown in system monitor widged?14:42
llutzruan:  <ruan> [15:40:17] dr0id: man pages are extremely detailed      <- "some man-pages"  other aren't worth the name "manual-page"14:42
jwandborgraven: Which if is it on14:43
ruanllutz: i thought he meant the difference between !info and man in a terminal14:43
sosaitedIs there an easy way to read/parse sqlite databases in Ubuntu?14:43
craigbass1976I'm home, but I want to dork with thunderbird at work.  Because it's running all the filters on my IMAP, I need it to be running there.  Thunderbird won't detect any new folders though that I make from here.  How do I start thunderbird remotely; not to see, just to have running?14:43
sipiorllutz: agree strongly, especially the ones that just say "look at the info page"14:43
ravenjwandborg, ppp914:43
jwandborgcraigbass1976: You should probably check out some thunderbird forum.14:44
terrymaf: example-1:  apt-cache search nmap  example-2:  sudo apt-get install nmap14:44
jwandborgraven: Is that if included in the monitoring widget?14:44
craigbass1976jwandborg, I could, but this applies to any ap I want to fire up remotely.  Again, not to view it, just to make it run14:44
ravenjwandborg, how to check/do this?14:44
craigbass1976jwandborg, like, can I start thunderbird and point it at whatever display is currently running?14:45
ravenjwandborg, how to check/do this?14:45
ravenhow to install jahshaka on lucid?14:45
ruan!info jahshaka14:46
ubottuPackage jahshaka does not exist in maverick14:46
AdvoWorkive ive split my files, with split -l 49000 file.sql  how can i join them back together again in the correct order?14:46
jwandborgraven: don't know, I'm on XP right now, but check the settings page. If you can't find it, file a bug report if you can find the appropriate bug tracking page for the widget.14:46
sipiorAdvoWork: "cat"14:46
MindSparkhi, I have this huawei modem called k3756. Did anyone succeed in getting that running with ubuntu ?14:47
jwandborgsipior: AdvoWork: Would file-* put the in the right order?14:47
cwek_pengenapa ada cwo??14:47
sipiorjwandborg: sorry, which now?14:47
jwandborgsipior: `cat`14:48
craigbass1976This is actually a general kind of question now that I think on it.  I'm on box X, and joebob is on box Y.  How do I fire up xchat on box Y so that joebob can see it in the display he's already running?14:48
sipiorjwandborg: oh, you mean the file glob? depends a bit on your LC variables. i would double check the order of the file glob to make sure it wasn't a problem. should be fine.14:49
cwek_pengenthere is indo here??14:49
sipiorjwandborg: i believe split is smart enough to pad the file segment numbers.14:49
Pici!id | cwek_pengen14:49
ubottucwek_pengen: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia14:49
jwandborgsipior: !id | jwandborg14:49
jwandborgsipior: whoops ^14:49
jwandborg!id | jwandborg14:50
ubottujwandborg, please see my private message14:50
pocoyo!id | pocoyo14:50
ubottupocoyo, please see my private message14:50
Pici!msgthebot | jwandborg pocoyo14:50
ubottujwandborg pocoyo: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".14:50
jwandborgdon't get this14:50
Picijwandborg: Don't get what?14:51
jwandborgthe rambling "membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia"14:51
jwandborgPici: ^14:51
sipiorjwandborg: this is surely not your first encounter with a foreign language.14:52
ruanjwandborg: do you understand that language?14:52
Picijwandborg: Its Malay for "please join #ubuntu-id for Indonesian"14:52
jwandborgPici: Well, now that's sorted :P14:53
jwandborgPici: ruan: i though "id" as in identifier.14:53
ruanusually, 2 char factoids are languages. eg. !cn, !de, !jp, etc.14:54
cdeze I'm working on  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization , with ubuntu-Server 10.04.2 LTS iso, it works fine, BUT I want to remove some unused  packages in my custom iso  to add my own  files , Is there any  howto ?14:56
beer_brouwercdeze: google knows it all :D14:59
Pici!google | beer_brouwer14:59
ubottubeer_brouwer: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.14:59
cdezebeer_brouwer: i googled it14:59
dr3afhello,anyone got a workaround to make powerSmart button on acer laptops to work?or to underclock mobile nvidia gpu...14:59
ruangoogle-fu is the art of googling15:00
soreauIncarus6: The ability to use google effectively15:00
cdezeI'm not bad with google but i didn't find anything15:00
soreau! remaster | cdeze15:01
ubottucdeze: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility15:01
ruan!info remastersys15:01
ubottuPackage remastersys does not exist in maverick15:01
sipiorcdeze: the scripts in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization/Scripts claim to do what you want.15:01
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »15:01
ruangoogled and found ^15:01
cdezethanks  ubottu and sipior i look at it15:02
