tensorpuddingi find it hard to classify this really annoying bug that's afflicting me02:11
tensorpuddingessentially the mouse doesn't work doing certain things02:11
tensorpuddingactually, it's more that there's a region of the screen where the mouse doesn't work02:12
tensorpuddingroughly the top-left quarter of the screen02:13
tensorpuddingi can move the mouse there, but hover/click/scroll events don't work02:14
tensorpuddingopening and closing the unity menu repeatedly seems to fix it02:17
starlockis natty considered stable enough for every day use?02:32
tensorpuddingi'm using it today, and it's fine if you ignore the really bad bugs02:41
kothaguy_ubuntuhi friends,i have ubuntu 10.10 image in my hdd,i want to download the natty alpha3 with zsync,i heard that by using an image which is already in our system,it will take less time to download the new iso,is it correct,can anyone tell me how to do that02:49
trismkothaguy_ubuntu: zsync -i path/to/old.iso http://url/to/file.iso.zsync; you can use as many -i input files as you like, although you probably won't have much more than 15-20% complete if you go from 10.10 to alpha 302:53
kothaguy_ubuntutrism: i have a netbook image of ubuntu 10.10 in my system,i want to download the desktop version of nattys alpha 3,i had my 10.10 image in the download folder,can you tell me the command to do this,as i am new to ubuntu,i didnt know much about this,help needed02:57
trismkothaguy_ubuntu: the i386 version? I don't know what your netbook iso is called, but it would be: zsync -i netbook.iso http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/natty/alpha-3/natty-desktop-i386.iso.zsync; replacing netbook.iso with the name of that iso on your hd. although I sometimes have trouble with the cdimage server and zsync, might need to find the .zsync file on a mirror02:59
kothaguy_ubuntutrism,yes it is i386 version of 10.10,i will try it,thanks for the help03:01
kothaguy_ubuntutrism, :where will be the new natty will be downloaded,it will replace the 10.10 iso or a new file with 11.04 will be there03:08
GaryDanyone running natty with nvidia-173?03:08
trismkothaguy_ubuntu: a new file will be added, unless there is already a file there with the same name, in that case, both files will still be there, but the old one will be renamed03:08
trismkothaguy_ubuntu: it will be in whatever directory you ran the zsync command from03:09
kothaguy_ubuntutrism, :thank you,another question,what happens when i download a file with zsync without using -i and .zsync ,what is the difference while using them03:11
trismkothaguy_ubuntu: I'm not sure you could do it without the .zsync file, but if you have no input files, it would be just like downloading the file normally, except you would need to download more, because you need the .zsync file too, so better just to use wget on the iso, or a torrent03:12
kothaguy_ubuntutrism, :Thanks a lot,it is downloading,it is now 17.7 %,i think after 100 % i will get natty alpha303:18
DwoodI'm having a sound issue, can anyone help?05:53
DwoodUpon starting Ubuntu every time, the sound manager uses the previously set volume level as the MAX volume level05:53
bazhangDwood, in 11.04 ?05:53
DwoodI need to check tbh.05:55
DwoodIt's not  the latest vetrsion, but the one before tha05:55
DwoodSo probably 11.0405:55
bazhanglsb_release -a in terminal , please05:56
Dwoodwas trying uname but that wasnt giving me the info i needed05:56
rwwtry #ubuntu, then :)05:57
DwoodThey're no helpo05:57
bazhangthis is 11.04 only05:57
rww#ubuntu+1 is for unreleased development versions, so we won't be either.05:57
DwoodI think you can help me either way, I don't believe things change that much between versions...05:58
Dwoodor do they? lol05:58
bazhangyou're crossposting here, and this is 11.04 only05:58
DwoodYeah ok05:58
RPG-MasterTransmission continues to hang after doing anything with it. So far that has included adding torrents, pausing, resuming, and just selecting "show transmission" after closing out of it. Anyone else having this issue?06:05
dimmortallol.. I imagine dwood's sound getting quieter and quieter... eventually muted06:28
RPG-Master...no one?06:34
RPG-MasterI'd ask #ubuntu but they'd probably frown at me and point me to here. :/06:35
rwwand throw factoids about crossposting at you. i am deadly with them.06:36
HyperHoRsewhy doesn't unity support graphics cards07:06
HyperHoRsewhat is ubuntu+107:07
HyperHoRseany babes work at ubuntu?07:10
rwwHyperHoRse: #ubuntu+1 is the IRC channel (that you're currently in) for development versions of Ubuntu. If you're not using said development version, perhaps #ubuntu sent you here in error.07:11
HyperHoRsei think they did07:13
HyperHoRsenobodys really understanding what they say.07:13
HyperHoRseso basically07:13
HyperHoRsein the development section07:14
rwwI strongly recommend you stop abusing your enter key before you're removed from here too.07:14
HyperHoRseummm....will unity support extra in appearance07:14
rwwUnity in 11.04 uses Compiz, and thus presumably Compiz effects will work fine on a Unity desktop. I don't know about versions before that, as I haven't used them.07:15
HyperHoRserww: I am using 10.10 somebody should note that unity doesn't work properly on 10.10 and freezes often.07:15
rwwHyperHoRse: Considering that Unity in 10.10 is a dead-end that was rewritten for 11.04, there wouldn't be much point in noting that.07:16
HyperHoRseWill i be able to upgrade to 11.04 from the update manager?07:16
