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CIA-7debian-installer: cjwatson * r1427 ubuntu/ (5 files in 2 dirs): Move to 2.6.38-7 kernels.17:36
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_robbat2|irssidespite my cloak, i am poking installing Ubuntu on some gear, and despite being in the expert mode, I cannot find how to do something I want20:10
_robbat2|irssispecifically, on some new Dell servers, I want GPT instead of the msdos partition table20:10
charlie-tca_robbat2|irssi: I think you switch to a tty, using Alt+F2, and use either gparted or parted to create the partition table and partitions then. Use Alt+F1 or F7 to get back to the installer screen and continue the install20:17
_robbat2|irssii'm doing it via install over SSH, so no Alt-F220:21
charlie-tcasomeone will step up soon, to help. I don't really know how to do it over SSH20:22
_robbat2|irssierr, and efter execute shell, there's no gparted or parted binaries20:22
_robbat2|irssijust a weird parted_server20:22
_robbat2|irssiISO it's booted on it the 10.04 LTS server20:23
_robbat2|irssimaybe i should just reboot this to Gentoo, partition and LVM all of it, then reboot back to the installer and just assign the partitions20:24
_robbat2|irssisimilarly in your installer, no way to get binary SI units, it seems to be decimal units only20:25
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_robbat2|irssicharlie-tca: for reference: expert mode, add the parted-udeb, then parted is available, and you can do it manually and drop back into the partitioning ncurses UI for doing RAID/LVM if you want23:32
_robbat2|irssiand now GRUB2 refuses to install, without much output from grub-install either23:38
_robbat2|irssisuggestions welcome, i'll read backlog in 12-16 hours23:39

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