=== jh_ is now known as Guest1311
cdezeruan: i 'm not sure that your link is upto ddate15:02
ruanhmm. maybe remastersys was updated though15:04
ruani'll check if its been updated recently15:04
sosaitedIs there an easy way to read/parse sqlite databases in Ubuntu?15:05
ruanok its outdated15:05
Picisosaited: sqlite or sqlite3 both have packages.  For a GUI way, I'm not sure.15:05
GravIs it me or there is something wrong with how ubuntu manages memory? I have 2GB RAM. After some time my memory is full, and everything freezes or crashes15:05
=== dave is now known as Guest45407
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »15:06
ruanGrav: is an application taking all of the memory?15:06
ruanGrav: check in system monitor, memory tab15:06
sosaitedPici, I have sqlite3 installed. Is there any active channel I can get some help with regarding sqlite3?15:07
sosaitedPici, #sqlite on freenode seems dead15:07
Picisosaited: I was going to suggest that :/  Perhaps #sql15:07
melfyhow do i check mapped network drives15:07
=== jrn_ is now known as jrn_a
terrymelfy: huh?15:09
terrymelfy: are you using nfs?15:10
melfyterry: idk someone in vbox told me to check my mappned network drives cause vbox additions is auto mounting stuff15:10
terrymelfy: If so, look at /etc/fstab15:10
Gravruan: Yes. Applications are taking memory. I'm trying to run firefox and some other things like IDE, and it grows and grows in memory and freezes system. Ubunt can't clear it. Only sometimes it will kill random processes.15:11
melfyterry: yea nothing there :(15:11
ruanGrav: which applications are taking memory?15:11
ruanGrav: how much memory does the application take?15:11
ruanGrav: what is your swap memory size?15:11
terrymelfy: "mapped network drives" is MS Windows lingo and does not really relate to what we do in linux.15:11
sipiorGrav: what is the output of "free"?15:11
melfyterry: figured lol...sigh :(15:13
Gravruan: well now it looks like one tab in chrome is taking 450MB, firefox is taking 300mb ...15:13
ruanthats a lot15:13
ruanlatest versions of each?15:14
Gravruan: I can disable them but it will grow anyway in few hours15:14
Gravruan: yes15:14
ruandid this happen in the past?15:14
Gravruan: If i run virtualbox or rubymine ide i will kill my system now15:14
Gravruan: i'm not sure too if i got swap, there is none in system monitor15:15
ruanGrav: what is the output of 'free' in a terminal then?15:15
GravMem:       2060304    1062732     997572          0      44300     21460815:15
ruanGrav: and swap?15:15
GravI disabled chrome now15:15
Gravswap is 0 in sytem monitor15:15
ActionParsnipGrav: you using the daily chromium or chrome from ubuntu repos?15:16
ruanGrav: does swapon -a enable swap?15:16
ActionParsnipGrav: freaky, I use daily build and its fine :)15:16
terryGrav: ruan is telling you to open a terminal and issue command    free15:16
ruanyeah he obviously did that15:16
Gravbut it's not problem with chrome. It's just ram isn't cleared and everything grows15:17
terryruan: I see now, but did not say anthing about his swap.15:17
sipiorGrav: it would be useful to see the "-/+ buffers/cache" line as well15:17
terryGrav: Do you even have a swap partition?15:17
ruanterry: yeah but in system monitor it should be the same15:17
terryGrav: sudo fdisk -l15:17
Gravruan:  swapon -a in terminal does nothing?15:17
ruanGrav: is there a swap partition then? sudo fdisk -l15:18
terryGrav: are  you sure?  free15:18
GravI don't think i have swap15:19
ruanGrav: is there one judging from the output from sudo fdisk -l?15:20
Dazzledhi, don't shoot me, but is there a MSSQL client for Ubuntu?15:20
Grav-/+ buffers/cache:     809796    125050815:20
terryGrav:  free ; sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit15:20
ruanGrav: do you have pastebinit installed?15:20
ruan!info pastebinit15:21
ubottupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1-2 (maverick), package size 22 kB, installed size 404 kB15:21
sipiorGrav: so what makes you feel that you are out of memory? this all looks normal.15:21
thereIsOnlyXULUhm, the thing I wanna type in is !<something> | wine, what's the command?15:21
Gravi will isntall pastebinit15:21
ruanGrav: ok.15:21
thereIsOnlyXUL!ubottu | wine15:21
ubottuwine: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots15:21
wtbtrI just got my ASUS U31F. After installing ubuntu 10.10 ( perfectminimal ) I notice that I have no wireless, and the wireless LED is on. Any suggestions on what to do?15:22
thereIsOnlyXULMeh... anyway, if you need something that works on Windows you can use Wine.15:22
=== klaas_ is now known as klaas
* thereIsOnlyXUL shrugs15:22
Gravnow it's ok. because i cloded apps. But when i use FF or other app for a while. Suddenly system will freeze15:22
ruani need some games that only work on windows :/15:22
terrywtbtr: iwconfig15:22
ruanbut they dont work on wine15:22
ruanappdb says the same thing15:22
