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coz_hey all11:35
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* vish renames "Ayatana Discussion" mailing list to "Submit your new mockup" ML15:54
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* thorwil renames vish to "ayathusiast"17:05
vishthorwil: not much of an enthusiast nowadays.. :s17:06
vishthorwil: and judging from mpt's reply to ScottK wrt menugate, things dont seem to be going quite right …17:07
thorwilvish: i guess Conscious User is spot on regarding how this *design* came to be17:07
vishthorwil: oh?17:08
vishi might have missed it..17:08
vishwell, it seems an Obvious Mark™ decision..17:08
thorwili have been wondering about a quiz to guard entrance to discussion as they *should* happen on ayatana17:10
thorwilmaybe one question could be: Is giving the user an option if you can't decide which way to go a solution?17:11
vishisnt that what happens in a lot of the designs.. people might say Mark is not a designer, but neither are a lot of folks doing design in GNOME..17:11
vishi meant that^ for CU's reply17:11
thorwilwell, it's hard to *not* run into this trap of one decision ending up requiring several other problematic ones17:12
vishthats what a good design(er) is supposed to ensure does not happen17:13
vishotherwise, it is just making this up as we hit something ;p17:14
* vish lols at thorwil's Quiz idea..17:15
vishuser answers "YES" ~> instant kick from mailing list17:15
matthewmaingot a quick question for you other art guys17:18
matthewmaini found this image and would like to recreat it but i want to know how the blade was made http://www.psistorm.eu/blog.php?page=blog_id&id=25717:19
matthewmaincan anyone shed some light17:20
vishmatthewmain: well, start with a base outline shape; and then define the outlines, highlights and shades.. (thats probably as verbose as i can get :D )17:21
vishits all about choosing the right color for the shine, metal, and keeping the right angles for the shine and shade..17:22
matthewmaini made something similar but its no where close to look that cool and intense17:22
thorwilmatthewmain: i don't know how it has been made, but it's sure within the realm of what can be done with inkscape17:22
thorwil(where inkscape would make it easier than gimp or photoshop)17:23
matthewmainkk well here is my attempt please dont laugh to the wallpaper it all out of alignment and no where near finished but a ruft draft link to follow17:23
matthewmainsimple idea i know, but i want the blade to look as good as the other one17:29
thorwilmatthewmain: get rid of the blurred blue, at least as long as you work on the blade, it will only distract you17:30
matthewmainoh i did when i was trying to work on it, if i try to push it anymore it looks really unrealistic17:31
thorwilmatthewmain: then the first obvious difference are the edges. yours don't have a surface to speak of17:31
* thorwil wonders what to call the angled surfaces tapering to the cutting edge17:31
matthewmainbevel, there is one there17:32
thorwiloh please, *study* your reference17:32
matthewmaini did apply a bevel of around 10px17:33
thorwilyou created a beveled plate. not a blade17:34
matthewmainok so manually make a bevel17:34
matthewmainrather than adding an effect17:34
matthewmainsweet ok i will give that a try17:34
matthewmaincheers for you help and idea17:35
thorwilthe fun thing about chrome and reflective surfaces in general, is that you would get to see things that are not in the picture17:35
thorwilso once you have such a surface, you have to think about the room/environment, to get it right17:36
matthewmainok will bare that in mind17:36
thorwilphotographers will sometimes place boards specifically to appear in the reflections, to make them simple and of a desired color17:37
matthewmainyup i have used such techniques to bounce flash to get coloured hues into a shot17:38
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coz_hey all19:03
coz_darkmatter,  hey guy19:12
* darkmatter lols at the wonderful "awesomeness" of ubuntus versions of popular software and then pokes coz_ for kicks19:46
vishyea.. its all b'cause of coz_19:47
darkmattercoz_ yet again I leave and rejoin irc. just waiting for someone to ask if I'm having network issues again so I can explain how leaky software isn't a network issue xD19:48
coz_darkmatter,  :)19:48
coz_well definilty this next ubuntu release is causing issues for testers and apparenlty developers also19:49
coz_I believe once released it will have more negative comments than any other ubuntu version19:49
darkmattercoz_: yeah. played with it in a vm. almost shot myself in the face. lol19:50
vishthe problem with unity right now, is that most of the people "liking" it are docky fans …19:51
vishnot that docky fan is a disease ;p19:52
darkmattercoz_: I'm going to stick with a click to focus but not raise on focus policy with windowmanagement. because it solved most of my client issues (young and old alike), personal issues. and my my wifes nervous pc-breakdowns :P19:53
darkmattercoz_: I don't like docks, but you already knew that19:53
darkmattermoving targets are a pita ;)19:54
coz_darkmatter,  yeah .. even though I think cairo dock is the best I only use it to creat themes ,,, and do support although I think I am going to quit cairo dock support19:54
coz_I got kicked as op  somehow :(19:54
vish" got kicked as op"  huh??19:55
coz_vish,  yeah one day I was still op  next day  not19:56
coz_vish,  I havent spoken to the guys about it but   still..at least give me warning19:56
vishhmm, maybe the auto op thing dint work..19:56
coz_vish,  mm  not sure I have ops in #compiz  but we generally dont use it unless we have doofy people :)19:57
darkmattercoz_ i prefer shelf-like concepts. I like a _dock_ that does not manage windows, but rather manages info and activities. could be tied to an app, but regardless. I also believe in things being representative of the "task at hand". ui's have becone wayyy to messy19:57
coz_i can try to grab ops in cairo-dock  let me test19:57
coz_nope  no go19:57
coz_darkmatter,  yeah i just dont visualize solutions as well as you do with gui19:58
coz_darkmatter,  I have not thought much about it though,,,  all I know is I like tabbed windows   / moveable tabs .. stacking / grouping  and a few things that stand out in mind  but then you know that was default BeOs  :)19:59
coz_darkmatter,  we had a 20 minute discussion in compiz -dev some months ago about a new window doecorator,,, moveable tabs... moveable title bars and a bunch of cool stuff... and  then "nothing"  :)20:00
darkmattercoz_: yeah. I know the feeliing *sighs*20:02
darkmattercoz_: although I think beyond 'yet another decorator". more "ground > up". because, no offence to compize. but there are things it'll never get right. it's because, even though its a composit wm, the way it does thing seems less like a compositing wm, and more a compositor trying to masquerade as a wm20:07
darkmattercoz_: but part of that is the apparent "need" to paint fire on the screen ;p20:08
darkmatterread: please every entity under the sun20:08
coz_darkmatter,   :) yes  everyone youtubes  fire :)20:08
darkmattercoz_: I believe in: build wm with sane/good feature set > composit with sane animations or whatever. and no, I'm not going to pluf in another 200 lines of code, modular or not, because you want reflections, damnit :D20:13
darkmattercoz_: what you see should basically be what you get (within reason)20:14
coz_darkmatter,  :)  well there are some things in compiz that even though useless... snow plugins...were really cool. but they are screwed up now20:14
coz_I am concerned about what appears to be somewhat of a "regression" in compiz... old errors...old bugs.... ghosts of compiz past20:16
coz_mark hired sam at canonical ..but I think we need a few more "paid"  developers...one isnt enough20:17
darkmattercoz_: part of that is the whole "insanely modular" approach. I know it's an overused saying. but it is true: "the more complicated the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain"20:18
coz_darkmatter,  this is true,,, as far as compiz ,, I think sam is a bit overwhelmed ,, but that's just me looking in20:18
coz_I think I am irc saturated,, I am going for a break20:20

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