KramBHow can I manage my iPod Touch 4G on 10.10?01:14
KramBWhat program can I use?01:15
gringostarHi, I'm using Xubuntu 10.10 on a presario laptop r3000 using the nvidia 96 driver. I was using a TV monitor in twin view when I tried the separate X screen option at the reboot the x server didnt load. I was asked for login and password then the command prompt. I'm now in recovery mode & failsafe graphic mode. I tried to load a backup of my xorg.conf but it give the same result (black screen/ password/ command). How can I solv02:24
gringostare this?02:24
Unit193gringostar: did you try X -configure?02:32
bdoghey anybody know how to make my speakers work only one side outputs sound02:40
gringostarUnit193 will try...02:44
gringostarUnit193: I'm back in normal mode but I'm not using the nvidia driver02:58
gringostarwill reboot02:59
nicofs_My xubuntu doesn't start anymore - i get as far as the splash screen (console says "Checking battery state... [ok]") - and then it stalls...10:18
nicofs_i guess that something that is supposed to be loaded stalls - where can i check, what is loaded at startup?10:42
nicofs_i know the problem is located somewhere in /etc/init.d/ and related folders - but i don't see in what order the scripts are executed...10:57
nmaizeyanyone with experience with vnc able to help me with an issue?11:30
Sysinmaizey: they can't know if they have enough experience if they don't know te problem11:36
Sysinicofs_: can you get to recovery?11:37
nmaizeyIm having issues with admin password screens when using remote viewers... I can get connection fine to my server but whenever i do something that requires the root password to be entered (i.e create new user) in the GUI the window does not show in the viewer... but if i plug the monitor into my server its showing there... have i got a setting wrong or something?11:40
Sysii think it's problem with gksudo, but i don't know how would you fix it11:41
Sysibut it's same in "normal" ubuntu11:41
nmaizeyhmm k11:42
nmaizeyguess i have to learn the terminal commands better then :-)11:42
beefsaladnmaizey: you'll probably need to do something like export DISPLAY=0:011:43
beefsaladerrr 0.0, not 0:011:44
Sysiwhat would it change?11:44
Sysi(i don't say not worth a try..)11:46
beefsaladit changes the display variable.... since the app is opening in the wrong place it's worth a try11:50
beefsaladI'm also guessing that 0.0 is where the display actually is ;)11:50
Sysihum, i dunno enough about vnc to say if that matters11:51
nmaizeynah same issue but thanks11:52
nmaizeyafter all that just worked out everything i need in terminal anyway so thanks for the help :-)12:00
beefsaladSysi: it does12:01
beefsalador I should say, it can...12:01
Sysiof course *can* but i don't/didn't undertant how12:02
Sysiluckily we're getting rid of xorg :P12:06
beefsaladdon't remember what xorg is being replaced with, but I have a feeling it's not going to fix everything wrong with X12:28
charlie-tca!info wayland17:33
ubottuPackage wayland does not exist in maverick17:33
nicofsBooting stalls after "checking battery state... [ok]" - i guess something from /etc/init.d that should be loaded is causing trouble - how do i find out what exactly?20:39
Sysiyou could first try booting to older kernel20:40
nicofsSysi, only one available... :-(20:41
nicofsfailsafe works, though20:41
charlie-tcanicofs: natty?20:41
charlie-tcaNatty did that today, just had to login on a tty and start gdm20:42
nicofscharlie-tca, jep.. until yesterday all was fine...20:42
nicofsok, will give it a try20:42
charlie-tcabug 73580520:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 735805 in gdm (Ubuntu) "GDM fails to start" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73580520:42
charlie-tcathat's why we use #ubuntu+1 for natty. they have the answers already20:42
nicofscharlie-tca, ok, didn't know...20:43
charlie-tcano problem20:43
charlie-tcaJust might get the wrong answers here, since these people are not running the development release and things change when using it20:44
nicofsanother question: is anyone here familiar with using multiple internet connections at the same time?20:48
Sysibasically it's harder to configure that you'd gain from it20:50
Sysiif you son't mean something like different connection to internet and other to home network20:50
Sysieven if you'd gain a lot from it it's hard20:50
nicofsi can connect to the internet via eth0 and wlan0 - two different physical networks... but i get kicked out of them frequently... so it would be great to just use them together so i can use whatever works at the moment...20:52
nicofs(by kicked out i don'T mean disconnected - i stay connected but the internet is gone...)20:52
Sysireboot your router20:53
nicofsit's not my router... sadly, i can'T reboot anything other than my pc20:53
nicofsi found a howto somewhere that was connected to a program i installed - but i can't find it atm...20:55
Sysiit used to be possible to have both active but idk how that worked20:55
nicofsthat's the guide... but i'm stuck configuring it...20:56
ubottuHi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!22:29
Corthello, I was wondering if there was any way to install Xubuntu without the live cd or usb22:30
charlie-tcause the alternate cd?22:30
charlie-tcaare you trying to do it without any cd or usb-drive?22:30
CortYeah, without the cd or usb22:32
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate22:33
charlie-tcacheck that last link22:33
Cortall right, thank you!22:33
Cortif I do it directly from the hdd, would it erase the version of windows I have installed?22:34
Cortsorry, i've only been using Puppy Linux from a usb before, don't know much about the installing process22:35
charlie-tcaI don't know, myself, but I would not think so. You do have to be careful partitioning the drive out, since the image can not be in the partition used for the installation22:35
ochosiCort: your installation method (cd, usb, netinstall) doesn't have any connection with the second os installed. you just have to get the partitioning right22:36
charlie-tcaMake sure you have a backup of important stuff22:36
CortHow exactly do I partition? Never done it before22:38
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap22:41
charlie-tcaUse gparted22:42
ubottugparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php22:42
Cortthis is really helpful, thanks22:43
Cortso I use GParted before installing xubuntu, right?22:46
charlie-tcaYou use gparted to create a partition to put the image in, I think.22:49
charlie-tcaI really can't be much help with it, since I haven't seen windows in about 6 years now22:51
Cortthat's ok, I think I get how to do this22:53

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