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dpmok, so it's time for a translations session :)16:01
dpmhey all, and welcome to another session in the translations training series16:02
dpmWe'll wait for a couple of minutes for people to come in...16:02
hanniedpm = David?16:04
dpmyeah :)16:04
dpmhey hannie, nice to see you here :)16:05
dpmany other translators around?16:05
dpmo/ michael_k16:05
dpmok, so I guess we can get started16:05
michael_kaka mk7362816:05
dpmthis session is not moderated, so feel free to interrupt me if you've got any questions16:06
hajourhai hannie16:06
dpmToday we're going to talk about translation quality and quality assurance (QA)16:06
dpmThat is, how you can make sure you can provide the best translations for the best Operating System around16:07
dpmI'll first cover a couple of background topics, then we'll have a look at review workflows16:07
dpmand finally I'll go through some resources you can use to improve the quality of your translations16:07
dpmWhy is translation quality important16:08
dpmMost importantly, translations can affect the overall impression users get on the OS.16:08
dpmGood and consistent translations will provide a good user experience, but mistakes and typos can give a poor impresion to an otherwise awesome Operating System16:09
dpmWrong translations can also be misleading:16:09
dpmjust imagine translating "We've accepted your payment" to "We've taken all of your money"16:09
dpmthis might be far-fetched16:10
michael_kbut can make you pm of greece16:10
dpmbut translation mistakes do happen, especially on messages that are ambiguous16:10
dpmor that lack context16:10
dpmSo we want to make sure our translations are as good as we can make them16:11
dpmBasic rules for translation quality16:11
hannieWhen in doubt, we use the mailing list to discuss a translation problem16:11
dpmit's really cool when participants actually deliver the session!16:12
dpmthat's really good advice ^16:12
dpmcommunication is important16:12
dpmespecially in case of doubt16:13
dpmactually, perhaps rather than me talking, we can make this a bit more participative16:13
hannieI want to add something, ok?16:13
dpmwhich tips do you guys have for teams to provide better quality translations?16:14
hannieAfter the right decision we put the translation on a list on our wiki16:14
hannieThe list gets longer and longer16:14
dpmso you're basically building a translation memory or translation guidelines of some sort as you go along, right?16:15
hannieright, we do it together16:15
hajourhannie let check translation by people who make a program like that and/or use them from IRC16:15
dpmok, cool16:15
dpmok, so let me go on with some other basic rules:16:16
dpm* Check out the context -16:16
dpmwhen doing a translation, try to guess what the context is in the application.16:16
dpmThere can be several different translations of the same original English message depending on how it is being used,16:16
dpmand you will want to make sure you pick the right one.16:17
dpmRead the translator comments the developer has left for you, if any, as that will be really helpful in understanding where the text comes from.16:17
dpmTry to run the application and locate the message, so you can have a clear picture where and how it is used.16:18
dpmAlternatively, if you can read source code, there is usually an indication on where the message comes from in the code, and this will generally help determine its exact usage16:18
dpmwhat else?16:19
dpm* Review -16:19
dpmThis should actually be review, review, and review some more :)16:19
hannieCan we ask writers to give us more information?16:19
hannieEspecially where variables are used16:19
dpmyeah, definitely. You might have different experiences depending on the developer16:20
dpmand it might not be feasible to add comments to all strings, but:16:20
hannieDo you do this through a bug report?16:20
michael_kI would also suggest checking out similar apps16:20
dpmyeah, a bug report would help you make your case16:20
dpmand it's how developers track their work16:20
hannieI have done it once and guess what:16:21
hannieI got an answer from Mark Shuttleworth16:21
dpmthat's the beauty of our community16:21
dpmok, any more comments on context, or shall I go on to the review part?16:22
hanniego ahead16:22
dpmok, so16:22
dpm* Review -16:22
dpmregardless of whether you are doing this before accepting a translation or after, this is one of the most important parts in the process:16:22
dpmalways review your translations - no one is infallible, and you will, from time to time create translations with typos.16:23
dpmNo matter if you are an experienced translator or not16:24
dpm(I do them all the time :)16:24
dpmApart from that, it is always useful to get feedback and foster discussion on translations, as some other translator might have a better proposal,16:24
dpmand these discussions are invaluable to get more translation experience.16:24
dpmas hannie and hajour were mentioning earlier16:24
dpmThe most useful method is to do peer review:16:25
dpmlet other translators go through your translations, fix mistakes and provide feedback.16:25
hannieThe problem is that you need many good translators for this16:26
michael_kOr (like us)  a (sadly) small team16:26
dpmThat's true, but these good translators, when they act as reviewers, can be excellent trainers for new translators16:26
hannieOurs has five translators with full access at the moment16:27
michael_kOK! so it's easier to communicate and check uot each other16:27
dpmyeah, but 5 people can do a lot! :-) We're a small team as well16:27
dpmOk, onto the next point:16:27
dpm* Test -16:27
dpmWe've got an awesome and vast community, that can help testing your translations16:28
dpmso reach out to them16:28
dpmask users to test the translations by using the OS, and to provide feedback on local forums or mailing lists16:28
hannieHow can you test when the translation is not you published?16:29
dpmthere are two options:16:29
hannie*you = yet16:30
dpmduring the development period, language pack updates are released often for those applications supported in language packs (most of them)16:30
