aromanhey, about the new "recipies" feature, can that work for a very involved chroot/squashfs ubuntu-to-custom_distro build script?02:54
aromanneeds root to run, naturally02:55
wgrantaroman: It only works for building source packages.03:06
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czajkowskimrevell: howdy09:50
jelmerhey mrevell09:53
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dpmhi launchpadders, I'd like to change the type of project of https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-translations from independent to a container for subprojects (sorry, I don't know the terminology). People are starting to contribute with code to projects related to Ubuntu translations, and it would be very useful to have subprojects under the ubuntu-translations umbrella. Is migration from project to "container project" possible, and if so, how?11:31
lifelessdpm: its not directly possible.11:32
lifelessdpm: you need to rename the project to whatever its actual name should be and then create the superproject (we call them  project groups)11:33
dpmlifeless, I'm not sure I can follow. So I've got ubuntu-translations and then I rename it to ubuntu-translations-old and then create the ubuntu-translations project group?11:37
lifelessyes, or whatever thing the ubuntu-translations project should be called: presumably you created it to hold code :)11:38
lifelessdpm: a simpler thing is just to create 'ubuntu-translations-project' and make that the contianer11:39
lifeless(by create it, I mean have a sysadmin make it - you cannot make project groups)11:39
dpmlifeless, I think I'll go for the simple approach. Ideally, I'd like to have the current ubuntu-translations project to be the project group (keeping the bugs and answers from the original) and have other projects underneath. But I think if it's not easy to do, it's not worth the hassle11:40
dpmSo I'd be happy with the simpler approach11:41
lifelessdpm: project groups cannot have bugs and answers11:42
lifelessdpm: they are not 'projects that can nest other projects' - they are /just/ a container for other projects.11:43
dpmlifeless, ok, I see, thanks. I think it will still be useful to have the ubuntu-translations-project group. How do I go about requesting the creation?11:46
lifelessgrab the help contact :)11:48
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dpmok, :-) thumper, wallyworld, I'd like to create an ubuntu-translations-project project group, could you help me with that?11:55
wgrantdpm: They're probably not around, but I can do it for you.11:59
wallyworlddpm: hi dpm. i assume no-one got back to you yesterday? sorry about that. it was 1am here when your question came up and i forgot to do it this morning11:59
dpmthanks wgrant - tell me if you need any more details11:59
wgrantwallyworld: Do you want to do it? I already have the form filled out.12:00
dpmwallyworld, thanks for coming back to me. It seems it's sorted: the langpack just took longer to generate than usual. It was there this morning, so all good.12:00
wallyworldwgrant: i don't mind but if you are almost there.....12:00
wgrantdpm: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-translations-project12:01
wgrantI was a bit uncreative with the display name, title, summary and description, as you can probably see.12:01
dpmwgrant, do you happen to know how to associate an existing project with it? I can't see any obvious way to do it on the overview page12:05
dpmI can only see links to registerin a new project12:05
wgrantdpm: You do it from the project's "Change details" page. "Part of", I believe the field caption is.12:08
dpmwgrant, ok, cool, thanks. Do you know any other things I should be aware of re: project groups?12:09
wgrantdpm: At the moment anybody can add their project to your project group. But that just makes it show up on your project group page and gives you certain powers over their project, so people don't tend to do that.12:11
wgrantApart from that there's not much to them.12:11
dpmok, gotcha12:11
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dpmso now that I've added the existing ubuntu-translations project to it, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-translations-project shows me the code, answers and all the rest for ubuntu-translations. What happens if I add other subprojects? Will the code/bugs and other tabs show me a combined view of all branches, bugs, etc. coming from all subprojects?12:17
wgrantRight, it shows all the objects from the children.12:17
dpmok, understood12:20
pindongamorning, I've seen a feature I'd like to enable for my project, but I don't know how: I'd like to automatically subscribe a team to any private branches I submit for a project, in order to let any member of the team access my branches13:29
pindongaI've seen this happening for somebody else, but neither he nor I know exactly what setting to tweak to allow for this behaviour13:29
