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faganmorning mandel08:11
mandelwow that's early :)08:11
mandelfagan: morning :)08:11
* fagan is just about to get some coffee and get started :)08:12
mandelfagan: sure, no worries, I need to go through all the emails, so take your time08:13
mandelbreakfast is the most important meal, or so they say :P08:14
faganyeah that first coffee in the morning helps a lot08:19
duanedesignhello mandel08:30
mandelduanedesign: morning!08:30
mandelduanedesign: how is everything?08:30
faganmandel: pot of coffee made, so when ever you want to go ahead is good with me I have all day so it doesnt really matter :)08:31
mandelfagan: ok, cool, shall we start setting your windows machine to see if you can run the sso tests?08:32
faganmandel: sure08:32
faganits open in front of me here08:33
mandelfagan: ok, lets start with some basic tools first, you need to have bzr (for our projects) and hg (for some external ones like pykeyring)08:34
mandelfagan: you can install the tortoise version of both, but the icons will not work, the reason for that is that in windows you can only have 15 special icons, and as soon as you have more, some of them will not appear08:34
faganthat sounds like a big pain08:35
faganinstalling now08:35
mandelfagan: he, yes, 'cause guess who will add some more :P08:36
mandelbut if we are smart about the namong, well some icons starting with drop and eding in box my fall from the users machine hehe08:37
faganwell you can always work around dumb limitations on platforms08:38
duanedesignduanedesign: really good. not going to be able to make UDS this time around :(. Looking for a job right now and dont think it is going to be possible08:38
duanedesignmandel: ^^08:39
duanedesignlol, talking to myself there08:39
faganwhoops installed the wrong hg but got the right one now08:39
mandelduanedesign: haha it happens, where you invited to UDS-N?08:39
duanedesignmandel: yes.08:40
mandelfagan: haha, this morning is going to be way boring setting up all is a pain :)08:40
mandelduanedesign: common then! find a week of :)08:40
mandelhe missing f :P08:40
faganmandel: well thats cool if its only once :)08:41
duanedesignmandel: it kills me thinking about not going. I really enjoy it.08:41
faganhg and bzr are installed08:41
mandelfagan: ok, two thing now that, first you need to set up your ssh key to work with pagent and lp08:41
mandelfagan: so, first, find putty and download the full msi08:41
duanedesignmandel: and I did not get to meet a few people at the last UDS. beuno and rye were not their, and a few others I know.08:41
mandelduanedesign: and how come you cannot go, schedule issues?08:42
faganmandel: im just after remembering how much of a pain bzr is to set up on windows08:42
mandelfagan: is not THAT bad ;)08:42
faganwell its definitely not as easy as on ubuntu08:43
duanedesignmandel: i am not working right now. Hopefully i will find a job soon. Then I will be playing catch up on bills and stuff for awhile. Do not think a week off is likely08:43
mandelduanedesign: dammed that is a PITA08:45
mandelduanedesign: by the way, how did the bugsquad request go?08:46
faganmandel: so I have putty open what do I do now?08:46
mandelfagan: you downloaded the msi, with all the tools, right?08:47
* fagan is thinking he can get around this if he versions the file and puts it onto u108:47
faganmandel: actually I have an easier way of doing it now :)08:47
mandelfagan: ok, cool, what you have to do is either get your ssh key from you current linux machine, or create a new one to use with pagent08:47
faganmandel: it would be a little handier if I just use u1 and my current setup on my ubuntu machine since thats already set up for all this08:48
faganso we can skip the vcs part maybe08:49
mandelfagan: what do you mean?08:50
duanedesignmandel: went well, thank you.08:50
faganmandel: I already have bzr and hg set up on my ubuntu machine I can version them into my u1 folder and it will just sync down08:51
faganor thats the weird idea I have to get around it :)08:51
mandelfagan: that would break sooooo manything on windows that ai would not recommend it :)08:52
faganok then hehe08:52
mandelfagan: let me get you all the instructions of how to set up the keys, one sec08:53
faganits cool i have it here08:53
mandelfagan: ok, then follow those :)08:53
fagangive me a sec windows wants to restart itself now for some reason08:56
faganok making the key now09:00
faganok made the key and imported it into putty09:02
faganwhat next?09:03
mandelfagan: test it by branching a project, like lp:ubuntu-sso-client09:04
mandelfagan: cool, lets install the libs etc that you need, first start with python 2.709:08
mandelsweet, next thing you need to do is install easy_install so that you can easily add the extra packages09:10
faganmandel: done09:12
mandelfagan: superb, have you added the easy_install script to your path?09:12
faganwell its in the python27 dir wouldnt the installer add the path itself?09:13
faganhmmmm didnt09:13
mandelfagan: hehe it does not do it automatically, you have to add Python27/Scripts to you path so that the cmd knows about it09:14
faganwindows hates me :P09:18
mandelfagan: let me know if you don't know any of the steps, I'm here to help :)09:21
faganjust messed up he dir name with the \ and stuff09:21
mandelsorry, I always type /, it feels nicer :P09:21
faganyeah websites and linux make / my default too09:22
mandelfagan: cool, first with the big guy, you need to install twisted, which wont be painless09:22
mandelfagan: there is an msi for it, but you will need to isntall pycripto for windows first, and zope.interface09:23
mandelfagan: for zope.interface you can use easy_install, for pycripto and twisted you need an installer09:23
ryehttp://pad.lv/ !09:24
faganah its pycrypto09:25
* fagan was getting weird tracebacks and didnt know what was going on09:25
mandelfagan: ups, sorry for the typp09:26
* mandel looks for his second coffee09:27
faganim getting couldnt find vcvarsall.bat09:27
mandelfagan: first lesson of spanis; 'puto windows'09:27
mandelfagan: it is telling you that you do not have a compiler present that could build the python c extension, the easies thing to do is download vs2008 c++ express to solve the issue09:28
faganI have visual studio installed already09:28
faganmaybe its because it was never started09:29
mandelfagan: which version?09:30
mandelI had issues with 201009:30
mandelfagan: there you go :)09:30
mandel2008 fixes the issue09:30
mandelpython 2.7 is compiled with 2008, and I didn't want to go through the problem os fixing that :P09:31
mandelwe are not here to fix the full platform hehe09:31
faganyeah that would be doing the job for them09:31
faganknowing how big visual studio is this is going to take a while09:33
mandelrye: those url patters are bloody great!09:33
mandelfagan: yeah, that's why I expected to take a ay to set up everything09:33
ryemandel, yes! our very own launchpad url shortener09:33
