ochosimicahg: yeah, the git-snapshot is stable, that's what i've been packaging/using/testing for my ppa over the last weeks and months08:32
charlie-tcaGood morning13:49
ochosimicahg: the thing with what happened since 1.1.6 is that it's bugfix and ui-improvements15:57
micahgochosi: right, is there a specific version I should pull until?15:58
ochosimicahg: no real features were added apart from soundmenu-support15:59
ochosiand soundmenu support is really important for natty15:59
ochosiit's almost a bugfix imo ;)15:59
micahgochosi: the sound menu integration won't break Debian, right?16:00
ochosimicahg: no, it's a plugin16:00
ochosimicahg: do you want to build again for debian as well?16:00
micahgochosi: yeah, I'd like to maintain this in Debian if we can16:00
ochosihm okay16:00
ochosimicahg: well i thought that the easiest thing might be to just use my patched version for ubuntu16:01
ochosibecause it's so easy (you can just pull it from my ppa)16:01
ochosiand then build 1.1.7 for debian when it's ready16:01
ochosiand supersede ubuntu's middle-version or something16:01
charlie-tcastill getting that icon error from the ppa16:01
ochosicharlie-tca: did you try to reinstall or reload the sources?16:02
ochosicharlie-tca: and hi btw :)16:02
ochosivery strange, i can't reproduce that problem (yet)16:02
charlie-tcaI reload sources couple times a day16:02
ochosiusually the buildbot would complain with an issue like this 16:02
ochosicharlie-tca: i'll take an in-depth look at your issue today16:03
ochosicharlie-tca: could you please repost the whole output?16:03
charlie-tcaplease do. I would not want to pull from a ppa for the users to use it, just to have them getting errors16:03
charlie-tcaProcessing triggers for menu ...16:04
charlie-tcaIn file "/usr/share/menu/gmusicbrowser", at (or in the definition that ends at) line 7:16:04
charlie-tca                       ^16:04
charlie-tcaUnexpected end of line.16:04
charlie-tcaSkipping file because of errors...16:04
charlie-tcaIs that the .desktop file or a different menu file?16:04
ochosiguess that's the desktop-file, i'll quickly see whether changing that fixes the issue16:05
ochosicharlie-tca: i'm uploading the supposed fix now to a different ppa, i'll send you a link for testing as soon as it's built16:11
mr_pouit "/usr/share/menu/gmusicbrowser"16:16
mr_pouitthat's not a desktop file16:16
mr_pouitthat's a debian menu file16:16
ochosimr_pouit: heyo16:24
ochosimr_pouit: yeah, it's in debian/gmusicbrowser.menu16:24
ochosibut i still don't quite get the error16:24
mr_pouitochosi: there's an empty line, try to remove it16:25
mr_pouitor either add a \ at the end16:25
ochosiyep that's what i did and hoped that it'd fix the issue16:29
ochosistrange thing is that in maverick there's no problem16:29
charlie-tcaheh, I test because I have the ability to make things break good16:34
ochosicharlie-tca: https://launchpad.net/~simon-steinbeiss/+archive/gmb-git16:44
charlie-tcaput it where?16:44
ochosiadd that ppa instead of the shimmer-ppa16:45
ochosiand then update the package16:45
ochosicharlie-tca: and then let me know whether it works :)16:47
charlie-tcasame error16:54
charlie-tcanow got gmusicbrowser (1.1.6ppa12)16:55
charlie-tcaochosi: I show a space in the file after line 516:56
charlie-tcacommand="/usr/bin/gmusicbrowser" \ 16:56
charlie-tcaand then a blank line16:56
charlie-tcathen the icon= line16:57
charlie-tcashould I delete the file and then install again?17:00
charlie-tcaochosi: should I do a remove and reinstall, maybe? Could that be a leftover from the earlier file?17:01
ochosicharlie-tca: hm, you can try to purge and re-install, not sure it'll make a diff though...17:06
ochosii'll try to install that version in natty myself now17:06
charlie-tcapurged and reinstalled; made sure /usr/share/menu/gmusicbrowser went away17:13
charlie-tcareinstalled but still show a blank line 6 in the file17:13
ochosiand the install-error persisted?17:16
charlie-tcaI don't know yet, I am running updates again now17:16
ochosiah ok17:16