=== [271828183e-8] is now known as e000
terrywtbtr: iwconfig ; lspci | pastebinit15:23
wtbtriwconfig not installed :-P15:23
ruanGrav: there isn't much reason to run firefox and chrome at the same time though15:23
thereIsOnlyXULruan: Best thing I can think of if you need Ubuntu that badly is to run Windows on an account with non shell, or a virtual machine as shell.15:23
thereIsOnlyXULRunning Windows without shell runs about oh, seven processes on Vista?15:23
Grav ruan: I need it for web development. Virtualbox and some IDE too15:23
ruanoh ok15:23
thereIsOnlyXULThere is a way you can change the shell in Windows through regedit, but I have since forgot the hive; Try looking it up some time.15:24
sipiorGrav: your system is likely crashing for another reason. have you verified that memory is an issue prior to the crash? does anything useful turn up in your system logs?15:24
terrywtbtr: sudo apt-get install wicd iw15:24
=== marco is now known as Guest59821
ruani dont feel like creating another windows iso15:24
wtbtrI installed wireless-tools15:25
GravI think memory is ok. At least I don't have problem with windows and games.15:25
terrywtbtr: just log out and back in again. (no need to reboot)15:25
terrywtbtr: ... i think15:25
wtbtrright! Do I need network manager. I want the gui where I can select networks.15:26
ravenwhy mobile network traffic is not shown in system monitor widged?15:26
terrywtbtr: you now have wicd.  Right?15:26
ruanis there a reason for the uninstallation of network manager applet causing boot to be 5 seconds faster?15:26
ravenwhat is an alternative tool like after effects for ubuntu?15:26
Gravthis pastebinit app is great:P15:26
StaRetjiFolks, is it possible to keep application in memory so that it can be called fast? Like program libraries or something?15:26
ruanraven: what is after effects?15:26
StaRetjiI need it to start fresh each time I call it.15:26
wtbtrI cannot find wicd as a command, no.15:27
terrywtbtr: Wicd - Wired and Wireless Network Connection Manager15:27
ruan!info wicd15:27
ubottuwicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager - metapackage. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.0+ds1-5 (maverick), package size 40 kB, installed size 88 kB15:27
Gravruan, terry: http://pastebin.com/jgTxTvs715:27
thereIsOnlyXUL\After Effects is some kind of video manipulation program by Adobe.15:27
ruanhmm i dont see a swap partition15:28
terrywtbtr: wicd is not a command, it is a service that is run all the time.  A little icon will appear in the bar that looks like one monitor behind another.  You click on the icon in order to view  or connect to a network.15:28
wtbtrI installed wicd but it says that it failed to start. Rebooting.15:28
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info15:28
ericyGrav:  I think you should always use the (command line) tool "top" or "htop", as a primary tool to monitor such problems.15:29
terrywtbtr: very good15:29
alex__where are the header files that I need to include in my c++  X Windows program on ubuntu?15:29
thereIsOnlyXULubottu forgot to mention: Bad idea to run pureloy from sawp, and relyong on sawp when memory tops out.15:29
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:29
alex__i keep getting these "xblah was sundefined"15:29
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »15:29
wtbtryes! I have internets!15:29
ruanyeah but isn't it leveled out?15:29
=== Guest53316 is now known as DarkDevil
ruanwtbtr: congrats on getting your internets!15:30
terrywtbtr: Very good.15:30
ActionParsnipwtbtr: cool, get some sites downdrived15:30
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest6971
terrywtbtr: updates15:30
alex__x windows programming is very very poorly documented15:31
alex__i guess I should just use Windows api..15:31
terryalex__: huh?15:31
alex__yes. use Windows API15:31
aminixfanHi,I used arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc to compile simple helloworld.c, but it told me couldn't find stdio.h,how to solve it?15:32
ruanalex__: what?15:32
ruanalex__: for?15:32
terryalex__: /join #windows15:32
alex__automating a process.15:32
ruanalex__: linux can automate a process too..>_>15:32
alex__too bad I can't find any information about doing so15:32
alex__Xorg/x11 is a big mess15:32
ruanwhich process do you wish to automate?15:33
sipioralex__: most people program in higher-level toolkits, not Xlib. i suggest you do the same.15:33
alex__Internet explorer in a VM15:33
alex__oracle virtualbox15:33
ruanwhy not ietab?15:33
ahhahaim having some screen tearing only while watching flash videos on cnn.com etc. is there a vsync setting somewhere for flash specifically?15:33
ruanietab extension for firefoxs15:33
wtbtranother thing, When I get the gnome gui question for admin password, it claims that I entered incorrect password. I don't have an admin password so I enter mine. I like the password to be remembered for some apps.15:34