pindongaany clues?13:29
wgrantpindonga: At the moment it does a bit of limited guesswork. If the owner of the new branch is a member of a team that's set up to have private branches for the project, that team will be subscribed.13:34
pindongawgrant, mhhh, I'm a member of the team owning the project, and it's not happening13:34
pindongawgrant, is there any way I can figure out why?13:35
wgrantpindonga: Which is the branch?13:35
pindongawgrant, pm13:36
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popeybug 66408818:24
ubot5Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: 664088 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/664088)18:24
popeydoes ^^ that mean its a private bug?18:24
popeyif so a) shouldn't it say so on the page and not give a 'lost' page, and b) say so in the bug bot text?18:24
Ampelbeinpopey: regarding part "b", the bot does say it's private, when it's a private bug. like bug 66712518:55
ubot5Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: 667125 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/667125)18:55
Ampelbeinoh, this one doesn't.18:55
Ampelbeinthe other incarnations do, from what I've seen.18:55
Ampelbeinnvm me then18:56
popeyAmpelbein: exactly :)19:27
popeyI suspect an API change in LP19:27
lifelesspopey: Ampelbein: high19:36
lifelesswe did change private bugs recently to fix an information disclosure hole19:36
lifelesspopey: bug 664088 *is* a private bug19:37
ubot5Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: 664088 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/664088)19:37
lifelesspopey: would need to see what ubot5 is doing to see why its getting confused now19:38
lifelesspopey: we should be sending a 404 to it19:38
Ampelbeinlifeless: 'ubot4`' correctly replies "Bug 664088 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/664088 is private" when I /msg him19:39
ubot5Error: Could not parse data returned by Ubuntu: 664088 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/664088)19:39
ubot5Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: 664088 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/664088)19:39
Ampelbeinand I thought all ubotX where just clones of each other?19:39
vanguardI tried the OpenID feature, looks nice, but what do I do when lp does not provide OpenID any more? Are all my accounts lost then?19:50
lifelessvanguard: so lp doesn't provide openid, what it does is forward to login.ubuntu.com19:52
lifelessvanguard: and thats going to keep doing openid for a -long- time19:52
vanguardlifeless: ty robert, but in case ubuntu would not do that the accounts whould be lost, right? (I do trust canonical/ubuntu/lp with that, I am just thinking)19:54
lifelessas for what to do if login.ubuntu.com were to stop doing openid, I guess that would depend on the sites you've been logging into via openid19:54
lifelessif we were to stop doing offering openid, I imagine there would be a long migration period - there are -many- people depending on it today19:54
vanguardright, kinda like Google does not go out of business by tomorrow19:55
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popeylifeless: thanks20:07
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popeylifeless: is there anything you can do on the lp side to help with bug 73710821:52
ubot5Launchpad bug 737108 in Ubuntu IRC Bots "Private bugs are not displayed properly" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73710821:52
lifelesspopey: sounds like its fixed to me: bug 66408821:54
ubot5Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: 664088 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/664088)21:54
lifelessbah, when it gets deployed ;)21:54
lifelesstsimpson: ^ have you deployed the fix?21:55
popeybug 99999921:58
ubot5Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: 999999 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/999999)21:58
popeysurely that's going to give me 404 too?21:58
popeya non-existent bug is not the same as a private bug IMO21:59
lifelessthey are now21:59
lifelessand it was a bug that they were not in the past21:59
popeywell thats broken IMO21:59
popeythis is especially apparent when (as in this case) someone tags a public bug as a dupe of a private one21:59
lifelessso, thats a problem too, in a different way21:59
lifelessit also needs fixing21:59
lifelessthe rules we have for private bugs are:22:00
lifeless - noone can know about private bugs unless they can see them [reason: private bugs on public projects are generally either under ndas or cve etc]22:01
lifelesspopey: let me give you an example22:03
popeyi can understand why we have private bugs22:03
lifelesspopey: say you had a public project hosted on LP, and you did some commercial dev in that environment22:03
lifelesspopey: would you be happy if anyone could determine that 40% of your bugs were private?22:03
popeyI'm not a developer so maybe cant relate to that example22:04
