jjessequestion:  does the locale i select in the install (time zone/keyboard) information carry over to Country/Region settings in System Setttings?  That is country, languages, money, calendar, etc?  or does it default to United States??00:46
jjessewhat version of firefox is shipping in ubuntu?01:22
c2tarunGood Morning :)01:26
jjesseor late evening :)01:29
yofeljjesse: 3.6.15 in stable, 4.0~rc1 in natty01:31
jjesseyofel thanks :)01:31
jjessefor firefox or libreoffice?01:31
yofeltip: use 'rmadison firefox' :P01:31
jjesseok thanks01:33
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yofelmorning shadeslayer, and I'm off to bed :P03:37
c2tarunwhen can I be the member of the team kubuntu members?08:25
valoriec2tarun: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Membership08:37
c2tarunvalorie, it says nxt meeting is in jan, page is not updated. :/08:38
valorieright, read that page thoroughly08:38
valorieonce you are ready, the steps are there to get a meeting called to consider your membership08:38
valoriepage will be updated when the next candidate updates it08:39
c2tarunvalorie, I am not sure I m ready or not :/ can you please take a look at my LP page and tell whether I am ready not :) https://launchpad.net/~c2tarun08:40
valoriethat's a Launchpad page08:41
valorieyou need to make a wiki page08:42
valorieright there in the wiki08:42
valorieit's important to learn how to do things like that, since we do some of our process documentation in the wiki08:42
valorieyou are very energetic and persistent, I've noticed08:43
valorieadmirable qualities08:43
c2tarunvalorie, what should I write in my contributions section?09:24
c2tarunI mean how can I get the list of the bugs I fixed09:25
valorieI think your launchpad will have that list09:27
valorieyou can list a few you are proud of, and just link to the list09:27
valoriedo you participate in the community in other ways also?09:28
c2tarunvalorie, nope :( I mostly solved ftbfs and update bugs.09:28
c2tarunvalorie, BTW what other participations do you mean?09:29
valoriesuch as helping out in IRC, on the list or forum09:34
valoriemaybe being involved in your LoCo09:35
valoriethere are tons of ways to participage09:35
valorieI don't seem to be able to type tonight09:35
c2tarunvalorie, sure :) no prob I'll see thanks :)09:36
valoriekilling bugs is GREAT!09:37
valorieplus you package09:37
valorieso you do a lot09:38
valoriebut don't forget the community side09:38
valorieit's fun!09:38
c2tarunsure :)09:38
valorieand people are thrilled to meet and talk with a packager09:38
c2tarunwell I am just a beginner :/09:38
valorieeventually you might want to give talks09:38
valoriewell, I've filed bugs09:39
valoriebut never fixed one09:39
c2tarunvalorie, are you MOTU or kubuntu member?09:39
valorieand asked for packages, but never wrapped one up09:39
valorieI'm a Kub. member09:39
c2tarunvalorie, wow :)09:39
valoriesince last year09:39
valoriebut those push rights are all wasted on me09:40
c2tarunvalorie, well I think they only give rights only when they ensure that is will not be wasted :) so definetly they are not wasted on you :)09:40
valoriewell, I won't misuse them09:41
dpmapachelogger, sorry, I never came back to you when you pinged me the other day. I think it was about adding sessions to AppDeveloperWeek, but seeing that you've already added a couple, I guess that's sorted?09:41
c2tarunvalorie, I'll surely look into community side participations and I'll make my wiki page :) thanks a lot09:42
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bambeeArff my karma goes down... :(10:02
* bambee slaps launchpad10:02
c2tarunRiddell, that kdeedu bug, no body committed fix still on that bug. Do I have to subscribe any team for that?11:49
Riddellc2tarun: no you have to poke us into uploading it11:51
Riddellwhat's the bug number again?11:51
c2tarunRiddell, bug 68343911:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 683439 in kdeedu (Ubuntu) "split kalgebra mobile" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68343911:52
Riddellc2tarun: groovy, uploaded11:55
c2tarunRiddell, thanks :)11:55
* c2tarun looking for packaging related bugs in kubuntu-bugs, if anyone knows any bug please ping me. Thank you11:58
apacheloggerdarts vader12:01
Riddellc2tarun: there's a new amarok beta if you want a challenge12:04
c2tarunRiddell, what is it?12:04
Riddellwhat's amarok?12:05
c2tarunI mean its a player. Where can I get more information about new beta announcements?12:07
Riddelloh, phwe12:07
c2tarunwell I dont have permission to access that :|12:08
Riddellc2tarun: try now12:09
c2tarunRiddell,  its started :)12:09
c2tarunRiddell, is that ec2 machine I used yesterday still running?12:13
shadeslayerStarsky and Hutch12:14
Riddellc2tarun: no, although I can start another one if needed12:14
c2tarunRiddell, sure :) I am getting an awful speed of 8Kb/s here :(12:15
shadeslayerInterwebz in india sure does suck12:16
c2tarunshadeslayer, and I am at home now :( using BSNL limited connection. it really sucks ;'(12:16
shadeslayeryeah ... i know12:17
* c2tarun its holi coming I was wondering who else on this channel is going to celebrate? o/12:18
Riddellc2tarun: ubuntu@ec2-50-16-130-68.compute-1.amazonaws.com12:18
c2tarunRiddell, thanks :)12:19
shadeslayerRiddell: you should have stayed till holi12:26
Riddellshadeslayer: what happens then?12:34
shadeslayerRiddell: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Holi_celebrations,_Pushkar,_Rajasthan.jpg12:35
shadeslayerAt the end of the day people look like this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Young_man_celebrating_Holi.JPG12:36
apacheloggeralso it is saint patrick's day :S12:36
c2tarunshadeslayer, they are too clean ;) wikipedia probably uploaded clean pick :P12:36
shadeslayerhahah :D12:36
shadeslayerc2tarun: probably12:36
apacheloggerhappy paddy's day everyone12:36
shadeslayerc2tarun: it's on Sunday right?12:36
c2tarunshadeslayer, yup12:37
Riddellshadeslayer: ouch, that looks painful12:43
shadeslayerwhat... no!!12:43
shadeslayerit's fun12:44
c2tarunRiddell, that not blood ;) that color :P12:44
shadeslayeryeah :D12:44
Riddellwho uses identi.ca? can someone send me a message @jriddell ?12:45
shadeslayerapachelogger: just a quick question, does the U1 API support bookmark sync?12:45
shadeslayerRiddell: done12:47
apacheloggertechnically it can replicate anything in desktopcouch12:47
apacheloggerpratically half the stuff is broken 90% of the time12:47
Riddellubuntu one supports any data structure in couchDB, but the formats have no defined stability12:48
apacheloggersvn segfault12:48
shadeslayerapachelogger: one of my friends made VLC Segfault12:49
apacheloggeron windows?12:50
shadeslayeron Arch12:51
apacheloggershadeslayer: yeah12:53
apacheloggerdistributions always mess with software12:53
shadeslayermail to myowncloud away12:53
apacheloggerwhich is a bad thing with software like vlc that targets mostly legacy systems12:53
