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kenvandinejasoncwarner, i just uploaded the latest snapshot of overlay-scrollbars to the ppa so you don't need to add the unity daily builds ppa02:20
kenvandineit is much better than the version from last week :)02:21
jasoncwarnerah, thanks!02:21
jasoncwarnerkenvandine: I installed the deb...will I be able to upgrade ok?02:21
kenvandinethen you have basically the same thing02:21
kenvandineand you have the ppa enabled, so you'll get upgrades02:21
kenvandinethis way everyone that had played with it will get all the fixes02:22
kenvandinejasoncwarner, what do you think?02:22
jasoncwarnerI did..I disabled it when I got the deb link from you...but will renable now02:22
kenvandinenot the unity daily builds ppa02:22
kenvandinebut do enable the ppa:ayatana-scrollbar-team/release02:22
TheMusoRAOF: Any ideas why the nux unity support test succeeds, even though I am running nouveau without experimental 3D installed?02:22
jasoncwarnerkenvandine: no, just hte ppa:ayatana-scrollbar-team/release....I'll enable that02:22
kenvandinegood, done run the crack daily builds :)02:23
jasoncwarnerkenvandine: so far so good, honestly. Not too many issues with me using it.02:23
kenvandineunless you want to bleed02:23
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robert_ancellpitti, ping04:40
robert_ancellpitti, you had a 60 hour lock on the gnome-control-center branch, I hope that wasn't intentional 'cause I broke it...04:42
kenvandinerobert_ancell, i have seen that on a couple branches, i think LP is a little disgruntled :)04:43
robert_ancellkenvandine, heh, naughty LP!04:44
RAOFSponsor trawl time!  Who'd like to upload a re-enabled IA32 assembler version of mesa?04:48
robert_ancellRAOF, ah, I can I guess?04:51
robert_ancellRAOF, mesa 7.10.1-0ubuntu3?04:52
RAOFYup.  You can leave the rest of the X world for one of the X guys ;)04:53
robert_ancellRAOF, you guys should really use some sort of packaging branch...04:53
RAOFWe do.04:53
RAOFWould you like a link to there instead?04:53
robert_ancellRAOF, yes please04:54
RAOFgit://git.debian.org/git/pkg-xorg/lib/mesa on the ubuntu branch.04:55
robert_ancelloh, so debcheckout wasn't lying then :)04:56
RAOFNope :)04:56
RAOFAlthough there's no way to encode the branch in the vcs format field, sadly.04:56
robert_ancellRAOF, ok, uploaded.  If anyone asks, it wasn't me who did it :)04:56
RAOFMy lips are sealed!04:58
TheMusorobert_ancell: Unfortunately its not hard to find out who uploaded it.05:01
TheMusoOr should I say fortunately...05:01
robert_ancellTheMuso, stupid signing :)05:02
didrocksgood morning07:01
pittigood morning07:37
didrockshey pitti07:38
pittihey didrocks07:38
didrocksthanks for the dh7 langpack work :)07:38
pittididrocks: took a while, as I added tests for each and everything07:38
pittibut now dh-translations is working07:38
didrocksoh nice, testsuite for the win \o/07:39
pittiI just need to add a dh sequencer now, package it, and test it07:39
dpmgood morning all07:39
pittididrocks: yeah, I've been bitten too hard with that stuff in the past07:39
pittihey dpm07:39
pittidpm: maverick langpack export arrived last evening, I built the packs overnight07:39
dpmhey pitti, yeah, I saw that the full export happened in the end.07:39
pittiI'll give them a quick test this morning, and upload07:39
didrockshey dpm07:40
dpmheya didrocks, how's it going?07:41
didrockspitti: you will add a --with langpack?07:41
didrocksor something like that07:41
didrocksdpm: I'm fine, thanks! you?07:41
dpmvery well, thanks, slowly waking up :)07:41
dpmpitti, before uploading, and if it's not much of a hassle, may I ask you to rebuild the maverick language-pack-ca-base including the additional ca-valencia.xpi file I added to po2xpi? I pinged chrisccoulson about it, but it seems he hadn't had the chance to merge it yet. Once merged langpack-o-matic should pick it up automatically, although I'm not sure how it should be told that both the ca.xpi and ca-valencia.xpi files belong to the 'ca' language pa07:48
pittidpm: ah, that's missing; I can just add it by hand for now, but I need to fix it in the code as well; would you mind filing a bug against langpack-o-matic about it and assign to me?07:49
dpmpitti, sure, thanks!07:49
pittidpm: where can I get ca-valencia.xpi for now?07:50
chrisccoulsoni'm just merging that now btw ;)07:50
pittichrisccoulson: oh, good morning! early for you07:50
dpmcool, thanks chrisccoulson! (and good morning :)07:50
chrisccoulsonhi! yeah, it's pretty early for me ;)07:50
didrockshey chrisccoulson07:50
chrisccoulsonhi didrocks07:50
chrisccoulsonhow are you?07:51
didrocksI'm fine, thanks, you? :)07:57
dpmpitti, ok, bug 736676 - let me know if you need more info08:01
ubot2Launchpad bug 736676 in langpack-o-matic "Add ca-valencia.xpi to the same language pack ca.xpi is in" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73667608:01
pittidpm: looks fine, thanks08:02
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dpmgood morning rodrigo_08:10
rodrigo_hi dpm08:11
pittihey rodrigo_08:13
rodrigo_hello pitti08:14
dpmthanks for the merge chrisccoulson08:22
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pittimeh - the import failed early due to a LP oops08:45
pittidpm: hah, langpack-o-matic already handles the -valencia pack properly (just had to update the test suite as it didn't previously expected a second xpi)08:49
pittidpm: as I had to restart the maverick import anyway due to the LP oops, they'll be included08:50
dpmpitti, awesome, thanks, langpack-o-matic ftw!08:50
