Bauldrickhow do i get firefox icon (launcher) in 'Kmenu>Internet' - I've uninstalled purged firefox and reinstalled, but I can only launch firefox from commandline..?00:01
james147Bauldrick: run "kbuildsycoca4" ... it might take some time after thats run for the menus to update00:01
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Bauldricknope, it's still not there under kmenu>Application>Internet00:04
james147Bauldrick: logout and back in... if not then wait abit... not sure where the menus are cached00:04
Bauldrickwhat are the icons controlled by under? /usr/share/applications/*.desktop?00:05
Bauldrickthis has been along time problem, many times logged in/out - restarted00:05
kaddihi, my window preview in taskbar isn't working correctly. It is as if there's a gery flimmer on top of it and the content of the window itslef is very hard to make out. Dos anyon know how to change that?00:09
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katsrcanyone have a work around for Flash crashing so much on Kubuntu 64bit?02:04
katsrcis it the 32bit wrapper that's causing it?02:04
DaskreechMaybe why don't you try the 64bit flash02:07
katsrcDaskreech: yeah, just about to do that02:12
quanthi, can anyone give me any tips about which effects to disable to get better responsivness? running 4.6 from the official ppa - radeon 3650, athlon x2 5000+, thanks!02:12
quantoverall the ui is very laggy with effects on02:12
DaskreechTake off blur02:12
quantDaskreech: ok, that seemed to make a very noticable difference, anything else?02:14
Daskreechtry that for a while02:14
DaskreechBlur uses the most OpenGL calls which some drivers just can't deal with02:15
Daskreechso that gets offloaded to the CPU which can do it but just wasn't built to handle per pixel stuff efficently02:15
quantDaskreech: yes, the speed improvement I got looks like it was some kind of bug/problem... I wouldn't expect that much better performance from only turning off blur02:16
DaskreechYou can also usually go through and just take off stuff you don't need/find impressive02:16
quantDaskreech: very helpful info, thanks02:16
Daskreechquant: You are most likely running blur on the CPU very few drivers currently handle all the logic for blur on the GPU02:16
DaskreechIt's pretty when it works but it's honestly as useless effect so off it goes02:17
quantDaskreech: I honestly don't notice that effect that much, others are much more impressive02:17
Daskreechquant: again once the drivers catch up it will be much prettier with basically no impact on the machine02:18
DaskreechVideo card are built to handle   this very easily.02:18
DaskreechWhen it's done properly it's quite nice02:18
quantDaskreech: would you happen to know if 64 bit flash has considerably worse performance?02:18
quantquant: proprietary02:18
quantDaskreech: 64 bit adobe flash compared to 32 bit adobe flash02:19
quantDaskreech: running kubuntu 6402:19
DaskreechShould have at worst the same performance02:19
quantDaskreech: thanks again02:19
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quantam I bound for some compatibility/non-availability/other problem if I stick to 64 bit?02:20
DaskreechI'm not sure what you mean02:21
DaskreechFlash is the most well known offender for issues on a 64 bit system02:21
quantDaskreech: ok02:22
Daskreechbut any closed/propietary program stands to be an issue02:22
quantDaskreech: yes, that's what I was afraid of02:22
quantDaskreech: I'll just keep running this and see what happens and replace with 32 if needed02:22
DaskreechOther than that 64 Bit for any FOSS stack is invisible to the user unless they hitRAM ceilings02:23
Daskreechquant: They made a 64 bit Flash so while it's well known it's no longer much of a problem bugs aside02:23
quantDaskreech: I wouldn't run flash if I didn't need it (I'd run Gnash probably)... but I'm making web content so...02:24
DaskreechI just don't install it02:24
DaskreechI do web content as well but lucky I work for a company where two other people teach at schools who provide them Flash for free so it's an easy excuse to let them handle all that stuff :)02:25
quantDaskreech: :)02:25
quantDaskreech: developers should disable blur by default, people get impression that kde is slow and bad, they don't research (like I did) on what's wrong02:29
quantDaskreech: until the issues are sorted02:29
DaskreechWell the issues won't get sorted if people don't use it :)02:29
DaskreechCircular :)02:29
quantDaskreech: true02:30
DaskreechIf it gets really bad Kwin will autodisable it02:30
Daskreechif it can't run at all then it will get disabled as well02:30
mcurranusually people are running computers that are handling it, and do you want all those people to have to install all these extra packages?02:31
quantmcurran: I was just told that most drivers don't handle it02:31
Daskreechmcurran: for most people it's running on the CPU02:32
quantmcurran: talking only about blur here02:32
Daskreechmcurran: and it's not any extra packages. All the plugins that ship with KDE ship with kwin they just turn most of them off02:32
DaskreechBlur is on cause it's reasonably pretty when it works slightly annoying when it doesn't and when turned off makes no difference in how you use the computer02:33
quantDaskreech: hm, I'd say very annoying when it doesn't (makes the system unusable for somebody that's working on it)02:35
Daskreechyeah can be02:36
Daskreechbut easy fix :)02:36
Daskreech alt+Shift+F1202:36
quantDaskreech: well that would kill too many shinies :)02:36
mcurranwhere can you turn them on02:37
quantDaskreech: if you don't mind another question - filezilla is my old love, will it decrease system performance drastically or only for the time needed to load up GTK etc.?02:38
quantmcurran: system settings - desktop effects02:38
Daskreechmcurran: alt+F3 -> Configure window behaviour02:39
mcurranyeah, I don't have that option, so your talking about the compiz-fusion plugins, okay.02:39
Daskreechquant: I can't really answer that. Depends on how much RAM you have free02:39
quantDaskreech: 2 GB02:39
Daskreechbut if it loads up then you should be ok02:39
DaskreechThat should be fine02:39
Daskreecharound 700-900 MB would be worrisome02:39
mcurranI have glxgears running in the background constantly as my internal cube visual, and that doesn't even effect my computer performance much02:40
quantDaskreech: well not 2 GB free, 2 GB total02:40
Daskreechit's not a benchmark02:40
Daskreechnever has been and still will not be02:40
Daskreechjust happens to be a tightly coded GL app that's pretty common02:41
mcurranI was wondering on how I could add a different texture for the fire particles with the paint fire plugin, I want it to look like little burning 0's and 1's (binary), and make them green.  I think it would look pretty cool02:41
Daskreechquant: I know. That should be fine02:41
Daskreech1GB should be fine to run apps in a KDE or GNOME evironment02:42
Daskreechstands to reason that at worst case running both of them at the same time would take 2GB :)02:42
quantDaskreech: :)02:42
quantDaskreech: just installed and ran it... loads up almost instantly02:43
DaskreechThat's what I would expect02:43
Daskreech1GB should notice some slow down02:43
quantDaskreech: now if only I find that Kate is a good replacement for Bluefish ... :) but I doubt it has the HTML capabilities02:44
Daskreech2GB wouldn't even bat an eye unless you opened another X server and ran a full GNOME session over there ... just to run filezilla02:44
Daskreechquant: What does that mean? A html renderer?02:44
shane4ubuntuquant bluefish is very nice02:44
quantDaskreech: bluefish has forms for tags etc.02:44
quantshane4ubuntu: I love it...02:44
shane4ubuntuquant: I have gotten away from bluefish moreso, since I started using a drupal web site, not much html any more.02:45
quantshane4ubuntu: I don't write that much html, but it pops up often02:45
quantshane4ubuntu: (the need to write some)02:46
shane4ubuntuquant yep, understood, every now and then I mess with html code, but less now days, I still keep bluefish around.02:46
quantshane4ubuntu: on a kde system?02:47
shane4ubuntuquant yep, why not, works fine, it is a little slow loading, compared to kate, I use kate for a lot of bash stuff02:47