shadeslayerQuintasan: yofel_ you lazy people ... i'm making the announcement to kubuntu-devel12:53
apacheloggeras it heavily depends on the underlying libraries and stuff to work well together12:53
apacheloggerwhich is not always the case because distributions mess with the libraries and their versions and whatnot12:54
apachelogger<3 linux12:54
shadeslayerhahah :D12:54
c2tarunRiddell, kdeedu failed. :/12:54
c2tarunI think for the same reason as koffice.12:55
Riddellc2tarun: hmm, maybe :(12:57
c2tarunRiddell, well this is rising as new FTBFS issue just like binutils-gold :/12:58
Riddelldpm: are natty translations open?13:15
dpmRiddell, yes13:15
c2tarunRiddell, amarok's new version failed, an source code error, may be by upstream, http://paste.kde.org/7475/13:31
apacheloggerNightrose: ^13:35
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shadeslayerif only Amarok built in Neon13:38
shadeslayerthen we could have caught this13:38
Nightroseapachelogger: please ask in the other channel - i asked for test building last night and was told it worked13:44
c2tarunNightrose, what other channel?13:55
c2tarunI mean which other channel/13:55
apacheloggerc2tarun: kde-nudists13:56
* apachelogger does not dare going in there13:56
apacheloggeror else13:56
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=== apachelogger___ is now known as apachelogger
apacheloggerif you know what I mean13:57
c2tarunobviously I dont know :)13:57
* c2tarun anyone know what apachelogger mean?13:58
* apachelogger is somewhat certain that valorie gets the drift13:59
apacheloggerKRF: oh there you arec14:00
apacheloggerc2tarun: KRF can halp you 14:00
KRFlike the wind!14:00
c2tarunKRF, you looked at the error I got during build of amarok?14:00
c2tarunKRF, http://paste.kde.org/7475/14:01
apacheloggerNightrose: what do you think about a talk on wine for the DS?14:02
apacheloggeroh, it is 3 already14:02
* apachelogger opens a bottle of captain14:02
KRFc2tarun: what version are you trying to compile? both current git and 2.4.1b1 do not have a aboutData there14:02
KRFbe sure to clean / reset your checkout14:03
apacheloggermaybe we have a patch14:03
KRFyour fault!14:03
c2tarunKRF, I am trying to compile amarok-
KRFapachelogger: btw, are you coming to that randa place again?14:04
apachelogger./03_restricted_install.diff:+    dbusargs.append(aboutData.programName());14:04
KRFor was it ruanda?14:04
apacheloggerdrop them patches!14:04
apacheloggerkill them dead!14:04
apacheloggershoot them14:04
apacheloggerKRF: randa14:04
apacheloggerI have to attend14:04
apachelogger*have to*14:04
KRFi think ruanda is a bit more off14:04
apacheloggerc2tarun: fakeroot make -f debian/rules clean14:05
apacheloggerquilt pop -a14:05
c2tarunapachelogger, I think the error is due to a patch 03_restricted_install.diff what should I do?14:05
apacheloggerquilt rm 03_restricted_install.diff14:05
apacheloggeror maybe it was delete rather than rm14:05
apacheloggerthen try again14:05
c2tarunI can remove the patch manually.14:05
apacheloggerlet quilt do it14:06
apacheloggermuch safer14:06
apacheloggerc2tarun: also don't forget to add a changelog entry about it :)14:06
c2tarunapachelogger, sure :)14:06
apacheloggerrationale for dropping the patch: phonon-gstreamer which is default in natty installs codecs on demand14:07
apacheloggerKRF: btw, does amarok still have the codec install plugin thing?14:07
KRFuhm, no idea14:07
apacheloggerhm hmm14:07
apacheloggerc2tarun: you might want to wait14:07
c2tarunapachelogger, another prob, the patch on top is 14_soundmenu_fix_desktop_file_path.diff not 03_rest*14:07
apacheloggerthere is more implications14:08
apacheloggerc2tarun: that is why you should first quilt pop -a and then quilt delete14:08
apacheloggerthen quilt takes care of the mumbo jumbo14:08
c2tarunapachelogger, ok, what complications are u talking about?14:08
apacheloggerKRF: there is a genuine user experience problem with amarok only adding files that phonon supports to the database IMHO14:09
KRF./src/EngineController.cpp:279:    KService::List services = KServiceTypeTrader::self()->query( "Amarok/CodecInstall"14:09
apacheloggerah, groovy14:09
apacheloggerc2tarun: amarok not actually adding stuff phonon does not support at the time of scanning14:09
apacheloggeruser installs14:09
apacheloggerstarts amarok14:09
apacheloggeramarok shows notification about not being able to play mp314:09
apacheloggernow amarok scans music14:10
apacheloggerand comes up with an empty database14:10
apacheloggerthe user is now screwed(tm)14:10
apacheloggerRiddell: ping14:10
apacheloggerRiddell: why did we drop the codecinstall thing?14:10
Riddellwhat what?14:11
apacheloggerRiddell: in earlier versions of Kubuntu we had this nice codec installer, which is tightly integrated into amarok14:12
apacheloggerIIRC when amarok starts and detects no mp3 support it looks for such a codecinstaller and adds a button to install mp3 support to the notification it displays14:13
apacheloggerseems like a much better solution than us calling out to dbus and triggering a system notification14:13
Riddellthe only thing we've had for ages is the kubuntu/03_restricted_install.diff patch which calls kubuntu-notifications-helper on startup14:13
Riddellnow there's the phonon install too14:14
c2tarunRiddell, so do we need kubuntu/03_rest.....diff now?14:14
c2tarunRiddell, that patch is creating problem in building of amarok's latest version.14:15
yofel_shadeslayer: sorry, I forgot about that :(14:18
shadeslayeryofel_: yeah i've posted now :P14:18
Riddellc2tarun: depends on how much we trust phonon14:18
shadeslayeri get all the beer now14:18
Riddellcould also just replace  dbusargs.append(aboutData.programName());  with  dbusargs.append("amarok");14:19
apacheloggerRiddell: phonon install does not help with Amarok though ... the collection scanner is mimetype sensitive, meaning it will only scan what phonon reports as supported14:19
apacheloggerRiddell: that is a faulty change14:19
apacheloggerit removes the possibility of localization14:19
apacheloggerwhich is why it uses aboutdata to begin with14:19
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apacheloggereither the patch needs to grab the globabl kaboutdata object or find another way to get the local instance of it14:20
Riddelloh right enough14:20
Riddellthen add a  KAboutData aboutData = KGlobal::mainComponent().aboutData();14:21
Riddellc2tarun: do you know how to edit patches?14:22
apacheloggerRiddell: http://mail.kde.org/pipermail/amarok-promo/2006-May/000022.html14:22
c2tarunRiddell, yup I think,14:22
apacheloggeryou even got cc'd :P14:22
Riddellapachelogger: this was many moons ago, KDE 4.0 happened since14:23
c2tarunRiddell, i'll remove all patches and then keep on pushing them one by one until 03_rest* comes at top and then I'll edit the file and refresh it :) am I right?14:23
Riddellc2tarun: yes that's right14:23
apacheloggerRiddell: yes, but apparently the new enginecontroller still supports it14:23
