OmegaIs anyone using ayatana-scrollbar and a touchpad?03:07
ubot5Ubuntu bug 736592 in ayatana-scrollbar "Holding the scroll buttons does not cause continuous scrolling" [Undecided,New]03:30
ubot5Ubuntu bug 736586 in ayatana-scrollbar "The scrolling buttons don't always work on a touchpad" [Undecided,New]03:30
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LLStarksif i want to file a bug about not being able to drag a window out of fullscreen, what package would i file under? unity?04:37
LLStarksheh, the bug is already getting ongoing work04:52
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BigWhaleHow do I add shortcuts to dash?06:51
didrocksgood morning07:01
didrockssladen: can you elaborate on bug #736580 ?07:38
ubot5Launchpad bug 736580 in unity "Possible race condition in PanelMenuView::OnWindowMaximized and OnWindowRestored" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73658007:38
didrocksI'm not sure to get the issue07:38
zniavregood morning08:00
zniavredidrocks,  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nux/+bug/735908   > i hav filled this bug report after compiz update unity stil does not work   :o(08:01
ubot5Ubuntu bug 735908 in nux (Ubuntu) "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in nux::GpuRenderStates::SubmitChangeStates()" [Medium,Confirmed]08:01
didrockshey zniavre08:02
zniavrebonjour :o)08:02
didrocksoh, you are using the nouveau driver08:02
zniavreyes i am (but compiz is working with unity-2d and/or gnome-classic08:03
didrocksyeah, but we won't have the time to give enough support for it this cycle I'm afraid08:03
didrocksthe nouveau driver has some memory leaks and some tricky codepath08:03
zniavreha ok08:03
didrocksso depending on your hardware, it can work perfectly08:04
zniavredamned ...   :o)08:04
didrocks… or fail miserably :)08:04
didrockszniavre: did you try the nvidia driver itself?08:04
didrocksso, basically, for this cycle, we prefer to focus on the main case, make sure it rocks, and then, we can have a deeper look at nouveau08:04
zniavredidrocks,  i can't im using old hardware with 173.14.xx driver not yet available for new xserver i guess08:04
didrocksbut we can't have everything in a short period of time :)08:05
zniavrei understand08:05
didrockszniavre: the nvidia driver is now compatible with the latest Xorg, not sure about the "legacy" one though08:05
zniavrelegacy is not ...08:05
didrocksok, I didn't follow that :)08:05
didrocksso yeah, apart from waiting, I'm sorry, we will still give it a quick look if we can fix that08:06
didrocksbut no promess :)08:06
zniavremerci beaucoup de me répondre08:06
didrocksavec plaisir ;)08:07
smspillazzzzrobtaylor: poke08:07
smspillazzzzrobtaylor: so I'm not so sure about having an "always restart" behaviour, since if compiz was crashing due to some developer code running it would always restart08:08
=== smspillazzzz is now known as smspillaz
smspillazrobtaylor: maybe an --sm-always-restart would be good ? (Since that's for distros really)08:08
didrocksrobtaylor: smspillaz: compiz restart should be handle by gnome-session. It just needs to register to it08:09
didrocksit's working like for metacity & mutter08:09
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robtaylorsmspillaz: so, yes, optiuons. i was considering a --sm-no-restart flag, but really, there's already --sm-disable09:14
robtaylordidrocks: compiz restart *is* handled by gnome session09:15
didrocksrobtaylor: I was just reading smspillaz's comment on the --sm-always-restart which isn't supported by sm I think09:16
robtaylordidrocks: oh, no, the SM stuff is what's talking to gnome session09:16
robtaylordidrocks: so what i've done is add a single line of code that makes the sm stuff tell the session manager to always restart it09:16
robtaylordidrocks: and the question is, should there be a commandline option to enable/disable that behaviour, as its a PITA for development :)09:17
didrocksrobtaylor: oh, you don't have id exchange in sm for that? /me never looked at that part TBH, just relying on gtk to do that for me :)09:17
didrockshum, yeah, that can be nice to disable it for us :)09:18
didrocks(and so, the unity wrapper will disable it when restarting compiz manually)09:18
robtaylordidrocks: yeah, so atm the only way i've left to disable it is to disable sm , which would be annoying if you were hacking on the sm code :)09:19
didrocksrobtaylor: heh, right. Anyway, it's better to enable this by default and add a switch to disable it than the contrary :)09:19
robtaylordidrocks: interestingly, metacity doesn't get restarted nowadays - give it a try in classic mode09:20
robtaylordidrocks: that's what i was thinking09:20
didrocksrobtaylor: oh metacity doesn't respawn? Thanks for the head up. I'll have a look09:20
robtaylorsmspillaz: didrocks: though maybe a .compiz/config file might be more useful for devs.09:21
robtaylordidrocks: yeah, i think it's all about different gnome-session behaviour09:21
didrocksprobably, yeah…09:21
didrocksrobtaylor: well, I would go for a switch for now, so that in dev, we hack on it, and the unity wrapper will disable the respawn as well09:22
robtaylorfound one cute bug. gsm is supposed to repect the X-GNOME-AutoRestart option. but if your app is registering with XSMP, that overrides it09:23
didrocks(you're right, all the sm-client-id was already implemented, I didn't look into this)09:23
robtayloreven if you havnt said anything about your autorestart hints :)09:23
didrocksoh "nice" :)09:23
robtaylornot a biggie, but a little confusing when you first hit it ;)09:24
robtaylorbut that's sm for you09:24
robtaylori'd hate to think what happens when you talk XSMP *and* the new dbus interface09:24
didrocksyeah, I think that one will be dropped soon09:25
robtaylorsmspillaz: didrocks: about to catch train now. I'll tidy up and add flags when i get in teh office. think of some more stuff to do :)09:25
robtaylor*for me to do09:25
didrocksrobtaylor: sure, thanks! :)09:25
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kamstrupnjpatel: Any remark on my last comment on https://bugs.launchpad.net/dee/+bug/733343 ?09:58
ubot5Ubuntu bug 733343 in dee (Ubuntu) "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in g_atomic_int_exchange_and_add()" [Medium,Confirmed]09:58
kamstrupnjpatel: ping ^^ ?10:06
Mark__TIs there a way to build libappmenu without nunit?10:06
njpatelkamstrup, sorry, was getting some tea10:09
njpatelkamstrup, makes sense, I'll fix it though crash is harsh10:10
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njpatelwarning + default value is safer10:11
kamstrupnjpatel: yeah - i can fairly easily make it return a default value for the particular type and print a g_critical(), but that could make bug chasing pretty hard...10:11
njpatelkamstrup, G_DEBUG=fatal-warnings would solve that right? Like usual with glib stuff10:11
kamstrupnjpatel: indeed10:12
BigWhaleUhm, how do I add shortcuts to Dash?10:12
kamstrupnjpatel: ok, for you baby, anything :-)10:12
AndreaAzzaronehi, when I activate expo plugin, handleCompizEvent doesn't catch any event!10:21
AndreaAzzaroneis it normal?10:22
AndreaAzzaronebut if i switch workspace, handleCompizEvent works well...10:23
cando_hey AndreaAzzarone :)...nice to see you here...smspillaz is the compiz maintainter10:26
cando_try to ask him..10:26
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AndreaAzzaronehi cando :) thanks for the suggestion10:27
AndreaAzzaronesmspillaz, i have a problem:  when I activate expo plugin, handleCompizEvent doesn't catch any event! Is it normal?10:36
kamstrupnjpatel: if I put a GEmblemedIcon in the results model... what will you render?10:49
njpatelkamstrup, let me check10:53
njpatelkamstrup, we use gtk_icon_theme_lookup_by_gicon, so I'd say "yes"10:54
kamstrupnjpatel: ok, good to know. I am asking because of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-place-applications/+bug/73366910:55
ubot5Ubuntu bug 733669 in Ayatana Design "Dash: installed/not installed packages are conflated under "Applications": incredibly confusing" [High,Confirmed]10:55
njpatelkamstrup, ooh, cool, your going to have an emblem on available apps? Can't wait to see that10:57
* njpatel hopes it actually works10:57
robtaylorsmspillaz: so, what do you think? flag to enable, flag to disable, a config file and/or an environment variable?10:58
robtaylorsmspillaz: also any hints on cutting compile times would be very welcome!11:11
aruizrobtaylor, we need to setup a distcc thingie in the office :-)11:14
robtayloraruiz: good plan11:15
smspillazrobtaylor: make -j80 ?11:15
smspillazAndreaAzzarone: what event are you trying to catch ?11:16
aruizrobtaylor, there's a distcc+avahi thing somewhere11:16
aruizrobtaylor, I'll have a look at it when I have sometime11:16
AndreaAzzaronesmspillaz: look here https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/71888911:18
ubot5Ubuntu bug 718889 in unity (Ubuntu) "Launcher does not hide/unhide on Expo" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:18
smspillazAndreaAzzarone: right, so what event are you trying to catch ?11:19
smspillazin reality, catching the event for expo is a bit trickier since there isn't really any standard interface for it11:19
smspillazyou'd need to catch FocusOut and then use screen->grabExist ("expo") really11:19
AndreaAzzaroneok thanks11:20
smspillaz(catch FocusOut with event->xfocus.mode == NotifyGrab)11:20