mandelfagan: once we are done remember to do a back up so that is somehting goes nuts you wont have to do it again09:34
faganwoot launchpad url shortener09:34
mandelrye: yeah, and the make sense :)09:34
Chipacafagan: hi! got a minute?09:34
faganChipaca: sure09:34
faganmandel: wouldnt windows have an issue with me having 2 different versions of visual studio on the one computer09:37
mandelfagan: not at all09:37
* fagan gets his vs for free so it doesnt really matter too much09:37
fagandone now09:38
faganbut getting a build error on pycrypto09:39
mandelfagan: patebin the trace error09:39
* mandel looks09:41
mandelfagan: lest tye voidspace compiles binaries http://www.voidspace.org.uk/python/weblog/arch_d7_2010_07_03.shtml09:44
mandelfagan: he is one to be trusted with it (canonical empl)09:44
faganhmmmmm it needs python 2.609:46
faganoh I can use the zip instead09:47
JamesTaitsudo aptitude -y install random-greeting && random-greeting09:47
JamesTait(Don't try that command, I don't know if it will actually install anything!)09:48
faganthat took a lot longer than I thought :)09:48
mandelfagan: worked?09:48
faganand zope installed fine already09:49
mandelfagan: then you should be able to install twisted now09:52
fagandone mandel09:53
mandelfagan: cool, next oauth, whcich you should be able to install with easy_install09:54
mandelfagan: ok, cool, next would be pyqt so that you can wor on the UI on windows09:59
mandelmake sure you get pyqt and not pside, we dont want to be fighting with py2exe issues10:00
faganyeah downloading now10:00
fagangotta say my computer is doing this all pretty fast10:01
mandelfagan: installed to?10:04
faganor do you mean installed to which dir?10:04
mandelfagan: installed as you can do import PyQt4 from python10:05
mandelok, lets see if you have everything for sso (ubuntuone-client is harder)10:06
mandelfagan: try to branch lp:~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/implement_windows_main_410:07
mandelfagan: when ever you get it, run run-tests.bat10:10
mandelfagan: green light should appear...10:10
mandelwait, I forgot something, you need a patch for xdg on windows...10:10
mandelfagan: let me get it for you10:10
faganmandel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/58100710:12
fagansomething else is missing10:12
mandelfagan: ah, indeed, you need to install lp:ubuntuone-dev-tools10:13
mandelbranch, and python setup.py install10:13
faganoh yeah the xdg thing is missing10:15
mandelfagan: yes, give me a sec, I'm making a pckages for you10:16
faganoh coo10:16
mandelfagan: feel free to branch lp:~mandel/+junk/xdh10:29
mandelthen python setup.py install10:29
faganmandel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/58102110:33
faganthats after xdg was installed10:33
mandelfagan: yes, that is a dependency from ubuntuone-dev-tools, try:10:34
mandeleasy_install pylint10:34
* mandel hopes it is in there and for 2.710:34
faganthere is10:36
faganok this is a bit different now10:36
faganoh no the terminal cut off half of it10:37
faganill just do a > to a file10:37
mandelfagan: yes, cmd by default has a very small buffer10:37
mandelig you right clikc on it, you can increase the buffer10:38
faganoh ok10:38
faganon the max buffer it doesnt fit it all in10:39
faganill just paste what I can10:39
faganyou will get an idea10:40
mandelfagan: damme,d I keep forgetting dependencies… you need mocker for the tests10:42
mandeleasy_install mocker10:42
faganits cool we will get there eventually10:42
fagansince when does dos allow you to use / instead of \ in file paths10:44
mandelfagan: where do you see that?10:45
faganI just did it10:45
mandelhmm strange10:45
mandelfagan: easy_install coverage10:49
mandelfagan: ths one is your turn to guess, look at the top of the pastebin of both, how would you fix it?10:54
faganeasy_install lazr.restfulclient?10:54
faganor something10:55
mandelfagan: bingo!10:55
faganeasy_install gobject?10:57
fagangetting a failed import for gobject now so I presume I can just easy install it10:58
mandelfagan: mm no, that i need to see, it should not occur10:58
faganill pastebin10:58
faganI know the dbus ones and all are fine that the import is failing11:00
mandelfagan: hm, that looks like a bug in my branch, let me check11:02
faganat least its not something im missing then11:06
mandelfagan: yes, it was me forgetting to rename a file.. lame error11:14
faganso do a bzr pull then11:14
mandelfagan: if you pull the new version, you should be able to run the tests and have a couple that fail11:14
mandelfagan: yes bzr pull11:15
fagandone already11:15
faganoh and now its asking for win32api11:15
faganeasy_install? :)11:15
faganok that didnt work11:16
faganso it must be something else that im missing11:16
mandelfagan: yes, but easy_install wont work in this case, the win32api is a quite big extension11:16
mandelfagan: google for pywin32, that would give you the missing windows parts11:16
faganah ok11:17
faganup and running I think11:18
faganload of errors and failures though it looks like11:19
faganbut it did some stuff11:19
mandelit should have about 5, or at least that is what i think11:19
fagandamn buffer11:20
* fagan shakes his fist in the air cursing bill gates11:20
mandelfagan: jaja11:21
mandelfagan: ok, to fix those issues you need to grab the fork I did of python keyring11:21
mandelyou can find it here https://bitbucket.org/mandel/pykeyring-delete-password11:21
mandelit should be merged soon with trunk and we will be able to use easyinstall, but in the mean time, hg clone and the python setup.py install11:21
faganyeah working on it11:24
fagan1 failure11:25
mandelah, nice :)11:25
mandelthat is expected, there are other two branches wanting to land too to fix that in trunk11:26
faganbut thats cool11:26
faganworking, more or less11:26
mandelfagan: that is what is expected from that branch, if you merge your local copy with lp:~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/fix_732112 everything so work11:27
mandelgive it a try, bzr merge lp:~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/fix_73211211:27
faganmandel: so do you have any other things for me?11:34
mandelfagan: cool, now you can work on ubuntu_sso :)11:34
faganyeah thats what I thought11:34
mandelfagan: well, if you want to start with a very small task, try to find you what are those lint messages at the end of the tests and how to remove them :)11:35
faganhmmm how about I do that tomorrow and get a good look around the code too11:35
mandelfagan: sure, take tour time :)11:36
faganthats awesome though11:36
faganand didnt take all day :11:36
mandelfagan: well, that is one of the project, you need to setup the libs for ubuntuoneclient11:39
mandelbut step by step11:39
faganyeah I get the idea why its annoying to work on windows now :)11:40
* fagan throws out a hail to the apt-get god11:40
fagananyway i have to go off shopping for a few minutes so ill be off. Ill be on tomorrow and ask some questions if any pop out11:42