chrisccoulsonpitti - have you seen this? http://people.mozilla.com/~sayrer/2011/temp/process.html ;)08:54
chrisccoulsoni guess we'll need to be able to roll language packs quite quickly ;)08:54
pittichrisccoulson: even faster release process?08:56
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah. it's pretty similar to that of chromium08:56
chrisccoulsonkklimonda, i got mongodb built btw, but it fails the test-suite quite spectacularly08:59
chrisccoulsonlike, foo.x = 17; return foo.x gives NaN09:00
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Sweetsharkpitti: could you give me a hint again were I find the patches generated by merge-o-matic?10:19
pittihey Sweetshark10:19
pittiSweetshark: http://patches.ubuntu.com/10:20
Sweetsharkpitti: the hyphen patch looks good, could you sync that?10:29
* Sweetshark looks at the openoffice.org-dictionaries and openthesaurus packages10:29
pittiSweetshark: you looked at https://merges.ubuntu.com/h/hyphen/hyphen_2.7.1-3ubuntu1.patch vs. https://merges.ubuntu.com/h/hyphen/hyphen_2.7.1-4.patch ?10:29
pittiSweetshark: the automatic merge https://merges.ubuntu.com/h/hyphen/hyphen_2.7.1-4ubuntu1.patch still has the extra language-support recommends, though10:30
pittii. e. this needs a merge, not a sync10:31
Sweetsharkpitti: ugh, yes. I meant the merge looks good for hyphen. Do I need to repeat the merge? I would end up just as the automatic one did.10:33
pittiSweetshark: it's rather trivial indeed, you just need to update the changelog (remaining differences/uploader)10:33
seb128pitti, reading your discussion with fta, why do we prevent report of abort crashes to start?10:34
pittiseb128: we have always done so10:34
pittiseb128: since maverick or so we do report the ones with an AssertionMessage, though10:34
seb128pitti, right but it seems wrong10:34
pittiback then you (or other folks) complained about getting too many useless reports about sigabrt, because they didn't tell you the actual assertion message10:35
seb128we got discussions several times a week with annoyed users that get "a crash but apport telling them it can't report it" where we need to explain them how to use gdb to get a stacktrace anyway so we have a clue what's going on10:35
pittifor sigabrt?10:36
seb128pitti, well I changed my mind, I think having to deal with confused users is work over what cleaned extra bugs is ;-)10:36
pittiokay :) no big deal to report these again10:36
seb128pitti, not sure, I think usually the message say "it's an assert without error message set"10:36
pittiadded to my todo then10:37
seb128pitti, but since it's a crash and we want to know what's going on we usually go and explain them how to use gdb...10:37
seb128pitti, thanks10:37
pittiwould still like to finish dh_translations first, though10:37
seb128pitti, oh about that10:37
seb128pitti, did you notice http://packages.qa.debian.org/g/gnome-pkg-tools/news/20110227T161722Z.html10:37
seb128pitti, debian got some dh7 --gnome work done recently10:38
pitti* Add --with gnome debhelper sequencer (Closes: #578494).10:38
seb128pitti, I forgot to comment on the lp bug about that10:38
pittithat's by and large bug 59500810:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 595008 in gnome-pkg-tools "should port the GNOME cdbs custom rules to dh7" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59500810:38
seb128pitti, your comment from yesterday made me remember about it10:38
seb128pitti, yeah, that's why I mention it now ;-)10:38
pittiseb128: should we merge that for natty?10:40
pittiseb128: so I guess we should make --with gnome imply --with translations (i. e. add dh_translations to the gnome sequencer)10:41
seb128pitti, sure10:42
seb128pitti, yes, similar to cdbs, --gnome should do the magic for Ubuntu things10:43
pittiI just converted jockey from cdbs to dh and dh_translations10:43
pittinow mostly equivalent, the only thing that we are missing is the symlinking of identical doc files10:43
seb128pitti, just curious do you win anything from using dh? or that was just a testcase for the new dh?10:44
pittiseb128: mostly for a real-life test case; I have automatic test cases in pkgbinarymangler, but I'm paranoid :)10:44
pittiseb128: I won't upload the new jockey right now10:44
pittiseb128: the win is mostly that it's much faster to build10:44
pittibut I won't start mass-converting packages for now, at least not before we get the doc symlinking back10:45
pittiseb128: I now test it with aptdaemon (bug 690270)10:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 690270 in aptdaemon "Translated String (zh_TW) Not Showed within aptdaemon" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69027010:47
seb128pitti, thanks ;-)10:47
seb128btw why is cdbs slower to build?10:48
pittiseb128: because it calls all the dh_* for each single package individually10:49
pittidh calls them just once, and they work on all packages then10:49
seb128mvo, bug #72473511:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 724735 in aptdaemon "aptd crashed with UnicodeDecodeError in _set_status_details(): 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xd0 in position 0: ordinal not in range(128)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72473511:08
seb128mvo, seems a frequent user issues and it has a patch to review11:09
mvothanks seb128! I have a look11:10
seb128mvo, #635893 seems a frequent issue as well11:12
jibelmvo, hi11:15
mvohey jibel11:15
jibelmvo, s-c is not in a good mood this morning: bug 73671611:15