smspillazin CompScreen::handleEvent11:20
smspillazrobtaylor: actually, might be useful to pop into #compiz-dev to discuss compiz stuff11:25
smspillazrobtaylor: but I was thinking just now that I am cool with your fix as is, since we can just use --sm-disable to get rid of crash looping11:25
smspillazand really if the user is having a crash loop, we should fix the crashes11:25
robtaylorsmspillaz: well, i've added the flag now ;) also disable restart if your're using --debug11:27
smspillazI think without the flag is probably better, and also disabling restart on --debug is good11:27
smspillazsince we have --sm-disable for tha reason11:28
dbarth_smspillaz: robtaylor, loicm: can we talk about how bugs/tasks are shared between the 3 of you?11:30
smspillazdbarth_: sure thing11:30
smspillazafter I have dinner :)11:31
=== smspillaz is now known as smspillaz|food
robtaylorsmspillaz|food: ok, sounds liek a plan. i'm just testing some more11:35
robtaylordbarth_: hey, how are you?11:35
dbarth_smspillaz: robtaylor, loicm: ok, so around 1 UTC, ie in 1h30; i'll ping you back11:35
dbarth_robtaylor: cool and you? which bug did you choose for a victim?11:36
robtaylordbarth_: didrocks pointed my at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/71646211:37
ubot5Ubuntu bug 716462 in unity (Ubuntu) "Unity is not restored on unity/compiz crash: compiz doesn't register properly with gnome-session" [High,Triaged]11:37
dbarth_ah nice11:38
kamstrupnjpatel: lol - the emblems works without a change in unity :-D but it looks...11:39
dbarth_this afternoon, i'd like to see how more test cases can be gathered and automated for my top-3 worries being: invisible windows, stacking issues and decorator11:39
njpatelkamstrup, screenshot?!?11:40
robtaylordbarth_: yep. i've got some patches lined up to help debugging window stacking11:40
robtaylordbarth_: the fun bit will be automating the tests, would be good to see what ideas smspillaz|food fas11:40
dbarth_for info we do have a machine with a GPU connected to our build system11:41
dbarth_so that using graphical/semi-interactive tests is not too problematic11:41
dbarth_but even if that can be part of a make check we run only before rolling a tarball that will be a good improvement11:42
robtaylori guess we could just do some pointer movement recording, though that can be pretty error-prone11:42
kamstrupnjpatel: http://grillbar.org/files/unity-web-emblems.png11:42
robtaylordbarth_: the problem is, to repro you'll need the whole environment11:42
robtaylordbarth_: so not really something that can be done on make check11:42
njpatelkamstrup, wow11:43
kamstrupnjpatel: my words11:43
dbarth_hmm, there's also unity's autopilot that uses xtest-based pointer movements, and that can be used to inject such regression testing11:43
njpatelkamstrup, bug in gtk_icon_theme?11:43
njpatelkamstrup, can we do it via a hint?11:43
dbarth_robtaylor: well, yes, not make check, but make check-interactive or something, to be run by the release manager before putting a seal on the upload11:43
robtaylordbarth_: ah, now that sounds like a good place to start11:44
robtaylordbarth_: ah, yup, that makes more sense :)11:44
kamstrupnjpatel: we don't have hints on the result models11:44
njpatelkamstrup, abuse comment?11:44
kamstrupnjpatel: hmmm, i'd rather have it a clean way11:44
njpatelkamstrup, or set an hint about the uri?11:44
kamstrupnjpatel: and this is still just goofing around as noone from design has chimed in11:45
robtaylordbarth_: i think the tricky bit will be spotting the errors11:45
dbarth_robtaylor: for #716462. i've reassigned the fix to you, targetting for this week's upload tentatively, but will push to next week if the curtain comes down too early this afternoon11:46
robtaylordbarth_: it'll have to be a case of tracking down the bug so we can get some debug output going on when it happens11:46
robtaylordbarth_: ah, nice. I'm testing out a fix right now, so hopefully should be able to get it into a relase in time with didrocks help11:47
dbarth_robtaylor: my idea is that some of the issues that have been fixed had reproducible test cases; and i just want to ensure that those do not see regressions; the latest issues are super corner cases; so i don't have high hopes for test automation here11:47
dbarth_just don't want the latests fixes to break the old ones11:48
didrocksdbarth_: no compiz upload today11:48
dbarth_didrocks: oh really?11:48
didrocksdbarth_: we don't want to mix unity and compiz upload11:48
dbarth_ah right11:48
dbarth_si unity goes, and compiz when? monday?11:48
didrocksand this time, I won't allow you this11:48
didrocksso yeah, monday11:48
dbarth_ok, monday is the upload window for compiz nw11:48
robtaylorok :)11:48
kamstrupnjpatel: here's another http://grillbar.org/files/unity-package-emblem.png11:49
kamstrupnjpatel: I think there's some positioning snafu going on with smaller images11:50
kamstrupnjpatel: look at the icon under the cursor, the bounding box...11:50
dbarth_robtaylor: for info also, the stacking issue is due to a de-synchronization between the xserver view of the window tree and compiz's internal structures11:50
dbarth_robtaylor: the test app could work (if possible) as a 2nd window manager that also monitors that tree and rings an alarm when the mismatch lasts11:51
robtaylorah, thats what i supected. There's a bunch of cases that are silently ignored11:51
dbarth_ie, there is a short delay for events to be processed and things to settle down11:51
dbarth_one workaround i've proposed would be to have compiz re-sync from time to time, or in an idle loop11:52
dbarth_so that even if we can't fix every possible bug, the system could have a "self-healing" mode11:52
dbarth_let's see with sam11:53
robtaylor*nod* he's be diggin in on it, i'd like his current perspective11:53
njpatelkamstrup, yeah, we position in centre depending on size of the actual texture right now11:54
njpatelkamstrup, oooh, so it's working it's just looking bad for small or no icons11:55
kamstrupnjpatel: yes11:55
njpatelthat is fixable I guess11:55
njpatelkamstrup, need a better icon :)11:55
kamstrupnjpatel: look at the diff of the sample branch on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-place-applications/+bug/733669 (screenies attached there as well). This was trivial to accomplish - so +100 for our architecture for this :-)11:56
ubot5Ubuntu bug 733669 in Ayatana Design "Dash: installed/not installed packages are conflated under "Applications": incredibly confusing" [High,Confirmed]11:56
kamstrupnjpatel: yeah, maybe with better positioning of the emblem, and some monochrome high-contrast love, this could work well...11:56
njpatelkamstrup, agreed11:57
costales Hi! I have problems with my icon app (gufw) in the Unity left panel. I changed the icon in the main glade file, this changed the icon in Unity left panel, but the icon is very 'blur'. See this capture, I overwrited the icon with the gnome-terminal, the second is my icon, and the first the original Terminal: http://ubuntuone.com/p/hqi/ Any help, please? Thanks in advance! :)11:59
didrockskamstrup: can I get a small review on https://code.launchpad.net/~didrocks/unity-place-applications/aboutconfig/+merge/53793 please?12:00
ubot5Ubuntu bug 53793 in Launchpad itself "CVE update script dying with syntax error" [High,Fix released]12:00
kamstrupdidrocks: on it12:00
didrockskamstrup: you'll need the latest and greatest ccsm of course, freshly uploaded :)12:00
didrockskamstrup: but I think you don't really need it, you will see the start of it, and fail :p12:00
kamstrupdidrocks: why would about:config show ccsm and not g-c-c?12:04
didrockskamstrup: in alt + F2, you want to configure unity, not g-c-c12:05
didrockswell, that's how njpatel saw it and I agree with that vision12:05
kamstrupdidrocks: that seems arbitrary to me12:05
didrockskamstrup: we already have a g-c-c shortcut in the session menu12:06
njpatelkamstrup, it's just an internal unity thing12:06
njpatelyou can't configure unity from g-c-c12:06
kamstrupnjpatel, didrocks: why not about:unity then?12:06
njpatelbecause about:config seems to be what all the cool kids use?12:07
didrocksand I would expect on about:unity and about box for unity12:07
didrockswith all our smiley faces of course :)12:07
njpatelI don't really mind12:07
didrocks(on fire as we are using compiz)12:07
njpatelit was just a fun idea, totally didn't want to put too much thought into it12:08
didrockslet's kamstrup decide as he had objection, it's just few characters change, I don't care ;)12:08
didrocksnjpatel: did you readded "Search" in the dash somewhere?12:09
robtaylordbarth_: didrocks: ok if I go grab a quick sandwich while we wait for smspillaz|food ?12:10
njpateldidrocks, oh, yes12:10
njpateldidrocks, sorry, I clobbered your commit12:10
didrocksnjpatel: why? you broke my heart!12:10
didrocksand my code :)12:10
didrocksnjpatel: don't worry dude ;)12:11
njpateldidrocks, no, it was a mistake because I changed the way the markup works and I didn't realise that I screwed up your change, sorry12:11
didrocksnjpatel: at least, now we have markup seperated from the content, that's better :)12:11
kamstrupdidrocks: see my comment on https://code.launchpad.net/~didrocks/unity-place-applications/aboutconfig/+merge/5379312:11
ubot5Ubuntu bug 53793 in Launchpad itself "CVE update script dying with syntax error" [High,Fix released]12:11