mandelfagan: yes, and we have not gotten to the point where things dont work :)11:43
faganyeah but broken things is what developers have to deal with a good bit so its not really too bad11:43
faganI broke many a build in my day11:44
faganSo dealing with a big mess is common enough11:44
mandelfagan: dont underestimate ms :)11:45
faganhah but we can fix their OS thats the easy part11:45
faganI actually do know a few people that work there though so maybe I can convince them to get some of the 90000 employees to fix their terrible bits11:47
fagananyway im off food to be bought and eaten11:49
mandelok, laters11:50
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* mandel walking dog12:20
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alecugood morning, #ubuntuone!13:29
facundobatistaHola alecu13:29
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alecufacundobatista, py3.2 is green! http://buildbot.twistedmatrix.com/waterfall13:33
alecufacundobatista, that was really fast!13:33
facundobatistaalecu, that's not mine, and it's not surely trunk13:34
alecufacundobatista, how are you approaching the port? 2to3 or source level compatibility?13:38
facundobatistaalecu, I started with all the stuff we need to change for Py3, and can run in current versions13:40
facundobatistanew -> types13:40
facundobatistafor example13:40
facundobatista__cmp__ / cmp() -> other comparison stuff13:40
alecufacundobatista, what's the oldest python version that twisted claims compatibility with?13:41
ryebuild successful failed slave lost13:41
facundobatistaalecu, 2.4 :(13:43
facundobatistaalecu, it's a PITA13:43
alecufacundobatista, yes, I knew they prided on compatibility with older versions...13:44
alecufacundobatista, just wondering if they wanted to break that in order to move fwd.13:44
facundobatistaalecu, the point is... why twisted *still* supports 2.4? which is the gain?13:45
alecufacundobatista, to keep running on older servers (ie, one or two y/o debians) that won't be reinstalled soon.13:46
alecufacundobatista, do you still have some twisted sprinters around? perhaps you can ask about that.13:47
dobey2.4 is older than that. even on hardy there was 2.5 as default, no?13:47
facundobatistadobey, yes13:47
dobeyand hardy is 3 years old13:47
facundobatistaalecu, RHEL5 still uses 2.413:47
dobeyrhel5 also still uses old twisted13:48
facundobatistaalecu, but, if you have a very old server, with a very old Python, you do that for fun? or for stability? And you'll be installing the latest twisted?13:48
facundobatistadobey, yes, but JP says "what if they want to install the latest version?"13:48
alecuyou'll be installing a new app that needs the latest twisted.13:48
facundobatistaJP = Jean Paul Calderone, biggest twisted core dev13:49
dobeyfacundobatista: yes, and what if they want to install gnome 3.0? they'll have to upgrade the OS13:49
alecuand python will be installed from rpms, but twisted will be easy_installed.13:49
alecudobey, hahaha13:49
dobeythis is why VCSes have the ability to create stable branches13:51
ralsinaalecu dobey mandel thisfred: standup in 10'13:51
dobeyso if people have to keep running old crap, and there is some fix that needs to be put in that old crap, it can be done13:51
dobeyralsina: i will protest by sitting :)13:52
ralsinadobey: :-)13:52
dobeyblah, i can't tell which of mandel's branches depends on which other ones13:55
dobeymandel: and please stop deleting merge proposals when you decide to make changes. grr13:56
mandeldobey: which merge are you talking about?13:59
dobeyall these windows main branches for sso13:59
dobeynot me14:00
mandeldobey: oh, well I divided a big branch to smaller ones, I did not know what yould b thebest way to fix that14:00
thisfredralsina, alecu14:01
thisfred* INPROGRESS get ubuntuone-couch into natty [1/2]14:01
thisfred - [X] 0.2.0  https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-couch/release-0.2.0/+merge/5331714:01
thisfred - [ ] ubuntuone-couch FFE http://pad.lv/72911714:01
thisfred* INPROGRESS dbus activation of control panel http://pad.lv/728722 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-control-panel/dbusify14:01
thisfred* INPROGRESS notifications/alerts of quota events http://pad.lv/702172 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/quota-notifications14:01
dobeymandel: and i was about to approve your two small one-line fix branches, but then saw you merged the larger branch in, and i don't want to end up having the branches land out of order and have too much stuff in the merge14:01
thisfred* TODO send prioritized bug list to ralsina14:02
thisfred* TODO multiple U1 entries in msging menu http://pad.lv/72152514:02
thisfred* TODO peer reviews [0/4]14:02
thisfredNEXT: dobey14:02
dobeyλ DONE: some work on using new webkit api, distutils-extra fix upload, disable sso nightlies on lucid14:02
dobeyλ TODO: new webkit api in libu1, bug #727558, bug #73332714:02
dobeyλ BLCK: None.14:02
dobeymandel: you14:02
ubot4`dobey: Bug 727558 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/727558 is private14:02
ubot4`Launchpad bug 733327 in libubuntuone (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Notify user of missing MP3 support (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73332714:02
mandelDONE: Sorted sso setup.py issues. elped fagan to set up his env to work on windows. Tried to book flights to budapest. SSO ui.14:02
mandelTODO:Make dobyes live easier for sso merging. More UI on Windows14:02
mandelralsina: go14:02
mandeloh, BLOKCED: no14:03
ralsinaDONE: team leads call, windows port progress call, reviews, started search for windows contractor14:03
mandeldobey: oh, those, did i set them to depend on others.. let me check14:03
ralsinaTODO: check contractors, reviews, calls, etc.14:03
ralsinaBLOCKED: no14:03
alecuDONE: a branch to fix bug #708145, fought a lot with bug #723832, found a solution for bug #73561314:04
alecuTODO: keep bugfixing zeitgeist, peer reviews14:04
alecuBLOCKED: still no input on bug #729259, need a deep chicharra review14:04
ralsinaok, comments?14:04
ubot4`alecu: Bug 708145 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/708145 is private14:04
dobeymandel: no, and given the fix, i don't see any reason they should depened on the other branches, or include any changes from them14:05
ubot4`alecu: Bug 723832 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/723832 is private14:05
ubot4`Launchpad bug 735613 in ubuntuone-client "Zeitgeist should save a user friendly file name (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73561314:05
ubot4`Launchpad bug 729259 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu Natty) (and 2 other projects) "Scrollable list of devices looks broken (affects: 1) (heat: 852)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72925914:05
alecuralsina, I still didn't get any design input on bug #7292514:05