quantshane4ubuntu: yes, of course02:48
shane4ubuntukate is nice, but I don't think it has the html stuff that bluefish caries, does do syntax highlighting02:48
shane4ubuntuDaskreech: didn't mean to bump you out!  You know more of kates capabilities than I do. :)02:49
quantshane4ubuntu: yeah, but bluefish is like dreamweaver, only with no renderer :) but the main thing is I can load it up under kde when I need02:49
quantshane4ubuntu: ha... I don't think so :)02:49
shane4ubuntuquant: yep, runs fine under kde, no prob02:49
Daskreechquant: that was Quanta02:51
Daskreech!info quanta02:52
ubottuquanta (source: kdewebdev-kde3): web development environment for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:3.5.10-0ubuntu4 (maverick), package size 2548 kB, installed size 6168 kB02:52
quantDaskreech: yeah, I know Quanta... might give it another try (along with Kompozer)02:52
Daskreechwhich has been unfortunately not been given love like it had in the 60's02:52
shane4ubuntukompozer was always my favorite, quanta was, hmm, confusing02:52
quantwell I can always run dreamweaver under wine... which I, luckily, don't need to02:53
quanteditors + kompozer and quanta is all I need02:53
DaskreechI really wish someone would do a proper FOSS HTML5 IDE02:53
shane4ubuntuI did find that kompozer messed with my coding, I like it neat, and kompozer doesn't.02:53
shane4ubuntuDaskreech: that would be nice.02:54
DaskreechThat would be a) sweet and b) the worst thing to happen to Flash since Elop02:54
quantshane4ubuntu: that's why I always love my own written html the most02:54
shane4ubuntuquant: yes, but there are somethings that kompozer was good for, tables, I really hate coding tables.02:54
quantDaskreech: not very knowledgeable about html 5, unfortunately... just don't need to be at the moment02:54
shane4ubuntucourse bluefish does those pretty well too if I remember02:55
quantshane4ubuntu: ah, but that's where bluefish shines :) tables...02:55
quantshane4ubuntu: yup :)02:55
shane4ubuntuonly thing I really know about html5 is that video and audio tags became standard, very nice!02:55
quantDaskreech: elop... hm :)02:56
quantDaskreech: good night, nokia, if you ask me :)02:57
Daskreechquant: it's HTML4 plus actions and a few new first class citizens02:57
quantDaskreech: thought so, that's why I'm not bothered a lot at the moment with it02:58
Daskreechquant: We shall see. They may be craftier than it seems on the surface02:58
Daskreechquant: it's more semantic to be synergystically buzzworthy02:58
quantDaskreech: personal opinion - sad to let go of 15 years or so of work on own stuff... personally I liked symbian02:58
DaskreechIt's the most capable phone os on the market02:59
quantDaskreech: would be nice to see a foss fork of it... don't know what the licences in question are02:59
quantand then a true foss smartphone03:00
quantthanks for chat and help, all, good night03:02
Daskreechha ha :)03:10
Daskreech hi03:10
_Sophia_hi ;o03:10
_Sophia_if anyone said anything to me last night, i was totally afk socializing ;o03:10
_Sophia_yes, totally =P03:13
DaskreechHow are you?03:15
iszakSo I just installed kubuntu, been using ubuntu previously and I installed the restricted drivers for my HD 5970 however, when I try and go into the administration view and enter my password (done so about 20 times, used konsole and logged in with same password and it worked) it won't work, solutions?03:15
Daskreechiszak: the admin view? what are you clicking on?03:18
iszakDaskreech: well in the menu you have catalyst control centre and one with (Administration)03:18
iszakI need the Administration one which runs as SU AFAIK to setup my 3 displays, because atm they're all a clone of the first monitor03:18
Daskreechiszak: try kdesu whatever03:19
iszakDaskreech: KRandKTray? tried it, no luck.03:19
iszakohh cool kdesu03:20
DaskreechI thought you were running the   Driver control panel03:20
iszaknew command thanks Daskreech, let me try.03:20
iszakDaskreech: I tried kdesudo -u iszak amdxdg-su -c amdcccle and that worked but it wasn't in admin mode AFAIK03:22
iszakwhat don't you understand..?03:22
Daskreechjust kdesudo amdcccle03:22
Daskreechthat shoudl be enough I think03:23
iszakwell I c+p the command used by the shortcut03:23
iszakbut i'll try that03:23
iszakperfect, thank you03:24
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iszakAnyone had kind of slugish performance with ATI HD 5970 in Kubuntu?03:53
iszakit says ATI Technologies Inc Redwood [Radeon HD 5670] when it's HEMLOCK 597004:02
Daskreechwhat does?04:08
joeb_hi all .. question .. i have a touchscreen laptop .. i was running gnome the other day and i notice that it runs tsconf .. i installed kbuntu and tsconf isnt working .. any  ideas on how to fix ?04:15
DarthFrogThis really ticks me off.   I've just rebooted into Kubuntu (was playing a game in that other OS) and the GNOME equivalent of KWallet has just popped up and said "An application needs to access the ?wallet?" and asks for my password.  But it won't tell me which application is seeking authentication!  Simplifying things is one thing but thats a security issue!04:53
frogonwheelsDarthFrog: that was a problem with kwallet too - It seems to have improved some though.04:55
DarthFrogGrumble.  Not improved enough.04:55
frogonwheelsDarthFrog: umm.. you're talking about gnome stuff though..04:56
frogonwheelsor are you now grumbling about kwallet?04:56
DarthFrogyeah, I know.  Which puzzles me.  Why is a GNOME app asking for authentication?  And which app is it?  Obviously, it's one I launched at some time in the past that needed priviliges but I don't know which one.04:57
Daskreechdon't give it access05:02
Daskreechit will complain I suppose05:02
DarthFrogDaskreech: Yes, but that's besides the point.05:02
* Daskreech asks permission to speak in this frog conversation05:02
DarthFrogDaskreech: That's fine, you've identified yourself. :-)  The point is, the app didn't.05:05
Daskreechor at least you are not made aware if it did05:05
DarthFrogWhich, in effect, is the same thing AFAIC.05:05
DaskreechYes but it's a much easier fix if it is the latter05:08
DarthFrogI think I figured it out.  There were a bunch of CouchDB processes running, that I've never seen before.  So I uninstalled all the couch packages. :-)05:13
DarthFrogI used to teach an introductory Linux class and I always told my students that one of the best indicators of the health of your system is your perception of it.  Once you get to know your system, what's running and how it's running, you'll quickly be able to tell when something's wrong and what it might be. :-)  I followed my own advice here.05:14
DaskreechSomewhat true05:35
Daskreechdepends on how personal the computer is05:35
surunveriim trying to install this thing called SWF Tools and in the install readme kind of file it advices to do ./configure but then it returns an error that you need zlib05:42
surunveriYou need zlib to compile swftools05:48
surunveriand then there's this zlib website but it says that it's not related to some linux zlib05:49
frogonwheelssurunveri: did you install the zlib -dev package?05:54
surunverishuold I ?: D05:58
surunverii guess it's  too diffclt06:05
_Sophia_lol sexism on #ruby o_O06:15
frogonwheelssurunveri: you probably should.  it's not taht hard. just use your fav package manager to do it.06:29
frogonwheelszlib*-dev  it will be ..06:29
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the_dan_yesI'm running 10.04.2 LTS with 2.6.32-29-generic07:06
the_dan_yesit looks like the kernel config is set up to build the intel aes-ni module07:07
the_dan_yesbut i don't see it in the /crypto folder for my running kernel07:07
the_dan_yesis there an easy way to build that module without doing a full kernel recompile?07:07
susundbergeasy.. well there is no gui for that07:14
susundbergbut are you sure you are missing the module -- aka modprobe 'module name' says it is not found?07:15
susundbergand the program whatever you are trying to use says its missing a module (or cannot find device or similar)?07:15
the_dan_yesit seems to load when i say modprobe aesni-intel07:16