alex__eh. i need to click things ruan15:34
alex__like flash games.15:34
alex__sipior, which toolkits?15:34
sipioralex__: gtk+ is an obvious choice.15:34
ruanietab opens a tab in firefox with ie..15:34
terrywtbtr: what "gnome gui question for admin password"?15:34
ruanso you can click flash games i guess15:35
Sonne<alex__> like flames. <-- i swear i read this15:35
alex__like flames?15:35
Sonneyep, flames. arguing over provocations with no constructive arguments...15:35
=== VirUs is now known as aLiSs
wtbtrWhen I try to start synaptic, a dialog pops up saying "Enter the administrative password...". It offers to remember the passord for session or "in the keyring".15:36
e-headhi, anyone here use rsync for backups?15:36
e-headParticularly... for backing up the /home directories?15:36
alex__Sonne, it looks like you are trying to start a flamewar not me.15:37
terrywtbtr: What OS do you have installed on your computer?15:37
sipiore-head: what's your question, exactly?15:37
e-headI was just wondering if anyone had a good exclude file that would leave out all the extraneous junk from the home directories.15:37
terrywtbtr: Have you added new users to your system?15:37
ruan!info rsync15:37
ubottursync (source: rsync): fast remote file copy program (like rcp). In component main, is standard. Version 3.0.7-2ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 333 kB, installed size 684 kB15:37
wtbtrubuntu 10.10. Command-line install, then I used a script called perfectminimal to install minimal gnome desktop and some other stuff.15:37
sipiore-head: i tend to use "rm" to deal with extraneous junk in my home directory.15:38
e-headI'm getting all sorts of warnings and errors about files that look like they are locked by the X-window system or something else.15:38
wtbtrit makes for a snappy system:)15:38
terrywtbtr: How many users?15:38
wtbtrone user, just me.15:38
terrywtbtr: Then just give user password.15:38
e-headfiles like:  smb-network:-b2342e2015:39
wtbtrTried that. mabe I'll add myself to admin. Checking that.15:39
sipiore-head: this is in .gvfs?15:39
ruani uninstalled evolution mail with ubuntu soft. center and later i rebooted, why is evolution-alarm-notify running?15:39
e-headyeah, that is a particularly problematic directory15:39
terrywtbtr: Have you added any new users to your system?15:40
e-headsipior: should I just basically look through the output and add stuff methodically to the --exclude switch?15:40
terrywtbtr: sudo update-manager15:40
terrywtbtr: sudo update-manager15:40
ruannevermind, removed it from startup15:40
sipiore-head: up to you what you want to keep. the .gvfs stuff can certainly be tossed. another possibility is just to whitelist the stuff you *do* want to keep. matter of taste.15:41
e-headthere are several .cache directories too.15:41
e-headsipior: yeah, that's true.15:41
terrywtbtr: Have you edited the /etc/group file?15:41
e-headI was hoping someone had done all this for already and would have a nice exclude file I could include.15:42
e-headSomebody probably has one posted on a blog somewhere, if I could only find it.15:42
wtbtrnope, not that I am aware of.15:42
=== krabador is now known as darkham
ruanwill update-manager check for driver updates or does that run seperately?15:42
terrywtbtr: Did you try:  sudo update-manager ?15:42
sipiore-head: well, the canonical backup blog entry: http://www.jwz.org/doc/backups.html15:43
wtbtryes, updated, rebooted, same is happening.15:43
e-headsipior: awesome, thanks. I'll check it out.15:43
wtbtrwhat is the name of the package that lets you add users and groups?15:43
terrywtbtr: Well, I dono... just use it from CLI I guess.15:43
alex__where are the gtk header files?15:43
alex__namely <gtk/gtk.h>15:43
alex__i can't seem to find them after intsalling gtk15:44
terrywtbtr: useradd groupadd15:44
wtbtrthere used to be a gui for messing with the users.15:45
alex__a more general question: Where the heck does ubuntu usually install software15:46
alex__i'm getting a little sick of finding things15:46
ruanthere is a gui for messing with users15:46
Piciterry: You should use adduser and addgroup not "useradd" and "groupadd".  Those will properly setup users.15:46
sipioralex__: /usr/bin, /usr/lib. try "dpkg -L <package name>"15:47
terryPici: Thanks for correction15:47
ruansystem > administration > users and groups15:47
Piciterry: Otherwise things like /etc/skel/ don'15:47
Piciterry: Otherwise things like /etc/skel/ don't get copied and things end badly ;)15:47
ruanaka users-admin15:47
terryPici: Well, things don't "end badly", it's just that additional "things" are done when you run adduser ("things" that useradd doesn't do).15:50
=== ron__ is now known as rbetzen
ruanwhat is the command to open a terminal with a command? [gnome-terminal irssi -c irc.freenode.net]15:51