rwwyes, it'll prompt you when 11.04 comes out.07:16
HyperHoRseawesomeo. Can I set the update manager to automatically accept all distrubution upgrades?07:17
HyperHoRseand automatically download them.07:17
HyperHoRseI wish that we're possible for ubuntu.07:17
rwwI don't. Upgrading to a new version of Ubuntu has the potential to break things and therefore you should make backups and such before doing it. Having it done automatically would be a recipe for hurt.07:18
HyperHoRserww: when does ubuntu 11.04 be finisheD?07:18
HyperHoRserww: I dont need to backup this terminal07:18
rwwApril 28th07:19
HyperHoRseman thats ages away.07:19
HyperHoRsedoes google all still use ubuntu07:20
rwwNo idea. #ubuntu-offtopic might know.07:20
HyperHoRsethanks mate07:21
HyperHoRsesupport more games07:41
HyperHoRseurban terror sucks.07:41
arandHyperHoRse: It is the other way around, bug game developers.07:42
HyperHoRsewhy cant they just write a free game though. Actually put something else into it07:43
HyperHoRsea ubuntu game team.07:43
HyperHoRseopen source.07:44
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Bohra ver, tengo una duda09:09
SeverianThe alternate installer, starting with the March 16 build, works for Natty.  I can start with some real testing for the first time in this cycle.  Thanks to, cjwatson, I think.  I don't think it was really low urgency, but that is a quibble.09:10
Bohrdo you know if dropbox will run with ubuntu 11.04?09:11
SeverianIt seems likely.  Why use dropbox, when UbuntuOne is available?09:16
SeverianI can probably do a quick test for you on my 11.04 test machine.  I am about to wipe it and install from the daily build, so I can't mess much up.09:18
BohrSeverian, my partner use Dropbox to share files and folders, so I do the same09:19
BohrI know Ubuntu One and I like it, but nobody in the office where i work know Ubuntu One09:20
SeverianOK.  When my CD burn finishes, I'll download dropbox, install it and get back to you here.09:21
Bohrok, thanks :-)09:22
virtuelvanyone here using multiple monitors?09:31
virtuelvthe menus for09:34
virtuelvtoolbar items needs to be scrolled into view, and I'm wondering if there is an open bug for it09:35
SeverianBohr, I would say it basically works.  If you have unity, which is the default for 11.04, then you can't see the icon in the taskbar that you normally use to manage your logins.  You have to find the application in Unity and run it.  I just synced files to and from dropbox and they look fine.09:37
SeverianBohr, I have an account on dropdox.  I just don't use it much.  It is probably good to get in it occasionally.  Good luck09:38
Bohrok, thanks, but Ubuntu don't let me install de application09:42
SeverianBohr, how did you try to install it?09:43
BohrI download it from the Dropbox web09:44
BohrI downloaded it from the Dropbox web09:44
SeverianBohr, how did you try to install it?09:45
Bohrwith the Software center09:46
SeverianI did not try that.  Just open a terminal prompt and use dpkg.  That worked fine.09:47
Bohrok, I'm going to try ity09:47
Severiandpkg -i nautilus-dropboxxxxxx.deb    whatever the package name was.  I just turn that machine off.09:48
SeverianBohr, you will need to do that command with sudo.09:51
BohrI'm on it09:52
Bohrbut I don't find the name of the package09:52
SeverianAre you at a terminal prompt?09:52
SeverianAre you in the directory where you browser puts it's downloads?09:53
Bohrnow I understand09:56
BohrI'm beguinner09:56
SeverianNo problem.09:56
BohrSeverian, you're simply the best09:58
Bohrtnaks a lot09:58
Severianglad to help.  Have a good day.09:59
BohrI'm downloading my files on dropbox09:59
Bohrok, have a good life09:59
SeverianNow if I could just get my asterisk setup working.10:00
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Guest1994control center is miss aligned for RTL local10:29
Guest1994text is aligned to right10:30
Guest1994I mean should be aligned to right10:30
Guest1994 #2 when I unfold topic to read it. it disappears.10:30
coz_hey all11:35
bullgard4After dist-upgrade and rebooting I need to configure Grub 1.98-1ubuntu9. What do the letters  X and Y mean in the syntax "set root=(hdX,Y)"?12:23
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scarleoDoes anyone else have problem in Ubuntu One control panel where it crash when trying to access a shared folder outside of Ubuntu One folder?12:49
enlibullgard4: X is your hard disk number and Y is partition number. The numbering starts from 0.13:02
bullgard4enli: I believe you answer: "The numbering starts from 0" is not correct. Please tell me how can I determine my hard disk number. Please tell me how can I determine my partition number.13:04
Picibullgard4: If your harddrive is hda1 then in grub it would be hd0,0 (someone correct me if I'm mistaken, I tend to use uuid).13:06
enlibullgard4: "sudo fdisk -l" will show you a tabular representation of your connected hard disks. Lets say you have got a single hard disk and the partition where ubuntu is installed is shown as /dev/sda5. Then in that case your X=0, Y=413:06
enlibullgard4: Am I making sense?13:10
bullgard4no. Because I do not have available a terminal or virtual console.13:11
ikoniawhy don't you13:12
PiciOr "What do you have available?"13:12
ikoniabetter question13:13
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bullgard4Pici: I have booted in the mean time a Ubuntu 10.10 Live CD and analyzed the partitioning of my hard disk using GParted.13:30