dpmso anyone running the development version can test translations relatively early after they've been done16:30
dpmon stable releases:16:30
dpmfolks can test translations before a language pack is being released by enabling the -proposed repository16:31
dpmand following the steps on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/LanguagePackUpdatesQA16:31
hannieQuestion: if someone installs Natty now, can he see the translations for Natty that we recently made on LP?16:32
dpmor they can use the weekly translations PPA (more on that later), to have fresh translations every week16:32
dpmhannie, the short answer: yes16:32
dpmLet me ellaborate on that16:32
dpmlanguage packs for the development version are being released twice a week16:33
dpmIf you look at the table on https://dev.launchpad.net/Translations/LanguagePackSchedule16:33
dpmon the "Language Pack Builds" column16:33
dpmyou see that builds start Tuesday and Friday16:33
dpmso for Natty that means that language packs are usually available one day later: Wednesday and Saturday16:34
dpmunless we are close to a milestone16:34
dpme.g. Alpha-1, Alpha-3, Beta, etc.16:34
dpmas before the milestones we put on hold any automatic package uploads16:35
dpmto make sure nothing uncontrolled slips into the milestone release unnoticed16:35
dpmAny other questions on testing?16:36
michael_kJust a suggetsion16:36
michael_kif you are tranlsating something technical16:37
michael_ktry to reach people expert into that to get some insight in technical jargon16:37
michael_kthety can help you test and alos you promote the OS16:37
dpmyeah, that's good advice, thanks michael_k16:38
dpmReviewing translations in Launchpad16:38
hannieWe have recently asked people with knowledge in a specific area to give us their email address16:39
hannieso that we can ask them questions about that area16:39
hannieI have put all the information in a database16:39
dpmoh, cool16:40
hanniethink of maths, electronics, telecommunication etc16:40
hanniedpm, sorry for interrupting16:41
dpmno worries, as I said, I welcome participation, it makes the session more fun :)16:41
dpmok, back to the topic16:41
dpm Reviewing translations in Launchpad16:41
dpm -----------------------------------16:41
dpmLaunchpad provides review functionality that can be really helpful, you should definitely try it16:42
michael_kit's also EASY!16:42
dpmEven if you are a translator with full write access in Launchpad16:42
hannielike what?16:42
dpmfor example, you can try to use the "Someone should review this translation" checkbox when providing a translation, so it ends up as a suggestion16:43
dpmthat someone else has to review and accept16:43
dpmIf you don't want to click on every message to activate that, you can use the "Reviewer mode" functionality16:44
hannieYes, I use this checkbox when I am not sure about something and want to do some research first16:44
dpmwith it, every translation you provide will be added as a suggestion16:44
dpmas what the option effectively does is to tick the "Someone should review this translation" checkbox for you.16:45
dpmBut even if you don't do that, and translate directly, you can still use suggestions for review16:46
dpmby asking someone else to do the peer review of your translated strings and leave alternative suggestions for you to consider in those cases where he/she thinks there are better alternatives16:47
dpmor mistakes16:47
dpmYou know the drill, for good translations QA, review, review, review :)16:47
dpmwhichever your workflow is16:47
denisbrHello All16:49
michael_ksorry I have to go now! David thank you for another gr8 session! bb everyone!!16:49
dpmok, so we're approaching the end of the session, and we haven't covered everything yet. So I think we'll just leave the rest for the next session. What do you prefer to do with the remaining time? Shall I go quickly through a couple of remaining points or do you want to do a bit of Q+A?16:49
dpmola denisbr16:49
hanniebye michael_k16:49
dpmbye michael_k!!16:49
denisbrI do lost the videocast?16:50
dpmdenisbr, there wasn't a videocast this week, but I'm planning one for next week16:51
dpmOk, so I'll quickly go through a couple of points:16:51
hanniedenisbr: into which language do you translate?16:51
dpmWhenever you see a translation mistake in an application:16:52
denisbrPortuguese Brazil16:52
dpmIf you think it's something that your translation team can fix, you should contact them16:52
dpmOtherwise, you can always report it as a bug on the translations project at:16:52
dpmAnd finally, as I was mentioning it on the testing part earlier on, here's how to activate the weekly language pack PPA16:54
dpmUsing the weekly translations PPA16:54
dpmThese are really useful to test translations on a weekly bases for *stable* releases16:54
dpmSo that you can always run the freshest translations and spot any mistakes and fix them quickly before they reach the wider audience16:55
dpmThe PPA is available here: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-langpack/+archive/ppa16:56
dpmand you can easily add it by running this on the command line:16:56
dpm    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-langpack/ppa16:56
dpm    sudo apt-get update16:56
hannieI love links ;)16:56
dpm    sudo apt-get upgrade16:56
dpmin case of doubt, you can check out the excellent help on the LP wiki: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/InstallingSoftware16:57
dpmSo, we didn't cover the workflows, but we did cover a lot of ground. I think we'll leave it here and discuss the rest on another session16:58
hannieok, thank you very much, David. See you nest time16:59
dpmThanks a lot for everyone's participation, it was a lot of fun :)16:59
dpmthanks hannie16:59
hanniebye, bye16:59
hajourthanks for the clear class dpm16:59
dpmthanks hajour17:00
dpmand see you all on the next training session in a week or two!17:00
serfusdpm, great session17:00
dpmthanks serfus, thanks for listening in :)17:01
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