steveireAny idea when is the next kubuntu meeting?14:24
apacheloggerRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/581599/14:24
apacheloggersteveire: when there arises need for one14:25
apacheloggersteveire: what's up?14:25
steveireInvestigating kubuntu membership14:25
c2tarunRiddell, just making sure, I have to add KAboutData aboutData = KGlobal::mainComponent().aboutData(); in file App.cpp just above the line using aboutData14:25
Riddellc2tarun: it will also need a  #include <KAboutData>14:26
apacheloggersteveire: ah, groovy, if you feel ready just add yourself to the meeting page and find someone to organize the meeting :)14:26
c2tarunRiddell, ok14:26
apacheloggerprobably also KComponentData14:26
apacheloggerRiddell: I think .aboutData() returns a ptr btw14:27
Riddelloh, pointers, c++ is so evil14:27
RiddellKAboutData* aboutData = KGlobal::mainComponent().aboutData();  then14:27
c2tarunso the line becomes KAboutData *aboutData = KGlobal::mainComponent().aboutData()14:28
c2tarunok got it14:28
c2tarunand what about KComponentData? do I have to include it as well?14:28
* c2tarun header files seems to follow gramatical order, should I preserve that order?14:29
c2tarunRiddell, ^^\14:29
Quintasanshadeslayer: lazy? lol school14:29
Quintasancan't do much when I'm stuffed with homework14:30
steveireI tried to add it and got a internal server error14:30
Riddellsteveire: reload the page, it should have saved, just wiki being rubbish14:31
c2tarunRiddell, if aboutData is a pointer are you sure aboutData.programName() is correct or it should be aboutData->programName()?14:32
steveireTouche. https://wiki.kubuntu.org/steveire Do I need to add more?14:32
Riddellc2tarun: that's what I copied out of src/aboutdialog/ExtendedAboutDialog.cpp14:32
steveireWould it be complex to make grantlee use launchpad for bug tracking?14:33
Riddellsteveire: wiki page looks good to me14:33
Riddellsteveire: it would be very easy to use launchpad14:33
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Riddelljust register the project and make sure bug tracking is turned on14:34
=== rjondieter is now known as rdieter
c2tarunRiddell, please look at line 91 in src/aboutdialog/ExtendedAboutDialog.cpp14:36
c2tarunI still think it should be aboutData->programName()14:37
Riddellc2tarun: try it and see14:38
steveireHmm, that was easy...14:39
c2tarunRiddell, how can I compile that file directly?14:41
apacheloggerc2tarun, Riddell: did you change the call to aboutdata itself?14:41
c2tarunapachelogger, what change?14:41
apachelogger.name() to ->name() or whatever it was called14:42
c2tarunapachelogger, yup I did that.14:42
apacheloggerperfect :D14:42
c2tarunapachelogger, how can I compile that file directly? without doing whole debuild? (just for checking(14:43
apacheloggeryou cannot14:44
apacheloggerc++ doesnt work that way ^^14:44
tazzping jussi14:44
c2tarunapachelogger, that way means? I just have to compile one cpp file. If I provide proper libraries than what problem can be?14:45
c2tarunapachelogger, ok before I start building please take a look at the patch http://paste.kde.org/7481/14:48
Riddellc2tarun: looks good, try it14:48
* c2tarun building amarok14:50
bambeewhy don't use qdbusinterface ? (simpler and less lines)14:54
Riddellbambee: I doubt there's any paticular reason14:59
c2tarunRiddell, should I apply for kubuntu-members?15:00
Riddellc2tarun: that usually needs a couple of months of sustained and significant contributions15:01
Riddellso yes, but I think wait a bit15:01
c2tarunRiddell, sure :)15:01
* Riddell fixes message indicator in choqok and enables it by default15:02
c2tarunRiddell, just curious, is my contribution significant?15:02
bambeeRiddell: simplicity is not a good reason ?15:02
Riddellc2tarun: yes15:04
* c2tarun good ;) I'll wait then15:04
Riddellbambee: I doubt there's any paticular reason it was done the way it has been, probably I just copied some dbus code from elsewhere15:04
bambeeI was just a question don't worry ;)15:05
shadeslayercopying code ftw15:05
kubotubambee meant: "It was just a question don't worry ;)"15:05
shadeslayertime to study up on Model/View15:05
shadeslayerapachelogger: turn the sed plugin off15:05
* bambee loves ask boring questions :P15:08
debfxRiddell: any news on a cmake+multiarch fix? it seems to break most of our packages15:09
Riddelldebfx: I havn't even started15:10
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shadeslayerJontheEchidna: so i hear you like Neon15:21
JontheEchidnayeah, it's pretty cool. I don't have the bandwidth/time to play with neon on my computer currently, but yeah; it's cool.15:22
Riddellshadeslayer: neon should get a story on http://www.ubuntu-news.org/15:23
shadeslayerand on OMGUbuntu15:23
Riddellwell, not sure we want to be associated with that tabloid rag15:24
shadeslayerhahah :D15:24
JontheEchidnawe already are. They did a review of alpha 315:24
shadeslayerKubuntu Alpha 3?15:25
JontheEchidnaalpha 2, sorry15:26
JontheEchidnabut yes: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/02/kubuntu-11-04-alpha-2-released/15:26
c2tarunapachelogger, got this error http://paste.kde.org/7482/ should I include const in the decalaration line?15:30
c2tarunapachelogger, or should I typecast?15:32
c2tarunRiddell, ^^15:32
Riddelladd a const at a guess15:35
Riddellor rewrite Amarok in Python, that would solve the problem and make apachelogger happy15:35
c2tarunRiddell, hmm.. I'll prefer adding const, the problem is I have to start the whole build from begining :( is there any other way?15:36
Riddellc2tarun: edit, then debuild -nc15:36
* c2tarun it worked :D15:38
bambeeRiddell: I upgraded to natty by the way (on my ac100) , actually the base system is too unstable... so I've to wait15:39
Riddelloh well15:40
bambeeI cannot start xorg for example 15:40
Riddellbambee: what needs doing to get ubuntu installed on an ac100?15:40
apacheloggerRiddell: don't blame amarok for us making complicated solutions :P15:41
bambeeRiddell: ac100 is a big androidphone with an internal eMMC (internal flash) fastboot as bootloader (but we can use nvidia sdk for some stuff) and the big problem is hardware => actually the kernel is built and customized by hand without an official support , this is the main problem15:41
bambeea nice thing would be have a official support for linaro15:42
bambeeRiddell: actually we can find maverick preinstalled image for maverick with a customized kernel (not supported on upstream), the preinstalled image is just an armel image 15:45
bambees/for maverick//15:45
kubotubambee meant: "Riddell: actually we can find maverick preinstalled image  with a customized kernel (not supported on upstream), the preinstalled image is just an armel image"15:45
bambeemaverick is stable, however some hardwares supports like sound, 3D, suspend, powermanagement are missing15:47
bambeeto answer your question, you've just to put a preinstalled image on an SD card or usb drive, flash fastboot (using nvidia tools), and  it's done15:50