ubot2Launchpad bug 736716 in software-center "software-center crashed with TypeError in _check_members(): Collection contains member of invalid type <type 'list'>. Expected <class 'zeitgeist.datamodel.Event'>" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73671611:15
mvojibel: yeah, fixed in bzr :)11:16
jibelmvo, wow, thanks!11:16
seb128mvo, is #626798 really a crash or just apport noise?11:17
rodrigo_seb128, oh, saw your comment last night about https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=644560 but it was late, so the answer is: the fix is not that easy, so looking into a correct fix for it11:18
ubot2Gnome bug 644560 in Gal "Can't set an account password" [Normal,Needinfo]11:18
seb128rodrigo_, ok, I was just pointing it in case you just forgot to add it11:18
seb128rodrigo_, thanks11:18
rodrigo_seb128, yeah, I should have added another comment after I discussed it with upstream11:19
mvoseb128: that is caused by policykit having a short timeout I think11:19
seb128rodrigo_, if you discussed it with upstream that's fine ;-)11:19
rodrigo_seb128, the issue is that it needs to be hidden when editing an existing account, and displayed when creating a new account11:19
seb128rodrigo_, ok11:22
seb128rodrigo_, btw any news about the gdm, g-s-d race?11:27
rodrigo_seb128, I'm mostly done in pinpointing where the problem is, seems so far it's in gnome-session11:28
seb128rodrigo_, do you know if someone is going to work on actually fixing it?11:29
rodrigo_seb128, I discussed it with vuntz the other day, so either him or me will fix it, once I know where the problem is11:29
seb128vuntz, hey11:30
seb128rodrigo_, ok, let me check with vuntz, I just want to avoid duplicating work11:30
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rodrigo_seb128, ok11:31
rodrigo_vuntz, it's about https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=63498811:31
ubot2Gnome bug 634988 in general "my computer is too fast" [Normal,New]11:31
* pitti is now satisfied with dh_translations and uploads11:32
pittidpm: are you running maverick ATM?11:37
pittidpm: would you mind trying the -ca langpack which just finished building? (I checked that it has teh ca-valencia ffox plugin)11:37
pittidpm: and the -es one as well, perhaps? (for the search plugins)11:39
dpmpitti, I'm running natty, and I don't have access to a maverick machine. I'll try to install an iso on a virtual machine and test11:42
pittidpm: you can install them in the live system, too11:42
pittidpm: I'll test the German ones11:43
dpmpitti, yeah, but it will take me the same amount of time, as I have to download the ISO11:43
dpmor do we have any cloud machine where we could test?11:47
pittinot that I know of11:47
dpmjibel? ^11:47
dpmor jibel_ :)11:48
jibelhi dpm , I don't know any cloud system where we can test but I can help with testing in a VM, I must have a few maverick somewhere11:50
dpmjibel, cool, thanks, wait though, I'm talking with kim0, our community cloud expert, he might be able to help with that11:51
jibeldpm, okay, just ping me if you want me to test something11:51
* jibel is back to nVidia testing 11:51
dpmcool, thanks :)11:52
pittiseb128: if you have a second, would you mind binNEWing dh-translations?11:53
pittidpm: http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/tmp/lp/ has the .debs12:02
dpmpitti, ok, thanks12:06
seb128pitti, ok12:15
pittidpm: the German one works well for me12:19
pittidpm: so I guess I'll wait with the upload until your OK?12:20
pittiI'd just like to give this a little extra testing, as the underlying langpack-o-matic machinery is still very new12:20
dpmpitti, if you don't want to block on me, you can upload the others - I can test 'ca' and 'es' (I found a maverick ISO I'm installing on a VM right now)12:21
pittidpm: it can wait another hour, that's fine12:22
dpmpitti, ok, let's talk again in ~1h12:22
seb128pitti, new-ed12:25
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pittiseb128: merci13:12
seb128pitti, yw13:21
* popey tickles kenvandine with bug 73684813:26
kenvandineno bot to give us a url?13:27
* kenvandine does it the old school way13:28
kenvandinenot finding that bug13:29
kenvandinepopey, ^^13:29
ubot2popey: Error: <Bugtracker.plugin.Launchpad instance at 0x993484c> bug 736848 not found13:30
popeyi copy/pasted that from the url in lp13:30
kenvandinevery weird13:30
kenvandinecan you subscribe me?13:30
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* pochu waves :)13:57
pochudidrocks: so, looks like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/687732 regressed13:58
ubot2Launchpad bug 687732 in compiz "gtk.Label <a href> link-activate signal broken with compiz in natty" [High,Fix released]13:58
pochudidrocks: the testcase fails in natty here13:58
didrockspochu: hey hey13:58
pochuGtkLabels with links don't work13:58
didrocksi'm just discussing compiz bug right now :)13:58
didrocksso, perfect timing!13:58
pochuthat affects empathy, e.g. the facebook new account dialog13:59
pochupossibly more places13:59
didrockspochu: sure, it's a high priority :)13:59
pochuso I'd appreciate if you can include that bug in your discussions ;)13:59
didrocksthanks for the head's up :)13:59
pochuneat, thank you!13:59
didrockspochu: doing right now on #compiz-dev13:59
pochulet me know if you discover something13:59
didrockspochu: sure, can you update the status please?14:00
dpmpitti, the 'ca' and 'es' language packs look fine except for one thing: the yelp front page is in English - this might have to do with that bug kyleN worked on a while ago? (bug 451673)14:00
