[thor]capmtripps: major changes will come in 11.0400:57
[thor]tubeneck: including a major shift in your panel/window interface00:58
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BluesKajHowdy folks13:57
* genii-around makes some coffee15:09
* hypatia makes tea15:12
genii-aroundApparently I'm getting my hair dyed green during lunch.15:15
IdleOneGood morning15:21
IdleOneis it Let's get stupid drunk and fall down day again?15:21
BluesKajyeah it's st patrick's day , one more excuse to get hammered :)15:23
BluesKajgenii-around, stay away from "lunch"15:24
genii-aroundIdleOne: Apparently :) I'm getting told now that my nails will also be painted green and that i will be kidnapped after work and forced to drink green beer15:25
BluesKajgenii-around, as long as "they pay"...who cares?  :)15:26
IdleOneI hope these threats are being made to you by someone who you wish was going to do this to you anyway15:26
genii-aroundIdleOne: Heh, yes :)15:28
IdleOnehave fun, be careful, protect yourself at all times :)15:28
IdleOneNote to self: Self do not go out tonight. Remember the last time you "celebrated" St Patrick's day.15:29
Amgine_<selects an interesting and time-involving task to avoid much of the Irish-conquered world for the day>15:34
* dscassel is wearing his usual blue jeans and black t-shirt and is a bit of a party-pooper.15:38
* BluesKaj doesn't celebrate st paddy's day , even tho most irish have viking ancestry:)15:49
Amgine_Will be testing netbook ubuntu; Client is looking at using cheap netbooks as a survey platform for portable web-based surveys. Anyone have suggestions for OS/hardware? Basically, something to run a web browser.15:58
BluesKajcheap netbooks , that's an oxymoron , the equivalent priced laptops have many more features and newer HW16:00
BluesKajAmgine_, I hate to say this , but that sounds like the new dev chrome OS might be a fit16:01
BluesKajAmgine_, where , got a url ?16:02
Amgine_eeew... but you may be right.16:02
genii-aroundWell, lunchtime. See you guys later.16:02
Amgine_NCIX, if I buy all 100 of them there.16:02
BluesKajok a multi-item discount16:03
Amgine_Acer Aspire One, D255E. Normally $229.16:03
Amgine_(I think N455)16:03
Amgine_Almost as cheap as my scientific calculator way back when...16:04
BluesKajAmgine_, amazon.com ..will they sell you directly without using amazon.ca where the price is 100bucks more ...this is the ripoff I'm referring to.16:11
Amgine_Urgh! yes... Why do corporations tend to think we're all stupid?16:12
BluesKajwell the canadian dollar is sto=ill 67cents in their currency exchange price lists16:14
BluesKajerr still16:14
Amgine_<snorts> Was at a bookstore the other day, sticker over the barcode priced $22.95, under the sticker Canadian price $16.95, US price $13.9516:16
Amgine_The book was *printed in Canada*.16:16
Amgine_I hate book publishers...16:17
BluesKajso how are you gonna get around the canadian price for those netbooks , Amgine_ ?16:18
Amgine_NCIX in Canada, if I can convince the client to buy 'em.16:19
Amgine_They, btw, will sell the netbooks without Windows.16:19
Amgine_okay, netbook ubuntu test flash drive installed, time to try it.16:20
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Amgine_BluesKaj: Everything seems to work as planned. Now, how do I disable the very pretty Unity interface, and start FF in kiosk on startup?17:58
BluesKajsorry Amgine_ , I'm not a gnome fan/user , strictly kde here17:59
BluesKajAmgine_, the guys at #ubuntu can probly help17:59
Amgine_<nods> Thanks BluesKaj!18:00
genii-around♩ It's not easy being green ♩  < me hums >18:03
bregmaso, is it a lime green, and atomic green, or more of a viridian?18:35
genii-aroundSort of an astro-turf green :)18:37
genii-aroundThe fingernail polish might be more of a neon or lime green I guess18:38
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