voozehey guys.. how do i check which kernel-version my ubuntu uses?15:51
francesco_vooze ... uname -r15:51
voozefrancesco_, thanks... seems its time for an upgrade :) i use 2.6.35, and .38 just came out ;)15:52
francesco_lol no prob15:53
Pumpkin-vooze: I wouldn't bother unless you really need something in 2.6.35. Going "off-piste" on kernel versions is often a lot more hassle than it is worth.15:53
ruanvooze: the latest kernel is not neccesserily the best kernel..15:53
Guest44455I removed Sun Java shortcuts from Gnome menu after I uninstalled... then I installed it again and now I don't sun java shortcuts!15:53
ruan^however you spell necesserily >_>15:54
Pumpkin-something in > 2.6.35 even15:54
DJones!ask | Guest4445515:54
ubottuGuest44455: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:54
Guest44455DJones: already asked15:54
DJonesGuest44455: Sorry, I missed that15:54
ruanGuest44455: try the main menu editor?15:54
Guest44455ruan: I did they dont show up. but they do in Guest session15:54
terryruan  gnome-terminal -x irssi15:54
ruanterry: thanks15:54
francesco_system > pref > main menu15:55
Guest44455I reverted the menus to default. still java is gone15:55
Guest44455I remember I deleted the shortcuts15:55
=== iflema_ is now known as iflema
beer_brouwerGuest44455: how did you uninstall java?15:56
Guest44455beer_brouwer: remove --purge15:56
=== iflema is now known as Guest11085
Guest44455found it15:57
Guest44455it's in Other menu15:57
francesco_does any one here dual boot win7 ?15:57
Guest44455but it does not open15:57
=== Guest11085 is now known as iflema
mang0whats the other channel name? XD15:58
ruanmang0: other channel name for?15:58
mang0or somthing15:58
Guest44455francesco_: just create a partition and install it15:58
ruan!ot > mang015:58
ubottumang0, please see my private message15:58
francesco_i figure that.. but will it affect my grub ?15:59
mang0thanks ruan15:59
ruanfrancesco_: if you run update-grub yes15:59
Guest44455francesco_: you should install ubuntu after windows16:00
ruanfrancesco_: hmm. you'll need to restore grub if you install windows16:00
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub216:00
=== evilvish is now known as vish
francesco_yea thats what i figured ... damn16:00
Guest44455francesco_: it's easy16:00
ruanfrancesco_: just check the restore grub page16:00
ruanfrancesco_: it is indeed easy16:00
voozePumpkin-, i know, but i read that the new kernel should make desktop alot faster :)16:00
Guest44455francesco_: second16:01
francesco_okay thanks guys... dont wanna install win7 ...but i need my games :P16:01
ruanfrancesco_: do they work on wine?16:01
Guest44455francesco_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#METHOD%203%20-%20CHROOT16:01
Picivooze: 2.6.38 will be the standard kernel in Ubuntu 11.04, which releases at the end of April.16:01
ruanfrancesco_: any instructions for them on appdb?16:01
francesco_the only one i got to work was counter strike source....16:01
francesco_all others had serious issues16:02
voozehmm Pici.. true, guess its easyer to wait then ;)16:02
ruanfrancesco_: did you check appdb for the games?16:02
Guest44455francesco_: forget ubuntu for gaming. just use windows in other partition.16:02
Guest44455ex-gamer  :)16:02
Dannydis the gaming edition no good?16:03
francesco_gaming edition ?16:03
ruangaming edition? xp?16:03
Dannydsaw a video on youtube..that boasted of good games16:03
voozeforget gaming on pc.. buy PS3 or xbox for gaming, and desktop for surfing etc. ;)16:03
Dannydno for ubuntu16:03
ruanlol console16:03
francesco_i have a ps316:03
Dannydis there nothing like that16:03
francesco_i hate consoles16:03
ruanthey're expensive16:03
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:03
ruanesp the games16:03
Dannydok he must have modded it then16:03
Guest44455ruan: I cant get Java Sun shortcuts back16:04
francesco_i wish more developers would port over to linux16:04
ruanGuest44455: have you tried installing it again? which version btw, sun java or openjdk?16:04
Guest44455(francesco_: they just care about $$$)16:04
DannydGuest44455: system -> Main menu16:04
Guest44455ruan: sun java16:05
francesco_i would still buy games if they made it for linux16:05
Abhijitfrancesco_, have you been here http://www.ubuntugamer.com/16:06
Abhijitfrancesco_, and playdeb.net linuxgames.com16:06
arvin_hello every body, does anybody know how create L2TP vpn connection from ubuntu????16:07
francesco_yea .. not a fan of most of those games ... need my black ops :P16:07
Dannydcan you tell me the name of a really addictive game...native ubuntu please?16:07
Dannydsuper good one16:07
popeyDannyd: minecraft :D16:07
ruannot free but still awesome16:08
taigahello, is the performance of wubi-installed ubuntu worse than normal ubuntu?16:08
ruanthough this is getting offtopic16:08
ruantaiga: usually, yes16:08
francesco_lol my bad16:08
popeytaiga: depends what you're doing16:08
