LukasBHello everybody! I am coming from WIndows and would like to update a particular application in ubuntu my first time. Can anybody guide me through please?00:38
LukasBIt downloaded the source code as I was told already, but now i am not sure, what to do with it. Got some install instructions, but I dont know if it is the same for a simple update...00:39
LukasBapplication is filezilla
seidosdid you install filezilla through synpatic?00:42
LukasBFilezilla was the first application I installed, so I just went to its website and downloaded the version for linux. After I realised, there was a Ubuntu Software Centre, I opened it and put filezilla in the search bar, where I found Filezilla and clicked install...00:43
seidosah, so you want a different version than is currently available in the repositories?00:44
LukasBIts a bit funny, because it is only two days ago and it downloaded 3.3.3. Now I have trouble with filezilla and I checked if there was an update and I detected No idea why it didn't download it in the first place... but i hope it solves my problem...00:46
LukasBSo when I go to filezilla, I go to the menu bar and 'check for updates' and it tells me there is and i should download the source code from their website... I did that and received a folder... I not to sure what to do with it...00:47
seidosyou'll have to download the source and compile it00:47
LukasBthe words my dictionary puts out seem to be out of context... I dont know what that is ;)00:49
seidosyeah, if you downloaded the source00:49
seidosthere should be a readme or something in the directory that has the source code00:49
seidosthey only way i can think that would work is ./configure make and make install00:50
LukasBah yeah it comes with an install file and has instructions in it...00:51
seidosoh, was i right then?00:51
LukasByeah thank you :)00:51
seidoshopefully it fixes your problem.  otherwise you could try gftp :)00:51
LukasBso it says I have to execute ./autogen.sh first, if i dont have a source distribution... how do i know?00:52
LukasBmaybe I just put it in and see what happens... it says it is not 'necessary' but it doesnt say i must not do it00:53
seidosnever executed an autogen.sh00:54
seidostry it without it, see what happens i guess00:54
seidoscompiling isn't easy though, dependencies can be a problem.00:55
seidoshmmm, this is more of a development question00:55
seidosfilezilla has there own channel.  you can ask about compiling there.  are you already hooked up with your ubuntu user group?00:57
seidosthat's probably also a good resource00:57
LukasBif I execute ./autogen.sh, do I have to write './autogen.sh' in the terminal or do I have to add a command like 'execute?00:58
seidosjust ./autogen.sh should do it00:59
LukasB"No such file or directory"01:00
seidosscreen shot :)01:01
LukasBfor you?01:01
seidosno, for you01:01
LukasBokay what do I do with it? ;)01:02
seidoswell, you may need to set the autogen.sh as executable01:02
seidossudo chmod +x autoge<tab> should do it01:02
LukasBOkay... a bit further up it says, a few tools need to be installed if I want to compile filezilla 3... I skipped that before, because I was assuming I have them anyway, cause I have 3.3.3... Maybe I check those01:04
seidosyou can do sudo apt-get build-dep filezilla01:05
seidosof course, those dependencies may not work01:05
seidosi don't know, what's going on?!01:05
LukasBsorry if I confuse you...01:05
seidosi was joking around :P01:05
seidosit's not your fault, computers are confusing ;)01:06
LukasBokay it says for filezilla 3 I need GCC, GNU make, GNU gettext. I thought I must have them already, because I have filezilla 3.3.3. But when I put those in the search bar of my software centre, they are not displayed... Not installed and not for install01:07
seidoswe are beyond software centre dude01:08
seidosyou are trying to compile something from source01:08
seidosyou can run build-dep command that mentioned earlier01:08
LukasBokay I will do that ;) So what is the best way to find out if I have those tools?01:09
seidosbest way?  i dunno01:09
LukasBput but instead of so01:09
seidosbut or so, i still don't know01:09
seidosi guess try to compile01:10
seidosif it fails01:10
seidossearch for the dependencies in synaptic01:10
seidosbut, build-dep will do that anyway01:10
LukasBokay build-deptis doing something :)01:10
seidosperhaps you should just try gftp :)01:10
seidoswas is the problem, anyway?01:11
LukasBI try to change files using filezilla... It says I dont have permisson and denies access... So I asked somebody far away for help, he accessed in filezilla into the same account and he says he can change everything, so I have no idea, what the problem could be...01:12
seidosmaybe it's your account01:13
LukasBSo this account always worked with filezilla...01:13
seidoschange files "how"?01:13
LukasBbut we used the same account and it worked for him01:13
LukasBjust view, change them and overwrite... but I can't load up new files, too01:14
seidostry gftp01:14
seidosit's easier01:14
seidossudo apt-get install gftp01:14
LukasBokay, but i quickly tell you what happened: Terminal started installation and put out heaps of information running over my screen so I was happy. No it stopped and it says: "E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing? E: Failed to process build dependencies"01:17
LukasBrunning your command now...01:18
seidoswhat version ubuntu?01:18
LukasBUbuntu 10.1001:20
LukasBthe Maverick Meerkat :):):):) :D01:20
LukasB:D just checked translation...01:21