ikoniabullgard4: if you follow the instructions in the !grub factoid you can re-apply grub and you system will work again13:34
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub213:34
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BluesKajHowdy folks13:57
robin0800BluesKaj, hi14:06
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smoseranyone else able to verify bug 736935 that it is not "just me"15:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 736935 in unity (Ubuntu) "mumble window cannot be found after minimized" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73693515:47
smoseror maybe i'm just poorly educated on how to use unity15:47
IdleOnesmoser: do you see mumble in the launchbar on the left?15:54
* IdleOne hasn't ran Unity in a while but ctrl-tab should switch between windows15:55
smoserIdleOne, no.15:55
smoserlaunchpar == the thing that pops up when i push the windows key ?15:55
IdleOnesmoser: no, the panel on the left hand side15:57
smoserno it does not16:01
aVirulencehi. Does anyone else have problems with whitespace not being correctly escaped when using tab-complete in the terminal?16:28
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ChrisBuchholzHello folks. I am having some troubles with notify-osd on alpha 3. I'm not getting notifications from apps (i believe so) and if i do `notify-send test` nothing happens. Can i check somehow if its the case?16:43
trismChrisBuchholz: is notify-osd running? If so, you could see if the messages appear in ~/.cache/notify-osd.log to see if it is getting the messages, try restarting it. Maybe dbus died on you16:51
ChrisBuchholztrism: when i say `notify-osd` - to start it, if its not started - it says commands not found16:52
trismChrisBuchholz: you don't start it manually, dbus will start it when someone sends a notification16:53
ChrisBuchholztrism: i see, just thought you meant like if a deamon was running or something :D16:53
ChrisBuchholztrism: messages appears in the log, but they dont appear16:56
ChrisBuchholz...appear graphically16:56
trismChrisBuchholz: strange16:57
trismChrisBuchholz: is this with unity? does it work in the classic desktop session (no effects)17:00
ChrisBuchholztrism: i've figured it out17:01
trismChrisBuchholz: what was the problem?17:01
ChrisBuchholztrism: i have a gnome-terminal running on my second workspace fullscreen. When that is on, the notify-osd things will not appear, even if its fullscreen on another workspace than the active one17:02
ChrisBuchholzwhen i just maximize (or normale mode) the gnome-terminal on the second workspace, the messages appear all fine17:02
ChrisBuchholzi suppose that would be a bug?17:02
ChrisBuchholztrism: you should test it yourself17:03
trismChrisBuchholz: sounds like a bug, I'll take a look17:04
ChrisBuchholztrism: i have to go eat now. I'll be back later to see what you've found out17:04
duanedesignanyone else having an issue with Firefox not causing the 'launcher' to hide?17:17
trismChrisBuchholz: I can reproduce this, but judging from the contents of some older bug reports, it appears to be a feature rather than a bug. When a fullscreen app is running, all non-critical notifications are blocked. try it with: notify-send -u critical "test"; it will work17:22
trismChrisBuchholz: now, when you don't have the workspace that contains the fullscreen app focused, and the notifications still don't show, that does seem like a bug, but it may be more of a wishlist type bug17:24
soreauI am really beginning to loathe natty17:27
soreauI love how unity just locks your X session into a state of blissful wallpaper and cursor17:33
soreaueven after starting metacity, X is still fucked17:33
soreauI've had unity work maybe twice in the past three months wasting time on this lost cause17:34
soreauHow can anyone else not see how horribly broken this crap is?17:34
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yofelwell, they still have more than a month to fix it..17:36
charlie-tcaI keep thinking, "It is alpha software; it should still break"17:37
soreauMore than a month! Oh yes, it's been broken for the past three and let's hurry up and fix it now!17:40
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ChrisBuchholztrism: yes indeed. Did you experience it too?17:56
DaekdroomNot to forget that it's a design disaster.17:59
soreaunatty *is* a design disaster18:00
soreauWith a broken partition editor that refuses to start (for gpt drives?) and no working wm (who's great idea was unity? You can't just crap something like this out in 3-4 months)18:01
trismChrisBuchholz: yes I can reproduce it, but try it with: notify-send -u critical "test";18:01
ChrisBuchholztrism: yes, that works18:04
ChrisBuchholzbut i would think it should only work this way, if the fullscreened app is on the active workspace18:05
ChrisBuchholzor actually, is THE actuve app18:05
trismChrisBuchholz: I tend to agree, may want to file a bug about it, with notify-osd (if one doesn't already exist)18:06
ChrisBuchholztrism: yes, i will do that18:07
magn3tsIs anyone ever going to fix gnome-appearnce-preferences so that hte mouse pointers aren't just completely buggy and broken with compiz?18:09
soreaumagn3ts: I don't think they're planning on fixing anything18:11
soreauThey need another year for this release18:11
magn3tsthat's a shame. while I'm here, do you remember the update-alt command to change the pointers everywhere?18:12