taigak, thanks16:08
taigaold computer 196MB RAM available16:08
Dannydpopey: ok i will try it...installed M.A.R.S16:08
taiga64MB is reserved16:08
ruanlol what is mars16:09
Dannydsomething lacking though..16:09
popeytaiga: thats not ideal for running Ubuntu16:09
DannydSuper tux cart as well.....but the bandicoot one was better16:09
taigapopey, well what should i be running there then?16:10
ruan!requirements > taiga16:10
ubottutaiga, please see my private message16:10
DannydMARS -> spaceshit game -> http://www.ubuntugamer.com/tag/m-a-r-s/16:10
=== armitage is now known as SisterRay
taigawhat should i be running?16:10
=== herton is now known as herton_lunch
ruanDannyd: take it to #ubuntu-offtopic16:11
ruantaiga: see the private message from ubottu16:11
taigaruan, it said i shouldn't run ubuntu, what should i run instead?16:12
taigait didn't say that16:12
sudipta<taiga>in wubi...u cant use some features like hibernate16:12
ruantaiga: hmm16:12
taigasudipta, good to know16:12
taigaif that's really true16:12
ruantaiga: it shows the requirements in the private message16:13
ruantaiga: well, the linked webpage16:13
taigaruan, correct, they aren't met, what now?16:14
ruantaiga: get a better machine or use a lighter distribution16:14
taigaruan, i think you're being vague, i hope that didn't insult you16:15
tsniemanHey guys :) having a weird dual monitor issue, anyone care to take a look and see if they know of the issue and can point me in the right direction?16:15
cutoutAm not able to enable desktop effects on my computer also the resolution is bad16:15
joe85My hard drive just failed and I made a backup using sbackup. However when I select the folder I made my backup, it doesn't show any available backups16:15
cutoutcan anyone help me?16:15
Chr|sis there a flavor of ubuntu for Flux?16:16
JoHi, I have an old laptop I wanted to install ubuntu on and I'm not sure what the best way to go about it is.16:16
joe85never mind, I didn't press apply16:16
ruancutout: have you tried to install graphics drivers?16:16
damirockhaving some troubles with monitor too. I've got Ati mobility radeon  hd5470 - installed all the drivers required, got Catalyst Control Center, but still can't set the resolution up with my LCD TV connected via HDMI port16:16
damirockin Windows everything is fine16:16
PiciChr|s: Theres fluxbuntu, but I'm not sure if it still being maintained.16:16
ubottufluxbuntu is a LPAE-standard compliant, Ubuntu-based derivative that maintains the goal of running on a wide range of mobile devices and computers (low-end & high-end). It is lightweight, swift and efficient. | Support Channel: #fluxbuntu on freenode | Homepage: http://fluxbuntu.org/16:17
cutoutruan: there are no additional drivers16:17
damirockand here i can't adjust it like two double monitors16:17
JoIt's currently running windows xp, but I wanted to wipe the hd and start over with ubuntu.16:17
Chr|syeah, it doesnt look like it is16:17
JoThere's no cd drive and the bios doesn't let me boot from usb so I'm kinda stuck.16:17
JoAnyone have any ideas?16:18
damirockbios update?16:18
ruan!lubuntu > taiga16:18
ubottutaiga, please see my private message16:18
genii-aroundJo: Do you have some desktop box running linux already?16:18
JoThe only update I've found for the bios doesn't add usb support.16:18
JoAll my other computers have to have only windows for work.16:19
JoLaptop is a Toshiba Portege m20016:19
taigaruan, k, i think i'll use lubuntu but it's still kind of heavy, thanks16:19
ericyJo: nice.16:19
damirockand 1 more question. That's about spellchecker. As i'm russian - my system lang is RU. Everything is fine with russian texts, but when i open some documents on english or right now while typing this language in xchat - every word is being highlighted like incorrect16:20
Dannydtaiga: crunchbang16:20
damirockso, how can i solve that?16:20
taigaDannyd, what?16:20
cablopone question... i have a spare old computer and wanted to make it run with Ubuntu16:20
ericyJo: nice little Toshiba notebook'16:20
Dannydyou can try crunchbang...i think its still based on ubuntu...super fast16:20
JoOh, wait, the bios update lets me boot from sd cards.16:21
BluesKajcablop, how old and what specs ?16:21
taigaDannyd, nice16:21
JoWould that work?16:21
taigabased on debian they say16:21
cablopone question... i have a spare old computer and wanted to make it run with Ubuntu16:21
ericyJo: I think you need to attach an external CD.16:21
cablopi has just 512 MB of ram and old athlon of 1.4 GHz and a Gefore MX440... is that hardware too old to make it run?16:21
JoEricy: I've tried with 2 external drives I have16:21
Jocomputer has issues with both of them16:21
tjiggi_focablop, that's a statement - not a question!16:21
cabloptoo old then?16:22
BluesKajcablop, your RAM is bit low , ubuntu will run ok on it tho16:22
tjiggi_focablop, that'll run ubuntu, xubuntu even better16:22