ochosiright, line 6 is empty :(17:17
ochosisry, i'll quickly fix that17:18
charlie-tcaremoving the empty line fixes it here17:18
ochosiyeah, i don't know how that ended up there17:18
ochosithere was a day when commits crossed each other with another contributor, so maybe it wasn't even me, who knows17:18
ochosianyhow, i'll fix this now and build new packages for the shimmer-ppa as well17:19
charlie-tcacould be, but at least we got it now17:19
ochosithanks charlie-tca, good catch17:19
charlie-tcaYou are welcome17:20
ochosimicahg: i'm talking to the gmusicbrowser dev again atm and he said: "in case 1.1.7 is not released in time for xubuntu, yes the best thing is to take the current git, it's the  most stable version18:11
ochosicherry-picking commits at this point would be stupid, it would result in an largely untested new version"18:11
ochosimicahg_: hmm, you're connection seems to have dropped before, did you get what i sent you?18:36
ochosior: read what i said18:36
cody-somervilleochosi, there are some risks/cons to taking git snapshot too; is there anything that can be done to help gmusicbrowser get the release out in time?18:39
ochosicody-somerville: i'm doing pretty much all i can to help the release. what risks/cons are there wrt using a git-snapshot?18:41
cody-somervilleochosi, besides the technical things like might not get the normal QAing upstream would do for a release and that we'd have to create the snapshot and put it into tarball (there might be complicated/undocumented release procedures or something), appearing like version 1.1.7 but not actually being 1.1.7 can be confusing - especially for someone say for example in the gmusicbrowser IRC channel trying to provide support to someo18:44
cody-somervillene using the git snapshot shipped with Xubuntu, lol.18:44
ochosicody-somerville: well, as the dev said himself (there's only one) this is in fact the most tested version, since 1.1.6 it's been bugfix only, also: he knows that we'd do that so he can still give support18:45
ochosicody-somerville: in fact i'm hanging out there too (#gmusicbrowser) giving support, so i think that side should be ok18:46
ochosicody-somerville: also: it shouldn't appear as 1.1.7 but as 1.1.6git$date (or whatever)18:46
cody-somervilleochosi, we've shipped unreleased code for xfce4 before and upstream xfce4 was not happy about it - users would report bugs already fixed or ask for help in #xfce for things already fixed or things that were later changed.18:46
* cody-somerville nods.18:46
ochosiyeah, sure, it *can* be annyoing for upstream, but in this case he's completely with us18:47
ochosiand i told him before that if gmb would be the default player in xubuntu people might start rants in his chan, so i guess he's in the picture ;)18:47
* cody-somerville grins.18:47
ochosibtw, i've been maintaining a fork of that player myself for at least a year now, it's really rock-solid18:48
ochosiquentin (the dev) has a debian mentality wrt release-policy18:48
ochosiand since ubuntu is based on debian's "unstable" i guess we can use gmusicbrowser "unstable"18:49
ochosi(hopefully including a few of the UI improvements i made over the years)18:49
ochosicody-somerville: guess that was all a bit verbose now, but i really thought a lot about all this beforehands ;)18:50
cody-somervilleochosi, much appreciated then :)18:51
ochosicody-somerville: alrighty :)18:53
mr_pouitWhen unreleased xfce code was shipped in xubuntu, upstream wasn't asked nor notified18:54
mr_pouitso that's a bit different here18:54
micahgochosi, we aim to provide stable versions (unstable just means less testing)18:55
micahgochosi, so, I should pull the latest git snapshot or do you have a specific revision that I should pull up to18:56
micahgmr_pouit, are you ok with me uploading a snapshot straight to Ubuntu?18:56
* micahg doesn't think Debian multimedia will go for it18:57
* micahg will ask them first though18:57
mr_pouitmicahg: yep, no problem18:59