soreauIt's such a piece of shit, I mean how could you just ignore the partition editor not starting at all? And a completely fubar wm by default? Programs crashing every single place, where does it end?18:12
magn3tsIs it? I haven't had that many problems with it. :/18:12
soreauI have had *nothing but* problems with it since trying to use it for the past three months18:12
soreauupgrade upgrade upgrade, it's still just a broken as it was18:13
soreauno wm will run18:13
soreauno windows will show18:13
soreauX is completely useless18:13
soreauHow the hell is anyone supposed to use this for anything?18:13
magn3tsYou might try a clean install of alpha3?18:13
skyjumperdunno if i risk sounding stupid here, but couldn't someone with a "we actually care about quality" attitude release an ubuntu based distro?18:14
magn3tsidk, like I said, it's been fairly pleasant for me, but I know you know what you're doing... :P18:14
soreauHow else do I explain that?18:14
skyjumperor rather, why hasn't someone done that?18:14
soreauYou can't do shit for installation if your partition editor never starts18:14
magn3tssoreau, haha, I see. lol, dunna man.18:14
soreauthat's kinda part of the INSTALLATION18:14
magn3tsI would have dropped to a tty and then run cfdisk or something18:14
magn3tsbut that shouldn't be req'd obviously.18:14
soreauI filed a bug report, I complained and nothing I do will anyone care18:14
soreauSo I say natty's a total fubar piece of garbage18:15
magn3tsThat's too bad. It will probably give ppl a bad impression of Unity.18:15
soreauI hope it does because they need to fix their broken ass shit18:15
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.18:15
magn3tsI think 11.10 will be better anyway due to some other stuff anyhow. Hopefully the next month or so lends some more polish to natty.18:16
soreauThey need to just skip 11.04 and concentrate on doing it right for 11.1018:16
* soreau is not a happy customer18:17
* magn3ts hopes that more and more of GNOME just gets removed. I know unity doesn't "replace" gnome necessarily, but I hate gnome.18:17
soreauSo move to kde?18:17
soreauWho gives a krap18:17
magn3tsI like GTK apps and Unity.18:17
charlie-tcaYou could use classic desktop instead of the unity desktop, too. That is also an option for unity not working right.18:17
soreaucharlie-tca: It's not an option when no windows will appear at all18:18
magn3tscharlie-tca, I haven't had problems with Unity except the usability disaster that is the shortcut and applications panels. showing 5 apps by default and hiding the other 100x100 pixel icons behind another mouse click is beyond me.18:18
soreauThe only way I can get it sortof working is with startx and of course that is cumbersome and unnecessary18:18
skyjumperdoes anyone know of a general reason for linux desktops' overall low quality?18:20
skyjumperi'm seriously not trolling, i want to know18:20
skyjumperthere are definitely hacker minded people who know they're doing... why aren't they involved in ubuntu/gnome/kde/etc?18:20
soreauskyjumper: It's because bug companies like canonical hire young kids that are still in school18:21
soreauThey get together in some secret group to make an OSS software medley18:21
soreausometimes it works, sometimes it's natty18:21
dooglusin 11.04, whenever I copy videos from my camera memory stick, ubuntu locks up and I have to reboot.  when I copy a few photos, it's ok, so I'm guessing it's to do with throughput.  is there some way of copying 'slowly'?18:21
soreauskyjumper: So in short, immaturity18:21
skyjumperi don't just mean bugs, it's things like the godawful font rendering that was default until like 2 versinos ago18:22
skyjumperand how opaque resize is still slow and (without compositing) flickery18:22
dooglusskyjumper: I find it's hard to get patches accepted18:22
soreauI'm just about done with ubuntu, probably will move to something more professional like fedora18:22
soreauskyjumper: Yea and then even when you do have a patch, file a bug, try to find someone to accept, they're like *yawn* we'll put it in next year maybe18:23
skyjumpersoreau: exactly, it's like nobody actually cares18:23
soreauRight, so I'm going to stop caring too18:23
soreauLet the OS go to hell and see if I care. Not like I didn't try to help18:24
skyjumperi used to think the linux world was a haven of hacker-minded types, but i've heard it described as "computer science school dropouts"18:24
skyjumperand i fear that may be more accurate18:24
dooglussoreau: I've reported lots of bugs, and almost never do they get any attention18:24
dooglussoreau: then 3 years later they get closed for being "too old".  the original problem still exists, of course18:25
soreauIt's just that they have the wrong people in the wrong places, or simply too much demand and not enough manpower18:25
soreaudooglus: Yea I know18:25
soreauIt's very frustrating18:25
soreauand if you're not a dev with some kind of inside access, PFFFT, all bugs > /dev/null18:25
dooglusI guess instead of 'cp' I could 'rsync' the videos from the camera card - that has a speed limit option18:26
skyjumperis it a culture thing? i tried getting into developing gnome/gtk when it was first growing, and the devs' attitude was "submit patches or go aweay"18:27
skyjumpernot particularly inviting to people who want to help18:27
soreauskyjumper: Well, it depends on the bunch really18:28
soreauSome people are a-holes, others are more willing to help18:28
skyjumperso the desktop OS choice is between companies who don't care about you, or individual egos who don't care about you18:31