DannydIts really fast though...coming from ubuntu I was shocked..16:22
ruancablop: yeah, you might need a lot of swap to compensate16:23
dryicebombcablop, it should run ok, a bit low on ram, maybe you should look at a xubuntu16:23
francesco_xubuntu should be okay with it tho cablop16:23
taigaDannyd, it's coming from debian16:23
cablopi have another computer a little less old, with 2 GB on it...  and maybe if i put 1.5GB in one and 1 GB in the older... or beter t keep the 2GB in one of hem?16:23
DannydOk fine you are right16:23
GaryDcablop: i am using lubuntu with 512MB RAM. it's like lightning!16:23
taigaGaryD, how about 196MB RAM then? :P16:24
JoSo does anyone know if booting from sd cards works?16:24
JoThat might be my only option unless I can get one of my external drives to cooperate.16:24
Chr|sdoes ubuntu have just a cli you can login instead of the gnome gui?16:24
ruanChr|s: yes16:25
cablopJo afaik it works... but not a good idea, SD and Flash cards degrade too fast from writing, so you'll kill your card so fast16:25
macoChr|s: hit ctrl+alt+f116:25
=== elnomade is now known as elnomade|fwo
ruanChr|s: ctrl alt f1, and ctrl alt f7 to get out16:25
GaryDtaiga: i have used lubuntu on 256, but not any lower, so idk.16:25
Chr|snice! thanks guys16:25
ruanChr|s: or ctrl alt f8 f9 etc16:25
cablopChr|s: just remove gdm and start x only when needed16:25
ericyJo: Yes,  booting from sd cards works.16:25
BluesKajcablop, I had !G ram on my 6yr pc and it ran kubuntu and ubuntu very nicely , I added another gig and i sped up some , but I noticed that I could run more apps simultaneously without any lag16:26
root_does anyone know how to crack wifi16:26
cablopJo just be sure to format it like a hard disk, that is with mbr and partition table, easy to do from disk utility on gnome16:26
katsrcis there an official PPA for LibreOffice?16:26
joe85Does anyone know why sbackup just restores empty directories and none of the actual files?16:26
llutzroot_: http://www.aircrack-ng.org/doku.php?id=newbie_guide16:27
JoAlright, I'll try that this afternoon.16:27
ericyJo: Wait, I assumed you mean to install a Live/CD to SD card, boot that to install unbuntu on your hdd?16:27
JoEricy: Yes, that's what I wanted to do.16:27
cablopBluesKaj: in your opninion, then it is better to have 1 GB & 1.5GB or 512MB & 2GB16:28
=== armitage is now known as SisterRay
=== KingTarqo is now known as KingTarquin
BluesKaj1 & 1.5 cablop16:28
=== Barack_Obomba is now known as ExplodingPiglets
cablopi just need the old one to lend to my sisters when willing to go online and me unwilling to leave the other computer xD16:28
cablopand i'm really unqilling to buy old DDR1 RAM16:28
llutzcablop: then 2+0.5(for your sister) are fine  ;)16:29
BluesKajcablop, the diff bewtween 512 & 1G is greater speedwise than 1,5 & 216:29
cablopwill luks encryption harm he old computer a lot?16:29
=== Guest6971 is now known as DarkDevil
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest45120
cablopok, another question16:31
cablopan interesting one16:31
ButterPeanutis der an offtopic16:31
dotlegendwhy does ubuntu want to remove packages that work fine after a failed update (partial upgrade)???16:31
ericyJo: Do a internet search on: ubuntu on SD16:31
llutz!ot | ButterPeanut16:32
ubottuButterPeanut: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:32
ButterPeanutWhy can't I find an offtopic thread in the whole node of free?16:32
cablopi saw that the default  umask is 022, but... i think i should be 002 or 007... are they good enough for the system?16:32
cablopit is so hard to create shared folders due to the current umask16:32
joe85Apparently there is a bug in sbackup 0.11.3. How can I install a different version if none are available from the Synaptic Package Manager?16:33
=== ruan_____ is now known as ruan
=== ruan is now known as Guest91766
cablopwhat is your suggestion for the umask on ubuntu?16:35
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cablopwhat the....16:36
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LoRezkomputes: yes?16:38
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FloodBot3bambi0: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:38
komputesLoRez: flooding going on16:38
marienzyes, we noticed16:38
LoRezkomputes: flooding being dealt with automatically.  anything actually useful?16:38
bl4ckcombdoes anyone have experience with mounting BSD ufs disks in ubuntu? I remember trying this a few years ago, while forum threads claimed it works, but I couldn't manage it back then16:39
Abhijithi. anyone used labyrinth mind mapping tool? how to add text to it? help16:39
IdleOneLoRez: calling attention the the flood was useful to the ops of this channel.16:39
IdleOnekomputes: thank you. being handled.16:39
indrajeetAbhijit:what do u mean by mind mapping tool?16:40
komputessorry if I called every admin16:40