ubot4`Launchpad bug 72925 in linux-source-2.6.17 (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Problems with WLAN and "ipw3945" (dups: 1) (heat: 2)" [Medium,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/7292514:05
alecumake that bug #72925914:05
ralsinaI have one important announcement: we will have an intern starting next week, and he will stay with us  for 6 months14:06
ralsinaand her he is ;-)14:07
mandeldobey: so, one depends n the other because I'm stupid, but they do not depend on the main branches14:07
fagan(speak of the devil)14:07
alecuralsina, what will she be working on?14:08
faganalecu: He14:08
mandeldobey: I think it is because I was using pipeline and I got carried away14:08
ralsinaHe will start helping mandel on the windows port14:08
alecuwelcome fagan!14:08
faganthanks alecu14:09
mandeldobey: nevertheless those are fixes so that the test pass on windows, nothing related with lnux14:09
alecufagan, sorry, got confused by the missing "e" in "her he is"14:09
faganyeah typo its cool :)14:09
ralsinaI admit that was confusing :-)14:09
thisfredhi fagan, welcome to the team!14:10
ralsinafagan, be kind to mandel he has been alone in the windows ghetto for too long ;-)14:10
thisfredIt has damaged him in ways that we can barely grasp14:10
faganyeah I will14:10
dobeymandel: yes, but they are one line changes, so easier to review and get landed, and cause new nightlies to build14:11
alecuyeah, his broken hand is nothing compared to the scars in his soul :-)14:11
mandeldobey: oh, you need it so that we trigger a new build, easy, which way would it be nicer for me to remove the code that was added in main so that it is not a pain for you?14:12
alecuit's like beholding Cthulhu, or something like that.14:12
mandelI'm going to kill you all in your sleep….14:12
mandelwith a spoon14:12
ralsinamandel: oooooook ;-)14:12
dobeymandel: i'm not sure. but i hope you're not my roommate at uds now14:12
* thisfred puts NOT MANDEL in that field on the wiki14:13
ralsinamandel: if you ened to kill me with a spoon, all you have to do is put something like very salty mashed potatoes in it and feed me.14:13
mandelthat sound pornographic….14:14
ralsinaok, gotta go snoop in the futures call, be nice to each other and NO SPOON FOUL PLAY ;-)14:14
mandelralsina: do you have german relatives?14:14
faganjust sorted out my new desk now I have 2 monitors14:15
ralsinamandel: you should wash your mind with bleach >:-)14:15
ralsinamandel: what I have is high blood pressure you insensitive clod! ;-)14:15
faganand you guys make me work with spoon serial killer :)14:16
mandelralsina: do you wanna see by high blood pressure….14:16
mandelthat most be one of my best rude comments so far :D14:16
mandelI'm even proud!14:17
ralsinafagan: you will meet mandel in London on April 11th, BTW ;-)14:17
faganyeah should be fun14:17
* ralsina sends memo about hiding the spoons at the office14:17
faganIs that going to be in milbank or somewhere else?14:17
mandelalecu: ping14:17
ralsinaMillbank, AFAIK14:18
faganjust wondering since ive always wanted to see the office14:18
alecumandel, pong14:18
ralsinafagan: where are you based?14:18
faganralsina: Ireland14:18
faganjust a pop across the water14:18
mandelalecu: care to take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/implement_windows_main_1/+merge/52707 I want to start merging those changes so that everything is stable14:18
ralsinafagan: yeah, I am going from a bit further away14:18
alecumandel, sure.14:19
faganralsina: Argentina or US?14:19
mandelalecu: thx!14:19
alecumandel, can I ask for your review on a bit of chicharra?14:19
alecumandel, https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/ubuntuone-client/fix-zg-deletions/+merge/5334514:19
ralsinamy first company trip, at least it's to a cool city ;-)14:19
mandelralsina: if you can run this on windows https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/implement_windows_main_1/+merge/52707 it would get us a step closer14:19
ralsinamandel: sure!14:19
mandelalecu: sure, shoot14:19
faganah that is a bit far mandel was telling me that the team is split between EU, US and AR14:19
JamesTaitralsina: It's nice to see, no matter where I work, the problems in the office are the same. :)14:19
faganWell I was in Dallas for the lucid UDS so it wouldnt exactly count as my first trip on canonical's dime14:20
* JamesTait send ralsina a shipment of personalised spoons.14:20
ralsinaJamesTait: as long as you don't send them to mandel, we're cool ;-)14:21
JamesTaitralsina: No, he'll probably steal some at UDS.14:21
ralsinafagan: alecu, nessita (currently on pycon) and me: .ar14:21
ralsinafagan: vds (loaned to mobile) and mandel: europe14:21
ralsinafagan: thisfred, dobey, CardinalFang (loaned): US14:22
ralsinaI want to hire an australian, just to have someone to talk in the evenings ;-)14:22
thisfredralsina: james-h is working on bindwood, so we sort of have an aussie ;)14:23
ralsinathisfred: oh, right!14:23
faganah well im a bit of a late developer myself I do my best work from 5pm to 10pm most days so I might be more in your timezone14:23
ralsinafagan: oh, great :-)14:23
faganSo ill see what time I settle on :)14:24
ralsinawe should all adopt a timezone and move our shedule there, like in Doctorow's Eastern Standard Tribe14:24
mandelalecu: one question, do you have a rule of thumb regarding string in your code, always '' or things like that?14:24
alecumandel, I usually use "14:24
alecumandel, except when touching code that already uses '14:24
faganOh crap I forgot to get more power sockets for my new screens :/ looks like im going to have to go walking again. Good think its a sunny day for once in Ireland.14:25
thisfredfagan: Ah, Ireland, so you're off tomorrow? :)14:26
faganI was actually thinking about working a bit tomorrow14:27
faganIm a bad Irish person14:27
faganBut since I had a week of drinking 2 weeks ago and a few parties since I dont feel ive let the team down14:27
thisfredI have no Irish blood whatsoever, but I was considering taking tomorrow off, as my favorite Irish pub has a happy hour at midnight tonight ;)14:28
ralsinamandel: *how* do I run that on windows?14:28
mandelralsina: hmm run-test.bat should work with failures, and run-test should work on linux with no failures14:29
ralsinamandel: oh, I thought you wanted me to run the SSO client itself :-)14:29
ralsinamandel: ImportError: No module named lazr.restfulclient.errors14:30
mandelralsina: we are close, but not yet there...14:30
faganralsina: get lazr.restfulclient14:30
ralsinafagan: no kidding ;-)14:30
faganThat was one of the many errors we ran into earlier14:31
ralsinacan I mention that I hate when people don't put python things on pypi?14:33
* fagan wonders if the ATI drivers have been fixed yet so he can use his nice shiny desktop with unity14:37
dobeyralsina: wah wah14:38
alecufagan, I've been using unity with the open source ati drivers, and it's been working ok for a few months now.14:38
ralsinamandel: not working :-(14:38
ralsinamandel: https://pastebin.canonical.com/44803/14:38