soreauskyjumper: Well not all individuals have this ego..18:31
soreauBut I just hate it when it's like 'Hype hype hype! We need testers, file bugs!' and then you do and they just yawn and do nothing18:32
* skyjumper wants to know what he should do to make the linux desktop suck less, while he still cares18:32
soreauthat's like the biggest letdown+slap-in-the-face18:32
soreauskyjumper: lol18:32
soreauGNU/Linux itself is grand, it's just that some distro's put everything together wrong18:33
skyjumperbecause eventually everyone just conforms to the crowd, my give-a-sh* will run out...18:33
mateoburI'm trying natty narwal18:33
soreauskyjumper: If you go upstream to real linux kernel and driver developers, you will find some extremely knowledgeable, very helpful and friendly folks18:33
mateoburUnity looks great so far, but how can I run multiple instances of one program?18:34
skyjumpersoreau: i still suspect it's a more fundamental thing with people who engineer software18:34
skyjumperhave you used android at all? and ios? and compared the UI?18:34
soreauskyjumper: Yea I think the less they know, the more grumpy they are18:34
soreauafter they figure out how to run a C compiler in their head, it's all right18:34
skyjumperthere are people at google who don't think hardware accelerating the UI is a valid goal18:35
skyjumperblows my mind18:35
soreauWhy would it be?18:35
skyjumperbecause ios is super smooth18:35
soreauGoogle is google, can't argue with their proprietariness18:35
skyjumperand everything else should aim for that level of quality18:35
soreauI just want natty to get working already18:36
soreauNow there's a terminal up but no panels or anything18:36
magn3tsskyjumper, Android is hardware acceld now18:36
magn3tsand I much prefer the L&F of Gingerbread to iOS.18:36
skyjumpermagn3ts: bits and pieces. in honeycomb18:36
soreauHow the fuck are you supposed to make unity panel appear? I don't see unity panel service anywhere18:36
psusimateobur: right click -> open new window?18:37
skyjumperit's still nowhere close to the overall smoothness of ios18:37
charlie-tca!language | soreau18:37
ubottusoreau: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.18:37
soreaucharlie-tca: Seriously? You're not helping18:37
charlie-tcaneither are you, you have tried to turn this into nothing but a complaint channel, instead of trying to help18:38
mateoburpsusi, I mean from the launcher18:38
soreauChanServ: Yea well guess what: I'm here to complain!18:38
ChrisBuchholzWhere do i found the project (and bug tracker) for Natty on launchpad? Gotta report some bug!18:38
jrib!bugs | ChrisBuchholz18:39
psusimateobur: so do I?18:39
ubottuChrisBuchholz: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots18:39
soreaucharlie-tca: The whole reason I came here was to complain18:39
soreauI am complaining18:39
ChrisBuchholzjrib: i see18:39
mateoburpsusi, right click only shows me the option "keep in launcher"18:39
soreauI need some help because this thing is totally broken and wasting my machines uptime18:39
charlie-tcathis is actually a channel for support, not for personal complaints18:39
soreaucharlie-tca: It'18:39
soreaucharlie-tca: It's not personal, it's a complaint about natty18:40
ChrisBuchholzjrib: thing is, its not really a bug, but more of a way unity behaves that shouldnt be like that18:40
soreauscheduled to be next release of ubuntu from what I hear18:40
psusimateobur: hrm... could have sworn it also had an option to open another18:40
skyjumpergetting yourself fired up via complaints can be a source of motivation...18:40
jribChrisBuchholz: things happening that shouldn't happen are bugs, no :)18:40
erle-will there be still a gnome port of ubuntu?18:40
mateoburpsusi, yes, matrix is changing fast in the alpha version18:40
soreauerle-: It's still going to be gnome18:40
erle-with gnome by default easy installation18:41
soreauit's just minus shell and plus a crappier, faster wm18:41
ChrisBuchholzjrib: well what should i do then? Unity and notify-osd has a big-time design flaw - i should report it, shouldnt i?18:41
jribChrisBuchholz: go for it18:41
erle-soreau, of course what people care about is the shell and nothing else18:41
ChrisBuchholznevermind then, jrib18:41
mateoburanother think I don't like is when I receive a notification, i.e., an IM message18:41
jribChrisBuchholz: if you want discussion, then maybe check if there's an appropriate mailing list18:41
soreauI'm just so fed up with natty not working. I want the damn thing to work already18:41
mateoburthe icon blinks only one, so it's easy to miss it18:41
ChrisBuchholztrism: i wont be reporting it afterall, since i cant find out where to18:42
ChrisBuchholzjrib: i see18:42
soreauCan anyone say how to make unity panels appear?18:42
soreaugot a blank screen here18:42
trismChrisBuchholz: just type: ubuntu-bug notify-osd18:42
soreauunity is running with gnome-terminal but there are no panels in site18:42
soreauand I don'18:42
ChrisBuchholztrism: really? But its not like notify--osd fails or something?18:42
soreauand I don't see any unity panel service\18:42
jribsoreau: what drivers are you using?18:42
soreaujrib: r300g AFAIK18:43
trismChrisBuchholz: I think it is a notify-osd problem, along with compiz (it works on the no-effects desktop)18:43
jribsoreau: why "AFAIK"?18:43
soreaujrib: AFAIK = as far as I know18:43
soreaujrib: Confirmed, radeon with gallium18:43
ChrisBuchholztrism: i see18:43
soreaudrivers work great18:43