kamstrupdidrocks: and we obviously need an about:robots as well12:11
didrockskamstrup: sure, if you want to extend it on it :)12:12
didrockskamstrup: btw, I think you notice I gathered things in the function now12:12
didrocksseems cleaner to me12:12
kamstrupdidrocks: indeed12:13
didrockswell *method it's vala :)12:13
didrockskamstrup: so, about:config or :unity? :p12:13
kamstrupdidrocks: config is ok... it's not like it's a prominent feature :-)12:14
kamstrupdidrocks: and about:unity could just as well show version info of unity or something12:14
ogradidrocks, could you give a thumbs up on http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~om26er/ubuntu/natty/metacity/metacity-fix-717216/revision/105 ?12:15
ubot5Ubuntu bug 105 in Baz (deprecated) "baz diff fails when unrelated revision inaccessible" [Medium,Won't fix]12:15
ogra(whenever you have time, no hurry)12:16
didrocksogra: looking at it, the code looks good, did you test it? (can we have that upstreamed as well?)12:17
ograi think several people on the bug tested it successfully, i didnt personally12:18
didrocksogra: can you post it on bugzilla if you have some time for this? I'll do it on Monday otherwise12:19
ogragnome bug 64210812:20
ubot5Gnome bug 642108 in general "Cut with fading the bar Title when it's longer than the decoration bar" [Enhancement,Unconfirmed] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=64210812:20
ogradidrocks, ^^^ :) already there12:21
didrocksogra: nice, so the patch needs to be DEP5 tagged, isn't it?12:21
* ogra just wanted to merge it without touching anything ... i'll look into it12:22
rodrigo_didrocks, njpatel: can I get a 2nd approval of https://code.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/unity/sync-geometries/+merge/51929 please?12:24
ubot5Ubuntu bug 51929 in manpages (Ubuntu) "dangling symlink /usr/share/man/man3/open_memstream.3.gz (dup-of: 6416)" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:24
ubot5Ubuntu bug 6416 in manpages (Ubuntu) "/usr/share/man/man3/open_memstream.3.gz is a dangling symlink" [Low,Fix released]12:24
didrocksogra: we had so many patch in metacity and we reported and tracked all of them… so better to keep up with this :)12:25
didrocksrodrigo_: looking12:25
rodrigo_didrocks, merci beaucoup :)12:26
didrocksrodrigo_: njpatel already attributed to him, isn't it?12:26
didrocks(the review)12:26
rodrigo_didrocks, no, I think it was me a couple of weeks ago, when I first proposed that branch12:27
didrocksrodrigo_: ok, will give a look and some tests soon :)12:27
njpatelrodrigo_, +112:28
rodrigo_ok thanks!12:28
rodrigo_didrocks, shall I wait for your testing before merging, or njpatel's approval is enough?12:29
humphreybc*cough* http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/03/unity/12:29
didrocksrodrigo_: njpatel's approval is more than I can ever do :)12:31
rodrigo_didrocks, :)12:31
Mark__Tdid the way change how an app registers to indicators?12:34
Mark__Tclaws mail doesn't show up in the messaging menu although it has a file in .config/indicators/messages/applications12:35
rodrigo_humphreybc, I agree 100% with you on the notifications thing, but we already had them that way in maverick afaik12:38
humphreybcrodrigo_: notifications thing?12:39
=== raffaele is now known as Guest25460
rodrigo_humphreybc, notifications interrupting you, as you write in http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/03/unity/12:39
humphreybcrodrigo_: That's in reference to the iPad.12:39
Guest25460Hello. Should I bring a mockup for the dash of unity. Where can I do?12:40
humphreybcUbuntu's notification system is completely fine, except for the fact that they're non-interactive where in some situations they probably could be.12:40
humphreybcie, when it notifies you "James is online" for IRC, you should be able to click on the bubble and start a new IM to James. But I believe they're working on that.12:40
rodrigo_and non persistent, afaik12:40
rodrigo_yeah, interactivity of the notifications is the biggest problem, imo12:41
didrockskamstrup: pushed rev 180 with the mapping12:41
humphreybcYes, non persistent is an issue, but something that they're trying to solve with the "messaging menu"12:41
humphreybcI personally think Android's notification system is tops12:41
didrocksGuest25460: it should be raised on the ayatan mailing list12:42
robtaylordidrocks: so, now i have something very weird happening, compiz isn't starting up properly. something very odd is happening on this system!12:42
Guest25460thank you12:42
didrocksyw :)12:42
=== doodoo is now known as Dart
didrocksrobtaylor: hope you enjoyed the swandwich still :)12:42
robtaylordidrocks: i did, twas lovely :)12:42
didrocksrobtaylor: do you have a backtrace? a hang?12:43
Dartplease have a look at Bug #73668312:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 736683 in unity "Group Active Applications at One Place" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73668312:43
robtaylordidrocks: not even that, it goes into running the mainloop, but doesnt do any of the normal startup stuff. very weird12:43
* robtaylor stashes and rebuilds12:44
didrocksDart: this one needs design input, will be better to raise that on the ayanata mailing list as well12:44
didrocksrobtaylor: hum, we had similar issues as well.12:44
didrocksrobtaylor: btw, are you based on the git version or the ubuntu one?12:45
robtaylordidrocks: git12:45
didrockswe have quite some distro-patch that smspillaz|food prefers to keep upstream, so it will maybe be good to base on that12:45
robtaylordidrocks: well, i have the ubuntu package installed, got git version in /usr/local12:46
robtaylordidrocks: i'll pull the patches into branch, that probably makes the most sense12:46
robtaylordidrocks: i'll push that up to my github too12:46
didrocksrobtaylor: yeah, you can do that as well :)12:46
robtaylordidrocks: launchpad so needs to grow some github functionality ;)12:47
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=== smspillaz|food is now known as smspillaz
didrocksapinheiro_lunch: rodrigo_: do you have any function in a11y that can steal the focus when the launcher is shown? (even if the a11y is disabled?)12:59
apinheiro_lunchdidrocks, there are a method to grab the focus13:00
apinheiro_lunchanyway we don't call it13:00
didrocksapinheiro_lunch: ahah!13:00
apinheiro_lunchand it only be called13:00
didrocksapinheiro_lunch: what is it?13:00
apinheiro_lunchif any AT13:00
apinheiro_lunchrequires it13:00
loicmhi dbarth_, neil asked me to work on #711916, #716462 or #729597. I worked on the first one, which led to some more crash fixes in nux (linked to feature detection) like #735908 or #734519. I'll try to merge request these ones tonight.13:00
didrocksapinheiro_lunch: I want to add some debug there13:00
apinheiro_lunchbut what it is clear is that it will not be called if the a11y is not enabled13:00
kamstrupdidrocks: looking13:00
loicmdbarth_: since robtaylor is on #716462, I'll switch to #729597 right after that, unless you've got other priorities13:01
apinheiro_lunchdidrocks, on nux-view-accessible.cpp13:01
apinheiro_lunchthere are a method13:01
apinheiro_lunchso a AT could call it in order to give the focus to that element13:01
apinheiro_lunchanyway, AT like Orca don't do that usually13:01
apinheiro_lunchdidrocks, btw, after all the recent changes on launcher and his keynav I found a regression13:02
apinheiro_lunchon a11y support13:02
apinheiro_lunchbug 73679013:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 736790 in unity "[a11y] Regression on the Launcher accessibility support between revno 948 and revno 964" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73679013:02
apinheiro_lunchand didrocks sorry, but Im going to lunch13:03
apinheiro_lunchin order to make effective my current nick13:03
apinheiro_lunchanyway as I said13:03
didrocksapinheiro_lunch: no worry, I'm justr tying to see if I can fix the stolen focs for this release :)13:03
apinheiro_lunchif a11y is not enabled13:03
apinheiro_luncha11y framework doesn't interact at all with the rest of the apps13:03
didrocksapinheiro_lunch: yeah, better to check anyway if we don't call that by error13:04
didrocksapinheiro_lunch: I didn't find in our funcation, hence the desperate check :)13:04
apinheiro_lunchwell, asI said Im also affected because the last changes on focus13:04
apinheiro_lunchso, bye then13:04
dbarth_loicm: ok, just reading13:04
didrockswill keep you posted for what I discover :)13:04
didrocksapinheiro_lunch: enjoy your lunch :)13:04
dbarth_loicm: btw, about the nux detection feature, can you review my small fix and put this one in for today?13:05
kenvandineklattimer, does indicator-datetime only refresh appointments on an interval? or does it get signals when the calendar changes?13:05
kenvandineklattimer, i know for remote calendars (edited remotely) it won't be able to get changes until eds refreshes13:05
kenvandinebut if an event is added in evolution to a google calendar, i would think it would appear in the indicator13:06
zygampt, I read your email to the mailing list (https://lists.launchpad.net/ayatana/msg05037.html) - I have one idea related to point 3 (application name is clobbered by menu), Perhaps we could do what firefox 4 does on windows/osx - provide a differently themed "application button"13:06
mpthi JohnLea13:08