ralsinafagan: unity-2d works great on anything ;-)14:39
alecufagan, it's a laptop with Radeon HD 3200 graphics14:39
ralsinadobey: sorry, I channeling my inner you ;-)14:39
alecuralsina, you keep using unity-2d? Does the progressbar and emblem work on it?14:39
ralsinaalecu: works GREAT with it14:39
dobeyralsina: not really. i just hate python :)14:40
ralsinaalecu: natty and VBox 4.0.4 hate each other with the intensity of 1000 suns14:40
faganalecu: mine is one of those newer ones for desktop that acts kinda funny on the open source drivers but it does work a bit14:40
alecudobey, you hate *everything*14:40
mandelralsina: humm I though I fixed that, ok late me update the branch14:40
ralsinadobey: rewrite python in Vala!14:40
faganbut unity isnt working at the moment for some reason14:40
dobeyalecu: an obvious lie14:40
alecurewrite Vala in python!14:41
dobeyrewriting python in vala is pointless14:41
dobeypython uses enough memory without having everything be a giant gobject14:41
faganyeah it all compiles to C++ anyway14:42
dobeyC, not C++14:42
faganoh I thought it was C++14:42
dobeyGObjecitified C14:42
fagani love C and miss it when using C++14:43
faganmaybe its because I came from java and C#14:43
faganOk gtg buy some plugs so I have enough power sockets for all my stuff in the one side of my room14:44
ralsinaalecu: writing Vala in python makes way too much sense ;-)14:44
dobeypython almost never makes sense14:45
alecuvalac.py, right.14:45
faganisnt there already a java port of python14:45
faganthat no one uses14:46
ralsinafagan: sure, jython.14:46
dobeythere's also a python port of python that nobody uses14:46
ralsinafagan: it actually has a lot of users. They are just very private people.14:46
alecuthe jython maintainer works for canonical now.14:46
faganOh thats cool14:46
ralsinadobey: pypy is the future. It's almost feature complete and the benchmarks are looking great.14:46
faganJava is a language I want to stay pretty far away from after using other languages14:47
alecufagan, then don't get an Android phone :-)14:47
faganI got one two weeks ago14:47
mandeltryong to combince dobey that python is good is like trying to make me behave… there is not way is going to happen :)14:47
ralsinafagan: you can always program for it unsing Qt and C++ :-)14:47
faganYeah that would do14:48
mandelralsina: I'm seen tha, will it actually work in al phones?14:48
* ralsina starts thinking of a way to combine those two things mandel mentioned14:48
alecudoes not change the fact that it's *the* javaphone.14:48
ralsinamandel: I tested it on Android and it's pretty damn impressive14:48
faganI just noticed that canonical do use Qt in some of their applications14:48
m_conleyJamesTait: ping14:48
ralsinafagan: guess what you will be using on the windows port of u1? ;-)14:49
faganunity 2d, bzr explorer and the windows port of u114:49
faganyeah mandel was saying14:49
dobeyWindows.Forms ftw14:49
JamesTaitm_conley: pong. Hi!14:49
faganI remember win forms :/14:49
mandelralsina: you can now pull the branch again and try it, it should run now...14:49
m_conleyJamesTait: hi!  I'm that guy doing the TB + UbuntuOne integration.  Thanks for the mail!14:49
ralsinamandel: cool, doing it14:49
fagangtk was a breath of fresh air after using win forms and swing14:50
JamesTaitm_conley: I recognised the name, I've been looking forward to hearing from you. :)14:50
dobeyanyway python is evil. ∎14:50
m_conleyJamesTait: I've also seen your work with Hedera.  I hope it's cool that I take this project on - I'd hate to take any steam away from your project.14:50
JamesTaitm_conley: I think I saw your work on the Messaging Menu integration, but bookmarked it because I don't run Natty yet. :)14:51
ralsinadobey: yes, but it is the right kind of evil14:51
dobeyobvously not14:52
dobeyor i would like it14:52
ralsinamandel: https://pastebin.canonical.com/44804/14:52
m_conleyJamesTait: just to give you a sense of my attack trajectory on this thing - I'm writing most of the code in C++ as an XPCOM component14:52
ralsinamandel: or, BZZZZZT, no module named gobject14:52
JamesTaitm_conley: As for contact sync, I'd love to hear more about your project.14:52
* ralsina should re-ping the amarok guy!14:53
JamesTaitm_conley: I'm also currently holding off a cold, so apologies for the slow typing. :)14:53
m_conleyJamesTait: it's still in the very early stages.  Documentation for connecting to DesktopCouch is a little scarce, so I'm looking at example code spread out around the web.14:53
m_conleyJamesTait: get well soon!14:53
beunom_conley, aquarius is your man for information on integrating with desktopcouch14:54
m_conleyJamesTait: I'm also going to go read-only to start with.  This is similar to our OSX address book support:  there are some async issues with the design of the TB address book.14:54
JamesTaitm_conley: Thanks. :) I believe the documentation situation is being worked on by aquarius14:54
m_conleyaquarius:  it's not a criticism by any means - I know it's hard to doc when things are still fluid, and moving quickly.14:55
JamesTaitm_conley: Right, I was looking at the OSX code for insipration. :)14:55
m_conleyJamesTait: ditto - that's essentially what I'm going to be cloning.14:56
m_conleyJamesTait: so those are my plans on it, in a nutshell.  :)14:56
JamesTaitm_conley: I hit a bit of a stumbling block with some of the JavaScript bindings, then joined Canonical, then things have been kinda busy (both inside and outside work) and I never really got a good run at it yet.14:57
m_conleyJamesTait: congrats on joining Canonical.  :)14:57
m_conleyJamesTait: well, I'll certainly be studying your code for help.  As well as the Evolution CouchDB backend code.14:57
m_conleylots of examples to gaze at14:58
JamesTaitm_conley: Ditto on joining Mozilla Messaging. :)14:58
* m_conley highfives JamesTait14:58
mandelralsina: sorry I forgot an extra change… try again14:58
* mandel needs a brake14:58
ralsinamandel: ok14:58
JamesTaitm_conley: If there's anything I can help out with, I'm more than happy to - similarly, it'd be good if I can pick your brains occasionally. :)14:58
aquariusm_conley, aha! I've just dropped you an email :)14:58
ralsinamandel: let's get this one and then take a break14:59
m_conleyaquarius: ah, I see that - hello!14:59
m_conleyJamesTait: great, thanks!  And please, pick away.  :)  I'll idle in here from now on.14:59
JamesTaitm_conley: I've been working strictly in JavaScript & XUL, I have no experience with the C++ bindings other than browsing IDL files online! :D14:59
m_conleyJamesTait: as a guy mainly used to Python and Ruby, C++ was a bit of a shock for me too, but I'm getting used to it.15:00
m_conleyJamesTait: Compiling.  *shudder*15:00
JamesTaitI just occasionally stumble upon the C++ source and try to remember what I learned 15 years ago....15:00
m_conleyaquarius: So I've been looking at the Evolution CouchDB backend, as well as the test-suite for DesktopCouch...do you have any other recommended examples or documentation for me to look at?15:01