charlie-tcaWe need a pretty solid release this cycle. I hear a lot of unhappiness with unity, and just as much about gnome319:02
* micahg just replaced pidgin with Empathy(AIM+xmpp) and Xchat (IRC) due to freenode failing with E_TOOMANYCHANNELS, even with 2 apps now, I have a smaller memory footprint19:04
* micahg wishes pidgin could be fixed19:05
charlie-tcaisn't empathy a pidgin fork?19:05
micahgwell, they're using the telepathy libs from fd.o19:06
* micahg just needs gwibber now for identi,ca and then it'll be all right :)19:06
micahgempathy sucks for most stuff, for those services I just need to be logged in case someone pings me19:07
charlie-tcaI use the browser for identi.ca19:07
ochosisry, was afk19:13
ochosimicahg: i don't think it's worth it to package the git-version for debian, debian can wait for 1.1.719:14
ochosimicahg: we can always supersede the snapshot that we'll get for ubuntu now with 1.1.719:14
micahgochosi, when do you estimate 1.1.7 happening?19:14
* micahg joins gmusicbrowser19:15
ochosimicahg: i talked to squentin (quentin sculo) a couple of times lately, he's not sure... :/ that's why i talked about the git-snapshot today19:15
ochosimicahg: so that we at least have *something* for xubuntu19:15
ochosimicahg: a more stable version than 1.1.6 at least19:16
micahgochosi, if we're talking 2 weeks, then I agree with you, if it's 2 months, I'd rather have a broader testing base and include Debian19:16
* charlie-tca likes things that work for the final release :-)19:16
ochosimicahg: he was considering releasing it last week, so it's around the corner19:17
ochosimicahg: but each day makes it a bit more difficult to get the ack from ubuntu as mr_pouit told me, so i guess i was getting nervous19:17
micahgochosi, well, depending on what's changed, we might not need an ACK, I'll have to look through the changelog later tonight19:18
ochosimicahg: ok :) as i said, it's only bugfix and ui-fixes/improvements (apart from the mpris2 plugin)19:18
micahgyeah, mpris2 will need an ACK if it's new, you can file the request if you like, once we get the ACK, I'll package it19:19
ochosiit's part of the core as a plugin, so it would make things easier for you to get the ack first19:20
ochosihm, never filed a request for ack before, how does it work?19:20
micahgochosi, so, file a bug against gmusicbrowser requesting an update, explain why the snapshot is stable and what the new features are that need to be ACKd, I'm already subscribed to gmusicbrowsr bugs, then subscribe ubuntu-release to the bug19:20
micahgochosi, inlcude the piece of the upstream changelog if it exists as well that's newer and a link to the upstream repo19:21
ochosii'm not part of the bugsquad, so i can't assign bugs to anyone19:21
micahgochosi, I didn't say assign :)19:21
ochosioh, ok :)19:21
ochosimicahg: so i can subscribe other people but not assign then :)19:21
micahgochosi, right19:21
ochosii assumed i could either do both or neither19:21
ochosiand a separate request for mpris?19:22
ochosior can that go in the same bugreport?19:22
mr_pouitmpris2.pm is already in 1.1.6 afaik19:22
ochosiah ok, wasn't sure anymore19:22
ochosithen this makes things a lot easier19:22
micahgoh, hmm, I remember ochosi saying 1.1.6 didn't have it19:22
micahgochosi, one request, mention all the new features19:23
ochosilet me check again19:23
micahgor rather my 1.1.6 doesn't ;)19:23
micahgI think I said it after I checked the current verion19:24
ochosino, 1.1.6 doesn't have it19:24
ochosimpris2 was released 24th of feb while 1.1.6 is from last year19:24
micahgmr_pouit, BTW, I still had the gmusicbrowser launcher even if I removed gmusicbrowser from the system19:24
ochosimicahg: you mean in the panel or in the soundmenu?19:25
micahgochosi, panel19:26
mr_pouitah, indeed, I've download the plugin manually19:26
mr_pouitmicahg: yep, because the panel does a copy of the desktop file and put it in ~/.config/xfcfe4/panel/launcher-XXXX19:26
ochosimicahg: ok, i'll do the request later tonight after i talked with squentin again19:31
ochosik, bbl19:33
