esing123i fixed it00:32
esing123Will samba be started every start automatically or do I have to add it to startup settings?00:35
esing123sudo service smbd start00:35
esing123sudo service nmbd start00:35
esing123how do I run both commands every start?00:36
esing123how do I add teamviewer to start up? in preferences/session preferences I cant add anything ?!00:42
esing123bioterror :)00:42
rwwHello. Are all of the packages in Lubuntu by default from the Ubuntu repositories, or does it use a PPA or something in addition?00:52
rww(specifically, if you install off a Lubuntu CD. Sidegrading on an existing Ubuntu installation by installing lubuntu-desktop is tautologically all in the Ubuntu repositories :)01:39
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esing123someone here?02:09
Unit193!hi | esing12302:10
esing123hi uni19302:10
esing123i want to start an application as root on startup02:10
esing123adding to etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart @sudo teamviewer doesnt work02:12
esing123only @teamviewer works but thats without admin priveleges02:12
esing123Unit193 still wid me?02:13
Unit193Still here02:14
esing123so how do I solve this?02:15
esing123is autostart correct file?02:15
esing123should I write just "sudo teamviewer" without @ ?02:15
rww"someone here?" and "someone here who knows how to answer my question?" are rather different questions ;)02:16
esing123only bioterror knows the answer02:17
esing123i will reboot02:18
GaryDsorry, but what does only bioterror know the answer to?02:19
GaryDi'd like to know the question. i just got here.02:20
esing123someone wrote sth concerning my prob?02:22
Unit193No help yet02:22
GaryDesing123: what is the prob?02:22
esing123hey GaryD02:23
esing123I want to autostart teamviewer as root02:23
esing123(on startup)02:23
esing123/etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart does not work as root02:24
Unit193If you don't find help here, you can goto #ubuntu02:25
esing123ok thx02:26
GaryDesing123: have you tried to add a desktop file to ~/.config/autostart?02:26
esing123No not yet. How does it worK?02:26
esing123where is ~ ?02:27
esing123etc ?02:27
esing123ah k02:28
esing123GaryD I said  I want to run it as root02:29
GaryDcause the desktop file to execute teamviewer as root...."gksu  teamviewer"02:31
GaryDyou will have to enter your password, but i think ther is a way to avoid that as well.02:31
GaryDsorry...had a phone call...you can add a line to your /etc/sudoers file tjo allow the command to be run as root without a password.02:51
GaryDadd the line "username ALL= NOPASSWD: /path/to/teamviewer"02:53
GaryDreplace username with your's and remove the quotes.02:53
GaryDthen use the sudo teamviewer command in the desktop file02:54
rwwand strongly consider using the command "sudo visudo" to edit sudoers, rather than editing the file directly.02:55
GaryDyes...you should.02:56
GaryDI am crazy i guess. I always use pcmanfm to find files, the option in the menu to "open current folder as root" and then leafpad to edit whatever file.02:58
GaryDanyone running 11.04 with nvidia 173?03:07
bioterrorUnit193, you can point people to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ if they want to know about adding things to startup ;)04:09
Unit193bioterror: As root? I pulled it up, but didn't see how to start as root (I also didn't read it all)04:12
bioterrorhmm root04:12
jmarsdenUnit193: What is teamviewer, and why does it need to be run as root?04:12
bioterrorjmarsden, I cant understand neither why it needs to be run as a root04:12
Unit193Kinda like VNC04:13
Unit193jmarsden: ^^04:13
Unit193jmarsden: I also don't know why it needs root... I am not the person asking04:13
jmarsdenUnit193: Does the info at http://www.liberiangeek.net/2010/04/how-to-install-teamviewer-on-ubuntu-and-connect-to-windows-systems/ help?04:13
Unit193jmarsden: I don't have TeamViewer installed, nor do I plan to.... I wasn't asking the question (and my frind uses TeamViewer and said it shouldn't)04:15