didrocks(on the bug)14:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 451673 in yelp "Untranslated Yelp main page (Ubuntu Help Center)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45167314:00
didrockspochu: with version and such…14:00
pittidpm: is that a regression from the maverick final langpacks?14:00
pochudidrocks: of course14:00
didrocksthanks :)14:01
pittidpm: I hate this bug; I think I attempted to fix it at least three times now :/14:01
dpmpitti, I'm actually not sure if it's a regression. I can't remember if the bug was fixed before release or not14:01
seb128didrocks, pochu: I can't confirm there14:01
didrocksjust tried as well14:02
didrockscan't confirm14:02
pochuhrmm, weird14:02
didrocks(on gedit)14:02
pochuhave you tried the test case?14:02
pochuI have natty uptodate as of two minutes ago14:02
pittidpm: booting maverick live in Spanish to check14:02
smspillazpochu: poke14:03
smspillazpochu: you said links were weird ?14:03
seb128pochu, I just tried the testcase example14:03
smspillazdoes this happen right after you change viewports or all the time ?14:03
seb128pochu, works here14:03
pochusmspillaz: apparently all the time, but it seems seb128 and didrocks can't reproduce it :/14:03
smspillazpochu: so what, clicking on links doesn't work ?14:03
pochusmspillaz: in links on GtkLabels, yes14:04
smspillazpochu: hrm14:04
pochuGtkLinkButtons are ok14:04
smspillazpochu: fire up xev14:04
pittidpm: system -> about Ubuntu is in Spanish, but pressing F1 on the desktop background ("Ubuntu Help Center") is in English14:04
smspillazpochu: click anywhere in xev14:04
smspillazit should only give 2 events14:04
smspillazButtonPress and ButtonRelease14:04
pittidpm: that is, the topic list on the left is Spanish, but the main text is English14:04
smspillazis that right ?14:04
pochusmspillaz: yes, I get two events when I click14:05
pochusmspillaz: ButtonPress and ButtonRelease14:05
smspillazpochu: right ok14:05
smspillazdo the links only not work sometimes or is it all the time14:05
smspillazbecause if you are getting just ButtonPress and ButtonRelease then compiz isn't doing anything silly14:05
smspillaz(no interference with the app)14:05
dpmpitti, yeah, that's exactly what I saw on the latest langpacks too, so as bad as it might be, it does not seem to be a regression. However, IIRC kyleN fixed it for the Chinese langpacks for the OEM build, so releasing new Chinese langpacks might mean a regression on the field for his build14:06
pochusmspillaz: sometimes they work, e.g. if I click on other links (like a GtkLinkButton), they start to work on the GtkLabels14:06
smspillazdoes it happen with metacity ?14:06
pittidpm: I guess we can leave that to the -proposed testing then?14:06
pochusmspillaz: just tried again, the first time in xev I didn't get ButtonPress and ButtonRelease14:06
pittidpm: I'm uploading the lot now; let's see what sticks14:07
smspillazpochu: well, the first time you click, you will get a bit more14:07
smspillazbecause of click to focus14:07
smspillazbut after that14:07
smspillazit should work fine14:07
smspillazspeaking of which14:07
smspillazpochu: have you got anything like sticky windows, or click to focus not enabled or something weird like that?14:07
pochusmspillaz: hmm, it seems it doesn't work inside the black square14:07
dpmpitti, yeah, I guess so. We can then decide if it's possible to fix it, or if the zh_* langpacks can be patched, or if we just don't upload them to -updates14:08
pochusmspillaz: no, this is pretty much an stock Ubuntu natty14:08
smspillazinside the black square you'll get a bit more14:08
pittidpm: or perhaps they actually work :)14:08
pochusmspillaz: but I don't get ButtonPress inside the black square14:08
dpmpitti, yeah, that'd be my favourite option :)14:08
pochusmspillaz: I get KeymapNotify, ButtonRelease and LeaveNotify inside the square14:08
smspillazor maybe you shouldn't get a bit more14:08
smspillaz*switches to metacity14:08
pochuah no I get ButtonPress too14:09
pochumy bad14:09
pochuso I get ButtonPress, EnterNotify, KeymapNotify, ButtonRelease, LeaveNotify14:09
smspillazsame with metacity14:09
smspillazand the links don't work unless you click on a button14:10
smspillazpochu: what happens if you switch to metacity ... I wonder if this is a gtk+ issue14:10
pochusomething like that, yeah14:10
pochusmspillaz: seems to work from metacity14:12
pochusmspillaz: actually the test case doesn't14:12
pochuthis is quite weird14:12
smspillazpochu: I vote bug in gtk+14:13
smspillazsince when I was initially dealing with this problem, it was indeed gtk+ being buggy14:14
smspillaz(not checking the event->xfocus.mode)14:14
smspillazbut I had to work around it in compiz anyways14:14
pochusmspillaz: well it's weird that it works in metacity but not in compiz then, isn't it?14:16
pochuwell scratch that, as I said it also seems to fail on metacity14:22
vuntzrodrigo_: hey14:28
vuntzrodrigo_: I'm not working on the g-s-d issue on login, no14:28
vuntzrodrigo_: and I'll obviously gladily accept help here :-)14:29
rodrigo_vuntz, ok, I've been looking a bit at it, so will keep going14:30
seb128hey vuntz14:31
seb128vuntz, so I guess you will not work on that in the next 2 weeks?14:31
vuntzseb128: no, I won't14:32
seb128vuntz, ok thanks14:32
seb128vuntz, it's a bit of a visible issue and since new computers don't get slower increasing numbers of users hit it14:33
seb128vuntz, well, we will work on in for natty and send a patch back if we get one14:33
rodrigo_I will keep looking for a fixç14:34
vuntzif someone sends me a computer fast enough to reproduce, I can possibly find time, though ;-)14:34