ralsinamandel: looking good...15:02
aquariusm_conley, bindwood, which is the firefox extension for syncing bookmarks to desktopcouch, is probably the most up-to-date example of xpcom/js to DC integration (including a little d-bus thing for finding out where desktopcouch *is*). jamesh is your man for bindwood; https://launchpad.net/bindwood has v1.99.0 which is the latest, as of about four hours ago :P15:03
dobeyok my brain is still a bit fuzzy, off for a bit to wake up and get some lunch15:03
ralsinamandel: it passes but I get a ton of lint15:03
JamesTaitm_conley: What I'll do is drop you a more in-depth mail later on with some background info and some of the problems I hit, rather than try to discuss it here and now, then I'll hopefully drop in here this evening and see where we can help each other out. How does that sound?15:03
m_conleyJamesTait: sounds awesome. :)  Thanks!15:04
m_conleyaquarius: thanks!  Checking out Bindwood now...15:04
JamesTaitm_conley: Great, I'll speak to you later then. Thanks for getting back!15:04
m_conleyJamesTait: np - nice talking with you15:04
aquariusm_conley, and if you have questions about the contact format itself and how to work with it (rather than more how-do-I-work-with-desktopcouch questions) then JamesTait and teknico are the guys with the Knowledge :)15:05
* JamesTait heads out for the school run in an attempt not to be late for the Knowledge Sharing session at 4.15:05
m_conleyaquarius: yep, that's likely the next hurdle, so good to know - thanks!15:06
JamesTaitaquarius: Oh, I thought that was your bag - that's why I kept asking you! :-P15:06
mandelralsina: yes, that lint occurs only on the windows side and not linux… we could add the lint messages to the import of linux too, but at that point, shall we just remove those erros?15:06
JamesTaitOK, I'm really leaving now.15:06
lalejandmandel : the fix for SSO bug isn't yet in the ppa ?15:07
mandelralsina: also, pythoncom and win32 do funny things with the python paths at runtime that lint does not like15:07
aquariusJamesTait, heh. I have the overview; you've got the in-the-trenches knowledge, having been working with it for the last couple of months :)15:07
ralsinamandel: no, I don't care about them, they are obviously about linux stuff not being here.15:07
ralsinamandel: ok, so +115:07
jameshm_conley: the interesting code is in modules/{couchdb,oauth,desktopcouch}.jsm15:07
m_conleyjamesh: mmhmm - reading bindwood.jsm right now15:07
mandellalejand: the merge has been done, it will be build as soon as a new branch lands, give it some time and it will be ready15:07
mandellalejand: if urgent, rye has a deb built already15:08
lalejandmandel : okay15:08
jameshm_conley: the main couch.jsm is the JS interface used by futon.  desktopcouch.jsm integrates the OAuth support and handles activation/location of the local desktopcouch instance15:09
lalejandmandel : not urgent, since you said "during the day" yesterday, I though I was having an updating problem. But I will wait, no problem.15:09
mandellalejand: I wanted to be earlier, but I had to patch something else to get the fix to work :)15:10
lalejandmandel : no problem :)15:10
mandeldobey: is there a way to tell u1lint form where to read the conf, or to add and remove warning in files according to some rule, it would be nice to have just hte linux warning for the linux stuff and vice versa15:12
mandellalejand: if you are around I'll ping you when done15:12
lalejandmandel : ok15:12
m_conleyjamesh: nice work here.  :)15:13
jameshm_conley: I can't take credit for it: I've only done some cleanups and FF4 compatibility work on this particular bit of Bindwood15:16
=== teknico is now known as teknico_away
* mandel lunch15:16
jameshm_conley: I did try to make the code more easy to reuse outside of Bindwood though.15:17
m_conleyjamesh: mmhmm - I see that.  There's a problem with the licensing however...MPL isn't exactly compatible with GPL3.  :/15:18
jameshm_conley: If the current licensing for those files is a problem, I'm sure we can fix it.15:21
m_conleyjamesh: that's certainly a possibility.  I'm still weighing the pros and cons of implementing a DesktopCouch interface as a C++ XPCOM component15:22
m_conleyjamesh: prior art is always a plus.  :)15:23
jameshm_conley: we can't do much about couch.jsm and oauth.jsm (both external modules with Apache licensing), but we should be in a position to change the licensing of desktopcouch.jsm and couch_env.sh15:23
m_conleyjamesh: duly noted - I'll let you know.  :)15:24
jameshm_conley: I'm not really in a position to judge whether a C++ interface would be worthwhile.  It wasn't really necessary for Bindwood, and I've managed to stay away from the C++ side of Mozilla since ~ 2001 :)15:27
m_conleyjamesh: I'd be all over the JS implementation in a heartbeat, except that the TB address book code is a bit..er...JS unfriendly.15:28
pavolzetorhi, could someone help me with couchdb in VALA15:39
pavolzetorI cannot create permanent view15:40
pavolzetor./database_example.vala:66.19-66.24: error: Argument 1: Cannot convert from `CouchDB.DesignDocument' to `CouchDB.Document'15:40
pavolzetortihs error I get from valac15:40
mandelrodrigo_:  take a look a that ^15:42
rodrigo_hmm, DesignDocument is a subclass of Document15:44
pavolzetordoes it work in C?15:44
rodrigo_so I guess there's something wrong with the vala stuff15:44
rodrigo_mandel, can yo write that same program (or a little part of it) in C and check?15:45
rodrigo_it should work in C, yes15:45
pavolzetorhmm, :/15:45
pavolzetorI am new in VAla and couchdb15:45
rodrigo_pavolzetor, can you pastebin the code?15:46
pavolzetorof course15:46
=== teknico_away is now known as teknico
rodrigo_pavolzetor, well, the part that uses the design doc is enough15:47
pavolzetorfunction search15:47
pavolzetorit is not done15:48
pavolzetorbut there is code15:48
pavolzetorand, is there way to create temporary view?15:48
pavolzetorbecause execute_view needs view in database15:49
rodrigo_pavolzetor, you can build your own query, with Couchdb.Query15:52
rodrigo_look at the couchdb docs for how to build the query15:52
mandelrodrigo_: I can write the same in c if you want, as soon as a finish my lunch ;)15:52
pavolzetorI cannot find any function which contains "query" word in vapi15:53
rodrigo_pavolzetor, what version of couchdb-glib are you using?15:54
pavolzetor * Vala bindings for couchdb-glib 0.7.015:54
pavolzetorthis one15:54
rodrigo_pavolzetor, and you don't have a Couchdb.Query object?15:55
pavolzetorbut this vapi is pretty old15:55
pavolzetorabout 2 months15:55
rodrigo_well, if it's from 0.7.0, it should really have that, so I guess the vapi is wrong15:56
rodrigo_dobey fixed recently some vala-related stuff, iirc15:56
rodrigo_so maybe that's what's missing15:56
pavolzetorwait a minute15:57
pavolzetorI have natty, so there should be pretty new couchdb15:57
pavolzetorbut vala binding are terrible15:57