jmarsdenI would be *very* reluctant to run software not in the repos as root withotu first fully understanding it... sounds like a recipe for problems to me.04:16
Unit193I know what the program is/does (I also know a person that uses) But again I'm not currently using it (I use VNC)04:19
bioterroryeah, I tend to question these things from the help askers ;)04:30
Unit193I should just ping you when people ask questions ;)04:40
bioterrorI was sleeping :D04:41
bioterrorThu04:17  weechat irc.Freenode.#lubuntu -- <esing123> :: only bioterror knows the answer04:41
bioterrortrust is strong on me :D04:41
Unit193You seem to know....04:41
bioterrormaye I should concentrate on lubuntu once again a little more, I've been playing with my phone for a week now04:42
bioterrorrunning arm linux and stuff like that :D04:42
jmarsdenWell, you could make your phone run Lubuntu :) :)04:42
bioterrorjmarsden, I'm working on it!04:43
bioterrorit runs linux and LXDE04:43
bioterrorhttp://img403.imageshack.us/img403/1016/0002n.jpg that's one guys phone ;)04:43
jmarsdenThen you're pretty close.  Cool!04:44
bioterroryeah, some real hackers have been reverse engineering alot :D04:44
bioterrorjmarsden, if you're interested, you might want to chceck out: http://code.google.com/p/rhobuntu/04:48
jmarsdenbioterror: OK, can do.  The phone projects seem to be very device specific still... I will be more interested when they start to be more portable, I think.04:49
jef91Anyone have any idea why the applications thing in pcmanfm might not work?11:12
jef91It just doesn't show anything11:12
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NortySpockI'm trying to change the desktop background in lubuntu.14:17
NortySpockHowever, the desktop preferences option doesnt do anything14:18
NortySpockwhen I click on it.14:18
NortySpockMy process is (1) right click on desktop14:19
NortySpock(2) left click on "Desktop Preferences"14:19
NortySpock(3) then nothing happens. The context menu closes14:19
NortySpockwith no effect.14:19
NortySpockThis is on Lubuntu 10.0414:20
head_victimNortySpock: hmm I click on that and it pops up a file browser14:23
head_victimI am on 10.10 though14:23
NortySpockI checked in Preferences -> Appearance, but that was window options and such.14:24
NortySpockHmm, maybe I'll switch to 10.10 then14:28
NortySpockSince Lubuntu didn't have an LTS14:28
NortySpockWhich was news to me.14:28
LXCC-Vincenzohi all, i'm tryng to set a background into LXTerminal, were to set the image? and were to copy the image-file?14:41
head_victimLXCC-Vincenzo: good question, I've never tried14:42
head_victimLXCC-Vincenzo: I'd try something in ~/.config/lxterminal/lxterminal.conf14:46
LXCC-Vincenzohead_victim: yes, i saw it, but there isn't an item background14:51
LXCC-Vincenzomaybe i can try to insert14:52
head_victimYou might need to add one but I've no idea what the switch would be14:52
head_victimOr it's possible you can only pick a colour, I don't really know sorry. You could try asking the mailing list or see if someone else comes along that can help14:52
LXCC-Vincenzoin fact it not works14:54
Carl_salve a tutti15:00
head_victimLXCC-Vincenzo: sorry it's a fair way out of my league, I'd try the mailing list (details at https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-desktop) and someone there should be able to help.15:00
GaryD‎how can I set the applications used by xdg-open?15:25
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LUBUNTU_DAY_FIRSyo yo yo21:38
LUBUNTU_DAY_FIRShate this distro...21:38
LUBUNTU_DAY_FIRSlubuntu doesnt save my resolution settings...21:38
LUBUNTU_DAY_FIRSwrooom wrooom21:50
LUBUNTU_DAY_FIRSshould i try brubuntu21:50
LUBUNTU_DAY_FIRSor trubuntu?21:50
LUBUNTU_DAY_FIRSwhich one is better?21:50
UndiFineDLUBUNTU_DAY_FIRS: did you investigate ?21:53

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