Guest25460Mailing list Ayatana also handle  Unity 2D?13:08
didrocksapinheiro_lunch: confirmed, it's not the atk13:10
mptzyga, that's a possibility. The main difficulty I can think of is that some application names would be very wide, because they're not designed for brevity in the way that Firefox's button is (or the Mac's application menu is). E.g. Firefox's would be "Firefox Web Browser".13:10
zygampt, that's true, we could have a custom destkop icon key for those applications (X-Unity-Appmenu-Name) so that we can fix critical applications though13:12
zygampt, and if the idea sticks upstreams could accept non-intrusive patches13:12
zygampt, but I like the idea to expose the button rather than hide it, it could also answer the question "which application is currently focused"13:13
mptBut what would the button do?13:13
zygampt, and it could be used similarly to the way quicklists are used in the launcher13:13
zygampt, mainly inform the user about what's the current application, we could probably move some menu items there (launchpadintegration comes to mind)13:14
zygampt, we could allow users to go to the software center from that menu13:14
zygaand several other interesting things before we allow upstreams to populate it13:14
zygaI'm sure that such idea would be quickly adopted by some applications, for the rest a set of menu items would be provided as I listed above13:15
zygampt, the menu might collapse to a single application icon when the menu bar is displayed and needs more space13:16
zygampt, like pinned tabs in firefox 4 do for webapps13:17
zygampt, I'm just exploring the idea but I think keeping application "identity" in the top menu is important13:17
mptzyga, one possibility would be to just use the application's icon rather than its name13:17
zygampt, I use unity daily but whenever I stray from the terminal I always feel angry that focused window is hard to guess13:17
zygampt, right, as in the pinned-webapplication use case13:18
zygampt, the problem with that though is that most icons are too small at that size13:18
mptzyga, yeah, the theme should make a much greater distinction between the focused window and unfocused windows. Unfortunately it apparently can't do much about that (outside the title bars) until GTK3.13:18
zygampt, the menu is better suited for horizontal text rather than small small thumbnail13:18
zyga(unless we plan to make vista-style larger-than-the-panel-icon)13:18
mptor Gnome-Shell-style13:18
zygampt, right, I understand that13:19
zygampt, alternatively the application-name menu could reuse color from the predominant color of the icon as unity launcher does13:19
zygampt, it would allow users to remember applications quickly and might allow them to identify some apps just by their color13:20
zyga(color has lots of other issues, colorblindness etc but it's an improvement over current truncate-somewhere behavior)13:20
mptA graphic designer with time on their hands could mock up ten different possibilities for comparison13:22
dbarth_Guest25460: yes, there shouldn't be differences between the design of the 2 UIs in general13:23
zygampt, sure, but is that the way forward?13:23
mptzyga, I think so13:24
zygampt, something for the O UDS perhaps?13:24
mptThat would be too late for O. Unity design happens earlier than that13:25
zygaso what will happen with this particular case?13:26
=== doodoo is now known as Dart
Dartmpt, can we do something like this? http://i.imgur.com/2L0uV.png Clicking on menu expands menubar horizontally13:31
dbarth_loicm: just noted, but doing merge requests tonight will be too late for the upload as well13:31
dbarth_loicm: for the nux fixes13:32
dbarth_smspillaz: back?13:32
mptDart, I don't know what you're suggesting. Maybe an animation would help.13:32
mptzyga, I don't know.13:32
smspillazdbarth_: yep13:32
dbarth_ah cool13:34
Cimismspillaz: is there a way I could send an event to the toplevel window after the compiz titlebar is re-added?13:34
Cimismspillaz: i dunno, gobject notify too13:34
smspillazCimi: what kind of event ?13:34
Cimismspillaz: I just need a signal13:34
robtaylordbarth_: smspillaz: didrocks: should we do this planning now? :)13:34
dbarth_smspillaz, loicm, robtaylor: right, maybe we can switch to #unity-compiz or something? or #compiz-dev directly?13:35
Cimismspillaz: hopefully configure13:35
didrocksdbarth_: should I join?13:35
Cimibut if it's not... let's get something else13:35
dbarth_didrocks: sure13:35
loicmdbarth_: I approved your merge request13:35
didrocksdbarth_: #unity-compiz or #compiz-dev is fine with me13:35
loicmdbarth_: should I merge it?13:35
Cimismspillaz: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-scrollbar/+bug/73209113:35
ubot5Ubuntu bug 732091 in ayatana-scrollbar "unity's restore from maximize is breaking the positioning of overlay thumb" [Medium,Triaged]13:35
dbarth_loicm: go ahead13:35
Cimismspillaz: in particular smspillaz , comment #213:35
Dartmpt, currently whenever we hover the pointer on top  panel, app menus appear. What I am suggesting is that we create some menu button/text, users hover on that instead of entire top panel. That way users actually know that there are app menus and they exists on top panel. The hover effect would be the same as it have now in Unity.13:36
smspillazCimi: you can probably do this13:36
mptDart, oh, so "Menu" in that mockup isn't just a placeholder, it's actual text?13:36
=== dbarth_ is now known as dbarth
smspillazCimi: check for PropertyNotify on _NET_FRAME_EXTENTS on the window13:37
loicmdbarth_: regarding the crashers, most problems have already been fixed for the coming release, I'll try to merge the most important remaining fix I've done ASAP13:37
Cimismspillaz: and that's all13:38
dbarthloicm: can you join #compiz-dev?13:38
Cimismspillaz: could be brilliant13:38
smspillazCimi: that should work13:38
Dartmpt, its text I added with inkscape13:38
dbarthloicm: ok cool13:38
Cimismspillaz: if that works, smspillaz 1 Jason 013:38
smspillazCimi: you can check timings with xprop -spy on the window you want to watch13:38
* smspillaz the window manager master13:38
Cimiindeed I have to agree13:38
mptDart, I mean, it's the exact text you imagine appearing (it's not a placeholder for "File" or anything like that)13:40
Cimidbarth: we have an incredible dx team, everyone has its own attitude that raises the excellence of all of us13:40
Dartmpt, yes exact text. sorry I can't make a working mockup as I don't know how to make animated stuff. When we hover on 'Menu' it disappears and is replaced by: File Edit View Search and so on13:42
mptDart, but that wouldn't solve the original problem that menus are invisible until you mouse over them :-)13:45
mptIt would be slightly better in that there's a clue that there are menus at all13:46
mptbut also slightly worse in that the overall target area to make the menus appear is smaller13:46
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
Dartmpt, so keep the menu button/text I am suggesting and keep hover effect for entire panel. But your first point *invisible menus* persists13:50
mptJust throwing this out there, one other possibility is to put the window title to the right of whatever menus are present13:51
mptin a different text style13:51
MacSlow greetings everybody13:51
mptI've seen a Web browser (I don't remember which one) do that with URL vs. page title13:51
Dartmpt, and everything is visible fro beginning right?13:53
Dartmpt, seems reasonable to me :)13:53
Dartmpt, but what happens with firefox/midori/other apps with tabs, that have long long title info? It gets truncated too much.13:56
mptDart, when you're trying to put five distinct things into a single bar, *something* is going to get truncated.13:57
Dartmpt, its all messed up xD13:59
seiflotfyDBO, dude when is the stuff fixed that would allow me to create jumplists14:14
DBOwhen someone gets time14:15
didrockskamstrup: nice, you found a contributor for ~ ? ;)14:16
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
dbarthapinheiro_lunch: you're not having anymore, are you? ;)14:31
=== Guest25460 is now known as RaffaeleCarillo
=== apinheiro_lunch is now known as apinheiro
apinheirodbarth, tell me14:40
Cimismspillaz: ?14:42
apinheirodidrocks, you here?15:02
didrocksapinheiro: sure, quite busy with the unity release, but here :)15:02
apinheirodidrocks, well just asking if someone is working on the lose focus thing15:03
apinheiroI think that my problem is related with that15:03
apinheiroorca is failing15:03
apinheirobecause for example15:03
apinheirosometimes you press alt+f115:03
kvalokenvandine: hi. a new release: https://launchpad.net/indicator-network/trunk/0.3.715:03
didrocksapinheiro: I'll continue looking at this starting Monday (I'm not there tomorrow)15:03
ubot5Error: Could not parse data returned by Ubuntu: 0 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/0)15:03
apinheiroand you receive a focus lose instead of a focus in15:03
apinheiroand sometimes you press Esc15:03
apinheiroand you get a focus in15:03
didrocksapinheiro: yeah, you don't get the right focus event, can be related, but not quite sure. Anyway, I know which part of the code sent you that, so hopefully we can have a look later at it15:04
apinheirodidrocks, well, i mostly use the signals OnStartFocus15:05
apinheiroand OnEndFocus15:05
