gallojmdoes anyone know if it's possible to migrate a running vm from one node controller to another?00:11
gallojmalso, is it possible to create a security group with all ports open when launching a vm?00:14
gallojmanyone here?00:23
mathiazsmoser: hi!00:30
mathiazsmoser: I noticed that IAM Cli has been updated by amazon00:30
mathiazsmoser: any plans to update the awstools PPA?00:31
mathiazsmoser: https://launchpad.net/~awstools-dev/+archive/awstools?00:31
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koolhead17hi all07:40
kim0koolhead17: Hi07:55
koolhead17hi kim007:58
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ttxkim0: hey, are the current natty cloud images (downlaoded from uec-images) directly usable in LXC ?09:36
ttx(answering my own question) yes, lxcguest seems to be in them.09:38
kim0ttx: glad you could answer yourself09:39
ttxkim0: google didn't have the answer, so I looked at it myself. You need to get those ubuntu server devs to be more vocal about their achievements :)09:40
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koolhead17kim0, how have you been?10:30
kim0koolhead17: things are fine here :)11:02
kim0koolhead17: so what interests you in ubuntu cloud11:03
koolhead17kim0, we have written a book on eucalyptus now playing with open-stack11:03
kim0can I know more about "we" :)11:03
koolhead17kim0, http://cssoss.wordpress.com :)11:04
koolhead17we == me and my office team folks :D11:04
kim0koolhead17: ah you guys have some great docs there!11:04
koolhead17kim0, you mean you have visited the site b4 :)11:05
koolhead17kim0, w00h! we have some hits it means :D11:05
kim0koolhead17: what's the possibilty around integrating some of your docs with Ubuntu docs ? are you open to discussing that11:06
koolhead17kim0, absolutely. our book is already under CC :)11:07
kim0koolhead17: doing the same for the openstack one ?11:08
koolhead17kim0, yes sir :)11:08
koolhead17trying to come up ASAP11:08
kim0koolhead17: can people contribute to those docs ?11:09
koolhead17kim0, its more of internal team. let us come up with something then will see11:09
koolhead17does it make sense ?11:10
kim0I'd think development in the open would always be better11:10
kim0You don't have to "publish" till it's ready11:10
kim0but the docs "sources" should be accessible11:10
kim0because others can help you11:10
koolhead17kim0, i agree. let us come with something first :)11:11
kim0involving people in the writing cycle, should be better than when everything is dine11:11
kim0koolhead17: does that mean finish it, or start it11:11
koolhead17kim0, pm?11:12
genewitchGuys, what's the CHOST for the kernel ec2 uses?11:41
genewitchOr, what kernel should i use?11:57
kim0genewitch: I don't understand your question :)11:59
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genewitchwhat's the kernel we're running on... and CHOST for the xen architecture or whatever that we're running on12:00
genewitchI'm trying to compile a really tiny linux AMI12:01
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kim0SpamapS: Hi, the session on Wed 18:00UTC by zeeshan is withdrawn, is it ok to move your ensemble session there ?13:08
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kim0SpamapS: nvm, soren will be doing openstack intro then .. Yaay :)14:06
kim0SpamapS: it seems soren wants a late time-slot, and you wanted an earlier one .. so perhaps you two can switch the sessions ?14:44
sorenI'm game.14:45
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SpamapSsoren: me too15:13
SpamapSyeah thats fine15:14
sorenSo when am I on now?15:16
* soren has misplaced the URL.15:16
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kim0SpamapS: you didn't edit the timetable yet right15:50
kim0SpamapS: want me to do it16:05
SpamapSkim0: oh sorry yeah you can do it. ;) too many plates already spinning.. ;)16:07
kim0SpamapS: May the force be with ya :)16:07
kim0SpamapS: soren adjust .. and thanks :)16:09
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mathiazsmoser: hi!19:07
mathiazsmoser: looking at the uec-releases.ubuntu.com for the latest lucid release, I noticed that only ebs-root images have been published?19:07
mathiazsmoser: have the instance-root images been given up?19:07
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kim0hallyn: Hi, is the kvm-spice package setup such that it will sync with updated kvm and rebuild ? (getting a new kvm now and no kvm-spice)19:58
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smosermathiaz, hi.20:13
smosermathiaz, it is jsut a bug in the data there.  the imags are there and named appropriately (i hope)20:14
smoserand http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/query/lucid/server/released.current.txt has all the right data also20:18
smoserkim0 , you said lucid, not hardy!21:20
smoser(regarding cluster compute instance)21:20
smosermathiaz, page shoudl be updated now21:30
mathiazsmoser: great! thanks.21:31
kim0smoser: yeah, the guy said Lucid on the website ..22:21
kim0I was surprised too22:21
kim0smoser: Gerard just replied .. he did mean Lucid .. phew :)22:22
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