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vinthe installation broke down13:56
vinhow can I get into the TTY13:56
vinI have no default username/password13:56
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lil_petevin: you can mount the filesystem on another linux machine, chroot into it and do $passwd <username>14:41
lil_peteyou can do even more stuff using qemu: http://wiki.debian.org/QemuUserEmulation14:42
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lil_petehey guys can somebody tell me how to install cross-compiled modules?  i cant use make install... can i? :-/15:10
lil_pete(im talking about non-kernel modules)15:10
lil_pete((meaning its a driver that isnt included in the kernel)) :D15:11
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ogra_GrueMaster, how does your panel crash ?16:02
ogra_works fine for me16:02
GrueMasterNot sure of the nature of it yet, but it dies & respawns continuously atm.16:02
GrueMastercould be the resolution.16:03
ogra_ah, yeah, i remember something that requires 800px with16:03
ogra_you shouldnt see gnome-panel at all though16:04
ogra_did you explicitly pick gnome-session at gdm ?16:04
GrueMasterWell, whatever is generating the top panel is respawning.16:05
ogra_thats unity-2d-panel16:05
ogra_(Qt app)16:05
GrueMasterTomato tomato.16:05
rsalvetiGrueMaster: issue we had was with gnome-panel16:13
rsalvetiand not unity-2d-panel, so it's probably a different bug this time16:13
GrueMasterYea I know.  Still, same visual effect.16:13
ogra_does it go away if you use a higher res ?16:14
GrueMasterDon't know.  Just rebooting with the fix now.16:15
GrueMasterHmmm.  Why is there a /home/buildd dir?16:16
ogra_that shouldnt be there16:18
* rsalveti lunch16:18
GrueMasterIt's on the image I downloaded.  Very odd.16:19
ogra_i see it here too16:19
GrueMasterThought it might have been a glitch in the SD.16:19
* ogra_ just copies a loop mounted natty netbook into the ac100 16:19
ogra_there is only the homedir though, no user16:20
ogra_root@isis:/# dpkg -S /home/buildd16:24
ogra_dpkg-query: no path found matching pattern /home/buildd16:24
ogra_doesnt come from a package (would have surprised me)16:25
ogra_not in any postinst either16:27
GrueMasterI think I know why the bug reports are broken.  There is a chromium-browser bug that the script is failing on.16:33
ogra_how can that be16:34
GrueMasterHmm.  Not related.  Working with Brian now.16:39
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GrueMasterThe unity-2d-panel issue appears to be sound related (figures).17:44
GrueMasterdmesg has a long list of "asoc: no valid backend routes for PCM:  SDP4430 Media" and .xsession-errors shows libsoundmenu.so is respawning.17:46
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GrueMasterInteresting.  This issue is omap4 only (beaglexm works fine).19:54
rsalvetidual core?19:57
janimowhich issue?19:58
GrueMasterjanimo: The libsoundmenu respawn issue.  And I am not sure yet if it is dual core related.  That is my next step, although I doubt it.20:01
janimoah, I am not uptodate with U-2d related bugs20:01
janimoI think I should test that too again20:01
GrueMasterThis is new as of today's image.20:02
janimoI found both compiz an u-2d frustrating to use on x8620:02
janimoso did not even tried to use it on arm20:02
GrueMasterAnd I didn't see it yesterday when updating an older image.20:02
janimoGrueMaster, there were again libindicator related updates since yesterday, is the soundmenu among them?20:02
GrueMasterMight be.  Let me work to dig deeper for a bit.20:04
GrueMasterNeed food atm.20:04
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GrueMasterAfter much digging (mainly in the dark), it appears that the schema from indicator-sound is not being properly registered.22:03
ogra_GrueMaster, i claimed the flash-kernel doesnt respect double dash notiation bug back22:05
ogra_will work on that during the flash-kernel reworking22:06
GrueMasterok.  Are you actually going to fix it?  It has been there since karmic.22:06
ogra_its a pretty big task and bound to architectural design changes for flash-kernel-installer22:08
ogra_i always planned to work on it ... currently we dont use live or d-i images so its not pressing22:08
GrueMasterI'm just trying to whittle down open bugs.22:09
GrueMasterbtw:  I am making some progress on the unity-2d-panel respawn.  It so far appears to be indicator-sound update.22:10
GrueMasterI'm getting ready to backrev and see if it still fails.22:10
GrueMasterIt is not smp related, but it is omap4 specific (runs fine on beaglexm).22:11
ogra_try linking the binary of indicator-sound to /bin/true ;)22:14
ogra_runs fine here too22:14
ogra_even with broken sound in the kernel22:14
GrueMasterLooks like there is a new version as of 3 hours ago.  Will try it first.22:15
GrueMasterI have a feeling something broke in the newer releases for the postinst, as upgrading from 20110311 works fine.22:16
ogra_its probably the buildd user that broke it :P22:17
* ogra_ really has no clue where that could come from22:17
GrueMasterSimple.  A botched update to the posinst script or a bad tweak to the schema.xml file.  The old settings would be still valid.22:18
ogra_i was referring to /home/buildd22:18
GrueMasterOh, that.22:19
GrueMasterHmm.  Looks like all of the com.canonical.indicator.* schemas may be hosed.  Updating indicator-sound got passed it's issue, now datetime failes.22:20
GrueMaster(as does my typing)22:21
ogra_i'm using an omap3 image here, freshly installed on the ac10022:21
ogra_(with rolled back libc but no other modifications)22:22
ogra_apart from the g-s-d breakage all seems to be fine22:22
GrueMasterI can't really consider running on a non-supported system with a non-supported image completely valid.  Besides, it also works fine on my beaglexm22:23
ogra_userspace is always the same22:23
GrueMasterThere can always be subtle hardware differences.22:24
ogra_as long as you have all kernel options it should be fine22:24
ogra_which we need to cover :)22:24
GrueMasterNot up to us to validate hardware.22:24
ogra_up to us to make sure userspace runs on all v7 HW22:25
ogra_which is one of the reasons to not hard build with NEON enabled22:25
GrueMasterThen give me more v7 systems to test on.  Otherwise I can't comment on failures for which I have no hardware.22:25
ogra_imho we all should have ac100s and efikas22:25
GrueMasterWell, that I'll definitely agree to.  :D22:26
ogra_just to be able to validate22:26
ogra_i'm considering buying a second one ... i just found out the 3G version is available for 199€ now22:26
GrueMasterNot bad.  Wish I had the $$$ to spend.22:27
* ogra_ grins22:27
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