Abhijitindrajeet, its a new software tool to express ideas - to map the mind in organised way - mind means ideas16:40
=== Guest39735 is now known as guido79
indrajeetAbhijit:is it available in windows?16:41
Abhijitindrajeet, there are other softwares too e.g. freemind. you can try that too. its very easy to use.16:41
Abhijitindrajeet, aaaaah. please dont ask me anything about ******* windows16:41
Abhijitindrajeet, ask to the project owner16:41
ericyAbhijit: indrajeet: Such as Axon Idea Processor.16:42
Picikomputes: using ! ops is okay in this situation, but no need to hilight individual freenode staff members.16:43
ericyindrajeet: Axon Idea Processor runs on windows..16:43
komputesPici: that part was done automatically16:43
Abhijithi. anyone used labyrinth mind mapping tool? how to add text to it? help]16:44
indrajeetericy:should i use wine to run it?16:44
ericyindrajeet: In the past I used Axon Idea Processor on windows XP. But I now want to run it in Ubuntu, by wine or other method.16:45
Thedemon007Hi as I get a card 3d acceleration VX800?16:45
ericyindrajeet: ...such as VirtualBox or etc.16:46
indrajeetericy:okay today i am going to install it16:46
ericyindrajeet: ...such as VMWare or etc.16:46
indrajeetericy:virtual box is better than vmware16:47
Abhijithi. anyone used labyrinth mind mapping tool? how to add text to it? help]16:47
Thedemon007Hello as I get to a vx800 card 3d acceleration?16:47
ericyindrajeet: noted.16:47
indrajeetericy:wine does not work properly16:48
id10tDoes anyone know how to install ubuntu 10.10 x64 via a usb on a netbook without getting the error "sorry, the program "parted_server" closed unexpectedly"?16:49
ericyindrajeet: http://web.singnet.com.sg/~axon2000/16:49
Abhijitnvm i figured it out16:50
Thedemon007Hello as I get to a openchrome vx800 card 3d acceleration?16:50
phonex01hello guys i need help16:50
phonex01helloi guys is there any software for ubuntu to extract text from scanned books ?16:50
indrajeetericy:thank u16:51
phonex01i have scanned pages and i want to convert it to text files ?16:51
Ioniz3Dphonex01: OCR ?16:51
phonex01ya ya i think they call it OCR16:51
ruanThedemon007: your sentence does not make sense, do you understand any other languages?16:51
ZaeryDoes anyone know if SLI has improved since http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=860&num=116:51
phonex01what software in ubuntu can do that ?16:51
indrajeetericy:today i will check it16:51
arvin_how can I create L2TP vpn connection in ubuntu??16:52
ericyindrajeet: You are welcome. Bye.16:52
arvin_please help!16:52
itguruI just need to clarify something, please don't laugh at me ... external esata does not mean that you can plug in an esata portable drive like a USB drive, does it?16:52
arvin_how can I create L2TP vpn connection in ubuntu??16:53
phonex01Ioniz3D can you help me about that ?16:53
Ioniz3Dphonex01: i can try16:53
Ioniz3Dphonex01: what do you need16:53
llutzitguru: it should be usable like usb16:53
indrajeetarvin_:what happen?16:53
phonex01i need a tool for OCR ?16:53
MK`yeah esata is external like usb16:53
arvin_thanks how can I create L2TP vpn connection in ubuntu??16:53
Ioniz3Dphonex01: you have alot of them16:54
itgurullutz: ... then my drive doesn't mount! I see no extra devices, or any data in dmesg :(16:54
Thedemon007ruan More or less16:54
MK`is it esata or esatap?16:54
StepNjumpguys, how can I get a floodbot to validate a friend?16:54
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Ioniz3Dphonex01: i am gonna look to the most easy to use16:54
itguruIt's esata @ MK16:55
StepNjumpShe didn't know the answer to 2*216:55
arvin_Is it possible?? to create L2TP vpn connection in ubuntu??16:55
indrajeetarvin_:i know only p2p16:55
MK`esata doesn't supply power16:55
Abhijitindrajeet, ping16:55
Thedemon007ruan i need get 3d acceleration have a card vx800 with drivers openchrome16:55
itguruMK  The external drive has it's own power16:55
MK`I don't know then, sorry.16:55
StepNjumpfloodbot hello?16:55
phonex01what about OCRFeeder16:55
StepNjumpfloodbot help16:56
Ioniz3Dphonex01: install OCRFeeder16:56
ZaeryDoes anyone know if SLI has improved since 2007? it's not very good here: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=860&num=116:56
sipiorarvin_: have a look here: http://www.jacco2.dds.nl/networking/linux-l2tp.html16:56
phonex01i did but i dont know how to use it ?16:56
Ioniz3D$ ocrfeeder-cli -i input1.jpg input2.jpg -f html -o output.htm16:56
Abhijitindrajeet, are you there?16:56
gratnam11hey guys i created and entry in /etc/hosts for kannan24.com when i try to ping kannan24 it says unknown host16:56
sirgadProblem installing Ubuntu to Parallels 4 on OS X 10.6.6.  Boots from Ubuntu iso with error message "(initramfs) unable to find a medium containing a live file system".  ISO passes MD5 checksum.  Any ideas?16:56
gratnam11what am i doing wrong16:57