the_dan_yesthanks :)07:16
the_dan_yesis there any way to tell whether it's being used by dm-crypt?07:17
the_dan_yesoh... it's an x86 module...07:18
the_dan_yesis that going to cause a problem on x86_64?07:18
susundbergafaik you should not be able to load that if that would be the case07:21
the_dan_yesokay cool07:22
the_dan_yesthank you07:22
_Sophia_hey, i'd like to enable wobbly windows but it won't enable o_O07:49
xxmmaannhi can you help me i have a error when try to play youtube in totem media player __GStreamer encountered a general supporting library error.07:50
valorieperhaps your graphics card can't do that effect, Sophia?07:50
_Sophia_i have an NVIDIA 9600 GT card07:53
xxmmaanncan you help me please?07:53
_Sophia_so i need to enable the card, maybe?07:53
valoriexxmmaann: I don't know anything about it -- have you tried googling the exact error message you get?07:54
valorieit's been years since I used totem07:55
valorietry xine or vlc, I guess07:55
xxmmaanni use totem for watching youtube video07:55
valorieSophia, you could try running jockey07:56
howtooHello, has anybody been able to successfully connect to an IMAP server running at MS Exchange 2010? I only get an error saying socket connection time out07:56
valoriesilly bot.....07:56
ubottuIMAP and POP are protocols for fetching email. The officially-supported server in Ubuntu is Dovecot (packages "dovecot-imapd" for IMAP, and "dovecot-pop3d" for POP) - See also !MailServer for information on the SMTP protocol07:56
valoriethe bot doesn't know about jockey, but you just run it in the console07:57
_Sophia_how do i do that? =P08:01
valoriehow do you run something in a console?08:03
valoriewell, for something simple like this, probably the easiest thing is to use the Kmenu08:03
valoriesearch for jockey, and choose run jockey08:04
valorienormally, I just use Konsole08:04
tsimpsonyou can just run it from the application menu, under system -> hardware drivers08:04
valoriebut you won't need that for this08:04
valoriecool, I didn't know that08:04
valorieI use the cli when I know what I'm doing08:05
valorieso much quicker08:05
tsimpsonyeah, but some people don't live with at least one terminal open constantly ;)08:05
_Sophia_since switching to kubuntu i just leave the terminal open08:06
valoriethe more I use it, the more likely I am to have multiple tabs in konsole08:06
tsimpsonI use Yakuake08:06
valorieI was going to try that in my netbook08:07
valoriebut it opens with f1208:07
tsimpsonyou can configure that to whatever08:07
valorienetbook goes to f1008:07
valorieah, I didn't see how to do that08:07
_Sophia_lol restart necessary for driver, brb08:08
tsimpsonon the right hand side on the bottom of the yakuake window there are 3 buttons, the middle one opens the settings where you can configure the shortcut, or use system settings -> keyboard & mouse -> global keyboard shortcuts08:09
tsimpsonselect yakuake from the list, and change it there08:09
_Sophiai hath  returned =)08:12
_Sophiawait what08:12
_Sophiajockey made it work08:34
_Sophiathanks =)08:34
bigjoolsRiddell: (or anyone) where do I report crash bugs about the packages in the backports PPA?08:58
Peace-bigjools: i guess there is not support for that08:58
bigjoolsnot asking for support, just for somewhere to file bugs :)08:59
bigjoolssince these packages will form the basis of natty I presume08:59
Peace-backports are packages that are not supported08:59
bigjoolsI know08:59
Peace-so = no bugreport *i guess*08:59
Peace-not sure 100% , maybe 80%09:00
bigjoolssomeone must surely care about plasma crashing?09:00
Peace-bigjools: distro version ?09:03
bigjoolsbackports PPA on top of maverick09:04
Peace-bigjools: https://bugs.launchpad.net/maverick-backports/+bug/65361909:08
ubottuUbuntu bug 653619 in maverick-backports "Please back port Evolution 2.32 to lucid LTS and maverick" [Undecided,New]09:08
Peace-bigjools: i guess this ... ubuntu-bugs09:08
Peace-on terminal09:08
valoriethey know about the crashing09:08
bigjoolsvalorie: thank you09:08
valorieI get updates on the bugs daily09:08
bigjoolsAmarok is bailing out too (and taking plasma with it), do they know about that? :)09:09
bigjoolsdo you know the bug id?09:09
valorieoh, let me search my email09:09
bigjoolsthanks muchly09:09
ubottuKDE bug 258706 in general "Plasma crash in [QString, KIconEffect::fingerprint, KIconLoaderPrivate::makeCacheKey, KIconLoader::loadIcon]" [Crash,New]09:10
Peace-bigjools: i am on natty...09:11
Peace-with kde 4.6.109:11
Peace-doesnn't crash09:11
Peace-dunno :S09:11
bigjoolsthanks valorie09:11
valorieyou are most welcome09:11
bigjoolsvalorie: do you know the Amarok one too? :)09:11
valorienow that I have my laptop working again, I'm going to upgrade the netbook to natty09:11
valoriebigjools: that's the ssame one09:12
bigjoolsPeace-: different environments can provoke bugs differently09:12
Peace-valorie: it's alpha...09:12
Peace-bigjools: well... kernels is different09:12
valoriesure, but right now I don't need the netbook for anything important09:12
Peace-valorie: xD09:12
valorieI guess maybe I shouldn't tempt fate09:13
valoriebut oh, I want to!09:13
bigjoolsah valorie, I have a different amarok bug it seems09:14
bigjoolssomething to do with it scanning the collection09:15
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ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke09:15
valoriethat's weird09:16
valorieyou can run amarokcollectionscanner while amarok isn't running09:17
valorieand check the XML output09:17
valorieyou might have some corrupt files, tags, etc.09:17
valoriedoesn't usually cause crashes though09:17
valoriewhat version of amarok?09:17
valorieprobably 2.4, if you are running backports09:18
bigjoolsvalorie: 2.4.0 yes.  I'll try the separate scanner, but it was fine under whatever version maverock had.09:23
bigjoolsmaverick even09:23
bigjoolsyeah repeatable error when I hit "rescan collection"09:24
valorieamarok has it's own release schedule09:28
valorienot tied to Kubuntu, or KDE09:28
Riddellbigjools: here  https://bugs.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa09:37
bigjoolsRiddell: thanks :)09:40
valoriesorry riddell, I was sure he had the same bug as me09:40
bigjoolsRiddell: BTW, it's funny how many people are trying out Kubuntu now they've seen Unity :D09:41
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robbiethe1stHey guys, I've got a weird problem: With kwin(compositing disabled) or compiz running, I'm getting little 'jerks' or dropped frames in my 3D rendering. without -any- window manager, the jerks go away.  How should I try to troubleshoot this?11:00
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robbiethe1stI've got a 3D problem with Kwin/compiz and -not- with no WM running: http://robbiethe1st.afraid.org/images/linux/20110317_002.mp411:15
_Sophiawhat should i use for rar and zip files? o_O11:19
_Sophiai'm thinking 7zip for zip stuff, but i have no idea about rar files11:19
skramer__Sophia: http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/p7zip-rar11:22
robbiethe1st_Sophia: If you install 'unrar', the default opener will open rar files.11:24
robbiethe1stSame with zip files, but it won't need anything special11:24
_Sophiawhat *is* the default opener? lol11:24
_Sophiai don't really like the look of ark11:24
_Sophiai assume there are alternatives?11:24
robbiethe1sterm, depends on what you want - I tend to use it directly or indrectly(through right-click extract here), or just use tar via the terminal for tar.gz and .bz2 files11:26
_Sophiaum, also11:28
_Sophiai extracted the pdf from the rar and now the pdf is in the downloads folder, and i'm viewing it from dolphin11:28
_Sophiafor some reason dolphin doesn't want to let me drag the pdf onto the desktop11:28
robbiethe1stWell, with KDE, you have two options for the desktop: One's the "widget dashboard", which allows you to put widgets but not files on it11:29
ua2hello eveybody11:29
robbiethe1stIncluding that window that's up in the upper left that's a "folder display widget"11:30
robbiethe1stYou can ciertainly put the files in that11:30
ua2does anyone know how tu use pidgin on kubuntu please, thank you?11:30
robbiethe1stua2: "sudo apt-get install pidgin"?11:30