didrocksapinheiro: for now, I can see that it's really the launcher which gets focus and as we creates the window each time it's shown, it can be a windowmanager thing trying to give the focus15:05
apinheiroto know if the object has the focus or not15:05
didrocksapinheiro: yeah, there are sent then15:05
didrocksapinheiro: so, I'll look at that closely on Monday15:05
apinheirodidrocks, so there is already a bug reported?15:05
didrocksapinheiro: yeah, and quite a lot of dups :)15:05
apinheirodidrocks, I can create one, and share at least whay I discovered15:05
didrocksapinheiro: look for it, should be easy to find15:06
apinheirodidrocks, ah ok, so I don't add more noise to the launchpad15:06
robtaylorsmspillaz: so, can I ask, what do you do for testing work on master?15:06
didrocksyeah ;)15:06
apinheiroI will just add some comments on any of those bugs15:06
apinheirodidrocks, thanks, I will let you alone with the release15:06
=== ogra is now known as Guest53848
didrocksapinheiro: yeah, keep you in touch on Monday!15:06
=== Guest53848 is now known as ogra_
robtaylordidrocks: maybe you can help me? :)15:14
robtaylordidrocks: i'm trying to find a good way to hack on git master and install sensibly alongside the ubuntu packaging without always copying my patches over and rebuilding the package...15:15
robtaylordidrocks: what do you do?15:15
didrocksrobtaylor: I don't really know about that. I tend to use my package only to keep a clean install TBH :)15:15
didrocksrobtaylor: and knowning the compiz cmake rules, it's not that nice to have mutiples install at once15:15
robtaylordidrocks: ah, i guess you might say that ;)15:15
didrocksheh ;)15:16
robtaylordidrocks: yeah, i'm finding that out. its not pretty in there15:16
didrocksrobtaylor: I only install in /usr/local for nux and unity/places15:16
didrocksrobtaylor: yeah, I had to fix a lot of corner cases in the cmake for building the first 0.9 revision15:16
robtaylordidrocks: i always hit interesting cases with build systems, as I tend to use stow for my /usr/local to keep things sane15:17
didrocksyeah, it's "interesting" :)15:18
smspillazrobtaylor: what do yuo mean?15:29
robtaylorsmspillaz: well, do have do a /usr/local install?15:31
smspillazrobtaylor: oh15:31
smspillazrobtaylor: I usually install in ~/Applications/Compiz15:31
smspillazand adjust paths accordingly15:31
robtayloradjust paths?15:32
njpatelapinheiro, DBO  and jaytaoko  can help resolve the focus issues with a11y and latest nux/unity15:32
robtaylori'm getting tripped up by how compiz is picking up its plugins, it seems15:33
apinheironjpatel, well afaik is not only a a11y thing15:33
apinheirodidrocks was one of the first realizing it15:33
apinheirohe said that he will check that on Monday15:33
njpateldidrocks, apinheiro, Ah, okay, so what's the issue?15:33
apinheiroso it would be to coordinate all people ;)15:33
apinheironjpatel, it seems that the launcher is not getting the focus properly15:34
apinheiroin my case15:34
apinheiroI use the signals OnStartFocus15:34
apinheiroand OnEndFocus15:34
apinheiroto check if the launcher receives/lose the focus15:34
apinheiroright now15:34
apinheiroif I do a Alt+f115:34
apinheiroI receive a OnEndFocus15:34
apinheiroand with a Esc15:34
njpatelinteresting, jaytaoko DBO does that ring a bell? ^15:34
apinheiroI receive a OnStartFocus15:34
DBOsounds like good sir taoko hooked up the signals backwards15:35
jaytaokoapinheiro: let me try to reproduce15:35
apinheirodidrocks told me that he noticed that "something" is grabbing the focus15:35
apinheirojaytaoko, if you enable a11y15:35
apinheiroand g_debug is there15:35
apinheiroyou would see on the terminal some messages when a object receives/lose the focus15:36
jaytaokoapinheiro: how do I enable a11y?15:36
AndreaAzzaronewhat about adding a "Umount" quicklist menu item to the device icon?15:36
apinheirosystem->preferences->assistive technologies15:36
apinheiroor gconftool-2 --set "/desktop/gnome/interface/accessibility" -t bool true15:36
apinheirobut you would require to logout15:37
apinheiroas it is required at-spi to be running before15:37
jaytaokoapinheiro: ok, I will log out. brb15:39
robtaylorsmspillaz: can you claify on 'adjust paths' please? :)15:49
smspillazrobtaylor: oh, as in PKG_CONFIG_PATH etc15:56
smspillazI'll give you my dev-shell script15:56
jcastronjpatel: congrats! \o/15:56
jcastronow let's get through these branches! :)15:56
robtaylorsmspillaz: awesome :)16:02
=== chaotic_ is now known as chaotic
smspillazthat in your .bashrc ... "devmode" will set up everything for ~/Applications/Compiz16:03
robtaylorsmspillaz: how do you deal with the plugins? just install all of them from source?16:04
smspillazrobtaylor: there's a script to do it all16:04
smspillazrobtaylor: git clone git://git.compiz.org/users/soreau/scripts16:05
robtaylorsmspillaz: ah, that's what i need :)16:05
robtaylorsmspillaz: you know, using stow in /usr/local is probably a bit easier than the ~/Applications/ route.. =)16:06
smspillazrobtaylor: not really, since the default PATH is in /usr/local16:07
smspillazso if your local build gets screwed up, you're not always logging into a local build16:07
robtaylorsmspillaz: ah, good point.16:08
robtaylorloicm: so, bug 729597 goes away for me if i disable modesetting16:08
ubot5Launchpad bug 729597 in unity (Ubuntu) "[natty-alpha3] [LiveCD] compiz crash on boot, unity fails to start, installation impossible" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72959716:08
robtaylorloicm: unfortunatly, so does unity..16:08
loicmrobtaylor: interesting...16:10
loicmloicm: what about other OpenGL based applications?16:10
loicmrobtaylor actually...16:10
robtaylorloicm: talking to yourself? ;)16:10
robtaylorloicm: don't know yet..16:11
robtaylorloicm: it's entirely possible i'm seeing a different bug, as i'm on ATI, and this was reported on intel16:12
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njpateljcastro, urgh, I thought we reviewed the branches?16:19
njpateljcastro, we were a man short today so maybe we missed some16:19
njpatelwill get them reviewed and merged tomorrow16:19
ubot5Ubuntu bug 53189 in linux-source-2.6.15 (Ubuntu) "kernel 2.6.15-26 breaks video4linux apps" [Medium,Invalid]16:19
ubot5Ubuntu bug 52644 in deskbar-applet (Ubuntu) "Web Bookmarks extension fails to find bookmark with keyword" [Medium,Fix released]16:19
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=== notDanRabbit is now known as NotAnInkscapeAdd
robtaylorloicm: oh, no wasn't the modesetting that fixed it, it was compiz not starting. hah. hmm16:37
robtaylordidrocks: you might know this - is there a blacklist system we could use to switch off modesetting when we see certain graphics cards?16:39
BigWhaleis there such thing as 'stable daily build' ppa for unity?16:41
BigWhaleSomething that is bleeding edge, but not broken. :)16:42
robtaylorBigWhale: surely there's no such thing? ;)16:42
BigWhaleWell, it should be! :>16:43
robtaylorBigWhale: bleeding edge *and* not broken? =)16:44
robtaylorthat's pretty hopeful..16:44
aruizBigWhale, you can't have a pony16:44
BigWhaleHey, I wasn't asking for a pony... I was asking for unicorn!16:44
robtaylorBigWhale: actually, if you want the latest unity packages, and your using natty, you already have them16:44
BigWhaleUnderwater unicorn! Har har16:45
BigWhalerobtaylor, I am using natty yes..16:45
BigWhalehm.. there's unity/daily .. let's try this ...16:46
dbarthklattimer: everything ok for releasing ido and indicator-datime?16:46
klattimerdbarth: yep, unless you want todays branch merged first16:46
dbarthkenvandine: do you need me to roll tarballs for any of those?16:46
dbarthklattimer: what's left unmerged?16:47
klattimerdbarth: lp:~karl-qdh/indicator-datetime/nopwdprompt16:47
dbarthklattimer: all reviewed already, or do you need reviews still?16:47
klattimerrecently pushed16:47
klattimerjust removes the password prompt to stop a segv in eds-ui16:47
klattimervery simple, you could review it in seconds ;)16:47
kenvandinedbarth, klattimer: we did releases for both ido and indicator-datetime yesterday16:49
kenvandinebut i would be happy to do another today :)16:49
klattimerkenvandine: it's as very small patch to indicator-datetime16:49
klattimerits up to dbarth if it's worth it, it's a fix for his bug ;)16:50
kenvandineklattimer, did you see my ramblings this morning?16:50
klattimerkenvandine: nope?16:50
klattimerwhere should I have seen them?16:50
kenvandinei'll paste in a PM16:50
kenvandinehang on16:50
dbarthklattimer: i know, but i haven't tested that yet16:50
klattimerkenvandine: k16:51
dbarthklattimer: well, no it still crashes here; the service that is, not the indicator16:54
dbarthklattimer: anyway, if there was a release for both yesterday that's already that16:54
dbarthklattimer: i'll send further infos about the crash later today; switching to another call now16:55
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stefano-palazzokamstrup, are you around?17:23
stefano-palazzothe unity-places-python example doesn't run, doesn't show an error message; I wondered if you might help me sort it out17:25
BigWhale*sigh* gnome-settings-daemon is on strike again ...17:27
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=== danyR is now known as imdanyR
OmegaOK, I'm getting the black screen now.18:17
OmegaDaekdroom: It wasn't gdm or upstart it seems :< (I got the blackscreen even with them version locked)18:18
=== daker is now known as daker_
=== alecu-lunch is now known as alecu