bcurtiswxdoes anyone here use pithos, and get the gstreamer error?14:34
pittiSweetshark: sorry, dropped the ball on that -- do you want me to merge hyphen?14:36
seb128vuntz, I can send you a sleep (1) shell command :p14:38
seb128vuntz, it might be possible to hack on with some tweaking, but don't bother14:38
Sweetsharkpitti: if you could give it a fast merge, please do. LO currently needs me a bit too, because we are mergeing ~80 milestones from OOo into master (including the new buildsystem)14:39
seb128vuntz, we should just make desrt fix it since he has been reporting the bug he obviously has a computer which triggers it ;-)14:39
pittiSweetshark: ack, doing14:39
Sweetsharkpitti: thanks a lot!14:42
pittiSweetshark: kein Problem :) (uploaded)14:42
pochusmspillaz: meh, apparently I was doing something weird, it works now14:48
pochusmspillaz: sorry for the noise14:48
seb128pochu, can you close the bug again then?14:48
seb128(didn't check if you did)14:48
pochuseb128: I already did :)14:49
chrisccoulsonkklimonda, mongodb test failures down to 5 \o/15:01
kklimondachrisccoulson: you are incredible. :)15:01
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seb128pitti, did you already see apport chroot updates raise and assertionerror on the apt-get clean command?15:20
pittiseb128: doesn't ring a bell here; what does it say?15:21
seb128apport-chroot", line 110, in upgrade_chroot15:21
seb128    assert chroot.run(['apt-get', 'clean']) == 015:21
seb128pitti, it's the amd64 retracer log15:21
seb128I've removed the lock just to see15:22
* pitti blames multiarch15:22
seb128pitti, random guess you you think it might be due to it?15:22
pittiyes, it's a totally unfounded random guess15:23
pittibut it's the one thing happening now that is very intrusive15:23
seb128bah, failed again15:25
seb128let me log in and see manually15:25
seb128# apt-get clean15:43
seb128apt-get: /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.14' not found (required by apt-get)15:43
seb128apt-get: /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.14' not found (required by /tmp/tmprHOceK/usr/lib/libapt-pkg.so.4.10)15:43
pittiseb128: argh, chroots have a botched apt-get?15:43
seb128mvo, ^ did you see such errors before?15:43
seb128pitti, they don't yet since the update fails on the broke apt-get clean15:43
pittiah, good15:43
seb128so the tarballs didn't get updated15:44
seb128but it I do an upgrade I get that15:44
seb128I will exit 115:44
mvoseb128: woah, where does this one come from?15:44
seb128mvo, retracers, apport-chroot15:45
seb128it happens after upgrading libstdc++6 today15:45
mvoseb128: I don't think I have seen that, what chroot in particular?15:45
seb128let's move to #ubuntu-devel, it's a slangasek thing15:45
mvodid he break it?!?15:46
seb128mvo, he did the recent update, but I think it's a fakechroot issue15:49
seb128pitti, let's switch back here maybe15:49
seb128pitti, so you say to dchroot -q -c lucid  -> dchroot -q -c natty ?15:50
pittiseb128: yes; but I suppose that's not up to date15:50
seb128let me try that15:50
pittiseb128: we can do sudo apt-get install package, but I don't think dist-upgrde15:50
seb128pitti, do we need to?15:50
pittiwell, we could probably just install libc6 and friends manually15:50
pittiseb128: I guess so, we need the latest multiarch stuff there15:51
seb128pitti, seems not15:51
seb128pitti, dist-upgrading the fakechroot environment works and doesn't lead to a broken apt-get15:52
seb128pitti, but will the < natty retracing work in a natty chroot?15:52
pittiseb128: so far I kept lucid as long as that works, as it's stable15:52
seb128like the lucid etc15:52
pittiseb128: it should, but certainly worth testing15:53
seb128let me try15:53
seb128$ aptt update15:53
seb128E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (13: Permission denied)15:53
pittiseb128: we only had to switch in hardy15:53
seb128pitti, doesn't work15:53
pittiseb128: sudo15:53
pittiseb128: we have sudo privs for "apt-get install"15:53
seb128pitti, I'm in the apport-chroot login lucid.tar.gz15:53
seb128I guess it's one of the apt changes15:54
pittibut strange, why would this suddenly give a permission error15:54
seb128pitti, my fault15:54
seb128pitti, in fact "apport-chroot login lucid.tar.gz" just returns15:55
seb128it doesn't let me in15:55
seb128it exit 0 though15:55
pittiI guess that answers "does it work for lucid :/15:55
seb128seems to work with maverick15:55
seb128pitti, should I comment lucid and switch the cronjob to natty for now?15:56
seb128having natty crashes retracers seems higher priority than lucid15:56
pittiI agree15:56
pittiseb128: please do15:56
seb128ok, doing15:56
pittiseb128: i. e. comment it in the chrootmap15:56
pittimerci beaucoup15:56
seb128de rien15:56
seb128I will try to run the lucid ones manually every week or so until we sort that15:57
seb128it's just a matter to editing the chrootmap the other way around and changing the -c target15:57
pittiseb128: for hardy I copied the entire directory and cronjob15:58
pittiand just let them run once a day15:58
seb128we could do that as well15:58
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seb128pitti, btw is there any known apport breakage that makes apport dialog have a "%s" rather than the software name?16:04
seb128pitti, that's for crashes16:04
pittiseb128: not known to me -- where is that exactly?16:05
seb128pitti, works now, I will keep watching for it16:06