robbiethe1stJust install iyt11:30
ua2<robbiethe1st>you mean pidgin  work  on kubuntu also?11:31
robbiethe1stUh, yea...11:31
ua2ok thank you11:32
robbiethe1stJust so you know, the only real difference between Kubuntu and Ubuntu and Xubuntu is just the default desktop11:32
masesedoes anyone know how to install ZTEMT USB modem on kubuntu 10.04?11:32
robbiethe1stIt -will- have to install the GTK libraries, but you can run KDE apps on Gnome and GTK apps on KDE11:32
robbiethe1stFortinately, it will do it all for you11:32
ua2by the way , iam searching also for synaptic on kubuntu, is there equivalent?11:33
robbiethe1stUh, install "synaptic"11:34
ua2i've alson install synaptic?11:35
robbiethe1stOr, kpackagekit is the equivalent if you want something different11:35
robbiethe1stThat's the "default" one11:35
ua2should i install synaptic?11:35
robbiethe1stIf you want. It's up to -you-11:35
robbiethe1stSee, that's the thing about Linux - You don't have to choose between A or B - you can have either or both11:35
robbiethe1stJust because your desktop looks different doesn't mean you have to give up on Firefox, or any other app you want to use11:36
ua2you mean there's no possibility to install beside konsole?11:36
robbiethe1stOpen kpackagekit?11:36
_Sophialol robbiethe1st11:36
robbiethe1stIt's in the main menu somewhere11:36
_Sophialike 99% of what i used to use in windows is available o_O11:36
_Sophia+everything is faster and more customizable :D11:37
robbiethe1stAnd most everything else can be run through Wine.11:37
robbiethe1stHeck, even FurMark works!11:37
_Sophiai still dunno how to get the pdf onto the desktop though x.x11:38
robbiethe1stErm, don't you have a window up in the upper-left built "into" the desktop?11:38
robbiethe1stDrag it into that11:38
_Sophiaalready tried that11:38
_Sophiawon't let me ;o11:38
ua2<robbiethe1st>thank you11:38
robbiethe1stAre you sure it's not already there?11:39
robbiethe1stscroll up/down and see11:39
_Sophiascroll up/down?11:39
ua2annother question please, do you know why i can not use youtube?11:39
robbiethe1stua2: Install flash?11:39
_Sophiathe 'desktop folder' only takes up a tiny bit of space o_O11:40
robbiethe1stIt's "flashplugin-installer"11:40
ua2witch flash?11:40
_Sophiaua2, there's a package that installs flash with some other stuff11:40
_Sophiaor something like that11:40
robbiethe1st_Sophia: Yes, you can change the size or make the entire desktop to the traditional icon-desktop11:40
robbiethe1st"flashplugin-installer"'s what you want for just flash11:40
_Sophiawell yes, but i'm saying that the folder is the default size11:40
ua2so i have just to put on konsole, apt-get install flashplugin-installer11:41
_Sophiasudo apt-get11:41
ua2and tha's all?11:41
_Sophiai think o_O11:41
ua2_sophia>yes thank you11:41
robbiethe1stua2: ye, that works11:41
_Sophiasince i can't drag+drop11:42
_Sophiawhat other options do i have? could i send to trash and get it onto the desktop that way?11:42
robbiethe1st_Sophia: The Desktop folder is "/home/*username*/Desktop"11:43
_Sophiaso can i move it without using terminal or what? :p11:43
robbiethe1stI'm not sure why drag+drop won't work11:44
_Sophiano idea either11:44
robbiethe1stBut you can always open up a second dolphin window to that folder11:44
_Sophiai'll look it up and see if there are any common reasons11:44
_Sophiaand i'm one step ahead of ya :P11:44
_Sophianow it's in the desktop folder >_<11:44
_Sophiabut i can't put it in the general desktop, outside of the folder? ;o11:45
robbiethe1stIf you want the entire desktop to be "windows-like", you have to change a setting11:45
_Sophiai like the idea of desktop folders11:45
_Sophialike i can put all my programming stuff into one11:45
_Sophiabut i would also like to be able to move files around easily11:46
robbiethe1stYou can also add multiple widgets , size-shape them11:46
robbiethe1stclick on the little yellow-orange icon in the upper-left11:46
ua2oes anyon know if i can use kopete for yahoo messenger?11:46
robbiethe1stEr, right11:46
_Sophiaadd widgets?11:47
ua2<robbiethe1st>you think i can?11:47
robbiethe1stSure, if you want11:47
robbiethe1stua2: No clue. Pidgin does11:47
ua2ok, but why i put my pssword , it doesn't work?11:47
_Sophiahttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kopete wiki sez yes :)11:48
ua2don't know, why, anyway thanks a lot my sympatic peaple11:49
_Sophiaum, anyhoo11:51
_Sophiai think i should look for an alternative pdf reader to adobereader, since it is supposedly very bloated11:51
_Sophiaany ideas?11:51
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_Sophiarobbiethe1st, okular is the default ;d12:18
_Sophiai don't really like it =)12:18
archamskype for kubuntu 10.0412:22
archamhelp mi12:23
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga12:23
_Sophialol peace12:23
Peace-!bu | archam12:23
_Sophiathose auto-snippets are useful :D12:23
Peace-!bulgarian | archam12:23
_Sophiadid it work? if not, maybe it's bul12:24
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archamда оваче немога да я инсталирам тая програмка12:25
Peace-!ru | archam12:25
ubottuarcham: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke12:25
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_Sophiacould someone please help me with doing this?: http://toranbillups.com/blog/archive/2010/09/01/How-to-install-Rails-3.0-and-Ruby-1.9.2-on-Ubuntu13:07
_Sophiai'm sort of stuck :/13:07
susundbergat which point?13:07
_Sophiatrying to install  RVM 1.0.113:11
_Sophiai already dl'd  and extracted it, but i'm clueless beyond that13:11
susundbergBut there is instructions on that page you pasted?13:13
susundbergNo idea why they are installing rybu 1.8.7 and later ruby 1.9.2 though13:14
susundbergand there does exists some rails package on the package manager also .. "rails-ruby1.8 - MVC ruby based framework geared for web application development "13:16
susundberg(though seems like its not 3.0)13:16
susundbergthis seems like more sane instruction: http://www.web2linux.com/05/installing-rails-3-on-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx/13:18
_Sophiasusundberg, idk how to install the RVM part, i'm stuck at 'extract the contents ... finished'13:18
_Sophiai'll look  at that too :/13:18
susundbergoh you mean the "tar xvzf rvm-1.0.1.tar.gz" instruction?13:19
susundbergits supposed to be run in konsole13:19
susundbergyou might want to read some linux primer before continuing on that instruction13:19
_Sophiai  did run it in konsole13:19
susundbergand the problem is ?13:20
susundberghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal <- might be usefull if you are not familiar with linux13:20
_Sophia'cannot open, no such directory' :l13:21
_Sophiawhich makes me think i don't have the extracted file in the right place13:21
susundbergyou see the tar command is to extract the package13:24
susundbergand yes, the file is not on the directory you are in13:24
susundbergplease read the help.ubuntu.com page for basic instructions13:24
_Sophiai don't understand this line: extract the contents and cd into the extracted directory when finished13:25
Aloneaanyone know of a temp fix for the brightness issue until the real fix comes out?13:26
Alonea_Sophia: extract basically means unzip in windows world. cd means change directory13:26
_Sophiai know what extract does :L i've had to do it in windows, and with kubuntu13:26
Alonea_Sophia: so unarchive it and go into it. What are you trying to do hun?13:26
_Sophiawell, what i did is extract it but kept it in the same folder (downloads)13:27
_Sophiacould that be the problem?13:27
Alonea_Sophia: what is it? I just got here13:27
_Sophiahere, sec13:27
_Sophiaapparently i pretty much have to do this stuff13:28
_Sophiaand i can't use  sudo when installing gems lol13:28
susundbergwhy not use the instructions i googled for you13:28
susundbergat least to me it seemed quite much more sane13:28
susundbergno installing first older version and then newer version13:29
susundbergi mean is there any particular reason to use _that_ instruction?13:29
Aloneasusundberg: she is brand new to linux. its only been a day or two so a little patience. now...13:29