Riddellbut not the preinstalled images we generate, I'd really like some hardware to test those15:54
bambeeRiddell: I can give ssh accesses to some devs , however... it's not the same thing than have the hardware directly15:58
bambeeI asked on #linaro (about support)16:05
* apachelogger is too stupid for autotools :/16:07
bambeewell, actually not officially supported by linaro (since nvidia nor toshiba is a member) however it should work since it's a cortexA9 (we said that few days ago). About hardware ogra said there should be a lot of things improved in .36.16:21
bambeethe main problem remains nvidia16:22
bambeeso wait and see16:22
c2tarunRiddell, another error http://paste.kde.org/7490/16:25
Riddellc2tarun: best fix it then :)16:29
Riddellc2tarun: work out why it isn't build built, if that's the intention (it probably is) then remove it from the .install file16:29
Riddellrun   dh_install --list-missing   to check for any more problems16:30
Riddellthen debuild -nc to continue16:30
* apachelogger wonders if he can sue google for making apachelogger cry16:36
bambeeIf I can help for something... highlight me ;)16:37
Riddellbambee: want to package koffice-l10n? :)16:41
c2tarunRiddell, need help :( looking why amarok_massstorage-device.so is not built, but failed to find :( can you please help a bit.16:50
Riddellc2tarun: well I think I'd start by going into the source of the old version and finding where it was build in the sources  find . -name CMakeLists.txt  | xargs grep massstorage-device16:51
Riddellwhich points me to src/core-impl/collections/db/sql/device/massstorage/CMakeLists.txt16:51
Riddellwhich has   kde4_add_plugin(amarok_massstorage-device16:52
Riddellin the new version I'd look at the same file16:52
Riddelland it says   kde4_add_plugin(amarok_device_massstorage16:52
Riddellso it has been renamed16:52
Riddellso that explains that16:52
c2tarunRiddell, thanks :) let me take a look16:52
Riddellso you want to rename the file in the .install file16:53
c2tarunsorry but what does xargs means?16:54
shadeslayerapachelogger: running calligra by any chance?16:55
Riddellc2tarun: it changes the output from one command into the arguments for the next16:55
bambeeRiddell: sure16:57
apacheloggershadeslayer: no, I am running android16:58
shadeslayerapachelogger: so you think16:58
shadeslayerwhereas ... Android is running you!16:58
* apachelogger wonders why libpipeline with android toolchain decides to make a .a17:00
c2tarunRiddell, libamarokqtjson.so.1.0.0 file also missing and it is also not in previous version :/17:02
Riddellc2tarun: looks fine17:03
c2tarunlooks fine means? that will not fail the build?17:04
Riddellc2tarun: right, it was previously defined in ./external/CMakeLists.txt but now isn't17:05
c2tarunRiddell, well I executed debuild -nc and it failed by missing libamarokqtjson.so.1.0.0 missing :(17:05
Riddellc2tarun: yes it's gone, so remove from the .install file17:06
Riddelland run   dh_install --list-missing   for the next issue17:06
apacheloggerconfigure:11383: checking if libtool supports shared libraries17:09
apacheloggerconfigure:11385: result: no17:09
bambeeRiddell: back to home then I package it17:09
c2tarunRiddell, amarok_collection-playdarcollection.so missing so I looked into previous version and it was pointing to src/core-impl/collections/playdarcollection but there is no name changed or removed.17:11
c2tarunRiddell, and somehow the new one is using amarokqtjson. here is the diff b/w old and new CMakesList.txt for that folder http://paste.kde.org/7491/17:12
Riddellc2tarun: it doesn't get built before of the condition in src/core-impl/collections/CMakeLists.txt17:18
c2tarunRiddell, sorry, not getting what do you mean?17:18
Riddellsrc/core-impl/collections/CMakeLists.txt says it only gets built if QJSON is found but libqjson-dev isn't installed17:21
Riddellc2tarun: so you probably want to add libqjson-dev to the build-depends and rebuild 17:21
Riddellthere should have been a message in the initial cmake output about that17:21
c2tarunRiddell, you mean this message http://paste.kde.org/7492/17:23
c2tarunRiddell, should there be any version associated with libqjson-dev?17:25
c2tarunRiddell, after adding libqjson-dev to builddepends I am getting kind of weird error msg http://paste.kde.org/7493/ its not something like unmet dependency.17:28
yofelc2tarun: you might want to fix koffice:17:31
yofel  koffice: Depends: kformula (>= 1:2.3.3-0ubuntu2) but 1:2.3.1-0ubuntu3 is installed.17:31
yofelkformula needs to be removed from the meta package17:31
c2tarunyofel, sure I'll do, meanwhile I am working on a amarok's new version, after this I'll surely fix koffice. Thank you17:32
Riddellc2tarun: no version needed17:32
c2tarunRiddell, what about the error with dependency http://paste.kde.org/7493/17:32
Riddellc2tarun: it's missing a comma17:32
RiddellI wonder what libmygpo-qt is17:33
* c2tarun oh... I am darn stupid 17:33
nigelbheh, http://www.flickr.com/photos/8748559@N04/5530955253/in/set-7215762615230281317:41
apacheloggernice booty17:52
apacheloggershadeslayer: halp!17:54
* shadeslayer throws a life raft to apachelogger17:54
apacheloggershadeslayer: android is messing with my head17:55
shadeslayerthat's fregl right?17:55
shadeslayerapachelogger: what did it do nao?17:55
apachelogger/home/me/tmp/sdfsdfsdf-build-android/../sdfsdfsdf/main.cpp:9: undefined reference to `pipeline_new()'17:55
c2tarunyofel, done :)17:55
shadeslayerno piping in android for you my friend17:55
apacheloggershadeslayer: looks like fregl anyway17:55
apacheloggershadeslayer: but why!!!17:56
apacheloggerthis does not even make no sense17:56
shadeslayerapachelogger: because android <3's Java17:56
apacheloggerit finds the lib, it just cant find the symbol17:56
apacheloggerwhich is all shitz17:56
apacheloggerbecause I compiled with exactly the same toolchain and stuff17:56
shadeslayerbecause it's a workaround17:56
shadeslayerapachelogger: android is  a workaround17:57
shadeslayerfor Meego17:57
apacheloggerI think I no why17:57
apacheloggerC is screwing me over17:57
apachelogger<3 extern "C"17:57
apacheloggerit linx17:57
apacheloggerit linx \o/17:57
shadeslayeryou mean lynx17:58
* apachelogger needs to reportz bugs against libpipeline17:58
apacheloggerapparently to build the androidz one needs newer config.sub and config.guess17:58
apacheloggeralso I'd like to note at this point that I could not remember for a billion INR what those 2 exactly do17:59
apacheloggeralso I'd like to note that I am rather happy about this17:59
apacheloggershadeslayer: I needs a gui17:59
shadeslayerYou are in a queue, please wait17:59
apacheloggerI don't have time to wai!!Yaehy17:59
* shadeslayer is sick18:00
apacheloggercan't you just wip something up with one button that triggers something in a c++ thing?18:00
apacheloggerlike for all I care people can hardcore their login data18:00
apacheloggerand then build18:00
* apachelogger wants working solution18:00