seb128I got an apport auto opening while I was doing other things and the "Sorry, <software> crashed> ..." usual dialog opened by with a bold "%s" rather than the actual "Sorry software crashed" string16:08
seb128I'm wondering if it failed to get the name or something16:08
seb128oh, it's indicator-datetime16:09
seb128pitti, http://people.canonical.com/~seb128/dialog.png16:10
seb128pitti, could be a broken translation, let me check16:10
seb128pitti, I can't spot anything wrong the translation16:14
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pittibryceh: I implemented support for a DuplicateSignature: field in apport now; https://bugs.staging.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libatasmart/+bug/733894 is a test16:16
ubot2Launchpad bug 733894 in qbittorrent "torrent constantly paused" [Undecided,Fix released]16:16
pittibryceh: i. e. that automatically got a need-duplicate-check tag (so the retracer will process it), and DuplicateSignature field16:16
pittibryceh: here /usr/share/apport/package-hooks/libatasmart4.py just set report['DuplicateSignature'] = 'Code42Red'16:16
pittibryceh: so xorg hook could do something like "XorgGPUFreeze:<topmost GPU instruction>:<registerwhatnot>..."16:17
seb128pitti, nice!16:17
pittiseb128: this allows us to implement auto-duplication much more easily in hooks, for package install failures or GPU freezes16:18
seb128pitti, do you know what english string should be used in the dialog in the screenshot?16:19
pittiseb128: will check in a minute, sorry16:19
seb128pitti, no hurry, so for keeping highlighting your IRC ;-)16:19
pittiseb128: how did you trigger this?16:21
pittiseb128: it gets it from self.w('label_heading').get_label(), i. e. from the GtkBuilder file16:21
seb128pitti, adding a gcalendar in evo with a random user@gmail.com and not entering a password to make indicator-datetime crash16:21
seb128the crash is bug #72485616:22
pittiseb128: the default string of the label is &lt;span weight="bold" size="larger"&gt;%s&lt;/span&gt;16:22
pittiwhich is pretty much what you see16:22
pittiso it seems in this case the label test isn't being set16:22
pitti>>> 'a%sb' % None16:22
pittiok, so it's not a failure to detect the name16:22
pittiit's not called at all16:22
pittihm, but I fail to see where, I guess I need to reproduce this16:23
pittiseb128: killall -SEGV will do :)16:23
seb128pitti, no it doesn't16:23
seb128dunno why16:24
pittiseb128: btw, the datetime indicator works fine again16:24
pittiI see my evo appointments again, thanks ted16:24
seb128pitti, ok you are righty16:25
seb128kill -11 $(pidof indicator-datetime-service)16:25
seb128on a working indicator-datetime is doing the same16:25
seb128it doesn't on indicator-session-service16:25
seb128so it's something it doesn't like about indicator-datetime16:26
pittiseb128: ah, can reproduce16:27
seb128pitti, btw just ran into bug #729223 when searching in apport bugs for this one16:28
ubot2Launchpad bug 729223 in apport "notifying users of assertion failures is confusing" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72922316:28
pittiseb128: ah, I can close that then16:28
seb128pitti, which is basically what I was saying about assertions earlier today, if you want to use the bug to track the "enable assertionr eport"16:28
seb128pitti, bug #730569, got duplicates 2 days ago it might still be an issue16:29
ubot2Launchpad bug 730569 in apport "apport-gtk crashed with RuntimeError in /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/gi/overrides/Gtk.py: Gtk couldn't be initialized" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73056916:29
pittiseb128: 729223> done, thanks16:29
seb128bug #730569 I meant16:30
seb128pitti, sorry I will stop bumping bugs references there ;-)16:30
seb128I didn't find one about the %s title16:30
pittiseb128: that's fine -- trying to keep up :)16:30
pittiseb128: opened in a tab, will get to that16:31
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pittiseb128: %s -> it does work in apport-cli, so I guess it's gtk specific16:34
pittiseb128: ah, got it16:35
pittiseb128: it's called "Time & Date", which the label tries to interpret as an entity16:35
seb128that makes sense16:36
pittione replace('&', '&amp;') later, it works16:36
pittiI'm sure that there is a quote_html kind of thingy somewhere16:36
seb128pitti, you should perhaps use g_markup_escape_text16:37
pittithat's what I was looking for, thanks16:37
ftaunescape in xml.sax.saxutils too16:38
pittiworks fine16:38
ftaor, the opposite16:39
chrisccoulsonkklimonda, 4 failures now. i might have to abandon this soon, and do more important work ;)16:41
chrisccoulsonnote to self - don't let daughter in the room now she knows that my mouse moves things on the screen16:44
senseHow actively is the GNOME 3 PPA maintained? It seems that a number of the packages there need to be rebuilt against the new libgtk-3-0, they currently require the uninstallable libgtk3.0-0.16:46
pittiseb128: hm, no real idea about the "gtk could not be inited" crash :/16:48
pittiseb128: it's easy to make it not crash, of course16:49
seb128pitti, no worry, in fact I confused 2 tabs, I though in was a required_version error still there16:49
pittibut that would just paper over the problem16:49
seb128pitti, seems fine to ignore, my bet is that those are crashes on session closing16:49
pittiseb128: oh, did you still see those?16:49
pittiah, could be16:49
pittiseb128: so perhaps it should just die silently then16:50
seb128pitti, no, I had a tab open with a bug about those but it's incomplete and got no need duplicates16:50
pittiafter all, crashes will be shown again in the next session then16:50