lifelesspopey: so step me through the impact on you22:05
popeyI filed a bug as user of a website which is part of the canonical project22:05
popeythe developer who works on that has tagged it as a dupe of a private bug22:06
popeyi cant see that private bug so cannot take part in the discussion22:06
popeyAll I will know is that at some unknown point in the future it will or wont be fixed22:06
popeyI have no way to contribute, and no way to know what the thought process around the bug is22:06
james_wSchrödinger's popey22:06
lifelessso private bugs fall (broadly) in a few categories22:06
lifelessone is security issues22:07
lifelessanother is client-specific confidential work22:07
lifelessmmm, possibly a third but lets stick to these two for a second22:07
popeyi appreciate both of those22:07
lifelessin the security case, folk that *suffer* the bug are not trusted to *see the details* - because that would trivially let a hacker observe the changes going on22:08
lifelessin the client specific case, there is little reason for the owner of a dupe filed publicly to be prevented from seeing the discussion - but there may be22:08
lifelessso in both cases, we default to not adding the subscribers to the dup to be subscribers to the master22:09
lifelesswhich is why you don't get visbility22:09
popeywhich I am partially okay with22:10
popeyi have signed no NDA22:10
lifelessso, we could ask 'do you want to give the subscribers to bug <x> access to the master bug'22:12
lifelessI suspect in this case that schwuk would have said no22:12
popeyso there's commercially sensitive detail in the bug, i can understand not being a subscriber22:13
lifeless(I suspect that from a quick look at the bug in question - I'm in the hardware cert teams)22:13
lifelessanother option would be for them to not dupe the bug22:14
lifelessand we should almost certainly warn on duping against private bugs22:14
lifelesspopey: what are your needs here?22:16
popeywell theres still two specific issues.22:16
lifelesspopey: knowing when your defect is fixed? partaking of design discussion?22:16
popeyboth of those, plus the fact that launchpad is lying to the bot, which leads people to get confused about the existence of bugs22:16
lifelessthat bit isn't going to change - sorry.22:16
popeyit could also lead to people thinking "their" contribution isn't being looked at22:16
popeyor that their contribution isnt wanted22:17
lifelessthe reason the visibility thing is a high risk issue is that complexity leads to mistakes22:17
lifelessand allowing -partial- visibility lead to a situation where the API could tell what tasks a private bug had on it, amongst other things22:18
lifelesswhich was a Big Deal22:18
lifelesslet me just grab that bug22:20
lifelessbug 73520222:21
ubot5Launchpad bug 735202 in Launchpad itself "anonymous api access to a private bugtask gives a partially redacted form not an error" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73520222:21
popeythanks for explaining it22:23
lifelesspopey: I think we should make it easier for projects using private bugs to work with partial disclosure22:27
lifelesssome things we have queued up for this:22:27
lifeless - bug relationships - duplication is one special case, but also dependency, alternative etc22:27
lifeless   these will make it possible to have a private master bug with confidential discussion22:28
lifelessand a public master bug with public discussion22:28
lifelessmake dups onto the public master22:28
lifelessdiscuss private stuff on the private22:28
lifelessdevs that can see both will see bidirectional links22:29
lifelessfolk that can't will only see the public bug22:29
lifeless - an overhaul of disclosure and private bug management22:31
lifeless   just to mae it easier to work with them22:31
lifelesspopey: you might like to look and see if we hve bugs for - warning when duping public onto private, and asking/allowing control of migrating subscribers across when dealing with duping and private bugs22:32
lifelessI think at the heart of this though, its a combination of not much sophistication in LP for managing this complex situation, and a lack of clear articulation about what teams doing private bugs need to worry about22:37
lifelessmaking it easier in LP will help, but won't be a panacea22:37
james_wpreventing me from looking at the linaro-image-tools branches, which means I may have to duplicate work22:42
wgrantjames_w: Is it reproducible?22:44
james_wtwice in a row for me22:45
wgrantjames_w: It looks like a timeout from one of the old appservers being slow.22:45
james_wdifferent browser worked now22:45
wgrantWe'll be replacing them in the next couple of weeks, which should eliminate this sort of timeout.22:45
james_wok, thanks22:48
tsimpsonlifeless: I've committed a fix for the "Could not parse data returned by Launchpad" error to properly identify 404s, the bots will pick it up in some time23:04
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