shadeslayeryou could probably whip it up faster18:00
apacheloggershadeslayer: did you overeat?18:00
* apachelogger gets that alot18:00
apacheloggershadeslayer: no18:00
apacheloggerI haz no clues of the QML18:00
shadeslayerapachelogger: dunno ... i've been eating at home for the past week18:00
shadeslayerapachelogger: yeah i'm learning too18:01
* apachelogger always falls over gluing it to C++18:01
shadeslayerso don't count on me18:01
shadeslayerhaha :D18:01
apacheloggerdoing it in QML only is no problem18:01
apacheloggermaking the QML make love to my CPP is the problem18:01
shadeslayeryeah ask fregl .. he knows gluing to C++ parts18:01
shadeslayeror rather i assume he knows those parts18:01
apacheloggerfregl: halp!18:02
shadeslayerokay i'm sleeping18:02
shadeslayeri don't feel good18:02
apacheloggershadeslayer: you are writing, not sleeping18:02
c2tarunyofel, I fixed the prob with koffice and pushed the branch, please take a look18:13
yofelc2tarun: push to a different branch on launchpad and you didn't add a new changelog entry for your change18:17
c2tarunyofel, here https://code.launchpad.net/~c2tarun/koffice/2.3.3-new should I propose it for merging?18:20
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Ubuntu: 2 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/2)18:20
ScottKWhy don't we build QtAssistant?18:22
c2tarunyofel, what to mention in target branch when proposing for merge?18:23
yofelc2tarun: no, you edited the old changelog, revert your change and add a new ubuntu2 entry18:23
yofelc2tarun: same as last time, lp:~kubuntu-members/koffice/ubuntu18:24
c2tarunyofel, https://code.launchpad.net/~c2tarun/koffice/2.3.3-new2 here is with all the changes you told, please take a look18:29
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Ubuntu: 2 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/2)18:29
c2tarunyofel, should I propose it for merging?18:30
yofelhm, still wrong, you didn't use bzr to rever the change bug simply edited it with dch, now the changelog date for the ubuntu1 entry is still wrong18:30
yofeland you don't need to push to a new branch every time18:31
c2tarunyofel, :| how to rever the change using bzr?18:31
yofelthere was a way for that, but in this case it would be easiest to just start fresh18:32
* yofel forgot how to revert commits in bzr...18:32
* c2tarun starting again 18:33
yofelc2tarun: also, changelog entries are usually written as actions, meaning you write 'changing Y to X' instead of 'I changed Y to X' in the log usually18:35
c2tarunyofel, ok, so I should just write, removed kformula from koffice depends?18:36
yofelyep, that's short and tells the reader everything you did18:36
yofelc2tarun: actually, use present tense 'remove' not past tense 'removed'18:36
c2tarunyofel, sure :)18:37
DarkwingDuckoh is that how changelogs work? I normally like the more humor thing. "Yo bi**es, I make these changes yo." :P:P18:38
DarkwingDuckyofel: I even used the present tense 'make' just for you. hehe18:39
yofelwell, doesn't really matter I think, it's personal preference (I use present tense)18:39
yofelread some changelogs on https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/natty-changes/2011-March/date.html for example18:39
c2tarunyofel, since I started fresh, I should use a new branch name?18:40
yofel(no idea what bzr would do in the other case)18:40
c2tarunyofel, https://code.launchpad.net/~c2tarun/koffice/2.3.3-0ubuntu2-fresh please take a look18:41
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Ubuntu: 2 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/2)18:41
yofelthat should be fine now18:42
c2tarunyofel, so I should propose for a merge?18:43
=== 30BAA0CK6 is now known as mokush
c2tarunyofel, done :)18:44
c2tarunRiddell, amarok build successfully what should I write in change log? New upstream release and patch update. what else?19:14
bambeeRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/581753/ => helper script which downloads all koffice-l10n (27 files) and tarball them automatically (orig.tar.gz) 19:16
bambeefuture bumps will be faster ;)19:16
c2tarunRiddell, amarok build successfully and I signed it.19:21
c2tarunRiddell, its 1 am here, I need to go to bed, I signed the source.change file and there is an amarok.debian.diff file contains the diff b/w two debian folder. Good Night :) If any problem I'll again come in morning and then I'll try to fix it19:34
JontheEchidna^just got an email about an upstream problem in amarok, actually19:35
Martiinianyone here who belongs to devel team?19:39
MartiiniI have a questions19:39
Martiiniquestion about ubuntu kernel .. kernel seems to configured not as well as some other distros19:39
MartiiniI have installed .. fedora, opensuse, ubuntu ..  and .. opensuse seem have best kernel+modules .. most laptops work out-of-box with acpi modules .. etc etc19:41
JontheEchidnaKubuntu doesn't really do much at all in the way of the kernel. The folks in #ubuntu-devel would probably be of more help19:41
_Groo_hi/2 all19:44
_Groo_guys can someone confirm this:19:44
_Groo_check that nepomuk and/or strigi are active in the systemsettings19:44
_Groo_open dolphin and go to the filter tab19:44
_Groo_is it greyed out?19:45
yofelMartiini: or #ubuntu-kernel since your question is kernel specific19:45
yofel_Groo_: it is once I enable it19:45
_Groo_yofel: didnt follow yofel, is greyed out or not? even with strigi/nepomuk enabled?19:46
yofel_Groo_: it is greyed out with strigi enabled19:46
_Groo_yofel: so its broken?19:46
_Groo_yofel: kubuntu specific, kde 4.6.1 specific?19:46
yofelI'm running on battery here, maybe that matters19:46
yofel_Groo_: no idea19:47
yofelI don't usually use it19:47
_Groo_yofel: no, if you enable nepomuk it should be enough, even strigi could be disabled19:47
_Groo_yofel: neither do it, not much at least, but it was SUPOSED to be enabled19:47
_Groo_yofel: something is broken19:47
yofelI did see it enabled in the past, but I have no idea since when it stopped working19:48
_Groo__someone said in kde-devel it works19:52
_Groo__maybe we forgot something in 4.6.1 that broke it?19:53
JontheEchidnalolwut @ bug 73629420:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 736294 in synaptiks (Ubuntu) "synaptikscfg crashed with AttributeError in __getitem__(): /usr/bin/python: undefined symbol: XIFreeDeviceInfo" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73629420:07
JontheEchidnalinking problem with python?20:07
_Groo__ok, nepomuk is working, i can see that bangarang adds tags and it shows up in dolphin filter BUT its still greyed out??!!?!?20:15
debfxJontheEchidna: not exactly linking but python's dlsym() equivalent somehow fails to load symbols20:18
bambeeSomeone could upload this package for me ? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/koffice-l10n  thanks in advance 20:21
debfxall related to multi-arch20:33
debfxldconfig cache only contains lib in multi-arch paths20:33