rodrigo_pavolzetor, the very latest is in git master15:57
rodrigo_although dobey's branch is still in needs-fixing -> https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/couchdb-glib/vapi-build/+merge/4928115:57
rodrigo_pavolzetor, yes15:57
rodrigo_dobey, what's up with that branch ^^ ?15:58
pavolzetorI don't know this branch exists15:58
pavolzetoris it hard to compile it?15:59
rodrigo_pavolzetor, no, ./autogen.sh && make && make install16:00
pavolzetorhmm, so I should compile dobey's branch?16:00
rodrigo_gcc does compile it for you :)16:00
rodrigo_pavolzetor, try please16:00
pavolzetorand I have rewritten my database system to SQlite, because of Vala and coiuchdb16:01
pavolzetorbut I wanna ubuntu one intergration16:01
rodrigo_pavolzetor, ok, let me know if the vapi from that branch works16:02
pavolzetorcouchdb-glib/Makefile.am:113: HAVE_INTROSPECTION does not appear in AM_CONDITIONAL16:02
pavolzetorcouchdb-glib/Makefile.am: installing `./depcomp'16:02
pavolzetordesktopcouch-glib/Makefile.am:43: HAVE_INTROSPECTION does not appear in AM_CONDITIONA16:02
rodrigo_pavolzetor, install gobject-introspection16:03
pavolzetorstuck on these16:03
rodrigo_with apt-get16:03
pavolzetorthx, sorry16:03
pavolzetorpk@pk-laptop:~/Programming/speedyrss/src$ valac ./database_example.vala --pkg couchdb-glib-1.0 --pkg desktopcouch-glib-1.0 --vapidir ../vapi16:14
pavolzetorerror: Package `couchdb-glib-1.0' not found in specified Vala API directories or GObject-Introspection GIR directories16:14
pavolzetorI have it installed16:14
pavolzetorbut this reports valac16:14
Chipacapavolzetor: what do you have installed?16:15
pavolzetorthis branch16:16
pavolzetorand I have removed old vapi file16:17
pavolzetorwith old vapi get this error again16:19
pavolzetorvalac ./database_example.vala --pkg couchdb-glib-1.0 --pkg desktopcouch-glib-1.0 --vapidir ../vapi16:19
pavolzetor./database_example.vala:66.19-66.24: error: Argument 1: Cannot convert from `CouchDB.DesignDocument' to `CouchDB.Document'16:19
pavolzetor                ^^^^^^16:19
pavolzetorCompilation failed: 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)16:19
dobeyrodrigo_: i haven't had time to make the changes yet16:28
pavolzetormaybe vapi file is old16:29
pavolzetorit doesn't contain query16:30
pavolzetorI will try update it16:30
JamesTait15:28 <m_conley> jamesh: I'd be all over the JS implementation in a heartbeat, except that the TB address book code is a bit..er...JS unfriendly. <-- I'll second that. :)16:30
pavolzetorbut I don't know, how define subclasses in vapi16:30
pavolzetorvapi file16:30
pavolzetor brb16:31
dobeypavolzetor: try just using --pkg Couchdb-1.0 with gir1.2-couchdb-1.0 installed. anddon't bother with the vapi for now16:32
alecumandel, ImportError: No module named pythoncom16:47
alecumandel, doing ./runtests in https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/implement_windows_main_1/+merge/5270716:47
alecuI've pasted the whole error in the merge proposal16:48
mandelalecu: run-test is proably not ignore the windows tests, let me check16:48
alecumandel, yes, that's what the error looks like,.16:49
=== alecu is now known as alecu-lunch
=== beuno is now known as beuno-lunch
mandelalecu-lunch: the branch is ready, can you  check it when ever you are back17:08
pavolzetorI am back17:12
pavolzetorwhat branch?17:12
mandelpavolzetor: was that to me?17:13
mandelpavolzetor: I was talking with alecu-lunch :)17:13
dobeypavolzetor: nothing ot do with couchdb-glib17:13
pavolzetordobey: why?17:13
dobeybecause mandel isn't working on couchdb-glib17:14
pavolzetordobey: ok17:14
mandelpavolzetor: if a nick is at the beggining of a sentence, the message is just for that person17:14
mandelmandel: is a monkey17:15
dobeymandel: two spaniards walk into a bar...17:15
pavolzetordobey: what vapi have you used in test-couchdb-glib-vapi.vala?17:15
mandeldobey: hehe17:16
pavolzetordobey: I got it :-D17:16
dobeypavolzetor: it's using the one that gets generated. all that file does is test that it compiles17:16
mandeldobey: I saw you managed to fix nightlies, sorry for the pain, I was for sure not expecting issues with distutils extra…  also i did not know they where commitlies...17:17
mandelI need to go, catch you later!17:17
dobeyi also wasn't aware at the time that you could just do --pkg GirName-X.Y and it would use the gir to build with17:17
pavolzetordobey: hmm, I am losted17:17
pavolzetordobey: how do you compiled it? I use this command valac ./database_example.vala --pkg couchdb-glib-1.0 --pkg desktopcouch-glib-1.017:18
pavolzetorand I add vapi folder location17:18
dobeypavolzetor: use --pkg Couchdb-1.0 --pkg Desktopcouch-1.017:19
dobeyand make sure you have gir1.2-couchdb-1.0 and gir1.2-desktopcouch-1.0 installed17:19
dobeyand the libcouchdb-glib-dev and libdesktopcouch-glib-dev packages17:20
pavolzetordobey: thx, I will try it and maybe try write tutorial17:21
pavolzetorthere is so few info on the web17:21
pavolzetorfor newbies17:21
pavolzetorI am not totally newbie, but I have worked in C17:21
pavolzetorcouchdb-glib configured:17:28
pavolzetor ------------------------17:28
pavolzetor version:       0.7.017:28
pavolzetor oAuth:         yes17:28
pavolzetor introspection: no17:28
pavolzetor bindings:      Mono (no)17:28
pavolzetorhow can I enable introspection?17:28
dobeydo you not have packages available already?17:29
dobeywhy are you building it from source?17:29
pavolzetordobey: I have installed them17:29
pavolzetorbecause of rodrigo17:30
pavolzetorhe/she told me, that I should use compile it from source (couchdb0glib)17:30
pavolzetorchecking for gobject-introspection... configure: error: gobject-introspection-1.0 is not installe17:31
pavolzetorbut I have it installed17:31
dobeyare you on ubuntu 11.04?17:32
dobeythen you don't need to compile it from source17:32
pavolzetorwait for second17:32
dobeyrodrigo was suggesting building my branch which adds the vapi17:33
dobeybecause you are trying to use it from vala17:33
pavolzetordobey: so I should it compile from source?17:33
dobeyyou do not need to17:33
dobeyrodrigo_: are you still here?17:35
pavolzetordobey: so where is vapi file?17:37
dobeyyou don't need the vapi file17:37
pavolzetordobey: sorry, I just closed window :/17:37
pavolzetordobey: gir makes it instead of it?17:38
pavolzetordobey: error: Package `GLib-2.0' not found in specified Vala API directories or GObject-Introspection GIR directories17:39
pavolzetorerror: Package `GObject-2.0' not found in specified Vala API directories or GObject-Introspection GIR directories17:39
pavolzetorI gotta these errors17:39
dobeydo you have gir1.2-glib-1.0 installed?17:42
pavolzetorof course17:43
pavolzetorI don't see 1.017:43
dobeyerr, 2.0 yes17:46
dobeyand gir1.2-gobject-2.0?17:46
dobeyerr, no, there is only the glib one17:47
pavolzetoryes, I cannot find it17:47
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pavolzetorif I compile simple vala file, it works17:47
pavolzetor--pkg couch and desktop cause these problems, imho17:48