seb128pitti, so it's all ok16:50
seb128pitti, retracers seem unhappy16:50
seb128pitti, they are both retracing a bug for over half an hour, strace show they do things but it should take a minute to retrace a bug, not half an hour16:51
seb128retracing #736547 failed with status: 9916:51
seb128transient error reported; halting16:51
seb128ok, they stopped in fact16:51
seb128let me ran one by hand16:52
seb128pitti, ok, makes sense now16:55
seb128The authorization page:16:55
seb128 (https://launchpad.net/+authorize-token?oauth_token=...16:55
seb128should be opening in your browser. Use your browser to authorize16:55
seb128this program to access Launchpad on your behalf.16:55
pittiseb128: forgot --auth?16:55
seb128pitti, no, it's the cron command16:55
pittihm, did we get a new launchpadlib yesterday or so?16:55
seb128well I copied, paster the cron command without >> log16:55
seb128pitti, but I switched to natty chroots16:56
seb128we need to update the token there I guess16:56
seb128the user dir should be the same though...16:56
pittiit should work fine16:56
pittiwe have used that token for a year or so16:56
pittialso in the natty fakechroots with natty's launchpadlib16:56
seb128dunno what's going on there16:57
pittiI'll have a look16:57
seb128pitti, thanks16:58
pittiwhy do we have ".lpcookie" as well as "launchpad-credentials"16:58
pittithey are identical16:58
seb128it's likely me again when I tried to fix the error that you fixed by cleaning the cache16:59
seb128I though the name was wrong16:59
seb128so I did a cp from one to the other just to be sure16:59
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pittiseb128: I just try to refresh it with the new per-computer thingy that LP does these days17:01
seb128pitti, ok thanks17:01
seb128pitti, do you want me to run the command again?17:01
pittiseb128: hang on, not done yet17:02
pittiseb128: actually no, if I do apport-retrace --auth /tmp/auth 123 -s it works just fine17:04
pittiseb128: hm, it works well here17:04
pittiah, no17:05
pittiseb128: the outside crash-digger works, manual chroot login works, but once the crash-digger starts retracing in chroot it failsl17:05
pittiimpressive unity changelog!17:07
seb128pitti, you scared didrocks away by saying that it seems ;-)17:12
seb128pitti, indeed nice list, and seems didrocks was right to spend some time scripting the changelog generation from the launchpad milestoned bugs list17:15
seb128would be quite some work to write that manually17:16
seb128pitti, but there are going your chances to catch up on bug closing count ;-)17:16
pittino chance on that :)17:16
ftaafter each reboot or logout/login, i get a empty desktop. compiz is dead, and the crash file doesn't have the core. just sig11 and a procmap17:37
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pittiseb128: ok, it's not due to lplib, it's some change in fakechroot which stopped working under natty apparently17:51
seb128pitti, :-(17:52
pittiseb128: I added a print open(options.auth_file).read() to apport-retrace17:52
seb128I hate when that happens17:52
pittiIOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/tmp/tmpn0xQgF/tmp/auth'17:52
pittiseb128: I need to leave for today, I'm afraid I'll need to continue tomorrow17:52
pittiI just don't get why it does work in an interactive chroot17:52
pittiah, hang on17:52
pitti---- apport-retrace auth file:  /tmp/tmpn0xQgF/tmp/auth17:52
pittithat's supposed to be /tmp/auth17:53
pittiI actually might have an idea about it17:53
pittibut -> tomorrow, sorry17:53
seb128pitti, no hurry, have a good evening, see you!17:54
seb128I will go for sport soon as well17:54
pittiseb128: if you want, you can try reverting http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu/natty/apport/ubuntu/revision/174917:54
pittiseb128: (just in the local checkout; doesn't affect the install in the fakechroots)17:55
* pitti waves, bye!17:55
seb128pitti, bye17:57
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Ampelbeinkklimonda: your latest update to transmission seems to have broken magnet-links again19:29
kklimondaAmpelbein: hmm..19:30
kklimondaAmpelbein: yes, it did19:30
kklimondaAmpelbein: I'll fix it now19:30
Ampelbeinkklimonda: k, thanks. ;-)19:30
kklimondaI was trying to get a single Exec line that works for both 11.04 and 10.0419:32
kklimondabut it looks like it's not going to happen and I'm sad.. ;)19:32
Ampelbeinhmm, no idea besides some hackish if-lsb-release-then-sed in debian/rules19:36
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* mterry has been working on eclipse so hard he doesn't feel well and is lying down20:07
kenvandinemterry, no fun :)20:09
Martiinihow do I search specific repository ?? does this look right -  aptitude search '~S ~i (!~Alaunchpad  ~O"kernel")'20:13
bcurtiswxmterry, feel better :)20:23
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desrtrodrigo_: ping20:51
desrtmterry: ping too20:53
mterrydesrt, heyo?20:54
desrtmterry: i think gnome-power-manager needs a new upload in the gnome3 team ppa20:55
desrtthe libindicator vendor patch needs to be removed20:55
desrtsince it indirectly pulls in gtk2 (conflicting with gtk3 thus causing it to crash on startup)20:55
mterrydesrt, ah, interesting.  why does it indirectly pull in gtk2?  I thought we had gtk3 versions of the appindicator stack20:56
desrtoh.  if you do then you just need to switch to that version, i guess20:56
desrtalthough i'm not totally sure it makes sense to have libappindicator when using gnome-shell?20:57
* desrt is trying not to play politics too much :p20:58