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: hi, here now18:28
DaekdroomOmega, I recall someone filing a report on it and the bug state is "Fix released", but earlier today it still happened to me.18:28
DaekdroomOmega, apparently it's the upstart update that broke gdm, let me find the report18:29
stefano-palazzokamstrup, so, I'm working on my project now - everything seems to run very well indeed. When I first tried it out, I couldn't get it to display any changes to the model.18:29
Daekdroombug 73580518:29
ubot5Launchpad bug 735805 in gdm (Ubuntu) "GDM fails to start" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73580518:29
stefano-palazzokamstrup, I think it had something to do with the order I did things in18:29
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: right, there is some trickiness in getting unity and everything restarted in the right order18:29
OmegaDaekdroom: I had them both locked and it happened (unless I locked the faulty version)18:30
OmegaAnyway, I'm in a tty survivng.18:30
stefano-palazzoOh okay, so you know about my problems already? kamstrup18:30
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: but don't hesitate to report stuff you find odd or anything, I'm most interested in having the best developer experience18:30
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: maybe :-)18:30
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: and yes, i know, api docs - coming up :-)18:31
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: so is it a secret project, or can you spill some goodness? :-)18:32
stefano-palazzokamstrup, I suppose I'm going to have slightly more trouble once I start with different categories and so on18:32
stefano-palazzokamstrup, sure, I'm writing an lense for AskUbuntu.com; at the minute, I'm just doing an API search (in two minutes it'll be a google site-search) for questions, for each one of them append a new icon - more to come18:33
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: yeah, categories (aka sections) are maybe not the easiest concept to grok from an API pow, but once you get it it's pretty simple18:33
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: haha, awesome18:33
stefano-palazzoOh one thing raised by Jorge a few minutes ago; Can I get rid of the springboard-icon and have one in the dash instead?18:34
stefano-palazzo(it's not called springboard anymore, is it ;))18:34
jcastrono it's the launcher again18:35
stefano-palazzothat's the one18:35
stefano-palazzokamstrup, I really like the API so far, by the way; (the parts I checked out) behave exactly as I expected them to behave18:36
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: thanks, that's really nice to know18:36
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kamstrupstefano-palazzo: i've written some quite powerful API wrappers for the Python Dee bindings18:38
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: there's a demo of the features here http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/dee/trunk/view/head:/examples/pythontricks.py18:38
stefano-palazzothat code looks brilliant; I'm sure It's going to be useful once I know what Dee is ;-)18:40
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: hehe, indeed18:44
stefano-palazzonow I'm running into a UX problem. I need to somehow show a meaningful title from the google search result, which is too long. "programming - how do ... python" doesn't look helpful at all18:45
spikebheh it isn't18:45
soreauOk guys, what is the magic incarnation to get unity panels to appear in natty?18:50
spikebunity --plz-2-work18:50
soreauI am having 'unity-panel-service: No process found'18:50
soreauand unity is looking very unfriendly18:50
soreauthis message appears when running 'unity --replace'18:51
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coz_hey all19:03
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: yeah, The API has the concept of "Renderers", for your situation you'd probably request that the Unity shell use a different renderer than the default to display your results... Only problem - we haven't got around to implementing alternative renderers yet :-/ Sorry dude...19:04
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: But if you file a bug against 'unity' describing your problem I'll back you up19:05
stefano-palazzokamstrup, sure, I'll do that when I know more - and once we've thought about what sort of experience this should be19:09
stefano-palazzoI already have something quite usable, this is pretty rocking19:09
OmegaCan anyone reproduce https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-scrollbar/+bug/73658619:12
ubot5Ubuntu bug 736586 in ayatana-scrollbar "The scrolling buttons don't always work on a touchpad" [Undecided,New]19:12
htorquehello everyone! i'm experiencing bug 724986 with opera, but other than with other applications the launcher stays open until i close opera. is this an underlying problem with opera (i.e., should i report this upstream)?19:14
ubot5Launchpad bug 724986 in unity (Ubuntu) "Launcher reveals when customizing Firefox" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72498619:14
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: wicked!19:17
kamstruphtorque: i think you should file a separate bug19:21
kamstruphtorque: it might be the same, but again it might not19:21
kamstruphtorque: and by "bug" i mean against Unity in LP19:22
aruizkenvandine, ping :-)19:28
kenvandinearuiz, pong19:30
aruizkenvandine, all shortcuts are fixed now, in fact, they are more correct than in LibreOffice19:31
aruizkenvandine, I'm rolling a tarball19:31
aruizkenvandine, LO is not localizing the Shortcuts, my stuff gives the correct shortcuts19:31
kenvandinerock on19:32
aruizkenvandine, after this tarball, I'm cleaning up the code a bit and do a 0.1.019:32
aruizkenvandine, we should get people to test this19:32
aruizkenvandine, also, I depend now on x11.pc and xproto.pc19:32
* aruiz makes the release19:32
htorquekamstrup, thanks, will do19:33
aruizkenvandine, tarball rolled19:38
* aruiz does the dance of all blockers fixed19:38
kenvandinearuiz, still no hope for appmenus in the new document UI right?19:41
aruizkenvandine, gah!!! regression!!! don't package this :-)19:42
aruizkenvandine, no hope indeed19:42
kenvandineok... i'll hold off19:42
kenvandine0.0.9 coming? :-D19:42
aruizkenvandine, in any case, is not a big issue, the new document UI used to be hidden from the main menu with OpenOffice in Maverick19:43
aruizI'm assuming it'll be the same in Natty19:43
aruizI filed a bug about that19:43
aruizkenvandine, most people go to the Writer/Calc/Whatnot item in the menu19:43
jcastrokamstrup: I got stefano-palazzo's place working19:43
jcastroit's pretty /awesome/19:43
aruizkenvandine, or double click in a document19:43
aruizkenvandine, so yeah, it will be nice, but it's not important IMHO19:43
aruizkenvandine, yeah 0.0.9 comming19:44
aruizkenvandine, I forgot to push something in one of my branches19:44
kamstrupjcastro: ha19:47
kamstrupjcastro: sweet! \o/19:47
jcastroit works great19:47
jcastroI am encoding a video of it now19:47
kamstrupjcastro: damn man, this makes my day!19:48
jcastroyou should see how it works, it's SOOOO slick19:49
jcastrokamstrup: is there a way to make the icon for a place not show up in the launcher? I suspect for some of them people will just want to ++ their dash but not having it show up19:49
kamstrupjcastro: indeed put ShowEntry=false in the .place file19:49
Omegajcastro: Let is know when that video's done :>19:50
kamstrupjcastro: See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/Lenses#Registration for the gory details19:50
jcastrostefano-palazzo: FYI^19:50
jcastrokamstrup: http://blip.tv/dashboard/episode/491673819:52
aruizkenvandine, tarball rolled19:52
kenvandinearuiz, thx19:53
stefano-palazzokamstrup, thanks a lot19:54
kamstrupjcastro: I need a blip.tv account to see it?19:54
jcastrooh sorry, still processing19:55
kamstrupjcastro: processing time is probably quadrupled because I am refresh-flooding them19:56
jcastrocan you get to that?19:57
stefano-palazzokamstrup, so, I need a reffering site for the google-search API. I've put "unity.ubuntu.com" as a referrer to avoid abuse errors, now I should sign up for an API key. Is it proper for me to use "unity.ubuntu.com" for this?19:57
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: dunno... jcastro ^^?19:57
jcastrothat's a good question19:57
jcastroayatana-dev I think would be appropriate19:57
jcastrowe should sort that out quickly19:58
jcastroI'll ask dbarth to respond19:58
stefano-palazzojcastro, please do, I'm having a productivity-spree, better not interrupt it with signing up for the list and all that19:59
stefano-palazzoif you don't mind; else I'm just going to do it later - google's happy for now19:59
kamstrupjcastro: yup that worked - wicked!20:00
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: nice work!20:00
stefano-palazzohey thanks :)20:01
jcastrostefano-palazzo: I'll do it20:01
jcastrostefano-palazzo: showing it to jono now20:01
kenvandinearuiz, did you bzr add lo-menubar-0.0.8.tar.bz220:03
aruizdid I?20:03
kenvandineit is in my merge for some reason :)20:03
kenvandinei didn't go looking though20:04
aruizkenvandine, no, I didn't20:04
kenvandinegood :)20:04
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aruizkenvandine, ah, damn distcheck20:05