LukasBso yeah I executed your command and it finished01:22
LukasBapt-get install gftp01:23
LukasBDoes anybody know, where to find the package manager>01:36
seidossystem > preferences > synaptic package manager maybe what you're looking for01:37
LukasBthank you i found it01:38
LukasBThank you seidos...02:14
LukasBI checked Filezilla in Windows, what I should have done earlier and this wont solve my problem...02:14
LukasBseidos: Okay Im off for now... THank you for your help!02:15
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* xAndromeda pokes head in11:07
xAndromedaanybody here? O.o11:07
xAndromedathe cpu applet on my pannel11:07
xAndromedawont let me change my clock speed anymore11:07
xAndromedaand its stuck on the middle clock step11:08
evilduanedesignhello xAndromeda11:29
evilduanedesignxAndromeda: you can try this command in a Terminal: sudo dpkg-reconfigure gnome-applets11:38
tdnHow do I install the latest 2.6.38 kernel in Kubuntu 10.10? I need to check if a specific bug has been fixed.13:22
bioterrorthere's two ways13:25
bioterroror actually three13:25
bioterroryou can compile it yourself from kernel.org13:25
bioterroror you can add kernel team ppa to your ubuntu and install with apt-get, or you can grab just those two files needed from the site and use dpkg13:26
bioterrorI dunno what you mean by the latest13:26
raubvogelIf I have a bunch of ubuntu boxes, what is the easiest way to keep track of which packages/versions are in each machine and do centralized upgrading?14:07
bioterrorkeep them in same same version?14:08
raubvogelWell, not necessarily: servers are running LTS and desktops the latest version14:09
raubvogelBut it would be nice to choose not to upgrade a given machine as needed14:09
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* xAndromeda pokes head in again15:27
xAndromedathe cpu applet on my pannel15:27
xAndromedawont let me change my clock speed anymore15:27
xAndromedaalready did the reconfigure thingy15:27
xAndromedadpkg-reconfigure gnome-applets15:28
KinkyPinkieas a preferable: do I download the deb specified for 64bit or do I download a tar.gz wich is marked as executable with no installation required ?16:01
KinkyPinkieany reason why?16:03
rajufor tar u need to configuration and  make process16:03
raju.deb is click-install process16:03
rajufor tar u need to do configuration and  make process16:04
KinkyPinkieok, thanks :)16:16
rajuKinkyPinkie: welcome :s16:18
duanedesignxAndromeda: what do you get from the command: cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_available_governors16:34
duanedesignxAndromeda: what version of Ubuntu are you running?16:38
xAndromedaon demand atm16:48
xAndromedaurnning 10.1016:48
xAndromedai could change the clocks manually before but now i can only change the modes16:49
xAndromedaand im pretty sure they dont do much16:49
xAndromedamy ocmp was idling on battery on power save moe16:49
xAndromedaand cpu useage under 5%16:49
xAndromedaand it still was using 1.6GHz instead of the1.2 setting. 2.1 is max16:50
duanedesignxAndromeda: ok that command should return all your options16:52
duanedesignso for example i get: conservative ondemand userspace powersave performance16:52
xAndromedaoh k16:53
xAndromedait changese when i change the setting on the appplet16:53
duanedesigncat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor16:55
duanedesignthat should show the current mode^16:55
xAndromedaboth show powersave atm16:57
duanedesignxAndromeda: have you added any boot options recently like  noapci or acpi=off16:57
xAndromedano im pretty sure i did not16:58
duanedesignif it says powersave then it did change.16:58
duanedesignit was ondemand earlier16:58
duanedesignoh isee what you are saying16:58
xAndromedahow would i check?16:59
duanedesigncat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor16:59
duanedesignis the current mode16:59
xAndromedaoh i did edit a file for my wifi though17:00
xAndromedait was a boot up thingy17:01
xAndromedabrb reboot17:03
duanedesignif xAndromeda comes back could someone give him this link.  http://embraceubuntu.com/2005/11/04/enabling-cpu-frequency-scaling/17:31
duanedesignthank you17:31
serfusyou guys might know how do i check my video card driver?  i mean, what is currently running17:51
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serfuslspci gives me only the device, not it's driver17:51
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Martiinihow do I search specific repository ?? does this look right -  aptitude search '~S ~i (!~Alaunchpad  ~O"kernel")'20:14
bioterrorwhat are you after20:14
bioterrorhttps://launchpad.net/~kernel-ppa/+archive/ppa ?20:15
Martiinilatest kernel in deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kernel-ppa/ppa/ubuntu lucid main20:15
bioterrorapt-cache show linux-image-generic20:19
bioterrorshould tell you a version20:19
bioterrorFilename: pool/main/l/linux-meta/linux-image-generic_2.
bioterrorsays mine20:19
MartiiniIm looking for command that gives specific packages in a repo20:21
Martiiniapt-cache show linux-image-generic .. shows currently installed , yess20:21
bioterrorif you have a kernel-ppa repo installed, you should see something else after update20:22
bioterrorI think so20:22
bioterrorthat's what I found now20:26
bioterroris that new enough?20:27
Martiinibioterror, aptitude search "?installed?not(?origin(ppa))" | grep linux  ... what I was looking for20:35
Martiinino .. this is still incorrect20:37
bioterrorthat's same command as: dpkg -l |grep linux-image20:38
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