jribsoreau: I know what it means, but I am not sure why you would say that18:43
soreauunity does not18:43
trismChrisBuchholz: but I would go with notify-osd because from previous bug reports, they specifically enabled that behavior, but as you said, it should only be when the fullscreen app workspace has focus18:43
soreaujrib: Because originally when I installed natty, my user wasn't part of the video group18:44
ChrisBuchholztrism: yes indeed18:44
jribsoreau: is he supposed to be?18:44
soreaujrib: So even though X log looked great, I didn't have permission for 3D18:44
soreaujrib: Yes, otherwise the user can't open /dev/dri/card018:44
soreaujrib: Because it's owned by root video18:44
soreaujrib: But now that's fixed and I boot natty, it boots but to a screen with only wallpaper and mouse cursor18:45
soreaujrib: Then I go to tty and have to monkey around to get a terminal and working wm up18:45
jribsoreau: are these the drivers provided by the Additional Drivers tool?18:45
soreaujrib: And after that, unity works but there's no panels in site and with unity --replace, it says something about not finding unity panel service or something18:45
soreaujrib: No, it's The Open Source Radeon driver18:46
soreauno prop fglrx or anything18:46
soreauuntainted kernel18:46
jribsoreau: for troubleshooting purposes, you might try the other driver18:46
soreaujrib: unity worked fine when I first added my user to video18:46
soreaujrib: The other driver doesn't support older non-HD cards at all anymore18:47
soreaujrib: Last time it did was like 8.10 or so18:47
jribsoreau: does Additional drivers offer it?18:47
soreaujrib: It *is not* a driver issue18:47
jribsoreau: k18:47
soreauI am very well versed on the driver situation18:47
soreauI know it's unity (panel) screwing up18:47
soreauI just need to know what to do to get this panel to appear18:48
* soreau goes to complain in a more intelligent channel18:48
jribright, guess I'll go do something more interesting too.18:48
skyjumpersoreau: where do you find intelligent channels?18:48
soreauskyjumper: There's no such thing as an intelligent channel, only channels with intelligent people ;)18:49
skyjumperkept secret, i'm sure18:50
soreauOk, let's try an easier one18:51
soreauCan someone show the output of 'ps ax|grep unity-panel-service|grep -v grep'?19:01
soreauwith a working unity (panel) of course19:01
robin0800soreau, actually I use unity 2d because tj19:01
soreauI see it's in /var/lib/unity but need to know if there's any special args19:02
Daekdroomsoreau,  1793 ?        Sl     0:49 /usr/lib/unity/unity-panel-service19:02
soreauDaekdroom: ok thanks19:02
* soreau wonders why unity complains that it can't find this19:03
DaekdroomBecause it's a wreck.19:03
coz_hey all19:03
mateoburanybody knows how to run more than 1 instance of a program with the launcher in 11.04?19:03
robin0800soreau, actually I use unity 2d because compiz does not work well with gallium ati driver19:03
Daekdroomrobin0800, what? it works well in here.19:03
soreaurobin0800: bullshit19:04
soreauI'm using r300g and it works great19:04
DaekdroomI'm using r600g from xorg-edgers and I get gpu lockups on kernel from time to time.19:04
soreauI start unity-panel-service and it runs and unity doesn't complain but there's still no panels on my screen19:04
Daekdroomand some corruption..19:04
soreauWhy does this thing hate so bad?19:04
robin0800soreau, dosen't sound like it19:04
soreaurobin0800: He's using r600g19:05
soreauIt's less mature than r300g19:05
soreauand it still should work well for at least compiz/unity19:05
soreauvery least*19:06
robin0800iv'e got r350 and that dose't like compiz19:06
soreaurobin0800: That's because you're doing it wrong19:06
soreauI have the exact same card and it works just fine19:06
DaekdroomCan't wait until a decent build of gnome-shell becomes available through PPA or repos..19:07
soreaurobin0800: If you're at the machine right now, what is the output of 'glxinfo|grep renderer'?19:07
soreauDaekdroom: There's going to be a decent build? What's that supposed to mean, somehow they magically made it not suck?19:07
Daekdroomsoreau, by that I mean a build that doesn't make mutter crash every 5 seconds.19:08
DaekdroomI liked the interfaced.19:08
soreauDaekdroom: Sounds more like less-suckage and less like decent-build19:08
soreauor, we-fixed-a-bug-yay!19:09
hasenjquestion, when I try to upgrade with `update-manager -d` the process stops because fetching from ppa's fails19:09
soreaurobin0800: If you're at the machine right now, what is the output of 'glxinfo|grep renderer'?19:09
DaekdroomI'll wait till I can actually test it so I can tell, but Unity's design is a wreckage.19:09
soreauDaekdroom: I can't even comment further on how much of a wreck it is because I can't even get it working here to test19:10
soreauIt worked maybe twice in the past three months19:10
coz_hasenj,  are you already on natty or upgrading from maverick?19:10
soreauThis is the last time I will ever waste a partition on ubuntu pre-release19:10
hasenjcoz_, upgrading from maverick19:10
coz_soreau,  actually this is the best pre release I have seen in some time :)19:11
coz_go figure19:11
DaekdroomIt makes me want to install Fedora and learn to compile things instead of using PPAs19:11
soreaucoz_: It's a piece of shit, STFU19:11
robin0800soreau, OpenGL renderer string: Gallium 0.4 on ATI RV35019:11
coz_soreau,  well from that you can gather was previous pre releases may have been like :)19:11