ScottKdebfx: Make sure slangasek knows about multi-arch path issues.20:34
debfxScottK: yeah, there is already a bug assigned to him20:35
ScottKAh.  Good.20:35
_Groo__ScottK: hey scott20:39
ScottKHello _Groo__.20:41
_Groo__ScottK: hey hey, are you using 4.6.1?20:41
ScottKOn my netbook.20:41
_Groo__ScottK: does dolphin filter window work for you? aka, are the buttons/tags greyed or not?20:44
ScottKNo idea.20:44
ScottKLet me check.20:44
_Groo__ScottK: k, tks20:44
ScottK_Groo__: Is that the same as Filter Bar?20:46
_Groo__ScottK: yes, the one with tags, documents, audio, etc...20:46
_Groo__ScottK: is it greyed out?20:46
ScottKNo, but mine just seems to filter on file name.20:48
debfxRiddell: I've filed bug #737137 to track the cmake multiarch issue20:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 737137 in cmake (Ubuntu) "find_library fails to locate multiarch libraries" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73713720:48
ScottKMenu -> Tools -> Filter Bar20:48
_Groo__ScottK: no, not the filter bar20:49
_Groo__ScottK: the filter TAB20:49
_Groo__ScottK: panels -> filter20:49
_Groo__ScottK: hotkey f1220:49
ScottKYes.  It's greyed out.20:50
_Groo__ScottK: is nepomuk working in systemsettings?20:50
ScottKProbably not.20:51
ScottKNepomuk on a netbook is death.20:51
ScottKIf it's running it's only because I made a mistake killing it off.20:51
ScottKActually it claims it's active.20:52
ScottKFixed that.20:52
_Groo__ScottK: its nepomukfilesearch that kills the netbook, i always disable that one service20:53
_Groo__ScottK: anyway we havea  problem20:53
_Groo__ScottK: nepomuk is working, i tested with bangarang for example (and akonadi too since im using new kmail), the greyed filter tab even updated my custom tags BUT i cant click on anything20:54
_Groo__ScottK: and acording to kde-devel "its working" there20:54
ScottKMaybe something isn't installed in the location it's expected.20:54
_Groo__ScottK: i suspect something is broken in our packages but i cant pinpoint what20:54
ScottKI'm low on the list of people who would know how to help with Nepomuk problems.20:55
_Groo__ScottK: would be a good idea trying to trace that before 11.04 , no? :D20:55
ScottKThe only times I've ever run it were by accident.20:55
_Groo__ScottK: im trying to pinpoint what it is, but kde folks arent exactly jumping to help me :P20:55
ScottKI'd be glad to help if I knew anything on the topic.20:56
_Groo__ScottK: do you know some kde dev that could help me debug this? someone aproachable? in the sense of not being "its working, go away"?20:56
ScottKI bet apachelogger knows who to ask.  IIRC he's recently been involved in some Nepomonkery in Phononland.20:56
_Groo__ScottK: yeah i saw the new dependency in phonon-gstreamer ¬¬20:57
_Groo__apachelogger: poke!20:57
_Groo__ScottK: well anyway, its not just me, thats what i wanted to confirm20:58
_Groo__ScottK: another thing20:58
_Groo__ScottK: this one is more "delicate"20:58
_Groo__ScottK: can i propose we change the default volume mixer in 11.04 from shitty kmix to awesome veromix?20:59
ScottK_Groo__: It's after feature freeze.  We can discuss such things for 11.10.20:59
_Groo__ScottK: awwww :(20:59
* apachelogger notes that kmix gets a makeover so google will20:59
_Groo__ScottK: ok then, but you guys are aware of it?20:59
ScottKI'm not.  I hadn't particularly rated kmix crappy either.21:00
ScottKDoes the job for me.21:00
_Groo__apachelogger: not a question of makeover, veromix is getting VERY good, support for mpris2, full suport for pulseaudio, etc... its miles ahead of kmix21:00
ScottKGenerally if we're going to deviate from KDE upstream we want it to be for a very definite reason.21:00
_Groo__ScottK: try it21:00
_Groo__ScottK: its a plasmoid made in python, so just add it21:01
apacheloggerit *only* does PA21:01
apacheloggerthat disqualifies it from any sort of default21:01
_Groo__apachelogger: and whats the default mixer for kubuntu? isnt PA?21:01
apacheloggeralso it is absurdly fat21:01
ScottKI'm pretty unlikely to care.  As long as I can get my mic unmuted for Skype, I'm happy.21:01
ScottKWhich is way easier in Kmix now that it used to be.21:02
apachelogger_Groo__: that does neither mean that everyone works nor that it works with every setup21:02
_Groo__apachelogger: veromix, fat??? why fat?21:02
_Groo__apachelogger: and kmix does? :D 21:02
ScottK_Groo__: You shoulnd't have mentioned Python if you wanted apachelogger's support.21:02
_Groo__apachelogger: im not saying to remove kmix, just to make veromix the default for "normal" users21:02
_Groo__ScottK: im a python fan myself :P21:02
apacheloggerwe are not going to have 2 mix guis21:02
_Groo__apachelogger: did you at least checked latest 0.10.1?21:03
apacheloggerwhat for?21:03
_Groo__apachelogger: with support for players, complete support for input/output and even one request i bugged the developer a lot (put volume above 100%)21:03
apacheloggerit was fat, it still is fat21:03
_Groo__apachelogger: its a plasmoid... isnt even binary, just dowload it, plasmapkg it and give it a spin21:04
apacheloggerit not being binary is part of the reason why it is fat21:04
apacheloggeran application that for the better part of the day just sits there doing nothing should not be fat21:04
apacheloggermust not be fat21:04
_Groo__apachelogger: hes 8MB, kmix is 5MB!!!21:05
_Groo__apachelogger: hows that fat?21:05
_Groo__apachelogger: hes operation is smooth as silk, has much better performance then kmix IMHO21:05
apacheloggeremit sigh();21:05
apachelogger_Groo__: how did you measure this?21:06
_Groo__apachelogger: just for the sake of discussion, test it pls!21:06
_Groo__apachelogger: ctrl -esc, advanced memory21:06
_Groo__kmix, veromix21:06
apacheloggeras you said21:06
apacheloggerit is a plasmoid21:06
_Groo__dont forget its a plasmoid so the gui is basically plasma-desktop itself, the only thing it does is loading python21:06
apacheloggerso what you see is only the appendix of it21:06
_Groo__same for kmix :P it uses a ton of shared libs21:07
apacheloggershared libraries are part of the process21:07
apacheloggera plasmoid is part of plasma21:07
_Groo__and plasmoid using plasma-desktop api isnt part of the process?21:07
apacheloggerthis discussion is pointless21:07
apacheloggerit only supports PA21:07
_Groo__last ime i checked plasma-desktop is a plasmoid per se :D21:07
_Groo__apachelogger:  but PA IS the kubuntu default!21:08
_Groo__pa runs on top of alsa... 21:08
_Groo__if advanced users want to use alsa directly , just do alt-f2, kmix!21:08
apachelogger[22:02:56] <apachelogger> we are not going to have 2 mix guis21:08
_Groo__veromix has the advantage of tabs, meters, selective outputs, sinks, pipes, media player control (with covers), its almost a gnome sound clone21:09
ScottKSounds like overkill, but then sound isn't very important to me.21:10
_Groo__apachelogger: cant you even just take a look at it you stubborn irish :D21:10
ScottKIn any case, it's a discussion for the next cycle.21:10