Alonea_Sophia: are you needing rails and ruby for development or something?13:30
_Sophiawell  susundberg, both require the installation of RVM, which can get a little complicated (from my POV)13:30
_SophiaAlonea, yes o_O  I'm a Ruby, soon to be RoR developer13:31
_Sophiais the main reason i switched to Linux, there's like no support for Windows users in the Ruby or Rails community13:31
susundbergyes but the one you are originally using is twice as long :)13:31
_Sophiawell, i guess i prefer it because it is self-contained. it is entirely possible that if i installed a part a different way that it wouldn't work with the rest of the things i'm trying to install.13:32
Aloneaok, that guide is pretty simple. lets get rvm and go from there13:36
Alonea_Sophia: it doesn't matter where the extracted folder is, though I would not stick it in Downloads, but somewhere else in your home directory for safe keeping in case you need it again13:37
susundbergAlonea: do you have any idea why to install first ruby 1.8 and then ruby 1.913:37
_Sophiaboth are needed for different reasons, susundberg13:37
_Sophiasome code is still 1.8.6 or 1.8.7, and some is the newest 1.9.213:38
Aloneasusundberg: nope. never done ruby, would just open up kpackagekit and install all that stuff after the rvm step13:38
pider55Can anyone help me to get rid of the ugly login screen on my computer, after installation of the Nvidia card driver, the login screen changes to not so nice screen!13:38
_Sophiarealistically, both are needed13:38
_Sophiapider55, how did you install your drivers? jockey?13:38
susundbergAlonea, http://www.web2linux.com/05/installing-rails-3-on-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx/13:38
Alonea_Sophia: ok, install rvm using your guide, do rest using his. its all good.13:39
pider55by addisional driver in Kubuntu 64 b13:39
susundbergi have also only heard of ruby on rails before .. but afaik usually newer version replaces the older version and older might be needed only to for some speciall case where some library is not updated ..13:40
=== mren|off is now known as mren
_Sophiasusundberg, ruby and ruby on rails are two different things13:40
_SophiaRuby is a language, and Rails is a development framework13:40
_Sophiaso yes, it's best to have the newest version of Rails, but for the language Ruby, a lot of code is still in 1.8, since 1.9 is pretty new13:41
Aloneaecho -n 100 /proc/acpi/video/VGA/LCDD/brightness...love how this doesn't fix my brightness because the scale is all messed up. so tempted to just rip out powerdevil and anything else related to power.13:41
_Sophiai haven't tried to adjust brightness yet =P13:42
_Sophiaoh, i've thought of a good way to troll people with settings.  I should make sliding bars on a logarithmic scale13:42
Alonea_Sophia: with "max": brightness I struggle to read the screen.13:42
_Sophiaoh really?13:43
_Sophiamy brightness hasn't really changed at all13:43
_Sophiausing a laptop?13:43
Alonea_Sophia: my scale is messed up, it goes from dark, to dim, to dark, to dim, to slightly les dim.13:43
_Sophiaso it's not smooth going from different windows?13:43
_Sophiayour pixels become a bit overexcited? >_>13:44
_Sophiai'm sure there's some way to reduce the total range of light ;o13:44
Alonea_Sophia: like the scale from 0% to 100% is what I mean, in the brightness settings13:44
Alonea_Sophia: its not black at 0% and very bright at 100%13:45
_Sophiaoh, so too bright?13:45
Alonea_Sophia: it jumps around as you go up and there is no "bright", just dim13:45
Alonea_Sophia: well its an issue that will be fixed in a month, but this is killing me13:46
_Sophiawhat will fix it?13:47
Alonea_Sophia: kubuntu people will fix it. not sure what broke it13:47
Alonea_Sophia: kernel or power software i would say13:48
_Sophiasure it has nothing to do with rendering settings?13:48
Alonea_Sophia: yes13:48
Alonea_Sophia: my screen is all the same brightness across.13:49
Alonea_Sophia: basically the commands that would raise the backlight dont work right13:51
_Sophiaso it looks dull?13:52
_Sophiaalso, found a much easier way to install the RVM thing =) :13:52
Alonea_Sophia: yeah, screen is very dim and hard to see13:52
_Sophiahttp://rvm.beginrescueend.com/rvm/install/ option 1, it just installs from github :D13:52
_Sophia(github is a central site and repository for Ruby/Rails developers)13:52
pider55_Sophia, did you get my answer13:53
_Sophiaum, what minute =)13:53
_Sophiamust have missed it Monsieur ;313:53
pider55_Sophia by addisional driver in Kubuntu 64 b13:54
_Sophiaadditional driver?13:56
_Sophiai'm not sure how you installed it13:56
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BluesKajHowdy folks13:57
_Sophiajockey worked fine for me, and NVIDIA has a reputation of just working with Linux13:57
_Sophiahi BluesKaj and apachelogger =)13:57
_Sophiai'm trying to install Rails and stuff13:57
_Sophiarunning into a little bit of difficulty ;d13:57
BluesKajHi _Sophia13:57
pider55_Sophia: I do not know what jockey is, but I try to find out13:58
BluesKaj_Sophia, using kpackagekit to install ?13:58
Alonea*cackles* I ripped out some software, rebooted, scale is still messed up, but it at least has max brightness as one of the things now. yay. I can see!13:59
_Sophiajockey should be default right guys? o_O14:00
_Sophiaalso, BluesKaj, no :/14:00
_Sophiasupposedly i have to   do all this complicated stuff -_-14:00
BluesKajpider55, jockey is the graphics installer in system settings / applications / additional hardware14:01
BluesKaj_Sophia, for apps like ruby on rails etc it's best to use the packagekit , easier to search for the right apps needed14:02
_Sophiahttp://rvm.beginrescueend.com/rvm/install/ i'm failing horribly at doing this (i'm trying to do it through github)14:02
_Sophiai'll try that at the same time =/14:02
pider55_Sophia: I do not know what jockey is, but I try to find out14:02
_Sophiasystem settings / applications / additional hardware14:03
BluesKajpider55, I just told you ,14:03
_Sophiacomputer/system settings / applications / additional hardware/ jockey14:03
_Sophiathat's the path14:03
BluesKaj_Sophia, I see you're catching on :)14:03
_Sophiasorta? i guess?14:04
_Sophiai retain information well14:04
pider55I used -system settings / applications / additional hardware when I installed my Nvidia driver, and my login scren truned ygly, I do not know how to fix it14:05
_Sophiathe bunny here keeps trying to bite my calves :I14:05
_Sophianeurotic little thing14:06
_Sophiai'm going to try the RVM install again, and if i can't do it i'm requesting halp ;o14:06
_Sophia~/.bash_profile <= what is that?14:07
BluesKaj_Sophia,RVM ?14:08
_SophiaRuby Version Manager14:09
_Sophiabut  i'm  thinking i may not need it14:09
_Sophia(or i'm telling myself that, because downloading it is a bitch)14:09
_Sophialol the bot doesn't know about cake?!?!??!?!?14:10
_Sophiadoes the bot know happiness?14:10
_Sophia[07:10] <ubottu> Sorry, I don't know anything about happiness14:10
BluesKaj_Sophia, do a search in the pckgkit and ccheck out the list that pops up14:11
_Sophianone of them are the RVM i'm talking about14:12
_Sophiai'm going to try to skip installing it though =)14:12
BluesKajok one more thing _Sophia , have you enabled the repositories in the packagekit , like canonical partneers etc , some of them aren't enabled by default due to legalities14:14
_Sophiahow can i check to see if i have? :D14:14
_Sophiai don't recall doing so14:14
BluesKajthat gives access to more applications14:14
_Sophiai see, well that is important to find out then >.<14:14
_SophiaBluesKaj?  ;d14:16
BluesKajkmenu/ applications/system/kpackagekit14:16
_Sophiai have 3 things unchecked14:19
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_Sophiadeb cdrom release amd64 , deb maverick backports , deb maverick partner14:21
_Sophiadoes having any of those three checked hold back kpackagekit at all? >_>14:21
BluesKajenable them, _Sophia14:24
Alonea_Sophia: these are all the repos that have stuff like mp3 codecs and such as well. first thing I do when I install ubuntu systems is enable those14:28
BluesKajand _Sophia , for media apps and supported libs , I would investigate medibuntu14:28