soreauDaekdroom: Why do you need fedora to learn how to build things?19:11
soreaurobin0800: Well it's working then, not sure why you'd have any problems with compiz19:11
Daekdroomsoreau, because there's no alternative. PPAs are too easy and I'm lazy.19:11
coz_hasenj,  well I could probably give you a default natty sources.list if you like19:12
coz_soreau,  when you used that default sources list I gave you ,, did thing work well afterwards?19:12
soreauDaekdroom: I thought fedora was primarily binary distro19:12
soreaucoz_: Hell no19:12
soreauComplete fubardom19:12
coz_soreau,  oh!!!19:12
popeymateobur: middle click19:12
popey19:03:32 < mateobur> anybody knows how to run more than 1 instance of a program with the launcher in 11.04?19:12
Daekdroomsoreau, I'm talking about grabbing specific bleeding edge versions19:12
mateoburpopey, oooh! cool!19:12
robin0800so compiz or gallium show tears in the video render Ive raised a bug19:13
hasenjcoz_, I think that will confuse me, I think I could disable ppas but it's a chore, I was wondering if this behavior was expected or not because I don't remember encountering it when upgrading to maverick19:13
Daekdroomhasenj, not expected, I believe19:13
soreauDaekdroom: Well they have stuff in fedora similar..19:13
Daekdroomsoreau, do they?19:13
soreaubut ppa's do make it pretty easy19:13
popeyPPAs are usually disabled on upgrades19:13
coz_hasenj, ` well I havent had a chance to upgrade from maverick with this since months ago19:13
popeyall 3rd party repos are19:13
soreauDaekdroom: The only thing is, you have to rely on the ppa maintainer to update19:13
robin0800soreau,  compiz or gallium show tears in the video render Ive raised a bug19:13
soreaurobin0800: In what video?19:14
hasenjit did say it will disable third party sources ..19:14
coz_hasenj,  if you want the easy way to disable ,,, if they havent been which they should have been..you can go to system/administrations.software sources ,,,second tab and simply untick the PPA's in the list19:14
hasenjcoz_, yea, this is what I'm doing right now19:14
soreauDaekdroom: Yea, you'd have to ask in a fedora channel but I think they have ways to run the latest dev codes, esp for gfx drivers and such19:14
robin0800soreau, all desktop folders web pages19:14
soreaurobin0800: How are desktop folders and webpages videos19:15
soreauWell I'll be damned19:15
hasenjoh boy I have tons of ppas installed19:15
soreauI started compiz instead of unity, now unity panels appear19:15
robin0800soreau, well the render then19:15
soreaurobin0800: You're not being very clear19:16
soreauOr my reading is vague19:16
soreaucan't tell which19:16
soreaumaybe my conprehension is off, I need a joint and a hearing aid19:16
soreauYep, somethings wrong with the conprehension19:17
soreauI'ts misspelled ;)19:17
robin0800soreau, let me try to explain Im using xchat and have tabs for the channels if I switch the output of one channel gets mixed with another19:23
soreauSounds like damage issues19:25
robin0800soreau, obvisly its not realy mixed but until I drag a mouse over it it is not right19:25
soreauI swear this is the most ridiculous thing ever19:25
soreauI get unity panel running and now, it wont let me type in the damn thing19:26
soreauIt worked one time and that was it19:26
soreauI typed gconf-editor and pressed enter, so it decided to start not gconf-editor but ubuntu fucking software center19:26
robin0800soreau, in the early days I could disable the gallium driver then it was ok19:27
soreauThen that's the end of it, no way to type anything in the unity box anymore19:27
ChrisBuchholztrism: its out and about now: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/notify-osd/+bug/73704719:27
ubottuUbuntu bug 737047 in notify-osd (Ubuntu) "notify-osd doesn't notify if an fullscreen app is open on any workspace" [Undecided,New]19:27
soreaurobin0800: You want to figure out which component it is and file a bug against it19:27
soreaurobin0800: gallium is here to stay so it definitely should be fixed19:27
mateoburis it possible to configure the icons in the launch bar to flash until I attend the event?19:27
robin0800soreau,  its the gallium driver I have filed a bug19:28
soreaurobin0800: good19:28
soreauWill save me one less report to write19:28
hasenjI disabled all third party sources, now it says something about an unresolvable problem that maybe caused by held packages19:28
hasenjdid I disable too many sources? :P19:28
trismChrisBuchholz: looks good19:30
hasenjis there a way to upgrade from the command line directly?19:31
ChrisBuchholztrism: yes19:31
h00kubottu: tell soreau about language19:37
ubottusoreau, please see my private message19:37
soreauh00k: Oh, can it.19:38
soreauYes, it's a pun on canonical19:38
h00ksoreau: Also, please mind the !attitude, and check the !codeofconduct as well19:38
h00k!attitude | soreau19:39
ubottusoreau: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines19:39
h00k!codeofconduct | soreau19:39
ubottusoreau: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ .  For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct .19:39
soreauh00k: What. Ever.19:46
* soreau guesses this is the kiddie-pool channel19:47
hasenjok, so the upgrade fails, and one of the reasons listed for failure is "upgrading to a pre-release version of Ubuntu"19:49
hasenjthat's .. weird19:49
hasenjis there some setting preventing the upgrade to a pre-release version?19:49
coz_hasenj,  would you like me to upload the default sources.list?19:50
hasenjcoz_, ok, I'd like to try that19:50