kenvandinewhoops :)20:06
aruizkenvandine, waf is not as clever as autotools in this regard20:06
kenvandinearuiz, well 0.0.9 is awesome!20:06
kenvandinegreat work!20:06
aruizthanks a lot20:06
aruizI'll spend some time cleaning up the code before 0.1.020:07
aruizit's a bit messy at the moment and I want it to be maintanable20:07
aruizkenvandine, is it okay if I replace the tarball?20:08
kenvandinearuiz, go ahead20:08
kenvandinearuiz, tell me when it is up20:08
soreauIt's funny how something named unity can have quite the opposite effect20:08
aruizkenvandine, done20:09
kenvandinearuiz, thx20:09
aruizsoreau, well, the applications in that shell feel more united20:09
aruizsoreau, in that regard I'm all for that name :-)20:09
soreauaruiz: Yea, when it's working..20:09
soreauMost of the time it's too busy making everyone's life a miserable living hell20:10
aruizsoreau, it's in development what did you expect?20:10
* aruiz has to run20:10
aruizkenvandine, poke me over here if you need anything, I'll be back in a while20:10
* soreau knows no one really wants an answer to that question20:10
kenvandinearuiz, all is good20:11
kamstrupsoreau: it's a *name*, you know dog biscuits are not made out of dogs?20:16
soreaukamstrup: Yea, but dogs like dog biscuits20:17
soreauunity is just the devil in disguise to come and steal your children in the night20:18
kamstrupsoreau: but it's unhealthy for them :-)20:18
soreaukamstrup: What brand?20:18
soreauI usually just give them graham crackers20:18
kamstrupsoreau: but what "opposite effect" are you refering to exactly?20:20
soreaukamstrup: The fact that I'm so frustrated with the project that I've worked for so long on20:21
soreaunow canonical has come and swept it away, along with the lead developer and turned it into crap mush then stamped their name on it20:21
jcastrosoreau: what issue do you have with unity?20:22
jcastrojono: ok I'm going to put together some instructions for trying the place out20:22
jonojcastro, awesome20:23
kamstrupsoreau: so you worked on the 3d engine or the distro?20:23
soreaujcastro: It's total crap to begin with, the system starts and it doesn't know what or where it's panel is so I end up with a wallpaper and cursor. Then I have to start unity-panel-crap manually and it still doesn't work until I start compiz. After that, I try to use the panel. It's completely broken, can't even type in the damn thing20:23
soreaucompiz crashes when enabling any plugin20:23
soreauthe natty partitioner wont start and no one has responded to my bug20:24
jcastrook so let's slow down here20:24
jcastroa) Partitioner problem isn't unity20:24
jcastrohow are you starting your desktop? what session are you using? are you up to date, etc?20:25
soreauI had to install maverick and do-dist-upgrade thing just to get natty installed because the partitioner refuses to start at all20:26
soreauNow it's up-to-date as of today but it's just a complete waste of time and I don't know why I even thought I would be able to help by installing20:26
kamstrupsoreau: i've had tonnes of issues with unity not starting. They have all been ABI issues because I had stuff installed from source with --prefix=/usr and there have been a long ride of ABI breaks in the unity stack20:27
soreauIt's default session, but I have to make it my own because it doesn't work by default20:27
jcastrojono: ok so stefano-palazzo's going to update the README on it and roll a new tarball20:28
kamstrupsoreau: with that attitude don't wonder why people don't answer your questions20:28
jonojcastro, cool :-)20:28
soreaukamstrup: Well for the past three months I've been asking please and trying to be nice and that hasn't worked at all20:28
jcastrojono: http://www-stud.uni-due.de/~sfstpala/askubuntu-place.tar.gz20:28
soreaui was patient, i waited20:29
soreauThey have done nothing, so now I'm going to do something20:29
jcastrojono: look in the readme there, also, it's a flat file (whoops) so you should make a directory and then unpack it there20:30
soreaukamstrup: And now I'm being more assertive but this isn't working either.20:31
jonocheers jc20:31
jonocheers jcastro20:31
jcastroyou need to copy this Dee.py from bazaar (you need to click download on the bazaar page, don't wget that)20:31
soreauSo my synopsis is that, unity sucks and it's tearing the community apart20:31
jcastroand then copy things to the right place20:31
jcastrosoreau: link to your bug reports?20:31
soreaujcastro: I don't know how to find them20:31
soreauAfter they're filed, they never send me an email20:32
soreauso I know it hasn't been responded to20:32
jcastrowhat's your launchpad username?20:32
soreauand it's somewhere in the big stack of ubuntu bugs -> /dev/null20:32
soreaujcastro: soreau, I assume20:32
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soreauI really just cannot believe this20:33
soreauFirefox has just disappeared20:33
jcastrothere's no lp user by that name20:33
soreauunmapped and poof20:33
soreauit's running, I can hear it, but the window is gone20:33
soreaujcastro: try oreaus20:34
soreaujcastro: Or is it supposed to be an email address?20:34
jcastrothat works20:34
jcastroI found it20:35
soreauHow can I even use this if my windows just disappear20:36
soreauI guess I'm not supposed to use this20:36
jcastroDBO: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/58769320:36
ubot5Ubuntu bug 587693 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Compiz: moving grouped windows into another Desktop changes their mutual distance and position" [Undecided,New]20:36
ubot5Ubuntu bug 587696 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Compiz: Moving grouped windows into another Desktops has a strange behaviour" [Undecided,New]20:36
soreauWhere is my browser window and how do I get it back?20:37
DBOjcastro, ugly20:37
soreauThere should be a way to remap all windows20:37
soreauSo they don't go MIA20:37
stefano-palazzojono, you can ping me if there are any issues, this code is changing pretty rapidly so please let me know about any errors or anything that bugs you20:38
jcastrostefano-palazzo: I've got it working just right20:38
jonothanks stefano-palazzo, this is cool :-)20:38
jcastrogoing to bang on it for a little bit20:38
jonostefano-palazzo, do I still need to install Dee.py?20:39
jonoor is that now shipped in Natty?20:39
stefano-palazzojono, yes, as of three hours ago you do20:39
jcastrokamstrup: how come we need this blingy new Dee? Didn't make a release this week or ... ?20:39
jonostefano-palazzo, right, so that requirement will go away with the next Unity upload?20:43
stefano-palazzojono, I suppose so - not sure, kamstrup may know more20:43
jcastrostefano-palazzo: can you shove it in bzr on lp sometime when you get home or whatever?20:44
* jcastro schemes20:44
stefano-palazzoi will jcastro20:44
jonokamstrup, any idea?20:45
stefano-palazzoYou know, If I could talk to someone who knows a lot about UX for a few minutes, that'd be absolutely brilliant. Do any of you know anyone who may have some time for this?20:45
stefano-palazzoI'd hate to have done it all wrong (:20:45
jcastroit looks right to me, the only thing is in the lens itself, the top right dropdown thing only shows Questions20:46
jcastromaybe that needs to be categories of questions or something20:46
stefano-palazzojcastro, Not sure what I can put there at all, even "questions" seems wrong - since I'm showing tags and helpful links20:48
kamstrupjcastro: Dee-0.5.16 hit the archives a few hours ago20:48
stefano-palazzoAnd, as it is at the moment, only showing few results seems very nice to me, the right one usually shows up thanks to google20:49
soreauWhat a piece of crap man20:50
jcastrosoreau: what are you trying to accomplish, getting no help?20:50
soreaujcastro: and that doesn't look like any of my bugs20:50
jcastroyour attitude isn't really helping20:50
kamstrupjono, jcastro, stefano-palazzo: Afaik you don't need to install Dee.py since around 0.5.14 or 0.5.16-sumtin20:50
jcastroyou have a bug, sorry20:50
soreaujcastro: Well what am I supposed to say, 'Hey, you guys are doing a really great job! Love all the new crash features!'??20:51
jcastroyou can start by trying to find a solution to your problem20:51
jcastrosee if you can find someone else with it20:51
jcastrodebug it20:51
jcastrosee if you can get apport to submit crash data20:51
jcastroask someone on the ubuntu bugs mailing list to help you debug it20:51
nhainesCan I play too?  UI freeze in in a week, I'm looking forward to seeing the new natty artwork drop in three weeks!  :)20:51
jonosoreau, relax20:52
soreaujono: I'm not sure that's an option right now20:53
jonosoreau, it is always an option20:53
jonoit is software20:53
nhainessoreau: I know Unity was really breaky in the beginning... I couldn't even run it until two and a half weeks ago.  But it's really shaping up and the devs here do their best to be helpful.20:53
soreaupartitioner bug is a *big* problem for me20:53
jonosoreau, not denying it is a problem, but there is no reason we can't all be friends :-)20:53
soreaujono: Shyea, I wish20:53
soreaunhaines: Where? Could you please tell me where there is help20:54
soreauI would like to find this magical place20:54
kamstrupsoreau: why are you here?20:54
jcastrostefano-palazzo: I'll have a think of what sections should be where.20:54