BluesKaj!medibuntu | _Sophia14:29
ubottu_Sophia: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org14:29
=== pedro is now known as Pedro2fs
_Sophiamedia apps? x.x14:30
BluesKajand we can't forget kubuntu-restricted-extras , dunno if that was mentioned yet14:30
BluesKajlike codecs etc14:30
_Sophiakubuntu-restricted-extras is like the first thing i did lol14:32
_Sophiai think i installed flash using that?14:32
_Sophiaor something right after that14:32
_Sophiafor *some reason*, it isn't accepting my pw and letting me enable those three things in settings =I14:33
BluesKajminmize kpackagekit , there's probly a dialog box asking for your pw , for some reson it opens behind the kpackage kit's GUI or in the taskbar only...sems like bug14:37
BluesKajseems like bug to me14:37
* BluesKaj pounds on the "a" key again14:38
CryojenXHi, I'm wondering what would be a decent tool to back up my entiire system, not just my home directory, I tried doing it once with Deja Dup but on trying to restore from a backup the attempt killed my system. I'd just hate to have to reinstall every package on my system in case of  a crash14:43
_Sophiai'm going to put off installing rails for a while, it seems to come with headaches14:45
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ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke14:45
_Sophiainstead, i'm going to tweak gedit to be more like textmate =D14:45
BluesKaj_Sophia, gedit?14:45
_Sophiatext  editor? x.x14:46
BluesKajkate is the default editor in kubuntu14:46
BluesKajgedit is the gnome default editor, comes with gnome bagage14:47
_Sophiai know14:47
_Sophiabut gEdit came installed with kubuntu14:47
_Sophiaand is closer to textmate, according to others o_O14:47
BluesKajgnome desktop=ubuntu. kubuntu (kde) desktop =kubuntu14:48
BluesKajok, it's your choice14:48
BluesKajgedit doesn't come with kubuntu, somebody told you to install it14:49
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Peace-anon1: hi14:50
anon1just checking this out14:50
CryojenXHi, I'm wondering what would be a decent tool to back up my entiire system, not just my home directory, I tried doing it once with Deja Dup but on trying to restore from a backup the attempt killed my system. I'd just hate to have to reinstall every package on my system in case of  a crash14:51
_Sophiauh BluesKaj, you sure? :D14:51
anon1doesn't ubuntu already come with backup software?14:51
_Sophiaand i know the difference between gnome and kde14:52
_Sophiai researched the difference between ubuntu and kubuntu before choosing kubuntu :p14:52
CryojenXi may have overlooked it14:52
shane4ubuntuCryojenX: honestly I use a tar script, works nice, there is a how to on the forums if you are interested.14:55
CryojenXok thanks14:57
BluesKaj_Sophia, you could be right , but gedit isn't a native kde app , maybe I removed it during one of my gnome purges . I do that occasionally:)14:58
_Sophianow i'm trying to figure out how to make ruby1.9.2 default14:59
_Sophiasince i have 1.8.7 installed, it takes it as default =(14:59
* BluesKaj installs ubuntu-desktop occasionally to see what's happening on the darkside :)14:59
BluesKaj_Sophia, it's the stable version , the dev versions aren't included in the repositories unless you add the ruby development repository aka a ppa15:01
_Sophia1.9.2 is stable15:01
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.15:01
_Sophiai accidentally installed 1.8.6 or w.e when doing the default install15:02
_Sophiai would imagine 1.9.2 is supported o_O!15:02
BluesKaj_Sophia, the default in the repos appears to be 1.9.115:04
_Sophiai need 1.9.2 :P15:05
_Sophiabut i did somehow install 1.8.615:05
_Sophiai am uninstalling right now15:05
FloodBotK1_Sophia: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:05
=== shane4ubuntu is now known as shanester
_Sophiasudo apt-get remove ruby15:05
_Sophianow i can figure out how to install just 1.9.2, hopefully =)15:06
BluesKaj!aptoncd | CryojenX15:07
ubottuCryojenX: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline15:07
BluesKajCryojenX, this app doesn't save your config files , unfortunately15:13
CryojenXi can use deja dup for the config files15:14
CryojenXat least the personal ones15:14
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mduprebande de blaireaux15:32
mdupreca marche15:33
mduprece soir on veut de l'alcool15:33
BluesKaj!fr | mharmant mdupre15:33
ubottumharmant mdupre: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:33
mharmantlet's drink15:34
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_Sophiacan i have help getting my headphones to work? :)15:37
BluesKaj_Sophia, open a terminal and type alsamixer, make sure that your line outs are not muted (a M in the ctrl box means muted), use the M key to unmute or mute, , use the arrow keys to navigate and increase /decrease the volume.15:47
_Sophiaokay, sec =)15:57
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs16:01
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats16:01
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto16:03
_Sophiait won't let me run alsamixer16:05
_Sophiamaybe i don't have it? :(16:05
Alonea_Sophia: you should have it.its installed by default16:09
Alonea_Sophia: you know about tab complete in the terminal? type in alsa, and press tab16:10
Alonea_Sophia: you might have to press tab a couple times, but you should see a list, one of which is alsamixer16:10
CryojenXthanks for the help, backup is now speeding along16:16
_Sophiasec o_O16:18
Peace-_Sophia: http://wstaw.org/m/2011/03/17/plasma_howto-throw-ball________.gif16:18
_Sophiathanks Peace :D16:19
Peace-_Sophia: M to activate16:20
Peace-arrows to move16:20
_Sophiastill have to figure this out :P16:21
_Sophiait says i have alsamixer16:23
_Sophiacuz i put in whereis alsamixer and got a path x.x16:23
Alonea_Sophia: should be able to type in alsamixer and press enter. what happens?16:25
_Sophiai executed it from within Konsole16:25
_Sophiais in the same window16:26
_Sophiaum, found headphones16:26
_Sophiathey're muted by default16:26
_Sophiabut now i am in the box above them and only one of the two characters is highlighted16:26
_Sophiawhich makes me feel like i messed something up :/16:26
_Sophiaitem:  Headphone [on, off]16:26
_Sophiawhat? :S16:26
Alonea_Sophia: well, the headphones can't be on and off at the same time16:30
_Sophiai figured out how to fix that16:30
_Sophiabut how to increase volume? :/16:30
_Sophia< > left right up down are not working16:31
Alonea_Sophia: arrow up16:31
FloodBotK1_Sophia: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:31
Alonea_Sophia: left and right arrow keys go between the different channels, up and down increases/decreases volume. M mutes and unmutes16:32
_Sophiai'm using m to select16:33
_Sophiasec -_-16:33
FloodBotK1_Sophia: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:33
_Sophialol still failing :/16:34
Aloneaumm..press ESC and start over, you may have done something else16:35
Alonea_Sophia: better?16:38
_Sophiaquestion, if i just go into alsamixer and use the up arrow, it should work, right? :/16:39
_Sophiabecause it isn't doing anything16:39
_Sophianumpad  up arrow isn't doing anything either16:39
macshi all16:39
macsneed a litle help... new around here...16:39
Alonea_Sophia: do  you have numlock on or something?16:41
_Sophialets find out :P16:41
_Sophiadon't think so >.<16:41
Aloneamacs: can't help if you don't as a question16:42
macsjust installed op and i`ve created a new user16:42
macsbut i would like to change it and to tell the truth... google does not really helps about this... :)16:42
Aloneamacs: change the username to a different name?16:43
macsyes, with configs... group and all16:43
macsusername only i guess16:43
_SophiaAlonea, the up arrow increases the volume on other things, but not for headphones O_O16:45
Alonea_Sophia: is there a MM under headphones? are headphones plugged in?16:50
_Sophiaabove headphones is 0016:51
_Sophiaand they're plugged in, also USB ;o16:51
Alonea_Sophia: usb is finicky. I could get the mic on my headset to work, but not the headphones17:01
_Sophiamy computer knows the headphones are there though17:02
Alonea_Sophia: hell they are finicky on windows for me as well17:02
