CensoredBiscuithello all00:00
CensoredBiscuitI was pinged00:00
hajourJanC,  do you have a link from a site where all that short cuts are on with explain from IRC00:00
hajourthere was a meeting CensoredBiscuit 00:00
hajourjust read back00:01
CensoredBiscuitsorry guies00:01
hajourdon't worry CensoredBiscuit 00:01
PendulumCensoredBiscuit: no worries. I was just pinging people to see who was around :)00:01
hajourPendulum,  said already it was no problem CensoredBiscuit 00:01
CensoredBiscuitits my minute to win it night00:01
hajourdrat you was earlier Pendulum 00:02
hajourPendulum,  i not remember but was you also come to UDS or not?00:02
Pendulumhajour: I'm hoping to be at UDS00:02
CensoredBiscuitPendulum cprofitt gave me a decent idea00:03
hajouri hope also you come and that i can come to00:03
hajourPendulum, ^00:04
Pendulumhajour: definite that would be great :)00:05
hajouri am nerves by the idea to go to UDS but also very curious how that is and if i can really help 00:05
CensoredBiscuitI'm looking to work on the wiki page you told me too but I have no idea what accessibility programs come with ubuntu.00:05
PendulumCensoredBiscuit: a good start is to look in the assitive technology section of the software center00:06
hajourbtw what is the link to the screenreader00:20
hajourso i can help testing00:20
hajouri dont know charlie was talking about a screenreader00:21
JanCin the GUI that's Orca AFAIK00:22
JanCit runs when you enable "Assisterende technologie├źn"00:22
hajourthere are more screenreaders then orca so i do not know which one is need to be tested00:22
JanCand I guess they want testing of the development version?00:22
hajourthen i can the same time look or the translations are good for hannie to00:23
hajourdutch translations00:23
hajourso 2 task at the same time00:23
JanCof course00:24
hajourseams me am win win situation00:24
hajouror case00:24
hajouror something00:24
hajourcan it run on a eeepc like i have00:25
JanCit should00:25
hajourlast time (more then a month ago )my eeepc crasht because of orca also undifineds pc .so maybe i better can make sa backup from my files just to be safe00:26
hajouri am tired i go to sleep good night all00:33
Cheri703are there any accessibility whatnots that let you adjust the contrast of things?06:29
Cheri703my netbook doesn't have a contrast option for the display, and I was just thinking that might be something useful06:29
Cheri703I am discovering that I get SIGNIFICANTLY less eye strain/pain at 20%-30% grey background with black text vs white and black, and that's even at very low brightness06:30
Cheri703LOTS happier eyes06:31
Cheri703I did find how to do it in firefox...06:37
AlanBellCheri703: there are a bunch of things in the compiz filters relating to contrast07:07
AlanBelland really really cool options to simulate colour blindness07:07
Cheri703I don't use compiz :/07:08
Cheri703I turn off desktop effects07:08
AlanBellnew unity depends on compiz07:09
Cheri703:( I haven't tried new unity, but hated old unity, so...07:09
AlanBellI am using old unity07:10
AlanBellI am not a huge fan07:10
AlanBellI will probably use new unity07:10
Cheri703I'll try it, but...07:10
Cheri703if I don't like it I'll try something else07:11
JanCthere are low-contrast themes for Gtk/GNOME, but they aren't as pretty as the default theme...07:21
JanCCheri703: you can always disable all the "special" effects in Compiz07:22
Cheri703might try it07:25
Cheri703I guess I don't know that a filter is what I'd want. because I'd want other stuff to still look ok07:26
Cheri703just don't want WHITE WHITE07:26
AlanBellCheri703: trick for you :)08:07
AlanBellcreate a bookmark and put this in it: javascript:void(document.body.style.background='#dddddd')08:08
Cheri703what will it do?08:08
AlanBellor just paste that in the URL bar on a website where you want to soften the background08:08
AlanBellit will change the background colour of the page08:08
Cheri703ah, I already set it :)08:09
AlanBellfrom white (#FFFFFF) to a light grey08:09
Cheri703thanks though :)08:09
Cheri703you can go into the settings and change the color, even force sites to use it :)08:09
AlanBellyou can have that as a bookmarklet08:09
Cheri703yeah, I definitely will save it08:09
Cheri703I have xmarks, so if I'm on another computer I can still access it08:09
AlanBellI had one for javascript:void(document.body.style.fontFamily='ubuntu') to force the Ubuntu font when I was testing that on different sites08:10
Cheri703ha, nice08:10
AlanBelljust occurred to me that it could be done for other styles of the page08:10
Cheri703found out I can change background colors in adobe reader (try to avoid it, but it's worth it for this). it will enable me to actually read ebooks and pdfs :)08:12
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jonoPendulum, about ready?21:31
Pendulumjono: yep21:31
Pendulumwhenever you are21:31
jonoPendulum, give me one min, quick bio break21:32
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