coz_ok hold on19:50
coz_hasenj,     http://dl.dropbox.com/u/132551/sources.txt19:50
coz_I beleve that is current19:51
hasenjalright, thanks19:51
KB1JWQBuilding a template for natty so it runs in ProxMox/OpenVZ, what fun.19:54
hasenjstill getting the same error even with this sources file19:55
hasenjshould I rename sources.list.d/ to something else?19:56
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coz_hasenj,  mmm20:11
hasenjrenaming the sources.list.d made it even worse20:11
coz_hasenj,  I dont so ,, did you delete or back up your sources.list and then replace it with the natty one?20:12
hasenjyea yea :)20:12
hasenj/etc/apt/sources.list right?20:12
hasenjI've messed with some packages, like I removed network-manager20:12
hasenjcould that be a reason?20:12
coz_hasenj, oooo20:12
coz_hasenj,  why did you do that?20:13
hasenjcuz, I wanted the new indicator-based version20:13
coz_hasenj,  use the old sources.list...  then do sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade if it works20:13
hasenjyea I tried that already, it works20:13
coz_hasenj,  oh20:13
hasenjI'm downloading the alternative cd20:14
hasenjto try to upgrade from there20:14
HelloWorldDoes anyone have a recommendation for a dev suite?  I used to be corporate and had MSDN & Visual Studio forced upon me, but I'm going freelance and have in mind to switch to Eclipse, esp. since most of my dev will be in R.  Are MSDN & Eclipse still considered state-of-the-art??  What do you all use for dev?20:22
hasenjnow trying cdromupgrade20:27
hasenjCan't install 'ubuntu-desktop'20:27
hasenjIt was impossible to install a required package. Please report this as a bug.20:27
hasenjwell, I'll install ubuntu-desktop and see if that fixes it20:28
hasenjnow it says "Can not mark 'ubuntu-desktop' for upgrade"20:29
hasenjah, dist-upgrade ..20:30
hasenjcdromupgrade still failed20:33
hasenjbut the normal upgrade seems to be working :D20:33
KB1JWQHelloWorld: Depends what I'm coding in.  Eclipse is okay, but the bulk of my stuff gets done in vim.20:34
HelloWorldtx.  I don't know vim.  I'll take a peek20:38
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=== Dink is now known as Dink[a]
kim0Hi guys, is there some known problem with flash sound being metallic22:23
awsoonnhi all, is this the right place to talk about natty bugs?22:44
yofeltalk yes, report no22:45
awsoonnI've been out of the loop for a bit more than a year, so I'm a bit rusty on where everything is :P22:45
yofelkim0: I think I've heard what you mean too, no idea where that comes from22:45
yofelawsoonn: welcome back then :)22:46
awsoonnwell, if naatty daily doesn't install in virtual box, should it be reported?22:46
awsoonnor shall I assume a dev has it under control22:46
yofelwhere does it fail?22:46
awsoonnext4 fs creation in LVM22:46
yofelwouldn't hurt to report it, but I personally don't know against what22:47
awsoonnthat's a bug in lvm or ext4, so 'linux' would be a good start eh?22:48
yofelif it's ext4 yeah,  or since it failed during install debian-installer would be a choice too. But the report would probably be useless without an actual error message22:49
awsoonnI'll try to narrow it down a bit, thanks!22:49
robin0800_awsoonn, dailies often brake I just wait until tomorrow for the next one22:49
awsoonnI suppose reporting aganst a3 would be more usefull huh?22:51
awsoonnI should have known22:51
robin0800_awsoonn, you could always use alpha3 though there are a lot of updates already for it22:55
kim0yofel: yeah, doesn't happen on youtube but almost everywhere else22:59
awsoonnis it a good idea to update alpha3 after installing it?23:36
Jordan_Uawsoonn: Yes.23:36
awsoonnk :) thanks23:36
Jordan_UYou're welcome.23:36
MaximLevitskyUnity? I have few usability questions about it23:53
MaximLevitskyHow do a launch an application?23:54
MaximLevitskyOk, not that I don't know, but that seem to be buried deep23:54
dasenclick the upper left icon and type the name of the application, if everything goes fine the app shows up23:54
dasenor click on the icon applications further below the dock23:54
MaximLevitskyOK, I don't want to type the app name23:55
MaximLevitskyI can type it in terminal as well23:55
dasenyou can then use the application icon down on the dock23:55
MaximLevitskyI know....23:55
dasenI know, I also miss a "start" button, maybe the devs will listen to users about it23:56
dasenor someone codes a plugin to do that23:56
MaximLevitskyAplications -> see more results -> see android type huge pile of apps...23:56
dasenyeah :))23:56
dasenthat would be sweet23:56
dasenare u running natty?23:56
MaximLevitskyThe menu next to seartch appear not to work23:56
dasenme too23:57
dasenI love it23:57
dasena few bugs, but I'm okay with that23:57
dasenwell, I gotta go23:57
MaximLevitskyI actually have very positive attitude to unity23:57
dasenby guys23:57
dasenme too23:57
MaximLevitskyI just can't convince myself I can stand it :-(23:57
dasenI think it might be a nice interface for linux23:57
dasenwell, I gotta go23:58
MaximLevitskyAlso global menu (hate it with passion) doesn't work23:58
dasenget some sleep23:58
MaximLevitskydasen: Bye!23:58
dasenyeah, global menu sucks  a bit23:58
dasenbut what would you do with all that space on the top bar?23:59
MaximLevitskyAnd why apps start in fullscreen... grrr23:59
dasenfree space I mean23:59
dasenI think they want to remove window-management from the equation23:59

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