kamstrupsoreau: is it because you want help or is it because you want to flame random people?20:55
soreaukamstrup: I want unity to quit vomiting on my desktop and actually work20:55
kamstrupsoreau: so it's the latter20:55
stefano-palazzothanks jcastro20:55
soreauI can't even startx without it screwing me20:55
jcastrosoreau: you might want to consider testing 11.04 wehn it's closer to release20:55
soreaujcastro: When's that going to be, october?20:55
kamstrupsoreau: if you lacak the technical skills to run with a devel release - then don't run a devel release20:55
soreauBecause by the looks of it, it needs another good 6 months in the oven20:56
nhainessoreau: the Unity devs here are nice and helpful, but they need information if they're going to look into bugs and other problem.s20:56
nhainessoreau: and the partitioner has nothing to do with Unity.20:56
nhainessoreau: does a daily live CD run okay?20:56
soreaunhaines: What other information can I provide? I start the system and it's mouse cursor and wallpaper. unity can't find/start it's panel-service and even after manually starting it, it still doesn't work until I killall -9 unity and start compiz20:57
soreaunhaines: I wish I could figure out how to get a daily cd20:57
nhainessoreau: I can help with that.20:57
ubot5Daily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/20:57
soreauit's so slow to download, it takes like 10 hours20:57
nhainesvish: aw, no fun.  :)20:57
soreaunhaines: I'm still listening20:58
nhainessoreau: so take the latest one you have and use zsync to just grab the changes.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ZsyncCdImage20:58
nhainessoreau: did you say you upgraded from maverick to natty?  What steps did you take to do this?20:59
soreauI just know I'm going to end this day by killing someone20:59
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soreaunhaines: I had to install maverick just to do--dist-upgrade or whatever because natty's partitioner refuses to start21:00
nhainessoreau: what was your natty installation source?21:01
soreaunhaines: I am working on it21:01
stefano-palazzojcastro, maybe the first section could be "Get Answers", containing all you see now, and the second section could be "Currently on AskUbuntu", containing newest, active, highest voted, your profile and so on21:01
soreauTrying to find my browser here21:01
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soreauwhat's the diff with -live21:03
nhainessoreau: that's the one you want.  The other is the alternate install CD.21:03
nhainesGood for upgrading (has packages) and fun stuff (lets you set advanced install options).21:03
soreauThis is the one that takes like 234573456834623 hours to download21:04
soreauI already downloaded twice and deleted the images out of frustration21:05
soreauover the past few months21:05
soreauIt is killing me very much21:05
jcastroyou need to upgrade like every day if you're testing, if you're reporting bugs on older images that doesn't work well21:05
jonosoreau, the culture of our community is constructive discussion and solving of problems - if you are not willing to be constructive, I suggest you try another distro21:05
jonoit is all Free Software after all :-)21:05
soreauWell that's a really poor attitude21:06
soreauI hope you're happy with your stench21:06
jonosoreau, being constructive, not at all?21:06
jonosoreau, but bickering and whinging is *not* helpful21:06
soreaujono: No, the 'its free so who cares?' part21:06
jonosoreau, that is not what I said21:06
jono<jono> soreau, the culture of our community is constructive discussion and solving of problems21:07
soreau<jono> it is all Free Software after all :-) <--21:07
soreauThat part21:07
jonosoreau, well, it is21:07
jonowhat I am saying is that if you don't like Ubuntu, no worries, use another distro21:07
soreauBesides, I'm not bickering, I'm just complaining and venting and trying to get natty working21:07
jonoit is not like you have to use closed source21:07
soreauI don't understand why you need a new image and updates wont work21:07
nhainessoreau: I'm not sure I'd agree with the third one.21:07
jonosoreau, right, and frustrating is fine, but show some respect21:07
nhainessoreau: a new image will run in memory.  If it works, then we know we can look at your configuration on your system.21:08
jonosoreau, we are just asking you to be nice and constructive in solving the problems you are experiencing :-)21:08
nhainessoreau: As a troubleshooting step it narrows things down immensely.21:08
jcastroyeah sounds like you should just try a new liveCD21:09
nhainessoreau: and take this in the spirit intended, but if a new liveCD works, then the Ubuntu devs can continue to focus on existing bugs rather than older ones that have already been solved.21:11
Davidc_3stefano-palazzo, I'm testing your place, it looks great. I haven't been able to read the full conversation here, but a nice feature would be a differentiation between answered and unanswered questions.21:12
nhainessoreau: and you might find that you have a working installer and environment in a new live CD.  That would be less stressful for you as well.  :)21:12
soreaunhaines: Yes yes yes, I know. It's just IRL issues that I really can't do anything about and I just feel like strangling something in close proximity21:12
jcastroDavidc_3: we were just thinking about that21:12
Davidc_3jcastro, oh great :)21:13
jcastroDavidc_3: we just had another idea21:13
jcastrolet's say you get an error dialog21:13
jcastroin a program21:13
jcastrowouldn't it be awesome if you could just highlight the text, drag and drop it on the place21:13
jcastroand have it do a search on that text21:13
Davidc_3Absolutely cool.21:14
jcastronhaines: high five me, you know that rocks.21:14
nhainessoreau: I wish I could help with the IRL issues.  All I can do is give the advice that sometimes that's a good time to walk away from computer testing for a while and clear your mind.21:14
* nhaines high fives jcastro.21:14
stefano-palazzoDavidc_3, We've been discussing unanswered question in the AskUbuntu chat, it's definitely up for debate and on our minds - thanks a lot for the suggestion21:14
jcastroDavidc_3: an easy one to sort now would be the sections (the dropdown thing on the top right)21:15
jcastrothat's pretty straightforward21:15
stefano-palazzokamstrup, sorry to bother you again, How can I get the currently active section in the _update_results_model callback?21:15
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: let me see...21:15
stefano-palazzooh right, that's one thing that isn't obvious ;)21:15
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: you need the entry to get at that21:16
kamstrupentry.props.active_section I think21:16
Davidc_3jcastro, Indeed.21:16
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: and then to listen for changes somthing like entry.connect("notify::active-section", my_callback, arg...)21:17
Davidc_3stefano-palazzo, your code is very instructive. As I'm a python noob trying to make a place. :)21:17
jcastroDavidc_3: awesome dude, you came to the right place.21:17
jcastroDavidc_3: what are the chances that you know the google doc API?21:18
Davidc_3jcastro, I don't.21:18
jcastroDavidc_3: we have a list of ideas if you want to take a shot at one: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/Lenses/Ideas21:20
Davidc_3jcastro, yep. Mine is the Library one.21:21
stefano-palazzokamstrup, that seems to work, it gives me a gobject.GParamSpec, am I on the page?21:21
jcastroDavidc_3: ah, rock21:21
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: right - you get the object and a paramspec as arguments - normally you just ignore those21:22
jcastrokamstrup: wrt what I said before, is it possible to pass things from the clipboard into a place?21:23
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: just look up the value manually like entry.props.active_section inside the changed callback21:23
kamstrupjcastro: hmmmm... afaik you have to manually poll the clipboard... it's some deeper X issue I think... DBO prolly knows the gritty details21:24
stefano-palazzokamstrup, that works great, thanks for your time21:24
DBOwhat now?21:24
kamstrupDBO: hehe, there's not way to get callbacks "on-clipboard-changed" right?21:24
kamstrupone has to manually poll it21:25
DBOyou can be exceptionally evil if you desire21:25
DBObut no, not really21:25
Davidc_3#noobquestion can't you ask, let's say, parcellite for that?21:26
jcastroyeah but something that works ootb is preferable21:28
jcastroanyway, that'd be UDS-O-discussion territory21:28
DBOkamstrup, btw, Im just flattered you think I might know more than you on anything :P21:28
jcastrowe can probably just concentrate on basic ones for now, then collect a bunch of things Place authors want21:28
jfikenvandine, Hi! Is your unity code for xchat is available somewhere? I would to take a look exactly to the way your are detecting a nickname in a canal.21:40
kamstrupDBO: nah, when it comes to X, you're like the sage in book :-)21:42
DBOthats like being the best at Ebola21:43
kamstrupDBO: lol, and with that I bid you goodnight :-D21:57
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danyRstefano-palazzo: just tried your askubuntu place, looking great. congratulations :)23:02
rbnswartzDBO you around?23:13
jcastroDBO: I'm in -meeting, ALL SET.23:54

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