Alonea_Sophia: same.17:02
_Sophiathey are an option for me in phenom or whatever it is called17:02
_Sophiawhen you choose priority for sound17:02
_Sophiawas the first thing i did, to try to fix headphones x.x17:03
BluesKaj_Sophia, with alsamixer open in the terminal , f4 , then increase the volume on the capture ctrls , that should be your usb headphone vol ctrls17:03
BluesKajnavigate to the capture ctrls17:04
_Sophiaincrease the volume of capture, capture 1, and capture 2?17:04
_Sophiacapture has volume but 1 & 2 do not17:04
BluesKajyes _Sophia til you figure out which is the USB17:05
_Sophiawell i'm listening to music, but i dunno if that will cause any problem with figuring it out =)17:05
_Sophiai always listen to music >_>17:05
_Sophiai increased the volume of capture 1 and 217:06
_Sophianow what?17:06
AloneaBluesKaj: see, why can't I plug in headphones, get sound from those and have mic work and have linux automatically mute the speakers. This used to work in linux years ago, but not anymore. whether it be usb or non usb17:06
BluesKajthen increase the capture vol, _Sophia17:06
_Sophiacapture was on 100 before i increased capture 1 & 2 to 10017:07
Snapuxme gustaria pasar de ubuntu a kubunti pero..17:07
Snapuxme hago un lio17:07
AloneaSnapux: english only in here. what language?17:07
BluesKajcheck the HP volcontrol or switches if there are any17:07
AloneaSnapux: !es17:08
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.17:08
BluesKaj_Sophia, open another terminal and do, sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio17:09
BluesKajAlonea, do the same17:09
_Sophiaokay o_O17:10
AloneaBluesKaj: ok17:12
AloneaBluesKaj: do I need to reboot now?17:12
AloneaBluesKaj: my built in mic also would not work before as well, will this fix it?17:14
BluesKajAlonea, dunno, it should just work17:14
BluesKajAlonea, laptop ? yes it should17:15
AloneaBluesKaj: yeah, the built in mic would not work before. will have to test here in a moment17:15
AloneaBluesKaj: still going through speakers instead of headphones17:16
AloneaBluesKaj: doesn't even seem to register headphones now. lemme reboot. brb17:17
BluesKajgetting rid of pulseaudio doesn't fix all audio problems, I'm afraid , but it sure helps in a lot of cases17:18
BluesKajUSB headphones can be problematic on (k)ubuntu, that17:19
BluesKaj's whay I prefer the miniplug variety17:20
AloneaBluesKaj: well, its registerings as Logitech USB, but no sound from it17:22
BluesKajAlonea, lsusb ?17:22
BerenbetHey, I want to make another user, but I can't! I press the button Create on Users and it dont do anything!17:23
AloneaBluesKaj: Bus 003 Device 002: ID 046d:0a0c Logitech, Inc. Clear Chat Comfort USB Headset17:23
_Sophiawhat did i miss? :/ the window looked like i was still logged in but nothing was happening :s17:23
AloneaBluesKaj: what even stranger is the volume control on the usb headset works...for the speakers17:23
BluesKajAlonea, try the capture volume ctrls is all I can suggest , try this to see if you're getting any audio at all, speaker-test -c2 -Ddefault -t wav17:24
AloneaBluesKaj: I gotta go to a different building here for class, so I gotta go for a short bit17:25
AloneaBluesKaj: no longer have those. I have 2 tabs now17:25
AloneaBluesKaj: HDA Intel and Logitech USB17:25
BluesKajAlonea, f4 in alsamixer17:25
AloneaBluesKaj: well, I am not getting sound from headphones and I would rather get that working17:26
quanthi, when I'm scrolling a window in firefox the flash video gets totally torn and messed up - using kubuntu 10.10, kde 4.6, proprietary ati driver, adobe flash17:26
Aloneaquant: try chrome? had issues with ff on here, but then I have a lowly netbook17:27
quantAlonea: same thing in rekonq17:27
Aloneaquant: rekonq actually works and does things??? *is shocked*17:27
BluesKaj_Sophia, open a terminal again and try this , a gui should pop and you can configure that , then you'll need to reboot. sudo gstreamer-properties17:28
Aloneaok, brb folks17:28
quantany ideas, please?17:28
_Sophiathis = , ? O_O17:29
BluesKajquant, default flash from flashplugin-installer or one you compiled or installed from the adobe site?17:30
quantBluesKaj: default proprietary flash17:30
BluesKajquant, run sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer , it should update your version , remove it and install the latest one17:31
_Sophiauh BluesKaj, music  is broken =/17:31
BluesKajor remove it17:31
_Sophiaalso i have no idea what you're telling  me to do o_O17:32
quantBluesKaj: ok, doing it17:32
_SophiaBluesKaj the command you gave doesn't work o_O17:34
pider55Can anyone help me to get rid of the ugly login screen on my computer, after installation of the Nvidia card driver, the login screen changes to not so nice screen!17:34
quantBluesKaj: same thing... no change17:34
quantBluesKaj: it does work with effect off, though... but I want effects on17:35
ChrisGagnonpider55: see http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Fix-the-Big-and-Ugly-Plymouth-Logo-in-Ubuntu-10-04-140810.shtml17:35
BluesKaj_Sophia,  do you mean , sudo gstreamer-properties ?17:37
_Sophiadoesn't work17:37
_Sophiawill try one more time :/17:37
pider55ChrisGagnon: I have tried that but, cannot find :etc/initramfs-tools/modules17:37
_SophiaBluesKaj : sudo: gstreamer-properties: command not found17:38
raameeI am new to IRC,so you are moree techies?17:38
BluesKajsorry _Sophia , is your USB headphone plugged in ?17:39
BluesKajmake sure it is17:39
ChrisGagnondid you install initramfs-tools? 'sudo apt-get install initramfs-tools'17:39
pider55no; i will try that17:40
_Sophiayes it is o_O17:43
_Sophiaso now  what? :)17:44
pider55ChrisGagnon: thanks very much!!17:46
Aloneaok back17:48
ChrisGagnonpider55: np :)17:49
BluesKaj_Sophia, run lsusb , and you can then derive from that info for a driver since it's classed as a capture device. I bet you got a cd with it for installing the device on windows , or windows auto installed the driver when you first plugged in the headphones17:50
_Sophiai *did* have a  CD17:52
_Sophiathough i doubt i have it now17:52
_SophiaBus 008 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub Bus 007 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub Bus 006 Device 006: ID 046d:0a0c Logitech, Inc. Clear Chat Comfort USB Headset Bus 006 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub Bus 005 Device 002: ID 046d:c517 Logitech, Inc. LX710 Cordless Desktop Laser Bus 005 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub Bus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b17:53
_SophiaBus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub17:54
_Sophiak lol, now what :)?17:54
BluesKajwhatwas the output from the lsusb command , just paste the audio one ,not the others17:54
_SophiaBus 006 Device 006: ID 046d:0a0c Logitech, Inc. Clear Chat Comfort USB Headset17:54
BluesKajaha _Sophia looks like you need pulseaudio for that , sudo apt-get install pulseaudio padevchooser paman17:58
_Sophiawhy did i uninstall it then :(18:00
BluesKaj_Sophia, that's about all Ican advise at this time18:01
_Sophiareinstalling it18:01
_Sophiawhat then? :I18:01
FloodBotK1_Sophia: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:01
BluesKajI din't know your HPs were USB, they're a diff kettle of fish  than I'm used to18:02
_Sophiai said they were USB in front of you before =P18:03
BluesKaj_Sophia, check the apps in the kmenu, not sure exactly where the PA manager GUI is located , and try to set things up from there .18:03
_SophiaPAmanager? ;o18:04
BluesKajPulse Audio manager18:04
_Sophia'Pulse Audio Manager' has 0 results18:05
BluesKaj_Sophia, yeah , but I thought USB would be less complicated18:05
BluesKaj_Sophia, look in the kmenu ?18:05
_Sophiaam looking for it in settings18:06
BluesKajlook in system or even media18:06
_Sophiaisn't in Phonon18:07
Alonea BluesKaj: I had the same (i think) headphones as her, so I gotta put it back too?18:08
BluesKajBBL , gotta go do some errands etc18:08
BluesKajAlonea, yeah18:08
surix16Hi.. I am using kde4.5.1. How much GB has to be downloaded to upgrade to 4.6?18:09
_Sophiahow much GB will it take, you mean?   O_O18:10