_Groo__ScottK: yeah im discussing it for the next cicle21:10
ScottKFix Nepomuk for this one first please.21:11
apachelogger_Groo__: I know it21:11
_Groo__i remember having a similiar discussion about rekonq last year :D21:11
_Groo__ScottK: oh yeah21:11
apachelogger# pidof vpnc                                                                                                                                                                                    21:11
apacheloggershadeslayer: I haz got QVpnc on android :D21:12
_Groo__apachelogger: changing of topic... do you know of a kde developer that can help me debug why OUR dolphin filter bar is greyed out although nepomuk/strigi are working?21:12
apacheloggerwhat filter bar?21:13
_Groo__[17:49] <_Groo__> ScottK: panels -> filter [17:49] <_Groo__> ScottK: hotkey f1221:13
=== _Groo__ is now known as _Groo_
ScottK_Groo__: We only picked Rekonq becaue the competition was Konqueror.  Had there been an actual browser in the running it would have one.21:14
_Groo_apachelogger: according to kde-devel.. its "working"21:14
apacheloggersebastian trueg or peter penz21:14
apacheloggeror both of them21:14
_Groo_apachelogger: aparently its specific to kubuntu21:14
_Groo_apachelogger: are you sure they are aproachable?21:14
apacheloggerScottK: there was, just that no one felt like actually looking into whether it fits on the CD :P21:14
_Groo_apachelogger: i know trueg, i bugged him a lot about nepomuk already21:15
apachelogger_Groo_: sure they are, why wouldn't they be21:15
_Groo_apachelogger: k, its #nepomuk channel?21:15
apacheloggerfor example ;)21:16
_Groo_apachelogger: you really dont wanna take a look at it? oO http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Veromix+-+volume+control+%2B+soundmenu?content=116676 ^-o21:16
apacheloggerI HAVE21:16
bambeewhy name it veromix by the way ? 21:16
_Groo_bambee: its is mother name, veronica21:17
_Groo_bambee: seriously ive no idea :D21:17
bambeeno seriously the name sucks :D21:18
_Groo_apachelogger: and? did you test it with amarok or clementine? it works very well :) 0.10.1 works like a charm, im testing 0.11 now...21:18
bambeewhat about brandamixer ? :P21:18
_Groo_bambee: well IF it would be default we could talk with the author to change it for sound mixer and leave veromix in about box... for usability sake21:19
_Groo_bambee: its python, easy to change :)21:19
bambeeit's mpris2 compliant ?21:19
ScottKWhy does a normal user care about mpris2?21:22
apachelogger_Groo_: http://aplg.kollide.net/images/avatar/snapshot158.png21:25
apacheloggerworks here21:25
apacheloggerbambee: otherwise it would not be able to control the players ;)21:25
ScottKRiddell: Can we promote qt-assistant-compat to main so we can build the Python bindings for it?21:26
bambeeapachelogger:  w00t indeed "Media Player Controls (aka nowplaying)" => I did see that21:26
bambeeI did not *21:26
_Groo_apachelogger: strange, are you using 4.6.1?21:29
_Groo_apachelogger: btw what do you mean, veromix only supports pa? he shows alsa streams just like kmix, btw kmix shows the same stuff that veromix does, kmix by default has PA enabled, to use alsa solo you need to open it with a variable21:30
_Groo_apachelogger: can you point me to an app that DOESNT show in PA or veromix?21:30
_Groo_bambee: veromix supports both mpris and mpris221:31
bambeegreat :)21:32
_Groo_bambee: hes actually a pleasure to use, i dont use kmix for a very long time21:32
_Groo_bambee: with kmix its a pain to redirect sound from for ex, external to hdmi, in veromix is one dropdown box away21:32
_Groo_bambee: its a plasmoid.. go play with it :P21:33
_Groo_bambee: its not like its gonna break your system or anything21:34
_Groo_bambee: you dont even need to compile it, its python, interpreted, download the .plasmoid. plasmapkg -i and be happy21:34
_Groo_bambee: also he integrates with the systray, aka it uses new systray so hes avaible in the apps settings of it.. it doesnt even need to be a separate plasmoid21:35
bambee_Groo_: I asked you these questions because there is a proposal with equivalent features for kde gsoc 21:35
bambeeI am just curious21:35
bambeeI will try it 21:35
ScottK_Groo_: kmix uses the new systray too, doesn't it?21:35
_Groo_bambee: i saw it.. the guy wants to implement veromix with c++ revamp the kmix to do what veromix already does.. nothing against, but veromix is here and hes its just a proposal21:36
_Groo_ScottK: yep, go to systray settings, apps, click on veromix.. voila..21:36
RiddellScottK: python bindings for qt-assistant-compat ?21:36
ScottKRiddell: Yes.  The QtAssistant bindings are still in PyQt4.21:36
ScottKNot building that .so is part of our diff with Debian.21:37
bambee_Groo_: they want to implement it in c++ and qml :)21:37
_Groo_bambee: like i said.. nothing against... looking forward to.. but veromix is one click away :D21:38
_Groo_bambee: competition is good and all that21:38
RiddellScottK: moved21:39
ScottKRiddell: Thanks.21:39
bambeeif veromix already has these features it's clear that it's useless to re-code everything from scratch I agree... however I am not the best one to talk about it21:40
_Groo_bambee: just test the damn thing21:40
_Groo_bambee: download, plasmapkg install, go to systray, enable it...21:41
_Groo_bambee: open amarok, skype, clementine, firefox with youtube, vlc... be amazed!21:41
bambee_Groo_: dude I said "I will try it", give me a sec21:42
_Groo_bambee: and he DOES show alsa streams.. dont know why apachelogger says it doesnt21:42
apacheloggeralsa streams?21:42
_Groo_apachelogger: you said he only does PA21:42
_Groo_apachelogger: im not following on that one21:42
_Groo_apachelogger: btw are you using 4.6.1?21:42
_Groo_apachelogger: because my and ScottK dolphins are greyed out, and nepomuk is working :P21:43
_Groo_apachelogger: so something is strange in dolphon filter bar21:43
_Groo_apachelogger: dolphin*21:43
apacheloggerstrigi needs to be on too21:44
_Groo_apachelogger: its on and with 14k files indexed21:44
_Groo_apachelogger: ironically if i add a tag it shows in the greyed out filter bar, i just cant click on anything21:44
debfxScottK: is there a package actually using the QtAssistant python bindings?21:44
ScottKdebfx: Hard to say, the universe of software isn't packaged.21:45
_Groo_apachelogger: ok i found the bug21:46
_Groo_apachelogger: aparently filter tab is folder  specific21:46
apacheloggerScottK: you restarted all instances of dolphin I suppose?21:46
ScottKapachelogger: I had none going and I started one.21:46
_Groo_apachelogger: documents is clicable, mp3 for ex it isnt21:46
debfxluckily we don't support the whole universe ;)21:46
_Groo_apachelogger: can you create a empty folder , go there and see if the filter tab gets greyed out?21:46
ScottKdebfx: Yes, but I think we ought to support it until upstream drops the class.21:47
_Groo_apachelogger: still works?21:47
_Groo_apachelogger: do you have the nepomuk filewatch service active?21:48