ochosicharlie-tca: the shimmer-ppa is updated and hopefully that version works now as expected22:26
ochosicharlie-tca: if you could give it a try that would be great22:26
ochosiit has the same version number as the one from the other ppa i gave you today22:27
ochosiso you might have to remove it before you re-install it22:27
charlie-tcaochosi: fixed! Yay!22:33
ochosicharlie-tca: :)22:34
ochosiyes, that's what i needed to hear tonight22:34
ochosimicahg: you might have read it in #gmusicbrowser today anyway, but squentin said he'll release 1.1.7 tomorrow night22:34
ochosiit's all good news today it seems22:34
micahgochosi, great, but you might as well file the paperwork anyways :)23:28
ochosimicahg: yes, but i only want to do it once :)23:28
ochosimicahg: or do you think i should file it even though 1.1.7 hasn't been released yet?23:29
micahgwell, maybe we should wait so I can just request the sync with the FFe23:30
ochosimicahg: one more thing: i really need to apply a few UI-only patches to gmusicbrowser for xubuntu, can you help me with that?23:31
micahgochosi, Feature freeze exception23:34
micahgochosi, why can't they be merged upstream?23:34
ochosimicahg: too little time23:39
ochosimicahg: *most* of my changes are upstream now, but the review process really takes some time23:39
ochosimicahg: it's mostly not about whether it works or is a clean implementation but about what layouts to include etc.23:40
micahgochosi, are they Ubuntu specific?23:40
ochosimicahg: what do you mean?23:40
ochosimicahg: the UI changes would affect every distro using that version23:41
micahgochosi, could they go in Debian and are they submittted in a bugtracker upstream?23:41
ochosimicahg: there is no bugtracker upstream23:41
ochosimicahg: they could go in debian, but i would want to discuss that first with upstream23:41
ochosimicahg: and that would bring us back to square1 about the inclusion of my patches upstream23:42
ochosiwould you mind me showing you the difference between the non-patched version and the patched version?23:43
ochosimaybe you can then understand what this is about23:43
micahgochosi, no, but I'm about to run out again23:43
ochosiok, just one sec23:43
ochosimicahg: approx current default layout in gmb: http://gmusicbrowser.org/screenshots/QueueLibraryContext.png23:43
ochosimicahg: my layout: http://imagebin.org/14344823:44
ochosifeel free also to compare the icons and other stuff23:45
micahgI'm confused, the first one is what 1.1.7 will look like?23:46
ochosino, well...23:46
ochosiUI-wise gmusicbrowser hasn't changed much since ages23:47
ochosiat least not the default23:47
ochosithat's why it has never been adopted by any distro as default player23:47
ochosithat's why i worked so hard in my fork to improve the UI, because the underlying functions and framework are unique23:47
ochosii did a few layouts, the "desktop"-version you see in the screener, a netbook-layout, a party-mode and a traytip (in case someone uses the trayicon in natty)23:48
ochosimicahg: have you ever tried gmusicbrowser23:49
micahgI launched it to make sure it runs before committed to the VCS for Debian23:49
ochosiok, please give the original 1.1.6 version a quick spin and then try the version from my ppa: https://launchpad.net/~shimmerproject/+archive/ppa23:49
ochosithe changes are trivial on the code-level but the looks and usability are a lot better (imho)23:50
ochosiwhen deciding about gmb becoming the default player using the layout of the fork was an essential point23:51
ochosimicahg: ok, g2g now, good night and talk to you in friday (will be off tomorrow the whole day)23:54
ochosimicahg: let's keep our fingers crossed that everything will work out in time...23:54
micahgochosi, ok, we can get this sorted out over the weekend if you're available23:55
ochosimicahg: hopefully, i have a few friends visiting, so we'll see23:57
micahgok, monday's fine, beta freeze is next thursday, so we need to get it in before then23:57

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