frieseshould be less than 118:10
friesedont exactly know18:10
_Sophialol Alonea :/18:10
_Sophiai'm sure the differences in size are public knowledge :P18:10
surix16_Sophia: yeah.. How much Gb? or in mb?18:11
surix16_Sophia: Why because my net connection doesnot have high bandwith support!18:12
_Sophiahttp://www.kde.org/info/4.5.1.php ; http://www.kde.org/info/4.6.1.php18:14
_Sophiagoogle is your fwend :318:14
AloneaBluesKaj: I read something somewhere where they recompiled the kernel with usb audio support and it all worked, but then there was no date on this18:14
_Sophiawell i've made my speakers work again18:17
_Sophiabut headphones are still earmuffs :l18:17
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_Sophiamaybe i can change headphone volume level from command line? :)18:22
Alonea_Sophia: they are very comfy earmuffs though18:22
_Sophiasorta ;o18:23
karim__salut tlm18:24
blackplague1347Has anyone installed Firefox 4 on their system? I'm trying to do so, but can't seem to figure out how.18:32
Aloneablackplague1347: download from ff website, unarchive, click on the executable and there ya go18:35
blackplague1347Alonea: Executable?18:36
Aloneablackplague1347: yes, let me see what the filename is for ya. one sec18:36
blackplague1347Alonea: Sure. Thanks.18:36
Aloneablackplague1347: its just called "firefox" its a shell script.18:38
blackplague1347Alonea: I opened it. That's it? It's installed?18:39
Aloneablackplague1347: its precompiled. you may want to add it to your KMenu with the Menu Editor18:39
blackplague1347Alonea: What should the command be? Just "firefox"?18:40
tsktskI have tried a million different ways to stream vlc to my website. ive searched the hell out of google and docs for vlc. i can display it locally, and i see its streaming as a .bin file but i cant get it to play on my site.. anyone else had this problem ?18:40
Aloneablackplague1347: just give it the full path to that firefox file and it should work18:41
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blackplague1347Alonea: Wow, thanks so much. I was trying to follow these instructions https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Installing Firefox on Linux, which wouldn't work. I was literally bashing my head off of my desk out of frustration.18:44
Aloneablackplague1347: yeah, I MUCH prefer getting firefox from them. not the repos18:44
blackplague1347Alonea: I would have settled for FF4 from the repos if I could have found it, but I couldn't. Actually, while we're sort of on the subject, is there an easy way to update the package lists in KPackageKit?18:46
tsktski have tried metafile director or embedding vlc stream on website but none has worked! any ideas??18:47
Aloneablackplague1347: they should update all the time, but realize that FF doesn't control the repo. So it doesn't have the latest software for some things18:48
BluesKaj_Sophia, alt+f2 paman, see what pops up.18:48
Aloneablackplague1347: under my settings I have it update daily18:48
blackplague1347Alonea: Sorry, wrong choice of words on my part. I meant refresh, not update. As in, fetch the package lists.18:49
Aloneablackplague1347: Go to Software Updates and click the button at the top18:50
Aloneablackplague1347: the "Check for new Updates" button18:50
blackplague1347Alonea: Ah, okay. Thanks. I haven't used KDE much, so a lot of this is new to me.18:50
Aloneablackplague1347: same, it doesn't help they keep changing the UI every few months it seems.18:51
blackplague1347Alonea: Yeah. I changed to the "oxygen" theme because text always looks better on a dark background. This was all well and good until I installed and opened up Eclipse. I can't read anything. The syntax highlighting doesn't work very well with the dark background.18:52
Aloneablackplague1347: haven't loaded up my Eclipse yet18:55
blackplague1347Alonea: I just installed it today. Still using the Galileo release. Guess they don't update the repos much? Either way, while it was downloading I used Kate to do my coding and it was very nice looking.18:57
Aloneablackplague1347: I always get Eclipse from their website. its same as FF. you don't have to "install" it18:58
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KeyKayhello, where can I find (working) mail-notifier plasmoid?19:30
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats20:12
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yarealguien habla español20:39
areichman!es | yare20:41
ubottuyare: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.20:41
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Macerhm. is there a way to get these printers set up without running systemsettings as root?22:30
Macerit seems as though the printer module requires root in order to configure a network printer22:31
u19809Hi all I have this logitech dinovo keyboard that regulary does not detect key presses or key releases cause heavoc in my typing . Is there a fix for this ? I run Kubuntu 10.10 64 bit22:54
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Maceris there a way to update the flash player in rekonq?23:18
Macerit was working for a while but of course with adobe's weekly update of flash player (which has no tangible improvements) it has stopped working23:18
majsterhello ;)23:19
Maceris there no way to do it?23:23
Maceri know there is a ff plugin but i would rather stick with rekonq than have to install ff (which i am not too fond of)23:24
Macerrekonq's flash player was working good :( now it doesn't work at all23:24
areichmanMacer: I don't know about rekonq but when I was using konqueror I would download the plugin from adobe, extract the .so file (I think it's libflashplayer.so) and put it in one of the places konqueror would look for plugins23:25
areichmanyou could download a new version of the plugin whenever you want and just replace the .so23:25
Macerareichman: any idea where i keps the?  will see if i can do that23:26
areichmanwhere what is kept?23:27
Macerthe .so for the plugins for rekonq23:27
areichmanMacer: I can't find a plugin settings section in rekonq but I'd guess it uses the same settings from konqueror23:32
areichmanI use /home/aaron/.mozilla/plugins/23:32
areichmankonqueror checks the firefox plugins directory. so give that a shot23:33
Maceri never installed mozilla ;)23:34
Macerso i don't have a .mozilla dir23:35
areichmanI don't usually either, I have to create the directory manually23:35
Macerwow that sucks heh23:35
Macerok i will give it a shot23:35
areichmaneven if the directory doesn't exist, it's one of a few hardcoded directories in konq where it looks23:35
areichmanhaha, there are a ton of other places it'll look. If you have konqueror the list is in the plugins section of the settings dialog. I just use the firefox ones in case I need to install it later for something.23:36
Macerwell. i'll be damned23:38
Macerthat worked :) thanks23:38
areichmanwelcome. Enjoy.23:38
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jessica_Hello, i'm trying to upgrade from a pre-release kubuntu 10.04 to 10.10.  I selected normal releases, but when trying to upgrade, I get an Error "Could not calculate the upgrade".  How can I fix this?23:47
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areichmanjessica_: did you try upgrading to the release version of 10.04? Upgrades in general can be difficult and upgrading from a pre-release even more so23:53
jessica_areichman: yes i went from 8.04 today to 9.1023:54
jessica_from 9.10 to 10.0423:54
jessica_but I had the pre-release option checked23:55
jessica_I think that is screwing it up, but how would I correct this?23:55
areichmanI'm not sure. Usually when you're running a pre-release and an update comes out you're prompted to install it. I take it that isn't happening?23:56
jessica_actually yes, when I selected Normal Release, it did come up asking me to upgrade23:56
jessica_But then I get that error when it's organizing the packages to install23:56
areichmanI'm not sure to fix that. I usually do clean installs to avoid things like that. I'm impressed you made it from 8.04 to 10.0423:58
areichmanis a clean install an option for you?23:58

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