_Groo_apachelogger: ah... ScottK can you check if you have nepomuk filewatch service running? 21:48
_Groo_apachelogger: might be it21:48
_Groo_apachelogger: would be bizarre but,....21:49
_Groo_apachelogger: now... can you explain the "only  supports PA"? i really didnt get it that one21:49
apacheloggerI don't get alsa streams21:49
_Groo_apachelogger: here http://wstaw.org/m/2011/03/17/veromix2_.png21:54
_Groo_apachelogger: now tell me if that isnt the cuttiest thing you ever seen? :)21:55
_Groo_ScottK: are you there?21:55
apachelogger_Groo_: that is still just a pulseaudio stream21:56
apacheloggeroriginating from alsa21:56
_Groo_apachelogger: exactly.. pulse passes it when theres no specific plugin, or something in that order... so what am i mssing here?21:56
_Groo_apachelogger: cause kmix needs a variable in order to be pure alsa agaim21:57
_Groo_apachelogger: KMIX_PULSEAUDIO_DISABLE=1 kmix21:57
_Groo_apachelogger: so the kubuntu default is exactly the same thing has veromix is21:57
_Groo_apachelogger: and i doubt 99,999999999999999999% of the users know how to swtich it :)21:57
apacheloggerpardon my language but that is bullshit21:58
apacheloggerif PA is not running kmix uses alsa21:58
_Groo_apachelogger: which part? :)21:58
apacheloggerif alsa is not there it will try to use oss21:58
apacheloggerand so on21:58
_Groo_apachelogger: but how many users would remove PA?21:58
_Groo_apachelogger: and that scenario is worth loosing all the veromix advanced funcionalities?21:59
_Groo_apachelogger: like single click audio switching (between internal and hdmi for ex).21:59
yofelactually several users asked in #kubuntu how to disable/remove pulse21:59
yofelso that is actually the case22:00
_Groo_yofel: and those power users dont know how to do altf2 kmix?22:00
apachelogger[22:08:54] <apachelogger> [22:02:56] <apachelogger> we are not going to have 2 mix guis22:00
yofelprobably? I didn't know about that variable either until just now22:00
apachelogger_Groo_: add the features to kmix and we get it all for free22:00
apacheloggeralso we will get translations and documentation and QA and whatnot for free22:01
_Groo_yofel: while the vast majority would just open kubuntu and amarok and see, wow, covers in this audio mixer thingy, hmm wow, i can switch hdmi by clicking here, wow, i can control audio streams just like windows 722:01
_Groo_apachelogger: true, but veromix is here, kmix+++++ isnt22:01
_Groo_apachelogger: im all for switching WHEN its here22:01
* apachelogger is not going to stand for repating errors of the past22:01
JontheEchidnatechnically veromix is not "here", since you are having to ask for its inclusion22:01
apacheloggerjust because we are having a nerdgasm right now does not mean it is the right choice22:01
yofel_Groo_: well, I'm fine with that, as long as I can get rid of pavucontrol by you implementing that22:01
_Groo_yofel: veromix implements most if not all of pavucontrol features..., i need to see the code to check if he actuually calls it, but i dont think so22:02
_Groo_yofel: even one of my favourites, the ability to put the volume above 100% was implemented recently (i bugged the author a lot :D)22:03
_Groo_yofel: although that one its from gnome sound control i think22:03
yofeloh, with that I agree wholeheartedly :D22:03
bambee_Groo_: yeah but it does not make coffee :P22:04
_Groo_bambee: lol... neither does kmix!22:04
* _Groo_ thinks that if he had started by omitting veromix is written in python, i might have had a chance :P22:05
Riddellshadeslayer: cryojenx on identi.ca makes an interesting point about rekonq22:06
JontheEchidnapeople still microblog?22:06
JontheEchidnathat is so 201022:06
_Groo_JontheEchidna: lol22:07
_Groo_JontheEchidna: whats the trend for 2011?22:07
* JontheEchidna shrugs22:07
JontheEchidnaI came on to microblogging half a year late22:08
JontheEchidnaI'll let you know in 6 months22:08
_Groo_oh btw, for the first time in a long time im gtk jealous22:08
yofelmind-communicating using meego, they just didn't implement it22:08
_Groo_that webkit backend is very cool22:08
_Groo_yofel: telepathy-mind-control-kde22:08
_Groo_hope that aseigo and friends implement one too, very soon22:08
* yofel realizes he's behind the news too...22:09
_Groo_yofel: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=OTIyNA22:09
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: ^ now this is very 201022:10
apacheloggerpossibly even 200922:10
yofelyeah, they probably should create a webbrowser that behaves as a desktop, since they don't seem to have a working desktop with GTK3 currently22:10
_Groo_yofel: lol22:11
_Groo_yofel: i found it interesting when im behind a proxy and cant use port forwarding22:11
_Groo_yofel: it might has its uses22:11
_Groo_anyway im a sucker for old stuff done in new ways... or the other way around22:11
apacheloggerthere has been a qt labs experiment on that stuff some time ago22:12
apacheloggersome time > 1 year22:12
_Groo_apachelogger: i know, but they actually implemented the stuff22:12
_Groo_apachelogger: hope "our" version quicks ass22:12
_Groo_apachelogger: maybe even with window borders ;) aparently they forgot that part :D22:13
* apachelogger finds it unlikely there will be our version22:13
_Groo_apachelogger: ok just to put a end to the discussion, can you admit that veromix could be  a viable default for kubuntu and that im awesome?22:13
_Groo_an irish and a portuguese debating, prolly the two most stubborn entities on the planet :D22:16
_Groo_apachelogger: dont forget my ancestors discovered a lot of stuff cause they where too stubborn to go back :D22:17
_Groo_well anyway, i need to go home22:18
* apachelogger does not fee like lying :P22:18
_Groo_apachelogger: LOL22:18
_Groo_apachelogger: not even the awesome part?22:18
_Groo_apachelogger: at least a smart minion?22:18
apachelogger_Groo_: smart you are, no doubt there22:19
_Groo_apachelogger: i am??? oO but but.. i dont feel smart... i.. ii.. really dont :P22:20
_Groo_apachelogger: annoying... perhaps... smart... not so much :D22:20
_Groo_seeya tomorrow ppl22:22
ScottK_Groo_: Wasn't here and not with the netbook anymore.22:23
* apachelogger picks his nose a bit22:31
jjessefind anything good?22:34
apacheloggerdepends on whether one finds spaceships good22:39
* apachelogger thinks the text element on QML on android is a bit broken23:04
apacheloggeractually a lot23:04
* apachelogger does not see no text23:04
DarkwingDuckapachelogger: You know a VM that does NOT emulate hardware but, will use my video hardware?23:07
apacheloggerwouldn't be very virtual then, would it? :P23:08
apacheloggerdon't know any23:08
* apachelogger wonders how to get debug this qml mumbo jumo considering qdebug does not work and writing a file apparently does not either23:09
DarkwingDuckapachelogger: well, it would be better then dualbooting23:13
* apachelogger throws stones at android23:21

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