dobeydoes --pkg GObject-2.0 work?17:48
pavolzetorerror: Package `GObject-2.0' not found in specified Vala API directories or GObject-Introspection GIR directories17:49
pavolzetordon;t thik17:49
pavolzetorls /usr/share/gir-1.017:51
pavolzetorAtk-1.0.gir           GnomeGamesSupport-1.0.gir  SoupGNOME-2.4.gir17:51
pavolzetorCouchdb-1.0.gir       Gtk-2.0.gir                Soup-2.4.gir17:51
pavolzetorDbusmenuGtk-0.4.gir   Gwibber-0.1.gir            TelepathyGLib-0.12.gir17:52
pavolzetorDbusmenu-0.4.gir      Indicate-Gtk-0.5.gir       Unique-1.0.gir17:52
pavolzetorDesktopcouch-1.0.gir  Indicate-0.5.gir           Unity-3.0.gir17:52
pavolzetorGConf-2.0.gir         Json-1.0.gir               UPowerGlib-1.0.gir17:52
pavolzetorGdkPixbuf-2.0.gir     PangoCairo-1.0.gir         Vte-0.0.gir17:52
pavolzetorGdkX11-2.0.gir        PangoFT2-1.0.gir           Wnck-1.0.gir17:52
pavolzetorGdk-2.0.gir           PangoXft-1.0.gir17:52
pavolzetorGee-1.0.gir           Pango-1.0.gir17:52
pavolzetorI don't know, why is glib missing17:52
dobeydo you not have libglib2.0-dev or whatever that package is?17:57
dobeyalso please don't paste ls/command output that big inchannel. use paste.ubuntu.com17:58
pavolzetordobey: okey18:00
pavolzetoryes I have but it doesn't contain file18:00
pavolzetorit contains files, but don't ones, that I need18:01
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dobeyyou need libgirepository1.0-dev18:01
dobeyor the girs are just broken18:02
dobeywhich is very likely18:02
pavolzetorit is weird18:02
dobeyit's not weird, it's untested18:02
pavolzetorbecause libgee-dev contains gir18:02
pavolzetorlibcouchdb-dev contains gir18:02
pavolzetorbut libglib2-dev nor18:02
pavolzetordpkg -S /usr/share/gir-1.0/Gee-1.0.gir18:03
pavolzetorlibgee-dev: /usr/share/gir-1.0/Gee-1.0.gir18:03
dobeybecause it's in libgirepository18:03
pavolzetorand so on18:03
dobeywhich is a part of glib18:03
pavolzetorno it is in package18:03
pavolzetorthanks, libgirepo fixed it18:03
pavolzetor./database_example.vala:3.9-3.20: error: The symbol `DesktopCouch' could not be found18:04
pavolzetorpublic DesktopCouch.Session session;18:04
pavolzetorshould I use namespace?18:04
pavolzetorhmm, "using" is similar to "#include" in C?18:06
pavolzetorbut it works without it18:08
pavolzetorit is like namespaces in C++18:09
pavolzetorusing std18:09
pavolzetorit is not include18:09
pavolzetorbut i hate namespaces public Desktopcouch.Session session;18:10
pavolzetoris much more better then18:10
pavolzetorpublic Session session;18:10
pavolzetorIMHO, that I know, it is related to desktopcouch18:10
pavolzetorand last question, how I know what functions contains lib, if there is no vapi?18:11
pavolzetorgir files are so huge for me :-D18:11
dobeyno namespaces are like namespaces18:12
dobeyopen the gir in firefox then18:12
pavolzetorokey, maybe I have a bit mess in  them18:12
pavolzetoromg, I am so stupid, thanks18:12
pavolzetoris there any viewer, firefox looks pretty ugly18:13
pavolzetorit display XML tags18:13
CardinalFangstatik, fwiw, my screen creeps even darker.  Max is now ~30% of what it was.18:20
dobeypavolzetor: i said firefox because it lets you collapse the tags i think18:22
dobeypavolzetor: but no there is no specific viewer for .gir files18:22
pavolzetordobey: no way, vapi files was better for studying18:23
dobeynot really18:24
pavolzetorbut now, I cannot compile original file18:24
pavolzetorold vapi work, this reports errors18:24
pavolzetorerror: The name `get_document' does not exist in the context of `Couchdb.Database'18:24
pavolzetorbut it exists in couchdb.Database18:25
pavolzetorvar doc = this.db.get_document(id);18:26
pavolzetorthis part of code causes it18:27
pavolzetorhow can I fix it?18:34
pavolzetorbecuase there is no error in my code i think18:34
dobeywell look at the gir and see if there is a get_document there18:38
dobeybut i don't have time to teach you how to debug it18:40
pavolzetordobey: okey, thanks, but it is here18:41
pavolzetorI checked it at firt18:41
dobeycase matters18:42
pavolzetorhmm, I will try everything what I want and then I ask you, thx for your time18:44
pavolzetorbut I thing, it is broken18:47
pavolzetorwhere can I report bug?18:47
dobeyon launchpad18:47
pavolzetorcouchdb-glib pkg?18:47
pavolzetorI hope, they answer quickly, because it slows down my project18:50
bravebugHi, guys! Can you help me? In ArchLinux /usr/bin/python = /usr/bin/python3. What build flag or option I need to use to build it for /usr/bin/python2?20:34
CardinalFangbravebug, build what?20:34
bravebugI mean ubuntuone-client20:35
bravebugenglist not my native languge20:35
bravebugWhen I use "./configure > make > make install". ubuntuone-launch give python SyntaxError20:39
CardinalFangbravebug, right.  It probably won't work with Python 3.  But, try "python2  ubuntuone-launch" instead.20:42
bravebugit is a spike, but I want normal leg20:44
bravebugAre there any build flags for it? You know?20:45
CardinalFangbravebug, I'll look.20:46
bravebugok, thanks20:46
CardinalFangbravebug, no, there's nothing you can do with configure or make to change it.20:51
CardinalFangbravebug, at best, change the first line of all four files in bin/* .20:51
dobeyyou can't specify python2 or 3 as the default to use20:52
dobeyyou will have to patch the scripts to use python 2.720:52
dobeyyou'll have to do this with most stuff i guess20:53
dobeywhy would they set python3 to the default? that's insane :)20:53
CardinalFangYes, I'm surprised much of Arch works at all.20:53
CardinalFang...assuming it does, here.20:53
bravebugdobey: It talks about this distribution like very modern :)20:56
CardinalFangbravebug, it's very advanced.  It's living in 2014.  Software from now hasn't caught up.21:01
dobeyit's like chopping off your legs to prepare for self driving cars :)21:02
bravebugmay be, but it is reality :)21:03
dobeyreality is i will never buy a self driving car21:03
bravebugWe hope to push other distribution follow this way21:04
bravebugand push developers write code for this21:04
bravebugI talking with pathos may be, but I belive in that21:06
dobeyif i wanted to spend all my time fixing stuff constantly, i'd buy a fiat21:07
dobeywhen i'm not fixing software during the day for work, i like the rest of my system to still work :)21:08
bravebugeureka! ./configure ac_cv_path_PYTHON=/usr/bin/python221:26
bravebugThanks guys!21:26
dobeythat doesn't work. the scripts are not generated by replacing that value21:29
dobeyit might make 'make check' succeed, but that's about it21:29
bravebug:( I see now21:29
dobeyactually it probably won't even make that work21:30
bravebugIt is part of success21:30
dobeysince ubuntuone-dev-tools also probably doesn't work with python321:30
intraderMy tomboy note's synchronize says 'one note updated' - however the note in the ubuntu-one site is not updated; what it has is some two or three days old.21:33
dobeylater all21:52
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