mterrydesrt, it shouldn't hurt, but if it does, I remember the plan of record at UDS being to dynamically switch between experiences, so that a pure GNOME experience could be offered?  But libappindicator does gracefully fallback to status icons20:59
desrti think the plan was that we would have GNOME_ME_HARDER20:59
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desrtbut i guess that a user who installs the gnome3 ppa is indicating fairly clearly that they want 'upstream experience'21:00
desrtunless you guys see it as more of a staging ground for the gnome3 stuff you'll be landing next cycle21:01
mterrydesrt, yar, but hopefully we'll be able to reuse the packaging for O21:01
desrtjinx :)21:01
mterrydesrt, so you don't know of any particular issue with the indicator stuff besides pulling in gtk2?  I suspect that if we get it to build with the gtk3 stack, it should use its fully GNOME fallback21:02
desrtmterry: i have no complaints if it works21:02
desrti can tell you that simply removing the vendor patch fixed it for me21:02
desrt(the error is that on startup you get the detected-gtk2-and-gtk3-in-same-process assertion)21:03
desrtgnome-screensaver is also broken due to some gsettings abuse21:07
mterrydesrt, a patch to remove or a patch to add?21:09
desrti don't know about that one21:09
desrti'll look into it21:09
desrti applied to the team21:11
desrti think it's caused by you shipping old gsettings-desktop-schemas21:12
desrtan update there would probably fix it21:13
chrisccoulsonoh, pants, there's going to be an RC2 for firefox21:40
chrisccoulsonmicahg^^ ;)21:40
TheMusochrisccoulson: lol21:53
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chrisccoulsonkklimonda, 0 fails!22:35
chrisccoulsonhave you got anything to add before i upload it?22:35
kklimondachrisccoulson: no :)22:35
chrisccoulsoncool, i'll do that in a bit, or maybe in the morning22:36
chrisccoulson4 failures were actually my fault. i broke an enumerator22:36
chrisccoulsonwhich ended up being a pain to debug22:36
chrisccoulsoni guess i should forward my patch upstream22:38
kklimondachrisccoulson: we do have an older release, but it probably makes sense to forward it as the reference22:39
kklimonda(upstream has released 1.8 few days ago)22:39
robert_ancelldesrt, You can see the GNOME3 packages that are out of date here: http://people.canonical.com/~platform/desktop/versions.html22:47
robert_ancellnatty version / GNOME3 versions22:47
desrti like that22:47
robert_ancellthe light green section second from the bottom22:48
desrtis this vs. debian experimental?22:48
robert_ancellthe only other thing is to have a look at debian, as they might have already done some of the GNOME3 packages22:48
desrtno gnome ppa section :)22:49
desrter.  column, i mean22:49
desrti guess that's not so hard, though :)22:49
desrtrobert_ancell: this page impresses me22:50
desrti didn't know that you guys made so much attempt to stay in sync with debian22:50
robert_ancellthe gnome3 column is essentially the ubuntu column and the version after the /22:51
robert_ancellno, we hate all our upstreams according to the media!22:51
robert_ancellI spend my day trying to make that page green22:51
desrtactually, the problem looks to be the opposite of what i thought22:54
desrtsomeone *removed* keys from gsettings-desktop-schemas22:54
desrtwhich is slightly distressing...22:55
desrtrobert_ancell: so it occurs to me that it's canonical's official policy to have a lot of this page yellow?23:00
robert_ancelldesrt, no, we want it to all be green23:00
desrtoh.  now i understand the slashes23:01
desrtyou track multiple upstream branches23:01
desrtand variously follow them in main and in the team ppa23:01
desrtgot a few minutes to waste on me?23:05
desrtNOTICE: 'gnome-screensaver' packaging is maintained in the 'Bzr' version control system23:06
seb128desrt, yellow is "current version but not merged on debian"23:22
seb128desrt, that increase after the initial merge period23:22
seb128desrt, btw there is quite some hate around on your "gsettings abort on missing schemas" ;-)23:23
desrti guess for bzr-maintained packaging i'm supposed to do the normal thing23:23
desrtthen copy the debian directory back to the bzr folder and 'push' or whatever23:24
desrtseya... i know.  i'm quite close to capitulating :)23:24
seb128desrt, we got quite some crashers because gsettings-desktop-schemas did renaming23:24
seb128it's somewhat ridiculous because that's thing you don't especially care about but you get no desktop23:25
desrtseb128: i think gsettings-desktop-schemas should develop an API policy23:25
desrtlike API staility guaranteed during stable release series23:25
seb128still your desktop shouldn't crash because the background schemas got renamed23:25
desrtsame as we do for libraries...23:25
desrtwe often see the desktop crashing because some idiot removed g_application_get_type() or something23:26
seb128desrt, bzr maintained package, you mean the desktop ones i.e debian dir only?23:28
seb128desrt, basically debcheckout source; cd source; bzr bd23:28
* desrt plays with bzr builddeb23:29
seb128it will grab the tarball for you, unpack and build23:29
seb128bzr bd-do23:29
seb128to get in a environement when you can do changes, when you exit0 it will apply those to the vcs23:29
seb128like you can refresh patches this way23:29
desrtit seems that i have to do dch -i to tell it about the new version before it wants to fetch the updated tarball?23:33
seb128desrt, right23:39

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