duanedesignmorning nigelb05:22
nigelbhey duanedesign :)05:22
dpmgood morning all07:35
nigelbmorning dpm :)07:35
dpmhey nigelb07:35
nigelbdpm: that setting of sessions I was thinking about07:36
nigelbI'm thinking of having them like a series after your session today07:36
nigelbI'll try to find someone to do something tomorrow or day after tomorrow07:36
dpmnigelb, sounds good, but don't you think it might be a bit too tight to schedule and announce?07:38
nigelbhrm, that's there07:38
* nigelb looks at app dev schedule07:39
nigelboh, so there is plenty of time to d it last week of this month07:39
kim0Morning folks07:54
dpmheya kim0, good morning!08:01
kim0dpm: hey :)08:03
nigelbmorning kim0, ara L(08:11
nigelber, :)08:11
nigelbtyping fail today :|08:11
aramorning all08:12
dpmbuenas ara08:16
czajkowskiLá Fhéile Pádraig08:16
dpmczajkowski, happy St. Paddy's day!08:17
kim0nigelb: Morning o08:22
kim0czajkowski: ara Morning08:23
kim0nigelb: unhappy or just typing fail ? :)08:23
nigelbkim0: just typing fail :D08:24
kim0good to know08:25
* nigelb is high today. Closing bugs can be so much fun.08:25
czajkowskidpm: thank you08:37
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duanedesignmorning all10:28
nigelbhey dholbach :)10:32
dholbachhi nigelb10:32
nigelbdholbach: whee, go ahead from jcastro :)10:32
nigelbI wish my internet were working, this would have been so much easier if it did.10:33
kim0Isn't akgraner just awesome .. Thanks :)12:05
nigelboh, gosh --> http://jobs.hasgeek.in/view/0z58212:29
nigelb(no, it isn't me) :-P12:33
kim0guess I could use that too12:44
jonokim0, ready in a few mins?14:59
kim0jono: Yep15:00
jcastrojono: UDS call in 10?15:51
jonojcastro, yep15:53
* jcastro dials in early15:54
jcastrothis conf system has screwed me twice in a row15:54
* jcastro instead puts up with muzak15:54
jonojcastro, which code?15:59
jonooh, my code :-)16:00
jcastrojono: https://launchpad.net/unity/+milestone/3.6.616:03
Technovikingjcastro: are there any creative common unity screenshot I can put in my article. I currently don't have a spare machine to run Natty on.16:07
jcastroI can make you one16:09
jcastrobut I'm on the phone right now16:09
Technovikingjcastro: thanks16:38
jcastroTechnoviking: ok I can do it now16:38
jcastroyou want bare stock right?16:38
Technovikingthat will do, I will label the parts16:39
jcastroTechnoviking: if we wait like an hour or so we'll get the fresh new release from today, what's your deadline?16:39
TechnovikingMarch 30th, got plenty of time16:40
jcastrooh, let's do next thursday then, that'll be 2 releases from right now16:40
Technovikingcool, will ping you then16:40
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dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow - HUGS17:53
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Martiinihow do I search specific repository ?? does this look right -  aptitude search '~S ~i (!~Alaunchpad  ~O"kernel")'20:14
popeyMartiini: i think you're in the wrong channel20:21
popeyMartiini: support happens in #ubuntu20:21
jcastrojono: I'm EODed but if you're up to it I've thought about an SF place, lmk when and we can discuss21:40
nhandlerDoes anyone have a version of the Ubuntu logo handy? I want to update http://freenode.net/acknowledgements.shtml23:30
pleia2nhandler: just tossed a bunch up here: http://people.ubuntu.com/~lyz/img/23:36
nhandlerThanks a lot pleia223:39
pleia2your request reminded me that I always have to dig them up too :)23:39
jcastronhandler: fyi http://design.canonical.com/brand/23:57
pleia2oh nice23:58

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